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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 25, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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merry christmas. i'm juliette goodrich. merry christmas, i am brian hackney. a cold and wet christmas across the bay area. we are still seeing scattered showers. things have calmed down a bit since the storm caused dangerous conditions on the peninsula, and blizzard conditions in the sierra. darren peck is joining us now. what can we expect tonight and for the weekend. things have calmed down for now. the area is clearly a focus to this storm, kind of like the organized line that worked across the bay area today and is now here. that is like perfect orientation to drop large amounts of snow. back here at home, the heaviest and most consistent showers are south of the santa clara valley, working their way through the diablo range. what comes next is this back
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edge of the system. his body, isolated showers which will continue to rotate through the bay area tonight and into tomorrow. they get a bit quieter around sunrise tomorrow, but then it will pick back up again tomorrow afternoon. watch the screen pull in a lot more green for sunday. there are two more systems coming our way with rain that we will talk about in the complete forecast in a few minutes. the peninsula saw some of the wildest weather, heavy rain, even hail at one point. as max darrow reports, a few trees fell down and a lot of streets flooded. the storm hit the peninsula hard on christmas day. this massive eucalyptus tree went down in san bruno, completely blocking crystal springs road. if it fell the opposite way, it would have destroyed a home. this is a scary situation. i am afraid of these will go as well. >> reporter: she looked on
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astonished by nature's power. think that it did not go the opposite way. back the storm caused another big tree to go down as well. >> i think it was over there. i didn't see that one, but yes. two in 24 hours. >> reporter: a few minutes later, the conditions quickly turned around, and buckets of rain came down. here at san bruno city park, a drainage system that runs through the park has practically turned into a river. in san mateo, fewer video shows hail coming down on christmas day. drivers had to navigate slippery roads up and down the peninsula as well. water pulled along parts of el camino riau from millbrae to redwood city. peaceful moments came and went in between downpours, like this picture perfect view in west menlo park but they did not last very long.
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this man spent part of his christmas day trying to unclog a drain near his dad's building in san carlos. >> it was above the curb in front of the buildings there. it is probably only 1 to 2 inches before getting inside. the leaves are clogging the drains, and then every couple of minutes i unclog it and it records again. >> reporter: a christmas day casey won't forget. >> it has rained like this, yes, but nothing to the extent of where these trees are falling. >> reporter: max darrow, kpix 5. if you want to travel to the sierra for the holiday weekend, you may need a change of plans. sections of interstate 80 are shut down due to heavy snow. here is how it looks earlier tonight along interstate 80 in truckee. westbound lanes are closed at the nevada state line . it is due to poor visibility over donner summit. as for those who want to know about the conditions and if they are actually dangerous, here is the proof. chp posted the video earlier today of whiteout conditions along i-80 in truckee. it is unclear when the highway
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will reopen. now a live look at sfo, where travel on christmas day has been a holiday nightmare for some. the covid surge is leaving airline sure staff. 138 were delayed. we talked to a person at the airport whose sister had two different flights delayed just today. >> it's very inconvenient for us, because i have a little one at home. it takes me 1 our to come from home and come here, so i couldn't come back, and i should stay here and wait for her. >> according to flight aware, about 1700 u.s. flights have been canceled between today and
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tomorrow. police are busy investigating multiple homicides across the bay area this holiday weekend. one of them, a deadly shooting in cupertino. police responded to a call of someone trespassing inside a home around 4:00 this morning. when officers arrived, they found a man with a fatal gunshot wound. no word yet on the identity. in oakland, police are investigating a deadly shooting near lake merritt. it happened on lakeshore avenue last night. police say they found a man shot in the middle of the street. last month, eight people had been shot in the same area, including a woman who died. this is the 134th homicide this year. we will have continuing coverage at 11:00. president biden has officially signed a groundbreaking bill that als patients have spent years fighting for. congresswoman anna eshoo helped pass this groundbreaking bill that will increase access to potentially life-saving experimental treatment . kpix 5's devin fehely has asked reaction from an als patient. alice's 100% fatal 100% of
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the time. >> reporter: she's determined to fight but knows the clock is ticking. most patients die within 5 years of initial diagnosis. >> when you are told you have 2 to 5 years to live, that's it, there is nothing you can do. it paralyzes your entire body. >> reporter: jamie was diagnosed last year, and since then the disease has robbed her of the ability to walk, paralyzed her right arm, and is now affecting her breathing. without access to cutting-edge treatments from clinical trials , it is a death sentence. >> if they were showing promise in the clinical trials, we wanted to be able to access them as soon as possible. because the disease is so deadly and fast acting, congresswoman anna eshoo says als patients cannot wait for the fda approval process for new treatments. she garnered broad bipartisan support for the asl bill that provides funding for research, and more importantly, speeds up approval, and increases access
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to new als treatments. >> they call it the glass coffin because you are frozen in your own body until you suffocate. so, if a treatment shows hope during clinical trial, we want access. >> reporter: here is the catch. in the time it took the bill to make it through congress, one of the most promising drugs being studied ended its clinical trial, meaning she will not have a chance to try it. despite the setback, she said she refuses to give up hope. devin fehely, kpix 5. glide memorial church fed thousands of needy people in san francisco today. kpix 5's shawn chitnis was in the tenderloin for the annual christmas lunch with some changes. >> reporter: hot ham and turkey were back for the christmas celebration. volunteers carved the meat for thousands of meals served over the holiday. >> the pandemic has hit a so hard, but certainly our community the worst. >> reporter: glide has fed low
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income families in the homeless for decades during the holidays. planning begins as early as july, and cooking preparations start the week four. >> it's better than opening presents for us. >> reporter: roberts and his family were six of the volunteers in the kitchen on christmas, grateful to give back and show how thankful they are this holiday. >> to those who have nothing it means a lot. >> reporter: organizers have the street blocked off, and people are able to line up under the tent and had over here to enjoy a hot meal in person with others. they were unable to do that last year because of a surge late in 2020 of covid cases. >> this is a special day for them. the holidays in general are special here, but christmas and christmas eve are truly special days for our community. >> reporter: they serve 600
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meals for breakfast, and more than 1000 for lunch on christmas. this is on top of the meals made on christmas eve for the annual prime rib lunch, and the food they distribute throughout the city both days. >> it's important to give back. you have to be grateful for what you have. in the city especially, not a lot of people have as much. >> reporter: concerns are covid- 19 required safety precautions, it did not keep away those who are hungry and wanted to serve the community. >> our volunteers are special people, very dedicated. >> reporter: was so much uncertainty remaining around the pandemic, and the future of the tenderloin neighborhood, the glide staff say they are still hopeful about what the new year will bring. reporting in san francisco, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. up next, nasa has been waiting two decades for this , after $10 billion of funding. the james webb sp
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in a mission more than two decades in the making, nasa launched the most expensive science probe ever built. the james webb space telescope finally got off the ground this christmas day, rocketing to space from french guiana. 27 minutes after launch, 800 miles above the eastern coast of africa, the telescope was released to fly on its own in space. the control room had this reaction. >> we do have confirmation of observatory separation. >> the $10 billion telescope will see deeper into the universe in order to get a clips of it near its beginnings.
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the director of the program was grateful for the success so far, and the people who made it possible. >> i say the world gave us his telescope, and we're handing it back to the world today. we don't take that for granted, with all of the support across the globe for this. >> one thing it is not breaking new ground on, the scope is billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule. now to a bizarre christmas security breach in the uk. an armed intruder was arrested on the grounds of windsor castle with the queen, prince charles, and camilla spending christmas. the man was carrying an offensive weapon. the suspect trespassed onto the ground this morning, but did not get inside of any buildings. the 95-year-old monarch delivered her annual christmas broadcast from windsor castle, and it was her most personal message yet. she dedicated much of the address to prince philip, her husband of 73 years who died in april at the age of 99. >> in the months since the death of my beloved philip, i have drawn great comfort from
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the warmth and affection of the many tributes to his life and work. life consists of final partings as well as first meetings. as much as i and my family miss him, i know he would want us to enjoy christmas. >> the first christmas broadcast was in 1932 by george v. it's a tradition that continues to this day, and so it is apparently rain. cloudy conditions over the san francisco skyline, and bringing in mr. darren peck to tell us what is next. this will not end until about thursday, and it will get noticeably colder on tuesday. i want to try and give you a little bit of review, a big picture idea on why it has been so rainy, and why it is about to get colder. by the time make it to tuesday morning, many locations go down to the low 30s. first, here is the rain from today. there .5 inches through the first half of the day. there is that steady rain,
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extending, which has really got it in for the santa cruz mountains now. there are flood watches from santa cruz through monterey. very steady rain. that is just clipping the santa clara valley. if anything, we will come back in and watch a few billing showers through the heart of the bay. back to the wide view, look what is out here. all of those scattered showers, that is the way it goes for the next 18 hours or so, before the next system gets here. we will see spotty showers like that. futurecast picks up on them and shows you how they keep coming onshore. it will quiet down a little bit for the first part of tomorrow. there are a few less of them after sunrise, but then in the afternoon for the next system comes in and they come back. it is going to rain again, not like this morning. this morning was more impressive with the cold front,
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but tomorrow night and into monday, more widespread showers. we will take it one day at a time on the rainfall. here is sunday's rain. not as much as the numbers for today, but we get rained on on sunday. it will stay like this. you will get more breaks tomorrow. morning lows tomorrow aren't all that bad, low to mid 40s. it is tuesday when the real cold stuff sets in. daytime highs tomorrow only come up to right around 50. the snow will keep piling on. we make it breaks in the rain down here, but the snow never stops in this era. it falls for the next few days. the mountains are good about being persistent that way. there is a winter storm warning there until tuesday morning. look at the local mountings with the winter storm watch, because it gets so cold over the next few mornings. this goes through monday morning.
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it will probably be extended through tuesday. look at the snow, mendocino county, lake county. clear lake could see some snow. certainly on this mountains. what's going on with the weather pattern? in the pacific, there is a big area of nothing. here we are. here is the storm track going all the way up and over a big block in the atmosphere. for the past few winters, that big block was just a little farther to the east, and we went into a drought. thankfully right now, that has just moved a little farther west, which means what goes up must come down. this is all luck of the location . we are now on the leading edge where all of the stores are arriving back down, and they keep getting pulled at us. not only that, with the precipitation and moisture they have, but also pulling all of the cold air down with it. this pattern is locked and will stay that way through
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wednesday. we can watch the precipitation add up. we finally get a break by the time we get into thursday. look at the morning lows, north bay valles, 29. east bay valles on tuesday, 33. back into the bay, you will get down into the mid to upper 30s. it will be called. there is the 7 day forecast. we finally get a break in the rain by the time make it into thursday. take my advice, throw another log on the fire. we have programming to promote, and moving pictures ahead. if the warriors are going to fly out to the desert for a christmas day game, may as well win the thing
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nba up top, and the warriors, how lucky are we? the league's best two teams in the association are in the dubs
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division, and golden state are top dog after this yuletide matinee game. in warm-ups, draymond green, and his son draymond junior, at phoenix. the athletic skill of gary payton . check it out. warriors up two. now up five. off-balance three, and he hit it. he scores 17 in the first half, but phoenix had the best record for a reason. chris paul lost his man and trained a three, giving the phoenix suns a 4 point halftime lead. third quarter, green okay tie in front of his kid. how about it junior? no emotion. late third quarter, cameron payne left open mic kept a phoenix run, gave them a 3 point lead. fourth quarter, curry in from deep, did not get the foul call and hit it in any way.
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3 minutes later, still up 2. curry creates a bit of space and in again. curry scored 33. under 2 minutes left. porter lit it up. he scored a season-high 19, and the warriors won 116-107, and overtook phoenix for the best record in the nba at 27-6. >> the fact that it came on christmas and we are on the road , it has been a great christmas gift for our guys. they obviously gave it to themselves. >> i like big bucks and i cannot lie. milwaukee hosted the celtics. can't stop this. milwaukee knifed into a 19 point deficit in that second half. final minute, down two, on the run.
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did not look good inside, but why not try it outside. matthews, a go-ahead three, and the defending nba champs came back and won 117-113. college basketball, if you wanted to see the stanford men play vanderbilt from hawaii, you are out of luck. the game was canceled because of health and safety protocols with the cardinals program. that game was declared a no contest. nfl, aaron rodgers limping on that broken pinky toe. he and the packers hosted cleveland today. and he had adams to pitch and catch with. the final minute of the first half put them up by two. cleveland still trailed by two at the end of the game, diving until douglas stepped in front of the baker mayfield pass. his second interception of the game sealed it. green bay won 24-22, best record in the nfc at 12-3. check out this tweet, all about
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jimmy garoppolo's two interception performance when the niners lost to the titans. gm john lynch got blowback because he clicked like on it. he said he accidentally clicked like during a christmas eve mass, it is still a believer in jimmy. the niners post houston a week from tomorrow. how about george kittle's confidence level on jimmy? >> it's high. i believe this team. we have playmakers all over the field. i don't want to say it is a blessing in disguise, but we have our backs against the wall and have to win. we might let this one while up a little bit and get ready to go next week. >> a shout at max crosby for
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the vegas raters. the defensive end is heading to his first pro bowl. you can check them out sunday where they host the broncos here on channel 5. he hopes to make plays like this after the kickoff. what a comeback, 2 years removed from a stint in rehab for alcoholism in 2019. >> i try to be the best teammate, i try to be the best he made every day, and show my guys i care. it hit home. it is special. it makes my family proud. my girl, everybody around me is blowing up my phone. i am crying like a baby. >> put the clicker down. you will want to stick around for this one. in moments, the greatly anticipated kpix sports holiday special from chase center at drive city him a nice shot isn't it. a big shout out to the producer . a half hour of the best sports moments and stories from 2021. it will make you watch and think, oh, yeah, that happened, cool. i will see it from there at 6:30, a few moments away. up next, christmas is not
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the oakland zoo got a surprise visit from santa claus today. look at how happy they are
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getting a present from chris crinkle himself. santa also ftse critters with their favorite meals. >> lemurs at the san francisco zoo celebrated christmas early. the wild bunch opened up their presence yesterday, enjoying some tasty


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