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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 27, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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not erov yet. >> brian hanecky is in with more onthe opdr in ertempatesur and the ch ancefor even morowe sn. brian? >>hi, anamda, welcome to kpix 5. h>>appy to be here. >> absolu. tely snow on bay eaar peaks, here are the osprpects for more of itmicong inon tight. dely scattershed ows erand wioulot oking for too much eebetwn w noand motorr ow mog,rnin e thoccaalsion dopownur. yon u caalso see, where over in diabthlo ere is a dusting of snowal, so scteatred showers around thesanta cruz tamounin s. not muarch ou ndthe centl rabay area . mttam wibeth a industg of snow the reas llwe. so much r fothe local bay area. hein t unmotains they veha gotten as much as 12 feet of snow ifyou libeeve the ree.leas 12 feet of sn owin the past 72 hours. snourprise there are winter
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orstm warnings tarhat e stpoed forer mo micong their way. wel wilhave the details, cludthing e fact atth it looks likefillnay, the atmospheric spig otwill be turned off bythe end of e th week but, theisre more on the y.wa e tas ilin a few minutes. >> brian, rehe is atwh you're talking about. > the sier rawith a winter storm dumping feet ofno sw, i- 80 and i-50 are oscled, a mbcoination of snowand eddown trees s haprompted the closure. rertpoer chrael wulff shs owus the trelav mess so medrerivs dure d. rertpoer: a amte efft.or >> i have to stop, so i get k,stuc to. >> reporter: to try to get this man out of the snow. a chp officer manned the steering wheel to help get him out of harms y.wa only to inform him i-80 was sh utdo. wn it's cle.os
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>>porerter: near whiteout conditions madeit difficult to take a detour. >>re you guys ucstk? >> we are inwaitg for emth. >> repoerrt: this crew from vallejo heading to the slopes decided to keep g.goin >> isa can't get , itwe can't get through. porerter: after seeing ot he rspoll ndarou on e thsh ouerld only toget rastnd. ed >>th ere is a bit ofan ice p,li so i drpeopd off e thside of it. >> porert: erthis tow uctrk driver cd alleon his y daoff toe lphe t stranded big rig d an notoo happy about it. >>it 's expens ive. >> rorepter: how mu chwill isth cost? >> 150 urhos, >> reporter: to kema matters wo rs e,a power ougeta had this s gastation idled. tamara s waon her way ckba home aftesir viti ngher daughterfo r christmas thin e bay. >> we looked up about y anroute we could possibly ndfi and erything cislosed at one point or heanotr.
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i>>f i could figure out how toa keth is thing fly, i would ve done it. reporter: these lolsca are prepar edwith their puppy in the back of their off-road vee.hicl >> there'ees trs all over e th road , wehave to put on chains. >> repoerrt: they have seen these typeofs mpcolete osur esbefo. re >> it llwi be a lo nghaul for the next three orfour . days t buwe will have fun. we llwi ma keit. >> reporter: stbe case scenarioat, wh do you do? >> pinlay the sn owfor a bit and adhe home. >> tt'has all you can do. > >>to the corovinarus, local businesses aclre osg inat canceling tseven thon eir own th isee wk as a precaution. licafornia's co19vid- stte povisitityat re is 5.4%over the past seven days. at is a 2.8% crinease from e thweek before. shawn chs itnihas moreon the similaritibees twn eefighting covid-19 now, to the beginning of thpae ndemic. >>reporterth: e mobydick bar san francisco ded cideto re
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main closerod thugh the end ofthe month. anotsiher gn of the challe nges e omicron vat rianprenests to busiesness during the hodaliy seon. >> it is a crazy time. new year's and chstrimas, it is justos impsible that people wantbe hugging and kig,ssin anred stamg inand having a blast d anforgetting evyterhing they might needto do to be safe. >>ep rorteinr: oakland, the new theater has made a similar e cionsi, cainncelg owshs ar noundew year's weekend while operating somefo odicserves. >> it is goi tngo be hardto stay open, just because, peopler e t nocoming t outo the theatersht rig n.ow you know, usbecae it is daerngous. >>re poerrt: the sen vecisco chamber esorchtrala so announitced llwi be cancinelg pemarfornc esbecause tofhe om icn rovariant. the organiza tionsa ysthis is inthe best interest of the fety of its mucisians,as well as the diauence. >>our emeeploys are whsomeat lireev. ed we will beshortsfftaed anyws.ay >> reporter: gnsis on social me dia keep popping up as more
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oppele choose to close because ovof cid9.-1 beak to the owner of the moby dick bar, one co19vid- case was enough to send erevyo nehome. e >> wcare for our cuerstoms and we d haone employee calolly who got povesiti and so, after atth we feltwe alrely edneed to protect ybeverod y. >>ep rorter: the w neparkway thr eatehas yet to have a case in t heirbudiilng and eyth want to keep it th atway by being exa utcaious. >>we were among the first busssineesto voluntarily close. th s wabefore the maatnde to close. porert: erthey also acknowledgeye th are doing a frtiacon of the business eyth did fobere the paicndem. rit w,no they justdon't thcuink steroms wiwall nt to enspd meti inside thwi omicn ro spadreing so easily. >> we will come back sterrong anttd beer and hopellfuy, people are ready to come back. >> reporter: n shawchitnis, kp ix5. in corant costa uncoty, he al thofficiarals e requg irinth
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e uncoty'sfi rst resprsonde workers atho messle shelters to show proofey th have cereived a bor ostedo seof the vaccine, arstting januar10y th. ththose at have t nobeen boosted willrequire ekwely testing. the chris stmaekweend is , overbut the dema ndfor covid- 19 testing is not. today, pridesent debin vowed to help states t gemore rapid test out klquicy and deal withthe surge of cases due to the omicrorin vaan t. brdea alfarone has mo refrom the whe ithouse. >>ep rorter: befo rethe prident lefte thwhe ithouse earlier today to spend a w fe days in derelawa, he spoke to vegornors and ldto them that he hathr eiback when it s cometo co19vid-. however, ofhe fed refew des.tail >> reporter: e thshor tageof keta-home test in stores and long lin esat testing sites leftat ste governors and the whituse hoe rascmbling to meet demand h>>ave seen how tough it was for some folks to get toa ugh test this ekweend and that shows we have more rkwo to do.
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>> reerport: in a meeting thwi his covid-es19 rpoe nste amat a bipartisan group ofgornveors, prest idenbin derepeated plans to distri bute500 million vicod9 tt esstarting nextmo nth. >> there isno soluonti to th is at the state velel. ifyou need something, y sa thsomein g. we are gog into veha your back in any y wawe can. >>ep rorter: the esprident nideed a vanity irfa repoedrt that his admistniration rect eda plan ckba in october to ramp up those rapid test and hesaid atth, que,ot they ulwod have gone rdhaer and icquker on e thostes sthad he known. >> reerport: daily d-covi19 secas have spiktoed more than 176, t000,hehi ghest in nelyar one . year >> we are seeing ktbreahrghou infections. less if you e arboosted, but en among the boteosd. ep>> rorr:te monday, the cdc cut the recommendeisd olation peodri for the geranel popuonlati dn owto five days after theytested sipoti veif a simp mleatter, foll owedby five odaysf wearing a mask around others. spki ngof his medical team, today, dr. anthony ucfai raised the possitibily ofvaccine requeniremtsor f all dome sticai
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r avtrel. at the white house, debra alfarone, for kpix 5. >> > weare helpg inyou st ay ahd of the pandemic. we have a vaccine d antesting source guidate the ryve top of > >>juries in the elizabeth esholm fudra trial are back at worktoday, remisung deralibetis onafter a short holiday k.brea kiet do is at the rafedel courthouse injosan se. >>reporter: a lot of hurry up n d wait in downtown san jose. rsjuro veha been at it now for ysda, lideberating a total of about 30 hos.ur it would seem that theyare ngtaki eithr jobs seriously. the jurors e armulling over 11 counts oauf frd and nscopicyra, withes ttimony from32 wi tnseess that spanned three months. mi chleel hagan says for a deral case, soinrtg through this much evidence is not unusual. >> a lot of emails and porpntoi presentati ons,a t lo of tag eebetwn homes to de cide
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whether thweey re working together to ndfi guilty on copicyra counts. they hquave ite a few hiexbits to go ugthroh, and, you know, it is a ramicle that 12 lepeop n caage reon anytnghi. >> repor tter:hela st time the rsjuro t mewas thuraysd, erwhe ey asked to replay reincordgs 01of 23 conference llca, where elabh etholmes pid tchethe telochnogyto invest ors. hagan has enbe foinllowg the case clylose d anbelieves we arwre apngpi up day four of debetiraons, homes willbe found guiltyon csomehaesrg. >> it is uauslly a situation where rsjuro e artrying to nvcoin eceach other to reach a certveain rdt,ic sometimes eyth can rea ach verdict d an metimes theyme co back with a corompmise verdicter, whe they ndfi guilty on somecounts and not guilonty others. i think if they continue past th is week, itwill vofar the
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defense. itwill favor elabizeth holmes.> rorepter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. > >>stilahl ead on kpix 5, reamg inon cb snbay eaar, a maesn go missing omfr a pupolar ski rtreso. th e anfrtic search tofind him . new details in a tricag owning, whatwe are leniarng abthout e y baarea co uplewho died durlaing st week's orstm. anwhd, y the 49ers ulcod be making a change to qurbarteack winlth oy two games le ftin e th gular season.
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top s brasof e thoad klan poceli department kispeangou t aftea r violent christmas weenekd. on christmas eve, fiofce rrsesponded to a deadly shngooti ithn e 1400 blk ocof lakeshorene avue. it wase th134th homideci in oakland this year. poceli say they astre epngpi up trpaols ndarou lake itmerrt. >> we trd ieto be ve sryensitive ca, beusite is a reeacrtional ar, we don't wa ntto see an
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erovlyar lge police presceen. but,at times, loinokg at the tada, at times where e theris a signanifict crinease in cre,im weveha had to shipthose resourthces ere. reporter: on the same nit gh ine thlaorkeshe homicide e ther was anofficer invoedlv tishoongon 98th enavue. a suspect aldllegey brandished and tepoind a gun at fiofce irsn nebyre sidents. and oaklpoand lice officer fired e threshots at the suec bt,ut all of them missed. the rewe no inrijues rertpoed, the suspisect in custody. > one of the most alarming shngootis erov the holidaoky to place at kloaand chenildr's ho spalit. a cas r waparked in front of the hospital when a ndseco vehicllle pued up xtne to it, ansod meone in it open fire. one victim s watreated for gunst howounds but suivrved then cintde. >> ouobvislvey ry concerning r us that somebody would refi a mb erof ro undsin t fronof chenildr'sos hpital, trying to serve oummr couny,it but it just goes into e thcaoulls tunaref opeople's behavior ri ght now.
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brthe azen willingness to use firear imsn our coitmmuny. >> we brought you the cepoli iechfs update live on cbsn bay ea. yocau n find us 24 vesen streaming on kp.cixom or e th kp 5 ap p. ghrit no w,there is an all out se archin the ersira for a missing ski . year e thplaster caddgeies t ifsherf'ofs fice sa 4ys3-year- olroeny gel otto wentmissing ilwhe skiing at north arst ski resort ochn rimasts. orauthits iesay a short call ma dein e thnorthstar eaar shows an eremgey ncping on his phe fobere it was turned off. is evening, sechar and screue te amars e libattng extreme winteaer wth. er the fa milysa ysthey e ar keeping their hopes alive. >>e n'dot know if he is wainlkg around, or if he is hunk deredowinn a snow caveor ifhe is injured or buried. >> rteeporr: shers iff'office sa ysthey evbelie he was wearing a navy blue jacket, bl hueelmet and acblk goggles. thayey s heis an exripeenced rskie.
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> >>a san mateo county coros ner'ofcefi has comenfird thenidtities of a huansbd and wifeho w died in last ekwe's floodingmu in lbryer. theye ar63r--yeaolrod lando glorio asond 62-year-d ol susaa nnglorioso. a couple drowned siinde their bmsuerged car lastthursday, it happ wenedhethn e heavy rain flooanded d underpass on east hillcrest boarulevd. e other drivwaer s rescued fromho tse floodwaters. this pastweekend's y heav snowfall sesmash a 51r--yeaold rdreco in there sira. ucbe rkeyel central snow labs sathy e snowfall rerdco for cemb eris 193.7 inches. itbeats the evprious record of 9 inesch seactbk in0. 197 co omingutof a drghout, brian, we are still nitechcay llin , it i suppe.os >> you know what is amazing, all the weeks and mohsnt that we s pentmpcolaining ouabt drought, putting a pipe ssacro
5:16 pm
the n sarafael bridge and now we are sa, yingwhen willthis stop? >> it is so necess ary,outhgh. >> absolutely. we cangenot t enough after what avwe he enbe thh rougand we will get more, too. not chmu tonight or tomo. rrowwe a relooking at rainllfa totals on e thorder of about ha ainn ch. on the high defionniti doleppr, widely scatd teresherows around the bay eaar tot nighand throtough moowrr morning. thgsin do pick up tomorrow morning. have a look at . this this is where we sit ghrit now. sherows are moving toin the bay ar.ea isth one u yowill e sein soh ut san francisco with a splerink orwo t but e asidfrom atth, etty much igstraht out of the nohb. ay it wilanl chgeth, ough. as we headtoward motorr ow morn ing,we did get a few owshers tonight. it will be cold, and then, unsettled wer athethugroh midw meek,eangni a bit of ev erhiytng. valeriab ouclds, cat n'miss forecast bec auseerthe are cldsou and n suand rain coming in with some snow. then, wedo t gedra y end of thyee ar. yifou are looking tonew arye's eve and new year 'sday, that is lookindrg ive.
5:17 pm
arso f, itlooks pretty good, clouands d rain on the furetu ca. wh erwee go fromhere u yowill tice is mostly clou dy ernight, notch mu in the way of rain as we head watords suistoe morrow mog.rnin rothug6:h 00 a.m., a bit in the santa cruzou mntains, ybmae a bi t inha lfmoon y,ba to. as time goes , onnot much until wege t to torrmoow night at 5:00. and th,en you will see this next impulse coming thh rougat 5:00m. p. tomorrowgh nit. nthisext impulse mecos through d anmoves on shore, so it s look like a wet mmcoute for tomorrow 24 h oursfr omnow it will get wet arounde thbay area and then wlle wi go to scattered showerros thugh wednesday. itak bres up sothat by noon on weesdnday we will veha a few owers aroundre sttcnghi from liorverme rothugh the south bbay,utth e general tendency will be tobreak . up is ts hia hu gerainma ker? it is not. rain totals ugthroh wedadnesy evening, only on the order of a quarteinr ch. in tbahe y area. not a big rainrmake it llwi
5:18 pm
stju be one of e thosdownpour inthgs, which you will noceti gisoing to be cool. in s termof cechans, good anchces through e thday tomorrowro, thugweh dnesday, an d enth, wedny esdanight right ugthroh --you , knowhere is neyew ar 'sday. ve l owchance of anything congmi in on new year 'sday. then, you llwi noti tcehat possitibily,ro pbability of inra begins to pi ckup toin the next mo, ndaytuesday, and wednes day. so, yes, we get this eabrk telar in the week arstti ngon latene wedsd ayand then sdthurayan d friday erthe was anheotr chance eanerly xt week. rinoght w,we have ouclds ouarnd the bay area. sprinkbules t t nomuch. it will be cold toghnit temperatures dtoown freezing, and the mbnuers right now are in the s 40and a w felow 50s. low temperaturest gedown to 32 inntsaa rosa, the samefor pana. ifou y mix that with moisture night, it ulwod not take mu. ch heanotr stduing of snow in the i ght espeaks. co, ldonly in the upper 40s. by bay area standards th atis fr eengzi. vaabrile cldsou and atsctered
5:19 pm
showers tuy esdaanwed dnesday, escipeally tomorrniow gh t. 24ho urs from w,no thayursd, fridaytu, sard, aywe t gea eak. we ha venot tye inpated in any ra or vehere on su ndayand moaynd, but it is a possibility,we so will keep an eye on that. and then specillficay, -- it n'doest ttmaer. if'r youe in the stea bay, nohbrtay, coast, tuy esdaunttseled and th endry on new year's ldea wther and a dusting of sn oown the peaks, maybe more comi nngext week. that is what it looks likewe are ttseling into. am? anda >> thank you. arwe e continuing th is season of nggivi with our food r fobay area fami liesdrive. moinang chorle n kiese is in anoakld thwi a big donation for caa lol fo odnkba. ep>> rorr:te check out how sybuo lueentrs are deinsi the alamcoeda un tyfood bank. there is chsu a huge needand so many oppele pitching in to heinlp, clinudg . dron, this is
5:20 pm
a g bicause for the grp.ou absolutely. aswe pseard ound the hat and our phicysians and pr actitioners, physiancis assistants a ndworkst aff are seplead tosupport the vital rk ofalameda county uncommitfoy od bank. >> you were able to raise 17$85,5. how doesit feel to be able to pridthe at am ountthis ? year >> itfeels wondfuerl. kwenow, when we take care of enpatitsov er decas dewas in hoit aland in clinic, how tavil food is htoeahlt. so, we sut pporth istavil work atth the communfoity od nkba does. >> rteeporr: talk about that vital wo. rkhow much impact will that ma kethis year >> it is rnexteal lyimportant and we are trexemy elhappy to ise funds, bee causthat will rae isover 70,000me als for families in edalama. >> ts hat'huge. >> e onin four people e ar
5:21 pm
suerg infood inrisecuty, so we are alrely trying to be ve ry dige ntin enngsuri that everybody has wh atthey edne thugthh e hodaliy season. >> the rkwo is t noover, thank you, both. you can help out, just go to e tofi ndout how you can support that mission. >> always goodto see. > >>coming up, the 49ers ulcod ha to make a playoff pu sh without mmjiy garoppolo. streg aminnitoght on sncb ba y area, a doctor from sanford hethal care shesar his adcevi asmany re turnfrom r thei holigaday thinergs. that is at 8:. 30 u yocan find cbsn bay area on or the
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>> > stju be foree thwint er ymolpicsan, othetor p ieskr has stteed sipotive for covid-19. two-time olympic gold medalist michaelafr shiintw eetet d ou the ne wsearly this morning. e shllwi migssin both of
5:24 pm
this week's rlwod cup slalom ceras, an event where e shhas beencrneowd chamonpi six times . with several top ieskrs also recentlyst teing positive, erthe is growg inconcern abt ou thnte wierol ympics set to begin on fairrybu fourth. the 49ers turern edto prti cein santa clara. >> there s waone notiabcele seabnce. andr hiaas the lastte on atth. >> jimmy rogappolo retu rned from a three day break abunle to rothw a football, ttpuing his status d anout for su'snday gameai agnst the xatens and ybe even bendyo that. jimmy garoo ppolffsuered a thumb injury on this play in thursday's loss to the titans. how serious is it? it dependso whu yoask. e th49ers are llcaing it a sprain, but pnes is porertg in thitat is mesothing worse and r appa low is deg alinwith a acfrtured thumb. jifimmy cannotgo , that means lance will get the callfor s hi seco sndtart of s hicare. er he is 100% hethaly from a couple of injuries earlier isth se asonand leky shanahansa id
5:25 pm
toy that lance is nghavi his be stmonth of practice. as len erivsen sa, yspractice? also your is expected to miss the first two megas with a sprainedkneean d the team hopes he can re turnfor the postseason. he is second on the team with 0 10to tacks.le diva sa muelalso edmiss acprtice today thbut is is a odgo reonas. he cabeme a t-firstime dad isth mog rninafr tehis gifrrliend vega birth to a baby boy. coralatutions. th49ers will do some scoreboard wahitcng tonight. new orleans is hosting miami. if the saints, ea glesand nineinrs fish, e th49ers will end up inbeg the odd team out. wentwa to be saints to lose tonight. >> great news for m.hi >> thanks. still eaahd at 50,:3 with co19vid- raging, wespeak to a bay area ctdoor live on hwhate is seeinggh rit now.
5:26 pm
us. coinntued holiday travel frusattrion. i have more on the roomicn drivenli fght nccaellations and dela. ys >> 18 llkied in a drngessi
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say hello to 2202 with xty and you'll gett fas an d reliable internet for only nineteen ninety-nine a month for twelve months. plus, you can get twveel times the eespd for the same pceri youwhen a dd xfinity mobile. that's more speed and remo value. y sahello ktoicking the off year wh itthis ang anth xd wifityni mobile, you cagen t a 5g phone on us and three hundred doarlls back during our xfinity hello twenty twenty-otw lesas event! click, call or vi sit a orste today! you are tcwahing kpix 5 news at . 5:30 > >>right now on kpix 5 and
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streamoning sncb y baarea, more calol news at 5:30. we will keta you on the long track a bay area tamounin to playth in e snow. a travelht covid-ro19 gun dsdozens of remo igflhts at bay ar eaoutboas rd asho tusands try to t geback ho amefter the chris stma hodaliy. > and explioosn of new covi 19cases across northern ca lirnfoia, could thatdrive up hospitizalations in the bay area? good eveningto u,yo i'm mog rninanorch am anda starrantino in for eletizabh. 'm>> i allen rsmade n. aiinrles are exripeenced in staffing tashorgedus e to the receovnt cid9 -1ikspe causing re flights to be canc, eled making manypeople's rnretu holome ng erthan peexct. ed the osheads acheare being felt iheren e thbay area. 66 cancelonlatis datoy at sfo. t ouof oakland and san jose internnaatiol,7 3combined ncellations. reporter tina detrmeius reports from l.a. on how the frustrn atio at airports is owgring, tinaonwide. e thholiday hust leand bustle is remo like a drag.
5:30 pm
>> we have plans adalrey. nebusissto run, ufstf like that. reporter: no w,patel's turern flight to kentucky is not gettinf g ofthe ground. >>:24. we went to 1:00 d anall of a suen, it's out.>> the omicron driven surge is inforcg remo flight cancelonlatis among pilots, efluk, and airlstine aff. fls ightwe creanceled monday, d more than 3000 were delayed. >>the airl inesnncaot opere at fls ightwioutht the reirqued nuer edof tspilo and htflig attend. ants safecoty mes first. several rlaiin eshad call ed on the cpc toreduce quarantine isolatpeion ri odand late ndmoay, it was shortened fr om days to five days to anyo ne who test sipoti veand is asymptomatic. >> if it is good enou gh


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