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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  December 27, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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coert is next. thank you for watcnghi us togh t. ha gve aoonid ght ptcaioning spons boredy scb >> paul go tsar,heep rublican afromrinazo, has been csuenred. arthe iza onrepublican ifas ing offialci conmndeatioafn ter he posted a photoshopped anime vithdeo atho swed him killing democratic cesongrswanom alexandriasi ocao-rtcoez and attacking president biden. ou>> y'rwae tching c-spa.nime some whow,e' eveven made thi rboing. upexhet, t ameni cen vsureote of paul r.gosa oo>> oohaa-aaw! >>oo ooh-aaaaw!
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om>> cinupg next, steveno bann tus rnhimsf elin. ( snorting ) >> announcerit: 's the "late show with epsthen colber"t. tonightat: srtpr seading the boost. d anthe super stars of w.w.e. answer just one question. plus, stheepn weeslcom: adam driver and ame fricaerrare atfeurinn g jobasttie and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers appnd alaeus ) ♪ ♪
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te>> sph: enhey! man alive! (ch eers and appelaus >)> ( cheers a andppuslae ) >> stephen: tgoodo e seyou. >>: jon y, esindeed! >>teenph: welcome to " thelate show."i amou yr host, stepcohen s,folk ino kw you turn tiso th sh fowor one thing o andnehi tng aonlyndha tt is sports !news we gllot a tothe hte ssthapes of bas. tai'm lkg inabout the fat,stes tallest, orck thie psteople, all ofhe tm running thdueir nks straighttr to op thyown! so's let g teto the highlitgh e apstles center, ohomef eth los ans gelelarkes, the clrsippe, d anthe kings, is chgianng its name ryto cptcoo.m arena. cr!ypto
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the mostfu consi tnghing a venue habes en named sinouce hst'son "the plot ofep incti" onstadium. ( laught)er generations anof fs veha grown upitthh e staples ce.nter fo yr myouerng viewers, that rnameefs erto the staples ofceup sply company. oanffice is somngethi y uoused toto go f moreetings, whirech a lierke vy ribong in-person emlsai. emoh, ai alsre long texts withmo reor wds. anwos rdare facelessji emos thatin remd u yoyou're a relic ofheas pt and the fu ntureo lo bngerelgson to you. ( htlaugernd a applause , gocryptos! now, thepl staes center had so mareny gatpo srt moremies: kobe brya'snt 81-point ga, methe l.a. ngs' stanley v cupicryto, galon paul gettiunng pch iedn the d.hea applause ) no t bheigwigs over at crypto.comna are sllheed out lsomeondug ckets for thneis o. th pd aimore than $7il00 mlion for the ngnami rhtigs, which ibe lie evconverts to five tcoin.
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nope, so 5rry,0,0-00- no, it's anged again-lf- ha ait bcoin and thregse ba oflf our. 'sit a fairly volelati creurncy. now, herthe's e inthg there's remo vaccine newnds, a ist' abt oumore vaccine. the f.d.a.ns pla tauo thorize pfizer boostfoers r l aladults is week. ( cheers a andppuslae ) i agree. that's g.reat quyoiet urhi trd. irthd time's a c, th gat'sre, atbecae usmany eramicans are eafoger r ditional proiotectn eaahd of hoy lidagaerthings.yo u edne extra proten ctiofor e thholidays, esalpecilyor f your feelings. the niso vaccine foatr th moment the fy ridaafter anksgiving, twhenhear pty bus s showupo ttake your yorunge brr otheouwit th his high olscho friends, and s youpe tndhe night wahi "ngmanifest" with andma. (laughter ) here in new york c hity,eahlt providers haeeve bn ldto to give bor osteshs otto all adultos wh wantht em.
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any cechan wcae n expand that to uladts who don'tt wanth?em ( cheers appnd alaeus ) because the ey'rthpre oblem. justdetipuze the timesar sque elmo's to anjab yo wneho comes wiinth tickling dicestan. (aslm eo ) o "elmweomlces you to nerkw yo! gunh!" ta ykeour vaccine! nce the passofing his lamandrk infrastrue cturpl,an biden's tbeenakg ina victoryla p. liray.ll re he is in chmiigan, testing t oua neelw ectr hicummer. (tirescs reecnghi )>> anybody wtoant jp umin the ckba? onheoo rf? >> you look , goodmrpr. esident. >th sisucker's somngethi ee!ls ap( plseau ) (ee chrsnd a applause ) te>> sph: en( as biden )
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you wahonna p tinhe back? onheoo rf? u call shotgun? lit'sikmye mom always tsaido me: sashe idjo, ey, my rule is s, gas, or g..rass. onone s ridefofrr ee. she walos a ngau-hl trucker, tusedo wndo poppers likeye thwe reic t tacs. get in, r.lose e we'rsangvi the planet! now, hnoe's t e thonly one cell- - oops. it's vhaery rdo tdo the rest het monologue withhe tse on. hnow,e'nos t the only one cebrleating the betsnefi othf e neanw pl. takela abama represeivntate dan slesma tn atheed mical supply store s who'he iref you have any quonestis,ar gy palmer. palmer rtleceny eetwted to auappld ndfuing for a new ghhiway in his dicistrt: "completio bn ofirngmiham's northerntl belinhae s been a prri otyf mine sinceas i w teelecd ctoongress, and new fuinndg for the prt ojechanos w passed." e small prob plem:alr mevoted nsagait e thpackage.
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( htlauger) you can't tareke cdifot r the thing yopou ers e'a reason jampeie sars nowas t lcweome at the "free brne ry"ally.( uglahter and appelaus ) it's nott. jus.. ( applause ) truery sto. innot vid.te >>on j: he wasn't e.ther >> stephen: dnwoul'tak me sense. uldn't make sense!it 'sot n justht at pr almevodte againse t thbi.ll he'so alsa mbmeer of theco nsvaertive house fdoreem caucmeus, mbs erof which are seinekg to punish r thei13 republicolan cleueags who joined democrats otin vinfog r the infrastructuilre bl. so youal finlyot g the thing y nwated, and now yo gu'reoi tngo pushni the people who gaveto it you? that's la ike kiond christmassa yi, ng"yay, a bike m i'so happy! ay, santa, nt'ow is ybpaack time! guh! spea okingf inlyg blowhards, foerrm president butterbenut rlcousni. ksthan tjoo nathan karl'ws ne
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book, e we'rleniarng new details about the ru tn-upo nujaary 6, ciespeal tlyhe behavior of rmer first sn-on-ilaanw d no aypler charactera in vio degame abwaout lltr seet, jared kushner. wh menike e'pencs deai marc t shorcaedll kushner directly to asm k hitoay mbe help keep the vicesi prede fntrom getting edhang, shkuner told shoert h had ner ithethtie me nor the interestca, beushee was working on middle eaeast pce. oh, haso tt'whs y the middle st is fine now. cordtoing kl,ar marc short pewas rsteisnt, begging,as plee, jareand, c y toualk to your ther-in-law? this is ingettg ngdaerous. mesobody's got tllo te h timhat mienke pcean c't single-halynded overturn thect eleion. but kushsiner mp tlyook a step back and n didotnghi. 'sit just like jstohn ewt armill falymous sd,ai a illt takes for ev tilo triumph is g foroomed n to dd epenonar jed kushner. ( laerught a andpplause )>> j: onthat's exacthaly wt he
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said. >> senteph: acextly. heas w good. atth guy was te, lythe news hasn beekind ofet repite ivand somewhat depressing i, so'vgoe t to say-- d ani hope this evis nerak ten out onof cte--xt thank you, qanon. ( laught)er lli' update you heon tirat lest unhinged whaobck-j hinijks in ghtonit'eds ition of "thqe files: the tthru is out ther way out e.ther" ( laughter ) now if youch wat t shehow, you owkn a few weeks, agoi ldto you the tale of oua grp qofanon foowllers who had ergathedn i dallas, te ixas,n tiancipation of b aignnouncement omfr john enf. kne jdyr. fortunately,n johf.en knedy, ashe w, alshl we say, nolet ab tott aend. t buthe q-faithfelul bie jveohn- jo fhnaked his ownth dea, dasid his erfath, d anthat's not the azy part. e crazy parttw is o ekwes later, hundrofeds qonan believarers e ilstl in dallas
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wainfog r j.f.k. to ushowp. ohye, ah, because .fif j.kev. er camek, bac hd e'want to go raight to da.llas just like-- applause )th at w'shat-- you kn.ow.. st like whenco linlnom ces backve ali, 'she going straight bro oaaydw! laughter ) w,no you'll notihece tre s'some nfcousion as to h whicj.k.f. they'rtue acal elyxpecting. t leme clear tha ft uporou y ghrit now: i donno't kw. depending upon wouho y a,skev erneyo from princeiass dnao t j.f.k. w jr.errue mored to be appeg.arin u yocan read allut abo iint muel beckettla's css piclay: "waiting w forhoa ygot?" wsohy are they l stilwainitg? untreameted ntal bual, sothey're follgowin chael brian zmprotana , formerde motilion expert.i dot n'know why "fo."rmer
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dihed accidentallfty le sothg inun-blowed-up? protzman m wakesilprd edictions usg ina bastardizersd veioofn thheewbr numerology emsyst knasown gatemria. d i would debescri ptzroman g usina stbaardized versofion yiddish: sch.muck( uglahter and appelaus ) originally-- ap( plseau ) scuck!yo u tzpu. orinigally, protzmruan cncdhe the ernumbs prand edteicd j.f.k. wagog into be resurrd ecteon november 2.wh enei nther of the s johnf. nnkeedy showed uatp th d,aypr otanzm changed hisdi prectn,io cause accordtoing t jheulian ndcalearmo, nday was novr embe1, and so j.fwa.k. s tuacally going rtoeappear at mghidnit. don't yoteu ha iwht en you and yo fenrid are supposoed t , meetbuhet 's oe n thgroregiana learnd and you're heon tju li canalendar? 'sthat w ihy remember this silehy rme: "30 days has septr.embe
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you're an neinsa qonan member."( uglahter and appelaus ) the rest hav.e 31 >>: jonth'sat right. >>teenph: the rest h31ave , except feby.ruar j>>on: you reme tmberheim te. >> stephen: rethe as tonhe q-folks migh ot beutf owhack is they're missthing e viadce of one of t sheirpiturial leaders: q-sh aamanndin wner of america'e xtop t freind fltsneto, jacob chansley. noont ly did chanscoley mm tithe crim le ofoongki like an idiot. is one. ( laught)er after infailg ftoind mike pence in theit capolhe, scrawled a anotet e thvice president's is that readt': "is lyon a ttmaer of time. justic ce isomg!in" which,ns tur o, utwas a "note lfse," because eerarli tayod, q-amshan jacob chay nslewas sentence 4d to1 ntmohs in prison. ( ch aeersndpp alause ) th nat'seay rlthree and a half so, wiooth gd habevior, he could utbe o itin me to storm the
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capito 2l in024. w, the q-shas man'laerwy has blamed the fr ormepridesent for his cl'sient cmeris. anafd ter sentenciheng, tdol the pressts ju wt hahe would say to the ex-s:potu >> i'd thiell m,ou y know what?o u t goa few ( bl eep) inthgs to dnco, ilungdi clearing this ( blee) p me ussp and taking care of a oflot t jheackasses that you (bl ueep)p cabeuse of arjanuy h.6t but pimy oni donoesn't mean (bl eep ). >>teenph: wow, i-- ie likthat guy. they shopuuld t m hion tv, maybe as a toughki-talngub plic deerfend o"ln aw & orders. v.u.f." la( ugerht and applaus)e we 'vgoe t a great shorow f you tonig!ht gmyuests are adriam dveanr d amerfeica but when we bcomeac tk,he superstarsw. of w. ae.nswer just quone esonti. ♪ ♪ (ap plause )
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♪ ♪ (applause ) >> ste: phenjoban tiste and st mahun, everybody.
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there you go. there it is. (ap plause )( eechring ) jon. ank you veryh. muc thank you alerl ov trehe. he ly,isten, jon, vei ha imyn hands the hottt lilear cds with thqutiesons on them, t nothat ni'lleethd em. thvee lolynd a talented amaeric ferrera willou be t rehe in just a tt bleit. (ap plause ) but fiwerst 'rgoe ing to have yo furriend, adam driveisr going e to bout here istn ju a moment. you all knowh eacotbaher ck from the juirdllia ds.ay j>>on: a great ndfrie omif ne, yends, ieed. >> stephen: that's lovely. folks, all across the country, families are gatheringet togher toeb celra ttehis special timeof y- ear-thw.e w.e. "surviv risees," happenihing ts ndsuay here in new .york and vei ha smao ny questions keli who will taomke he eth tle? and, will soe meongehit t with a
11:55 pm
foinaig chr,r owill they up thste akes and useay a l-zoy-b? and i't m nothone ly one with qutiesons. i thevink erneyo here at the e "latsh" owwould love tko as stju one questio tn ofheig bgest w.w.e. sstuperar ls,ike yrand ortoetn, sh llroins,nc biaa aiblr, bkyec lyn, chthe restet prof bits,ig, eand e thmiz. soe w let my staff do ju tsthat. ithiss e th"late show'st jus one questiw.on: w. ee.dition." (ch eers and appelaus ) ♪ ♪ >>hat'yos ur favorite part about bein wg in.w.?.e >> i getbe to atir gls udp an lift them ovy er mhead and get pa wlehi i do it. >>he tre's nothingte qui leik ente aringn enara and having u000,0 people chanting, yo suck. yo>> if u d coulfighant ybody in t wldor, who wouldou y pick? i>> wouigld fhteo grge clooney.
11:56 pm
>>ay cberuela de vil.>> ts hiis going to blow everybods y'mind. ini thk woi uld fight my.self >> hey, big doe., y touhink i can get igas b ayos u? >> of course c youan. it's mostly posivitity and tiopmism.yo u're goingwa to ntt aleas70t poundspo of sitivity! i ng'vbeene watching a lo time, and iwa've alys wondered, why do they caa ll it ri whengn it's ae? squar >>ha tt's a-- that's a good estion. >>hoa! yoju mstade me work n up othe, the mospot imrtantcl muse of all. the bicep. (ught laer) >> what'ths e most painfolul hd yoveu' ever experid?ence >> rigowht n. i've been ond hol45in mutes with the damn cable company. >>h setrollins, i heatrd tha whenra you tveu l yoalways bring your championslthip be wh ityou onhe t plane? why? >> welowl, h eamlse iup sposed o tkeep up my ciohampnsphi s.pant >>ques my ti ions for restet
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profits. notice that you l prspelofit with an "f,"e mo likney. so do hayou ve any finalanci vice for people? yeah, stop lktaing about bitcoin. >> y jeah,usstt op. justta stop lkg abinout it. r >>an ortdyon, they call you e vithper. ist thabeuscae of your stincts? >> no. classic ravenclaw. ♪ ♪ >> what music ougets y pd umpeup before.e a w.w. h?matc >> nah, i hloveea mvyetaler aft maa tch, but befe ora match i onlyte lisn to bob d'sylan chris stmaalm.bu so weird. it makes mlye real >>, beckyth guyis wants to know iift hurts to gitet h bay st eechl air. >>h! o >> oh, wguow, i esit ds oes hurt. >>ia bnca blair, i lovwhe en you usuron lg braid to whip pe, buoplet i've always
11:58 pm
wondered--s iit real? >> noty onlist ireal. asit h ain md of o itswn. check oitut. oops, there she is. e shthere .is there she , ohshe likes you. >> hey, there. you workin ag onnyf oyour nishing moves? >> yeaoth, g ts hinew one called "tuthe g bteusr," where i eserv em an entirenk thasginivg meal anwad i itor f them to take a p so i can phein tm. i'm bringillng a t fheixings! ♪ ♪ (ap plause ) stephen: thyoank u,.w w.e! "survivor esseri" restams live sthisuny daon peacock and "wrestlea mani38ti" ckets are on-snoale w! we'll be rig bhtack thwi adam idrver. ♪ ♪ ( applause ) quil severe giveu pos yoweulrf relief ny r foyour worst cold fluand symptoms,
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♪ >> w is homaki things stf?uf who is allowin tg thiso ppenha? >> they'rey prettgo.od i'd buy them. >> don't be such a cretin. >> don't call me a cretin, sweetie. >> that's noatt wh i sd.aii askeyod u not to be one. thiss iserious, and youe'r laughing if.t of >> at least ity 's mnamen othe mu, gsnot yours. ur>> o name. swe.eeti on junk. ( applause ) >> stephen: eaplse welcome back to "lathe teho sw," adam driver! ♪ ♪ ( applause ) ♪ ♪ ( cheendrs a alappuse )
12:05 am
stephen: welcome ha>> tnkou y, thank you. >>te sphen: nice te o seyou. >> good eeto s y aougain. stephen: fiofrst a, llthank fyouorre dssinprg apopatriely autu.mnal i li iket. >>nk tha y.ou >>te sphen: it's snaeasolly apripropate. it's verofy presrisoal at thesa meim te. >> il feeit. >> stephen t: inheew n film, "ouse of guc yci,"oure a the prime gucci. you are izmauriouc gci. >> ink thi so. t? who-oi- sple it's no every kbods ur>> se.>> sphteen: i'm not nggivi anhi wngay, am i? >> no ifin le d anthe movie. >> stephheen: re a's pic of the two of you ot.n se
12:06 am
th misade the roun ldsast year.t g poteople very eedxcit autbo this film. e theryoaru e in saint mz oritor thsomeing. whe e aryou doing thamis fous thing? s>>aint moritz. wee 'rin italy. ah. >> stephsoen: mquy estion is, ist ifun to play pricheoe?plli kear, e the condit fionsor shootiicng nerf iyou're playing a rich pn,erso aops posed to, say, an avagere joe? o>>h, yeah. ahye, itay's w bteetr. >> stephenah: ye. you recod mmenit. >> well,th in e ooshting, the cls othearnie cer, they feel beertt. but cothe ndioitns are pretty much not aams glors ouas that picture is. it i's--t's okay--h, yea iist . becathuse eneo pple come and thriey bngam lborghinis four yo drive. asos oppedo, t i don't know, what o theth merovies were. ey're not whr etheth'reye pintos or -->> sphteen: there ha bs toe something eebetwn mba laoringhi and nta pio. th iiss your seconlmd fi ithn ea st c--oming up thiars ye ttha
12:07 am
yootu sh wh itridley scott. i'rim cuou ws,hat is he liske a a director? yoveu' seen him inal totly difft erensiattuions. thernoe's ratelionship in stor cy,ontearnt, c,ny athing betweethn e duel-- it'lls caed "the last ."dual which "hthe ou osef gucci." wh'she t commonalitywe beten the heway decirts? he has a vepery scicfi procesers whe rheeally believes in momentum. and l morais h auge thing. and he truyosts u,hi wch you ctexpe h timo kind of come on with r hisese umand be like a-- you , know"iho st 'blade runner" 'aand li."en if yout wantoo dsomething he'll t.adap he'lvol pit ain moment. .>stheepn: does he gyoive u notes, and sthay, at g'sood. >> eves n hinos teare very succinct. he doe wsn'tas tteime. >> stephen: t "lasdu" elwas shot inheou cntryside of cefran and this whoas st iintaly. are you sichoongro pjects just
12:08 am
based huponowoo gd the fooled sebad upon how gd oothe food is where you go? >> comelplety. >> stephend : anifo, s and you hatoho cose-- and yostu mu choose bseecau is t'my show-- chfren fd ooor italian food?>> o mh,y god. te>> sph: enno, you have to answer. yoreu' sworn in. swewore him in swewear in all urof o gstues. >> ild wou he avto say italian food ( applause ) ank god that t washeig rht eransw. during theke weend is, would keta some trips usto tca anynd eat e therasuc mh as i could and was pretty edincrible. >> sphteen: are you kithe ndf o person c whoana et and ganot in weight? keand epn imind if you yesay s, everyone h yatesou. >>o. >>ph steenre: ally. ho>> sckil wl, no. >> stephween: he avto take a quick break. stick aroundll we' brie ght back wi mthore mr. adamve drir, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applau)se (avo ) command products organize any space wi ethase...
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♪ ♪ ♪( plapause ) stephen: hevey, erydybo, we'rcke ba wh itmr. adam driver. am, last wees k waveratens day, y andouer we a marine over a ca adego. (applause ) i want to thget isam ne right. yo-fu coouednd arts and th mearrcd foes. why diu d yowa tnto bring theater toiv acte-tydu service ermembs? >> well, i j hadusgot tten out of the milit aary,nd w ias
12:14 am
interestedac in ti bngefore i le f torhe marine cos.rp when yetou g o yutou kind ofpu rs tuehe thing youe wer interested ain--t aslet i did-e because coedmpar ttho e military it seemsai attnae,bl which is an illusion. i happen tveo ha ge onto schoolt jlluiiard with joctn, auay.ll >> senteph: thwi jon right over here. yeah. (apauplse ) ha>> tt'whs ere we met. d for the fitirst mewe, kind-- thcoe nnection of ualanggean d-th- rough theatehar, tt dhano thg into do with tilhe mityaran d e thprocess of wngorki onso meinthg is exactlye likbeginin t mheilitary, acty.uall obviously, o yne--oue'r pretngendi t shetakes are li d andeath, and tthhe oerha tt theyua actllary e. but the teamor efft ioft, that you have a ranole d u yoknow yo re olwithin your , unitandth e rspeon that's leg adinits i paramount, i andf eyth know whah eye 'rdoing, what reyou' dngoi feels veacti a rndelevant and necey,ssar a indf they don't it els like a w oastef meti and daers.ou
12:15 am
and itea's rllnoy t about the invididual journey. it's a--bout anockwledging other people a andskg inthem questions ouabt themselves. in t a uni u yoknow, and itd kinofak tes-- l alto accomplismih a ssnio that'sge bigr athannyne o rson. thand at e'sxactly what it's li, u yoknow, being fon ailm t seor a crew. erevyone's battlteing chlonogy anti, meand there's imovprisation undeesr and pe aoplerehe tre for you o eyth're not. s>>tephen: you w threa nebefit evrient ghdot wn the streeret he at roundabout, sdituo 54.>> whae ve done it a o lotf times. >> senteph: erthe is fairly recently. there yoe u arrit ghthere. and, loo fk, aamiailr faasce w there. there's pljon ayg inat it. ( applau)se jo hn,ow-- how was it? >>on j: i think ituc's sh a betiauful idea to g brinthare ts toeo pple outside olof hlyodwo or the coastlial eteit cies, art cile as,nd things lihake tt. rtpaicularly peowhple o veha ri tskedhe lirives for our ppleoe in my famigoly, ing ba fr ougenerations,e havall served tcohis
12:16 am
ius jt loved the .idea it was greatbe to trehe. ( plapause ) >>onid d one of our tfirs performancest thaweve er did, h whicwains camp pendleton, erwhe i was statd ioneat. we initiallyrt staedt, i it was ha srdell because tayou ke-- you take the oaterutf oa metropolitrean aa d ansuddenly 'sit a weapon. you know, whomen seo'sne peorngmi it live it'res mo memorable anfed efcte.iv but now,eb celri rtyeally breaks down barrierd s anops endoors r us in a sense. itand 'sea rlly not for the gher-ups anyway. 's really foopr peleha tt are alovl er the uniteatd stesor, ha jneoid thlie mita fryor a een card, yoowu kn. d they're thune grts. ey don't havcee acsso t thteear, which i t ihinks a ally-- it re iallys stju asva luleab a tool to cniommucate as a rifle. i initk can save yo lurife. stephen: di sd itavyoe urs? ( apseplau )
12:17 am
>> i t shinko. erthe's a-- thernoe's t loa t of phasis on arlaticuti angfe elg,in and i saw iopn pele that i serwived thwh, en they couldn w't--hethn ey couldn't y sathe thing, td hey'gemat d. u yoknow, they'de- hav- enwh you n'cat express a ghthout aor feeloring en vethough you have- yo- u have no totools g iett t,ou you can wateoch pplsee lf- rudestct. d ani think in winatchg mething, eve in ift'nos t-- we ifspeciclyal picked thinhags tt have not thingo wdoith the limitary becausere we' not telling mithe liryta what it'sli keo tbe in the teg,llin leik thugroh a tony kus phnerla oy,r guaust wilson, ynoou kw,la py, ddenly you'rtce wahing somethinoug abt,ou y know,-- yoreu' watching fe ancesnd you're mak aing cneonction and your lifvee, en outhgh you have nointhg-- no relathiionsp to those pe aoplet lal. thr eilife is complylete dierffent than youndrs a ayos u fe ieln your audie ance, collective ilintelgee ncstarts haeng inin the room hein tater th strangers u yoknow, people h whoave totally erdiffenext periences
12:18 am
anthd e way they'rlle teinyog u aboue t thpl.ay and th tat'shehi tng about live performance --that a tndheater thhyat w n sothare that wiheth t le tsshan 1% of ouunr cotry thatei's bngsk aed to bear 100% r its safetyu , yokn,owbe cae usthey won't g pet alay?yo u owkn? ( applause ) giheve tm ria fle.bu t eyth-- sam shepas rd itoo roconfntioatnal, you know. >> senteph: thi ink one of t amazing gsthin autbo human gsbein iwes all have soy manem otnsio. we're ofte pn soooy rltrained th areme th wh iteach other, that we will go m payon teyo sit in a rkoo rm and watch lepeop on ste veha them for us. thand erise some magica ratnsformation hthatappe insn usy tnwiessing the fomreed th hat'sapnipeng on stage. r>>ight s>>tephen: and s freeyoinu some way. >> and d theiaguloe is not-- litera plly,eoe plstart thbreaining rhythm, youw. kno they-- the traempetu crehanges.
12:19 am
i meannd-- a t dheiversity of audienitce wh e thdiversity of-- and specitificy aof great story on stage,re the'nos thing more cient than t ahat,ctlluay. >> senteph: d ansomeinthg that vewas ryom cmon at one time. >> y oh,eah. >>te sphen: it's ir n oumornde lives tthatheerat is only in meoptrolitan areas. i>>t goes to theee grks, euripideens, gerwhals o otwre aypls for an aude iencatar w, so eyth would get theogetr d ansitn d tcwah someone inir the community ant d acwh watas justa ppineng on the batfrtle ont. and knowt'-- is t noa new idea. 'sit actually anie ancntne d tuacally, when ie camback to new y iork, s, awi went and w saa movie, i wanent d w saa llgaery, and thesan i w rocalina at r dsnoe't get more aiarchc anth this isen a nse. 're people twehat 're preten tdinghedoy n't see, and eyth're pretendiheng ty n'dot seuse , and we're hiwatcnghe tm
12:20 am
adcavote a life the at wdotn' owkn if it's-- snluddey 'rwee alrel minded of ouarr shed hunimaty, you know a, in way th aatlso in movieths i incak n haenpp, which is wshat' dangerous abt oustreaming, b iut will l teavehaalt one. (lahtuger ) butht ere's somethpoing weulrf abt ougetting in ak darroomwi thtr sangers and snghari-- watching shiometngol clective, yoowu kn. >> sphteen: i hope pe eoplare doing it idan a rk room right w at home inir the bs edwith sterrangs. ( uglahter ) we, amad it was so g treato have yerou he.>> sryor for monolog.uing>> sphteen: i love it. (ap plause ) ou"hse of gucci"in is tatheers noervemb amri dver, everybody! we'll beht rig bk acwith america freerra. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪( applause )
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♪ ♪ ♪( applause ) >>ph steenhe: y, everybody! welcbaome di aesnd gentlemen n, myext guisest aemn my award-winning acs,tres decirtor, and acttiviso u owkn from "ugly y"bett and "superstore. r henetflix seri"ges, en-te
12:26 am
fied," s just returd nefor its second season. plseea welcome bac "k tothlae te showme," ari fcaerrera! ♪♪ ( apseplau ) >>teenph: hey. >> hi! >> stephiten: 'so snice to see yoagu ain. >>s it'sooo gd to be back s>>tephen: we hnave otal tked,o u owkn, in front ocaf a mera since .2018 >>an i c'tel bieve that.>> sphteen: and since then, you ha h aad baby girl, a.luci ngratulations. he>> s'sum nber two. washe s rnbo may 2020. >>teenph: all right,at gre. >> w saseven months napregnt enwh quarantine n.bega and she a has looft 2020 energy. te>> sph: ensure. >> she iers ficean, d sort of
12:27 am
leunrentg,in and she bites te>> sph: ensure. it-- has ian c't believe this, it's flownfa so st, "ugly y"bett prreemied y15ears ago. (pl apau se) >>ha tt's crazy. s>>tephen: you've changed a lilett. d what do yomeu remb aerboutge ttg inthat gig?ho w d diyou find outt thayou were goio ng tbeh te lead? >>h! >>te sphen: on thiows sh? >> i was--as i w 21. i s wadoin og anffro-badway play called "sedog esod g."it w aas two-day show. i s wain between s.hows i was going ndarou t cheorner to get zza pia cabeuse that was what was c aheapnd d iidn't have a lot of m, oneyani d got the phcaone ll while i h wasavg ina slic pe ofiz izan between shows ff broadway. it was, obslviouy,if le changing so many lev.el s >> ste: phenwh denid you know the show w has ait? >> i meaoun, y kw,no i was inworkg hsoard and i waons a
12:28 am
soungedsta, keli, 20 hours a da.y >>te sphen: you doren't ally yoreu' in a bubble.>> y douon't-- you'r ae in bubble. u don't have c theonptce of ye, ahi guess peoprele a watchihing ts. 17 millionp peoleat wched the prem.iere what does that even ?mean that's just mba nuer.bu t thi ink the firsmet ti ire alediz what it meao ns tben o tevionsi, like in pe'sopleli vi rngooms all arothund e rld, i was travelingwa, i s on a vaoncati wh itmy-- my nowhu sbd,an then boyfri wend,e rewe italy, and erwe we ingog to rano, which tis ainisy land where they blow colo and e e werli kethisso is ni, 'rwee getting away. and i was ons thiti inysland thand isom wan said, "ug ttbey!" and i was onin a ty laisnd in aly and somereone coizgned me. i and thghout i can't beeliev this. aand,ls io,'m going to thaveo buy soolme cor gedlass now, because e shwasus ch a fan, and shike, le,ou y know, people ink you're o an tvndou y have t a loofon mey. buert evytnghi she showed asus w like a $20,0os00 btoten rrier.
12:29 am
i and walis ke, what-- sleo i ft wi ts hi$600 menorah. and i'm jenot wi!sh bu lt,ike, but -- >> stephenbe: i t 'sit lovely. i t 'sit lovely. >>utow n menorah is my anhusbd'cos de word for,e, lik eject. li, ndoot get-- liko e, dnot ge- n'dot leist th psoern upseoull y! budit i dn w'tant the 20,000 boston ter, rierso w ient for thnoe mera ah,nd i gave itmy to friend, rasah, who send me a veloly picture e hveryankaukh. s>>tephen: thatov's lely. it had a happy eg.ndin ea>> yh. >> stephyoen: u' bveeen so pocalitillacy tive, you know, working mpto eow oerther lanotis, and i'm jwoust nderingi kema, ny people ar lipotically actin-ve i- in voting y.ears how oudo y kp eethat going twbeeen the timeens wh is t'sort ofth in e blpuic consciousness not as much? >>ea yh, well i ththink osare e the s timewh ient's the most impot rtantong eage communitsie anend gage people.
12:30 am
beca luse,oo ik, feel like i've had the riexpeen ocef-- i could se ct mylo eckvery two months befon re aeltiecon, you know. peoplenk thi is t'enough to,li kepu, ll out "uglyty bet" aat rally b ande klie, buenos dias! go a outndot ve. like that's wia nning strategy, d it's not, keshocr. ani d think what ile've ardnebe inoug t there, registering peoplevo to teit, 's not about pe'sople ve.ot 'sit about peopllie's ves. and pe uoplendsterand when things arare tnstiaconal and yo ju'reustht ere to get ae vot a coupf le omohsnt before a campaign. commieunits edne sustained engage.ment theyd neeedatucion. they n- eed-th neyeed to deeply understand hheow tirot ve is tio ed tthr eilives, to their he ialthnsanurce, to their edatucion, to theitor-- tirhe neighbodorhos. and ini thk 'sit the work weo d nin aonct-eleioyen ar that tedermines what enhapps ainn eltiecon year. applause ) te>> sph: enyes.
12:31 am
luabsote, lyright. amicfea rrera, why at ren'you running offor fice? o>>h, god. whar'ten you running for fice? ( appl ause) >> stephen'l: wel n rutogether.e 'lrul n together. actly. but come p on,redesint america. >>wr it it iestself a litt te>> sph: enit kind of does. itinofd does. s>>tephen: yourw sho"gteen- fied b" isacfok r season two. corangtulaontis for that. th'sat always a veoory gd elfeing. onge "nte-fied" heirre decngti anexd ecutive prodg.ucin so what tishe show aboudt an what canex we pe tcthis year? >>nt "gee-edfi" is a dreame com true for m ae asn ecexutive producer d andirtoecr. i redicted eight edepisos. the showab is outht e morales falymi in boyle hes,ight ama sll predominy antlmen xicaamiceran coitmmuny linos angeles. itand 'sut abo ts hifamily and 'sit about their a jobndov le
12:32 am
anmod hur. anatd the center hiof ts season-- tndhe e osef ason one,p oir lealert. atgo wcht- i- is that pohop, w nowe kw d anlove who thele who family has bfieen ghngti to keep his taco shoenp op gs etpickedup bicy e, and when fahis mily arns that hein is ftac undocuedment. so season tw ao isbo hutim not knowinatg wh h fisate is going to be. and ispop pyelad by the incoabmparle joaquinos cia. an'sd he ao lsin "narcos: mexico." 'she like our ma brlonrao.ndhe 'sri blliant. anit t'shis story about nihumazi tnghe families thand e lives and pethe op bleehind what most peoplowe kn ahes adlines d statistics. itbut 's c aomedy-drama, and it's hioilarusnd a has style and will myoake u uglah and cry, and - i-for me, it'sre a damom ce true. asom seone who sta irtedn isth indust0 ry 2yes arago and was asd keto speak witreh mo oanf accent, thand erwee ren't, you
12:33 am
ow, roles fomer soonlie ke me wheneg i ban. ansoo tcome full ci 2rcle0 yeartes lar gtoet to create and ecutive prodanuce d redict shows cthatree atthat pooprtunity for anso my tilanx tale cntedreorats is really a eadrm come true mefor . (ap plau)se s>>tephen: well ngcoratulations heon t sonecd season. season two of "g-fenteie id"s on netfnolix w. erica ferrervea, erydybo! we'll be r bightack. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applau)se
12:34 am
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