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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  December 28, 2021 3:12am-4:00am PST

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the archbishop couldn't coaintni s joy whenso neln mandela s wa released afterea nrly three de cade in pronis. and it was mandela who chose tutu to sleadou athfrica's trutanh d reconcilia tion commis tsiono lphe heal the co uny'trs racial wous.ndno w utsoh africa enta ers week of mourning onto horom seone who simply wanted to be remeedmber as a humbln.e ma >> he loved, he laughed, he crie hd,e was forgivheen, forgave. >> reportercr: ahbhoisp desmond tutu will inlie steta. arrangements b areei mngade for thpue blic to pay r thei spects. ouof crs ce,ovid restrics tion itpermti, ngbefore his faluner takeacs ple nonew year's day. garrett: iae,n le wthe ank you. toa day feradel appeals court set arjanuy as7 the day to hear oral argumentsn ithe lebatt toverhenf eorcement of s'texa abortion lawnn, bainalg most all
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abtis onin the state and enables pre ivatcizetins to sue anyone whoer pfos rmoras sis sta woman in gngetti ortion afterdi caracct aivity etis decd tein an embryo. tonighast, cti ang light in a bor shortagetl pary ambled on co vibud t also unrulrey pants. ma ynyouth sports ueleag s ay eyth're having tleroub fdiinng reesfere a undmpires. weet ge mor on all this fmro s'cbs elisest preon. >> these tough 12-year-old girls ha pve aowfuerl command tohe t puck. simone has bn eeon t ihece scein e waves fi. >> il feesore fe. kei ta my mind oveff eryinthg. >>ep rorter: but pislay on pause mafor nyid mears e getting caedncel because the eraren't enoug fererees. p>> ilad yeas a youngerye plar. >> reporteobr: b joyce who oversees massachusetts hockey says atne o point in the season the oizrganatn iowas down arnely 900 offic.ials e >> wloedok into it and o onef threonass wauss abe and miatstrement by pas rentand erplays.
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>>ep rorter: like isth, a massachuseretts fee repunched on thice e by a youthke hocy accoh an tshi unsuspecting rerefee plowed dow an on cifalornia ersocc fldie. why oudo y tnkhi we're seein remo of these inntcides? >>hi i tnkhe tre's a general lack of respinect t lheast co ouplef years. an cyoneanay s anything now. >> rteeporr:et bween abuse a nd covid, t'shere bn eea dramatic drop in refs across utyoh sptsor in a allge gupros naontiwide. sed eonarlyat da, an tiesmated 30,000h higscolho refeesre have quit s 2ince018. d>> ion t'think there hasn't been a game where i' nveever ybeeneld leat. r>>eporter: a.js . habe aen refee refor y13ears. hodow es it jeopar tdizehe satyn othe ice if t here aren't enougfeh rere oesut there? >> y mouay ma iss mar jopenalty anth catould be lifeng chaing to that erplay. >> reporteo r: dyothu ink this sue paimcts the futuf re o youth ho ackeys u yoknow it? absutolely. >>or repte sr:imone hopes that
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esdon't happen. she dreamsf ogoinprg o anjud st wanto tplay. elisese prto cn,bs, boston.
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. ic new vksos vaptick. strooong sthinpog vars.. heomlp cfortr youloveesd on. ch for esect, nk, and back. its goeon clear. sno mes s justoog thincomfort. netry w vicks vapostick. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ar>> gre: ttfollowing wowarld r heii t g. .ibill helped d buil eramica's middless cla b tuthat erladd oopf portunity wa onwrgly denied tnyo ma bckla vete, ransnosow me members o ngcoress want tore corcthi ts hiicstoralrr eor. he cre'sbs d'savid martin.
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>> dd.enie forgotten unnotil w. >> rteeporr:an vessa brooks' thfaer lawrence edserv ithn e pacic fiduriorng wldar w ii. >> we built brids,ge roa, dsand air ristps for plane ls toand. >> rteeporr:t a112, he is beevlied to be the oldest living veraann d one of morane th a millafion rican-americans who rvseed ie n thwaanr d supposedly qualified foe r thhoinusg and ucedation benefif ts othg.e i. bill. thousaannds d outhsands of bla teverans were de tniedhe ir nebefits. >>or repte dr:artmouth hisantori matthelmw deont. these wereta sffed by almost exusclively whiteic offials and isth is ati parcurla problem in the south. >> reportehar: wt ecspifically e rehe ty denied? >>he ty were denied acces tsesoo rtgegas and college tuitiono t llege toel hp th eemarn degrees to help tm heget good job teafrwards. >> repor dter:end iea chance to paiprticatine the post-war
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econ bomicoowhm ich w sawhite we salthur agend black wealth rely keep uph witinatflion. >> for w vhiteetaners, the g.i. bill helpeemd th bomece members ofhe t middle clasd s anfothr e black ravetenshe ty couldn't get mes or go tole colgend a lost opthe pounrtity j tooin the middless cla. >> my geneonrati mhtig not be reonblsie for the inicjuste buwet canak te resisponbityli r fofixing it.>> rorepter: congres ssmaneth molton, a frorme marine who went toar hvardn o todayi 's gbi ills oneth of eut ahors of legislatthion atou wld try to ma kep ufor all thatt los opportunity. t>>he descendenf ts otoy'das bl acvek terans wouldel be igleib for v.oua. hsing loans and grans dkidwod ulbe eligible for ucation bene.fits >> rteeporr:an vessa brooks believes that bill is the asreon her erfath ists ill alive. >> it's too flateorim h, but he was tmeo go to schoanol, d i want to gotu to t it's just eaa drm. >>ep rorter: what'ops stpi yngou now? f>>inances.
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but if t.ihe g. llbi was revived, iha'll vehe t opportunity o to gba tcko scolho, on my daddy's shoulders. >>epteorr: david mar ctin,bs news, the peonntag. the ires a lote mornews ead on the "cbs overghnit news." ju i steard h something amazing! on e dicametionpr is apov ed tretoat a prendventigra mines don' it takef allergic n tourc. an d indigeion.
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ne dullss d? soone. turn up your results with new olay vitamin c my skin can face anything. shop the ftaull vimi n ccollection at .colayom > >>scary moments atds winor lecast orve the wkeeends a queen elizabeth and members oef th yal filamy celebdrate christmas. itbrish policees arrte ad man ar me wdith a cros osbowun the ounds of the castle. police are alsonv iesgatiting a li bweeten thean m and oinnle ovidebt oaidne byhe t son threaten tingoss aassinate -- yes,as asssitena -- the queen. thorities saheid t speusct is g beinhe uldnder theio natn' s mental hhealt act. the downtownas nhville street where a bomb wentff o on ch rimasts day02 20 has finall -orepened to tffraic and nearly 40 ofhe t 6bu0 ildings pacted in th beombing are bkac and rngunni. the iennttional detonation of av in nasilhvle's historic downtown district kildle the
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bomber andnj iured salever. crews who oneped aim te capsule buriedth at e giant pedestalf o the sta otuef confederate general robert e. e in richmond, rgviinia f,ound what appeared to be a second me capsule. vernor ralphth noram released x-ray pshoto of it today.ex pesrt bveelie it may coninta cos, books, buontts, and even munition froem th civilwa r. will be opened tomworro afternoon. theos ct of pnnlaing an ovseas trip. well i,t's just gone up. thete sta dareptment increased e cost of a passport book by $2ta0, srtgin today. at mes,an new passports for osthe 16 a old wilst , $165il tceew apo$130. vi, plan athear depent ss pplition isn about 8 to 11 s.week up ne txt,he season of giving is aea yr-rod uneffo rt foth sisouth carolin chmeanic.
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wh yenou he umblyoseurlf under the mighty hand of god, idun e time he will exalt you. hi , m i'joel osteen. i'm teexcid about being wi ythou e wveryeek. i peho you'll tune in. yollu' be inspiredu', yoll bencraouged. i'm looking forward eeto sinyog u right here. u arfue lly adloed and comptelely eipquped for rathe ceha tt's been designed y forou. re gar: s seon
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giviweng, he ava follow-up sttoory nit ghabout a mech anic south carolwhina o tspu peopyele, s,n ithe driver's atse. here's mark strassmann. >>ep rorter: eliotdl midet on works magic under hoods, smoking barbecue at rehis straaunt, ande painirg donated cars. >> here are e thke tyso it anthk you. >>or repte hr:e gifts themo t people wit ahout re idin rural o utcah rolina, moren tha60 vehiclesfa so r. >> they knnow owhe tre's somebon dy ithcoe mmunity who's inlookg t oufor them andar ce for thembe to ae blto carry on. >>ep rorter: after j ourune storouy abt ddmileton, our vierews donated do ozensf edus vehi.cles >> here are kethe ys. check it. out r>>eporter: he agavewa12y cars for thelv twee ysda of chmarists.>>
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y houave no idea how much thisea mns to me. i>>'m so glad t ao bebltoe he lp. r>>eporter: azigrare eegon t th00is 26 ndhoa civic. t>>his gisoing to helpot a l. >> reporteo r: tth sisinglmoe m, it's liknte saa pulled ud p an ve her his sh.leig i always a lmike having to wait and borperow op'sle cars. >>he tre you go.i' m rrsoy. no, reyou' good. >>or repte mr:ade possible cabeuse of your rogenesi.tywh atas h that taught a youbout ople? >> wsoith medybo pushing hard, ere will be s folkbendhi you a o. f gen a carne, stt.mark strassm cann,b aww,enda sthou carolina.>> tt hais the overnightew ns for thissd tueay. for some of, you the news continues. for otrshe,as plee check back telar for cbsor mnings and llow us oenlin at cbsncoews.m. reporting from the natn'ios cal,pita i m'major garrett.
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>>hi> ts cisbsew ns i liam ace gainer in new york. cdc announces shorterua qrantine restrictions. you testos piteiv for covid-19 arend a asymptomatic, u can leave isolationft aer five dayows dn from ten. cd offiaicls say this following grgowin evidencehe t virus is most infecoutisth in e two days be aforend three dafays ter tosympm onset. omicron stand or cmsontinue to disrupt flitsgh. strsaffe calling out sick due to covid-19e hav ltef aneirlis rline tracker flight aware shows more than 1,000 nceltilaons mdaony.>> resu.rechedfobuday t reer hi w e been postponueed d to c-1ovid9 conc.erns inging the t totalo 70
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postponemed gasmos,nl toadhe cb anewspp on yourel cl onphe or cotennecdv. t mli ace ergain, cbs newsne, w york. thiiss the "ovcbs erghnit ne."ws >> good evening, erevyone t,hank u forni joing us. i am major garrettfo in ror nah. wein beg tonight with a gnificant ancnnouemten from the cdc on covid pcorotols. theec romndmeation for isolatioa s enbe cut in halfm fro t en days tfio ve. we wl iltellou y what this will anme for busesinses, iluncding rlaiines hardit h by staff orshtages. esprident biden met today with his covidpo resnse team, and brdiefe the natn'ios govnoerrs m id a surge inew nec inftis.on swehould note, the nbeumr of new daily cases has renisve abo 20000. nearing an all-time .high new yorkty ci's vaccine mandate, whiceqh ruisreea nrly all ivate sector emplo tyeeso be lly vaccinated -- well, that
3:31 am
took etffec today. cbss' nancy chen isn i york with the latest. ncy, good evening. >>ep rorter: majooor, gd evening toou. he iren new york, covid ithospalatizions have sssurpaed 0 5,00for their fst time since y earlmah.rc also tonight, there are new mmrecoentidaons from thedc c for people t whoest positive for co avidndav he no symptoms. night, a dramatic shiftm fro the cdc withmi ocron raging and wofoesrc etdepling, the ancgey has srthoened theom recmeednd time for isolationft aeret gting covid from tens day toiv fe as ng as people't don he av symptoms. e cdc sayst ias bed the deoncisi on new resrceah. thoswhe o are exposeed pos to d covibubot osted will nngo loer need to those o whare uacnvcinated sh ould stillra quantein for ve-flul dayscc aorngdi to the cd casovidos hpitalizationavs he been biclimng c,hildren are among those filling eenmergcy ro oms. >> we are sineeg a dmaratic spikes. r>>epor jes sny idern the frontes lin at new 'syork
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cohen children's medical ercent. >>ig rht w,noin movgkw bacards it's really distehearning to see this many monthsf, iot nea yrs ter,n ithe pandemic we have gone back to what feels lik tehe ginning of this. >> reporter:t' is hapnipeng natideonwi. s. pediatricos hpitalizations are a nowt theirig hhestel levs esinc septe.mber in yorkit cy, pedtriaic hoslpita adssmiions haveua qdrupled in two weeks. among osthe paentits between t esag 5 to 11,e nonad h been ccinated. across the country, omicron is settingly dai caseloads soaring toev lels hheigr than last winter's pk.eaow reptior more daid cases tn e pmiandec. last week,ew n covid cases reos remo than00 3% in orflid a, compar tedo a aweekgo. and in louisiana, omicron has do ubdle hostapilizations in a .week 80%f o those patstien, unvaatccined. as long lines persistun arod the country,si predent biden said rees tting is becoming av
3:33 am
aibllae. but admitted it'sti sll notas ft ouengh. he u trgedhe na'stionov gerrsno eato rchut o for assista nce. >> look. there iso ner fedal solution. this gset sd olveat a state l.leve >> o outfow nhere like a tornado eth last couple ofgs wee,ou y ow, this omicronom ces in r>>eporter: seaydn haen prepared toe- ropen his aurestra tntoday after hgavin to sh dutown. or>> wke wrsere gettingk. sic a nrumbe of them tested positiva rl oyn in dece.mber and we wereho srt staffed and th enew n york, it was, you know, thinergs we lyreal,ea rllyoo gd up until t whreeee aksgo. >> repor ater:nd the largest ci tydewi mandate is efnow fe ct efb in the city. starting today,he ty must show r oo off at least oneac vcine sedo, major. >> ncyan chen, k thanu.yo wa it s anything but happy lihodays for airra tvelersr ove the ny remdaine santrded after rlinesce canlled thoanusds of f d-coviretelad sicknesns i theira nks. cbs's erbarol rnt etreports.
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>> repr:orte on this monday after christmaans, my flyers wod like tour retn eithr holitrday av eelxperience, including brtidge sterling i>> really wanted tog han out th my family. t i'm here. >>ep rorter: herli fght from ushotono t ogoren was cancelled yesty,erda a sndhe's still in limbo. >> delta has one flight.$2 ,1 f00rom here to mneinsota, nnmiesot tao atsetle, stteale to eugene tomworro at igmidnht. >>or repter: after over 2,500 ncellations this wed,eken meor th 1,200 u.s. flightser we caeld lemonday with over00 5,0 delays. >>e ware stuck .here we don't know what's going to happen. so wree' just hoping and praying wthate nca get on a flight day, no lerat than motorr.ow ep>> rorter: several aneirlis sa the chaos was due to so many crew mbeemrs eedxpos to covidli calng out sick. je belu and alaask offered bonuses tota sff who pickeupd extra shifts. the airlines were amongho tse ging the cdc toho srten the
3:35 am
isation period for those d eth newui gdance will allow aff to get back into the skies faster. . anthony fauci says the white hoes i weighingth anoerha cnge fo passengers -- a invacce requirementot fly. >> if yontu wa to do that with dostic flhtigs, ihi tnk that's somegthin tthaer siolyus should be consedider. >>or repte hr:undreds of fghlits werels ao druispted by weather. th wisinter storm in sleeatt left hdruneds of flights calenceld and delayed. rora tvel isls ao a challenge. bzzliard inor nth dotaka ltef 50 vehicles stranded this morning. in the sierra nevada mountas,in sevelra ftee ofno sw mead tveral imibpossle. and in neva ada, whiteoedut l to is 20-car uppile. its i such a sluhggis end teo te ar and thera tvel pain will couentin. on tuesday, more than aho tusand htfligs ear expected teo b cancelledos acrs the country and it's unclear when airnelis will get back onch sedule.bu t these rededuc cdc isotilaon andua qrantine elguidin,es jomar,ho sulhed lp. >> errol barnett, thank youo s
3:36 am
ch. tburites continue to pour in following the deaf th o archbishop and tian-apahertid leader desmond tutu. cbs'n s ialee reptsor. >> repor tter:he bells of st. george's cheatdral in capeow tn tollor f the tiny clergymao n wh loomed so l iargen eth hseart of many south afri.cans with s theong in his heart, a dancen i his step, andf ocourse that infouectis uglah, archbishop dmoesnd tutu helped adle south afraic out of araptheid. >> wwie ll bere fe! >> aisrchbhop tutu inspired a wod rlthat nomourns him. former prentside omaba hailed tu as a me,ntor friend,nd a ral chrisastm.enlith remembered ilrancis fight for racial equality r andeconciliation. was that datedicio tno human ghrits thatne eard tutu aob nele ace sthou riafca's first bckla charbish, ophe skepo tru ttho
3:37 am
porwe wheerth it swa a wtehi cist regeim or corptrufr aican dictorat. but he could also turn his ghriteousag re onis h own in98 15, tuut feaesrlslyro bke upn ang ary mob andre pvent iedt omfr killing a manus spected of gbein an apahertid spy. the archohbispld coun't ctaonin his joy when his longtime friend neonls manlade was released after nearly three decades in pr.ison and it was mandela whoho cse tu ttuo lead southic afra's h trutand ronecciliioatn mmcoissi tono hpel hea tlhe cotrsy' racial wounds. now, soufrth aica entser a week ofou mrning to honor someone who mply wanted eto b rembeemred as a humble man. >>lo he ved. he laughed. he heasor fgiven. forgave. r>>eporter:rc ahbishop desmond tutul wil lie in s.tate arrangemenrets a bngei made for th public to pheay tir ecrespts.
3:38 am
of course, covid restrictions rmitting, beefor his funeral takes place onew n yr'eas day. mar?jo >> ian lee, we thank you. " thecbovs ernight news llwi be right itchy? rmsquiy? rasctchy? family g notetngti clean? gecht armin ultra ngstro. go get '.em it jt uscleans better. thwi a dmoiand wveea texture, it jt uscleans better. your family uscan e ssle while l stilgetting cln.ea go odbyite chy uisqrm. o hellcln eabottom! we g allo. y whnoent joy gothe with ch armin.
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hi ts ishe t "s cboverghnit news." i amaj mor garrett in washin.gton thank you f sortangyi whit us. we are 38 days away from the openingem cerons ieof the winter olympics iijn being. the chineseom cmunist party putn place sictrtea msusre keep co vioud t of the gamutes b it ha s also imposed rules andaw ls designo ed tstleif any sort of ssdient against the trcouny's human right s abuses or milyita mo avesrodun the world and that effos rt inolit mited to china. ijing has gone after dissidents torhe wld over, udinclin hgere in the united states.
3:41 am
m60inutes has thery sto oonf e cartstooni w whoill not be silenced. >>ep rorter: have beyou enn i miami h beacth fisall, you would be forngive f woralking by tshi azpla andnk thiing you had encoundterero pmotional llboards for theei bjing ntwier omplyics. but a closer lkoo revdeale a provoceativis vualrg aumten for wh cnahi isit unf t hoost the megas.he reas w a chinese hkeocy player oobldying a tetibanon mk. a chinese snowboarder atop a surveillance ael facess chinese bthialete poised to execute a member of the uighur minority. a rlcuer representing china's ladey in warngni the world about covid. thisas w the hdyan work of a -y35ear-dol chinese ex nile,ow based intr ausal.ia >> nicote if you look closely,th ose aren't convenantiol olpiymc rings. >> yhea actlluay, made ofar bbed wire. 'sthat exactly how china is ing to use oiclympsot n as a lebration for hanumity but acaltuly use its a a platform to
3:42 am
otpromingts i oppragdaan, which isda funmealntly crainckg dnow on people'sic bas righ.ts >>or repter: he had come to so uthri floda tocc aep tthe human rights foundation's prize for creative dissent. what do you see as thepo purse f yrou art? >> iet somimes imagine i'm just kids holding a big rock. just throwoc rk intohe t lake so at we see alel th sh.plas we see thechange. >> you throwr you rock ins thi la,ke see the splashee, she wre theip rplesip rpl e. >> exalyct. >>eporr:te chinas doe not toralete ripples. inside chithna, erare e strict laws forbidding mocking and quesintiong leadersth of e communispat rty, known as the cc even outside cnahi, dissent does nogo over well. do f youeel in erdang? do you feel unse?af >> well, this isct aually my daily inroute, that i will cereive death tthrea in a daily sibas onli,ne on my siaocl media, twitter, instagram,
3:43 am
ctdire meagsse. >>ep rorter: he knows that as an artist pgokin the chinese regime, he risks retaltiiaon. both,in agast himself and his famiacly bk in c.hina for years, he hid behind ak mas in public wkiorng iogncnito, golla style. he adoedpt a pseonudym, a name that purposy,el he yssa, has no meaning. >> how m panyeoepl know your real mena? >> iyof u know, then you't don knowy m rlea namend a if you know my real ,namehe tn you tdon'no kw. >> reporteher: wn eth chinese fi gudre out his realnt ideity three years hago,e initially ntwe undergd.roun but he took off his mask,nd a sha continued hurling darts at h eeg rime. ins thirentce oocartn, tennis t ar penuag shion cfronts the realitfy occ ausing a former ce premiere of sexasual sat.ul >> w iant to be inspiring figure wai nt my arto t helping others
3:44 am
to collect courage and join me. but if i giving up this,he tn at does it say to the rtes of th em? >>t whais the relioatnship beeeyon ur popularitd y anyour security? i do tnkhi it has ay ver ose reonlatish. ip >> s aolmost the more pulopar uyo get, you are buying yrsouelf an eraxt layer of security? >> yeah. that's the onlway y that you can i >> reporter:be may s boutei bng lapopur also meansis hor wk has en scrubbed by srsenso inseid china. iwhatst i about youror wkha tt drivhies ts gireme crazy? >> i gssue, it's thisit attude th i don't cear autbo how serious you are or hanow dgeusro you. are mi' just going toe b myself.i amn aindividual. i'nom t controlledan by y authority, certainotly n atca sres them bauecse all th want is t cotalonoltr. >> it sounds like you know tlexacyha wt buttons to push,
3:45 am
what -at- wh lerevs toul pl on that's going to tweak th. em >> iue gss it'sot n me finding the btoutn. ithe's tm offering the button to .me>> rorepter: one example, among many. an internet smemeurcefad compg arinxiin jping and barack ama to winnie e thpo aohnd ertigg. no big de,al right? incha censored anyti menonr o image lkiinng xio tpooh. this wases irrisbltie.he catreed a sersie of cartoons kipong fun at xi's hinardle stance aga ainstn animated eydisn accharte r. >> whas t wait about winyiehe t ohpo?>> bauecse it'so s loved by the public. it sreo cognized andn whe it is comnebidy bi xnpjiing's image, then ppleoe ask questions. why do you twanthat yellow bear >> youec rogzeni theur absdi ty of thisow terg insuperpower be inog s offdeend byen bign owyell br.ea >> exactly. if youre a in the demraoct society, i tnkhi politician will
3:46 am
be thrilled if they coman cpa re with winthnie e ohpo instead of mesovi el character but we ear a lkgin about china. >> rteeporr:he wn xi was re -ectleed byna chi's parlntiame,he t margin was 2,970 vos teto zero. and when xiot gid r of term li mi,ts ainllowgim ho t rule innidefite,ly heoc pkedte this tongue inhe cek creation online he called xior fever.wh enhe t cniommustar pty went to wo orkn passing aes rolution fa voblray equating xi to the ctator mao ngzedo, armed whit stpoers, homemade glue and a full satchelf o outrage went to work inan mhattan.he compared xi to a magician, conjurinaig chrman mao's spirit h>>e has tried toor ptray himself as aernoth maoze he won't aiechve what mao has ac hiedev. he won b'te celebdrate a tshis god-like fig lureike mao enjoyed
3:47 am
inis h .time >> rteeporr:t i was by accident at he became aea lding cricti the chisene communist p.arty in 2007,wa he s a lawde stunt in his hometown of snghahai wangtchi ail fm online when the movie abruptly switched to fo oteag someonead h secretly beemdded depicting the 1989 enstudt otprests in tiann anme nd>> a that is actually the very rst time i knowhi ts isexts. >> rteeporr: so wait, so you're awin l soochl. you iaren yrou 2 a0snd the fit meti you are hea aringbout theia tnaennm square massacre, o rliddwene ws, the first time u areea hring about it is when rand iomlyt is in aoc dumtaenry yoapu hpedne to see? >>h, yea tnkhas toe, som y ou know,le cver ddeissintho w made this happen.>> rorepter:ou yren parts hlt had not told you about this? >> never. >> teachers? >> never. >> reporter: discovering the truth about tiananmen square
3:48 am
made him want to leave china. it wasn't just whahat d pphaened. asit w how easthily e hisryto wasra esed. in 2009, heet restled to australia,e gav up law, then arted drawing despite no formal training. heve entually branched out. traveling and pfoerrming street art toig hhlight china's repression. in thesene sces from the australian docenumtary na"chi's artful dissident" he, still masked, posedfr in onoft berlin'sra bndbuenrg gate. heas honinorg one of eth most taobo subjects inhi e namesels-d proemraoccy esprottor who stood in front of the chinese milarity in 1989. >> tank man ies th ghost hating ccp the most. >> wt hadoes tank maprn reest?en >>t i showsha ttny ain ordary people or pnerso could have the cour tageo stand in frof nt othe most powfuerl object. >>epteorr: i know the image of
3:49 am
tank man is alwaysr neayou. >> before0 2-- anniversary of tiannme massacre, i just want mething on mghy rit m,ar the arm that i use to draw, as a reminder ttha this oinrdary che inesguy who just colctle alh e courage in theor wld and push himsen lf ifrt onof tank. hes i arfeless. ep>> rorr:te you can seehe t fullor rept onur osi webte, the ovghernit wsne will be rig ckba.
3:50 am
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>> one hotdo ayok. r>>eporter: oveolr cd dnkris d antdhoog--s >> bhoest td iogn tennesee.>> rorepter: -- is a chance to hear a wausrehoe' worth ofar w stor ies. >> take vietnameseol sdiser in. >>or repter: this veter an supp gortroup first iednvad whit a more modestrm aada. o men were having lunchhe wn retired army veteran tom methredi wkeald by. en>> ger yalelled at me a nd said, y,he you a teveran? d ani said, yeah. hesaid,f o ?what and i sais.d u. ay,rm vietnam.he sdai oh,he ll, hit down. >>ep rorter: what started at rethe men. >> weed end up with what you see no r>>eporter: has turdne into an cuocpying force attc coso r fo the la2 st a veteran oref the wars, ed itsmh is also a ranking member f tsehe luncs.he >> iea rlly enjoy cinomg over he re, and seegin all the people d seeing where they all came
3:54 am
from. r>>eporter: a cehanc to relish, and also emllbeish. >> some of e th[ bleep ] all these guys tlelou yut aboha wt eyth did. we - - >> but't don be mistaken >> these peo gpleot great stor ies. >> this isn't an old mas n'club. >> s iaidel wl ami going -- i amng goi toro appach these old ysgu because i'm just one of th em. >> reporter: armyet veran hiyllar staetplon was the fir st femalebe memr but isn't the last. >> w uenderstandac eh r.othe we have a common ndbo. i don'int thkha tt any fraternity or sororityan cea bt atwh thious grp sha got. >> repteorr: b wuthile you hav to be a ventera to get their official t,shir any personf o any ag e -- >> youoo lkik le vea teran to me >> repr:orte -- can partitecipa. >> it'se nic to be recniogzed ibut alwaysl telm theitas w my honor to have seedrv. >> reporteecr: bau isef you ever ntwaed to hear another sty,or youlw aays k wnowhere tod fin
3:55 am
them. >> we meetry eve fdariy here. wedo. >> niceti meeng you,et vers.anni ce
3:56 am
3:57 am
su cpplyhain disptruions ha ve l, edas we all kntoow, severe shoesrtag o mfany things, inudcling cream cehees and th'sat a big pblroem in new rkyo. inaom rukm has the orsty. >>or repte fr:ood srthoages are spadgin to localel bag shops that's becaut'se is rdha to find cream eechse. >>t i kind everus jt hit all the sudden o outf a uebl. >> beau's bagels usually buys in buutlk b on this y,da theoo cler waars nelyem pty. >> usulyal, th iiss just wlal to wall bul ckream cheese. ha>> tt is forngciel bag spho ners to loo fkor it in grocery stesor, wchhi cane b a allenge. sometis,me the'sre plenty laavaibl aend otherti mes, the elshves are bare.
3:58 am
craft heinzhi wchak mes pheliladph ciareames cheesay ss de hmandasre incas sedince the ndpaemic srttaed. isth year, the company has shipped 35% more product than stla year. >>avgin a hard timfie nding eacrm cheese on slvhees m eans having a harmed ti putting cheesecakes on tables. >> rorepter:ft kra ran a promotion last weekend actually sutiggesng aerltnativeol hiday sserdets for people c whoan't findheir product. the comvepany en offeder a $20 rebuemrsent t18o ,000 ercustoms. >> consu amersreoi gng to have to be patieitnt wh eth shortages they m bighte sineeg for dierten odpruc.ts >>epteorr: cneorll univeyrsit professor christopher wolf ssay larbo andpl supy chain issues continueo t hurt much of the fo od industry. we are goio ng tbe wello int 2220, if not, you knoosw, mt of 20 i22 think before we can get recovered f tromhis but the 00$64,0ue qstion is wishat going to hapwipen thov cid and usetngti back to some sembla oncef o--f aor nmal labor market? reporter: at this point's, it ju not clear wthhen e camre eeseho srtage will ease.
3:59 am
omnai ruckam cbs newsew n york. >> reporting frothm e nn'atios capital, iaj'm morar grett. >> ts hiis cbs news flash. ali'm ice gainer inew n yk.or ccd annncoues shorter quarantine restrinsctio iyof u test positive for covid-19 and are asymptom,atic y couan leave olisation after fe ivdays, down fromen t. cdcff oiclsia say this follows gring evidence their vus is most infectious in the two days fobere and three days after sytom omicronnd a storms continueo t disrup flitsgh. staffers calling out sick due to vi have left airlines rline trackerli fght aware shows moreha tn 1 ,000 cancellations monday. some nhlam ges are set to meresu. three are on the schedule for tues bdayut three othser heduled for this week have been postponed due to covid9-1 concerns. inging the total to 70 po stnepod gameshi ts season.
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for more new,ow dnldoa the cbs ws app onou yr cell ph ooner ecconntetvd . m aleic gair,ne cbss, new n ew york. . > its ituesy,da decr embe28, 20.21 ths is icbmos rning news. new idguelines. cdthe c oisut with new guideselin. how plongeoe plshould wait berefo goi ongut ipun blic. alarming questions. the anlos gelelis poce rseeleas body cam vidhaeo tt avlees a teag gedirl dead. why officers'se u of deadly forces i front anden cter. sa vehe t date. hearing s'texas ntcoroveiarsl abortion law.wh ent iis happening. > >>good morning. goo od tbeit wh you. i'm anne-m gariere i


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