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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  December 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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new quarneanti idguelines. werech ecki ngto e seif the y area willfollow thw e ne recommendati ons. we are ju stysda omfr the nearw ye and somepl peoe are thkiinng twice about those anpls. wel wiltell what u yohe alth exrtsas y coming up. e tha staffi ngshtaorges stillel ading to travel headaches at the airport. >> and later the spike in cas for the l nfleinavg more plerofs f the idgrir. on it is 6:00 m.a. on tsdueay december28 th. >>le> t's qut iea live look tside ghrit now. just a few scatd tereershows ound the bay area. remo rn aiis edhead our way and
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we e ardealing somey vercold co ndioitns. sool cd atth the y baarea's pediaks d the a governmenting ofno sw and we could see more in the neouxt cplg indaysful he isa look at geyser pe. ak mount hamionlt in ntsaa clara. wewi ll se ndit over torrdaen with a look at more snow ovabe pa. it's west of silverado trail. this is not down in napa. th iats inth e llhis actual ly e theast of pana arndou 15 00 et. 's not sticki ngon the adrowaysut b a lit ghdustg inof snomow cing down there. t'les go to ghhi definition doppler and i will show what atoo lks like. there's a not lot falling but a few ershows owshing up here. radar isab le to tell the dierceen beeetwn rain or snow an d u yoget a ffdierent cor lo heme on th ere. just ghlit showers showuping the. it won't last long. we llwi get a brk eafrom any precipitn atioov erthe neewxt f ho urs.
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you don't ssneceary ilha veto worry t abougeinttg rain e wher you are in the bay areafor the xt couple ofur hos it. do est n'show up until the ternoon but it'scold. it 'scertainly cold up in the h nortbay valleywasa s he saw th the light snow fag llinat 0015 feet. it 38 in ntsaa ro, sa. take a look athe t current number. it i39s in na. pa it's 41 for redwood ci. ty s43an . jose everybody waa nts heavy etjack o start f ofthe da y. here iy s whi y sait's later whheen t betterin ra hgetser e. scattered showers by e theay rl teafrnn.oo much more noticeable rain in the ovnierght. not heavy t buthe ttbeer or gazenid rain atth everodyby is bound to notice. cos in toghnit intodn weesy da morning. wi th me talkab out that in the co mpe etforecast. fo r w noback to you. >>gr tabhat jack and e thget goin g asyou head out the ordo. a co upleofhoo t otsps for the tuday morninivg dre asyou head along the nspeniul a.
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they are clear that crash three las w noblocked this is sohbutound 101 as you head rit ouarnd 84. ne aril wlow. reoodwd city. a traffic t alerwas issued isth was dea adly crash at 3: 45 voinlving a motolircycst. traffic l stilbackg innepawsper tharat ea. use 82 or 280 as the alatterne. i watont update you on this trble spot atth connector, 1.10 lanests ill ocblked r foan in ju rycrash. atth's in the clearitang sge s. stk icwith 87 or 101 itself to oid the brliake gh tsand word of a new outrblspe ot. remo on that in my nextreport. no w to e thconarovirus as icron is spreading cases ringsi. california'st tespositive rate s haserin to 4%5.. that is a 2.8% jump in stju the pastek we. at the same ti tmehe cdc is ch annggi its guidel. ines you now only veha to isolate for vefi days instead of ten if
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you if are positive. > justin andrew is veli. will caliiaforn alheth ofalficis llfoow this ne coremmendation? >>th e governor took to itter saying the state will ign with the new cdc idguelines. hethal officials thsay is ac ti onwill keep the economy moving and hoscolops en, miminizing daily life sruptions. >> good inthgs and bad from going toen t toe fivdays hofe is lati. ng ingeranel it's a good g thinbe cae uswe n caget r ouwo rk foe rcready as fast as poibssle. thsee co ndthing is you have to beeangri that skma the remaining fi vedays and t no just maany sk. a really good mask. here are the latest recommenda tionfr omthe cdc. if u yoha vebeen llfuy vaccin atedboteosd, you ndoot tneedo arquantine after exporesu but schu wearma a sk for daten ys. if are u younvaccinated or moreh an six months t oufrom our sendco dose you need to qutiaranneor f five days and we a mask for otanher five
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e thcdc saidyoanne who s wa exposeoud shld get toasfited ve days aerft suexpore. normally bayar eacounties normally owfoll e thsuf it othe cdc and alsostate guinideles t so far only man riand san mao idsa they will follow the guidelines e thnew recommenondatis we wantedkn to ow will they owfoll, wewill let you know when ware he back. and as the covid secas incontue to soar hereinhe t bay area, so e arcoerncns t abou safety when it comes toew n ar's eve gathgserin. >> we are veli in san anfrcisctho is inmorng thwi whatal hethex perts are sangyi en it mecos to the pas.rtie >> the difference isif you arane plni nga small gathering th friends and falymi or if you are niplanngo tgo to a bigger parwity th more people e wheryou may not ssneceary il
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know the vaatcciniostn atus of the ospeople. that'sn wheu yoveha to think abt outhe risk velel in osthe ceaisen ttings. weowkn omicron is more coagntious and thacat's usg in disruptions here in n sa frscancio, a r bawillai remn cl. osed the new rkpaway theater has made a misilar decionsi canceling sharows ou ndnew ar's. wh it mecos to thesmalr le gathering e whithoe uschief camedil viadser said atth those who are vaccedinat can llgaer with in a close family insettg other membs erwho e ar vaatccinedav he received r thei boosters. >> i have beenll teing people cotensisnt tlyhat if are you vaccinated osboted and have a mifaly seg ttininth e ho mewitha mi lyand relati ves. when you ta lkabout a new arye's paeve rtwey have 30, 4050pe ople celebrg.atin you dot n'know e thstatus of thr eivaccination. i ulwod recommenrod stng lystay awfray om that thisr. yea there will beother yes arto do that but t nothis year. reallyha ve to be thinking
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tohe t type ofseinttg are you g gointo. now the w nearye's eve fi rerkwos celebration in n sa frano ciscalg onthe waroterfnt. that is still a go. liveinsa n cifransc o. a live look at sfo. airl ninesatnwioide dealing staffing shors tagebeuscae of isth latest variant sue rgof covi d. this the leinadg to thousands ofdelays and cancellations at sfo. 81ancel racongtutilaons and 266 ladeysye sterday. na tiwionde another 1200 fligs ht rewe canceled antwd o smlealr airlinkyes swe stand alaska aiin eswere hit the hardest. >>caelnc congratulas tionat at night y todaacaltuly and enai wted on the phone for tw o d ana half hour s,didn't slp w noi'm erov here, trying get a flight. isit 'svery strefussl. it isvery stress ful. i'm constantchly ecngki the app d my e-ma. il >> airlines can't eropate without the required number of
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pitslo and flhtig atndteants. safety comes first. >> be aware ofou yr right itselfur yo airlcaine ncs el your htflig. travelxp eertssa y you are el igleib for a llfu runefd. >> if your tienre sche idules canceled youe arli kei won't tahike ts igflht. you are tientl edto y everpenny u yospent onthatke tict. >> globe lealy aiinrles cael medore than 6,000 igflht itov erthe christmas lihoday we ekd.en whates a ms. we trare yi ngto heyolp u st aayhead of thisde panmi c. hweava e invacce anstd teing resource guide atthe very top of our web page. kpomix.c. time is 6:08. the roconehar s irconfmed the identities of the victims of the oofld. thsaey y they e ara 63-year-o ld d 62-year-old. the iemarrd coup leowdrned side their mesubarinncaed r ca during a flood on urthsd. ay a live look at kloaand
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aftea r violent richsts ma weekend. ficers confi rmedthey we re sent to at least three di ffenert reports of shoos ting including onate th voinlved an fiofcer that was on christma e evon th98 anuvee. thotey g the call ofa rspeon who was seen potiinng a gun at stbyanders and atfiofcers and at least e onofficer fired his gun at that spsuect but did not hit m.hi th paterson s watuevenal ly arrested. > and poli cesay a irthd shti hngappened right -- first of all th atsame night poceli say someone diedafter a shooting on lake shore av enue atai lr t merimarking this e th 134th hodemici in e thcity this . year itl w noineacrse officer presence in that eaar anend th ththe ird shooting happened rit ghoutside a chilendr's hoalspit. they say r a capulled n upext ato car in e th markparking anlot d someone opeden refi. >> d anso very -- nlowy
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%rconcni fngor us th satomeone wod ulfire nua mber of rounds finront ofld chiren'hos spalit wherthe ey are ngtryi tose rve our commy unitbut it just goes agn to the callous naretu of oppele's behavioghr rit now and the mo--re the willingnestos use refiarmsin thmme counity. >> one peonrs was taken to the ithospalnd a xpis eecd teto survive. >>sa> n bruno lipoce announced two arrests fromeay rltheir moh. they y sa$1006,0 in sunglasses was taken in a store deinsi th mall ocen demb er16. th police say this was an ornigazed tareil eftht. ten numites teafr six. l stilahd eahere on ixkp5 and streamoning sncb bay area. >> manies of amers icanget sick every arye fromet somhing they ate. some new foodfesaty advitoce take with you to the tckihen. >>d > anthe nafil preparations underway for the traditional new year's e evball drop in time uasqre. and we are monitoring a
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traffic alert alone g th peninsula. las nestill blocked along 101 throreugh dwd oocity. haly veth e latest inatformion d your work esou yr vitamin cst la tntwey-four hours? do ly nonaturune's botyoes. d muneim twey-fontur hr plouus lo has nger lastingin vitam c plus , herbal anr d otheimne smuuperstars. f onlyronatum re's bounty.
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? looft l nfteams exctpeing to struggle with covid19es cas throughoheut t pyolaffs. >> thisteafr 96 players sted positi fveor covid. th'sat just yesterday 678 that's on p toof ten positive tests overe thweenekd. it makes r foa tol taof10 6 players who have been puton lethe ag'sue sererve covid19 stli sincche ristmas. th e l nfannounced a bor oste mandatr e foall eligible n fl agleueff oice staff as well as clieub tr1 and 2 oppele. th matandate will extend to members of e thmea diapplying to cover the play offsand e th sur bowl. >>an> d stju fobere the ntwier olympics anotr hetop ieskr has
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stedpo siti vefor covid. shtwe eeted t outhe news. she will ssmi thbo of isth we'sek rlwod cup ca ses. th'sat where she s habeen crowneamd chpi onx sitime was seratol p skiers. erthe's growing coerncn t abou the growing olcsympi t seto start on febr 4uaryth. atth's ierntesti. ng you look at the sipoti ve side it adds a new, you kn, ow pect to oppele yitrng to gure out who will win these gaanmes d e thnfl ayploffs and l ofit . >> it's a lot of a t logoing on. arwe e going to head ov er orto dren with vinew deo out of napa. e. jt usto demoatnstre how ldco it is. thiss iin the hills above napa. inthk of lvsierado gog inup na pavall. ey up in to the hills. you get up to around 1800 feet. tiny community up there. that is where this light snow is from. it's not snowing in napa valley. it's not that cold but you go
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upa few hundred dictre, mae yb out a thousand feet and you find snow. it was in the heart of the dalles fire fo otprint. yomarey member that. atth is up in the hill s. let meow sh you what is going on. yollu wi s eethere's a t loon it but the radar is or vere adg ina t loof this. wthatou mldake it look like its raininevg erheywre. e thprep precipatition starts ctohange ov erfrom rain to a x,o tan icy slush, to a grinowg snowflake,e thrar da candn te toover adre stuff. awere not getting rain bay area wide. dweid see coirnfmation that isth light h patcofno sw here, there is -- isth nisapa valley. th'she wre we had light snow, , sowe will get rain datoy. it's mosket lilygo ing to be second half of the da y. i will show you the xtne system with more wispderead rain, bay ea we idr fonitoght and tomorrow mor. ning the main thing is it's cold.
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3it's8 in ntsaa rosa right it's 40 in livee.rmor i put a upcole of other numbers on the map d anyou will see the mperatures for there in to the upper . 30's 39napa. 41ored rwood city and 42 san jo. se colderrn moin gstomorrow and th uraysd. li dkeown in to the free zing range r foremo locations. ly show you that. fit rehe comes e thnext chce for more widespre radain and th'sat tonight. byth e timewe get to ei ght, nine, overniwight derespad rain but it'sli ght tomoderateis th is not going to be a soaker isth will be moreno ticeable rain anth anytnghi we t goout we pblrobay ckpi up a qutearr in mchuch of inra tfromhis next system which s mean torrmoow morning'smm coutyoe u shouplld anon light rainon the road and it'll be a ggbier factor for you win. ok at the daimyte ghhis. the aid and upper 40's. it t'she morning wslo that d stanout. wa tcwhh at happens. noh rtbay valleys, inthe mid-
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30s's. dnesday, thuy,rsda idfray it ge tsol cder. sdthurayin to t uhepper 20's for some of the coldest north bay valley santa rosa that could be you. 29 on sdthuray. if woke lo at the east bay vaeylls, tri va, lleydiablo valley. yo u llwi godo wn to thed- mi 30s's and in the arhet of the bay oakl hand,eyward, san mateo. abprobly0 4in the city. at's by sdthurayl futhat's noa t lot colder anth n. ow itl 'lbe a few eedegrs ldcoer than today. remo light snow possible enwh it syst emcomes into morrow we get a few remo flurries thfor e llhis in lake and nacopa un. ty with he will prob ablyget a li ttlemore snow onou mnt ha mionlt. ilwe wl. thosake pes like up around 4, 00fe0 et. thw e nelevel in the sierra is g goindown to keli 15 hubet fe. it's still a winttoer srm warning. mo reno sw ilstl r fothe sierra. bi
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g ctpiure pattern house you th e orstm track is still di reinctg what akwe stsyem e'thers are our way d anit's ntinuing to pulle thcold air our way. etwe g's break. thursday thr oughsunday. more rain at all for those urfo days. pltyof blue xtha cnce of rain on monday of next . week we will veha moreon that stem as we get closer to it but e thgo odnews is t ligh owers still to orgo f tonight an d tomorrow and enth a much needreed bak in e thrain. ba toyou. > take a look at the ro adyswa. we hbeave en watc hingthe affic eralt and e arjust ge ttg innew inatformio n. they od pene upa couple of lanes, at least o twarope en. this is 1401 along the peninsbeula twn eewillow and unsiiverty. a live lookat the scene omfr brn iakiley. still a lot of activity out th w asa deadly cras h. e veinstigation is still underway, involved a motorcycle and another vehie cland you cane e that second vehicle on top of that w totrk ucthere. los keli it is in the
6:20 am
clearing stages. hopefulllay nes,mo re lesan openedp uwith in the ne hxtour soro. at least a couple lanopes en. you can see phraotogphsi ck geg ttinbyn ie thright lanes. avoid 101 if you can. n cayou have to take it at least cayou n squeeze by just a bi t. e thbest t beis to icstk thwi 0 or el camino alre. the osare good alternates let's jump over to the psma. there's a coup leother inthgs to look out yifou aroke loing through e th utsoh y baheads up through san se. weav he lane clos surein effect on 680 at 1,10 that's fromth e ieearlr ascrh and that sh ould n be ithe clearing stages. fuhopellthy ings llwi wrap up. noa t loof bre aklights or de laysso that's the good wsne. not a lot of rsca open the adroa re. 101, 87 ngmovi atht e limit if you want to use that stineaofd connecting that ar680 ea. if ayore u going to e thbay idbrge stju a heads uponthe ft ndha side ofe throadway there's a nomir crreash poedrt there. st pt astrearesu island but are seeing ayok speeds
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ere. elno days to the poll azpla. th ingsquiet at the engold gate brgeid. ofone the equipest waysto ru ain holi day,food poisoning arnely 50 min llioamericans get sick from something they e,at ex pertits say coonmm mistake touchingir the known. that can lead to oscrs another safetity p. don't wash the turkey or heotr poul try. itt can laspsh barod tchen uo rrd iew meat tint. it may leave germs. >>th> e new year 'seve llba dr op is an eye poppineng evt. this year the ball wi llbe shining brighter than uribe. >> styeerday city rkwoers compd letee thfiinnishg touches on the new design for the ball.
6:22 am
it'sthe giftof wisd omtheme and mo rethan19 0 trnew iangles we aredded to the llba icwhh has moreth 2an000 in l.tota should be tibeaufu l. th at'sgreat to watconh tv. if s. >> hea ard lot of orhorr stories abpeout op letryi tngo gather in timesquare. nethe w remarkable discover fr om agroup in s. pace stay bus.
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? we arein e thw lo40's. sewe e ytdaime highs approach 50or f most locations.
6:26 am
inte rms of timing out rain, lunch ulwod be the next ce hanc ife ware going to see y an lit ghshowers. a w featsctered shower s by noon. a not lot toit. be rtterailan ter by the time we get into thisni eveng. we will look aheaatd atth in cothe mptele forecast. ly show you atwh to expect r fo motorrow rnmoing. fo r ytdaime highs today, upr pe who's, ea ven w femid-40s's. itl 'lbe 43 in ntsaa rose a. rest of the forecast ain bi t. for now ckba to u.yo scientists have found dozens of roe gupletans tinhe milky way. stheypoedtt them using sensitive cas meraon a ernumb of lgear letescesop arndou the wod. this recdeonsirerod gue because ey dot n'have a nearby star or sun to light them but they ar e ilstl hot enough to glow. they evbelie atth there ulcod be even more in the galaxy includinmeg so that e arthe
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zesi of earth. > >>still ahead on kpixan5 d streaming on cb snbay area. > >> the coerncn fromth e osprecution as rsjuro get ready foanr other day of delirabetions in thize elabh et hoeslm fraud trial > >>and the new action from the biden admistniration to ram up covid test
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th e cdc short especiallying the reencommded time people should iso latefeofr a positive stte, shorteningm froten days toiv fe if yoaru e not vihang symptomsd anif you arwe a mask for another five days. >> > vicod cas seare soaring and so are concerns ovheer t infectiousic omron rivaant. lit'sedso me to teormparily close annud veeso tcancel events udincling new year's eve celebrations. >>ai> rlines natiwionde suinfferg staffi ngshtaorges bee causof the icomron varian rgsue of 81 canctiellaon s,266 delays yesterdatiy naondewi, another 12 00fl ights were cancedel. good thank you for injoing us. 's estuda y,december 28th. le t'ges t a start on the ather and traffic. stting off with pretty lychil
6:31 am
temperatures atth's the main g.thin the cold r aiis the bigger factor. radaulr wod veha u yobelieve raits ing ineverywhere. it n'sot. itov's er raiding what ghlit pripecitation ther. e isma ybe a few light ershows. we haveen se the ghlit snow abovnae pa. nog thinacmuculating and grab e thumbrella but you aren't ingog to ne editun til we get e thnext lfha othf e day. ceaiy nllater toghnit and tomorrow mngorni. temperaturoues t there right no w. it's a cold 38 in santa . rosa i40n liveorrme and enth low 40's ewhveryerele se. wen capick out a upcole of otr locations likeyw heard an d dwreood city in the low 's. the'lis vermore at 40. juo st towsh wh enu yoisth next ba of rain hgetser e,future cast anday pl it d aheato the milef othe day and by noon eewe s a few e shorsherows. the better inra in the ov erghnit. wel wilta kea lookat that in moetre dai lsin the comp lete focarest. fow,r no bk acto you. >>
6:32 am
> let's look ate throwaadys. trc affialt ercontinues along 1 as you workhr tough the peninsula. i did just get the update in rerdtos the urclose eyth should be opening uplas newith in the xtne temin nutes. ifre you gettinadg rey to take 1401 thh rougreoodwd city. ybe wait abteout n, 15 mites l untiall s laneop en . up this wasa deadly crash th at happenedab at ou3:t 45. thisere a bit of a back up in tharea. stick wi 8th # or 0 28if you have tavo lee right now. if youwa itjust a lelitt bit when lanes open up things shldou clear up. aleaso hdi tngoward 101 soutndhbou nr ea380 also along the nipensul a. erthe's a ascrh reported there thwi at t leasone lane ocblked. it 's6: 32. ? ajust f ewowsher its jurors in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial willmeresu dtrisibute
6:33 am
resudeme lirabetions. >>th atmeans they are talking, they may be yitrngo t rocompmi osen certain counts eyth may be throwing out certain cotsun. you t don'wa nta delay if you are the prosecution. you want them to come back so. >> holmaces fesup to 20 years if nvcoicted on all counts. happineng today ju ry lideberations ine thmax ane kl sex trafckfiing triasel t to continueco in urt yesterday juro rrseque stedsome tesmotiny trscanripts. elmaxwl s hapleaded not gu ilty sito x federal counts if convd icteshe is finacg up to 70ea yrs. heatr tornsaey id that she is a ebscapoa t. depivelong the faa now is inveatstigina g plane crash in san diego county w nothis was the scene stla t nighju sta few mile away from a small orairpt.
6:34 am
you can see e smokfoinllowg the cranash d pieces of the r ai crt afscattered thhorougutth e street ascrews work to put t ou thame fles. no word on how manypeople were onhepl ane and this morning it's still eaunclr where the flight was micong from and erwhe it was heedad. pola li cehave releedas new body ca meravideo after they shot and killed a suspect and an innoce tnteenagige rl. some of the video may be distngurbi. it haenpped stla urthsday in north hollywood and this footage shows the ceoffirs responding to calls of an asulsat in progress at a padertment store. surveillcean footage shows a 24e arol-d beating a mawon with a ke lock asofficers oaapprch onof emth oneped fire and llkied the spsuect but one of buthe lls etgoes rothugh a wall and llkied a -y14ead r-olgi rl in a esdrsi ngroom. >> there are no words atth can describe tephe dthof the sore ou r wefeel for the agtric tcome. there. e so manyot her opontis to
6:35 am
escalate comtymuni vleionce anadd delywe apon does not have to obene of them. >> a 1 91ca llsaid the suecspt had a gun. ofcefirs later coreverethd at mel kebi lockbut didn't ndfi a gu n. ne w quarantiuine gdenelis as we see a ri sein cases. ju stinis in the wsnero om for us isth morning. e thbay area uncoties now ingog to blle foowg insuit? >> normally bay area uncoti es follow s tateanctd c guideselin. ly m aram d anan mao teveha id they will follow rehe are the reencommdaontis released by e thcdc. you test sipotive and are vaccinated andboosd teyou only have to isolate foinrmed five ys. keep in mind it edus to be n.te if you are seexpod d an unvaatccined or more than x si months out fromyour ndseco dose you edne to quarantfoine r five days and wear a maskfor
6:36 am
another . five anneho w is poexsed shou ld get test edfive daafys ter exposure e thgovernor tetweed e thstate i ll n aligwi thguidelines from the cdc. eye lilove okt athe itwhe house e wherthpre esident is ordering the use of fema nding. a mo directs e thdertpament hofealth and human rvseic teso thuse e nemoy to create and run testing sites. it's supsepod to happen in codiornation with e statand lohecal al dthepartments. >>do> ctor fauci said hundreds of millions of tests will be available each month stngarti in jaarnuy. >> we will kema 5 00million testavs ailable in the rsfit co up olef weeks in january and they bwille avaie labl20to0
6:37 am
50ll0 miion tests r pentmoh in suthe ccdieeng months as llwe as pitirang maybe 10,000 testg in centeravs, hing an online siatn iowhere you can orr de onlindne a have tests delid vere to you. >> he dema it clear there must ibemprovement in gettg incovide sttos the american lepeop. >>th ismorning the crited, dc out wi thnew data on t he nation's covid vacce inroll out. spicecifally enwh it comtoes osters. about 66 million people have gotten a boot ershot. atth is about a irthd of fully vainccated people .861% of the united atstes popuonlati ifus lly vaatccined that's pe eoplofll a ages, more than m 205ilonli in total. more than a llmiiodon ses of its vae ccinare beingig ven t ou erevy day. th all comes asnt cora costa sa id it'll require first responderns and erworks d an hossmele elshte rsto verify theye havgotten th atcovid booster. the order takes feefct on jaary 10th. workwiers tht oua booster will
6:38 am
have to testlyweek. > >>indoor mandates bhaveeen inrestated sucsfpealciist dr. h an sdiaid researchdi incas te medicaadl gre masks veha an advantage. it has to do with an eltrecic chge. surgical dimecal grade masks n cabe edreus for up ttohr ee days ctolean it u yoshould t puit in the crmiowe.av suignlht inos t used to stair lies. >> avoid the sun which brksea downhe t materials. t'if is inthe car put it in e ovgle box. e weave isnegatively gechar askevid rus sealyswa negivate archged oushld ty hereeapel ch a. >>regalerdss of which mark u yowear, e thkey tishat the mask fits yourfa ce.
6:39 am
timer foa look at what is congmi up on cbs mornings mijae is live frneom w rkyo. >> good inmorng toyou. whatgreat psti on the mas.rk i lothve at. ly have toec chk that t.ou aheae d, wwi llbe talking about the cdc unannoci tnghat imanportt anchge to its isolating d anquarantine guelidines. the agency'srm foerir dector s joinusto brek wndo what you need to owkn if you test sipotive, positive or are exsepod to vicod. ? also the atwh's now in 22 seriooes lks at travel trends for upthe congmi year. why you may want to cash in your frequent flyer miles soon in eastd of later cisoal me dicaa n sometimes feel c toxi t two authors wa ntto change that. hoth eywant to sftranorm the foplatrmnt io a so ourcef povisititynd a selfof will. >> wealedl ne that. loi veth at.
6:40 am
>> all right. ank you for joining us. mocbs rngsin startsse at ve n. . 20 minutes rebefo vesen d an stahill ea d,and streaminong cbaysn b area, it is a thought that coubunts t meso holiday gifts stilfal ll short of exctpeations. a w inthgs you should know if u yoare looking to rerntu pres. ents and maybe you got some gofos r christmas fr somanta. inwhy veorsts may ntwa you to conserid putting thonat mey into lego ocblks. rink. before that drinkturns to drinks, make a pn tola get home safe. st cjuall nda frie, cab,a and get a rideshare. atevwher you do, makledon't t unk drdrive.afe. go safely, california.
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6:42 am
ut o. hair, .done t,fi fantastic! ma rijuana. not so .fast reermemb, marijuana soand me ms eddon't mix.
6:43 am
a sober driveran c cure that. dot n'let hirigh dve. go safely, california. welcome . back despite all the best intentions e seas onof nggivi sometime vegis way to the ru shto return. ma lnyarge chnsai like ma'scy,
6:44 am
hoepme dotta, rget and big ddin bath b andeyd onhave a 90y da re pturnoly.ic thisr yeaso meretailer ares kitang in to accou tnthe widespread sinhippg delays. >> most stores are going to offer remo geroneus return idelines for holiy da purchases because of t he alchleesng that the nscoumer had s hain terms of getting thr rcpuhases delived reon time. >> according to coumnser re pos rtelectronics ilretaers like apple and bestbuy had the mo ssttrict returnli poci. esif u yoare thinking t abou investing, is'dcontinued lego ts may be the way to go. rechsearerats a ruiassn ivunersity looked at e thrate reof tu rnwhen it came to eccollti ngtoys and found that ghhi value cotillecbl espr oved be a better invenestmt anth gold, orart nafincial risecuty. they noted thatre tid relego set atth ldso sonecondary markets saw pric esgrow by % 11 arly. 'sthat faster than e thrates
6:45 am
r gold, stocks and bonds. time a quart tore seven. les t'check thatch il ly caforest. we stt arwithre darn. >> it'sco ldnow atth snow has gott endown to about 1500ee ft. here is some insight on what is on your screen right now. this is in e thhis llabove napa from just about an hour ago. tiny community which sits up on the hills east of napa valley. on silverado trail. go east and it's up in the foot intsf owherthe e gls asrefi was a couple of years ago. it's not sticking on the roadway but at 1500 feet here. light snow, up in the hills of a pa. still nice to see. le t's go ckba. show you what high defini tion doppler. th eyre a moving over the heart of theba y. we c ouldbe seeing some lit ghfl ak lesike that in a mo ment
6:46 am
driftingou thrgh the air. aicertnlovy er mount di. ablo as we come in r foa close up loayok mbe in the stea bay lls. alookt e thradar. it isable to read the difference between if this is infallg as rain or if it'sa mix or enfroz pcirepitation. ma yba e flake or with snow levels dtoown ouabt 1500 feet's it psiosble noneof wthisou ldstick but it's polessib we could veha a few akes in the east y bahi lls. maevybe en meso of the ghhier llhis onalg the penins ula. that'sin comg toa fastened because it could be cold enough r fothat to happen t buthe showers are going to stop falling fromhe t clouds with in the next few hours and thenwe wietll g a break tiunl the afternoon. ere's rain for the second ha lf of today and that's going to be the cufos of the forecast. 38 in santa rosa. low 40's stju abevout erheywre else. we look atthe currt enon the r wideviewre the's -- in the upper 30's. it's 41fodwr reood city. 42ey hward and 39 w noin
6:47 am
fairfield. here is thfue ture stca showing enwh the shows erpick back up innt iensity. th wl ilbe light stf ufbut more widespread rain by the second hale f thday. en by nitoght it gets better organized. we wl ilsee isth last emsyst in thonis lg aitrn of weather keerns overe thlast week and half s comethrough overt nigh toghnit into tomo rrowmorning. ditoes have an ctimpa on the moincog mmute. noa signanifict e onbut more despread rair n foweesdnday morning than we with have out there now. e thtotals about a quarter inch mu of inra so it'sot n big. ytime highs today climb up to ar ou nd50. we llwi bein e thupper 40'sto low 50bu's t it's the morning ws that stand out. mid-s.30 east bayllvaeys, of alameda, coraco sta, trlli vaey, cod ncoru livermore, and that's byhu trsda y. the teatmperur esin the bay
6:48 am
shoutald sy ouabt erwhe they e now. sen y daforecast owshs us a brk ine thacti fonor thayursd rothugh satu. rday i know tuesday and dnweesday ha verain on it. itue's tsd aynight, wednesday moin bg,y wednesda ay were . done the next ch anceofra in by the time which t geto mondf ay o ne wxteek. you see that on the last day in e thsen veday fore. cast more on that aswe get oscler to it. ma pkelans to enjoy four y da th atwill be inra fr teehursday thugsuh nday. les t'look at e throwaadys. go nodews to report onthe trouble spot we have -- weha ve wbeenatinchg aupstoy rnmoing lo ingt. was a trc affialert on10 1. liall nes now clear d anopen. th isis as you go utsoh 101. out of redwood tyci. it's still sl. ow there'ils stl tiacvity on the right side of the waroady. everythiowng n nccaeled so things should get ckba up to speed in just a few teminus. 82 to 80 l stillookbeing tt. er just ada hes up ths ere'a road closure in effecdut e tosnow
6:49 am
on 130 mount hamilton road. th iat'sn thbo direioctns tween ayclton road and aln le ro enavue. try to a voidthat ar eaif you can. we will let you owkn in las ne open up. ere's a someg thinsnag as u yo go td owarsf o. sohbndou 101. rdtowa s. fo there's a ascrh ocblking the centerid dive and the left lane. tr afc fiis backed just a li ttlebit as you head utsohbou nd101. once are you past th atwe clock nice speeds. ifyou have an eay rlfl tighto catch. ngers crosse'sd it t no canc eledyou wouldn't get stuck e thpack up. 580, 680 dublin interchange. they did turn the meriteng ligh tson at the bay bridge toll pzala. we at ren'seeing y anback up or ladeys. things have been iequt. still unteder n numites for at deri out of the maze in to the cibuty t just a few rain drops on thcae me lraens and your drive out of the south
6:50 am
bayloo kingodgo. 10 is. all collecting in problem free. adguale upwaparky. atth's eight minutes. >>spkieang oftranorsptation, this real life antrsfmeorr checngki out a new dual mode s buand raehil vic lewhruich ns on both roads and railra tcks. 'sit started opineratg in japan. it runs on normal bbruer tires when moving on no rrmaloa dsand when it arris veat an interchastnge atn,io steel wheels go down from the turnin cagerria. a residential r towecould cobeme the cityec's sond tallest dibuilng a. i developer t ofhouston wants uito bld itt 50 main street and the height woubeld just four feet unthder e sales forctoe wer. plthe anngni commission llwi de icidef it tsfi into an tiexisngla pn for the eaar that
6:51 am
s waimproved ckba in 2012. it's 0 65hack. azon just cashed out for a siblpie ece acof vanlat nd. it speornt me anth $31 llmiion o purchase thsie te. it is off ghhiway 152 and 1 10 inil gry. itlo is cad te toseveral large shpi ngcenters. am az onpaid 19% mo rethan asngki price. it clunear tifhere was a ddbiing war with otanher company. > >>still eaahd, the cdc isut oi th new divi gdeuidae nc to hofupelly nimimize disruptions. the enagcy's recommtiendaons ons olating anerd guin teen tis. >>an> d how the icomron fueled surge is leading bay area bu sissnees to close and elcanc so entves. and stamreing today on cbsn y baar eaa form sertanford baetllba player rnretus to the program as aecook rninte.
6:52 am
we talked to the new member of the f.staf that's at45 7:. yocau n watch it at or onthe app. we are also on the cbs wsne app.
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for heanotr vefi. the sacdc id that anyone who is exsepod should get tested five days a fterpoexsure. the state of caliiaforn llwi alwiign thth ese new guinideles in hopes of miningmizi disruptions. rmally way areacounties llfoow state and cdguideselin but onlyma rin and san mao te haved saith eywill foowll the guidance hweaven't heard back from san francisco's depart mentof health on this. weare veli in the wsneroom. li ve here in san frscancio h is rnmoing as the oonmicr anvarit respads stfa it s haconcern over safety whenit
6:56 am
comes to e thnew year's plans 'sit disrupting pls anfor residents buand sissnees and evts. moby dick ballr wi marein osed throughd enof the moh.nt sathe n anfrcisco chbeamr orcha estranunnoced it's caelncing its perfncormaes isth week bseecau of omicwhron enit come s tosafety hethal experts a y e thdienfferce is those alsml thgaering with velod eson and its bierng rtpaie s. white e houschf iemedical adviseidr sa atth enwh citomes toma sller ergathing those who r e ccvainated can ergath with in aclose mifaly setting with mes mberwho are vaccinated have reivceed their boos.ster when we tuck talk abt outhe bi gg erparties, 3040, , 50 pe opleerwhe you don't know e ta ccatinion status of the pe opleth atare the,er they are stro nglyremmcoending you stay ay from osthe this year. ve in san fransccio. kp ix5. and let's oklo at the roadwa ysw. regetting firerst pos rtof a new ascrh isth is a long580 neubar dlin bowestunrid ght at that 680 cotonnecr. ouarnd the dublin teinrcnghae and ogphotra phsick backing up
6:57 am
now in thatarea. we are sengei the sp eeds dipping down ouabt 34 mis lean hour. as you work toward that 58 # 0, 0 nncoecto r. ingslo okinokg ay. saman t , ohbridge no brake lights. tr afmofic vi ngat e thlimit in bothredictions. 13inesut twbeeenl 80 and 101. t letake a look at the travel s timeberefo you utgo o t he or. stwebound 580, #to 05 0-6867- 8926 minute its elf. are you ngtaki 1401 rtnohbound. anso s je osto sfo. th at 'sa 38 minu teri adend oklos like hiy ghwa4 stwebound fr aiontch to 80 only 27 teminus d anno delays on the eahost srere feway. stbound 80 wahighy 4 to the ma oy nl15 numites. reasyidfre om there on toth e bay br. idge don't fo rgetthe ckjaet. chilly thfor e next w femogsrnin and faas r asour tuy esda moinrng, light showers out the now. lit if you take a look at doppler e'thers a mix. the greeshn owg inyou the right
6:58 am
rain. th e ckpoet of a few light flesurri. mae fla ake or two. at could befalling on mount diablo iits. wey maev ensee that in the eastay b llhis. it's a t lighspnkrile. yoy u mafeel keli you got spit onhe wn you stouep th at a'sbout it. lo okt aoakland thwi a drop of rain. rrcuent mbnuers in the w lo40's fobut r e thinland vaeylls in to the upper . 30'sas we watch the future cast moidre weseaprd noticeablen rai byhe cosend halfof the da y. there comes r ounext system. atth's tonight. byth e afternoon d anevening you y manotithce e owshers pi ck . cenlrtaiy erovnight tuesday night, intodn weesy damorning. that is enwh the rain becomes mo i 'dspread. weare only talngki abou tequarr chin much of arainnd wthatilbel nedo bythe time we get to le atrnmoing toowmorr. maybe a sh oweror two on dnweesy damorning's coe.mmut that's thlye on anchce until we t to next aymond, nia ce eabrk-in the rain coming our
6:59 am
y. >>yeah. yeah. wthatilbel ceni. its been a numite. hiin ts season of viging he re is the story about a mean icwho puts lepeop in the dreriv's seat. >> i lo vethis story. he takes in donated cars and gives them topeleop without a ride. th iiss in rarul south caroli. na orhe wksis h mac gideunr ouvaris odhos whe ilsmg okin barbecue at his restaurant. is he a busy gu y. he then s givethem away and so far he has gi ftedmore than 60 cars topo pele who need them >> they now owkn thsoat mee on in the community thatwas inlookg t outo care for th emto be able to carry on. >> i have no idea how much th ismeans to me. >> i'm soglad wee werable to help. >>te afr a so rein june view ceiertifs nadoted dozef ns o usehed vics leto give away 12 cars for the 12 days of christmas. nethe ws continues l alday on cbsnbay eaar. >>an> d s cbmorning is micong
7:00 am
up next. ha ve agreat day and, ahye, try to stay warp. it is a chille.y on ♪ welcome to cbs morsning and helloo t our viewers in the west. i'm nate bsourlen. >> i'mla vdirmi duterte. >> aliirnes can't offergh flits wioutht e required nr umbeof pilots andli fght attenntdas. >> meor canatcelliotns a rports as theyid selein ewcrs. wihell t new cbc guilidenes make diffee?renc >>he t cdc recommendho srtening th qeuarantine t fimerom


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