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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 30, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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snowpack measuring at phillips station just west of lake tahoe and they're looking at the water content in the
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snow which is going to certainly give us our results when it comes to where we are with our drought eventually. most snow has fallen only in the past few weeks. new video from chopper 5 looks at the reservoirs in the south bay running fuller than a few weeks ago thanks to all the rain we just got. it shows on the updated drought map released today, here is the two week side by side comparison, many parts of the state moving out of the exceptional and extreme drought categories. meteorologist darren peck is joining us to help us break this down. are we in the clear here? we're not in the clear yet but we have taken huge strides in the right direction. since today is snow survey day, i wanted to give one visual on what the snowpack looks like in the sierra. the key tells you what the water content of the snowpack is in places in the deepest red, you have about 20 to 25 inches of water. in other words even if snow is
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six or seven feet deep, a lot of that is air. melt it down and you have about two feet of standing water. that's great news. that's where it was december 1 when it was about 14% average for december 1. huge stride. here is the look at the drought monitor map. here is the answer to anne's question. we are not out of this. even though we have improved, much of the bay area in the orange shade, orange is still severe. we are still in severe drought. there are a lot of factors that go into deciding what degree of drought you are in. it actually is a complicated science to put all together because there are so many factors involved. even having said that, you cannot deny this is a good news story and we have taken a big move in the right direction in just the last three weeks. i will be back with the rest of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. guys, back to you.
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we just got new numbers as darren was talking. snow depth is 78.5 inches in the sierra. snow has stopped falling for now but the power and road way problems in the sierra continue and county officials and cal trans calling on people to avoid travel to the mountains if they can. today is the first day of the reinstated indoor mask mandate across all bay area counties. joycelyn moran talked to gyms about how this affects plans to get people back through the doors in the new year. >> reporter: before you go into places like gyms you are going to want to be sure you bring your mask as they are required in all public indoor settings regardless of your vaccination status. before today in marin, there were exceptions to masking indoors in small settings where everyone was fully vaccinated. that was the same case in sonoma, san francisco, alameda counties until today. >> we were informed overnight that we would have to begin using masks again inside.
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>> reporter: all nine bay area counties have same mask policy in line with the state. you will have to mask in public indoor settings regardless if you are vaccinated or not. this is as omicron spreads rapidly and into the new year, an opportunity for a fresh start for people eager to exercise. the co-owner says people have been concerned about omicron. >> attendance has been down in the last couple weeks. we expect that's going to continue for a while. >> reporter: they've shifted to more classes outdoors. >> now we do mostly outdoors and virtual. we are trying to hang in and get through this extended period. it's comfortable being outside as well. people like to be outside in general. >> reporter: it's been nearly two years of rules and changes that have come with them and residents today say they're willing to do what they can to keep people safe. >> i don't like wearing a mask but i know it is good because
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it will keep us from splattering things around. new video from chopper 5 showing long lines for covid testing. this is outside san mateo marriott today ahead of new year's eve. a live look at sfo, there are at least 56 flight cancellations today across the country. omicron surge is causing staffing shortage at airports. flight aware says more than 1,000 flights are canceled nationwide today. hundreds more are delayed. it is a real mess. michael george has a closer look at the u.s. covid surge that is setting records. >> reporter: 2021 is going out in record breaking fashion with cdc recording most new covid cases a day ever recorded and that number will go up. >> with omicron we are going to see a viral blizzard over the next five to eight weeks in the country. >> johnson & johnson announced a second dose of the vaccine is up to 85% effective against
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omicron variant. health officials say being vaccinated and boosted gives people the best chance at surviving omicron. >> you have a much higher level against becoming infected, seriously ill or in fact dying. >> pediatric hospitalizations are up nearly 50% in several states. te wbec director says she hope aued12to 15-year- olds in weeks ahead. the wave has prompted changes to new year's eve celebrations. hemounofpeople they're that can watch the ball drop. revelers need to be fully vaccinated and wear masks. >> this is supposed to be the big celebration. it feels just like blah. >> in san francisco, annual new year's eve fireworks show has been canceled. >> it is rough but it's a responsible decision. i don't feel bad about the decision. i feel bad about what's not going to happen. >> in atlanta, annual peach
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drop has been called off for the third year in a row. new, sf sketch fest has postponed its comedy festival for 2022 citing of course rising omicron cases. it was supposed to start next friday. changes may be on the way for booster eligibility. "new york times" reports people familiar with the plan say the agency could start allowing 12 to 15-year-olds to receive third doses of the pfizer vaccine. they may also allow people to get the shot five months after their second dose rather than the current six months. cdc's vaccine advisory committee plans to meet next week to vote on whether to recommend changes. as covid cases test got the green light. fda approved the test under emergency use authorization. tests are expected to be for morocco individual testing
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and vaccines, check out our resource guide at still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, it affects millions of families. the tax credit set to expire in a matter of days. hundreds ever thousands of
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a huge tesla recall to tell
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you about. it affects more than 475 teslas, model 3 and model s cars. there are technical defects with the trunk and rear view camera that can increase risk of crashing. the number of cars recalled is nearly equivalent to tesla's global deliver eyes last year. tesla says so far it is not aware of crashes, injuries, deaths related to the issues. last economic report of the year is out. the labor department says first time filings for weekly jobless claims fell by about 8,000 to 198,000. that was better than expected and it is close to the lowest level in more than 50 years. taking a live look at the stock market right now, the market responding favorably to everything, dow up a little bit about 11 points this afternoon. an expanded version of the child tax credit is set to expire next month after congress failed to reach a deal to extend it. in an interview on cbs
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mornings, the chief legal correspondent jan crawford looked at potential impact on some 35 million american families. >> when west virginia senator joe manchin said he wouldn't support build back better bill, that also killed a provision in the bill that would have extended the expansion through 2022 that was needed because according to columbia university, payments were cutting child poverty rates by nearly 30% in october alone. now, it's not clear if lawmakers will be able to come up with a compromise on this but with no deal, obviously there will be a gap in monthly payments which means more uncertainty for family budgets in the new year. >> under the expanded child tax credit, families who qualify have been getting up to $300 a month per child since july. the program paid parents a total of up to $3,600 per child six and under, up to 3,000 for each child up to age 17, and expanded who qualified. there was a child tax
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credit before the pandemic. it was for less money and affected fewer families. also it was only paid during tax season. bay area food banks are counting on the community to help feed our neighbors in need. >> in our food for bay area families drive, amanda starrantino looks at one generous donation from the boy scouts. >> reporter: we are at the san francisco marin food bank that is helping a lot of families this time of year getting food onto their plates. every week more than 180,000 people are getting a meal from the food bank. boy scouts of marin is doing a lot to help. tell us how the boy scouts got 55,000 pounds of food to donate. >> we spent two weekends collecting. we go the first weekend and hang door hangers and we come out the following weekend and pick up the food left for us and get that to the food bank in marin. >> that is a lot of groundwork for the boy scouts. this is the most the boy scouts
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have raised for may republicans. tell us about that. >> it's the -- the first year was 1987 so this is substantially more than last year which was a big year as well. so we are very proud of our scouts that have done all this hard work. >> reporter: a lot of people are thankful for that hard work. what does this amount of food mean to the food bank? >> it is fantastic. we are able to get it sorted out quickly, get it into the community for people to eat. >> reporter: how much food is 54,000 meals. >> 54,000 pounds is the equivalent of 48,000 meals. >> a lot of people getting the food to do what they need to do. thank you so much for what the boy scouts have done. if you want to help monetary or with your time, go to san francisco marin food bank has a generous donor who
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is triple matching contributions through mid night tomorrow. now is the time. it has been refreshing to have a morning so far without any rain. let's go to meteorologist darren peck for a look at some rain totals. >> now that we have done the hard work of living through it, we can look back at the fruits of our labor. rainfall totals since october 1, santa rosa, livermore, san jose, it's one thing to look at the totals but i think the numbers that bring home the satisfaction is to see how much of average we've gotten. in general it's about 200% of average for just about any one of the locations. san jose may only be at 165% of average. you will have to settle for that. you are no you only in a severe drought. that was one of the major factors that contracted of course to the reservoir levels, how much the ground absorbed, where know pack is. there is many things that go through it. here is the snow report. we are looking at the higher elevations of north star. there is 147 inches of snow up
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there. it's no surprise, especially considering the last two weeks. here is what we've got now, around 50, we are pretty much at the daytime highs. we will sit about here for the afternoon. daytime highs are fine. it's chilly but you get sunshine, have a jacket and you will be okay. look at the morning lows, a very different story. in the north bay we went down to 36 today. i am going to use the airport at sonoma county, santa rosa's number, good representative spot for what most of the north bay valleys will experience. 29 by saturday, 29 by sunday. a lot of this has to do with how clear the skies get overnight. now that we are out of the storm track we are going to have clearer evenings and temperatures will be able to drop. east bay valleys, that would be livermore as our example. we got down to 37 at livermore. tri valley, diablo valley. we are in the same boat and you go down in the 30s.
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it is not as bad in the bay but mid 30s is cold. those are numbers that would apply for oakland but this is pretty much going to be uniform throughout the bay. plan on colder mornings, dominating pattern in the pacific has continued to take the storm pack away from us. that ridge is in place but it will break down by next week. everything has had to pin wheel up and over that. for the last weeks we've been on the leading edge in getk all the storms on the way down from the gulf of las vegas which is why it's been so cold. next week's will have a different nature to them. there is the start. you see how it breaks the ridge. i put it into low resolution model to play that into early next week. there is a lot of snow but we are on the southern most edge now going into next monday and tuesday. this needs to be watched. we are kind of on the southern edge of the storm track and however much we get still remains to be seen. what we are getting in the meantime is everything rotates around the high, everything up
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and over and the cold air continues to get pulled down our way. this is why the temperatures over the next few mornings will continue to be as cold as they're about to be. you don't necessarily see morning lows as we get into the seven-day forecast. i wanted to be sure to spotlight that especially with new year's eve coming up. there is your seven-day forecast with a return to rain possibly going into monday and tuesday. let's give that one more time to play out in terms of timing, location. does it even get here? does it stay too far north? more on that over the next 36 to 48 hours in terms of the detail. but we've done pretty good so far for december. we'll take a little bit of a break for the holiday but let's hope january is no slouch. we have improved all the way to severe drought. let's not forget the wording. we are still classified in a severe drought. i hate to have to say that. >> right. but it's progress. >> yes. >> we'll take it.
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thanks. new testing reveals dangerous chemicals in your spice rack. coming up, what to look for to keep your family safe. streaming on cbsn bay area, food banks in big need of donation with the end of the year approaching. we'll share more information about their matching donations program coming up at 1:20. find us on or the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news
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as families gather for holiday feasts there is concerning news about some common ingredients. >> our cbs reporter looks at what might be lingering in our spices. most of us shake spices on food and add them without much thought. consumer reports found there could be problems with some. >> of all the spices we have investigated, one third of them had concerning levels of heavy metals. lead, cabium, arsenic. >> consumer reports tested 126 herbs and spices from 36
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companies. in every brand of oregano and thyme, concerning heavy metals were detected. they were in about half of the paprika and tumeric brands. frequent exposure can be damaging over time. >> for children during early stages of development, these heavy metals can adversely impact neurological development as well as the respiratory development. >> spices are often grown overseas where contaminated water can lead to heavy metals. american spice trade association says analysis showed spices make up less than .1% of dietary lead exposure of children ages one to six and risk is low in adults. what should people do with this information? >> don't panic. >> the good news is every brand tested of curry and garlic
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powder, black pepper, cory ander, sesame seed did not have concerning levels of metals. >> think about what herb spices you and your family use and diversify the amount that you use. don't overload on a particular spice. >> he says choosing products with low levels can make sure you and your family stay safe. naomi ruchim, cbs news. a
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at noon, a siberian tigris spotted walking through the woods in russia. also caught on camera, her two cubs. it is considered an endangered species for international union for conservation of nature. look at that. >> oh gosh, their little meows. that is it for kpix5 news at noon. we are on 24/7 on cbsn bay area, streaming on >>
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♪♪♪ >> brooke: you're sure you're not going to make it home tonight? ridge, it's new year's eve. >> ridge: i know. weather's only getting worse but we'll wait it out. we'll see what happens here, but i... think it might be a done deal. >> brooke: okay, well, keep me posted. [sighs] i love you. >> ridge: i love you, too. >> sheila: was that really so wise, brooke? threatening me? >> brooke: i'm serious, sheila. i'm gonna do everything in my power to keep you away
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from our family, and ridge will agree with me. and i'm going to make damn sure he knows how crazy a


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