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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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gains among lower wage workers in california, retail, service, certified nursing assistants. the lower wage jobs have seen the highest wage gains, and that is very positive. i think it will continue, especially given what we are seeing with a very tight labor market in the state. >> that will get more people back to work here and we talked a lot about worker shortages this year. you think things will change on that for next year? >> hopefully as of october, we had over 1.1 million, 1.1 million job openings in the state. so, we have continued to see a very slow return to work. there was expectation first in june and then september that workers would come back, then they really didn't. semen october and november and december. it is been a slow return to work. we have a very high number, the highest number you seen since the survey began, the highest number in terms of jobs per unemployed worker. certainly, you talked to california
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employers. across sectors they need workers. >> an expanded version of the child tax credit is set to expire next month after congress failed to reach a deal to extend it. jan crawford looked at the potential impact on some 35 million american families. when best virginia senator joe mentions that he would not support the build back better bill, that also killed a provision in that bill that would have extended the expansion through 2022 that was needed because, according to columbia university, payments were cutting child poverty rates by nearly 30% in october alone. it is not clear if lawmakers will be able to come up with a compromise on this child tax credit, but with no deal, obviously there will be a gap in those monthly payments, which means more uncertainty for those family budgets in the new year.
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under the expanded child tax credit, families who qualify have been getting up to $300 per month per child since july. the program paid parents a total of up to $3600 per child 6 and younger, and up to $3000 for each child up to age 17, and it expanded who qualified. there was a child tax credit before the pandemic, but it was for less money, affected fewer families, and it was also only paid out during tax season. a deadly crash shut down a section of highway 37 near vallejo. it happened around 11:30 this morning near the walnut avenue offramp. a person died when a big rig and toyota camry crash. the cause is under investigation. the cdc is that with a warning this evening about
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cruise ships -- avoid them at all cost, regardless of your vaccination status. the cdc says the risk of getting covid on a cruise is very high because of omicron. the agency is currently looking at outbreaks on at least 91 ships. changes may be on the way for covid booster eligibility. the new york times says people familiar with the fda plan say the agency could start allowing 12 to 15-year-olds to receive a third dose of the pfizer vaccine. they may also allow people to get that shot 5 months after their second dose, rather than the current 6 months. the cdc vaccine advisory committee plans to meet next week to vote on whether to recommend the changes. another adam tuss just got the green light. the fda has approved the test by siemens health under emergency use authorization. the tests are expected to be available beginning in january. for my own covid testing and vaccines, you can check out our resource guide at three, two, one, happy new year. >> the countdown has started to new year's eve, and just like every other year, all eyes will be on times square, and the ball as it drops. just to make sure all goes well,
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organizers flipped the switch today on the iconic orb. new york city police say they want everyone who celebrates to do so safely. >> spectators should expect to go through multilayered screening processes. >> if you are coming out tomorrow, let's have fun, let's do it in a safe environment, you are going to wear a mask. that is the expectation for everyone. >> this year's ball has more than 32,000 l.e.d. lights, enhanced by more than 2600 crystal triangles. in southern california, a big comeback for the rose parade. the 133-year-old tradition came to a halt last year because of covid. the organizers are back with a message of strength and perseverance. here is a sneak peek at volunteers putting the finishing touches on the dozens of floats sure to impress. >> the tournament of roses parade is a celebration of the new year. as part of americana. it is part of people's new year's traditions that have been handed down from
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generation to generation. more than 40 floral floats are part of the rose parade. as will be the 133rd edition of the parade, dating back to the 1890s. it really started as a way to celebrate southern california, and the lifestyle here, while the rest of the country was under snow and ice. flowers were growing and people could celebrate outdoors on new year's day here. >> a good time had by all. >> every year the parade has a theme. this year it is dream, believe, achieve. it really came to symbolize everything that people have gone through over the past 2 years. it's about strength and perseverance. it's about getting through the difficult times. they have 935 volunteers that work year-round to really put this parade together. they've done it with more than 80,000 hours of volunteer service. >> after the parade, another half million people moved to southern california because of the weather. it will kick off early saturday in pasadena. tesla recalls more than
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half 1 million cars. the issue owners need to know about. plus -- coming up all new at 6:00, almost 1000 flights being canceled every day nationwide. the impact on bay area travelers trying to get away, or just get home for new year's. we go behind the numbers and the bay areas
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a big test will be called to tell you about. it affects more than 475,000 tesla model 3 and model as cars. there are technical defects with the trunk and rearview camera that can increase the risk of crashing. tesla said so far it is not
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aware of any crashes, injuries, or death related to the issues. as families gather for holiday feasts, there is concerning news about common ingredients. we look at what may be lingering in your spices. >> reporter: most of us shake spices on our food, and add them to our recipes without much thought. consumer reports found there could be problems with some of them. >> of all the spices we investigated, a third of them had concerning levels of heavy metals, lead, cadmium, or arsenic. >> reporter: james dickerson says consumer reports tested 126 herbs and spices from 38 companies. in every brand of oregano and thyme, concerning heavy metals were detected. they were also found in almost all brands of ginger and basil tested, and in about half of
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paprika and turmeric brands. studies have shown that frequent exposure to lead, cadmium, and arsenic can be damaging over time. >> for children during early stages of development, these heavy metals can adversely impact their neurological development, as well as the respiratory development. >> reporter: spices are often grown overseas, where contaminated water can lead to heavy metals in the soil. the american spice trade associations as an analysis showed spices make up less than 0.1% of dietary lead exposure in children ages 1 to 6, and the risk is low in adults. what you people to with this information? >> don't panic. >> reporter: the good news is every brand tested of curry and garlic powder, black pepper, coriander, sesame seed, and saffron did not have concerning levels of metals. >> think about the herbs and spices that you and your family use, and diversify the amount that you use. don't overload on a particular spice. >> reporter: choosing products with low levels can make sure you and your family stay safe.
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cbs news, yonkers, new york. in a consumer reports test, organic products did not perform any better than nonorganic spices. a frightening jump in the sierra after a skier ends up buried alive. the frantic race to rescue him. coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news" -- tonight on the "cbs evening news" , with coronavirus cases surging
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this year, we watched new variance hamper efforts to stop the pandemic, and billionaires race into space. reporter michael george looks back at 2021. >> reporter: more people in the u.s. died from covid-19 in 2021 and 2020, driven in part by the highly contagious delta variant. >> if you're not vaccinated, i will tell you flat out you are a fool. >> reporter: vaccines became widely available, but hesitancy remained. by mid-december, 20% of eligible americans still had not gotten a first shot. >> i give my condolences to the floyd family. >> reporter: former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin was sentenced in june, months after a jury convicted him of the murder of george floyd. there was another police involved killing and able black man and near bright brooklyn
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center, minnesota. a wisconsin jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty for fatally shooting two men and wounding a third during a night of violent protest in kenosha, wisconsin. >> i defended myself. 4 2 weeks later, a jury in georgia convicted three white med of murdering ahmad arbery as he jogged through their neighborhood in 2020. an up apartment building in surfside, florida partially collapsed, and in november, 10 people died during a crowd stampede at houston's astroworld music festival. the driver plowed his suv through a christmas parade in
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waukesha, wisconsin, killing six people. the nation once again reeled from mass shootings, including the deadly atlanta area spa shootings that shed a light on hate crimes targeting asian americans, and a school shooting in oxford, michigan left students dead. the alleged gunman and his parents are facing charges. from a crippling arctic blast in texas, to massive wildfires at west, to deadly tornadoes in the heartland. the u.s. faced more extreme weather. hurricane ida hit louisiana as the most powerful storm since katrina. then its remnants brought flooding and destruction to the northeast. the disappearance of 22-year- old gabby petito, and the manhunt for her fiance, brian laundrie, gripped the nation. autopsies revealed she was strangled. he died by suicide. bill cosby returned home from prison after the pennsylvania supreme court throughout his 2018 sexual assault conviction, and a federal jury convicted r&b superstar r kelly of sex trafficking and racketeering after facing allegations for decades. new york governor andrew cuomo resigned in august following a sexual harassment investigation. tennis star tammy osaka and gymnast simone biles raised awareness of mental health issues in the sports world.
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in 2021 was out of this world for millionaires jeff bezos and richard branson as they raced into space. along for the ride, star trek icon william shatner. >> it's extraordinary. >> reporter: who boldly went where no 90-year-old has ever gone before. michael george, cbs news. southern california is now getting hit with drenching rain. check out flooding at this campground in malibu. a creek overflowed. several people got stuck. everyone trying to get to higher ground. >> we woke up, and we saw the river swelled up, flowing through the campground. it was kind of like, great. what are we going to do now? >> our friends were in a trailer and we were in a tent behind them. but the bed was moving when we got up off of it. heavy rain, mud slides have
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closed down freeways and roads. incredible video from the sierra tonight. a skier makes a jump at palisades tahoe, and seconds later is buried alive in the snow. >> it shows how quickly a day of fun can turn deadly if not prepared. josh gold was out taking advantage of the deep powder, filming tricks with a group of friends. his helmet camera captured his buddy, jeremy, leading in the deep snow, and notice jeremy's feet swooped up and his head was completely buried. >> at first it seemed like everything was fine. he related as he should normally. you can't really tell, pov footage, but i can see his leg kick, and he's trying to kick himself up and it is not working. >> then i started to try to blow a hold so i could breathe but that did not work either. after about 20 seconds i thought don't use energy, chill out. >> it took two men to come out.
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>> lucky guy. >> when i see that stuff, i am glad it ended happily, but everybody now is recording every move they make. they have their helmet camera and record every moment. it is good it ended happily. they have so much snow in the sierra over the last 7 days. north star, 84 inches. morreale, 109. palisades, 108 inches of snow in the last 7 days. as we look live over the city, upper 40s and low 50s with mostly clear skies. a few clouds, but not much. it looks pretty good in terms of rainfall totals, in addition to the snow. santa rosa has more than 21 inches, san francisco more than 16, and san jose more than 6 inches of snow. in terms of average, we are double what we usually are. it's rained a lot.
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tonight it will get called, because we have a break with clear skies. those will be in the 30s, and we have high tides and sunshine for the next 4 days. the king tides are coming in, so the usual spots will flood more dramatically than last month. chili through sunday, then guess what is happening starting later on monday? more rain will move in, not a lot. in the meantime sunshine, cold, clear skies. the low is kicking up went in colorado, part of the reason for the wildfires being whipped up. sunny, dry, cold through the starter 2022. now through sunday looks dry and clear. you can see there are a few clouds blooming in the great valley, but for the most part, a good northerly flow over the state confined them to the central valley where they dissipate. overnight, 30 degrees in santa rosa. cool tonight, cool every
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night this weekend. 33 at fairfield. in san jose, 38 degrees. the stars will be out tonight for a change. tomorrow looks pretty good. temperatures, low 50s on friday. 51 degrees in san mateo. 50 in hayward. 52 for morgan hill. low 50s for the most part over in the east bay as well for daytime highs. plenty of sunshine for friday and saturday, but it won't exactly warm-up. 52 in santa rosa, and 49 degrees at stinson beach. 50 over in san leandro. as we had way up to ukiah, 48 degrees, and 45 degrees at lakeport. now let's discuss something, the 7 day forecast that shows is coming in on monday. we have clouds increasing. it does not look like a big rainmaker, but next week will be unsettled. this time it mostly favors the north bay. again, not a lot south of the
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golden gate. if you love sunshine, you will love the next 3 to 4 days, with plenty of sunshine on tap. temperatures remain cool. new year's eve will be cool and clear for the fireworks we are not going to have. for the inland east bay, north bay, it all looks pretty much the same. it's a pretty uniform forecast for the temperatures. we do expect to increase clouds come monday. that is what is ahead in weather. as for what is ahead in the news, here is amanda. new at 6:00, how bay area airports are handling staffing shortages and the omicron surge. what a bay area doctor says the new covid numbers reveal about the omicron wave
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it is billed as
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california's largest two story gingerbread house, so big you can walk through it. >> we get taken behind the scenes of a holiday tradition that returns to a san francisco hotel. >> reporter: this is the victorian house that sugar built . a centerpiece in the lobby of san francisco's fairmont hotel hours at 22 feet tall and 23 feet wide . up to 8 people can even dine inside one of its rooms. the giant gingerbread house returns after a covid break last year, delighting children like ava rosenberg. >> i thought it was a regular part of the building, but when i got closer i realized it was a house. it is really cool. and must have taken so long. >> reporter: it took months of work to open in time for things giving weekend. thanks to folks like baker and brick layer rudy gonzalez. >> it is kind of hard, but i
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enjoyed to do it, because it is my passion. it is my passion to do. >> reporter: the wooden framework goes up into mac days in early november. 1500 pounds of royal icing glue together about 3000 gingerbread cookies. executive chef michael quickly gave rudy the task of baking all 3000+ bricks starting in july. >> i wanted one person baking the bricks so they looked the same. if i had people doing it, the colors are shades might be different. >> reporter: while rudy is a 12 year veteran of the confectionery construction, it is chef quigley's first year as chief builder. >> i'm not losing sleep anymore. for a couple of months it was the last thing i thought about falling asleep in first thing i thought about waking up. >> reporter: out of the
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challenge, making sure he ordered enough candy decorations. this year, the house honors sees candy's 100th birthday. hundreds of pounds of its signature suites, like wrapped chocolate santas, candy canes, and hard candy embellish an already tempting treat. >> you can walk right up to the gingerbread house, and children like to break off pieces of gingerbread and candy, so have my crew that comes in at night it makes all of the repairs. >> reporter: thank goodness he has ordered hundreds of extra bricks. even the bakers could not resist. >> i tasted and sometimes i think a little cookie with a little piece, because it is really good, you know. >> reporter: this 6 your all did not even have to take it to like it. >> i like the lights. >> i am working for them, to make them happy to see everything in here. >> reporter: it is a labor of love, building a happy home for the holidays. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> delicious to walk under and see the gingerbread up close. there is a $10 charge for people who are not fairmont hotel or dining guests. proceeds and if it make-a-wish,
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greater bay area. >> the gingerbread house stays up until new year's. after that, the oedipal components are composted. right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area , the warriors have never dealt with this before and why they don't have anyone to play against tonight. 1000 flights canceled almost every day, nationwide. what it means for bay area travelers trying to get away, or just get home for new year's. a curious trend is emerging in the bay area's omicron surge. a top dr. gives us his prediction for 2022. good evening. i'm allen martin. i'm kpix 5 morning anchor amanda starrantino, in for elizabeth. we start with a live look at chase center. the warriors are on the road tonight. they were supposed to be taking on the denver nuggets in
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30 minutes, but the team is dealing with a covid first. >> reporter: my buddies and die, we run with five players in san francisco, but the nba is not pickup basketball. you need to produce eight healthy bodies to play a game. the nuggets could not do that today. on tuesday, the nuggets defeated the warriors in san francisco, but things change fast in this covid world we have right now. this is the 11th nba game postponed, the first involving the warriors. no makeup date has been announced at this point. the golden state will stay on the road, scheduled to play the jazz in salt lake on new year's day. the warriors were supposed to get jordan poole and ricky moses moody off of the covid list tonight. tremont green is working through his covid hiatus. if you are wondering maybe why didn't they go to the tv can pick up some guys really quick, it happened so quick with the three guys going to the list da


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