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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  December 31, 2021 5:00am-5:50am PST

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heart wrenching decision and the search for missing skier. the sheriff's office says it is
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suspending emergency rescue operations at northstar ski resort. the victim was reported missing after he did not show up for christmas dinner with friends. he told them he was going to hit the slopes. they say there is no realistic possibility that the victim survived a week in a severe weather. tens of thousands of people are still without power in nevada county. a major storm swept through the sierra. there is no plumbing and no tapwater for households who run off wells. some people using wood-burning stoves to melt snow. power may not return to some communities until tuesday of next week. the governor announcing a state of emergency to help support ongoing response and recovery efforts following the recent storms. meantime is of the california, some people clearing up in the aftermath of recent storms there.
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including a homeowner in los angeles whose backyard was overcome by a mud flow. a steady stream of mud filled their pool. >> 4:00 in the morning the hill came down and woke us up. the hillsides can still go even if it is not raining. and with sustained rain we have had, the dirt saturated. and without the visitation to hold its, it comes down. >> crews have been cleaning out the golf course and removing downed trees. we may be seeing a lull in the weather but it is chilly. >> typical the way this will go. when we clear out from a significant storm cycle and the clouds leave, the cold air is still here. and when you clear out the sky you kind of lose the blanket vacation insulated overnight. and both are when the coldest mornings happened. not during the storms.
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it is usually in the wake of the storms. let's take a look outside. there are a few mid-level clouds hanging out over the east bay. you can see the lights reflecting off the bottom of them. but even over there, oakland 37 in that view. is 36 in concorde and 38 in livermore. 31 in santa rosa. yes santa rosa, there is fog being reported in the airport. we looked at the visibility sent and it had gone down to three miles. now you are down to half-mile. that is the only place where fog is an issue. the main factor is it is cold. not widespread fog but it is 32 in petaluma. 39 for hayward. 38 across the bay in redwood city and plenty of 30s as we suffered inland valleys of the east bay. the thing about it is, it is about nine degrees colder in some spots. 10 degrees colder in napa than yesterday. that is a big change from one day to the next. so you will feel this when you
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step outside. in terms of the fog, we are not seeing widespread areas as trouble spots when we look at the big picture. but one look at santa rosa, and the since is down to a half mile. so for the inland valleys in sonoma county and even into napa, you are likely going to encounter some patchy fog this morning. but the afternoon is great. sunny skies, low 50s for daytime highs today. we don't change the daytime highs or the forecast at all for the middle of the day for the next four days. it is going to be sunny around 50. the morning lows will get progressively colder over the next few days. so the temperatures we look at now in the north bay, you are going to go down to the upper 20s as we go through the weekend. then a big warm-up for next week as we get back into the storm track. i don't have significant rain coming our way next monday and tuesday. but we do pull in enough clouds that you do see an improvement in the morning lows.
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by the time you get to tuesday you have a nice warm-up in the temperatures. so, in the seven-day forecast, you can see the small chance of rain showing up. monday, tuesday, wednesday. he really does not look impressive at all. it looks like an increase in clouds and technically we have a chance for some small rain. but minor amounts at this point. but we will keep a close eye on it. let's get a look at the roadways right now if you are getting ready to hit the freeways. check out this live look drive. we are not seeing any major brake lights or issues. in fact, freeways are flowing pretty nicely this morning. things are moving at the limit for the most part. so that is the good news. if you are out early this morning you should not have any troubles. this is an overview. we are seeing a lot of green out there. what i want to 80 out at the peninsula great start to your
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friday morning drive. across the bay area bridges, things are fairly quiet. the only thing chp is working on his northbound 680 at and drawdy road. we have a crash on the exit. everything is over on the shoulder, not blocking lanes. is the minus. over all, a lot of this. the golden gate bridge, no delays. not a lot of cars making his way across. an easy ride as you work your way from the maze into san francisco. that is under 10 minutes. and your travel times all in the green. in fact, super communities, good time to be on the roadways. from hercules to the maze that is a 14 minute ride this morning. it is 5:18.
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taking a live look at the bay area bridges tomorrow, drivers will be paying even more in tolls. starting january 1st, tolls will increase to seven dollars on seven state owned bridges. that is a one dollar price hike. it includes the bay bridge, richmond and the san mateo bridge. still ahead, it is larger- than-life. and completely edible. we speak to the baker behind the gingerbread house.
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looking ahead to the middle of the day. let's get you updated on what to expect for lunch today. but the future cast i had to run around noon today. there will be clear skies. there is patchy fog there now but that is gone by late morning. the rest of the afternoon looks great. in terms of daytime highs, we will go to the low 50s. which is very similar to what we've been doing. take a look at the inland valleys of the east bay it's low 50s. but the assigned time. afternoons are not going to
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change. you can pretty much repeat this for your middle of the day forecast all the way through sunday. what is changing our the morning lows. look at that beautiful view. but it is cold. mid to upper 30s and our east bay communities. low 40s for san jose. it is 38 degrees right now for redwood city. make sure you do let now. lunch will be fantastic. back over to you. is billed as california's largest two-story gingerbread house. so big you can walk through it. >> i've actually done it. let's go behind the scenes of the holiday tradition returns to a san francisco hotel. >> reporter: this is the victorian house that sugar built. a centerpiece in the lobby of san francisco's fairmont hotel. it towers is 22 feet tall and 23 feet wide.
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up to eight people can dive inside one of its rooms. the giant gingerbread house returns after a covert break last year. delighting children like eva rosenberg. >> i thought it was like a regular part of the building but then when i got closer i realized it was a house. it is really cool. it must've taken so long. >> reporter: it took months of work to open in time for thanksgiving weekend. thanks to folks like baker and brick layer rudy gonzalez. >> it is kind of hard but i enjoyed it. because it is my passion. >> reporter: the wooden framework also been two days in early november. 1500 pounds of royal icing glued together about 3000 gingerbread cookies. executive chef michael quigley gave rudy the task of taking all 3000+ bricks starting in july. >> i wanted one person to bake
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the brick so they would all look the same. if i have four five people do it, the color might be different. >> reporter: while rudy is a 20 year veteran of this construction, it is chef quigley's first year as the chief builder. >> i'm not losing sleep anymore like i was before. for a couple months it was the last thing i thought about before i fell asleep in the first thing i thought about when i woke up. >> reporter: part of the challenge, making sure he has ordered enough candy decorations. this year, the house honors sees candy's 100th birthday. is a pounds of its signature suites like chocolate census, candy canes and hard candy embellish an already tempting treat. >> you can walk right up to the gingerbread house and children like to break up pieces of the candy. so i have my crew that comes in atlanta makes all the repairs. >> reporter: thank goodness he's ordered under some extra bricks. even the bakers cannot resist. i tasted when i bake it.
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i drink it with a little coffee. a little piece of cookie. it's really good. >> reporter: this six-year-old did not even have to tasted to like it. >> i like the lights. >> i working for them to make them happy to see everything in here. >> reporter: it is a labor of love. building a happy home for the holidays. in san francisco kpix5. >> if you want to walk and see the gingerbread up close, there's a $10 charge if you are not staying or dining at the hotel. the proceeds go to the local make-a-wish foundation. the gingerbread house stays up until new year's. after that edible components are composted. coming up, a video of a major fire gripping through colorado. one drivers close call with the flames.
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and later a new warning, what you should avoid doing, even if you are vaccinated. here's a live look outside before we head to break. this is the view from our exclusive camera we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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>> live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. right now, the cova concerns looming over new year's eve celebrations and big parties. and will oma crombie over as quickly as it arrived? the decline is staggering. the latest on the raging wildfire in colorado.
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and between buying presents, plane tickets and party supplies, many are feeling the weight of the holiday debts. let's start off with the check of weather and traffic. darren, what is the new year's eve forecast? >> it is going to be cold. it is about 5 to 9 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. that means as we get into tonight, it will be noticeably colder than the last few evenings. the daytime highs will be fine, you will not notice a change. when the guy darkens, you will notice the change. temperatures out there right now in the low 30s for santa rosa and petaluma. but it is also in the 30s and part of the bay. 39 right now in hayward.
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37 and oakland. we are in the mitt 30s for the inland valleys in the east bay and those are the numbers that are as much as 9 to 10 degrees colder than yesterday. visibility is a minor issue in the north bay. it has gone down to a half a mile at time to santa rosa but that is the only place we might have issues with fog on the road. and the afternoon is great. it will be chilly but sunny in the low 50s. you will not notice the change there. i'll tell you about the rest of the forecast in a bit. the drivers got a little busier four 680. we just got some unfortunate news from chp. about 680 of the offramp is now completely shut down. a corner has been called out to the scene. you have the area completely close until further notice. 680 itself not affected but you will not be able to exit they are. we will keep an eye on that
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area. a lot of activity on scene right now. 680 moving in both directions with no delays. 's it is officially 2022 in australia. sydney's massive fireworks display began lighting up the harbor. organizers promised six times. more than half of americans have rolled up their sleeves for the vaccine. 52% to be exact. over 1 million doses of the sad being given out daily right now. but only 33.4% of the population is boosted. the data also shows an average of 619,000 booster doses are being administered each day. south africa says a surge of cases from the omicron variant is now receiving with
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no major increase in deaths. the variant first a free appeared in the region last month and is spread around the world. but now case counts in south africa have fallen sharply for two weeks. as has the number of hospitalizations. a government official says the speed with which the omicron driven very peaked in four weeks and declined in another two. it was a flash flood more than a wave. india now reporting nearly cases today. that is a 27% increase since yesterday. ahead of india's task force says the sharp increase can be part of a global rise in? is pushed but overgrown. for the very latest on this new variant you can check out our resource guide. taking a live look at new york city, one of the cities where the new year's celebrations are being scaled
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back. they are worried the coverts covid surge will intensify. in new york the ball drop celebration will look different than normal once again. cbs reporter laura podesta joins us live right now times square. good morning. so the iconic ball drop in times where will still be attended by thousands of partygoers. however, they have to show proof of vaccination. they have to be masked up and this area usually fits about 60,000 revelers on a normal new year's eve. it will only 15,000 in order for there to be some social distancing. 2022, as it is run and we will sort of see a repeat of 2021. it is because cova cases arising with nearly half million new infections reported just yesterday alone. 15 states plus dc and puerto
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rico are averaging more daily case is now and never before >> we are at the very beginning, unfortunately, and likely have at least 4 to 8 weeks before we are going to see it rise and they began to fall again. >> reporter: dr. fauci, the white house chief medical advisor is urging people not to attend large celebrations. and atlanta speech drop was canceled for a second year and awoke. and as you mentioned the san francisco waterfront fireworks celebration is off. here in new york city, the incoming mayor will be keeping in place the controversial vaccine mandate requiring all city workers, whether they are in the public or private sector, to show proof of vaccination in order to go to the office and keep their jobs. >> laura, we are also hearing changes to the live performance schedule in times square. what can you tell us? >> reporter: unfortunately, one
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of the live performance, rapper ll cool j had to back out of his onstage performance because he tested positive for the coronavirus. >> things looking very different this year, thank you very much and happy new year. on the fire watch, something we see all too often the california. this morning hundreds of homes are messes in parts of colorado. as an unusually december wildfire rages on. several people have been injured in the flames and tens of thousands are under evacuation orders. cbs news correspondent anthony pura has the latest. >> reporter: driven by winds over 100 miles per hour, destructive planes forced thousands to leave their homes under mandatory evacuation orders. >> i packed myself, my pet and is keep our fingers crossed. >> reporter: officials said hundreds of homes and other structures outside denver burned.
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>> coming down this road, the trees, they are all up in flames. there's embers everywhere. >> reporter: the governor declared a state of emergency. freeing up disaster emergency funds and resources. >> gusts of 110 miles an hour can and have moved this fire down a football field in a matter of seconds. here in december, who would think we will be facing this. >> reporter: the flames destroyed a hotel in the shopping center. hospitals forced to evacuate patients to other facilities. >> it is really terrible. there is a golf course that surrounds the hospital. and as multiple houses on fire that are just in huge flames. it is very frightening. >> reporter: during rush hour, roads were closed throughout the area. as thick smoke basil billed for miles. at least one first responder was reported injured in the county sheriff is not really up the discovery of people who have lost their lives or who are severely
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injured. is a look at some new video i to colorado this morning. this driver narrowly avoided running straight into those flames. he said he had just been evacuated from shopping at costco and while attempting to avoid traffic he ended up on this smoke and flames engulfed roadway. nearly 600 homes of already been destroyed along with hotels, shopping centers and businesses. 1600 acres have burned and the planes are still growing. time for your final money watch report of the year. this morning economist say how the debt spike this year. >> reporter: as cova cases skyrocket, another at-home test has the green light. the fda has authorized emergency use of another test. the siemens test is expected to
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be available beginning january. it comes as drugstore chains cap the number you can purchase due to supplies. holiday debt is hitting home this year. americans owe more than $1200 on average that is between buying presents, plane tickets and party supplies. most people put on their credit cards. americas also used buy now pay later financing. another pharmaceutical company is having his feet held to the fire for its role in the opioid crisis. the company is responsible for contributing to the epidemic. a suit accused them of >> what is the most anxiety producing factor of holiday stress. >> this surprised me. according to a recent survey, 46% of respondents said cooking
5:40 am
for picky eaters is a topology stressor. that beat out political talk and holiday travel. meals were the most stressed about picky pallets with 64% try to meet their needs. >> thanks diane we will see you when the stock market opens. is 20 minutes before 6:00. still ahead, a tiger attacking a man and a populism. what happened and why the man who was attacked could be facing charges. and a woman tests positive for covid midflight. how she isolated herself on the airplane. and it is time to remember where you put the heavy jacket this morning. a lot of places are ranging anywhere from 5 to 9 degrees colder than it was yesterday. we will talk about that and how long it is going to
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a popular zoo in florida is expected to reopen this morning after a tiger attack. police labels were to shoot and kill an eight-year-old tiger. this after an animal mulled and man working at the zoo on wednesday. the victim apparently put his arm through the tigers enclosure to feed or pet animal. and the tiger grabbed him.
5:44 am
the 26-year-old was supposed to be cleaning the bathrooms and gives up. he could be facing criminal charges. he is now recovering in the hospital. the cdc is warning to avoid cruise ships at all cost. that is regardless of your vaccination status. the city ceasing the risk of getting covid on a cruise is very high because of omicron. the agency currently looking into outbreaks of at least 91 ships. and a woman from chicago had the plane ride of a lifetime when she chose to isolate inside of the airplane bathroom for three hours. this happened after testing positive for covid midflight. before her flight to iceland, she took two pcr tests and five rapid tests. all of them were negative. but when she started feeling a sore throat on the flight she took another and it was positive. the flight was full so she agreed to stay in the bathroom for the remainder of the flight. she says she did it to protect others. now after the plane touched down she was shuttered to a hotel to start her 10 days of isolation. the woman documented the bathroom isolation
5:45 am that has been viewed for more than 4 million times. >> i'd rather hang out in the bathroom in the crap seats. some tides could be bringing flooding. it happens when the moon and the sun are closer to the earth increasing the rotational pull of the oceans. a quarter to six, time to get another check of the weather and traffic. cold. that is going to be the focused this morning. 5 to 9 degrees drop from where we were yesterday at this time. a noticeable change in the way it is going to feel as you step outside. here's part of the reason why, you can see it from camera. as we take a look out towards the east and across the bay, there are a few clouds. not many of them. and with no clouds in places, you lose that blanket that holds in the radiation.
5:46 am
so the temperature is really cool down. in addition to that, on the back edge of the storm, we are pulling and dryer, colder air from the north. you do not notice it so much in the afternoons. but at night, with somewhat drier air at the ground, and no clouds overhead, the air is not insulated on both sides of that. so the temperatures really go down. and you feel that in the interior valleys. if you are in the shelter valley away from the influence of the bay, that is where we are the coldest. santa rosa, petaluma, livermore. even sums in the bay have dipped down to the over 30. cases like hayward and redwood city. gets a little colder each morning. saturday and sunday mornings will be colder. be colder tonight you remember the last few nights. so plan on bubbling up. you can see how much things
5:47 am
have changed over the last 24 hours. a little bit of file for santa rosa. but other than that it is not widespread file. afternoon daytime highs are fine because dryer air can also warm-up a little bit faster. it will be lovely with sonny in the low 50s. the storm track will get in by early next week. the next line of rain is coming to the west coast by the time we get to sunday and monday. but that system will stay a little too far north. we will watch the rain have a focus of the pacific northwest. that is far more of a traditional la nina type settle. there is a chance we might get a little bit of rain but you will see raymond seven-day forecast. it just does not look very impressive. we were at a little more snow to the sierra which is nice. they will be sent for the rest of the winter even if we get no more significant storms. the snowpack is another issue. we had a great report on the
5:48 am
snowpack we still need it to keep snowing through january, february and march to stay ahead of the drought. there is a chance for rain. monday through wednesday chance for a light shower. if anything, that will improve the morning lows for sure. next few mornings are cold in next week will be better. has some spots for driving, we are doing okay. is is westbound 580 heading towards 680 where traffic is moving at the limit in both directions. so that is great. for super commuters, still holiday light. we are seeing traffic moving at a pretty nice pace. at least in this portion of the roadways. now we have a couple things to look out for. chp has issued a traffic alert. we have a fatal crash on six 80 on the on dry the exit. the exit ramp is blocked until further notice.
5:49 am
the main lines are still open. we are seeing okay speeds but you will not be able to exit bear. you will need to as an alternate. we will let you know when the investigation is clear. i want to jump over to highway 24 west bell right in the tunnel they are. siegel though signal is turned on. traffic is slowing down as you work your way through that tunnel area. give yourself some extra time if you're headed through there. also tonight, a heads up. extended service for bart if you want to use that for your new year's eve transportation. several transportation systems will have read free rides ni > the original cast from the harry potter movie semis is reuniting with a special harry potter 20th anniversary return
5:50 am
to hogwarts. it debuts on hbo max tomorrow. in the palm springs film festival canceled for the second year in a row because of surging coronavirus cases. the festival was set to start january 7. happening today if you have not made plans for new year's, you are in luck. cbs has you covered and you don't have to leave your house. you can ring in the new year with high-energy performances of some of the greatest country music songs. i spoke to the big bash host bobby bones about tonight's lineup. >> you see blake shelton performing from his bar and miranda lambert performing for her place. i have and i could go on down the line. but it is also going to be at a massive stage in the middle of the city where there are basically 100,000 people. but the whole show has a message of positivity to
5:51 am
inspire you as we go into 2022. and hopefully we move further and further away from the pandemic. >> catch new year's eve live, nashville's big bash on cbs impairment plus. is minutes before 6:00 is still ahead, born out of boredom the sweet friendship between this young girl in her mailman. coming up today of the drew barrymore show, jason stops by for a chat and catch an sql cast member.
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it is noticeably colder right now than it was yesterday at this time. look at all the 30s, concorde, oakland, livermore. santa rosa it is 30 right now. just to give you a peek at him for z tonight, think of all the communities up and down 880. those are your numbers for midnight tonight. we will be in the upper 30s for many locations. we will look at that again coming up in the forecast. guys back over to you. g little girl stres upa friendship initially sparked by the bond betwn child and . mailman continues to grow. it is is dori this started to this window.
5:55 am
at the beginning of the pandemic this four year old spent the mornings waiting for the mail. >> eventually she started wanted to go out and say hello. she drew him a picture and some. and their friendship has grown from there. it has been such a sweet thing to watch. >> reporter: the mailman first noticed her way through the window. now his mail truck is adorned with things she has made him. >> with the pandemic started i noticed her looking out the window a lot. so i would just way. and then it was waving back. then her mom caught me one day. and was telling me about her infatuation with the mail truck. and here we are. >> reporter: i have a daily routine waiting at the window or at the porch for his arrival. trinkets and handmade gifts are often in the mix.
5:56 am
today's. she drew this photo of her and chris. she tells me it is a special one of them hugging. >> i made him a mail truck out of b's. >> reporter: chris tells me dorthea is a special highlight in his day. and often he takes extra care to greek most because he's not sure how their day is going but hopes to make a difference. >> it's everybody. i might be there only interaction for a lot of people. >> thanks to that interview, dorthea got to see chris twice on thursday. she was looking forward to the extra visit all day long. still ahead, keeping the skies clear. what they area air quality officials are asking people not to do today. and the incredible story of recovery after a day area travel blogger got into a traumatic accident while abroad. >> is taking a look at view
5:57 am
from not heal on the mark hopkins hotel of this new year's ev day. we learn about covid-19,
5:59 am
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
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or live chat at today. >> live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. right now , 18 hours until we say goodbye to 2021. warnings from health officials this morning if you are planning to celebrate tonight. trying to find a covetous of the bay area right now is leading to some frustration. we will tell you about some options you have today, coming up. is with the surge of the very, could they area schools be in for another shutdown? >> remembering homicide victims today after the deadliest year in more than a decade. thanks for joining us this new year's eve day. in the 6:00.


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