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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 31, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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now at 11:00, one hour left in the year 2021. how people in the bay area are celebrating amid the latest surge in covid- 19. a live look outside. brian has more on who in the bay area is starting the new year with a freeze warning. plus, hearing from employees forced to take shelter following a shooting at an east bay mall. >> i opened the door. get in, get in, get in. multiple people came through our doors. how beloved betty white is being remembered for helping animals. we start with a scaled back new year's eve for the second year in a row. >> a live look at san francisco where there will not be fireworks at the stroke of midnight. all due to the highly
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contagious omicron variant. the strain ruins plans or causing many to scale back on their plans. kpix5 is in san mateo with how covid-19 is effecting this year's countdown and what some are hoping for 2022. >> reporter: as health experts predicted the omicron variant caused a surge not only nationwide but here in california during the holidays and as we ring in 2022. two hours before the clock struck midnight. the doors opened and the music started at the patio in palo alto. to welcome new year's eve revelers who felt safe to gather in public. but many this year, like olivia. >> we don't want to take the chances so we are staying home. >> reporter: are choosing to countdown at home. >> i had plans to get together with friends. >> we go out to the bars and
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clubs, 2021 was going great. >> reporter: she imagined a different new year's eve before the omicron variant popped up and created a surge in cases worldwide. >> this year everyone got tested a couple days in advanced making sure we are safe. we are vaccinated and getting a small get together at a friend's house. >> reporter: restaurants busy pushing out to go orders as people scaled back on new year's plans and close to stay home. angela says she and her family, who she will be with tonight, get tested weekly. >> we feel fairly safe with the little pod that we expanded this year. >> i am so positive about it, things are going to get better in the coming year. >> reporter: another countdown impacted by covid-19 but with hope for a better year ahead. >> what is your wish your hope for 2022? >> that things will get better. >> everybody is well and that we kick this thing in the butt honestly. >> what are you hoping for
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2022? >> oh, good-bye to covid-19. [ laughter ] >> reporter: testing for covid-19 is surging across the state as many people test before gathering as well as afterward. public health departments expect to continue to see long lines at test sites after this holiday weekend and as students return to the classroom. in san mateo, kpix5. california's positivity rate spiking in the last 24 hours, look at this. today it is nearly 16%, a 3% jump from yesterday and a 9% jump from this time last week. and to make sure students are healthy before heading back to school on monday, the school districts will distribute at home tests this weekend. all parents need to do is go through the drive-in between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and test their child that sunday to get their test result.
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30,000 kits will be given to students and staff members. looking outside on a cold new year's eve. >> bryan hackney is here and who is freezing and who is seeing the freezing temperatures? >> reporter: we are all freezing but in terms of literal freezing that is where the freeze warnings are. mostly clear means that temperatures are plummeting right now. the numbers down to 38 in concord and 39 degrees in santa rosa. just 35 at livermore. and, around the time we get toward midnight, inland, lower 40s around the bay. middle 40s and the coast, middle 40s as well. freeze warning posted for parts of marin and sonoma county. and that will be in effect in just about 55 minutes until 9:00 tomorrow morning. so, as for usual, plants or pets or anything, pay attention to it. overnight it will get cold in these areas and there are changes ahead in the forecast, too, we will talk about that when we
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cover the forecast in a few minutes. first, the latest news. gunmen opening fire leaving a man wounded. kpix5 talked to employee who's witnessed the shooting at concord sun valley shopping center. it is all quiet here tonight but earlier today employees were describing a chaotic scene as they heard a gun slot inside of this mall. it happened at 3:35 this afternoon after shoppers ran for cover. we are hiding in the back of the store. we needed to lock everything down but there was a shoot. >> reporter: her daughter was working inside sun valley mall when she heard the sound of gunfire. >> we just heard a pop. so me and her were staring at each other, what do we do? >> reporter: she ran to the door and locked it until shoppers came knocking begging for help. >> i hoped the door. get in, get in, get in multiple
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people came in. >> reporter: employees and shoppers hid until they got the all clear. officers from the concord police department had to make sure there was not an active shooter inside of the mall. a man taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the stomach. those inside were relieved no one else was hurt. >> honestly i was shaken. honestly i was calm because i am cpr certified so i was like i said making sure that the chdrwerey. >> reporter: in the midst of chaos there was calm as employees worked together to ensure shoppers were safe. for those waiting outside for their loved ones there was nothing but anxiety. >> she literally just walked out i was just, you know, i just ran to my daughter. you know, she is an adult il my child. my heart sank. >> reporter: in concord, andrea nakano, kpix5. >> they are looking for the shooting suspects, the wounded man is in stable condition and got shot while trying to help a robbery victim. looking live at the roads,
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drivers, head's up. chp maximum enforcement period in effect. they are working to catch impaired drivers through late sunday night. and bay area transit agencies want to make sure you get home safe and sound tonight. offering free rides, they start at 8:00. caltrans service ends at 1:30 a.m. muni going to run until 5:00 a.m. b.a.r.t is not offering free rides but extending some of its services until just after 2:00 a.m. beginning tomorrow, tolls are going up on seven bay area bridges, it will be $7 for most cars, the supplies to the bay bridge. the money is expected to go towards a long list of improvements. this toll hike does not effect drivers on the golden gate bridge. tonight, the world is saying good-bye to america's golden girl. beloved actress betty white died at the age of 99. she was just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday. her talent touched the world
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including northern california. we have more. >> reporter: betty white loved the zoo. >> she lived a good life, she is an animal lover like i am. >> there is no one in the industry who did more for animals. >> reporter: he remembers his friend as the golden girl who fought for good. >> a tireless ambassador and champion for animals. >> reporter: in 2009 white visited california's capitol city using her fame to fund the local zoo. >> she under stood the importance of zoos, saving species from extinction and what it meant to children. people still talk about our supporters and members about what she came to visit sacramento. >> reporter: leaving a lasting impression as she has done for decades. >> she was one of a kind. >> reporter: and fiercely funny. >> even a trip to the bank can be
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exciting, if you wear a ski mask. >> reporter: she was a television pioneer hosting talk shows and starring in tv. >> i have three cats and they are all named after characters from the golden girls, i am a big betty white fan. >> reporter: local comedian inspired by her ability like any good comedian to break the rules. >> there is a lot of really positive things to come out of that show. things you should not have been doing in the '80s. they were for gay rights, animal rights and went on to tackle homelessness and aids. >> reporter: in march, laughs unlimited in sacramento. >> she will definitely be in my heart. >> reporter: taking the stage thinking of white with joy. >> she was 100 and she had a career in show business. that is is amazing and that is worth celebrating not getting sad over. we are still about 40 minutes away from midnight. coming up, a look at how the rest of the world kicked off the new year.
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and the great depth one suspect went to to try to hide from chp officers. and how some in the south bay are working to make sure those in need stay warm on this cold night.
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much of the world has celebrated the start of 2022 beginning in australia. 18 hours ago. >> and just three hours ago new york city's giant crystal ball
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dropped among a limited amount of revelers in time square. >> we are watching the festivities. everyone was excited in times square. >> reporter: with covid-19 surging nationwide. they limited the celebration to just 15,000 people. >> i am vaccinated. i wear my mask at all times. i am being careful for myself and hopefully everyone else is. >> reporter: the u.s. is breaking records for new cases. nearly half a million reported on thursday alone. that led some cities to scrap their new year's eve events entirely. vaccinations and masks required for everyone attending this scaled back celebration. >> we are having a great time and thanks for new york city for having everyone vaccinated.
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>> reporter: security on this night is always tight. some police officers here are working overtime. about 20% of the force is out sick due to the coronavirus. >> reporter: around the world fireworks filled the skies as clocks struck midnight. people crowded together for a beach party. the kremlin served as a backdrop in moscow and the time difference helped australia lead the way, marking the new year with a display over the sydney harbor bridge. back to you. crews in pasadena spent the day in preparation for the return of the first rose bowl parade since the pandemic started. returning for its 133rd celebration. this year's theme will be dream, believe, ark chief. floats in all shapes and sizes will get a chance to shine tomorrow morning as they make their way to the heart of pasadena and down colorado boulevard. >> a dry run going on there. new video slows a police chase ending in san francisco bay. chp says it started early this
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morning on highway 4 near martinez, the driver led them into oakland. at one point the chp says the car stopped, the passenger tried to hide a bag with an ar-15 inside. the driver and passenger abandoned the car. officers arrested the driver after chasing him on foot. they found the passenger here hiding in the frigid bay water for nearly half an hour. new at 11:00. temperatures dropping in the 30s tonight, homeless advocates say they needed to take action and help out the thousands that sleep on the streets or in their cars in san jose. volunteers from three nonprofit organizations including hello angels handed out hot cocoa, blankets, sleeping bags and food to the unhoused. the city of san jose opened two warming centers because of the cold snap. homeless advocates say it is not enough. they claim there is only room for 60 people at the centers. >> extra jackets, gloves,
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blankets, everyone needs to keep warmer tonight. >> that is for sure. things falling below freezing, it will be a cold one tomorrow night. it is clear that it is not helping but it is going to lead to a pretty sunny weekend if a cold night in the bay area and last night of 2021. we will start by looking at the view from the treasure camera. concord right now, 38 degrees, oakland, 46, livermore, 35 degrees, san francisco, at 47, santa rosa has got 39 degrees. mostly clear skies out there. and, as a result, numbers go down as weed at the top of the newscast. 29 degrees in san francisco. it will be 40 and in fremont, 33, chilly again tomorrow night, too. it will not change in a big hurry. high pressure still parked over the eastern pacific. it will nudge west far enough. open once again, the bay area exposed to this kind of moisture. coming in again on monday and tuesday and wednesday. not a lot this does not look to
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be a big rainmaker. including things up and making things wet. future cast will take it a day at a time. rolling it ahead. clear skies, few clouds coming in overnight. noon tomorrow. severely clear. all right, that is saturday. sunday on the other hand, watch what happens, look at this. sunday. clouds. but, no rain. that is sunday at 5:00. now, as time goes on, 4:00 a.m. on monday, some showers up in the north bay. as you can see, widely scattered and, you know, not like a downpour. it is just a weak little system coming through. favor the north bay and not the south bay. for santa rosa it looks like 70% for monday and tuesday. break it down to san francisco and you will bring the probabilities down to one out of three. widely scattered showers, again, down to san jose almost, it is not nothing but a chance. this is mostly a north bay event for the early part of the week, cloudy for everybody.
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to sum it up, clear and cold tonight, a dry start to 2022. we get a chance of a few showers coming in monday through wednesday. does not look as sunny next week as it was this past three to four days, it was a nice break. tomorrow, numbers will be in the lower 50s in general. 51 degrees at half-moon bay in santa clara, 52, and the same for san jose. down 101 on morgan hill, 51 degrees. it will be 51 and in union city 50. east bay, cooler, concord manages 48 degrees and vallejo, 48 degrees and antioch, 46, danville, 46, nice and sunny for everybody. it will be jacket weather. it will be cool on saturday. up in the north bay, 51 degrees in beautiful petaluma. and 52, sonoma, 49, not a bad day for wine country. 49 degrees, 50 in mill valley and 50 degrees at kentfield and in
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october, 1962, alfred hitchcock was shooting "the birds" in bodega bay. in the extended forecast, there you go. a little bit of rain coming in. monday, tuesday, mostly for the north bay, san francisco, oakland, probably not putting it in for san jose we will put it in there to cover ourselves, then, monday and tuesday, maybe again on friday. numbers all week will be near 50 tk-pgs for a high. and, other than that, happy new year, have a great 2022. that goes for you young man, here is charlie. college football championship is set, the top dogs made up for their other conference makers laying an egg. plus, nearing game time and all signs are pointing to the 49ers knowing who their quarterback is heading into sunday. we will tell you who that is. that is next in sports
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sometimes you give an opinion it is too much. more people laughing at you than agreeing with you. highlights will just explain how unfortunate this fellas tweet aged. >> i immediately regret this decision. >> jim harbaugh looked ready to play in tonight's game. michigan could of used him. georgia up 7-0. they brought it out early. mitchell, the rare halfback pass finds kenny for the touchdown and that was just the beginning for georgia. 2nd quarter. bennett, throws it deep. connects with burton for the 57 yard touchdown. georgia led 273 at the half. 4th quarter. bennett, in the pocket. takes a big hit from behind. gets the ball out to james cook who takes it to the house.
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georgia is heading to the national championship. 34-11 winners they play the winner of this game. nick sabine, alabama, they have more championships than bowl winds the last decade. patrick mahomes checking it out. less than 2 minutes before the half. a huge shift in the game. bryce young, quiet night. brooks for a long one. that is 44 yards, 17-3 alabama at the break. dominating the drenches on both sides, ran for 301 yards all of the scoring came to the air. the route was on. 24-6, alabama, averaging 40 points a game. held to just 6 today. ritter was sacked six times by alabama. tight rope, 27-6 advance to another title game on january 10th. let's move to the 49ers.
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a torn ligament in his thumb last week. head coach shanahan says he is not ready to announce a starting quarterback at the moment but all signs do point towards trey lance, he spoke to the media today, usually a good indication that trey-area is coming to levi stadium. >> for me it is finding my role. jimmy is our starting quarterback, if he can go on sunday i will continue to do my job and be prepared in case anything happens to him. his toughness, him playing 3/4s of a game with what happened to his thumb, not a lot of guys that could of done that. the warriors are hanging in denver after their last game against the nuggets was canceled last night. perfect opportunity for clay to scrimmage with the team. his return quote very close. the warriors next home game is monday against miami. a fantastic start to the new year. warriors back in action
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tomorrow. they are in utah getting ready for the jazz. the game airs right here on kpix5 this sunday. >> yeah, looking forward to that. all right, thanks. still ahead, what had so many people waiting in line for hours
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bay area seafood lovers. huge crowd of people rushed down to fisherman's wharf to buy their endungeness crabs, those that go out and catch crab are allowed to sell them directly to the public. it is thanks to a new citywide pilot aimed at helping local fisherman during the pandemic. >> been here for 2-1/2, three hours waiting. it has been worth the wait. awesome guys going out to do
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the job, providing us crab. it was great. really enjoyed it. >> with lines stretching up and down the wharf if this continues it is going to become a new year's tradition. finally here at 11:00, we at kpix5 we want to raise a glass of sparkling cider because 2021 was so sobering we want to say good-bye and get rid of it. >> good-bye to '21 and hello and health and happiness for '22. i have a glass for bryan. run right over. >> yes, live tv. >> i really like it. >> i really did not get enough of it. but. >> cheers from downstairs in the dungeon. >> have a safe holiday. late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> happy new year, everybody. >> cheers, everybody. >> all right mmm.
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>> i like it. [ laughter ] >> what a kick. [ laughter ] captioning sponsored by cbs >> i told you guys we'd be back. little newsbreak-- i had so many friends texting me, "all i see is the news. is it already new year's? we're not. we're almost there. welcome to "new year's eve live, nashville's big bash." i'm bobby bones. with me is my co-host, rachel smith. we're so excited. >> hey, y'all! and not only do you get two of us on our bicentennial park stage, we all get to ring in 2022 twice over the next two hours. ( cheers and applause ) >> what! yeah. that's right, bobby. in less than 30 minutes, we celebrate 2022 for all our friends and family on the east coast. and then, an hour later, the famous music note drops here in nashville. and we're the only party where


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