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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 5, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area another fatal freeway shooting in oakland. the victim an alameda county sheriff's office recruit. good afternoon. >> the sheriff's office said he was just driving home from work when bullets flew into his car, killing him. justin andrews joins us with the latest on this. justin. >> the name of the victim hasn't yet been released. investigators are heartbroken and disturbed. alameda county deputies say the young recruit was set to graduate next month and start his brand new career in law enforcement. new video into the newsroom of the alameda regional training center in dublin. this is where the recruit had just left yesterday. sadly, he will never be able to return. at one point there were two likely recruits on the other
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side of the fence here. they shake hands and then they give each other a hug. >> well it was -- a very difficult day, not business as usual at the academy today. we canceled all our classes for the next two day its we brought in our peer support. we are letting them grieve and hopefully as a message from our captain and lieutenant said we will all get through this together. >> this when it's painful, even for investigators as they processed the scene on westbound interstate 580 near the oakland toll plaza to the bay bridge. the freeway was shut down for hours. it was around 4:30 p.m. the victim was driving home from the training facility when out of nowhere bullets came flying, hitting the recruit. he lost control and crashed in to a guardrail. he was taken to the hospital. that's where he later died. new video was shared on alameda
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county sheriff's office twitter page. deputies here saluting the body of the young recruit from highland hospital to the coroner's office. we are told the victim's parents, sister sister and girlfriend were there for this emotional ceremony. california highway patrol is leading this investigation, detectives are asking if you know or saw something to say something. right now there is no description of a suspect so no arrest or motive. >> so sad. thank you. a man was arrested this morning outside of a san jose gym after a standoff. police say he barricaded himself inside beast fitness at around four this morning. officers were called to the area after he was seen acting strangely. armed with a knife and axe. he was seen breaking windows in vehicles and stores and then he started throwing things at them before he broke in to the gym. a developing news, 13 people including at least seven children are dead after an early morning duplex fire in
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philadelphia. >> crews say it took them nearly an hour to get the flames under control. two people were taken to the hospital. eight were able to escape on their own. the three story row home reportedly had four smoke detectors but none of them were working. >> this is without a doubt one of the most tragic days in our city's history. loss of so many people and such a tragic way. i don't have much more to say than please keep all these folks and especially these children in your prayers. losing so many kids is just devastating. >> police say the row house had been converted in to apartments owned by the philadelphia housing authority. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. on the covid front this latest surge is hitting schools hard. >> teachers want to see more action from school districts to
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keep kids and educators safe. >> hundreds of cases are being reported with in bay area school district. the challenge is trying to keep kids, educators and families safe while also trying to keep the value of in person learning. >> they very much enjoy being with their friends and being at this school. >> it's something many of us looked forward to growing up. seeing friends at school. for nearly two years covid has changed how kids were used to learning omicron isn't making it easier. the sf chronicle reports that more than 600 classrooms in san francisco were without their teachers or aides. there were only 1457 substitutes available so employee was the teacher credential were ordered to take a class, including the superintendent. >> it's only been three days. this is the third day of the week and it feels long. >> united teachers of san francisco is asking the district to up their game during this surge by providing better masks and more efficiently distributing at
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home testing kits. >> we know in person teaching is the best. it has to be safe in order for the system to work. >> in the east bay from december 31th to january 3rd oakland unified said they learned of 920 positive cases among students and staff while omicron continues to spread rapidly through the bay area families just trying to keep their kids safe while trying to ensure they getl value of in person learning. >> i think they learn more in person having the teacher with them. plus my kids are vaccinated now and so if they -- wear their mask and keep their disdance they should be fine. >> we reached out to san francisco unified for a response to the union. they said they will be sending out a statement later today. we also reached out to san jose unified regarding the number of cases that have been reported. we haven't yet heard back from them. in san francisco, kpix5. and in fremont long lines for covid testing. chopper 5 was over fremont
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headquarters. just a short time ago. you can see lines of cars and people backed up. that district is providing at home test kits to all interested students and staff before they return to campus. happening tomorrow free rapid tests will be available to all dublin unified students. parents and guardians can pick up two tests for each student from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 at dublin high school on village parkway or at fallon middle school. in the north bay nearly 200 people are in lockdown at the sonoma county jail because of a c, vid19 outbreak among staff skin mates. this outbreak is the third since the pandemic started. seven employees and 12 inmates have tested positive for the virus as of last week. today public health staff are visiting the jail to help out with more covid testing. happening now the cdc is meeting too consider booster
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shots for 12 to 15-year-old's. half a million have tested positive every day over the past week. we have the latest on the national fight against covid. >> the cdc is warning hospital admissions and deaths will likely increase in the coming weeks as the record breaking covid surge continues. new hospital admissions in miami-dade florida are up 550% in just two weeks. > hospitals get strained there is less opportunity to provide all these resources to the one single patient. >> because of the surge chicago's public schoolteachers voted to switch to remote learning prompting officials to cancel classes. >> coming in to schools puts at risk. puts our students and families at rick. >> the cdc tried to clarify guidance for people who test positive. the agency stopped short of requiring those people to get a negative test before ending isolating after five days.
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it said if someone has access to a test and wants a test they should use it and those who test positive should isolate for another five days. >> it is confusing. it does feel like a bit of a choose your own adventure if this, then this. >> this as the united states sees a shortage of rapid tests nationwide. at this pharmacy in denver, rapid tests are selling out on the same day the shipment comesn. >> we sold through 600 with in the business day. >> the federal government is launching a website for americans to order free tests but it won't be up and running until later this month. cbs news, new york. another round of covid relief could be in the rs for businesses. a bipartisan group of united states senators wants to set aside billions to help restaurants, gyms and performance venues. the discussions have been ongoing since last year but republican concerns about spending could derail a potential deal. a live look at san jose where the city could soon become the first in the state
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to require booster shots to anyone entering city owned buildings. the mayor's proposal also includes a mandate for all city workers to be boosted as well. the proposal will be discussed by a city council committee this afternoon. and if you are looking for a covid test or booster shot check out the county by county resource guide on just click the red banner at the top of the home page. taking a live look at san francisco now where you may get a chance to vote to keep extra paid sick leave during public health emergencies including spare the air day. gordon mar is proposing a ballot measure to keep the emergency sick time in place. the proposal has a way to go before it gets to voters in june. it still needs to be approved by at least six of the 11 supervisors. the live news desk. covering the first anniversary of the january 6th assault on the capitol. let's take a like look at
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capitol hill this afternoon. today the attorney general providing an update on responsibility and a senate committee holding a hearing on the status of the police and security changes since that day. >> it was one year ago tomorrow, 140 officers were assaulted when an angry mob stormed the capitol trying to proprevent the result of the 2020 election from being certified. more than 75 defendants have been charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious injury to an officer. about 40 are facing conspiracy charges. the largest federal criminal investigation in united states history continues and i spoke about it this morning with east bay congresswoman barbara lee. she was there in the capitol when this happened and said that she knew something bad was going to go down. >> i put two and two together, not knowing what would take place but knowing something was
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going go down, never thinking what went down would be this violent and tragic. i wore my tennis shoes that day. again because i just knew that the possibilities that i didn't even want to think about but i was going to be there to witness the peaceful transfer of power. >> three more officers who defended the capitol on the 6th are suing former president trump for his alleged wrongful conduct inciting a riot. that lawsuit should be heard by a judge next week. the former president has canceled a rally he had scheduled for tomorrow to mark the occasion. back to you. coming up, and streaming on cbsn bay area the latest covid surge could impact the way you shop. the big change coming to one major retailer. and new statewide water when you won't be allowed to do going forward. and for most of us today it's pretty muchgray out.
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clouds just hanging on. tomorrow will look very similar and then on friday there is actually a payoff. rain coming back. we will dime it out. we will also take a
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thank you for staying with us. let's take a quick look at the big board. the dow is down in the red about 250 points at this hour. a intelligence all shoppers. are you going to have less time
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to browse macy's stores. the retail serra unless noing its opening an hour later and closing an hour earlier due to the rise in covid cases. the changes only apply monday through thursday and are expected to last through the end of january. happening today the new bottle bank recycling program is launching in san francisco it. uses an app and special bar coded bags to help people turn their bottles and cans into cash. also happening today the contra costa water district's board of directors will does water rates and charges for the new year. california is putting in strict new drought rules. state regulators voted tuesday to ban lawn watering with in 48 hours of rain. if you do that we will let the sprinklers hit the sidewalk you could face a fine. that's despite the fact that's bay area cut water usely 20% in november exceeding the governor's 15% goal. the problem is southern california uses more. is there more rain in the
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forecast? check in now with darren. this is. it's not a lot. it's coming in on friday morning. we will look at that in high definition in a second. let me show you how different the view. look at the tri valley. sunshine breaking out over livermore and dublin. meantime in the bay, it's just as gray as it was before the sun came up and the cloud's have been so thick. we have managed to squeeze a little bit of rain out of them. not in the tri sammy but any locations through the hills and the bay. you look at the current numbers on here. temperatures range pretty much low to mid50's. the daytime highs will climb back up to around 60 but you watch the clouds just kind of slowly disappear if you are over the next few hours and for the most part you will see -- you may not see a lot of sun in the immediate bay today or tomorrow. daytime highs today climb up to near 60. here is the next chance of rain. we will play the future cast forward. we will advance into thursday
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and it's another cloudy day. that's thursday through the heart of the day. plenty of clouds, we advance toward friday and you can see the leading edge of rain friday morning. that's friday through the heart of the commute and the rain is a cross the heart of the bay area. looks impressive but it won't be that impressive. this is light rain but still since it's a morning commute and on friday heads up. light rain. then by friday afternoon sun sign. friday will be one of the prettier days. even though on the seven day forecast it's just going to say rain on it. the rain is done by late morning and then we clear out for a nice day. you can see with the snow will maybe another half a foot that we will add on top of what we have already gotten. just to update you on where things stand up there. several feet of snow up there. for a base and in the seven day forecast, friday, with the most impressive look on it in terms of rain. it's sun by the afternoon and then it's just a few cloud from there through the weekend.
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similar story for the micro climates. rain on friday morning and then out of the rain business for ate little while. at least for the rest of the seven day forecast as we look at a few clouds and daytime highs in the mid to upper 50's. >> all right. thank you. we are learning about a bright spot during the winter storm. what company stepped in to help stranded travelers. and streaming today on the cbsn bay area we are talking with cal state east bay's chair of public health about returning to campus during the surge. that's at 1:15. you can find us on or on the app. we are also on the cbs news
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happening tonight a new medical drama premiering on cbs. >> a father, daughter relationship is at the heart of it. it's called good sam. >> i go into a coma. six months have gone by and she is about to accept the position permanent chief of the hospital and i come out of the coma and i'm very unhappy. >> i have been replaced? >> it's me, dad. >> she must step in after the
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hospital's chief of surgery, also her father, has a health crisis. jason isaac's co stars as sam's father. we spoke to her about what she thinks the show is really about. >> at its core it's a show about relationships. it's about the dynamics and nuance that exists between owl all of this. with in the workplaces and with in the relationships. i'm deeply excited for people to meet these characters to get into our world. >> good sam premieres tonight at ten right here on kpix5. winter weather caused a massive traffic stand still on a busy interstate in virginia leaving could commuters stuck without access to food or water until a local business stepped in to help. a stranded couple noticed one of its trucks also stranded. with in anyones the owner of the company returned the call and instructed the truck driver
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to give out up to two products to anyone in need. the baking company products were handed out to nearly 50 cars. breaking news right now because of the current covid surge the 64th grammies have been put on hold. the award show had been skipped to air january 31th here on cbs. the recording academy said it carries too many risks. no new date has been scheduled yet. still to come on the news at noon, nobody has within the last 39 powerball drawings and it's adding up how much money is up for grabs tonight. and today on the drew barrymore show, you can watch today at two.
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after last year's all virtual event ces is back in las vegas but some companies are choosing to stay home and present online. we will look at some of the new tech being revealed. today on the kpix5 news at three. if you are dreaming of champagne and cavier could be your lucky day. nobody has won the powerball yet this year and tonight's jackpot has grown to more than $610 million. that's powerball's 7th largest jackpot ever.
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your odds are one in 292 million. i have faith in us. we can do it. we can. >> i do have a taste for some champagne and cavi ar. >> all fancy. >> that's it for us. we are on 24-7 on cbsn bay area streaming on the next newscast is at three. have a great afternoon.
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