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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  January 5, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news, ac/dc panel just gave the green light on
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pfizer covid booster shots for younger teenagers. also, a new snapshot of covid in california. cases soaring and testing in high demand across the bay area. a alameda sheriffs recruit killed in a shooting and the investigation happening now. january 6 was a horrific moment in our nation's history. >> reporter: nearly a year since the january 6 attack, the u.s. capitol and bay area congresswoman tells us about the justice still being sought . good afternoon. we just learned the state is extending its indoor mask mandate through february 15 at least and this is as covid surges in california with new numbers from the state. the test positivity grew again to 21.3%, and there are more than 51,000 new cases.
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that is a 1% increase. right now, a san jose city council committee is taking up a proposal to make covid booster shots mandatory for anyone entering city-owned buildings, which makes it the first in the state to do so. the mayor's proposal includes a mandate for all city workers to have a booster and we will keep you updated. alameda county announced a milestone in covid vaccinations with more than 50% of 5 to 11- year-olds have received at least one dose. in the meantime demand for the at-home test kits are through the roof or this case down the street. a long line outside of the fremont unified school district office today were parents could get one box per student. the distribution occurs tomorrow from 10:00 to 2:00. tomorrow, dublin unified students can get free rapid test kits and they can get two tests for each student from a: 30 a.m.
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until 3:00. with covid cases rising among students, bay area teachers are calling on school districts to step up the safety plans on campus. we have that story. >> reporter: hundreds of cases are being reported within the bay area school districts and the challenges trying to keep kids and educators and family safe while also trying to keep the value of in-person learning. >> they very much enjoyed being with their friends and the school. >> reporter: it is something many of us look forward to growing up, seeing friends at school but for nearly 2 years covid has changed the way kids are used to learning and omicron is not making things easier. on tuesday alone more than 600 classrooms in san francisco were without their teachers or aides. there were only 157 substitutes available so district employees with teacher credentials were ordered to take a class including the superintendent. >> it is only been three days. it is the third day of the week and it feels unbearably long.
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>> reporter: they are asking san francisco unified to up their game by providing better masks and more efficiently distributing at home testing kits. >> we know that in person teaching is the best, but it has to be safe for the system to work. >> reporter: in the east bay from december 31 through january 3, they say they learned of 920 positive cases among students and staff. while omicron continues to spread rapidly through the bay area, families are trying to keep their kids safe while trying to make sure they get the value of in-person learning. >> i think they learn having the teacher with them and because they are vaccinated now but it is if they wear their masks and keep their distance they should be fine. >> we reached out to safor thei
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covid test positive numbers and we are waiting to hear back from both. a cdc panel is now recommending pfizer booster shots for 12 to 15-year-olds. the fda gave the green light a few days ago and the cdc needs to sign off before they begin. the cdc is also trying to clarify its guidance for anyone who test positive for covid better asymptomatic or mildly ill. the agency stopped short of requiring those people to get a negative test before ending isolation after five days. but if somebody has access to a test and once one, they should. and those who test positive should isolate for another five days. >> if that test is negative, people need to understand they must continue to wear their mask for those extra five days. >> reporter: this comes as we see a shortage of rapid antigen tests nationwide. the federal government is launching a website for americans to order free test, but it won't be up and running until later on this month.
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the alameda county sheriff's office is mourning the loss of one of its recruits. they say he was driving home from work when bullets flew into his car. justin andrews has more on this freeway shooting. >> reporter: the name of the victim has not been released yet, but investigators are understandably heartbroken and disturbed. deputies say this young recruit was sent to graduate from the academy next month and start his new career in law enforcement. this is video of the regional training center in dublin and the recruit had just left from here yesterday. sadly, he won't be able to return. at one point, there were two likely recruits on the other side of a fenced in area who gave each other a handshake and hug. >> it is a very difficult day and certainly not business as usual at the academy today and we have canceled all of our classes over the next few days and brought in the peer support and we are letting the academy students grieve, and hopefully
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as a message from our captain and lieutenants, we will all get through this together. >> reporter: this one is painful as they were processing the scene on westbound interstate 580 near the oakland toll plaza to the bay bridge. the freeway was shut down for hours tuesday evening. authorities say it was about 4:30 p.m. in the victim was simply driving home from the training facility in his personal car when out of nowhere bullets came flying hitting the recruit who lost control and crashed into a guardrail and was taken to the hospital where he later died. this video was shared on the sheriff's office twitter page and deputies where there saluting the body of the young recruit from highland hospital to the coroner's office and we are told the victims parents and sister and girlfriend were there as well during this emotional ceremony. the california highway patrol is leading the investigation and detect's are asking if you know or saw something to say something.
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right now there is no description of suspects so no arrest or motive right now. to philadelphia now were at least 13 people including nine children were killed in a fire at a public housing building. michael george on what the mayor is calling one of the most tragic days in the city's history. >> reporter: this is the scene after a horrific fire broke out wednesday morning in a philadelphia apartment building. fire officials say they don't yet know what caused the blaze that killed a dozen people. most of them were children. >> i have been around for 35 years now, and this is probably one of the worst fires i have ever been to. >> reporter: this deputy fire commissioner craig murphy told reporters eight people were evacuated and two additional people taken to the hospital, friends of those who lived
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there rushed to the scene. >> the new year just came in and we got hit with this all at one time. it hurt and we are trying to breathe. that is all. >> reporter: the mayor appeared distraught while surveying the damage to called it devastating. >> this is without a doubt one of the most tragic days in our city's history. >> reporter: the philadelphia housing authority owned building is converted into two units and according to the records the building smoke detectors were working during a may inspection but fire officials say none of them were operating at the time of the fire. >> i don't know if they were replaced or tampered with. we have no idea. >> reporter: the housing authority said it is cooperating in its investigation. looking live at the u.s. capitol now and the day before the anniversary of the january 6 seizure and capitol police say they are better prepared to handle an attack now. there have been more than a dozen reports of more than 100 recommendations of how to better protect the building and lawmakers. >> intelligence, operational planning, and getting the civil
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disturbance unit up to where it used to be with the biggest issues and those are the ones we worked on first, and those of the one that are frankly largely complete. >> in the aftermath of the attack, capitol police have investigated a record number of threats made against lawmakers. police say right now there are no credible threats suggesting another attack is imminent. congresswoman barbara lee was at the capitol today. in an interview she told us she had been hearing about potential unrest and said her radar was up before the attack. >> 2 and 2 together not knowing what would take place but knowing something would go down and never thinking what went down would be this violent and tragic but i actually wore my tennis shoes that day because i just knew there were possibilities that i didn't want to think about but i was going to be there to witness the peaceful transfer of power is one of the leadership
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members on the leadership team. so never did i think that the peaceful transfer of power would almost be thwarted through an attempted coup. >> reporter: one years later still so many questions out there and what would you at this point most like to see answered? >> what i want to see answered first of all is those who perpetrated and planned and executed this attempted coup need to be brought to justice. nobody is above the law. i am thankful that chairman thompson and the committee is moving forward, gathering the facts. soon there will be public hearings, and we will lay out exactly what happened, so we have a good and the public will know exactly who did what and when and where. secondly, we have to protect our democracy. i think january 6 really showed the fragile nature of our democracy but it also showed how resilient we are and that
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we survived that. >> three more law enforcement officers are suing president trump over actions leading up to the capitol attack and seven officers student back in august . mr. trump has a press event scheduled for tomorrow but canceled it. still ahead, the latest technology on display and some in-person and some still online. what is being unveiled at this year's ces? restorers are raising the price of covid test kits and how much more you will have to pay. the fog and cloud cover pretty stubborn for the bay area but further inland we saw a nice amount of sunshine and you can see the stars overhead and we will
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and now, not a day to check your 401(k). stocks took a beating today and the dow dropping nearly 400 points and nasdaq was down 522 and the s&p fell 93. this came after the minutes from the federal reserve meeting a policy makers signaling increasing concerns about inflation. a few of the women's college basketball games are being postponed due to health and safety protocols on the opposing team. they were supposed to play
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oregon state this friday and stanford was supposed to play oregon state on sunday and both of those games are being pushed back. walmart and kroger are raising the prices on covid test kits this week. last year both stores pledged to sell kits made by abbott laboratories that cost for 100 days and that was to expand testing options for americans. those 100 days were up and consumers will pay at least 500 -- five dollars more. in las vegas the consumer electronics show kicks off today with the latest in tech. that includes some new vehicles. >> reporter: ces is back in las vegas after last year's all virtual event and hundreds of companies are on hand showing off devices and gadgets but with covid cases rising, many large corporations chose to stay home and do virtual presentations including gm. the all electric chevy
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silverado can travel up to 400 miles on a charge and besides the nearly 6 foot long bed there is also a trunk in the front and a brand-new display loaded with features. >> reporter: how are these coming more high tech? >> manufacturers have realized they create technology and consumers expect not just cars that are efficient but those that are high tech. >> reporter: dan patterson said it is not just car companies unveiling vehicles but so many showed off an electric suv that could be available down the road. the company is even testing remote control capability in the sedan version of the vision s and x vision of the future is an interspace concept car which is a fully self driving vehicle that offers pivoting seats and a huge a front display for entertainment. sunday has an eye on the future that involves personal mobility and they want to develop pods that take passengers from home
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down the road and even to a mother shuttle and it's too early for a timeline when this will come a reality. >> do you think like one of those cars look like the batmobile? you know when the front part comes up? >> did you ever watch silicon valley where you are obsessed with doors that opened like this? exactly. >> it will be interesting to see what comes on the road the next few years because it is amazing what they are developing. >> i like the idea of the truck with the trunk in front and i am sure that will be very inexpensive. >> let's talk about what is happening weatherwise over the next few days and tonight it really will be a copy of what we had last night with fog and low cloud cover with above average temperatures and then transitioning to a mix of clouds and sunshine on thursday afternoon and similar what we
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see today with more sunshine away from the band coast in the next set of showers moves in thursday night and will take the first half of friday with the wettest timeframe for the bay area and we will continue to look at the timing as the system gets closer and we will look at the future cast and tonight i'll have to worry about is the fog spreading with more grand the map by early thursday mike today it will be stubborn with gray skies overhead for the first half the day in the sun starts to go over inland through late morning and sunshine peeking through closer to the water but no point do we see blue skies overhead. the next rainmaker will come tomorrow night but still hanging out off the coast after midnight on thursday night and it will start to spread showers before the sun comes out on friday and the rest of the bay area will be hit or miss shower activity but a decent chance for the first half of the day and lingering patches of mist and drizzle and some sunshine and a mixed bag of whether friday afternoon and evening and we do dry out as we head into the weekend and saturday looks nice and sunday looks nice and near average temperatures for the next
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several days persisting in the forecast for the first half of next week and adding up the rain, this won't be a huge event. this is less than 1/10 of an inch and i think that is 6/100 of an inch for the future cast for san jose and it is probably an overestimate. maybe they can pick up some more. right now you can sale of the low cloud cover hanging out over san francisco but some sunshine has been peeking through the temperatures have warmed up into the mid-50s and low 60s which is normal and the spots in the 60s or slightly above average. tonight temperatures drop to the mid-to upper 40s in the warmest spots around 50 with high temperatures tomorrow almost exactly normal for this time of year and some spots will be warmer and some cooler but it all adds up to a normal january day. mid-50s along the coast and 60 degrees or the warm locations in the santa clara valley and mid-to upper 50s for inland parts of the east bay and mid- to upper 50s around the central bay and 58 for oakland and mid-
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to upper 50s for the north bay and the neighbors to the north a degree or so cooler. temperatures will stay study with the rain chance on friday and maybe a degree or so cooler over the weekend. more clouds in the forecast on monday and we even add a chance of splash and dash showers more along the coast on monday with the low chance overall and we will keep you updated as we head through the weekend. >> all of these shower chances are good for the drought. we will take them and the perfect break in between. still ahead, 13 cities in seven countries and more than 22,000 miles and a preview of the newest season of the amazing race. streaming today on cbsn bay area, we talk with cal state east bay's chair of public health after returning to campus after the covid surge and you can find
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tonight, the amazing race is back for its 33rd season on cbs. 11 new teams are taking often here is a behind-the-scenes preview. >> we got a message. >> you are about to embark on a race around the world. 13 cities seven countries and more than 22,000 miles.
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>> we started the amazing race in a unique way and this time we are having everybody start from their homes and they have never seen each other before in the first time to get to know each other is during the travel and when they can verge. and the way the race works is having great people do amazing things and great places. >> we took a leap of faith. >> they remember there were terrorists on the train and they attacked the terrorists. >> we feel like we could overcome a lot and this will be adding another experience to our lives. >> these two have a passion for teaching young people in looking after young people in the work they do has been acknowledge. >> this will be epic and i have heard some things that of never been done before. >> the challenges are amazing race challenges and the things have come to expect on the amazing race and things that are indigenous to where we are. >> i can't wait. i look forward to a dance challenge. >> i definitely want to bungee
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jump. >> there is no secret sauce of how teams should be. >> i think early on we won't call a lot of attention to ourselves. >> these guys are not a lot of a threat. >> reporter: one team out of 11 teams compete. >> it doesn't matter what happens. you have to keep running your race and keep believing in yourself and doing something that so few people have had the opportunity to do and that is winning to me. >> expect to get what you love about the amazing race. >> good luck. >> good luck and travel safe. >> you can watch the two are season premiere of the amazing race tonight at eight a clock
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coming up tonight, cloth masks are out as omicron spreads and what type of face coverings are offering the best protection right now. that story tonight at 5:00. finally we can all dream of winning, right? tonight's powerball jackpot is now 600 $30 million and if you choose the lump sum the cash value will be $448 million minus federal taxes and
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tonight's drawing is just before eight a clock. good luck. there is still time to go get that ticket. >> you do have a little bit captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we're following several breaking news stories. a c.d.c. panel recommends boosters for teens, plus what's happening in america's schools. hundreds of thousands of kids are out of the classroom. the struggle for parents, teachers, and children. the postholiday surge leads school districts nationwide to cancel in-person learning. tonight, the union battle in the nation's third-largest district. >> when our district was fully remote, our children suffered. >> o'donnell: and omicron postpones music's biggest night, tha nationwide. philadelphia's deadliest fire in a century. 13 people killed, including seven children. >> this is without a doubt one of the most tragic days in o


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