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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 5, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the top story at 5:30, as omicron cases surge, doctors are urging people to up their mask game. i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. doctors now say cloth masks are out and surgical masks are in. as max darrow reports, they may be tough to find. >> reporter: cloth masks are better than nothing. doctors tell us right now people should replace them with well fitted surgical masks or even higher-quality masks. >> of that is what the experts are saying, i believe them. >> a cloth mask does not cut it anymore. >> reporter: dr. rossi is with state healthcare. he says cloth masks were adequate but not really the case anymore with the highly transmissible omicron barry and. >> upping the mask game is something easy you can do to try to prevent obtaining the virus. >> i think we have to do what we have to do. >> reporter: he says think of
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the current surge like a really rainy day. when it is pouring you want to stay dry so you probably wouldn't go out in heavy rain with just a hoodie on and expect to stay dry. >> you really need an umbrella or something that provides more protection which is what a surgical mask does compared to a cloth mask. obviously if you have access or the ability to upgrade to something like an and 95, do so. >> i'm paranoid about covid-19. >> reporter: finding better masks could be tricky. we checked out several pharmacies up and down the peninsula. while some have boxes of surgical masks in stock, other spots were either out or running low. at this spot, and 95 masks were complete out of stock. >> at the pharmacy, i think they will run out. >> reporter: robbie also emphasized it is important the masks fit well. >> reporter: starting next week the contra costa west unified school district will require and 95 masks or better. well other districts could follow suit the health and human services director said on a call today they are not
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considering mandating better masks in schools at this time. maxa darrow, kpix 5. new at 5:30, we are learning that norwegian cruise line has canceled voyages on eight ships. some cruises are as far out as april. the company says this is all due to ongoing travel restrictions. the "washington post" reports covid-19 cases have been reported on every cruise ship sailing with passengers in u.s. waters. there are now more than 90 cruise ships under investigation by the cdc. one of them is set to leave from the port of san francisco today. the seven seas mariner from the norwegian cruise line arrived from florida and is on the cdc's yellow tear for covid-19 cases. that means the ship is under investigation by the cdc because of seven or more cases among passengers and one or more cases among crewmembers. we asked a travel expert what you need to know if you are planning a cruise. >> reporter: cdc warning and
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omicron surge are impacting a growing number of cruises around the world. but, if you are still planning a cruise, travel expert peter greenberg warrens you need to be very careful when it comes to buying travel insurance. >> most travel insurance uses very specific wording which says, you will get repaid your cost of the trip if the trip is canceled. canceled by government regulation, or canceled by the ship itself but if the ship line does not cancel and the government says you cannot go, if they don't say that, then, you are probably looking at a credit against a future cruise or a partial refund. as long as the ship is operating and you want to cancel, you may be given the option of rebooking on a future cruise. getting a refund may be more difficult because the ship itself did not cancel, you did. >> reporter: greenberg says if you are going to book a cruise it is important to talk to a travel agent about travel insurance policies. >> we are seeing a number of new insurance projects that will cover you for pandemic were testing positive or quarantine. this is something you can talk
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to a travel agent about so you know not to switch your coverage but you know what you are covered for and then you can buy the insurance. >> reporter: you also have to keep in mind with rules and regulations evolving around the world, some cruises are being turned away from certain ports. that could impact your ability to get on board, or upend your travel plans when the cruise is over. >> it's not even going to be able to go to the port in the first place. even pre-pandemic, the cruise line reserves the right to either cancel ports or substitute ports, have an open mind, realize they may substitute ports due to things that have no control about. >> reporter: cruise lines are requiring most passengers to be fully vaccinated and passengers also need proof of a recent negative test. in the north bay, nearly 200 people are on lockdown at the sonoma county jail because
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of a covid-19 outbreak among staff and inmates, this outbreak is the third since the pandemic began. seven employees and 12 inmates have tested positive for the virus as of last week. public health staff today are visiting the jail to help out with more covid-19 testing. a live look at oakland, now, alameda county health has announced that 51% of kids ages 5 to 11 have received at least one dose of the pfizer vaccine. nearly 40% of kids within that age group are fully vaccinated. now to a question many are asking right now, is it covid- 19? flu? plain old cold? >> joy benedict reports a case of what is being called flurona in los angeles. >> reporter: a new word, flurona, meaning a patient has tested positive for both covid- 19 and the flu. despite the catchy name, dr.
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say getting two viruses at the same time is not new or unusual. >> i have seen someone with both at the same time. yes. >> reporter: dr. otto yang is an infectious disease expert for ucla health. >> of it is a bad virus season, it is not unusual to be exposed to more than one because they all travel the same way. >> reporter: we catch covid-19 the same way we catch the flu which is why ucla and hospitals all over frequently test patients for more than just covid-19. >> reporter: it is the standard to do both together, anyway, because the to can look so similar and that you are traveling the same way so it is assumed that if you are testing for when you should test to the other as well. >> reporter: i feel like everyone is rushing out to get a test right now. the question is do i need a covid-19 test, a flu test? do people need them at all? >> if you are not severely ill at the moment, it is probably better not to bother getting tested.
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>> reporter: dr. yang says if you are vaccinated your symptoms will likely be manageable at home, regardless of which virus you have, even if it is both. >> joy benedict reporting. israel also reported that two young pregnant women have tested positive for both the coronavirus and flew. as the cdc's rules change, so our walmarts benefits. last week, the cdc reduced quarantine and isolation requirements. now the big box retailer is cutting its covid- 19 paid leave in half. employees will now get one week of pay instead of to if they get covid-19 or if they are exposed to someone who tests positive. louisiana correcting an historic injustice. civil rights leader homer plessy has officially been pardoned by the governor. that is 130 years after his arrest for sitting in a whites only train car. his heroism led to the monumental plessy versus ferguson case in 1896. the supreme court issuing its infamous separate but equal
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ruling, that did spark conversations around segregation's in america. the great great granddaughter of the trials judge hopes the pardon will give some released to generations who have suffered under discriminatory laws. despite the guilty ruling, plessy paved the way for civil rights leaders to come. coming up, the hottest trends in technology on display in las vegas. you may be surprised to see who is showing off the electric car of the future. will someone finally hit that powerball jackpot? the whopping prize up for grabs tonight. all new at 6:00, testing chaos in a bay area school districts. hundreds lined up to get at home covid-19 tests. the race to get swabbed before kids return to class. vaccine mandates? so last year. the mayor of san jose now pushing for a booster mandate. >> folks need to prepare to do this anyway. if it is not going to be a mandate today from the state, it will be next
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if you are a fan of flying cars, talking robots, you are in luck. the annual tech conference known as the ces show is back in las vegas. >> pretty amazing. tawnya bach us reports it is the first in-person return since the pandemic. >> reporter: ces is back in las vegas after last year's all virtual event. hundreds of companies are on hand, showing off new gadgets and devices but with covid-19 cases rising, many large corporations chose to stay home and give virtual presentations, including general motors. gm's all electrics every chevy silverado can travel up to 400 miles on a charge. besides a nearly 6 foot long bed, it also has a trunk in the front and a brand-new display loaded with features. >> how are cars and trucks becoming more high-tech? >> auto manufacturers have realized that they create
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technology. consumers really expect, not just cars that are efficient, but cars that are high-tech. >> reporter: cbsn tech reporter dan patterson says it is not just car companies unveiling vehicles. sony, best known for electronics and gaming showed off an electric suv that could be available down the road. the company is even testing remote control capability, the sedan version. cadillacs vision of the future is the interspace concept car. the fully self driving vehicle will offer pivoting seats and a huge front display for entertainment. hyundai has an eye on a future that involves personal mobility. the company wants to develop the pods that take passengers from home, down the road, and even to a mother shuttle. it is too early for a timeline for when this concept might become a reality. donya backus, cbs news, los angeles. we are getting close to a
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personal spaceship. nearly 3 months now have passed since the last powerball jackpot has been hit. tonight's drawing is now estimated to have a jackpot worth a whopping $630 million. the current powerball sequencer began at 20 million in october and since then it has rolled over 39 times. the advertised jackpot for tonight, that started at $575 million, but because the sales of tickets have been so strong across the country it has been increased twice. >> that's a lot of money, man. it can change your life and your families life for sure. >> you win, what are you going to do? any plans? >> i will take care of my family, man. that's all. all i can ask for. >> not saying i bought a ticket but tonight's jackpot would be the seventh largest in powerball history. coming up, how
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and three hundred dollars back during our xfinity hello twenty twenty-two sales event! click, call or visit a store today! and east bay man started with a simple plan. save a portion of his paycheck and use the money to do good. >> today he is multiplying his service to the immunity. sharon chen introduces us to our first bay area jefferson award winner of the year. >> reporter: that's right. martinez is sharing the giving spirit all year round, from giving a little boy toys, two meals on the street.
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>> reporter: a free outdoor festival in richmond, love and hope for families in need. ashley santos brings her three younger siblings. >> it's super wholesome and amazing and heartwarming. >> reporter: with hundreds of chores, free haircuts, facepainting, crafts, and sweets, it is almost too much for 11-year-old breanna rodriguez to take in, first. >> i was like this is cool, and fun. >> reporter: martinez organized the all-day event over the holidays with about 30 relatives and friends. >> if we all give back a little bit it makes a big difference. >> reporter: he started a service group in 2018 witchy noted jm charity, his initials plus those of his sons and siblings. the whole family volunteers together. they were inspired by his parents, who made giving a priority despite the financial challenges of raising four sons. >> my mother always told me,
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when you do something, do it out of heart, don't expect nothing back. all of this is going to be free. >> reporter: behind the scenes, he reserves part of his salary from operating his own business, he buys toys for the annual toy drive plus food supplies. his wife, mom, and other relatives cook. everything from fruit filled desserts to tamales, they have given away hundreds of holiday meals to berkeley, every meal, oakland, and richmond. >> research looking for homeless here in richmond, that's the city where i grew up that's were i wanted to start. >> reporter: in addition the group sells homemade meals to raise money for others. when his son jordan heard about a 4-year-old girl in long beach with a brain tumor, jm charity raised thousands of dollars for her family. jordan says his dad taught him giving is a lifestyle. >> it makes me feel good. just great, honestly. >> reporter: his family are also known to buy lunch for
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police to show their appreciation for their service and community partnership. >> we are very fortunate to have high row within our community. >> reporter: for leading jm charity and serving families in need in the east bay, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to martinez. >> reporter: he plans to expand jm charity this year to expand school supplies for underserved kids and those on the autism spectrum. allen? >> improving so many lives. a great example. sharon, thank you. if you would like to nominate a quiet hero for the regional jefferson award, please go to the website, kpix 5/hero. like on the nominations tab and complete the online form. >> so nice to hear great people doing great things for the community. more good news, paul, sounds like we have rain and the timing is perfect. >> not quite as inspirational as those stories, but still, we
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will take the rain. just a little dry break and progress right now that will continue tomorrow as the chance of showers moves our way tomorrow night. this dry break courtesy of an area of high pressure in the upper atmosphere, they are pushing rain chances further to our north, where it is raining and snowing at a good clip for much of the pacific northwest. that moisture is missing us. the next round of rain will approach the bay area by tomorrow night. let's take a look at future cast. the only thing to be concerned about tonight is fog. like last night and early this morning, the fog is going to be dense and widespread and it is going to be stubborn. reluctant to break up for the first half of the day, but i think we will see at least partial clearing, especially further inland as we had three thursday afternoon. a mix of clouds and sunshine and glimmers of sunshine elsewhere. we stay dry during the day tomorrow other than fog and the next rainmaker will be approaching the coast after midnight, tomorrow night. that rain spreads into the northbay before the sunrise
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hours of friday morning with the best chance of rain moving across the rest of the bay area the first half of the day on friday. it will be a quick hitter and went bring rain overall but it is going to be some rain and we still will take every drop we can get. this forecast model indicates that the bulk of the rain will be gone by early afternoon on friday. there may be some lingering patches of mist and drizzle, but also partial clearing friday afternoon. a mixed bag for weather and then nice weather takes over as we head into the weekend. we should see some patchy dense fog to start on saturday and morning as that dissipates. plenty of sunshine with temperatures running close to normal for this time of year. high temperature today, we are slightly above average in a couple of spots all the way up to 64 degrees in san jose. 61 degrees in concord. downtown san francisco at 67 degrees which is precisely the average high temperature for the fifth of january. similar territory tomorrow. current temperatures are running in the mid and upper 50s but these numbers want drop too far as we had through the
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rest of tonight because of that layer of clouds and fog at ground level keeping a lid on how far temperatures can drop. we end up in the 40s and 50s by tomorrow morning. high temperatures are almost exactly average for january. may be a degree above average for oakland and san jose but a pretty comfortable day by january standards but not much variation regardless of where you are along the coast or further inland. mid-50s along the coast and upper 50s around the south end of the bay with high temperatures in the santa clara valley the warm spots on the map. inland on the east much areas there. 56 and 58, the same thing around central bay and northbay. temperatures in the mid and upper 50s just a degree or two cooler along the coast. a couple of degrees cooler for inland portions of mendocino and lake counties. the dry weather that is going to be taking over once we pass friday's rain chance will continue for a while. the 60 ten-day outlook shows below average rainfall, and the
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8 to 14 day outlook takes us through the latter half of january, and also shows a good chance of below average rainfall. at least we are off to that great start we are playing with house money at this point. eventually we would like to see more substantial rain headed our way but we will settle for the little bit of rain we will get on friday. more clouds next week and could drop some showers especially north of the golden gate and along the coast. that is in monday's forecast and we dry out again by monday and tuesday of next week. we take a look at tomorrow's dog walking forecast coming up. >> thank you. new at 6:00, a bay area city will be the first in the nation to enforce a strict new mandate. covid-19 rules that can trickle down to other communities. school systems across the bay area have struggled to get the test kits into the hands of students and parents. i'm devin fehely in fremont. coming up we will talk to health officials about whether or not regular mandatory testing is the best way to keep people safe. looking for work? the local cities among the best in the nation to find a new
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job. still ahead here at 5:00, a bay
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tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the capital siege, but the story is far from over. >> a mill valley man wanted by the fbi in connection with the riot has turned up in a location far from home. john ramos has the bizarre story.
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>> reporter: the story was a strange enough when evan neerman, the owner of a women's handbag company in mill valley ended up on the fbi's most wanted list . from there, the story has taken an even more surreal turn. >> reporter: evan neerman, seen here pushing a barricade at the january 6th capital riot is wanted for assaulting a federal officer is in addition to other crimes. before agents could arrest him, neerman left the country and has turned up in a most unexpected place . he gives an extended interview on a belarusian televisions special titled goodbye america. he hiked to the belarusian border and is now asking for political asylum. in the special he criticized the american electoral system and says he cannot return for fear of being tortured. >> i am not strong enough to withstand torture. >> reporter: neerman's attempted defection has drawn attention here at home, including ridicule. >> great idea, evan.
5:58 pm
you are worried about political persecution so you go to belarus , a country run by a man who calls himself the last and only dictator in europe. >> reporter: neerman also sat down for a similar interview on russian state television. dr. charles captain, a professor of international relations and senior in the council on foreign relations and says he is not surprised. >> he is there and is being exploited as a propaganda tool. >> reporter: he says relations between russia and america are at their worst level since the cold war. he says vladimir putin is happy to use neerman and the capital riot as a way to discredit the u.s. . >> the fact that this country is as divided as it is today does provide openings for the russians, for the chinese, and others. who may attempt to exploit our internal divisions for their own political purposes. >> reporter: it is unknown if
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neerman will be allowed to stay, but there is an irony to his going there. just last year, the countries dictator jailed and tortured thousands of people protesting an election they believed to be rigged. in the east bay, john ramus, kpix 5. now on kpix 5 streaming and cbsn bay area, hundreds of parents wait for hours to pick up a covid-19 test. outside a school district. >> they don't know who they are giving them to. this does not make any sense. i made a covid-19 surge, a bay area city gets closer to rolling out some of the strictest mandates in the country. the new details just- released on the tragic freeway shooting that took the life of a young sheriffs recruit. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we begin with of the testing mess outside a bay area school district. frustrated parents struck in a stuck in a traffic jam waiting for hours to get their hands on
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a covid-19 testing kit. it was so chaotic, some even ditched their cars and walked on foot. evan feel he is in fremont and explains what went wrong. >> reporter: the test giveaway for the fremont unified school system has frankly been a bit of a mess. it has resulted in long lines of cars and people waiting to get those tests even as public health officials question the value of a single test in isolation. >> here for a covid-19 test kit, it may be quicker to park in the parking lot and walk up. >> reporter: this is what it looks like when you try to give up 33,000 test kits at one location. those are parked cars on the right, parents waiting to pick up a test. >> as much as i appreciate fremont unified school district distribute in these kits i think they should have been planned much better. >> reporter: the school district was trying to slow the spread of the omicron va


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