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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 6, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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to fixing san francisco's millennium tower? the push from city leaders. good morning. it is thursday january 6. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. let's start with traffic and weather before you head out the door beginning with darren peck. good morning guys. it is cloudy out there like yesterday, having a hard time seeing the tops of the towers on bay bridge and golden gate bridge. there are places where this is fog on the road. inland valleys of east bay and north bay valleys. you see concord here on the regular image showing it is reporting fog at the airport. look at the temperatures. it's warm, mid 50s for just about everywhere. concord in the mid 40s. it's cold. that reading is down to 0.3 of a mile for concord. it will be cloudy but at least we won't have fog on the road unless you are inland east bay or north bay valleys.
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clouds all day. we will not get much blue sky. we'll warm up to the upper 50s for daytime highs. you see where the rest play out here, 57 in livermore, 56 san rafael, red wood city 58, fremont 58. a quick look ahead, we will get rain tomorrow morning. so you can see the light showers arriving. we will look at that in more detail coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes. how is the drive? we are okay especially along highway 4. i am keeping a close eye on east bay areas. we are dealing with fog oh spots as you mentioned. contra costa freeways, we are at the limited but limited visibility may be an issue. be careful as you hit the roads this morning. no delays on 80. super commuters getting out the door heading towards 580 to make the ride into the altamont
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pass, it is already slow, down to 42 miles per hour in some spots and maybe slower as you come away from 205. main travel times for the ride from 580, 205 towards 680, that is 28 minutes. thomas chmura delays in bay area bridges, golden gate bridge. you see things are not bad as you work into the city. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights off and smooth sailing into san francisco. >> thank you. today, hundreds of san francisco unified teachers will be calling out sick again. justin andrews is live in san francisco. can you explain why the teachers are saying they have no other choice? >> reporter: we can shut the whole system down. those are words who say the district isn't doing enough to protect them from covid-19. this began and started with an online petition online for a
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teacher sick-out. it has about 500 signatures so far. they're not sure how many who signed are teachers or how many will participate. nonetheless this will send a message to take this seriously. there was a press conference yesterday afternoon asking for additional safety measures including more ppe and more rapid covid tests. >> you need to talk about the teachers. you need to act like you care about the teachers. this is very, very grassroots site to site, friend to friend word of mouth. >> reporter: at 5:30, you will hear what the district is saying and also hear from the teachers' union. that's coming up in the next 30 minutes. school districts not only in san francisco but across the bay area are struggling to keep classrooms open. west contra costa is planning
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to close all schools tomorrow and monday to ease the strain. the superintendent says the district is seeing more staff absences than usual as well as students testing positive. all schools will undergo a deep cleaning friday. students are urged to get tested before returning to school on tuesday. however the district's three new testing sites will also be closed on monday. in the east bay, fremont unified school district is apologizing for the fiasco surrounding yesterday's distribution of 33,000 home covid test kits. dozens of parents and students got frustrated waiting in long lines to get their kits at one location. were left empty handed when the give away ended promptly at 2:00. >> considering how omicron is very contagious, you can contract omicron waiting in this line. i have double mask, n95 and surgical mask over and i am
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concerned. >> we regret that families, students, staff have had to wait. we are committed to making sure they get these tests delivered to them. >> in the north bay nearly 67,000 rapid covid tests have been distributed. schools will now be in contact with students and families about how to pick up test kits which contain two rapid antigen tests. kits were sent by the state health department. considering expanding covid- 19 testing sites throughout the county. wait times are more than two hours. the board is set to discuss potential expansion next week. more alst over the bay area. this was the line at kaiser's drive up in san jose yesterday where even people with appointments faced a long wait. if you are looking for a covid test or booster, check our resource guide county by
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county on click the red banner at the top of the home page. president biden and vice president kamala harris are expected to speak on the one year anniversary of the deadly attack on the capitol. five people died. dozens were wounded including a former officers who suffered a traumatic brain injury and ptsd. fbi continues to search for 250 suspects. so far there have been 725 arrests. there is no sign that the investigation is slowing down one year later. last night congress woman jackie spearer held a town hall with a sergeant who was also hurt. >> those who perpetrated, planned, executed this attempted coo need to be brought to justice. no one is above the law. >> i suffered a heart attack. there the were individuals in the crowd chanting "take his gun." >> today nearly 300 rallies and vigils will be held across the
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country to mark the insurrection's one year anniversary, many of them in the bay area. some locals include a vigil and a similar event in oakland. in santa rosa, a vigil will start at 5:00 this evening at core house square. in our next half hour, we'll have a live report from capitol hill on the events there today. developing out of san jose, police investigating a hit and run that killed a bicyclist. this happened last night a couple blocks from nimitz freeway entrance near corners of queens lane and highway 101. no word on information about a suspect. this is san jose's second fatal car crash this year. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we are continuing to follow the investigation into the killing of of an alameda county sheriffs department recruit. it happened on the freeway and
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there are still a lot of questions this morning. 28-year-old david win is identified. he was about to graduate police academy in a month. he was shot while driving tuesday on west bound approach to the bay bridge. he was heading home to san francisco from the kid me in dublin. his body was given a full police escort to alameda county coroner's office. investigators have not released any information about the shooting but that's a similar story to what we have heard in several freeway shootings in east bay where no suspect has been identified including the death of o city leaders will hold a second hearing on the fix for the leaning millennium tower. the tower is tilting about two feet towards corner of mission and fremont streets. the so called perimeter pile upgrade has been under heavy scrutiny from city officials
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over the last several months. last week the project engineers announced revised plan for the fix which would involve putting fewer piles down to bed rock than initially planned for. engineers believe this is the best way forward to min missettlement and tilt. still ahead, following new masking guidelines in the age of omicron may be easier said than done. the struggle to find a certain face covering. as we look at the roadways, we are okay on bay area bridges. i am getting first reports of a hot spot and foggy conditions on highway 4. details and a look at the roadways. a live look outside before break. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. california has extended its mask mandate for indoor public spaces by another month. this is until february 15. health experts say the kind of mask you wear matters more than ever given omicron's incredible trans miscibility. one compared a cloth mask to going in the pouring rain in a
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hoodie and expecting to stay dry. >> you need an umbrella or something that provides more protection. that's what a surgical mask does compared to a cloth mask. if you have access or ability to upgrade to something like n95, do so. >> finding those masks may be easier said than done. we checked pharmacies up and down the peninsula and found many running low or had already run out. prices are also rising on amazon. southern california is dealing with a new viral threat this morning. it's called flurona meaning a patient tests positive for both the flu and coronavirus. one of the first cases in the country was just detected in los angeles. >> the two can look so similar and the two are traveling the same way. it's just assumed if you are testing for one, you should test for the other. >> in los angeles, rapid surge of omicron has led to huge
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shortage in ambulance crews. the county is changing how and when they are dispatched. officials say they will only send an ambulance for life threatening situations. in some cases patients will be transported to hospitals on fire trucks. in the bay area the omicron surge is causing businesses to close their doors. employees testing positive and exposure quarantine protocols are creating a huge staffing shortage. russian river brewing company has closed both locations. they're hoping by closing down for a couple days, it will buy time to regroup and reopen by the end of the week. it comes as businesses are having to keep up with new rules coming from the cdc to state department of health. dph extended mask mandate for another month. >> i don't know how effective it is in a restaurant environment because for the most part, employees are dealing with unmasked customers, waiting on people who are not wearing masks
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because you can't wear a mask when eating and drinking. >> it considered canceling its annual event but decided against it saying everybody needs something to look forward to. this morning, many bakeries are extra busy. that is because today is three kings day. as joycelyn moran shows us, it comes with a very special tradition. >> reporter: it is smelling real nice this morning at the bakery in san francisco. today for three kings day celebrates the day the three kings visited baby jesus after his birth. there is an important tradition. you can see it is shaped like a crown. they'll tell us about what's on top of it. can you tell us a little bit about what this bread has on
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top of it? [ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: the fruit represents the jewels on the crown. there is something else that's important that this bread has, correct? there are these three babies. the bread has three of these babies. [ speaking foreign language ] can you tell us a little bit about what happens if if the piece i have has one of the babies in it? [ speaking foreign language ]. >> reporter: that means i have to throw a party. if i get a piece with a baby in it, i have to throw a party february 2. so there is a lot
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that comes with three kings day. we will keep talk being some of the traditions. back to you. >> it's always fun when you find the baby. 5:17. let's get you caught up on your forecast with darren peck. good morning guys. it is cloudy for everybody today but it is foggy for some of us. i want to spotlight the parts of the bay experiencing fog earlier this morning than you did yesterday. inland east bay and north bay valleys. you see from the camera, there is that low cloud bank over the skyline. i will show you where we have some trouble spots. we'll leave that view, as cool as that looks. everybody is in the mid 50s except concord. isn't that interesting? it's 46 in concord. concord you are one of the locations that has fog. that colder air and fog kind of going hand in hand. santa rosa 51. you've got it as well.
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it's 0.3 of a mile now for concord. the north bay, we are about a mile as well. and fairfield is down on the drive. patchy fog for the usual suspects. if we look above the fog and check the mid level clouds, it's gray everywhere. if we play it forward, we stay that way. gray skies, we never really get a break. it will stay this way until tomorrow's rain. there is rain coming home morning. today's daytime highs, low 60s for warmer spots in the south bay. mid 50s for inland valleys of the east bay, upper 50s about everywhere else. if we track the next opportunity for rain, you see it right there. that's tomorrow morning. let's come in for a closer look. i will play this ahead to friday morning at 8:00 a.m. that's when the rain gets here.
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north bay valleys, tomorrow morning's commute will have light rain. those showers work across the rest of the bay area. they don't amount to much. we get maybe a tenth of an inch of rain but you have to plan on light rain for the morning commute tomorrow. in the sierra we pick up perhaps another half foot of snow. we are looking at well over 100 inches for the snow report. the seven-day forecast shows the rain friday morning and we are done. we get to the weekend and clear it out, no more rain coming our way after tomorrow's early morning showers. you will even get into blue sky by friday afternoon because the system is not a big deal. it just gets the roadways wet for your friday morning. let's check with gianna. fog today, rain tomorrow. heads up if you are hitting the roadways. be extra careful. a map of highway 4, we have
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been following closely. chp issued fog advisory for travels working through pittsburg into concord. no major issues or crashes. that's good news. give yourself a few extra minutes. north 84, reports of a car fire. you might see brake lights out of san jose. it's not cause a lot of slow downs yet. everything seems to be to the right shoulder. highway 4 commute, 25 minutes from antioch towards 80. it is busy for the ride as you head into the altamont pass. if you are headed through the north bay, clocking in nice speeds overall but as darren mentioned, dealing with foggy spots. things seem to be moving at the limit. not a lot of cars yet. we really see the volume pick up after 6:00.
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golden gate bridge, 20 minutes south 101 from highway 37 into san francisco. taking 880, near the colosseum, traffic is moving at the limit. nimitz to the san mateo bridge, things are clear in both directions all the way towards 101. back to you. developing, pge crews working to get the power on in the sierra. this is after recent storms knocked power out for thousands for more than ten days. drive through the street in auburn and you will see trucks and crews working on the lines. it's the marked trees in the area one homeowner had questions about. >> they were up here for a little while and the tree guys just disappeared. >> some of the trees marked for removal were never taken out. pge spokesperson explained that the trees were part of a 2020 plan and expected due to high
5:22 am
fire risk. before the work happened it changed and the call to remove the trees was reversed. someone in northern california waking up more than $300 million richer. will the winning powerball ticket was sold and why they will have to share the grand prize.
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the quick look ahead to lunchtime if you are making your plans for that midday moment, temperatures will be in the mid 50s and it's going to be cloudy. there is going to be no difference here to the middle of your day from yesterday. it might be a degree or two warmer but i doubt you will notice. clouds are holding on stubbornly. it is cloudy now. as we play this forward, they never really relent. it stays gray and we can pick out other daytime highs. livermore 57. you will be there by 3:00 in the afternoon. san jose is going to 60, san rafael 60. tomorrow's commute is the interesting part. we will track light rain for friday morning. i will have that in a few minutes. >> thanks. looks like we have a
5:26 am
winner. someone in sacramento hit powerball jackpot. >> the top prize was a whopping $630 million after growing for three months. video shows the sacramento 7- eleven where the lucky ticket was sold. a second winning ticket was sold in wisconsin. each winner will receive $315 million. according to california lottery, this store will get a $1 million bonus just for selling the winning ticket. some people in sacramento we spoke to are a bit jealous, can't blame them, for that ticket. >> i wish i had bought some powerballs. i would have quit right now. take them to dinner, brought you. >> here are the winning numbers. we don't know who the winners
5:27 am
are until they come forward. do you know someone in sacramento? >> give them a call. maybe someone is taking me to dinner. >> you deserve it. nearly 700 san francisco teachers have been off the job this week. this morning, it could get even worse. we are live with the planned sick-out. a bay area man charged with attacking officers du
5:28 am
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, today marks one year since siege on the u.s. capitol. president biden is ready to place blame. we are live from capitol hill.
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message from some san francisco teachers. protect us in the pandemic. we are live with the sick-out planned for this morning. boosters cleared for kids as young as 12. what about a first shot for kids under 5? new time line from dr. fauci. plus. san jose shop owners are worried about being run out of town on a rail. can bart extension put them out of business. good morning. it is thursday january 6. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. a lot to get to. first we will check on our forecast with darren peck. sunshine, rain, a constant circle. it will be both of those. the rain is tomorrow morning. the real headline for this morning is it's cloudy and foggy for some parts of the bay. inland east bay and north bay valleys waking up to patchy fog. it's also relatively warm in
5:31 am
the mid 50s except concord where they're in the mid 40s. concord is one place where we are seeing visibility at the lowest, 0.3 of a mile. if you have to be on 101 north of the golden gate, plan on patchy fog there as well. clouds never really break today. it's going to stay gray pretty much all day. we only warm to the upper 50s which is about five or six degrees warmer than it is now, which isn't bad because it's a relatively warm start. there is rain tomorrow. if you look at the futurecast, that line of showers right there arrives just in time for tomorrow morning's commute. that is what we will focus on in the complete forecast in a few minutes. gianna. it might be foggy as you head out as darren mentioned. keeping a close eye on the freeways in the east bay.
5:32 am
we are not seeing a lot of brake lights or issues antioch into pittsburg but chp did issue fog advisory about 2:00 this morning for the area because of how foggy it is. be careful as you head through. 101 rtbas antioch to ce speeds. cking in south bound 101 out of marin into san francisco, you can see they just did the lane changes. an easy ride into the city. going live to san francisco, if your child is part of the unified school district, their teacher might not show up today. hundreds of teachers and aids are planning to call out sick today again. they believe they're not being protected from the coronavirus. justin andrews is live in the city with the district's response. justin, what's the word? >> reporter: good morning. the district says it is aware of the sick-out and planning to
5:33 am
be ready. yesterday alone though 700 teachers did not show up to school. today we are told it could get worse. they say they plan to do this to send a strong message. their message, we can shut the whole system down, and we will. that's what they say. they feel the district failed to appropriately protect them from covid. it is unclear how many educators plan to participate in this today but we know nearly 500 people have signed online petition supporting it. they want the district to take their concerns seriously. the teachers union not involved in the sick out but representatives did hold a press conference yesterday asking for more safety measures in the classrooms including more ppe and rapid tests. >> school districts must have a plan of action to keep everyone safe. i am sad to say that is not the case. >> reporter: dr. vincent matthews responded with a statement saying the district continues to follow public health guidance and schools
5:34 am
have remained low risk settings by following proper safety protocols. we know today the district plans to meet with the teachers' union to discuss protocols moving forward. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. a cruise ship set to dock in the bay today with covid on board. taking a live look at the path of the ruby princess by princess cruises headed toward the golden gate. they ship with every crew sailing in u.s. waters, about 90 carrying yellow rating from cdc which means there are reported cases on board. this is the end of the cruise, stopped in mexico and southern california and has been sailing since december 27. on all cruise ships you have to be fully vaxed. there are break through cases as we know, cdc recommending that people not cruise right now. we will keep an eye on this
5:35 am
one. back to you. it's official, children ages 12 to 15 are eligible for a pfizer booster after decision was approved by fda and yesterday by cdc. that means roughly 5 million kids can be further protected as parents grapple with anxiety of sending children to school during a record breaking surge. >> it makes me nervous. honestly if i had the choice to keep her home, i would. >> meantime dr. fauci says work is being done to get kids younger than 5 eligible for the shot. >> those studies are on going now to get the right dose regiment to get where we want to be and likely the clinical trial are on going in individuals less than five years, hopefully in the first half, hopefully towards earlier part of the first half, we may have some information so we can vaccinate children of that age. >> remember if you are looking for a booster shot or covid
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test, check our resource guide on click the red banner at the top of the home page. a live look deflation's capitol. today marks one year anniversary of the january 6th attack. president biden is scheduled to address the nation. he is expected to place blame on former president trump for misleading supporters about the election. laura podesta is on capitol hill with a reminder about what happened and where we are today. laura, good morning. good morning len. on january 6, 2021, congress was working hard toconfirthe victory, joe biden's electorial college victory not far from the capitol. then president trump was holding a rally as supporters continued to question results of the election. shortly after the rally, some of president trump's supporters
5:37 am
stormed the capitol making it to the senate floor delaying election certification until early the next morning. then president-elect biden called it an attack on democracy. >> he sees january 6 as a tragic culmination of what the four years under president trump did to our country. >> those who assaulted officers, damaged the capitol face greater charges. those who conspired with others to obstruct vote count also face greater charges. >> more than 700 people have been arrested in connection with january 6. fbi is still looking for 350 people believed to have committed acts of violence on that day. at the capitol today there will be several vigils and there will be a moment of silence held by speaker pelosi. in an address to the nation later today, president biden is expected to talk about how there always needs to be a
5:38 am
peaceful transfer of power between presidents. >> one year later once again, any idea when the investigation into the january 6th insurrection will be complete? >> we thought we might get an idea of that yesterday. but in his speech attorney general merrick garland did not give a time line as far as when he believes the investigation will be completed. he did elude to the fact that there may be a lot more to come regarding the prosecution of january 6th and that his investigation is based on facts, not politics. >> laura podesta reporting live for us in the nation's capital. thank you. this morning, fbi is still searching for a mill valley man indicted in a siege on the capitol. he is wanted on 14 counts including civil disorder, assaulting, resisting, impeding officers. fbi says he fled u.s. on february 16. he gave an extended interview
5:39 am
on tv and also appeared on russian state television. >> the fact that this country is as divided as it is today does provide openings for the russians, for the chinese, and others who attempt to exploit our internal divisions for their own political purposes. >> does not have extradition treaty with the u.s. and it is unknown if he will be allowed to stay. san jose businesses have concerns about their future and it has nothing to do with covid. vta is buying 93 pieces of land along santa clara street corridor where the bart extension will eventually run below. that means businesses there now will have to move. one business owner has less than a year to move. >> there is this doom that we think about every night. we have a hard time sleeping.
5:40 am
>> vta says buying the land is a long process. it begins with friendly negotiations that can move to imminent domain if parties can't agree. in those cases a court will decide what's fair compensation for the land. 5:40. still ahead, starbucks employees walkg off the job. the coffee shop that made history and how the company is responding. bay area bakeries up early to
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5:43 am
5:42 on this thursday. the latest in, diane king hall joins us live. good morning. what do you have for us? good morning. the number of americans signing up for unemployment benefits rose last week. first time filings for weekly jobless claims increased by 7,000 to 207,000. we get the all important monthly jobs report tomorrow. wal-mart beefing up its workforce. the world's biggest retailer is hiring more than 3,000 drivers as the company expands in home grocery delivery. employees deliver groceries to a shopper's home using a one time access code. starbucks employees in buffalo who voted to unionize
5:44 am
have walked off the job. we first told you about this group last month. they became first in starbucks history to be represented by the union. yesterday six hit the pickett line citing covid safety concerns. >> the new year's resolutions, it's about time people start rethinking them. i applaud anyone who sticks to dry january. but it is about to dry up. >> losing control of those dry january goals. according to a one poll survey in uk more than half of sober hopefuls cave by second week of january, january 16th to be act, nearly one in four admit they won't stay dry for the month and a third are content with making it to mid month. >> i mean, one week is pretty good. thanks. >> yes, it's something. you got it.
5:45 am
>> a little bit goes a long way. >> indeed. today is three kings day, a holiday celebrated by many mexican and latino households. >> as joycelyn moran explains, it's a day that keeps many bakeries busy. >> reporter: if you thought holidays ended with christmas and new years, not so much for many hispanics and latinos. today is three kings day and it comes with a special tradition. we got a run down of what is on top of the bread. this is the fruit that represents the jewels on the crown but it also comes with this right here. these are baby figurines. there are three of them in the bread. what we learned is you share the bread with your family. if you get the piece with a heis making thebrfor inviti ust in can you tell us about how busy
5:46 am
today can get? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he says he is going to be very, very busy today. they think they'll make 300, 400, 500 today. it's a very special tradition. i am going to buy one this morning and bring it back to the newsroom. so if you get the piece with the baby in it, remember you have to throw a party come february 2nd. we'll keep learning here this morning. for now, i will send it back to you guys. >> i'll eat it and throw the party but i can't bake. >> i look forward to this party. we might have to tag team the situation but i am looking forward. >> that's a good plan. >> you can order in if you throw the party. we'll allow that.
5:47 am
>> okay. let's get you ready. it's foggy out there not necessarily on the bay bridge but for inland valleys. it was foggy yesterday but it got foggy earlier today which tells me you are more likely to encounter patchy areas. it could be foggy on the bridge. if we were going to see it in the heart of the bay, it's the bridges where you will encounter issues. it's really inland valleys. concord, 0.3. you can only see 0.3 of a mile in front of you. in the north bay, a mile and a half for petaluma. sounds good but it goes back and forth. up a little, down a little. if you are in the north bay, plan on hitting patchy fog. temperatures are fine in the mid 50s. it feels good except for that blue bullseye in concord where it is in the mid 40s. if we just look above readings on the ground here is the cloud
5:48 am
cover. this does not change. watch futurecast play forward. we will be socked in with clouds again pretty much all day. you are not going to get a lot of blue sky, not today. tomorrow you will but only by the afternoon. friday afternoon we get breaks of blue sky after the rain. that's really the highlight of the forecast. tomorrow morning is rain. let me get through today's daytime highs which are fine. no major differences from what you have been experiencing, mid to upper 50s under cloudy skies today pretty much bay area wide. let me show you what this looks like, this system throws us a few showers by morning. a closer inspection we will skip to friday and there is 8:00 a.m. the way the rain comes through tomorrow is pretty much right in the heart of the commute focused primarily on north bay. by the time we get to late morning, there is not a lot left to the rain. we will get light showers late morning and early afternoon from the city south but it is
5:49 am
barely enough to measure. if we look at the totals, we are only talking about 0.1 of an inch of rain for most locations. no significant storms are coming our way, no big changes. we will enter a fairly quiet period and there aren't going to be storms to track. it's just friday morning's rain on the commute. that's what we will be watching. let's see how today's commute is doing. gianna is watching the roads for us. i am. you were mentioning those bay area bridges. i want to start with a live look at the upper deck of the bay bridge. it is a little foggy so definitely give yourself a few extra minutes. typically we will see the cars and you can kind of make them out but there is definite limited visibility especially through portions of the east bay. the toll plaza, it looks better through this area, no metering
5:50 am
lights yet. traffic is getting busy. they are starting to see extra volume as you head across the span into san francisco. headed towards the maze, a live look, you can see traffic starting to pick up here. this is where 80, 580, 880 connect, macarthur maze. 32 minutes 205 to 680. the foggy spots this morning will affect drive through pittsburg, bay point. chp issued a fog advisory around 2:00. it is slow through some spots through pittsburg and as you approach the concord area, travel time is about 26 minutes, holding steady from antioch towards 80. conditions as you head through the north bay, things are quiet with no accidents or incidents. you will deal with fog there but looks like everyone is behaving on the freeways. golden gate bridge is good, no
5:51 am
delays or issues. we are dealing with bart delays. just a heads up, ten minutes on the bariessa line. >> thank you. if you are hoping to catch sunday's warriors game at chase center, be prepared to dig deep in your pockets. dubs are hosting cleveland in what could be thompson's first game back from injury. the cheapest seat is going for just under $300. as of wednesday the most expensive ticket was north of 14,000. all the cops were there and it was because of her. >> man's best friend turned hero. the real life lassie story, next. on
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i am going to share a unique view with you this morning. this is our camera on mount diablo. i know it is dark on the peak but i wanted to show the fog filling the diablo valley. you can see lights of the communities. that's by concord. that's one of the places where we've got bigger issues with
5:55 am
fog. visibility has been down to 0.3 of a mile. it looks cloudy in the city but it isn't on the road here. inland valleys in the north bay have a bet of an issue. petaluma and santa rosa, i have been watching you on fog. concord and fairfield, give yourself extra time on the road. i will be back with the forecast including tomorrow's rain in a bit. back to you. this is a story that would make lassie proud. >> thanks to heroic efforts a new hampshire dog may have saved the life of her owner. the shepherd was frantically running around on a highway when she was spotted by police. as they attempted to corral her, she kept running. when officers caught up, they discovered an overthrown truck and two men thrown from the vehicle, one being tinslee's owner. >> some hypothermia had set in. it is unknown how long they
5:56 am
were out of the vehicle for. the dog was also wet. >> didn't know what was happening and next thing you know the cops were there. it was all because of her. >> the two were treated at the hospital and after tinslee's owner was released he went home to spend time with who he now calls his guardian angel. >> love that story. what a good dog. 5:56. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> schools struggling to keep classrooms open. how one district has come up with a solution. frustration mounting for parents trying to get kids tested for covid. the apology issued in the east bay. president biden is moments away from making one year anniversary of the siege on the u.s. capitol. we'll bring you the special report live as soon as it begins. a live look outside before we head to break, this is from
5:57 am
our treasure island camera. you see the fog over the city of san francisco. it is about 5: on this ♪ [coughs] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] ♪ [camera click] [inhales] halls breathe it in does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c.
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hundreds of teachers called in sick and more can be coming today. it's been a year since the deadly attack on the u.s. capitol. the investigation is far from over. one step closer to fixing san francisco's leaning millennium tower. the push from city leaders. bay area bakeries up early for a special holiday tradition. the celebration this morning for three kings day. we are standing by for a spend report, president biden about to make remarks from the u.s. capitol. we wilin


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