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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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offices and urgent cares or slam. spike is putting pressure on the system. >> it is fair to say that it's a perfect storm that is brewing in terms of impact on the health care system. >> reporter: the surges coming in a wave of phone calls. 100 more a day in contra costa. county fire said that most of it is covid related. >> it puts a heavy load on our ambulance capability. and ems.'s but what we are see now that we haven't seen before, staff is on quarantine or a testing positive. >> reporter: the chief medical officer at san francisco hospital said the surge of staff was something that they
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started planning for the beginning of the pandemic but it just didn't happen until now. in an effort to catch those cases they have increased testing tenfold over the last week. >> trying to create capacity and additional staffing for hospitals. we are ready and we have been ready. we are prepared and we continue to keep the doors open and we are able to deliver the same care to patients in the san francisco community. >> reporter: there is no shortage of first responders. this was something that they planned for. they are asking everyone to consider that they consider other alternatives before calling 911 if it is not life- threatening. >> at santa clara valley medical center there watching case numbers rise and they expect it staff to test
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positive. >> they have contingency plans to lose 20% of staff. something that they were waiting for and here it is. reporting from san jose, wilson walker, kpix 5. we are getting word that teachers in oakland school district will not go to work. they said that they are aware of an illegal "sick out" they said the action would be devastating to the effort to keep schools open and to keep students safe. in san francisco hundreds of teachers called out six. 660 teachers did not report for work. >> district said that all schools remained open. >> the superintendent said that
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the district continues to follow public health guidance and schools are low risk settings by following proper safety protocols. seen that is familiar to parents. many school districts are handing out thousands of covid test kits. juliette goodrich shows us how the distribution went much smoother today in fremont. >> reporter: de two of passing out 33,000 covid test kits has gone a lot better. they have traffic control out here making sure it doesn't become a bottleneck. you can see the cars coming through in less than 10 mins. that's compared to yesterday's rapid test give away. this parent spent two hours in their car waiting and ended up with
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nothing. >> we were all trying to get into one narrow section. >> it was located at the district office. the only test site give away location at yesterday. even today's test give away led to some testy moments in the high school parking lot but it didn't last long. overall consensus was much better. >> it's crazy but it's a much better. yesterday was a lot of cars. >> it's still a long line but it wasn't bad. but maybe less than five minutes. >> reporter: the district had three different locations and they had traffic control and traffic was moving right along. so hopefully everyone will have a test kit in hand to test before the first day of school.
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reporting from fremont, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. to the weather a live look across the bay area. another round of rain is expected to move end. let's get the very latest from the chief meteorologist paul heggen. >> you can see that fog is obscuring the tops of the buildings in downtown san francisco. and that's going stay with us for the next couple of hours. let's track it hour by hour as it moves into the northbay. rain chances will ramp up pre- sunrise hours. for the rest of the bay area it's going hold off just a little bit longer. san francisco those peak right around rush hour. with those chances of tapering off. they peak even later, midmorning. >> that's a lower rain chance overall. less than a trace. we will add those up and look at futurecast in just a few minutes. this evening the sister of
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a slain federal officer is suing facebook. david underwood was killed after guarding a federal building in a 2020. his sister is accusing the tech giant of playing a role saying that it was not a random act but the culmination of a plot that was planned on facebook by two man. facebook released a statement saying that we have banned 1000 social movements from our platform and we are working closely to address the broader issue of internet radicalization. it's been one year since the attack on the u.s. capitol.
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this was seen in san francisco this evening. be sure to watch the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell who will bring you the very latest from the u.s. capitol. the fix for the leaning millennium tower was the focal point of a long hearing today. one week after the engineers revealed that they have come up with a better way to fix the tower. >> reporter: they tackled a lot about the retrofit today. >> the bulk of the discussion was on the new fix for the tower that would significantly reduce the focus of the work needed. but why should we believe that removing two thirds of your original fix will be safe and
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effective. truck that was one of several questions that were asked. the newly proposed plan calls for reducing the number of piles needed from 52 to 18 that can support a heavier load. >> the building remains a safe and can tilt without becoming a safety issue. trip the lead engineer said that getting the job done expeditiously is in everyone's of best interest. and it would contribute a list settlement and tilt. >> there is a benefit, we are providing less stress than the existing foundation. but the cure has been worse than the disease. >> reporter: the city engineer
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review team had this to say about the performance during a earthquake picks but the current tilt has had a negligible impact >> during the hearing he cannot comment on the proposed plan. the leaning tower is tilting two feet toward submission and fremont street. >> reporter: d feel satisfied with the answers you received today ? >> not really. i have trouble buying the notion that reducing the six by two thirds is going to work. >> reporter: the plan has not received the green light from the city. a spokesperson for the engineering and design review team said they are reviewing the revised scope plan. >> we been looking into the issues with the millennium
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tower fix for months. and you can follow that on a coming up on the kpix 5 and cbsn bay area. juror and elizabeth holmes speaking out. the changes coming to two bay area airports? a covid search causing a
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west contra costa unified school district hopes that a long weekend will help them get a handle on covid outbreaks. what parents and community leaders say about the plan to close to deep clean the schools. >> reporter: uncertainty about the school year before the first week of classes. >> we are taking all the precautions that we can. >> reporter: the teachers union says this is the start of a challenging spring with so many members unable to work and students getting sick. >> teachers are not confident about the situation they will
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be end. they want to be in a better situation. >> reporter: should the school district stay close longer than monday ? >> i'm not in advocate for closing schools i advocate getting the testing they made. >> reporter: they said that strict is doing what they can and the remote learning is not the option that anybody wants. >> i would prefer my daughter to go to school. she had a hard time with distance learning. >> my daughter cried, she wanted to go back to school and socialize. it's a catch-22. >> reporter: the district did not return our request for an interview. they said to be prepared for school reopening on tuesday. since the district will be closed on monday three testing sites will not be available to
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the committee. a cruise ship that unloaded covid positive passengers in san francisco is out to sea. the ruby princess dr. at the port of the san francisco. the ship had a random 25% of passengers tested. it is unclear how many people tested positive. health officials said that those who tested positive had mild symptoms or were asymptomatic. >> the are continuously cleaning everything. you have to wear a mask at all times, even outside. >> i had a friend who tested positive but it was a very mild case. he will go through the five day protocol. they will put him in a hotel. >> princess cruises said that those who tested positive are
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isolating at home or they are booked into a hotel to quarantine. one of the jurors and elizabeth holmes trial is a speaking out about the verdict. in an interview with the wall street journal, the jurors said that they zeroed in on two pieces of evidence. report that theranos said that holmes altered an endorsement from pfizer. and showing financial projections that projected $40 million in annual revenue from drug companies. holmes was founded guilty on four charges of defrauding investors. a change in aviation fuel sold a two small airports in the south bay. only unleaded fuel will be sold. back in august county supervisors voted to stop selling leaded fuel after concerns about elevated lead
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levels. chief meteorologist paul heggen is back with the look at the weather. we really lucked out on the timing. >> the timing is working out in the seven-day forecast. couple of dry days. at the pattern that i wouldn't mind if it repeated through memorial day and the fourth of july. that will take this one at a time. let's talk about tonight into tomorrow. it's going to be a week cold front bringing passing showers. a very light rainmaker. the bulk of the moisture and energy maker will be in the pacific northwest. once that moves through we will have a couple of days of a dry break that coincides with the weekend. which is good news for anybody who wants to go out and enjoy the pleasant weather in the bay area. will update you on some of the resort conditions. let's focus on the rain, and ra
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the various forecast models still have some disagreement. in terms of when the most widespread rain will fall, but it makes a big difference in terms of the impact on the commuter. there is a chance that though widespread rain will hold off and then move through quickly. it will be gone by midafternoon with clearing skies as we head through tomorrow evening. locally dense fog in the morning that will be replaced by sunshine in the afternoons. light rainmaker. just enough to whet the roads and do some puddles. the latest forecast indicating a trace for san jose. we will take what we can get.
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beggars can't be choosers. in san jose the clouds are filing back and. the fog is so thick it's registering as rain fall. temperatures will drop into the 40s, we will not warm up much, the dog walking forecast, the dogs going get wet if he goes out early in the morning. hold off until later in the day when we will see some sunshine peeking through before the sunshine goes down. high temperatures close to normal for this time of year. everyone in the mid to upper 50s and that's where we will top out with a little bit more sunshine in the afternoon. more clouds on monday but the best chance of showers will be along the coast with a better chance of showers and the tail end of the forecast. whether or not it will bring
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measurable rain into the bay area is speculative. we'll keep you updated as we head into the weekend. "cbs evening news" is coming up. here is a preview. tonight on the "cbs evening news", we are live from the u.s. capitol hill. new information on the congressional investigation. and the heroes who still give us help. that's coming up on the "cbs evening news". straight ahead in sports. sober news
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let's drop the puck on the san jose sharks. given up six goals, it was time to put a stop to it. are you going break this up? i'm not stepping in, that triggered what happened next. he ripped one off the post and it goes end. 2-0, sharks. he scored his 17th goal of the season. and the sharks scored three first-period goals. get this this could be there
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first win in buffalo. the wires are in business without a staff curry, green is sitting this one out, moving pictures on the late show. are you ready for your daily dose of quarterback jimmy garoppolo, this is a sign of him playing the rams, the reviews seem good. but i'm not sure how much you know about these fractures before jimmy. we are surprise with what he was able to do. >> i'm one of the foremost experts on that topic. i wrote my thesis on it, nothing is surprising. >> okay. he said his three-year-old son
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was taken to the hospital by ambulance with severe covid symptoms. they posted this photo on social media saying he had a 103 degrees fever and purple live lips. he's recovering at home. a fill in matchup with star appeal. but this is the most fun i've had in my life. but 102-year-old heart of layla chicago. the ramblers carry that spirit all the way to the final four. they met at a community college and it was a tight game. loyola chicago iced it. in the ramblers win 79-74.
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that was the second loss this season. they will recover next week as a play the university of san diego. that was a pretty good show. check out the game on the hilltop. >> one school named leola could beat them. and the jury is out. >> your alma mater. do not mess around. you need to be careful that one. they will sneak up on you. coming
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that would be $150 down the drain th 's it fo ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we're reporting live, from here on capitol hill, to mark one year since the january 6th insurrection. a date that will live on in the history books. president biden today unleashing blame on former president trump for, in his words, holding a dagger at the throat of america. >> for the first time in our history, a president had not just lost an election-- he tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. >> o'donnell: it was a day of remembrance. but the only republicans on the house floor? congresswoman liz cheney, and in a surprise-- her father, former vice president dick cheney, who said he's disappointed in g.o.p. leadership. tonight, the congressional probe into who planned the attack, and why president trump didn't try to stop it.
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