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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 7, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our treasure island camera looking at the city of san francisco. good morning. it is friday january 7. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. it sounds so good to say it is friday. >> sounds so good. >> we are going to get a check on our weather and traffic. we still have darren with us. happy to be with you again for another day. it's a day in which it's raining or about to rain. you can see the showers off the far northwest coast. all we have to do is come in for a closer look, switch to the futurecast and you will see that's about to work into the north bay. coming in right on time, we will see light rain across north bay between the 6:00, 9:00 time frame. that means morning commuters in north bay will feel this pretty much more than just about anywhere else. by the time we have gotten past 9:00 a.m.
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showers work south of the golden gate, start to fall apart as they do that. it's not necessarily terribly heavy rainfall but it's at least light rain until 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. one other thing about this, if you look at the back edge, that's the end of the clouds which means we are going to get clearer skies by the time we get to the second half of the day. we only pick up about a tenth of an inch of rain. i will go into more detail on what to expect for the weekend coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes. gianna. good morning. happy friday. taking a look at the roadways, again, we will deal with some wet weather. heads up, don't forget that umbrella before you head out the door. we are not seeing issues or brake lights into the altamont pass. it is certainly friday light but with that rain you may have limited visibility issues. don't forget to pop your head lights on when the sun comes up even if it is raining.
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highway 4 to the maze, 13 minutes. highway 4, 25 minute commute from antioch towards 80. out of the south bay, so far so good. no delays on 101 out of san jose all the way to sfo. that is 37 minutes. bay bridge toll plaza is pretty quiet now heading into san francisco. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have our eye on the supreme court today when it comes to vaccine mandates. the supreme court is going to consider two of president biden's proposed mandates. those mandates are not being enforced yet because they've been held up in lower courts. one of them means businesses with over 100 employees would have to be vaccinated and for healthcare workers at facilities receiving medicaid and medicare funding. now, there is no time line as to when court will decide on this. usually it takes several months but this one is likely on the
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fast track. we'll keep an eye on it. from hospitals to schools to public transit, alarming surge in coronavirus cases causing major disruptions throughout the region. a planned teacher sick-out in oakland has principal at one school telling students to stay home today. >> reporter: we got a copy of the memo sent to parents by the principal at oakland tech high school telling them it is basically pointless to send their kids to the classroom. this is the message parents got from the principal, please don't send students to school tomorrow. it goes onto say it is highly likely no instruction will be provided. >> we are not going to march ourselves into a known death trap. >> reporter: a history teacher at skyline high school, he is one of the organizers and says the teachers' union is not involved but the idea instead came together organically among teachers who do not feel safe in the classroom. >> we are not going to continue
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to spread covid to our students or bring covid home to our families. >> reporter: he says teachers are demanding the district put more safety measures in place including providing kn95 masks to students, provide regular covid testing at school sites and reinstate so they don't have to use their sick days due to covid. >> if the only language people in power understand is us withholding our labor, because that is what they depend on, then that's the language we'll speak. >> reporter: there were more than 900 positive cases in students and staff. the district released a statement saying we will be doing everything possible to keep schools open for students on friday. however, the unexpected loss of additional teachers through a planned sick-out would be devastating to our schools and efforts we have made so far to keep schools open and students
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safe. teachers participating say they'll be leading a car caravan to district headquarters in effort to get district leaders and union leaders back to the bargaining table to talk about their safety concerns. looking live at san francisco, where hours of covid safety talks between the district and teacher's union went nowhere. they left last night's meeting frustrated and disappointed. yesterday 616 teachers called out sick. that's down from more than 700 wednesday. teachers are demanding high grade masks, weekly testing for students and staff, sick leave extensions to get through the omicron surge. district leaders are concerned about cost of sick leave for staff needing to quarantine. they say they need time to return the numbers and want to return to the bargaining table next week. no question students in west contra cosmetic to unified will be staying home today,
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district shutting down until tuesday. the district says it plans to use long weekend to deep clean campuses and give covid positive staff and students time to recover. california hospitals are struggling to maintain staffing with more and more healthcare workers sidelined after being exposed or infected. according to california hospital association, about 40% of the hospitals are expecting to face critical staff shortage. some are reporting as much as a quarter of their staff missing time due to the virus. if looking for a covid test or vaccine, check our county by county resource guide on click the red banner at the top of the home page. a live look from capitol hill where it was an emotional day on the first anniversary of the insurrection that stunned the nation. >> ♪ from the mountains ...
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a twilight vigil finished a day of remembrance on the anniversary of the deadly insurrection that shook the nation. president biden directed blame at his predecessor. >> i will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of democracy. the former president of the united states of america has created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. >> the president delivered his address in statuary hall, filled that day with rye eters who tried but failed to stop the certification of his election. >> for the first time in our history, a president had not just lost election, he tried to prevent peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob breached the capitol. >> reporter: some recalled the attack. >> i was within 30 feet of these nasty, racist big on thed insurrectionists. i was told later one of them
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reportedly said there is the big you. let's get him. >> then the pounding on the doors. that haunting sound i will never forget. >> former president fay ming race was rigged and a crime. even now he is urging supporters to never forget and never give up. former vice president dick chaney joined his daughter wyoming congressman liz cheney on the house floor for a moment of silence. cheney is vice chair of the panel investigating and was among the few republicans taking part in thursday's events. >> five people died as a result of the attack. more than 700 people have been charged with crimes stemming from the day. all over the bay area people gathered to reflect on violent riot at our nation's capital and what's happened sense. andrea nakano explains protesters are concerned america has not learned its lesson from a year ago.
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it was at this busy intersection where more than is hundred 100 protesters gathered. from a lively vigil in walnut creek. >> ♪ we the people are for the people. >> reporter: a walk around the federal building in san francisco. demonstrators gathered to remember what happened in the nation's capital a year ago. >> it doesn't feel like a year has passed. i remember that day so vividly. >> reporter: protesters fear history may repeat itself without legislation to protect voting rights. >> our country is in a place that i never thought it would be. everything you took for granted is in crisis right now. >> i think we are at an important inflexion point and can either decide to strengthen
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who we are, what our democracy stands for, or we can see it go the wrong direction. >> as a latino, again, we never thought our rights to the country would start to decay and it is at the point where people need to take it seriously. democracy may not always be here. >> reporter: the goal is to send a message of hope that voters will continue to decide outcome of elections in the united states. >> we strengthen our democracy. we protect our right to vote. we stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. 4:41. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, another bay area fran sit agency warning about covid- related delays starting today. we are learning how a puppy stolen in san francisco ended up all the way in sacramento and how she finally made it home.
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welcome back. a french bulldog puppy snatched from her owner was apparently recovered in sacramento. she was ripped from her mother's arms on new year's day. she was purchased by someone near sacramento who saw on social media that the pup had been stolen. the buyer reported it to sfpd investigators who drove up north to bring rosie back to
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her rightful owner lyft what a happy reunion that must have been. game stop rolling out big changes. plus the fast food chain launching a subscription service. diane king hall reports from new york. stocks fell on wall street thursday. dow dropped 170 points. nasdaq was down 19 and s&p 500 shed four. investors waiting for december jobs report out later this morning. analysts expect labor department to report more than 400,000 jobs were added last month. unemployment rate is expected to tick down a tenth of a percent to 4% .1%. shares of game stop rallied 22% in after hours trading. it is creating an nft marketplace according to "wall street journal." game stop is reportedly working
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on creating partnerships with kidnap toe currency companies that will help develop video games that use blog chain and nft technologies. taco bell wants people to have a tackle oh every day. the chain has a service where customers can get one taco a day for $10 a month. it is available through taco bell's app. the company tested in arizona last year and saw the rewards program grow by 20%. users choose from one of seven different tacos. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to i am diane king hall. tough news for those relying on ac transit to get from point a to point b, agency urging riders to prepare for today starting today as they manage a spike in covid related sick calls. alaska airlines is announcing a 10% cut to the remainder of the
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january flight schedule due to staff shortages and sick calls. nationwide airlines have canceled more than 24,000 flights since christmas eve. spacex kicked off 2022 with a bang as they launched first rocket of the new year. >> continuing the company's star link mission the falcon rocket was shot into space with another 49 starling satellites. 3, 2, 1, lift off. >> the goal of yesterday's launch is to build internet relay stations designed to provide high speed service for customers across the globe. following a perfect take off the launch brings spacex's satellite total to nearly 2,000. always cool to see. 4:46. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> we will start with darren peck. it is so cloudy, foggy, and rainy. yeah. the rain will be light today, amanda but it will be rainy.
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that's different from the last few days. we have had the clouds and today is the pay off where we have light showers. you see the light bands of rain that have been moving in. still haven't technically gotten to the bay area though we have some light misting. if we switch from the latest view of high def doppler looking at the bands of rain, watch that advance throughout the day, it is mainly a morning commute issue for rain through the north bay. this is looking at 6:30. you can see that's when some of the more impressive rain is starting to move along the 101 corridor. that would be when the rain starts to move through sonoma county. light rain showers, pretty persistent throughout the north bay all the way through 8:00 or 9:00 and by the time we get to the 10:00 hour in the morning, showers have made it towards the bay itself. we are looking at the rain just having made it down to the golden gate and moving south from there to the south bay,
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inland valleys of the tri valley. you really don't get a lot out of this. there is not much left by the time the rain gets down here. the time on that says 2:00 and that's where we are seeing the last of the showers turn off. by that point it is sunshine entirely for the north bay which will be nice. you can see the back edge of the clouds here by 2:00 or 3:00 just starting to clear for the rest of the bay as well and just in time for sun set by 4:30 today. we'll see clearer skies for just about the entire bay. in terms of how much rain we get, totals are low. we are only looking at about a tenth of an inch of rain tops for most locations. this system does move into sierra where it will drop snow. we'll pick up several inches of snow in the mountains. there is a winter weather advisory. temperatures staying in the upper 50s all the way through. this is the only day with rain on it whether we look at san francisco, oakland, san jose or
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the micro climates, it's pretty much the same story. i will have more coming up in the 5:00 hour. let's get updated on the drive with gianna. let's take a look at those roadways. the good news is we are accident free, no major incidents or issues so that's a positive. again as you head out, don't forget that umbrella. it's going to be a bit of a rainy commute. it's coming a little bit after 6:00. you are moving okay and at the limit though we are starting to see mist on our cameras this ok at the san mateo bridge. you are moving nicely in both directions, tail lights towards foster city. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights off, no delays as you head into san francisco. things are pretty quiet. a live look at a different part of the bay bridge, this is the upper deck as you get onto near the tower as you get on to the bridge, things are looking good. yesterday we were dealing with fog and couldn't make out the cars in that area.
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golden gate bridge is looking clear, no major issues or delays, nice ride out of marin as you head into the city. looking at travel times, that ride out of marin south bound 101, 37 down to the golden gate bridge, 19 minutes. richmond san rafael, crossing from richmond to the marin side, that's an eight minute commute. so far things are okay and it is friday light. that's good news. again as you work out of tracy into altamont pass we might see a few brake lights here and there. things are looking good at least through north flynn and rest of the way towards the dublin interchange. a live look at conditions west bound 580, head lights heading towards 680. we aren't seeing brake lights or issues. 23 minutes 205 to 680. it can be hard to have a conversation while wearing a face mask. >> it can be tough. one tech company is working to change that known as the zephyr
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pro, the refined model features internal mic, external speakers to make your voice louder and small fans to keep your face cool while you are wearing it. the cost is $149 but you can't even preorder one yet. you will have to wait a bit. here is vern with sports. good morning everybody. i got warriors from last night where something happened for the first time this season. yeah, defense, they got stopped in the big easy. but under manned
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good morning everybody. i got warriors and pelicans on my mind. for the warriors, consecutive offensive clunkers. they got a few days to clean it up. last night in new orleans steph curry, greene both were not part of this, second of back to back games. in blue they hanged on. look at the hustle. he finally got the shot to drop, golden state up nine. second, the 19-year-old scored 13. before half no answers for ingram, big night, 32 points including that. fast forward to the 4th, warriors got frustrated, forced a turn over and committed one led to points, hayes dunked. new orleans up seven. dubs gave full effort. he hit after he missed his first ten shots. no one provided a good enough
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offensive spark. they could not buy a break for a rebound. if the it wasn't for bad luck they would have no luck, first time this season dubs had back to back losses. new orleans won 101-96. next game verses cleveland possibly with klay thompson. usc trojans at cal. bears stuck with them. a shepherd move inside, tough contestant lay in, bears within three. for the second, trojans, too much horsepower. up six, immobile from deep, he led sc with 19 and pulled away and won 77-63. trojans are 13-0, one of three unbeatens left in the nation. usf, well, they had to go to salt lake city community
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college to face loyola chicago. two of the best in the country clashed. ramblers made them play. they spread the floor, an uncontested jam, loyola won 79- 74, dons second loss this season. nfl how about a morning jimmy garoppolo note. the 49er quarterback had a second straight good practice yesterday, right thumb ligament damage did not keep him from zipping passes. coach shanahan said he would name starting quarterback sunday morning of a playoff critical rams game. on the ice, it's been tough for the san jose goalies. 14 goals given up in a couple games. they ended last night when they attacked buffalo. here is a goal banged to make 3- 0, team leading 27 for the year. they needed all three goals for final standoff, hill made a key stop and sharks won a final of
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3-2. i certainly hope they let hill eat first at the post game meal. he had 37 saves last night. great job. the next time i see you, i expect to be talking about 49ers in the playoffs and klay thompson knocking down shots on sunday afternoon. we will see. have a good one everybody. i'll see you what i see ya. >> 4:57. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> bumpy start to 2022 for america's schools. how omicron variant is affecting classrooms in the bay area right now. how san
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oakland educators planning a sick-out today. they say they don't feel safe in their classrooms. we'll tell you more, coming up. sick teachers and students leaving classrooms empty. a whole school district is calling off classes for days. what parents are saying. changes san mateo is making to meet the covid testing demand. struggle for california hospitals to keep up with surging covid cases. good morning. it is friday january 7. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. happy friday. let's get a check of weather and traffic starting with darren peck and light rain for the morning commute. particularly for the north bay where it's not going to be heavy but we are starting to see the showers begin. high def doppler is reading the initial line of rain. to show you how this plays out watch the line work through the north bay, up and down 101 into the 6:00, 7:00 hour. then it gets down to the golden
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gate after that. at 8:00, 9:00 we mig


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