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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 7, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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in their classrooms. we'll tell you more, coming up. sick teachers and students leaving classrooms empty. a whole school district is calling off classes for days. what parents are saying. changes san mateo is making to meet the covid testing demand. struggle for california hospitals to keep up with surging covid cases. good morning. it is friday january 7. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. happy friday. let's get a check of weather and traffic starting with darren peck and light rain for the morning commute. particularly for the north bay where it's not going to be heavy but we are starting to see the showers begin. high def doppler is reading the initial line of rain. to show you how this plays out watch the line work through the north bay, up and down 101 into the 6:00, 7:00 hour. then it gets down to the golden gate after that. at 8:00, 9:00 we might see
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first showers down to the heart of the bay. by then there is not a lot left. that gets us to the 10:00 hour and some of the showers are across really the city and oakland by then. you escape morning commute in terms of more noticeable rain in the heart of the bay. watch what happens late afternoon. sunny skies. we will get a break in the action. it's been so gray for so long that it will be nice to see blue sky. not big on the rainfall totals, only getting about a tenth of an inch of rain. to show you what daytime highs to look like to leave you with that side of the story, we'll see numbers climb to the 60- degree range for most locations. it's pretty much mid to upper 50s for most spots. let's go to gianna and check on the drive. as we look at the roadways, i want to start with a live look at conditions at west bound 80 at the fremont street exit. this is the portion of 80 that is the bay bridge skyway coming
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into san francisco. trouble spot reported by chp is a crash with a couple cars involved. moments ago we did see flashing lights to the side of the road way. it looks like traffic is moving at an okay pace but there are two cars involved in the crash. they are working on running a traffic break and getting all the cars off the fremont street off ramp. hopefully they did that and things will be moving at the limit. no delays at the toll plaza. metering lights are off. it continues to move good the rest of the way across the upper deck into san francisco. they are just doing lane changes at the golden gate bridge but no delays out of marin county. >> thank you. alarming surge in coronavirus cases driven by omicron variant is causing major disruptions in the bay area including in our schools. we have live team coverage this morning on what is a bumpy start to 2022 for students and teachers. >> we start with justin andrews and issues that the west contra
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costa unified school district is facing. >> reporter: high case rates and staff shortages have closed west contra costa schools for the next few days. this is not what school officials planned for. administrators are stepping in for absent teachers and it is a struggle just to keep classrooms open. school is not in session today or tomorrow to give teachers and students who have covid time to recover. this closure will give custodians time to deep clean all 54 campuses. almost a fourth of the district's students missed classes this week. the district is closing three covid testing sites monday. there won't be any online instruction during this time either. union leaders worry two days may not be enough. parents waiting to pick up their kids had mixed mind sets. >> i think it is good that they're taking safety precautions, trying to keep everyone safe. i think it's good to try two
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days and see how it goes. >> i think it needs to be shut down longer. but what can you do? >> reporter: parents are telling us they're willing to see what the district can accomplish over the weekend wondering if classes will resume as the district plans on tuesday. back to you. today, oakland teachers are planning a sick-out to protest what they say are unsafe conditions in the classroom. >> as joycelyn moran reports at one high school they're telling parents not to send their kids to school this morning. >> reporter: that's right. in a memo sent by principal of oakland tech they're asking parents to please not send their students to school. let's take a look at the message. principal says, quote, it is highly likely no instruction will be provided. oakland teachers and educators from a number of schools are asking oakland certified for list of covid safety measures.
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included are providing kn95 masks for staff and students with mask requirement updated to require these masks, weekly pcr testing of students and staff, and they want district to reinstate covid pay for teachers so they don't have to use sick days. a history teacher at skyline high says teachers' union is not involved but sick-out was organized among teachers who do not feel safe. >> we are not going to continue to spread covid to our students or bring covid home to our families. >> us withholding our labor because that is ultimately what they depend on. then that's the language we'll speak. >> reporter: oakland unified sent rapid covid tests home before winter break. in a statement oakland unified says they will be doing everything possible to keep schools open for students friday. the district goes onto say the sick-out would be, quote, devastating to schools and efforts they have made to keep
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schools and students safe. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have a close eye on the supreme court, set to hear arguments, oral arguments, on two vaccine rules proposed by biden administration. the first would impact 80 million requiring large employers to mandate their employees either get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. the other would require vaccines for healthcare workers at facilities that get medicaid or medicare funding. that affects more than 10 million people. we are talking about 90 million total. today justices will decide whether to block federal requirements while lower courts decide if they are legal. oral arguments set to last more than two hours, they'll be available on a live audio stream and we'll keep an eye on it. >> thank you much. looking live at san francisco now where hours of covid safety talks between the
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district and teachers' union went nowhere. union negotiators left last night's meeting frustrated and disappointed. yesterday 616 teachers called out sick. that's down from roughly 700 wednesday. teachers are demanding high grade masks, district leaders are concerned about cost of sick leave for staff needing to quarantine. they need more time to run the numbers and want to return to the bargaining table next week. local school districts spent another busy day passing out student test kits. in fremont, some changes to ease hours' long lines parents had to wait in. >> an improvement from yesterday. the lines are long but the walk in wasn't bad. >> might be less than five minutes. >> much better. >> were you worried it would be like yesterday? >> yes. i am staff so it is crazy. >> the district set up three
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pick up sites yesterday instead of one and police were on hand to keep traffic flowing. san mateo making changes to testing options. it is expanding hours of operations at existing sites. a new testing clinic is also opening and home test kits are set to be given to people most at risk. steps will roll out over the coming weeks. a rise in covid cases has prompted city to issue emergency order shuttering facilities to the public until further notice. city hall, police station, municipal center, community center, senior activity center. city staff will be minimally staffing and working remotely. california hospitals struggling to maintain staffing with more healthcare workers sidelined after exposed or infected. according to california hospital association about 40% of the state's hospitals are expecting to face critical staff shortage. some are reporting as much as a
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quarter of their staff missing time due to the virus. if you are looking for a covid test or vaccine check our county by county resource guide on click the red banner at the top of the home page. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> new insight into what went on behind closed doors for jury in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. >> tough news for riders hoping to use ac transit during morning commute. as we look at the morning commute we have reports of a trouble spot near the fremont street exit off the bay bridge. it looks like traffic is moving better now. i will have
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we are getting insight into what went on behind the closes doors in the jury room in the holmes trial. jurors zeroed in on two pieces of evidence. one was a report the founder altered to make it look like pfizer endorsed her blood testing start up. the other was a document projecting $40 million in annual revenue from drug companies. holmes faces up to 20 years in prison on each of her four
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fraud and conspiracy convictions. though legal experts think her actual sentence will be significantly less. new, a service dog that was stolen in san francisco has been found and reunited with its owner. here is a look at the happy reunion. sfpd says summer was near octavia and waller when a suspect grabbed her harness and took off. it's not clear how police found the 5-year-old german shepherd. the suspected thief is still on the run. a rancher believed to have been killed by a bull. deputies fatally shot the bull after it charged first responders. officials were called to the area yesterday afternoon after reports of an unresponsive rancher lying in a field. the man has yet to be identified. tough news for those relying on ac transit to get from a to b. the agency altering riders to prepare for delays as they manage a spike
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in covid-related sick calls and positive cases. travel issues not just limited to the ground. alaska airline announcing a 10% cut to the schedule due to shortages and sick calls. nationwide airlines have canceled more than 24,000 flights since christmas eve. spacex kicked off 2022 with a bang as they launched the first rocket of the year. >> the falcon rocket was shot into space with another 49 starling satellites. >> 3, 2, 1, lift off. >> there it goes. the goal of the launch is to build internet relay stations designed to provide high speed service for customers across the globe. following a perfect take off it brings spacex's orbital satellite total to nearly 2,000. this morning a sonic time
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capsule has been unearthed revealing a lost era of music history. the moment the man in black crossed path with an infamous sound engineer in san francisco. >> reporter: they used to record music on reels like this using long narrow strips of magnetic tape. it's amazing, something so fragile could hold so much bay area history. on the corner of market and vaness in san francisco a huge building houses the van gogh exhibit. more than half a century ago it was home to a dance palace known as carousel ball room. during the '60s on the second floor the bay area flocked to hear rock music. on one evening in 1968 hundreds of hippies gathered and they heard this. >> ♪ how i taught the weeping
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willow to cry. >> reporter: the great johnny cash, april 24th. no photos exist but the event was recorded on audio tape. >> ♪ i'm going to sit right here until i die. >> a chunk of american cultural history. >> it was a special little bit of magic. >> we like to call it a time machine because it really transports at least your ears back to the shows. >> reporter: it is unclear why cash took the gig. in 1967, a drug addiction was killing him and he had attempted suicide. in '68 everything changed. he kicked the habit, recorded a live album at fulsome prison and married singer and songwriter june carter. >> my father, that's one of the most creative years of his life. >> reporter: john carter cash is only child of johnny and june. when he first heard the lost recording he was struck by how it sounded. >> i knew there was something specifically different about this show. >> reporter: the difference
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involved this man, legendary sound engineer alesly stanley also known as bear. >> these two strong personalities and highly creative forces and they come together over this record. >> he was the first sound man for grateful dead. he was also a chemist renowned for making lsd. grateful dead historian dennis mcnally. >> he made the best lsd when it was legal and also when it wasn't. >> reporter: lsd played a role cag thperfect sound. >> he was trying to put you in the brain of the musician. >> reporter: his son, a veterinarian star finder stanley explains. >> he developed techniques that really captured the sound of a room. >> reporter: during one acid trip bear saw sound waves reverberating around a room. that inspired him to create a sound system that's revolutionary in its approach and clarity. >> the style of recording set
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the standard for years and years to come. >> reporter: the ball room became bear's laboratory, recorded shows to study them and improve his method. >> he called the tapes sonic journals. >> reporter: cash at the carousel did not disappoint. >> ♪ over took me down ... >> probably what it would have been like if you had been in the room. >> reporter: bear died in a car crash. his children created a nonprofit foundation in his honor. they're preserving their father's old tapes by digitizing them. it's a race against time. >> reel to reel tapes are iron oxide particles glued to plastic. it falls apart, deteriorates. it's something that we can't let evaporate. >> reporter: it's an all volunteer effort. no one is paid. if you buy an album the proceeds are split between the artist and digitizing the rest
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of the tapes. >> to listen to songs from the johnny cash concert or for more info on how to order we have links on 5:18. let's get a check on our weather and traffic. >> there he is. darren peck starts us off. >> sneaking in. i am centered up. that means i am ready to forecast. let me show you what it looks like. the storms are still out there. they just for now are a little skit issue about coming to the bay area. i can explain what i mean. one look at high def doppler will show you we are on the southern most end of the next band of rain. most of this went to our north. it doesn't mean we don't get rain. we do. but it tells us the rain will not be a blockbuster rainmaker. it will be light showers, basically the southern tail end of the system. you can see it on futurecast. it really shows up beautifully. we can take that through the morning. that gets to the 6:00 hour.
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between about 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. it will probably be the most important part of the day for rain for some of us. by that i mean the north bay. that's when this will be bringing most noticeable rain through sonoma, marin, napa, not to say it won't rain after that to the south. it will. it won't be that good. that's maybe about 0.2 of an inch of rain. if we go to 9:00 and 10:00, golden gate, it will rain today, don't get me wrong. by then we are talking about light showers that should not have a significant impact on the drive. even the rain in the north bay, windshield wipers will likely be on in the window of really 7:00 to 9:00. but it shouldn't have much of an impact. slick roads are slick roads. give yourself extra time. south bay, maybe a shower in the early afternoon. then we watch clouds clear out by the time we get to 1:00 or 2:00. that might be one of the more
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interesting things about this. it's been a while since we have seen blue sky. it's going to take a while to do that for some of us. for north bay you will see it by early afternoon. in the south bay, you might get to clear blue sky by just around sun set tonight. then there is no more rain. temperatures will be in the mid 50s for seven days. light rain today and the rest of the seven-day forecast, you see light showers there for friday turning into mostly sunny days with daytime highs in mid to upper 50s. that's where things stand at the moment. let's get an update on the drive and check with gianna for that. let's look at the roadways now. a couple things to look out for, first reports of a trouble spot at the richmond san rafael bridge. it was first reported as a stalled vehicle but looks like a couple cars got tangled up. a crash near the toll plaza. we are not seeing brake lights or issues so that's good news. according to chp it is blocking at least the right lane near
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the toll plaza. it may be a little past where our live shot is. i will show you a map of the area. we are not seeing any red popping up so it is not causing brake lights or issues as of yet. we'll let you know if that changes. travel time, about ten minutes to make it to the marin side. bay bridge toll plaza, quiet, with no major issues or delays. that can change later on as we see more cars on the road way after 6:00 and when the rain starts hitting the area. so far it's under ten minutes from the maze into the city. it looks like they did move the crash near the fremont street exit off the freeway down on the off ramp, not locking main lines of the road way traffic moving nicely. golden gate bridge, 19 minutes from highway 37 south 101 into san francisco, no delays. it looks like things are good on the san mateo bridge. 12 minutes between 880 and 101. it is friday light for the drive into altamont pass.
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we are not seeing brake lights or issues really. it's quiet out of tracy on 205 west bound to 580 and travel time is good around 25 minutes as you head towards the dublin interchange. >> thank you. 5:23. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a closer look at this wild looking face mask trying to solve a very real problem.
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let's get you ready for the middle of the day. we have done a lot of focus as we should on the morning commute. by lunch if you are in the north bay, most of the rain is done. from the city south, you might have a stray shower or two. you can see we've got clouds left over. it will be partly cloudy. it will be mid 50s in general by that noon to 2:00 time frame. if we look at high def doppler, you see why it's really the morning commute where all the focus is today. we will track the showers if you are ready to head out the door. plan on rain, specifically in the north bay through the morning commute hours and i will show you more on that in
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futurecast in a bit. we'll look to the rest of the seven-day forecast as well. for now, back to you. we know this, it can be hard to have a conversation while wearing a face mask. i feel like we are like huh, what? >> one tech company is working to change that known as the zephyr pro. it is the second in a series of futuristic face masks from razor. it has internal mic, external speakers, small fans to keep your face cool. the cost is $149. but you can't even preorder one yet. i don't know. i will leave my regular mask. >> i like my pink mask. >> i lose them so i am not going to spend $150. >> i can see myself leaving that in an uber or something. >> exactly. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> new legislation in what
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oakland educators planning a sick-out day. they have a series of demands from oakland unified. bay area schools struggling to deal with sick staff and students. one one east bay district is shutting down all schools for days. the first in the nation universal healthcare plan being proposed in our state. precautions in place to keep inmates and staff safe in correctional facilities in san mateo county. good morning. it is friday january 7. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. let's get a check on weather and traffic. we will start with darren peck joining us in studio.
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good morning. good morning. we will watch light rain in the north bay and it will have an impact on the morning commute. it shouldn't be major but still don't be surprised really between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning. you see the rain on the high def doppler. those showers will march across mainly sonoma, marin, napa. it looks good on futurecast. that gets us through the heart of the commute. there is 6:30. here is 8:30, starting to get down to the golden gate. we notice light showers from the golden gate south after 8:00 or 9:00. so really after the heart of the commute. they won't be heavy by the time they have done that. late morning to early afternoon for the heart of the bay, city, peninsula, east bay, south bay, inland valleys of the east bay, you will get light rain. it just won't be enough. towards 2:00 look at the break in the sky. there is blue sky. that will be nice to see.
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we haven't seen much of that. daytime highs will go to the upper 50s. for now we are in the low 50s. how does the drive look? things are actually okay. we are getting a couple hot spots as more cars get on the road way. not seeing a lot of brake lights or issues especially for the ride towards the dublin interchange. you see head lights heading towards 680 and extra volume but still moving at a pretty okay pace there. no crashes or incidents into the altamont pass area. traffic as you work east of there, a little bit busy in some spots, seeing some red and yellow on our censors around grant line, north flynn. but again it is not causing major delays and your travel time looks good. it's safe to say it is friday light. we are keeping our eye on brake lights at the richmond san rafael bridge, a trouble spot past the toll plaza. it looks like traffic is starting to slow down just a bit. back to you.
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today, oakland teachers planning a sick-out to protest what they say are unsafe conditions in the classroom. >> let's go to joycelyn moran with what educators are demanding from oakland unified. >> reporter: this sick-out is impacting classrooms. principal of oakland tech told parents in a message to please not send their students to school because it was likely there would be no instruction. teachers we spoke to say given the surge we are experiencing in the bay area, they don't feel safe in classrooms. before winter break oakland unified sent rapid tests home ahead of winter break and more than 900 positive cases amongst students and staff turned up. teachers planning the sick-out are demanding a list of covid- 19 safety protocols, including kn95 for staff and students with the requirement updated to require the masks. weekly pcr testing of students and staff and want the district
5:34 am
to reinstate covid pay so they don't have to use their sick days. they say with people out sick they're concerned there will be a point where there is not enough staffing. >> we don't have social distancing. we have students that eat in cafeterias unmasked and there is not sufficient ventilation. with the severity or trans miss i've nature of the variant, n95 masks have become necessary. but students don't have access to those masks. >> reporter: the district released a statement saying we will be doing everything possible to keep schools open on friday. however unexpected loss of additional teachers through a planned sick-out would be devastating to schools and to the efforts we have made so far to keep schools open and students safe. educators organizing the sick- out say they're going to be leading a car caravan to district headquarters calling for the safety measures.
5:35 am
in west contra costa unified schools are closed for the next few days leaving parents scrambling. staffing shortages and student i willness because of omicron leaves the district they say with no other choice. >> justin andrews is live. the district not planning online instruction either. what are they going to do. >> reporter: it absolutely is not. that's not an option for the next couple days. parents are willing to see what the district does over the weekend and wondering if classes will resume as district plans on tuesday. the covid cases have led to empty classrooms, administrators stepping in for absent teachers, an all out struggle to keep classrooms open. that's what west contra costa schools have dealt with. by canceling classes, the district hopes it gives teachers and students time to recover and custodians time to clean all 54 schools in the district. almost a fourth of the students
5:36 am
missed classes this week. union leaders worry two days may not be enough. >> to be in a situation where the variant is crushing our school system is upsetting. >> we have parents coming into our office to get test kits because schools don't have them. this is a mess frankly. >> reporter: the district is also closing its three covid testing sites on monday. school leaders are urging everyone to get tested before returning back to classes on tuesday. omicron surge is also having an impact on our federal courts. jury trials in the bay area will be suspended for the next three weeks. that applies to all criminal and civil trials at u.s. district courts in san francisco, oakland, and san jose. for now trials in state superior court will continue in the bay area. in san mateo they are canceling in person visits at the county correctional facilities until further notice. the only exceptions being attorney meetings and court
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ordered visits. in addition all staff will be required to wear n95 or kn95 masks while inside the correctional facilities. to our state capitol where democrats introduced what could be the first universal healthcare system in the country. to cover the cost, the plan would raise taxes for people making at least $150,000 a year. republicans, insurance companies, doctors strongly oppose the bill. for the proposal to become law, state lawmakers and voters would need to approve it. today, u.s. supreme court will hear challenges to two of president biden's vaccine mandates. one requires employees at large businesses to be vaccinated or regularly tested. the other mandates vaccines for some healthcare workers. several states and business groups claim measures are unconstitutional. i've anne makovec at the live news desk. we got an update to a story we
5:38 am
have been following. a service dog stolen out of its owners hands monday has been found and reunited with that owner. here is a look at the happy reunion. the dog's name is summer. monday somebody stole her near octavia and waller. they grabbed her harness and ran towards market street. police have not said how loose morning. back to you. >> thank you. time for your money watch report. irs is cracking down on small businesses and game stop is rolling out big changes. diane king hall joins us live from the cbs broadcast center. diane, good morning to you. good morning. let's start with breaking economic data. last jobs report, tally of 2021, last month of 2021 is out. the economy grew by 199,000
5:39 am
jobs in december. that was much weaker than expected. economists predicted more than double that number but nation's unemployment rate did dip to 3.9% and that was better than expected. irs cracking down on millions of small business owners who use payment apps like venmo and cash app, paypal. they will be required to report business transactions that total more than $600 for the year. the change applies to commercial transactions and not personal charges between family and friends. game with me g.. it's cis working on creang partnerips with crypto cur a dream job opportunity for disney lovers. fill us in on this.
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>> yes indeed. the happiest place on earth searching for tiktok savvy content creators. being a food connoisseur and risk taker with a goofy attitude will come in handy. >> i have been checking you out. i see you entered the tiktok world. this might be a part time gig. >> i did. i am trying to do a little something, something. i wouldn't call myself tiktok savvy but i am dab aling. >> i'd call you tiktok savvy and that's all that matters. thank you so much. see you at 6:30. >> i love diane's tiktoks. >> me too. she's pretty savvy. still ahead, the change in fuel now being sold at two small airports in the south bay. massive snowstorm winding its way up the eastern half of the country. we are watching high def doppler this morning.
5:41 am
light showers just about to start moving across the north bay. we have already seen them along 101 through sonoma. we will take that and track it through the morning and show you what this means for everybody today in terms of friday morning rain,
5:42 am
5:43 am
[coughs] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] ♪ [camera click] [inhales] halls breathe it in refilled reservoirs from steady rains prompting the marin municipal water district to consider rolling back
5:44 am
restrictions adopted during the worst of the drought. the district says it will prefer gradual lifting of drought rules rather than complete repeal. water district staff plans to bring options to the board on the 18th. the price tag to rebuild anderson dam has doubled from nearly 650 million to more than 1.2 billion. the rebuild is meant to improve earthquake safety and so far the project has been full of delays around cost ore runs for more than a decade. the news comes a year after santa clara valley water district announced the proposal also had doubled in price. water rate increases will reportedly pay for the additional anderson dam costs. today, president biden and first lady jill biden will be traveling to colorado to survey damage from the marshall fire. the fire burned more than 6,000 acres and destroyed nearly a thousand homes and businesses. last weekend biden approved request from the governor to
5:45 am
declare the fire scene a major disaster. designation unlocks federal relief funding. a massive snowstorm up the eastern half of the country from tennessee to massachusetts. spin outs and crashes littered the section of highway in western kentucky yesterday. in nashville there was snow fall of more than six inches shattering a decades' old record. outside washington, dc there is concern cars will be stranded once again on main highways. that was quite the mess. 5:45 on this friday morning thank goodness, tgif. >> i love the way you say that. let's start with darren peck and some rain. thankfully for us it is manageable light rain on the road in light of the story we were showing for what they're dealing with the on the eastern half of the country. there is not a lot to it but light rain already into the north bay, sonoma already recording first showers along
5:46 am
101 and for some communities through sonoma, lake, mendocino, if we put it into futurecast and watch the showers across the area, it stays in north bay through the next hour or so. this is where it will have most noticeable impact on morning commute. that's not saying much. this does not have a significant effect on the morning commute. what impact it does have will be focused on the north bay. by the time it gets to golden gate, we are getting to the 8:00, 9:00 hour and there are showers that will work through the heart of the bay. 10:00 a.m. is when it is across city, east bay and slowly falling apart as what's left of the rain tries to get to the south bay. you probably won't get much of anything measurable in the santa clara valley from this or in the tri valley but you might get a drop or two of rain. once we look at the half noon like at 2:00, look at the back edge of the clouds. sunny skies for north bay by then. by the rest of the afternoon,
5:47 am
clear skies clear out the rest of the bay area as well. even though this is one day we get rain out of all the clouds, pay off comes late in the day when we get rid of the clouds. we've had two days where you couldn't see the sun. it will be nice today where you get a nice break and you can enjoy blue sky and direct sunshine just before sun set basically. totals come in about a tenth of an inch of rain. so we know they're not significant. it does snow in the sierra. we will not get a lot but there is enough that there is a winter weather advisory in the mountains. that stays in effect until 6:00 tonight. the seven-day forecast shows you we'll clear out for the rest of the seven day. no more rain, highs in the mid to upper 50s. across micro climates, same story here with mid to upper 50s. today is the only day with rain on it. how is the drive? it is getting busy. we have a trouble spot on richmond san rafael bridge. you see the back up near the toll plaza. that's due to a couple cars
5:48 am
tangled up. you've got tow crews on scene and at least one or two lanes blocked. that's what's causing all the brake lights. a busy ride for the commute over richmond san rafael bridge. give yourself 15 minutes to make your way across the span. the rest of the bay area bridges look better. a live look, you can see traffic is at the limit with no major delays or issues. if you want to use that, that's a good choice. you can stay on 101 heading to the golden gate or highway 37 as alternate for richmond san rafael bridge. no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are nice heading into the city. dublin interchange, we are starting to see extra volume. you can see that live with the head lights heading towards 680. both of the brake lights are really as you head out of tracy into the altamont pass and it is getting busier later than we typically see. just a small pocket of slowing
5:49 am
around north flynn and then it is better the rest of the way with the exception of approaching the 680 interchange. 26 minutes 205 towards 680. if you are up early getting ready to take highway 4, 26 minutes is your travel time from antioch towards 80. no major issues out of san jose. a look at the map out of south bay. good morning to the san jose commuters. >> thank you. change being made in the type of aviation fuel sold at two small airports in south bay. only unleaded will be sold at reed hill view and san martin airport. in august county supervisors voted to stop selling leaded after concerns about elevated lead levels along children living near reed hill view. hong kong disneyland temporary liver closing due to a surge in covid-19 cases. the park says the government is requiring it to shut down. january 20 is when it hopes to
5:50 am
reopen. hong kong disneyland will extend passes for people who already bought tickets. bank of america trying a new incentive to get workers fully vaccinated against covid- 19. it will donate $100 to hunger relief for each u.s. employee who gets their covid booster. employees must show proof by updating info by the end of the month. mortgage rates, a 30 year fixed rate averaged 3.22% this week. that's up from 3.11% last week. rates have been expected to rise as economy improves and inflation looms. >> just lovely. oakland's department of transit rolling out creative pilot program aimed to provide solutions for historically excluded communities. universal basic mobility will
5:51 am
distribute prepaid debit cards to 500 members. the plan provides $300 per person to fund trips or passes for public transit, bike share, shared e scooters. 5:50. still ahead, a sneak peek of what you can expect in tonight's season premiere of undercover boss. on the drew barrymore show, marie osmond stops by for a check. that's at 2:00 on kpix5. gayle king, tony dokoupil, nate burleson bring you the biggest headlines of the day. cbs morning starts at 7:00. tune in at 5:00. a new face has joined our anchoring team. ryan yamamoto will be on the desk at 5:00 and
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live showers moving across the north bay. it's high def doppler and it's real rain. you can watch the showers march their way pretty much across the entire bay through the morning. it's really a morning commute issue for the north bay more than anywhere else. not that it's a major impact but any time it rains on the roads and roads will get sick,
5:55 am
it's a factor for your drive. nor the rest, this will be light showers primarily falling after the morning commute. we'll have more detail in the forecast and we'll look at the weekend and the rest of the seven day as welcoming up in a bit. >> see you then. thank you. time for a look at entertainment headlines. hollywood marking a death. the film journalist turned director saw commercial success and run critical praise for last picture shoe. earned then 10-year-old tatem o'neale an oscar. he was 82 years old. moving company bosses return to roots as movers and haulers notice season premiere of undercover boss. founders of college hunks
5:56 am
hauling junk and moving go on separation missions. catch the season 11 premiere of undercover boston item at 8:00 on kpix5. >> love that show. news outlets report will portray audry hepburn in a movie about her life. hepburn starred in films such as breakfast at tiffany's, may fair lady, charade, and sabrina. there are thomas chmura details on the plot or what part of her life the movie will explore. 5:56. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> another bay area school district planning a sick-out over covid safety issues. what one principal is telling parents to do. it's not just schools. nearly half of the state's hospitals expecting a critical staff shortage. the new concerns this morning. the oakland colosseum preparing for massive monster trucks to take over the
5:57 am
stadium. we are live with the covid protocols. a live look outside before break. you are looking east from our
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
at least one oakland school is asking parents to please not bring their kids to school today as teachers plan a sick- out day. we'll have the details coming up. parents scrambling as another school district shuts its doors for the next two days. the question, what is the longterm plan? if you have plans to get away this weekend, give yourself plenty time at sfo for a covid test. what the airport is asking you to do in advance. the oakland colosseum turning into a dirt lot. we are live at the wild motor sport event returning to the bay area. i had to resist the urge to use my monster truck


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