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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 10, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> i walked closer and looked right up and it was looking right down at me. >> reporter: a bay area women's close encounter with a very big cat. tonight, california's test positive the average has soared past 22% as macron surges and thousands rush to get swabbed. and nationwide computer problem at a bay area-based lab left people seeking test standing in long lines for nothing. the problem at palo alto- based color labs for san francisco to shut down half a dozen test sites for the day. as kpix 5's ondrea borba reports, that was not the only reason the city's testing capacity hit its limit today. andria? >> reporter: elizabeth and brian, this was a two-pronged problem here in the city and county of sentences go, today. there was first problems with staffing at the testing site and reduced hours because of that. because a computer issue hit which set down test sites
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completely. >> reporter: the day began with notification from us and this good part of the public health of reduced hours at covid-19 testing sites because of staffing issues. the testing day at the color lab run sites, amidst a surge of a macron variant, and like this. >> reporter: at 2:10 p.m., the problem, intermittent outages with colors sample collection software. in a statement, culler said we will restore service at these locations as soon as possible. for anyone who's appointments will be postponed, culler will be in touch with alternative options. the signs of trouble were apparently brewing early in the day. >> when i got here their system was down. when the system came up, it got moving very quickly. >> reporter: colors as they are focused on getting sites reopened as soon as possible. testing capacity and ours will still be reduced.
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district supervisor matt haney said the reduced hours, even temporarily, was a problem. >> testing should be available all day, into the evening and night. and instead, unfortunately, the department of public health has announced this week, one of the most important weeks for stopping the spread of this virus, we have seen more cases every day. they are pulling back testing hours. >> reporter: neighbors at the seventh and brandon testing site says it has been vital in slowing the spread of covid-19. >> it's sad. i know macron is reading really bad and it is affecting a lot of industries. i definitely feel like that is disappointing. i feel the city should have kept up with that. >> reporter: in a statement, the department of public health said that the slowdowns and reduced hours at the testing sites were, quote, testing -- temporary. they did not give an update on as to when staffing shortages
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might ease up and people could get back and get what they need to take a test, get quarantined and stay safe. >> the key to stopping spread is to find out who has it and not spread it to anyone else. thank you. in hayward, hundreds of people look waiting for tests were turned away after waiting in line for hours. kiet do was there. >> reporter: i am here in hayward at the cherry lance testing site located just off of mission boulevard. this line stretches three quarters of a mile long. some people have been waiting for hours, and they are about to get some bad news. >> reporter: problems and start at 9:00 or 10:00 this morning when the patient check in process which normally takes second stretched upwards of 10 minutes. by 1:00 p.m., the nonprofit running the site had to give up and send everyone home. >> nothing that we can do, so, we are not going to be available to work. >> i understand that we are having a surge and the system is overloaded. at the same time, if you're
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going to take this work on you've got to be ready to take on this type of a load. in the past couple hours, sonoma county's health officer announced strict limits on gatherings, limiting groups of 50 indoors and 100 outdoors for the next month. that applies for school related activities like sports, performances, in-person assemblies and fundraising events, but will not affect the classrooms or recess. in the east bay, students at fremont returned from winter break after taking thousands of home test handed out last week. west contra costa classrooms will reopen tomorrow after a four-day closure for cleaning and in milpitas, schools offered in-person learning, despite an in-person plan to go virtual. while classrooms were open, they were nearly empty. >> the most i have had in any of my classroom was to, just me and another kid. >> i am not good on distance
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learning so i feel like it would be the best for my future if i just came in and learned. >> reporter: hayward unified announced it is reverting back to remote construction for at least the rest of the week after more than 500 students there tested positive. the school board will meet again on friday, to reassess. other covid-19 related headlines around the bay area. deadline day for first responders in contra costa county to be boosted. or, to start testing weekly. the wall street journal reports facebook parent company mehta is pushing back its return to office date to late march and returning employees are required to get boosted. san mateo county is expanding capacity at its covid-19 test clinic in san bruno as demand skyrockets. the governor just activated 200 national guard members to help ramp up testing efforts across the state. >> alive look at the state capitol tonight, where covid-19 concerns loom large and governor newsom's latest buzz budget proposal. the 200 billion dollar spending
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plan boosted by a surplus earmarks nearly $3 billion for testing, vaccine, and hospital support. the governor also wants to make california the first state in the union to cover everyone under its medicaid plan regardless of immigration status. that includes funding to fight homelessness and substance abuse and more than $22 billion for programs to combat change including fire prevention. drug preparedness and water conservation and coastal protection ring green energy in and agricultural programs. >> there are few countries in the world more committed than this state, the state of california. we wants to continue to lead in this space as governor brown did in the 1970s. we need to do more, now, as we leap into the future. >> in a statement, the california republican party summed up the proposal as, quote, a reckless spending the made possible by aggressively overtaxing californians. state lawmakers have until june 15th to pass a budget. the el cerrito police department is warning morning
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one of its own tonight after a freak accident on i-80. officer jared bernstein was off- duty and on his way home yesterday, when the driver of the van in front of him lost control and hit the median near san pablo dam road. the 26-year-old was just weeks away from marking two years on the force. in a statement his department said, quote, officer bernstein was passionate about giving back to his community. he was everything a person could hope for in a police officer, citizen, teammate, son, brother, and friend. arson investigators in san jose said an apartment fire that left people and their pets without a place to stay may have been set on purpose. it broke out late last night on the second floor of the victorian. no one was served but three people lost their homes for the red cross is assisting them.
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no word exactly on how that fire started. daly city police are on alert tonight after a mountain lion sighting. a woman came face-to-face with the big cat near westmore avenue and baldwin avenue. >> on the upper level i noticed a big tail hanging down and i thought what is that? so i looks right up and it was looking right down at me. >> reporter: as of right now there is no sign of the mountain lion. police say they are continuing to monitor the area. still to come when it comes to home testing, how far is too far? >> i decided to swap my throat. >> reporter: should you actually do that? what health experts are saying tonight about the viral trend. how covid-19 is forcing california hospitals to put everything from lung transplants to brain surgery on the back burner tonight. new information from the medical examiner tonight as bay area fans pay tribute to full house dad bob saget.
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tonight, health experts weigh in on a viral tiktok trend. people are now using home test kits to swap their throats instead of their noses. the theory is that the omicron variant starts in the throat and a new study which is being reviewed suggest throat swabs may detect the virus better than nasal swabs alone. for now, doctors and the fda are saying, don't do that. >> there so many convicting things. >> i think this new strain is settling down your throat. >> reporter: if your home rapid
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test came back negative but you do have some symptoms, a pcr test will remove all doubt. tonight, san francisco is urging people with omicron symptoms to think twice before calling 911. huge call volumes trust the system over the weekend. while the volume was manageable today, some hospitals are under strain because so many employees are out. meanwhile, sf general sign-on stop line of people trying to get tested. >> the weight for my wife today would probably be about one hour or two. my wife needs to get a test because she is coughing and wheezing she has covid-19. >> reporter: at one point, the line was so long, staff decided it was long enough for the day. those without appointments returned -- were turned away. taking a look at your top headlines, the u.s. is averaging 700,000 new covid-19 cases per day as the omicron variant sweeps the nation. federal, state, and local governments are shifting resources and funding into testing as demand surges. meanwhile, hospitalizations are up by more than 30% nationwide.
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we just showed you even heavily vaccinated california is feeling the strain. the state health department is considering a statewide order to postpone elective surgeries. some hospitals already are. in los angeles, a lung transplant was put on hold while in a nearby anaheim, a back surgery patient waited on a gurney for three hours before eventually being sent home. san diego surgeons had to call off a brain surgery meant to ease chronic pain of a 7-year-old girl. tennis star novak took which one a different court battle today to stay in australia for next week's open, despite not being vaccinated. the victory may be short lived. the australian government is threatening to cancel his visa again. a federal judge in washington is considering whether three civil lawsuits against former president trump can proceed. into of those suits, bay area
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congressmen eric falwell and other house democrats accused trump of inciting the january 6th capitol riot. capitol police are seeking damages for physical and emotional harm. lawyers for the former president argued he cannot be sued, under immunity rules. new york real estate air robert durst has died in a california prison hospital. the 78-year-old was about five months into his life sentence for one murder and was facing trial for a second. durst's attorney said he died of natural causes due to a number of ailments. a memorial for bob saget is going tonight outside the san francisco home featured in the hit series small house. sand stopped by all day to remember the actor and comedian. >> i learned a lot from him. just such sad news, to hear about what happened, i knew i had to come closer to him and pay respect for what he created.
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>> saget was found dead over the weekend in his hotel room. while no cause has been announced, the medical examiner found no signs of drug use or foul play. tonight, saget's costars and fellow comedians are tweeting that they will be heartbroken and that he will be the dearly missed. >> thank you very much, elizabeth. let's check in with paul. what a dutiful day today. >> fantastic way to start off the work week. hopefully a sign of things to come. certainly in terms of dry weather because the rain will be aimed to our north. picture it as a hill of air in the atmosphere pushing the storm track for the north. a trend which will continue through the rest of this week and most of next week as well. that will reposition itself, that hill of high-pressure won't be in exactly the same spot but the upshot is the same. it will be close enough that we see passing clouds and rain chances will stay up to our north.
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low chances of squeezing out anything more than a sprinkle out of passing clouds. thursday and thursday night, that looks like the cloudiest day in the forecast. then maybe a sprinkle monday night. we are talking about outside chances of even a drop or two falling over the next seven days. looks like it will be dry at that time as well. the 6 to 10 day outlook for the climate prediction center takes a through january 20th and shows a significant chance of below average rainfall for the bay area, california and nevada. the 8 to 14 day outlook shows a better chance of below average rainfall which takes us all the way through january 24th. below average does not necessarily mean zero, but it is a significant chance that we will be staying pretty dry for the next couple of weeks. dry spells in the rainy season are not unusual but we will hope that we can get back into a wetter weather pattern as we round the corner into february. without any rain there is nothing to wash the haze out of the atmosphere. the air quality was not bad
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today but in the moderate category, san francisco down the peninsula into the south bay and santa clara valley. a few instances of moderate air quality inland as well but there were a lot of green dots on the map indicating good air quality. the smudge and haze in the horizon won't go anywhere over the next several days. nice out this evening, temperatures are mostly still in the 50s. 56 degrees is the warm spot downtown. 55 degrees in san jose with upper 40s already for livermore and santa rosa. there will be's chilly temperatures out there by early tomorrow morning, a mix of upper 30s and low 40s except around the bay. upper 40s along the coast. high temperature tomorrow with a lot of sunshine and passing clouds. we will be 3 to 6 degrees above normal which puts us into the 60s across the board. right around 60 degrees along the coast but low 60s for the south end of the bay with mid-60s in the santa clara valley. low 60s for the tri-valley and a couple of spots stuck in the upper 50s further east. fog from the central bay will slow down the warm-up for
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antioch and entwood but yobrki through. temperatures around the bay in the low to mid 60s. likely for the north bay as well. all of these numbers are above normal for the middle of january. this will be the warmest day we see in the seven day forecast but it is not a dramatic drop that will happen. we will coast down to near normal temperatures in the seven day outlook, normal high temperatures in the outlook cloud cover but a very low chance of spreckels falling out of the clouds. been a nice martin luther king holiday weekend saturday and sunday. just a few more clouds for the holiday itself on monday, but near average temperatures sticking around which means a mixture of mid and upper 50s and low 60s. we will keep hunting for rain chances, we will see if we can find any of that in the data. >> a lot of people are thinking, next weekend? maybe some bluebird days in the mountains. >> three day weekend? we will be here on monday. >> of course.
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>> thanks, paul. tonight, the lineup is out for bottle rock and your chance to score tickets is hours a a way. streaming on cbsn bay area, pcr versus rapid testing. we ask a local doctor, in the age of omicron, which is better? that is at 8:15. we are always on at, our website and our app. we are also on the cbs news at which you can download on your favorite streaming device.
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music lovers, tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 for bottle rock 2022. organizers announced the lineup headlined by local legends, metallica. other notable acts include 21 pilots and country artists. luke holmes. more than three acts will play the three-day festival in downtown napa. we posted the full lineup on we are counting down to kickoff of the 49er playoff
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football after an epic comeback victory over the rams yesterday. san francisco punching its ticket to the postseason. the niners will head to jerry's world in dallas to take on the cowboys and sunday at 1:30 right here on kpix 5. the two rivals will meet in the postseason for the first time since the january 1995 nfc title game. has for the raiders, the silver and black will play the bengals on a saturday afternoon for the first game of the wildcard weekend. still to come, the special honor leaders in congress are planning for late raiders coach and nfl legend, john madden.
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>>hall of fame defensive back darrell green. >>hi, i'm here with a winning play for your home team. keep your playing field safe by removing any old, unwanted, and unneeded opioid medication. the best defensive strategy is to remove the risk. >>learn more at
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nfl legend and longtime bay area resident john madden will be honored in congress tomorrow. >> eric falwell will lead a bipartisan group of lawmakers in a special hour to honor the hall of fame coach and commentator. madden passed away two weeks ago at his home in pleasanton. the former raiders coach was born in pleasanton but spent most of his life in the east bay. he was a legend, an icon, a man who defined what it meant to be a part of the raider nation. >> he was certainly billeted here, no doubt. thank u for
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