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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 12, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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they cannot experience the beauty of our city. >> reporter: opd chief armstrong sat down with families of all 134 homicide victims this past year and says a cease-fire strategy must be applied once again to deal with the largely gang driven violent crime. >> my hope is that we see violence decrease like we did starting in 2013. >> reporter: of those 134 homicides, 60 suspects were taken into custody for the crimes. chief armstrong says adding more recruits, like this latest academy class to graduate, will help improve clearance rates. >> when we are at full staff and we are able to fully staff our investigations unit, that means we can get a full complement of officers investigate and crime in homicide and robbery division and all the areas that we know are impacting our community every day. >> reporter: for academy classes have been approved by city council for 2022, but the chief says he must do a better job retaining the officers he currently has, a tall task in the face of nonstop overtime and calls for service.
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>> to do a better job of increasing morale, job satisfaction, we have to make this an attractive job to even those that we seek to recruit. >> reporter: chief armstrong once cameras added to freeways to slow the trend of deadly freeway shootings. the latest victim was david nguyen, and alameda county sheriff's deputy recruit. >> if we had that technology it could help us identify the vehicle driving on the freeway. if they came from an oakland community. >> reporter: armstrong says that oakland chinatown is safer today than it was last year, thanks to an increased presence of officers following a horrifying series of attacks on elderly asians. karl chan, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce agreed with the chief. >> when they stepped in, i believe august 8th, when they stepped up patrols, incidents basically immediately we saw
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dramatic changes but we are down to almost 0. >> reporter: chief armstrong says in a court hearing last week the department learned it might be coming toward the end of a federal receivership for civil rights abuses, saying the department is coming closer to compliance with the settlement. andria borba, kpix 5. to the coronavirus now, another pandemic record high for california. the states positivity rate is now the highest it has ever been. new numbers show the seven day average is up more than 23%. that is up 1.4% over last week. the case rate is now more than 70% higher than the record set during the 2020 winter surge. there is a still high demand for covid-19 tests. sites across the bay area completely overwhelmed. chopper five was over long lines in hayward this morning. it was a similar scene at this testing site in san francisco. people either walked in or drove up to get their test. today, governor newsom visited testing sites in san
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diego and los angeles to highlight his covid-19 emergency response focused on keeping schools open and the economy moving, by ramping up vaccines and making more tests available quickly. >> you cannot wait another minute in line, folks are frustrated, so, we are working -- not calling on, because i religiously leaders have been extraordinary, but we are working with our legislative leaders to include hundreds of millions of dollars for more staff, hundreds of millions of dollars of more tests. >> we brought you the governor's news conference live on cbsn bay area. you can find us n teachers at another bay area school are calling out sick due to covid-19. most of the teachers, staff, administrators at oaklands ink language did not show up today as part of a two day
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quarantine. students also demanded covid-19 protections, including surgical grade masks. more space to eat outdoors, and rapid tests for everyone. if demands are not met, they say they will walk out of class next tuesday. the district did not respond to the teachers sick out, but tonight they announced a tentative deal with the teachers union. it includes a nonwork wellness day on january 14th for teachers to recover and get vaccinated or boosted, extending covid-19 leave through the end of the year. new at 6:00, the omicron surge is pushing some bay area businesses rights to the brink. devin fehely reports, those that are managing to stay open are now cutting back their hours. >> reporter: business owners say they are pinched two ways. their staff is getting sick and customers during the search of the virus just aren't showing up in the same numbers. >> reporter: signs of the times. a note on a now empty
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storefront in north san jose, informing customers that while the pandemic seems never- ending, there time as a business had reached its bitter end. or, a note on a popular pete's coffee in palo alto. with too many infections and too few staff members, they were closing early all week long. >> you see a lot of smaller businesses cutting back, or just going out of business. >> reporter: over the past two years, business owners have tried to ride out wave after wave after wave of this virus. >> we have had a lot of staff issues. staff getting sick. >> reporter: waiting for the calm seas promised after each surge and they are once again struggling just to stay afloat. >> every time i wake up i took my phone and someone new has -- you know, someone's wife has covid-19 or someone's kid, so it is the unfortunate reality we are living in right now. >> reporter: in ache cruel twist, the staffing shortages they say would be an even greater hardship if many of their customers weren't no- shows as well. >> come the first of the year, up until now, the first 11 days
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of january, 20% is a significant number. >> reporter: many business owners say they are taking a, this too shall pass, attitude. they say they are optimistic that the surge in cases from the omicron variant will eventually subside and when it does, they expect customers to return. in san jose, devon feeley, kpix 5. a live look at oaklands now, the city announcing a new covid-19 mandate starting next month. proof of vaccination will be required for people 12 years and older to enter indoor public settings including restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, gyms, and theaters. in san jose, city leaders have unanimously approved one of the states toughest health mandates. it requires proof of a booster shot for san jose municipal employees, and anyone attending concerts, san jose sharks games or large indoor gatherings. it does allow for proof of a negative covid-19 test.
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new workplace rules take effect on friday. masks must be surgical or medical grade, or, if cloth masks, they must have at least two layers. another change is raising some concern. the state is trying to avoid people passing off someone else's negative test as their own. that means tests would have to be in person, with their employer, or go through a testing service. >> the new rule for me means slow business, that's what that means. it helps that a lot of my customers are nervous to come inside the restaurant. stay with kpix 5 for the latest on the coronavirus and if you are looking for a test or booster shot, check out our county by county resource guide on new at 6:00, elizabeth holmes could be a free woman for at least another eight months. the thoroughness founder is out on a $500 million bond, and
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may not be sentenced until after labor day. that is according to a new court filing. federal prosecutors in her defense team have agreed to put off a sentencing hearing until at least the end of september. the filing describes the reason for the delay as, related to ongoing proceedings in a related matter. the federal fraud trier of former chief operating officer is expected to start in march. holmes was convicted on four charges of federal fraud, facing up to 20 years in prison on each count. this afternoon, oakland police swarmed an east oakland neighborhood. this came after they were looking for a suspect wanted for gun possession and human trafficking. the suspect was spotted near bancroft avenue, but managed to get away. san jose police are asking for the public's help in solving a murder. they are on the lookout for this vehicle. authorities say the vehicle was last seen leaving the scene of a crime. the shooting happened back in may in the area of the light rail station on west virginia
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and the highway 87 overpass. that is where authorities found the victim, 49-year-old thomas kelly mia suffering a gunshot wound. so far there has been no word on a motive. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. still ahead on kpix 5, cbsn bay area. >> that will save somebody's life. >> a special operation on the bay. a rare look at what it takes to pull off a water rescue. never too early to look ahead to the weekend. especially a three-day holiday weekend. or monday is looking pretty good. near average temperatures with a mix of clouds and sunshine. the haze we saw today might still be hanging around by that point. we will take a look at the air- quality forecast, coming up. later, getting paid to quit. why the tech company is offering workers thousands of dollars to leave.
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we are counting down a 49er playoff football game right here on kpix 5. they will take on the cowboys in dallas, sunday at 1:30. stay tuned after the game for the fifth quarter, and then kpix 5 news.
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new at 6:00, the epa today announcing plans to evaluate whether emissions from small aircraft using leaded fuel
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could be dangerous to the public. only unleaded fuel is being sold at san jose's read hillview airport, and send martin's airports. this, after a county study showed elevated lead levels among 13,000 children living nearby. for decades, santa clara county leadersity ve been waiting for a ban on leaded fuel. >> reporter: while the epa process will likely take years to complete, there is an urgent need to take all available measures when children's, lives, and health are at stake. >> county leaders also calling on the faa to ban leaded fuel nationwide. a group in santa clara has a new vision for their city. they are hoping to rebuild downtown from scratch, and they want city hall to be a big part of that. 10 blocks of santa clara's original downtown were demolished in the mid-1960s. the old city hall was just one of the many historic buildings lost. in its place the city built the franklin mall apartment
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buildings, and parking lots. some say the new plan can help restore the city's old identity. new at 6:00, you might not know about them but a small group of the army corps of engineers is on a mission to keep the bay safe. >> sometimes that involves highly specialized operations with the coast guard. max darrow gives us an exclusive look. >> reporter: at the crack of dawn, the captain and his crew get out on the water. they are aboard the john dillard. civilian members of the army corps of engineers. the mission is to keep the bay safe. >> i've been 12 year this i beusery day,is to different. >> reporter: typically that means collecting debris and removing navigational hazards like this from the bay. but, on wednesday, it involved a special operation. >> reporter: in this training exercise, the u.s. army corps of engineers is working with the u.s. coast guard to simulate if helicopters were
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needed to for search and rescue here on the bay. >> reporter: the first exercise directly involved the john dillard. a guardsman lowered from the helicopter on to the deck to work with the crew. >> basically gives them practice to deliver an emt or rescue swimmer down to a boat, along with a basket, to take a victim. >> reporter: after numerous repetitions, the coast guard conducted a second exercise in open water. the crew on the dillard standing by, ready to help. >> standing by. >> reporter: exercises show the incredible precision needed to pull off real-life rescues. >> i was in the coast guard for 23 years and that helicopter absolutely has to know how to do its job in any kind of conditions they find themselves in. that will save somebody's life. >> reporter: once the operation ended, it was back to business as usual aboard the john di >> jo street it pulled this out of the busy waterway. >> it looked to me like a plank
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from an old dock. >> reporter: th addition to their growing pile of junk they have grabbed from all over the bay. meyer takes pride in what his crew does, and thinks the bay is better off because of their hard work. >> it would be more hazardous to transit through, i know that, for sure. it would not be as pretty, that is for sure. it would not be such a fun place to hang out if we did not clean it up once in a while. >> reporter: on the san francisco bay, kpix 5 . let's look at some other water activity today. chopper five and mavericks earlier, surfers out there are enjoying some pretty great conditions midweek. if it's not raining, go surf. why not? >> or get on a boogie board. just take it a little slower. this is extreme surfing. >> when you're surfing your skating on the board out of the water.
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>> until i fall. >> yeah, the good ones are. >> mavericks are not for the faint of heart. if you are heading to the coast to take on tamer waves they will be even taller tomorrow. this well offshore is kicking up wave heights but they will be at their tallest tomorrow, and then they will die back a bit on friday. another swell further off the coast might get the hopes of surfers up but this one looks like the biggest waves will miss us as they track further north. the surf kicked up today was due to this area of low pressure, sweeping the top of the ocean closer to the coast. the passing clouds overhead in the atmosphere, but no rain falling out of our clouds. that will remain the case through the next several days. cloudy skies overhead tonight but they are thin so we will cool off. sunshine tomorrow, a mix at least. the fact that we have clouds in the atmosphere should limit fog at ground level. plenty of sunshine through the end of the workweek. we will see clouds out there on saturday but i still think more son than clouds for the first day of the three-day weekend. in terms of air quality without rain in the forecast we will not be able to improve it a whole lot.
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we did dip into the unhealthy for sensitive groups range for the central bay, inland east bay and around the south end of the bay. the wind will pick up tomorrow. that should help to push us back into the moderate category across the board which is where we are going to stay fridays, saturday, and sunday. not getting much worse than that, but also not getting much better until we get a more large-scale change in the overall weather pattern. right now as we look outside, temperatures have dropped into the 50s. 58 degrees for downtown seven cisco and san jose. 51 degrees already in concord, with a little break in the cloud cover allowing some of today's warmth to escape into space. tomorrow we will see clouds giving way to sunshine. good news for a trio of pups in the dog walking forecast. a lot of labs. kelsey and maggie all happy faces as they should be. temperatures tomorrow reaching up to 6 degrees -- 60 degrees. still above normal after that for the month of january. hopefully the air quality will be just a little bit better. humans and canines both will enjoy that. hour by hour temperatures elsewhere we start off in the low and mid 40s.
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letter of clouds overhead. temperatures will warm up into the 50s by noon. some spots stall out in the upper 50s for high temperatures tomorrow afternoon but most of us should make it to or above 60 degrees. the warmest spots are around santa rosa and sent to -- climbing up to 60 degrees. temperatures to change a lot in the forecast, just a minor wriggles in the day-to-day temperature pattern regardless of where you are around the bay area. more sunshine in the forecast friday, saturday, and sunday before passing clouds return to the forecast by monday, tuesday, and wednesday. those clouds, just like those we have overhead right now are not going to give us any significant rain chance. coming up at 7:00, we take a look at tomorrow and fridays wind gusts and see if that will help to improve our air quality to any great extent. straightahead in sports, installation wednesday. niners put the game plan in for the cowboys. players got to see it for the first time that this practice. we won't get to see it until
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sundays kickoff from dallas begins here on kpix. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, a status update of california cases tied to capital riots. at 8:30 willie we will hear from cbs news correspondent at 8:45 we learn about the growing trend of wellness travel. you can find cbsn bay area on or the kpix at.
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nfl up top. no point in burying the lead. jimmy garoppolo? thumbs up. at practice today, that right thumb with ligament damage was taped up, just like the rams game and after that game, he said it was a little sore, but now, quote, feels great,". this could be garrotte blows final game with the franchise should he lose. he has thought about it, but it is all about the big picture. winning. >> we know we have a chance to do something special and you don't get that opportunity every year. so, i've been on a number of teams that went to the super bowl. i'm not saying anything like that but there is a feeling. you want to make them count as
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long as you have them. because -- >> reporter: left tackle trent williams did not practice, but garrotte plus blindside protector will play on sunday. he has an elbow injury that cost him the rams game. happy to tell you, no issues with number 19, samuel. you can expect he will draw the cowboys attention. samuel is a new father, now. he has been busy on and off the field. kyle shanahan. >> he's already holding, i think three weeks old, he is already holding his bottle by himself. he is convinced that means he will be a top pick in the draft, so he is very proud. >> expect number 11, micah parsons to meet samuels a handful of times. the cowboys rookie linebacker got off the covid-19 list today. carstens has 13 sacks this season, that is to away from the rookie record. the topic? 49ers offense attack came up today. >> no one to play bully ball,
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can you bully a lien? >> no you cannot. it is funny you say that, i was having fun with the guys, telling them, i'm from harrisburg where the bullies get bullied. there's a bully in every gym, everywhere you go. but, at one point it just takes someone to stand up and fight. >> cowboys favored by three. in the nba, without draymond green, his calf injury will make it difficult to play until next tuesday. warriors host detroit. green is a michigan native. last night, the yellow arrow pointed out? what was that during the sharks home win over detroit? it was an octopus. i will explain after you see logan talk that plug in for a
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sharks overtime win. that octopus is a long-standing symbol of good luck for that detroit franchise, going back to the 50s. didn't help, after somebody chucked it on the ice. >> how did that happen? >> somebody looked at me, go pick it up. i'm not picking it up. liz, you picking it up? >> how did they bring it in? i have a lot of questions. did they bring it in in a bag? >> you don't want to now. >> probably not. was the octopus still with us at the time -- >> no. it was -- >> long gone.'s budget had gone to octopus heaven, i get
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finally, this evening, how would you like to be offered money to quit your job? >> arizona tech company training wheel says it will offer employees $5000 to leave their jobs if they are not happy after the first two weeks. the ceo says it's a way to keep those who truly want to be there. >> over three months, six months, we are pouring responsibilities onto this person's plate and they are becoming a big part of the company. if you pull that person out at nine months and they are much more expensive to replace. >> so far, no one has taken him up on the offer. >> happy campers turned out thousands of dollars. i say, make me an offer. >> [ laughter ] >> what out what you wish for. >> megan knight not.
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thank you for continuing watching tonight at the clock. the news continues streaming ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs y cs >> o'donnell: tonight, sticker shock in america. prices rise at the fastest level in nearly four decades. from bacon and eggs to furniture-- americans are paying more, especially at the grocery store. where prices are emptying wallets and supply chain issues are emptying shelves. when will it end? free covid tests for schools: the biden administration's new initiative to keep kids in the classroom, as dr. fauci gives a blunt warning about the omicron strain. >> virtually everybody is going to wind up getting exposed and likely get infected. >> o'donnell: school shooting suspect in court: the disturbing new details. what the 15-year-old michigan student allegedly brought to school in the weeks leading up


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