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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 13, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. oakland unified students demanding more covid protections in the classroom. they're planning a sick-out. you will hear from one student coming up. message from nurses across california. keep our hospitals safe. the day of action planned across the bay area. get ready to upgrade your mask. new rules in the workplace beginning in just 24 hours. a lot of produce is just out. green onions, gone. >> you might be having the same problem at your grocery store. why the pandemic isn't the only thing to blame for the empty shelves.
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good morning. it is thursday, january 13. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we begin with that big back up on the bay bridge. let's go to gianna franco with the latest on this. what a mess. it is a mess. it is causing a big back up on the bay bridge and that extends well into the maze. this was a two car crash that resulted from a couple cars traveling at high speeds across the upper deck of the bay bridge. a box truck is also involved. you see in the live shot, you have a lot of activity on scene. three lanes are blocked until further notice. there are reports of debris in lanes as well. they have to clean up that area, get tow crews on scene. it is causing major delays into san francisco. jumping to our maps, we are seeing speeds down to five miles per hour in some spots. extra slow there. i want to show you perspective near the tower. you see traffic is bumper to bumper. they turned the metering lights on and you are backed up well
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into the maze. a live look, it is a crawl heading towards san francisco. travel time almost an hour to go from the maze into the city. it is looking better on the san mateo bridge. that is a 12 minute commute. if you want to use that as an alternate, that will work much better. that's a look at traffic. a lot quieter on the forecast side of things. we are starting the morning pretty clear. there are a few high clouds which helped keep temperatures a little milder than they were yesterday. oakland is 47 degrees now. it's 49 at sfo and san jose is also three degrees shy of 50. it feels good there. if you are in the inland valley, santa rosa 41, we go back and forth between reporting fog and now. right now you are down to less than a mile on the visibility in the north bay. be aware of that in the north bay valleys. in general it is not a widespread fog issue on your drive. it is that issue on the bay bridge which we are watching closely and gianna is updating
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us on regularly. looking across the forecast, we go to the mid 60s for daytime highs, we will have a few high clouds. it shouldn't be as much of a cloud blanket but a few high clouds. mountain view, you will go to 60. other side of the bay, vallejo. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in a bit. we'll look at the weekend, guys. back to you. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have an update on a deadly hit and run last night in antioch. the roadways have been reopened but the suspect is still on the loose. i want to show you where this happened, area of delta fair boulevard and san jose drive. a woman in her 40s was killed in this collision and witnesses say they saw a white car quickly leaving the scene after this crash. if you have any information, know about possible suspect, antioch police want to hear from you. back to you. >> thanks. today student leaders in oakland say they're planning a
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school sick-out. joycelyn moran joins us with what the teens want from school administrators. >> reporter: amid this omicron surge, students were planning the sick-out and say district leaders aren't doing enough to protect them. this is after oakland unified educators held a sick-out last week. both are asking the district for more regular covid testing as well as n95 masks for teachers and students. lopez is one of the student leaders organizing the sick- out. blue says there is a lack of safety measures to keep students safe in the classroom. >> students don't go to school, the district is losing money. i feel like that at this point, this ie only thing that will make them listen.. >> reporter: there is a petition signed by more than 1200 students urging remote to remote learning until some demands are met. they want testing and masks more readily available. if not they say starting tuesday next week they're going
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on strike. in a statement with a response, they share concerns in regards to the rise in cases of omicron. they go onto say that concern is why we have distributed kn95 and n95 masks to staff. we have ordered enough kn95 masks for students. they will be distributed to students as soon as we are delivered. meanwhile, leadership team at skyline sent a message asking parents not to send their students to school. they say they've been notified about 80% of students and staff will not report to school or work adding it is highly likely that no instruction will be provided. back to you guys. >> thank you. businesses in oakland have until tomorrow to post notices about the city's new indoor vaccine mandate. starting next month, everyone 12 and up will have to show proof to get into restaurants and bars, entertainment, recreation facilities, gyms, senior and adult care facilities and city owned
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buildings. people with valid exemptions will need a negative test. some healthcare workers are fed up with what they call poor working conditions. >> today is a national day of action and that includes some nurses across the bay area. justin andrews is at ucsf medical for us this morning. >> reporter: in about 30 minutes, we know rns, nurses, other hospital personnel will be out here demanding change because they say their working conditions are flat out unsafe. the national day of action kicks off today and it is one where nurses tell us they will be down right denouncing working conditions they deem as unsafe. the state's department of health is allowing asymptomatic healthcare workers who are covid positive to keep coming to work without isolating putting nurses at risk, they say. they say hospitals have prioritized profits over patient care by cutting corners on staffing way before covid. with the pandemic still in full swing, they say it is pushing
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desperately needed nurses away from the job. nurses union surveyed thousands of nurses nationwide and say the results found that 82.5% said at least half of their shifts were unsafely staffed. so today they're demanding a change. rns and caregivers across the bay area from san francisco to oakland, even san jose, plan to participate in today's picketing. justin andrews, kpix5. happening tomorrow, new statewide workplace rules will ifit h sk, it has ublelayer. the ate is also trying to avoid people passing off someone else's negative test as their own. it's requiring tests to be taken in person with their employer on through a testing service. if you are looking for a test or a booster, check our county by county resource guide at 6:07. a live look from san francisco
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where charges have been dropped against a man who suffered serious injuries during what his attorneys call an illegal arrest. the incident happened last february in the castro. these are the injuries suffered. the public defender's office says he was walking down the street when two officers approached and attempted to search him without probable cause. when he tried to walk away, he was allegedly tackled to the ground and pinned down. then a third officer started hitting him repeatedly. lugo was holding an exacto knife which cut one of the officers when he was taken down. he was accused of assault with a deadly weapon and a number of other crimes. prosecutors have now dropped those charges. the police chief bill scott released a statement saying, quote, i am disappointed with the district attorney's decision in this case. mr. lugo resisted arrest and violently assaulting our officers including one with an exacto knife.
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san francisco's police commission met last night to discuss whether to adopt in you use of force policy. it would require officers to report any use of physical force except handcuffing someone who is not resisting. officers would have to document specific reasons for their actions. governor newsom will be in santa clara. he is expected to highlight transportation and infrastructure investments. that includes advancing client friendly projects supporting ports and goods movement and accelerating transition to zero emission vehicles. we will stream that live news conference at 11:00. a health order already having a major impact on local events. why local beer lovers will need to wait longer to get their hands on pliny the younger. >> bay area town dealing with a crow invasion. the plan to shoe the birds away is drawing push back. a pretty view from the top
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of the mark hopkins. it is a mild start. we are maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterday and the fog is manageable but it's usual trouble spots in the north bay. we'll spotlight that and we will get into the weekend forecast, coming up next. pack your patience if you are headed to the bay bridge. you are looking live at the upper deck. a crash has lanes blocked until further notice. we'll have what princess cruises was born right here in california. for over 55 years, we've been helping californians make the most of their precious vacation time. and right about now, we could all use a real vacation. so forget the road trips and rentals and sail with princess right from san francisco to the glaciers of alaska, the beautiful tropics of hawaii, the beaches of mexico or along the california coast. sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. book now at
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welcome back. incredible video out of southern california of crews battling massive fire in san bernardino county. you see the commercial building engulfed in flames. firefighters think it started in a nursery and spread. several explosions were heard possibly from exploding propane tanks. no injuries have been reported. elizabeth holmes could be a
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free woman for at least another eight months according to a new court filing. holmes is free on a half million dollars bond, is awaiting sentencing on four federal convictions. attorneys on both sides have agreed to put that off until at least september. that's likely because her former partner and alleged coconspirator still has to stand trial. sonoma's new health order to limit large gatherings is already having a major impact on local events. russian river brewing company announcing it's postponed annual release of the pliny the younger event until march 25. the event normally draws more than $5 million to the local economy. now it will have to wait. >> last year we had to cancel because of covid. this year we had to postpone because of covid. i think every year is an improvement. next year hopefully we'll be able to have it on time. >> many grocery store shelves are empty across the country but this time it is not panic
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buying. instead, global supply issues, winter weather, record high covid-19 infections are to blame. the national grocers association president expects this to continue for weeks. >> warehouse shortages, truck driver shortages, companies are shipping partial orders or not shipping at all. >> an employee tells us the entire seafood department has been sick with covid-19 for weeks. shipments have been sparse and consumer demand is driving up prices. sea gulls and pigeons come with the territory in the bay area. but in one local city it's crows that have people complaining. birds have made their presence known in downtown sunnyvale. they swoop in on outdoor diners and people are forced to side strep the massive droppings every day. with the help of green lasers, the problem might be solved. the light is supposed to scare the birds and make them fly away.
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>> i heard from residents who already started implementing and it does seem to work. it does have them scatter from the tree. we'll try that for a few weeks and ultimately see if that actually works. >> the plan to use lasers has been met with some push back but humane society describes the tactic as humane harassment and has worked in other areas. we are going to get a check on our weather and traffic. we will start with gianna franco and that big back up on the bay bridge. any improvements there? not yet. travel times are getting worse. it's about an hour plus now to get through the maze into san francisco. you are looking live at salesforce camera at the upper deck of the bay bridge. this happened just after 5:00 this morning, was caused by two cars racing on the upper deck going west bound into san francisco. you had a box truck and another vehicle involved in the actual crash. three left lanes are blocked until further notice leaving only a couple for traffic to
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squeeze by. there is still a lot of activity on the scene. it is just a miserable drive heading into san francisco. showing you our maps, we are seeing speeds down to about four miles per hour. it is just crawling along. the back up is well into the maze. the metering lights were turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza and you see stop and go traffic there all the way back into the maze. pack your patience and give yourself extra time. if you can wait it out, that might be your best bet. you can take alternates, try to use the san mateo bridge. that's a minute ride from 880 across the bay as opposed to over an hour. i just checked bart and everything is on time for public transit. that's a good bet as well. avoid the bay bridge. we will keep you updated and posted on changes or if things clear. it is also busy into the altamont pass, our other trouble spot. we have a back up into tracy
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onto 580 to about grant line. it improves from that point as you head to the 680 connector. east shore freeway ride is okay despite the back up at the bay bridge toll plaza, 15 minutes west 80 from highway 4 to the maze. that's a look at your morning ride. hopefully darren has better news. >> that makes for a nice hand off. far fewer issues, there is some patchy fog in the north bay valleys but it is not widespread. it's like the rest of the week has been. it will be smooth sailing from the standpoint on the drive in and it's a degree or two warmer than it was yesterday at this time. a pretty view shows the scene from the top of the mark hopkins hotel over sutro tower. the city looks fine. temperatures are also even relative warm with 48 in hayward, 47 san jose. it's only 41 in santa rosa. that's still cold, don't get me wrong. but it's not in the 30s. switching our perspective, we will put the visibility map. you see we've got visibility to
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a little less than a mile for santa rosa. 0.8 telling us you can only see 0.8 of a mile down the road. that's really the only area you have to watch. everywhere else of andaytime highs that will climb to the mid 60s by that 2:00, 3:00 hour today. a real pretty afternoon in that regard, replay what yesterday felt like. that's what today will feel like. daytime highs, low to mid 60s. milpitas goes to 61, palo alto 62, union city 60. numbers for inland valley of the east bay is in the 60s. san ramon will go to 61. mill valley hits 59, richmond 59. it will be 63 in windsor. the same pattern holds for the next few days. we don't see a lot of change.
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martin luther king, jr. holiday is coming up. this is just status quo. it will be a little warmer for san jose over the next days as you climb to the mid 60s, low 60s in oakland, around 59 for the city and micro climates also hold the line with the north bay valleys into the mid 60s. that's pretty much it, more on this again in just w video car chase taking a bad turn. police in washington state went after the driver of this stolen red car yesterday. the suspect clearly got lost in the chaos and ended up driving right into some flood waters and had to be rescued. the suspect was quickly arrested. no one was hurt. a bay area city so fed up with pot holes, they're taking matters into their own hands. meet the pot hole vigilantes of vallejo, next.
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kpix5 is giving a warm welcome to our new evening anchor ryan yamamoto. catch him with elizabeth cook in our 5:00, 7:00, 11:00 p.m. newscasts.
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let's get you ready for lunchtime. we'll look ahead to the noon to 2:00 window and it will be a few high clouds, temperatures will have climbed by that point to the upper 50s. you can replay yesterday and that will help you plan that window for today depending where you want to be. we can put specific numbers on this for daytime highs. we will climb back to the low 60s. we'll see high clouds today but we had a thick blanket of clouds that showed up for the
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second half of yesterday. we likely won't see a repeat of that. more blue sky today than yesterday, maybe inspiring you to have plans including an outdoor lunch. i will have more including the martin luther king jr day on monday in just a few minutes. >> see you soon. to vallejo where pot holes have gotten so bad people are banding together to fix the problem all by themselves. >> you know what started as online discussion has grown so fast. vallejo even delivered the group a cease and assist letter. it orders them to apply for permits before they do more repairs, mayor citing legal concerns over the volunteer effort. >> we call ourselves the pot hole vigilantes of vallejo. >> reporter: what started as online discussion has grown so fast. >> the group started filling
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pot holes about two weeks ago and believe they've filled about 80 so far. 6:26. >> oakland students taking next week's proposed strike a step further. what they're doing to make sure the district listens this morning. california schools desperate to stay open now tripling pay to get substitute teachers to show up. the question this morning, is it working? thousands of nurses nationwide will be on pickett lines outside of of jobs demanding better working conditions. we'll tell you what they're asking for, next. here is a live look at the east bay bridge from our treasure island camera. th
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good morning. if you are just waking up, here are your morning headlines. nurses and caregivers across the bay area are expected to head to the picket lines demanding safer staffing. they are also condemning state health department's recent announcement. some leaders planning a school si. teachers organized a similar protest last week against a
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lack ever safety measures in oakland. businesses in oakland post about the new vaccine mandate. starting next month everyone 12 and up will have to show proof to get into most indoor places. good morning. it's thursday january 13. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. lanes just opened on the bay bridge following early morning crash but that back up isn't going anywhere yet. let's go to gianna franco with the latest on this. with those lanes open, at least traffic will move better across upper deck but you are really still backed up. with things at the bay bridge, major crashes, it takes a lot for it to get back on track. that's what's happening. you are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza area or just past that from photo journalist buy an kiley who is stuck in the back up. it is still crawling even with the crash cleared out of lanes. it's going to take time for things to be back on track,
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bumper to bumper for a while. on maps, we are seeing speeds about 5 miles per hour and the back up continues well into the maze at this point. your approaches are all seeing back up in that area. again that crash ing t of lanes. th ok affic. les st. >>quieteon this si wahing a lit in the north bay but no widespread issue with that on the roads to impact your drive. thankfully considering there is enough on the bay bridge now. it's relatively warm, 49 is the sfo, 47 at san jose and oakland. santa rosa is down to 41, reporting fog. there is visibility down to less than a mile. everywhere else we are okay.
6:32 am
as we look ahead for the snapshot, it's mid 60s with a few clouds. a couple specific numbers, mountain view 60, livermore 62, 60 oakland, san rafael 60. i will be back with the complete forecast. we will look at this three day holiday weekend with martin luther king jr day on monday. we'll spotlight that in the seven-day forecast. >> see you then. today nurses and caregivers are expected to be on the picket lines demanding better investment in staffing safety amid omicron surge. justin andrews has more from ucsf medical center. >> reporter: this is national day of action. they're allowing nurses to come in who have covid regardless if they're isolated or not. this is something they say is unsafe when it comes to putting
6:33 am
them in situations. employers have prioritized profits over patient care, some say. they claim hospitals, with the pandemic in full swing it is driving desperately needed nurses away from the job. union surveyed thousands of nurses nationwide and found 82.5% said at least half of the shifts are unsaferly staffed. they say studies have shown when nurses are assigned to too many patients to care for at once, patients are at increased risk for medical errors, complications, even death. this morning they're demanding a change. rns around caregivers say colleagues will stop leaving the job if hospitals create a better safe environment for them to work in. we know there are several planned to be out here this morning in san francisco demanding change. a trend across the bay
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area, there is demanding change here. oakland unified students are planning a sick-out over concerns for their safety. joycelyn moran joins us. what are these teens demanding here? there are two efrtfrhi eyno classrooms. one is a petition and another is a sick-out for today. today's is after educators held one last week. both are asking for more regular testing as well as n95 masks for teachers and students. this is ahead of a strike planned for next week if the demands aren't met. more than 1200 students have signed petition urging for remote learning until testing and masks become more readily available. if this does not happen, they're planning on going on strike starting tuesday next week. >> i wanted to feel safe at
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school and safe for my family as well. we do have my grandma at home and a baby sister. i actually caught covid and had a really bad experience. i just want to feel safe at school. i want other people to be safe at my school as well. >> reporter: in a statement in response oakland unified says they have contributed kn95 to all staff adding that they'll be distributed to students when we are delivered. they say, quote, we are already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in this petition. meanwhile, leadership team at skyline high school sent a message to parents saying it is highly likely that no instruction will be provided today. teachers at skyline high say they're calling in sick to stand in solidarity with students. back to you guys. >> thank you. school districts statewide are doubling or tripling daily rates for substitute teachers
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to keep students in person. it comes after governor newsom issued executive order making it easier for districts to hire teachers and other employees. it allows schools to extend substitute teacher's assignments, bring back retired educators and speed up hiring process for short term subs. >> the realities schools are facing in terms of not having enough adult supervision in classrooms is putting a lot of stress on the system. >> the outbreak has created a crisis in the classroom as omicron infections or quarantines have depleted the teaching ranks. happening today, president biden plans to unveil more initiatives to fight covid-19 surge gripping u.s. even as omicron variant spreads nationwide. the white house is taking new steps aimed at keeping kids in school. 10million free rapid and pcr tests will be sent to schools each month. a study from keiser permanent says risk of death
6:37 am
from omicron is a whopping 91% lower than delta. but case numbers are still concerning. more than 700,000 tested positive. cdc says hospitalizations are up 33% this week. >> sudden steep rise in cases due to omicron is resulting in unprecedented daily case counts, sickness, absenteeism, strains on our healthcare system. >> the biden administration says it is considering making certain high quality masks available to all americans. >> virtually everybody will wind up getting exposed and likely get infected. but if you are vaccinated and if you are boosted, the chances of your getting sick are very, very low. >> cdc reports just 40% of those 18 and older have gotten a booster shot. developing this morning, house committee investigating january 6th attack on the capitol is asking house minority leader kevin mccarthy to talk. despite the request mccarthy
6:38 am
released a statement saying he will, quote, not participate with this select committee's abuse of power. this is after the committee sent a letter saying it would like to discuss conversations with trump before, during, after the riot. mccarthy is third member of congress the committee has asked to speak voluntarily. i am anne makovec at the live news desk, a live look at the state capitol in sacramento where in a few hours there is going to be a big rally called the war on drugs 2.0. organizers say that small businesses and pot farmers are going to be there. they're trying to push for cannabis tax reform and ending the tax on cultivation all together. of course the governor released his budget plan earlier this week. they're hoping to get some of these reforms in there before that is all passed. thcal starng at 11:00 of this morning. back to you. >> thank you. a major airline trying to
6:39 am
make flying an easier experience for you amid pandemic. the new travel credits just announced ahead in our live money watch report. how would you like to be paid to quit your job? you heard that right. why the tech ceo says it is a move to keep his employees. the market just opened. the dow is up about 100 points. we'll be right back.
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6:42. a major airline is out with a big announcement for travel credits. diane king hall is joining us live from new york. first you have a check on stocks. how is it looking? of course, that's right. investors are in a buying mood with trading underway for a little more than ten minutes.
6:43 am
dow is better by 91. in the tech sector, nasdaq is on the plus side and s&p 500 is also higher, better by ten points. delta airlines offering reassurance to flyers amid ongoing pandemic. it's become the first carrier to extend travel credits and waivers through 2023. typically they expire after one year. airline is making the move as covid continues to spread in u.s. delta and other air lines comiup later on cbs mornings. gayle king joins us live from new york. good morning, gayle. good morning. good to see you. ahead, al gore, we all know him, has been wondering about dangers of climate change for decades. the former vice president tells us why he remains optimistic about solving the crisis.
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this is him on his farm in tennessee with ben tracy. if you are struggling to stick to your new year's resolutions, you are part of a very big club. we'll show you how technology can help you achieve your goals in 2022. david begnaud tells the story of how a scammer's phone call from more than 6,000 miles away led to an unlikely friendship. my prediction, this may be your favorite news story in this broadcast today. >> i am looking forward to it. >> we'll see you in 15, 16 minutes. that was a tease. >> i like it. >> see you in about 16 minutes. bye. a warning from irs, it could take longer to get your refund this tax season. irs blaming staff shortages for creating a nightmare scenario saying it might make or have 1 million returns backlogged but the number this year is several times worse. all this adds to already complicated tax filing year
6:45 am
with covid relief and increased child tax credits. tax experts recommend you file early. irs beginning takes returns on january 24 and also say to file electronically. another silicon valley tech company pivoting into almost entirely remote work. menlo park based stock management app robin hood announced it will be staying primarily remote going forward. this is as remote work and a shorter work week are proving to be popular benefits for employees amid major numbers of workforce during the so called great resignation. a live look at san francisco, city officials are predicting around 15% of office workers will stay working remotely when the economy is expected to stabilize in 2023. according to a city report released yesterday, major shift to at homework can permanently hurt business tax revenue. how would you like to be offered money to quit your job? feployee$5,000
6:46 am
to leave their job if they're not totally happy after their first two weeks. the ceo says it is a way to keep folks who truly want to be there. >> over three months, six months, nine months, we are pouring responsibilities onto this person's plate. they're becoming a bigger part of the company. if you pull that person out nine months in, it is much more expensive to replace. >> get this, this is a good sign for the company, so far no one has taken him up on the offer yet. let's send it to gianna franco with a headache for drivers making their way across the bay bridge. oh that does not look fun. no, it's not. commuters, heads up. good news is the lanes are open. we had earlier crash on the upper deck, all clear. it is backed up at the toll plaza well into the maze. it is a slow ride. once you are past this things get better. i want to jump to our photo
6:47 am
journalist brian kiley live in mobile 5. he just passed treasure island where the trouble spot was and things definitely improve into san francisco. that's west bound heading towards the city on the upper deck of the bay bridge. you've just got to get past the back up at the toll plaza. when things happen at the bay bridge and we get crashes, it really causes a major back up elsewhere on all approaches. looking at the maps, west bound 80 out of berkeley, some red on our censors. it is slushish there and our approaches are also seeing some brake lights. stick with alternates for bay bridge. san mateo bridge is better. you see traffic is moving much more smoothly than at the bay bridge near the toll plaza. a 14 minute ride between 880 and 101. i checked with bart. you are looking at about 55 trains on time with no delays. if you want to skip the roadways and use public transit, things are on time. plus you can read a book on
6:48 am
your ride in. might be nice either way. east shore freeway 26 minutes. highway 4 to the maze, still tracking brake lights for the ride for super commuters into altamont pefuy things are calme the weather center. happily i can deliver on that, have been doing it all week. there is not a lot here. there are patchy areas of fog. i will spotlight those and we'll look to the three day weekend that we've got coming up with martin luther king jr day. mount diablo, a great perspective to check out east bay valleys and just to see if there are issues with fog and nothing going on from this saorce yis ngissues ne of the ns with fog. another really great vantage point instead of looking from the top of mount diablo, we see the top of mount diablo from our camera on the salesforce cam a towards the east bay, you see the lights of oakland. that is the light on top of mount diablo.
6:49 am
from this vantage point we see the high clouds which have helped keep the temperatures mild. some of the numbers are near 50, mid to upper 40s when you step outside. oakland you are one, 47. hayward you are another. san jose, you too. it's nice see petaluma and santa rosa in the 40s so often and so easily. you can get well down into the 30s. livermore and concord, low 40s. there is our issue, santa rosa, 0.3 of a mile. that's how far you can see down the road and that's why there will be an issue with fog. that is one other item to be aware of in addition to headaches on the bridges gianna was pointing out. once we get to the afternoon, today is a pretty day. a few high clouds, low to mid 60s. you see it for the south bay, inland valleys of east bay. remember yesterday? it will be like that except a few less clouds. we had this shield of gray over take the bay area by late afternoon yesterday. these should be thinner.
6:50 am
high clouds, you may not notice them as much. the seven-day forecast, we are keeping this pattern, a nice three day weekend coming our way, martin luther king jr day monday. the weather looks like it will hold. we'll have great weather for entire three day weekend. we'll have good weather monday. if you are doing community service on that day and it is outdoors, you are a good. as we look across the rest of the seven-day forecast for micro climates, same story. north bay valleys, mid 60s. guys back to you. >> thanks. new, tesla removed any mention of year 2022 from the cyber truck website. it's a troubling sign for anyone hoping to get their hands on the electric truck before the end of the year. this is tesla's cyber truck website as it appeared in early december before the year 2022 was purged. the company had also previously got rid of any mention of pricing or model info in october. here is what the website looks
6:51 am
like. cyber truck was first announced in 2019 and production was supposed to start in 2021. oakland students making demands loud and clear to keep their schools safe. we break down the district wide sick-out planned for this morning. you may worship the ground the 49ers walk and play on but would you be willing to eat it? the piece of levi stadium that may be in your next bag of lays. we are counting down to the big playoff game this sunday, niners taking on cowboys. watch all the action on kpix5. streaming today, climate change has impacted wildfires and children's health. we talk to a doctor from stanford school of of medicine at 8:15. at 8:20 hear from a widow of a former chief scientist at theranos. we are also on
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i am justin andrews in san francisco. there will be nurses, doctors, other medical personnel out here any minute demanding there be a change. this national day of action is one where nurses tell us they'll be down right denouncing working conditions they deem as unsafe. state department of health is allowing asymptomatic healthcare workers who are covid positive to keep coming to work without isolating. nurses say it puts them at risk. they also say hospitals have prioritized hospitals have prioritized profits over patient care. with the pandemic in full swing they say it is pushing desperately needed nurses away
6:56 am
from their job. in san francisco, justin andrews, kpix5. i am anne makovec taking a live look at the white house where administration announced it is ordering a bunch more tests for schools. about 10 million will be available per half of them, rapid tests. the other half, pcr. they're going to be setting up surge testing sites in communities with high transmission. the cdc is going to work with the education department to help connect school districts with testing providers they already have contracts with hoping to speed up the process. according to the cdc, at least once per week students should be tested in communities that have moderate, substantial, high levels of of transmission which is really most of them at this point. speaking of schools, a lot of them are getting fed up with the lack of testing. joycelyn has more. we are live with details on a sick-out planned by some
6:57 am
oakland unified students. they're asking for more covid protections in schools. this sick-out comes after oakland unified educators head one last week. lopez is one of the student leaders organizing the sick- out. she says there is a lack of safety measures in the classroom. >> students don't go to school and the district is losing money. i feel at this point this is the only thing that will make them listen. >> reporter: this is a petition signed by more than 1200 students urging for return to virtual learning until n95 masks and regular testing become more readily available. oakland unified says we have distributed kn95 and n95 masks to staff. we have also ordered enough for all students. they will be distributed to students as soon as they are delivered. at least one oakland unified school has asked parents not to send their students to school today. the leadership team at skyline high says they've been notified about 80% of students and staff will not report to school and
6:58 am
work today. back to you guys. let's take a look at the roadways. if you are making the ride out of the east bay into san francisco it's been a struggle. a live look at the toll plaza. it is still backed up. there was an earlier crash on the upper deck of the bay bridge. 27 minutes highway 4 to the maze. another 20 minutes if you are headed to the city via the bay bridge. it is getting busy here also as more cars use this as an alternate to the ride into the city. a gorgeous view, taking a look at the camera that sits on top of the salesforce tower towards the east. a few high clouds this morning have kept temperatures milder as a result. we are in the mid 40s for most locations. fog in north bay valleys so even that's an issue on again off again. it's cleared over the last 15
6:59 am
minutes but that doesn't mean it will stay that way. daytime highs will climb to the mid 60s for just about everybody. that's a good looking forecast. it will be much like yesterday and if you are thinking maybe this is a good time with a three day weekend to get to the mountains, snow looks great. the resorts are doing great with close to 100 inches of snow. seven-day forecast shows into martin luther king jr day, keeping the forecast just like this. the super bowl snack for the die hard fan. lays is launching the new golden grounds line in honor of next month's big game. >> grounds is literal. each team gave a bit of dirt to help grow potatoes used for their official chips. good luck scoring a bag. only 200 of each have been made. as for lays famous slogan bet you can't eat just one, we have seen what goes on on the fields. perhaps you will want to just stop there. >> pretty cool, some homegrown
7:00 am
lays. i don't know. >> yeah. of ts to do are the necontues all ♪ welcome, welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you, our viewers on the west coast. on this thursday, i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> we're all here. let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. omicron is resulting in unprecedented daily case counts, sickness, absenteeism and strains on our h health care system. >> hospitals struggle and there are not enough tests for everyone. the latest on the federal response to omicron. hitting americans where it hurts, why price right side soaring and inventory is down at maro


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