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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  January 13, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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governor newsom denies ts i. parole for their hands her hand and the latest drought picture
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is out and still a ways to go in california stand so far. nurses are demanding more and why they say their safety and that of their patients is an risk. the supreme court stops the white house is vaccine mandate for employers and how the administration is boosting its mandates. in just the past hour, word that governor newsom won't release sirhan sirhan from prison. in the decision he wrote the assassination of robert f kennedy by sirhan sirhan is the most notorious common history and he decided to 77-year-old still serves a threat to public safety and he spent the last 50 years behind bars for shooting kennedy in a los angeles hotel but it was in august that a parole panel recommended sirhan
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sirhan be freed. two of kennedy's sons supported his release well six other family members urge the governor to keep them in prison. and now to the drought picture and a notable improvement. look for yourself. the map released today is on the right compared to a week ago and left. a lot less red which is extreme drought and the dark red, exceptional drought is gone completely. paul heggen is here to pu pecti gharin our were in and this is the third worst category it was a few months ago we were all in exceptional or extreme drought condition so it is the same across the board for the entire bay area but i will step back further than a week ago and we will look at a few different time frames and if you look at a year ago, we had some extreme drought showing up already for the north bay, which really spread out quickly and three months ago we had most of the bay area with exceptional drought in the same three months ago and now
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we are back to the severe drought conditions across the entire bay area. a big improvement for parts the bay area but not even a year ago but we can still hope we can add up more rain for the balance of this rainy season. there is no rain in the seven- day forecast and we will look further down the line in a few minutes at that. today, some bay area nurses and caregivers are taking to picket lines demanding better investment and staff safety. justin andrews reports that it is part of a national day of action. >> reporter: this is the scene you will see at several hospitals across the bay area, nurses and also other medical professionals out here just pressing these hospitals to do a better job at protecting them and their patients. >> it feels awful and it feels like we don't have the things we need to actually do the best care possible, and that is our
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job. we are here to advocate for our patients and community and for our coworkers. >> reporter: more than a dozen gathered outside of this hospital in san jose holding the sign as cars passed by. this national day of action is where nurses are downright denouncing working conditions they deem unsafe. hospitalize have prioritized profits over patient care and cutting corners. with the pandemic still at full swing, they say it is pushing desperately needed nurses away from the job. they say shifts are becoming unsafely staffed and nurses are assigned to many patients to care for at one time increasing the risk for medical errors, complications, and even death. less than a handful of caregivers were outside ucsf and san francisco. one nurse has been working there for more than 30 years. >> we are demanding safe staffing that we can do the job we were trained to do and that we love to do and we are here
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to protect our patients. we have to speak up to say that is at risk. >> reporter: the state department of health is allowing healthcare workers were asymptomatic and have covid to continue coming to work, regardless if they have been isolated or not. that is something nurses say they don't like either. >> a spokesperson for good samaritan hospital issued a statement saying, well we support the right of our nurses to participate in labor union activities, we want to ensure that safety is of paramount importance to good samaritan hospital, its patients and its employees. here are the latest covid- 19 numbers here in california. the test positivity rate is up to 23% and the state is seeing an average of nearly 80,000 new confirmed cases each day. looking live here alameda county announcing more than 80% of its residents are fully vaccinated against covid, which is 1.3 million out of 1.65
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million. nearly 50% of those eligible for a booster got one. san jose state university delaying in-person classes until next month in response to the omicron surge and fully remote classes will start january 26 and the in person instruction is set to begin february 14 and san jose state is one of 17 campuses pushing back in person learning. in the meantime west portal elementary ascending students home with a rapid test after getting the first shipment from the state yesterday but the school is not advising everyone to use those right away. >> we are telling families to hold onto them and that we only use these tests if your child is showing symptoms or if they are unvaccinated and have been in close contact with somebody testing positive with covid. >> the school district began the new year with no rapid test for the state and the first shipment started arriving this
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week. the supreme court delivered a blow to the biden ministration's vaccine mandate for employers coming as the white house announces a new plan to get more tests and the masks into americans hands. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: the supreme court has blocked to the biden ministration vaccine test will for you as business is less than a week after arguments before the conservative majority high court, but the justices allowed the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers and at federally funded facilities in the decision comes as the president tries to ramp up a strategy to battle the latest surge announcing the administration will double its purchase of app -- at home rapid test. >> we need 1 billion test total to meet future demand. >> reporter: he said a website rolling out next week will allow americans to sign up for the first 500 million home kits for free, a plan aimed to ease the burden on overwhelmed testing sites and emergency
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rooms. >> so many hospital steps are sick that we don't have enough people to take care the patients we have. >> reporter: next week additional military medical teams will deploy the hospitals in six states with staffing shortages from new york to new mexico. >> these are additional teams that were requested in december, and we are sending them out now to the hospitals with the greatest need. >> reporter: in the face of the highly transmissible omicron variant, the resident previewed an announcement next week about making high-quality masks available for free. >> reporter: while some doctors believe the omicron surge has reached its peak in some parts of the country, the cdc said more than 99% of u.s. counties report high transmission. a look at stocks on this thursday and a down day overall and the dow dropping 176 points and the nasdaq down 381. the s&p down 67. text stocks were down earlier from the ek>>okg live in washin were today president biden met
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with senate democrats to push congress to push voting rights bills, but as skyler henry reports car --, there is a steep uphill climb ahead. truck the president came to capitol hill to discuss voting rights legislation with democrats days after publicly calling for a change in senate alabaster rules which require 60 votes to pass bills. >> i hope we can get this done. the honest to god answer is i don't know if we can get this done. >> while i continue to support these bills, i won't support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of the division infecting our country. >> reporter: before the presidents visit moderate democrats kyrsten sinema and joe manchin reiterated their decision to do away with the filibuster. >> we need to make it better not get rid of the filibuster. >> reporter: senate republicans praised her speech after warning democrats not to change
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the rules. >> that wouldn't extinguish the fires of red-hot tribalism in this country. >> reporter: he previously said the mlk junior holiday was set to pass legislation. while that is highly unlikely, party leaders say they will keep fighting. >> we will do everything we can to pass these two bills. >> reporter: thursday the democrat-controlled house passed the freedom the boat john lewis act around party lines consolidating bills which would establish national election standards and reinstate key provisions previously stepped -- stripped from it. still ahead, new eyes to fight crime and latest tool for one santa clara town. they say it is a national crisis, a shortage of
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an affluent town in santa clara county has some new eyes. we have the new license plate f >> reporter: if you drive around here you probably notice more and more of these things popping up, automatic license plate readers, and there are currently 10 of them placed throughout the town and 30 more are to be installed. the city council approved this last spring and here are how
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they work. they run 24/7 and capture license plate and vehicle characteristics and not people are faces. they are tools they will share with the santa clara county sheriff's office and the leadership of the town said it is to help deter crime and help law enforcement with investigations. this is not the first minister polity to use these. numerous cities and towns throughout the bay do. we shut this video of license plate readers up and active in atherton. i once all of these are up, a 60 day pilot program will kickoff and the town will use the pilot program to determine whether they want to continue using these readers were not. the american red cross is facing a dangerously low blood supply and they say it is at a crisis level. in fact, things to people out sick and donors from workplaces and schools unable to give. in an interview on cbsn bay area, our morning a looked into how this would put patients at
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risk and how you can help. >> reporter: how does this specifically affect patients when you are not getting donors? >> we have a lot of patients that rely on regular blood donations and plasma, so it may be a cancer patient or sickle- cell patients and people who rely on that blood that is on the shelf and if it is not there, they can't get the products they need, physicians have had to cancel surgeries that had been planned for, and i think the most important thing to note is if there is a trauma or accident where lots of blood is needed which is why we need that on the shelf all the time, the blood products may not be there. >> reporter: what is the process for donating blood? how does somebody even get started? >> so there are a few ways you can sign up. you can go to red cross and make an appointment, or you can call
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one 800 red cross and make an appointment. we also have a blood donor app that you can put on your phone and make an appointment that way. you sign up for an appointment and it will take you about an hour to go through the process and the actual blood donation piece itself takes about 10 minutes. it is fairly simple and i know not everybody is a fan of a needle in your arm but it really is a fairly simple process. >> here is an incentive to give. people who donate blood this month, the american red cross, will be entered to win two free tickets to the super bowl in los angeles covering your travel costs and including some spending cash. if you want a new place to take your kids or grandkids in san francisco, look no further. the east the garden at the california academy of science has a new place gape for kids calling it wonder woods. and opportunities for hands-on learning and the first group of
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families and students got to enjoy today and parents say it is a great change of pace and wonder woods officially opens tomorrow. we are counting down by the way to that 49ers playoff run this weekend and in less than three days they will take on the, -- cowboys. the faithful say they are ready to cheer on the team and we found people at the stadium getting new gear and fans got a lot of credit for sticking with the team down in la. last weekend for the overtime win and many plan to do it again in texas. you can watch the 49ers take on the cowboys in the wildcard sunday at 1:30 right here on kpix 5 followed by the fifth quarter and then the news. i will start with just mentioning the weather for the ga itwill be sunny in arlington texas, with a high of 50 degrees and not too bad for the dallas for worth area in the middle of january.
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we will look at our forecast. we'll have patchy fog overhead tonight at ground level and passing clouds overhead right now and the dry weather will continue for a while, through the rest of this week and likely through next week and it looks like a dry pattern sticking around for much of the remainder of january and the stubborn hayes on the horizon will be tough to shake because the overall weather pattern won't shift very much and the haze is thick enough that it impacts visibility and we can usually look at the visibility map to see how thick the fog is but it is that hayes cuts -- cutting the visibility and half and these numbers were much worse in san francisco last hour but it does tell you how dense it is. the air-quality is not great and it won't be for the next few days. the north bay managed to get in the good category with stronger winds but tilting toward the orange around the central bay including oakland and san francisco and around the south end of the bay as well and it looks like we will be pretty much in the moderate category for the remainder of the work
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week and into the holiday weekend, but occasionally that air-quality will tip into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category so anybody you know that has breathing difficulties keep an eye on them and make sure they do okay as long as this stagnant air is in place. higher clouds further up in the atmosphere filtering out g d ve niced the mperatures only 58. only 56 right now in oakland and other temperatures and low 60s. these numbers are still above average for this time of year and with those clouds most of us will stay in the 40s tonight and mostly into the lower half the 40s and a little lower for san francisco and pacifica and upper 30s north of the golden gate and temperatures will warm up tomorrow. more sunshine tomorrow compared to the clouds we saw today with temperatures warming up 2 to 5 degrees above normal and the cooler spots along the coast will be in the upper 50s and the warmest spot in the santa clarita valley in the low 60s and 63 for the warmest
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locations and otherwise low 60s inland in the east bay. a mix of upper 60s and low 50s around the bay with low to mid 60s for the north bay and 64 for santa rosa and a warm spot for the entire region, windsor hitting 66 on friday afternoon. not a lot of change in the temperatures through the next two days. we will see more sunshine tomorrow. passing clouds back overhead saturday through monday and lingering into tuesday of next week but the rain out of those clouds will stay over southern california and kind of caught in between active weather patterns to our south and north and we will keep looking at the really long range data hoping to find the next hint of rain. coming up, his royal highness no more, now legal trouble changing things in a big way for this british prince. streaming today on cbsn bay area, we will talk with a local doctor about climate change and the impact on children's health and that comes up at 4:15 and you can find as
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across the pound now britain's prince andrew has been stripped of royal patronage is an honorary military titles the day after the u.s. district judge rejected his motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging he committed sexual abuse. holly williams has a closer look at his legal troubles. >> reporter: cbs news legal
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analyst said this may have been prince andrew's last chance to get this civil suit dismissed. >> the last thing that prince andrew wants and that the royal family wants his further publicity in this degrading saga. >> reporter: his accuser is a woman who claims the prince sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions when she was a teenager. >> andrew should be panicking. he needs to be held accountable. >> reporter: he denies it and has never been charged with the crime and says he has no recollection of ever meeting her. this is despite this image of them together. she alleges she was trafficked to the prince by jeffrey epstein and lawyers for prince andrew argued a settlement she reached with epstein for half $1 million in 2009 shielded the british royal from legal action but the judge ruled the case can proceed and as a uk resident, prince andrew could
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refuse to cooperate. >> we never had any kind of sexual contact whatever. >> reporter: though that contact may is >> if he refuses to give evidence and doesn't participate in this case, what would happen is the plaintiff would move for a default judgment against him for 500,000 or 1 million or 10 million or whatever it happened to be. >> reporter: he was once regarded as a handsome playboy prince, but his name is now indelibly stained by his friendships with convicted sex offenders. this town dominated by the royal castle customer angry. >> everybody feels the queen a lot in this circumstance and this is her son and she wants to protect him and their family and their privacy, that doesn't mean you get a get out of jail free card either.
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>> her lawyer said she is not interested in a financial settlement but she may only agree to settle this lawsuit if the prince acknowledges he has done something wrong. still ahead, truck driver got to close under a bridge and it gets caught on camera. i am make oliver in new jersey were more than 300 staff are sidelined in the white house
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coming up, cargo ships stacked up in the port of oakland and that is about to change and where they are all going to go. that story and more with ryan and elizabeth coming up on the news at 5:00. finally here at 3, you know when you are about to drive into a garage or go under a bridge or overpass there is a sign that has the maximum height clearance? there is a reason for that. a truck driver thought they could make it under this bridge in kansas city, missouri, but not so much. the top of the truck just sheared off and luckily police say everybody was okay. but there is a lot of explaining to do. >> what you call those? >> there is one in durham, north carolina, called the can opener because it is like an old can of sardines that you can peel back.
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that is why you have to pay attention to the details. >> how tall is this truck? we will double check. that is it for our news at . captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: we begin tonight with a big setback for president biden from the supreme court, blocking his vaccine mandate for large businesses. the blow to the president's plan to fight covid. the nation's highest court issues a pair of rulings, no mandates for big employers, but allows a vaccine requirement for some healthcare workers. tonight, what it all means. plus, the military's on the way, the president sends troops to hospitals on the brink and promises 500 million more testso for americans. charged with seditious conspiracy, the leader of the oath keepers and ten others indicted for the january 6th capitol attack, marking the first time prosecutors used the charge in re


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