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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 14, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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as omicron continues to spread, san francisco health officials are getting stricter when it comes to covid rules. today is wellness day for teachers and one school district but is it enough to fix frustrations over covid safety? we look into it coming up. the testing push to make sure school doors stay open. drivers are being asked to slow down in san francisco. the new speed limits for several streets in the city. they keep restarting your friday with us. >> good morning to you.
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let's get a check on weather and traffic starting with darren peck as we have our eyes set on the weekend. >> before we get there, friday morning has additional items to discuss like fog in places. san jose, you're now looking at fog and you can see from the camera looking out toward the east bay there is a patch of fog and it doesn't extend over the east bay communities. san jose reporting fog and the camera downtown does not show anything and at livermore, cold at 39 with no fog. in in santa rosa it's 38 but no fog however, petaluma does. you can see the low numbers on there. more on that coming up. for the rest of the day no widespread fog. most places are doing okay. and today is going to look and feel
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like the rest of this week has with temperatures in the low to mid 60s with high clouds out there and it will be a bit hazy. we will look ahead to the all- important weekend coming up in the complete forecast. how does the drive look? >> it's looking pretty good. commuters if you're getting ready to head out the door on the altamont pass it's not bad. no crashes. if you headed westbound over in toward the dublin interchange area, some nice speed, 60 miles per hour. moving well headed through there and travel times reflect that. east shore freeway looking good, 13 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. if you're getting ready to jump on highway 4, 20 minutes from antioch toward 80. right now no major issues. a trouble spot in san jose the
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280 connectors to guadalupe parkway are still shut down for caltrans as they work on flooding issues. bay area health expert believes the staggering one in four americans could be infected with covid and have no idea. one of the reasons is the vaccine. 15 to 30% of the population could be infected and not know it. it's because the vaccines and boosters are resulting in mild to no symptoms. we should assume everyone is infected even if they don't look sick. >> we are programmed to look at somebody or hear somebody cough and move away from them but when they are not coughing or symptomatic, we might let our guard down. >> there is a positive prediction ahead he says a dip in the virus rna found in santa clara county wastewater yesterday may mean we could see cases begin to decline at the end of the month.
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the california positivity rate is 23%. the state reporting 80,000 new cases every day and now, another dicey scenario. a lot of parties this weekend is the 49ers need to rivalry with the dallas cowboys. people traveling during the three-day weekend can pile on more cases on top of the current surge. according to one epidemiologist, this is coming at the same time that cases are starting to decline. >> tipping over and starting to go down and you hate to have a new surge added on just as we are getting over this one. >> another search is a concern especially for local hospitals where hospitalizations tend to lag behind cases and the outlook is not good for an already stressed healthcare system. this weekend, san francisco health officials are getting stricter with covid roles as omicron continues to spread
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including changes to attending mega events. >> what does this look like going forward? >> reporter: there will be a couple changes but let's start with the mega events and it will affect you if you're going to see the warriors. starting tomorrow the threshold for something to be considered a large event in a high risk setting includes any gathering of 500 people indoors or more than 5000 people outside. it used to be 1000 more inside or 10,000 outdoors so with the change there will be tougher requirements to go to an event like a warriors game. starting february 1 if you're 12 or older you will be required to show proof you are fully vaccinated two weeks before entry bus 16 and older you also have to show proof you have gotten your booster at least one week before the event and those 12 and older will not have to show proof of booster until march 1. as omicron
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continues to impact communities, there are some other changes with the health order. san francisco updated the mask a guidance. health officials recommending whenever possible you where n95 or kn95 mask and also suggesting you wear one of those surgical masks and a cloth mask over to protect yourself. today teachers in oakland are being told to take a breather. the school district has declared today a wellness day amid frustration over covid safety. >> justin andrews is live in the newsroom and this did not satisfy teachers. >> teachers and students are still demanding better safety covid measures and some teachers called in sick yesterday for the second day in a row. a group of students is also threatening to stay home from school to say when they are set
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to go back unless the district increases testing and protection for them. nine schools were forced to shut down due to teacher sick outs. the joint effort between teachers and students in this morning we are learning and oakland restaurant owner is stepping in to help schools navigate. he owns a new oakland restaurant , noodle belly, just donated 10,000 k n95 masks to the school districts. the school district said they now have enough masks for all high schoolers and the owner decided to do this after hearing about student petitions to district leaders about better covid safety measures and also donated another 15,000 masks to city emergency workers. another east bay school district is ramping up testing efforts in an effort to keep its stores open. berkeley unified plans to provide 19,000 rapid tests weekly to all students, administrators say the
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increased testing will allow the district to remain open through the big omicron wave. for more information on how to find a test, vaccine or booster shot check out the resource guide at today the city's wrecks and park department is holding its third annual martin luther king jr. celebration. the mayor will be in attendance along with other city officials. another annual mlk day celebration is taking a hit and the covid surges to blame. there will be no celebration train operating this year and those interested should participate in virtual events instead and in previous years the celebration honored the 54 mile civil rights march. >> speed live maps on some
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streets are showing down in an effort to reduce traffic fatalities to zero by the year 2024. there are seven areas where steve speed limits are being cut including part the 24th street, fillmore and hoke streets and some are worried that it could lead to more traffic stops and potentially confrontations between people of color and police. >> i'm kind of against it and it feels unsafe. it feels unnecessary. >> the crusoe started installing signs with the new speed limit. city officials later this year will propose additional streets for lowered limits. san francisco is making an unusual move. >> the city will send drivers the text before they are towed but only for certain violations. drivers who register online will be notified if they are about to be towed away. from in front of the driveway, construction zone or submit to our are temporary no parking spot. if you could beat the tow truck there you will still get a
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citation but will keep your car and you will not get have stop if towed from a disabled spot, colored curve or anywhere you're blocking traffic. san francisco police investigating whether two crashes along the highway are connected. a hit and run near noriega street while another crash happened right in front of the beach chalet restaurant. at noon yesterday, officers responded to a hit-and-run that left her range rover mangled. police told us the suv collided with the red jeep that took off, possibly driving on the wrong side of the road. further up the great highway this red jeep driving northbound lost control and overturned taking out a light post in front of the beach chalet restaurant. firefighters free the driver from the jeep and took them to the hospital. the driver was being treated. police are still investigating whether the crashes are linked.
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just about 11 minutes after 5:00. still ahead on kpix 5 in streaming on cbsn bay area, traffic and parking concerns from neighbors. >> potential fraud leading to hundreds of thousands of disability claims being frozen. it is friday light on the road
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welcome back. new this morning, two women are in custody, accused of stealing more than $1000 worth of products. employees called yesterday reporting that two women had hidden over $1000 worth of items and baby strollers and took off without pain. the store employees were able to recover the stolen items and officers arrested both women for grand theft. here is a live look to oakland where police have shut down an illegal gambling operation on east 16th street and during the search the police arrested two people and uncovered guns, drugs and 15 pounds of marijuana. they also found gambling machines and thousands of dollars in cash.
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a crackdown on fraud. hundreds of thousands of disability claims as the agency said scammers are stealing dr.'s credentials and filing fake claims. they are associated with 27,000 doctors and they say some of those are legitimate. there is collateral damage and some people are missing out on the money they are owed. the fda's lifting regulations on a once popular salad dressing. the agency is revoking the standards on french dressing after 72 years and from now on french dressing will no longer be required to have at least 35% vegetable oil. the products labeled imitation french dressing cannot drop the word imitation. the association of dressing and sauces has been trying to change the rule since 1998. i had no idea this was the thing. >> do you like it?
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i always find it too sweet. >> i like it in moderation. only a little bit of french dressing. >> everything in moderation. >> i want to find out more about the association of dressings and sauces and if so i need to talk to them about blue cheese. >> he's got a beef. >> what about caesar salad dressing, is there always anchovies in that dressing? these are things we need answers to. on the top of the hotel we see something that wasn't there over the last few days, little more fog and we see it over the heart of the bay but the real new addition is san jose. the visibility has really dipped. there are issues with fog. at the airport and it extends across much of the neighboring locations. temperatures are fine, 45 degrees in san jose. 39 in livermore.
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upper 30s as you go up through the valleys of sonoma. all along 101 it will be cold. you can see the reading for petaluma, it is foggy there but the one that stands out is 0.3 for san jose. we don't want you to get caught offguard because all week long you have not had to think about it in san jose but this morning you will. napa, visibility down to 0.3 of a mile. there are places where fog is a bigger issue but most places do not have an issue. it's not like it is terribly widespread. later today, the sky has not looked all that pretty for these afternoon. it is hazy out there thanks to the high pressure that's holding in and the skies do not look pretty and we keep pulling an all these high clouds from the weather system spinning its wheels off the coast of southern california.
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it does keep throwing us the high clouds and if you're wondering what's up with the sky, it's a combination of those two things and neither of those things are going away. hazy and cloudy with often in clouds. today low to mid 60s. temperatures for the inland valleys of the east bay in the low 60s as we get back over to the heart of the bay where temperatures stay right around 60. we talk about it 62 in nevada. up until lake and mendocino county as well. we leave behind the big picture on the satellite and remind you great conditions in the sierra. the base at most resort is still fantastic from the incredible december that we have had. the forecast, sunny skies in the mid 60s, sunny skies for oakland and low 60s. in the same story in the
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microclimates. we are not breaking out of this pattern for a while. looking pretty good, almost as good as the forecast. happy friday and good morning, everyone. you got some pretty nice travel conditions. here is a live look from our photo journalist and mobile five traveling through concord on 242 and things are flowing and looking nice. highway 4 is looking clear. if you're headed toward 680 toward walnut creek, some pretty nice conditions on the roadways. lots of green in fact you can see on the mapping system some nice conditions as well on 880, 101 and everything is moving along at the limit. we did have reports of a broken down vehicle but it's not causing any issues and if you're sick super commuter that's a nice light ride also. 60 miles per hour.
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a nice ride toward the dublin interchange with no delays connecting on to 680. right now only 24 minutes, 205 toward 680. the issuer freeway, a 25 minute drive from antioch toward a.b.. and on 242 things are clear. san jose looking good 101 from san jose, 36 minutes from the exit. extra volume westbound but no major delays or issues and things are moving nicely. we still have closures in effect, 280 in both directions still shut down for ongoing caltrans work. the san francisco symphony had to abruptly canceled the performance. the performance was scheduled for 2:00 yesterday but minutes
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before the show the symphony announced some members of the orchestra tested positive. the afternoon did not end on a sour note. >> he gave us in our performance that was out of this world. >> they canceled the regular performance and i think he must've stepped up and said i could do this. >> an announcement, future scheduled will be announced shortly. plans to build a hotel are scrapped by the developer. the hotel would've occupied less than 7/10 of an acre on winchester boulevard one mile south of the mystery house and that project ticked all the boxes of the planning department and the parcel was rezoned. the city council rejected the plan citing neighbors who objected over traffic and parking. several developers who spoke out at the meeting warned that the city is setting a precedent
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that could deter future big projects. 522 and still ahead, the record price fetched for singer page of a comic book. we will be right back.
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let's get you into the lunchtime forecast and here's where we spotlight that window between new and 2:00. a few clouds around today and it will look just as hazy and cloudy as the last few days. not necessarily the prettiest. the air quality is okay and the worst we are reading is moderate but the skies are hazy. in the mid to upper 50 50s and still a good day if you want to do lunch outdoors. temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s and if we watch what happens, some patchy fog out there now and we will talk about that in the complete forecast but it is the reinforcement of high clouds that show up as we get out in the afternoon. the bay area is a constant
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source of crazy tales of real estate sales. the latest is a real dump in san francisco. >> is described as the worst house on the best block. it just went for $1.97 million and space. the house rolled out the great san francisco earthquake of 1906 . clearly it has good bones but that's about all it has. 2100 square feet and listed as having no bedrooms and one bathroom. best wishes to that buyer. it doesn't look too bad though. >> location, location, location. the new spiderman movie maybe smashing box records. a single page of artwork from a 1984 spiderman comic book was sold for 3.36 million dollars.
5:27 am
a one-of-a-kind artwork features spiderman donning his black suit for the first time, marking the arrival of venom. 5:27 am and still ahead and kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the new decision on novak djokovic and whether good stay in the country. the separate policy still moving forward this morning. and kpix 5 news giving a warm welcome to the evening anchor, you can kitchen with elizabeth cook in the 5:00, 7:00 and 11:00 newscasts. >> the 49ers will take on the cab was in dallas sunday at
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new state guidelines for the workplace and now the overwhelmed testing sites could get worse. the new roles before you step into the office this morning. after a series of demands to help keep kids in teacher safe in schools, they have reached an agreement and we will have the details. plus the disappointing news for the commander in chief on his federal vaccine mandate. never hold up on president biden's voting rights and the delay in dc this morning. good morning, it is friday and we are about halfway through january. >> that is hard to believe. let's get you caught up on your forecast. let's start things off with the darren peck . some subtle differences, a
5:31 am
little more fog out there this morning that there has been for the last several days and he can see a little bit from the camera looking back toward treasure island. we are doing okay in the east bay but it's the south bay where the fog is more noticeable. san jose, look at the reporting station. a relatively warm start but fog is new in the south bay so just be aware of that. a look at the visibility map coming up and i will show you petaluma, fairfield and napa. it's not too terribly widespread. there is the forecast, another hazy looking sky and we keep a few high clouds around. you can see the forecast on air quality is moderate is the worst. the air quality is moderate and not much worse than that and on the daytime highs low to mid 60s for just about everybody. see you in the complete forecast in a few minutes. how was the drive out there?
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not too bad. it's friday light for the most part. if you're headed toward sfo with an early flight, looking pretty good. no major delays. i want to focus on san jose, you are talking about foggy spots, you might be dealing with limited visibility. we still have disclosure in effect due to flooding, 200 a.b. in both directions to guadalupe parkway in san jose. all lanes are closed and 200 a.b. is open but you just cannot get over to 287. use an alternate by sticking with the freeways or the surface streets. 101 with nice speeds from the south bay to the peninsula. today the covid workplace rules change adding more stringent requirements for employee testing and mask wearing. >> justin andrews joins us live to explain the new rules.
5:33 am
>> they were implemented as the whole country navigating omicron variant and the wave of cases and one of the biggest changes has to do with employees who have to get tested and the at-home tests will no longer be accepted and instead the test has to go to a lab and a worker can take a test in front of their supervisor or you can get tested in front of a healthcare worker. cal osha is also tightening the definition of what qualifies as a face covering. the new definition includes a surgical mask or medical procedure mask and if a fabric mask is worn it must not let light pass through it when it's held up against light source. the fabric has to be tightly woven with two layers. >> i recommend if you're able and it is within your financial abilities and are able to find the masks which can also be a challenge, i high lee recommend
5:34 am
a surgical mask and even better. a surg mafo be effective. >> the state has also extended the indoor mask order to february. for -- february 13. and update out of san francisco. the teachers union and school district have reached an agreement. >> jocelyn moran is live with what is included. >> reporter: this comes after we have been hearing from educators that they did not feel safe in schools and we heard the demands they had. according to the president of united educators of san francisco, they agreed upon guaranteeing n95, kn95 or k in f 94 masks. ents and employees wh want one.
5:35 am
the president of united educators added 10 days of supplemental paid sick leave has also been agreed to so employees who test positive for covid or symptoms can stay home teacher on how despite the young age of students, they understand what the test is. >> they know how to give themselves the test, a lot of the children and they understand that covid is very serious and it has to be taken seriously. >> the president of united educators of san francisco said what is agreed upon with district officials will help keep students and teachers safe. school board members will meet on whether to continue distance learning. remote construction began monday after more than 500 students tested positive. at the time of the decision the hayward
5:36 am
unified school board said it would meet again today to reassess the situation and the special meeting gets underway at 5:00 pm. >> covid-19 is the leading cause of death among police officers. more than 300 officers feral, s agencies died in 2021 because of covid according to the national law enforcement officer memorial fund and despite the mortality rate many unions are still resisting the met vaccine mandates and filing lawsuits. australia has once again canceled the visa of novak djokovic. the world number 1 has been practicing the head of the australian open which begins on monday that he is not vaccinated against covid-19 and that is an issue. earlier this week the federal court sided with novak djokovic in his battle, releasing him from the covid quarantine hotel. but today the australian immigration minister canceled
5:37 am
the visa again citing public health concerns. the supreme court has delivered a blow to the by demonstration vaccine mandate for employers and it would have required workers to either get vaccinated or test weekly. >> the supreme court decision on motion mandate means and the pandemic it's up to individual employers to determine whether the work places will be safe for employees. >> the high court to allow the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers of federally funded facilities and the decision comes as the biting demonstration is doubling its purchase of at-home tests. the website will rollout next week allowing americans to sign up for the first 500 million home kits for free. starting next week more military teams will deployed hospitals in six states with staffing shortages from new york to new mexico. the president previewed an announcement about making high- quality masks available for free.
5:38 am
the push to advance voting rights legislation has run into a serious roadblock and is trying to persuade moderate democrats in the senate to limit the filibuster so legislation can decide when voting rights can be passed but senator kyrsten sinema dealt the effort a blow saying she opposes the world changes that the president is seeking. >> eliminating the 60 vote threshold would simply guarantee we lose a critical tool that we need to safeguard the democracy from threats in the years to come. >> i don't know if we can get it done but as long as i have a breath in me and as long as i am the white house and engaged at all, i will be fighting to change the way these legislatures are moving. >> are republicans in the senate are against the push for more federal oversight. the feds are now a allowing younger truckers to drive across state lines and a new bill aims to crack down on
5:39 am
stock trading by members of congress. wendy gillette of cbs moneywatch joins us from the cbs broadcast center. good morning. >> two democratic senators have introduced a bill to ban members of congress and their families straightening trading stocks. it would put their folios into blind trust while in office and some lawmakers have come under scrutiny for certain trades including those before the coronavirus pandemic to cold. >> teenagers helping with the supply-chain backlog. the program would allow 18 to 20-year-old truckers to drive outside their home states. currently you must be 21 years old. they are concerned that you drivers get in more crashes than older ones. >> apple has removed several knockoffs of the game, wordle. it has players gift five letter word once a day and has seen the popularity skyrocket.
5:40 am
many are creating clones and even charging a subscription for more plays. everyone wants to make some money. it's true. and wordle is all over the place and i have not yet jumped on the craze. but venmo, i'm big on that and have been accused of doing the lacy gift where you just send a credit to someone rather than picking something up. but now they are making it a little more fancy. >> venmo is unveiling the new giftwrapping teacher and you just need to hit the pay request button and have the recipient she is the gift wrap icon. it starts today for some but will be rolled out in the next few weeks so get ready to send me my money a nice gift wrap. >> i will put that on my to do list. 19 minutes before 6:00 and
5:41 am
still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area . california winters hoping for a big break in the boost that could be coming soon. hoping cash will help fill the ranks. the big-time offer to new recruits. a dense fog advisory out there this morning, spotlighting the south bay. we take a closer look and i will see what the visibility readings are. more on that in the forecast,
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it is 5:44 am and a boy in new jersey has made it his goal to surf every day during the pandemic. >> he has been doing this for well over a year. to get to the beach the 10-year- old has to trudge through snow drifts at times while carrying his snowboard. when covid sent new jersey and the lockdown, he vowed to keep busy by surfing on a daily basis and has been added for nearly 600 consecutive day so far. >> what makes you trying to keep the streak alive. >> i guess covid because there's nothing to do and since there's nothing to do, why not just keep doing it because it's fun. >> during his surfing street,
5:45 am
he is getting donations for free gary and is raising money and is now aiming for 1000 days straight and that must be one heck of a bodysuit because it is super cold in new jersey right now. >> somebody by this kid a ticket to california. >> he will still want to want the wetsuit when he gets in the water. let's get caught up on today's issues and it's all in what is stuck in the air. we need to talk about the fog which is more widespread then we need to talk about all the haze which has been making the days not necessarily the prettiest. a dense fog advisory for the south bay and this is new. san jose, sunnyvale, you guys are included and stays in effect until 10:00 am. that is different than what the
5:46 am
entire week is been like. the same story with a dense fog advisory although you got more experience this week and may be able to expect this more. but in the south bay it might catch a couple people by surprise. you can see a different view from the camera looking east across the bay and he could see where the low clouds are just hanging on pretty much right over the tolls. we are doing okay in oakland but there are reports of reduced visibility and we start to see it creep into the city a bit as well. temperatures in the moon mid- forties on the south bay and mid-30s for many northbay valleys so it is cold once again and you could see where the visibility from petaluma down a half-mile and in san jose 0.10 of a mile. we were keep our eye on napa as well. the other thing is the afternoon, the haze in the sky
5:47 am
and air quality is moderate and you can see what some of the readings are now but the important thing to take away is what the forecast is. at least you know when you see all the haze in the sky that it's not necessarily unhealthy but it is moderate and we will continue to pull in the clouds thanks to a system off the coast of southern california, not only do we have the haze here but we also keep pulling in a stream of high clouds which is a layer cake in the sky so plan on that being a repeat. daytime highs continue to go into the low to mid 60s. you don't see a whole lot of change as the numbers stay low to mid 60s and san jose will be in the mid 60s. no rain with haze sticking around with thought even off- again clouds. how is the drive
5:48 am
doing? >> i start off with the good news if you're getting ready to head out the door and maybe take highway 24. here is a live look air conditions and we do not see any brake lights or issues. westbound through lafayette, everything is all clear with no delays. we do have a bit of a snag in the northbay and i am keeping my eye on this crash. we did have speeds down to 32 miles an hour, little smell slow but causing a bit of a visual distraction for drivers that are traveling through. if you plan on taking highway number 12 give yourself a few extra minutes. it is a little slow as you approach the area also slowing on westbound 37. taking a look at traffic elsewhere, if you
5:49 am
brake lights at the altamont pass and i'm also keeping an eye on the south bay. a little slow with the closures on 280 connectors over 287 and other matters fairly quiet. pretty foggy down there this morning. you cannot really see the runways too well so just be extra careful with limited visibility that may be an issue. travel times are really good for friday morning. if michael sam wants you then apparently he is willing to pay up. the u.s. army is offering big bonuses to recruit to enlist. the army offered a maximum enlistment bonus of $50,000 for the first time ever. they go to highly skilled recruits for six years and in the past the bonuses would not exceed $40,000. >> this is an incentive in
5:50 am
terms of dollar amounts and we are ready to compete for the talent. >> the army is offering some recruits to decide where they want to be assigned after training and are hoping bonus and or location will fill it. california renters could get a big break. the bill would raise the tracks credit for renters and for joint filers that would go to 122 thousand $100. and single parents will be eligible. the bill introduced by the state senator would be the first potential increase to the tax break in decade. >> more than 400,000 student loan borrowers are set to get differently. the settlement resolves
5:51 am
litigation brought by several states attorneys and claim that navient engaged in unfair practices and main predatory loans. just about 9:00 before 6:00. just ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area . an all-time classic celebrating a half-century and a milestone for the godfather. and coming up ars of shnaom and coming up on cbs mornings, one of his final interviews before his passing. bob saget spoke talking about his work and had humor has helped through tough times.
5:52 am
>> even at this very serious moment, humor comes through. >> the exclusive interview
5:53 am
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if you're just getting ready to get out the door, there are differences about this morning's weather. the fog is more noticeable and that's what it looks like on the bay bridge right now. in san jose, dense fog advisory and it includes santa clara valley. san jose your included and also includes the east bay communities and the peninsula so this is just been extended over the last 10 minutes and that is new and of course the northbay valley included as well. we will look more on that coming up. >> time now for look at the entertainment headlines. jeffrey robinson makes his case to the american people in who we are. it traces racism in the u.s. from the first slave ships to the present day. it opens in new york and la this weekend and tomorrow night
5:56 am
it will play in 250 amc theaters across the u.s. ahead of martin luther king jr. day on monday >> the godfather is turning 50 and to celebrate the big event, paramount announced that masterpiece will have a limited theatrical release next month. restored versions of all three films will be available in march. cbs viacom is the parent company of paramount. and i have never watched that movie. >> i'm going to give you an offer you can't refuse. you gotta watch it. that's a little tease. >> 3 minutes before 6:00 and still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> san francisco school officials and the union finding ground as the agreement is just reached. today is wellness day for
5:57 am
teachers but is it enough to fix their frustration over covid safety?
5:58 am
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, oakland school district giving the teachers wellness day and why it may not be enough to keep them satisfied . health officials in san francisco are getting stricter when it comes to covid rules including changes to attending the mega events. the spread of the omicron surge can be much wider than we want you to be aware of. stolen goods found in a stroller and how police caught a pair of thieves in the act.


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