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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 16, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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are we and they didn't give up at all. so they are really good team and a bright future ahead of them. >> the last one from me, from the time that you shower grab a meal head to the airport and fly back, does the food taste better or the drink taste better? is it boisterous on the plane ride back? take me through it. >> definitely tastes better after you win. everything does after you win. on the way back most of us may be asleep because we did everything in our power to win this game so we may be sleeping on this flight. >> i know the unwritten rule of this one is you get to celebrate this for 24 hours and then it is on to the next and can you squeeze just a little bit more than 24 to really soak this one in? >> no. it may actually be less than 24
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depending if we pay on saturday or sunday so we have to figure that out and figure out who we will play next. >> spoken like a true pro. eyes on the prize and total focus. inc. you so much for joining us on the 5th quarter. you have a lot of media waiting for you to come out and you take some time with us on channel 5 . >> appreciate you. stay blessed. >> samson ebukam figuring big and that defensive attack with the cowboys today. more of the 5th
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all right. the bucks will play either the rams or cardinals next sunday in the 49ers will go to lambeau field next saturday and face the top-seeded packers and deebo. >> when he got that interception i said give me the ball and i got you and i just went out there in the next play i scored. >> can you walk us through that it doesn't seem like that was the way the play was supposed to go. >> a little sweep in front of jimmy and they kind of overplayed it and played it kind of slow and seem to cut back and just had.
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>> you saw the whole on the inside? >> it was overplaying a lot today and just being patient and seeing the whole there. >> about 30 seconds left and this will be a rematch of the 49er packers game from late september that is the game with aaron rodgers hit a few touchdowns to win it 30-28. is there anything you can take from this meeting and apply it to next weekend? >> without a doubt. you saw that playwright there and if he had that one more foot he knocked that passed down that they would have beaten green bay and this will be that revenge game. they came to their house in the niners matched up great against them and this'll be a great physical game. >> i could not wait for today and i certainly cannot wait for next weekend to see if they can go to frigid lambeau field and get the job done again. >> all right. that will dot the i's and cross the teaser for this edition of the 5th quarter post game show
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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . >> niners fans rejoice in celebrating a victory over dallas. >> major testing delays fueling covid anxiety in the bay area and what you can do if your results are delayed. >> a string of violent robberies targeting a specific type of dog and alameda county and an incident that left one family shaken up and they are now staying in a hotel. >> later what are camera captured at the port of
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oakland. thank you for joining us. we begin with the niners wildcard victory in dallas. >> jim: the official gets in the way. game i the official gets in the way and the game is over. >> the epic victory came down to the final play. and the fans of the san francisco 49ers couldn't contain their excitement and will be a busy night for bars and restaurants across the area. >> over the last several weeks in the bay area we have seen long lines of cars filled with people waiting to get covid tests but now many are frustrated about the long delays in getting their test results. earlier today we spoke with uc berkeley professor and infectious disease expert doctor john swarts bergen he admits the delay in getting back test results is a real problem. >> delay in testing is really a fundamental problem in terms of trying to make sure that those
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people who spread the virus are removed from society and they stay home. and that will flatten out the number of cases we have and it will free up our hospitals to take care of patients much more effectively and it free society to work better. >> he also said if you have covid like symptoms, you should isolate yourself for at least five days. alameda county investigators are looking into the second armed robbery and three days targeting a french bulldog. a mother and daughter said they were walking the dog in castro valley around this time yesterday when a group of men pulled up in a black suv and jumped out. three of the men had guns and the bulldog was taken from the daughter. another one stole the older woman's purse which had her wallet and keys. later that night, they then stole her car out of her driveway. the family is now so shaken up they are staying in a hotel. >> reporter: how is everyone
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doing? >> you know, so good. we had a lot happened to us recently and my dad is been in the hospital for the last three days and then everything combined with this and him not being here, it is pretty hard on my family right now. >> using video from the area, investigators say the black suv the suspects were driving was also stolen and had been involved in several other armed robberies and meanwhile we gotten word another french bulldog stolen his home safe tonight and there are no details yet on where or how it was found in the french bulldog has become a popular target for thieves because they can sell for thousands of dollars. coming up, are camera catches a wild side show soaking up the port of oakland. there is a small payoff to all of those clouds
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our cameras were at the port of oakland as drivers stage this sideshow on harbor road and he left tracks all over the pavement. they spun donuts in front of a crowded motor vehicles only had three wheels. they quickly attracted the attention of the police, who showed up to shut it down and so far no word on whether any drivers were arrested or have their cars impounded. all of this somewhat has been a hazy day in the area and we have more on that. you can see that today from wherever you are but really from the top of the sales force tower you can watch the last
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few hours play out before sunset as we look down to the south and the clouds look pretty and you can see all of the hayes out there in the sky then we will switch over to high definition doppler because those clouds are dropping rain. there is not a lot to it there are some light showers and they don't amount to a whole lot. we will have the threat of a sprinkle which will stay with us probably through the morning because we have a weather system off the coast. and if we put it into the water vapor now you can see that rotation and that is a week flow sitting out there and as we see it on the future cast, we basically just get waves of clouds and maybe a drop or so of rain mixed in but watch what happens in the middle of the day tomorrow and everything has been coming up from the south for the last four days and all of these clouds have been coming from that system to the south and starting tomorrow at 2:30, everything reverses and it goes back the other way. by late monday but more noticeably on tuesday, we will see a lot more sunshine around here because we will finally break that pattern and it makes for great sunsets but it has kept it a cloudy day consistently for like the past
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four or five days and that is what every reporting station has on the air right now and we will keep it in the overnight hours as well. we keep the morning those warm and go down to the lower mid 40s for having those clouds around and then the highs tomorrow will do what they have done for the last week and even a little more. low 60s for daytime highs and a look at the seven-day forecast is the same story except for thursday and friday and a little bit of a warm-up so san jose low 60s now and you go to 66 by the time you get to friday and saturday and oakland will be in the mid 60s and for the microclimates we will see that as well the middle line are the inland valleys of the north bay were you could get a few degrees shy of 70. a big day over to you. >> straight ahead, only one anatth49ers. p billing today somehow they co
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the nfl up top. the 49ers first playoff game against the cowboys since 1995, and it was well worth the wait. it was a thriller deep in the heart of texas. deebo samuel boombox and all led the charge out to jerry jones's house in arlington and you jump it up to a 16-749 lead and watch this grab by william. one-handed and he snagged it in. he picked off dak prescott.
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what a grab. now, the 49ers offense were clicking and look at deebo samuel running hard and cuts it back inside with a 26 yard touchdown and the 49ers led 23- 7 and in control. and now in the 4th quarter, jimmy garoppolo trying to make something out of nothing and he got nothing. but picked off by anthony brown who returned it inside the 49ers had 25 and then things really unraveled when the defense of captain and leader, fred warner, left with an ankle injury and a few plays later, prescott to get in on his own and 5 yards cut the 49er lead to 6 and less than a minute to go with shanahan running out the clock in here comes samuel running hard as he always does and he is so close to the
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orange marker. in fact, they called it a 1st down. and then it was reviewed and it was inches short, so jimmy garoppolo tried to sneak it in at the end of the game but trent williams was not set long enough, so they had to plop the ball away to the cowboys, and dallas crossed midfield with 14 seconds left on the clock and dak prescott kept the ball, one up the middle of the field, but he didn't have any timeouts and they needed despite the ball but the clock ran out and complete chaos but the referee stumbled running to the office of line and the clock hit zero and that was the game. the 49ers survive and advanced to the divisional round and a final of 23-17. >> the guys were excited and still trying to figure out where i am at and it was pretty emotional out there with a lot of opportunities and i thought we had to win the game and i felt we did a number of times with those guys just kept fighting and we had a few
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mistakes at the end that we should not have let get there but the guys came out and finish that game in that environment was a good win for the guys. >> enter the other games today. bruce arians on one of his players. the buccaneers hosted the eagles and they have been doing this for years. tom brady and gets his 15th postseason touchdown in his career and more than any other tight and and jalen hurts under duress and then he tipped it to himself. man, the athleticism and the ingalls -- eagles turned it over a few times and brady's 35th career playoff wood 31-15 was the final. so tampa bay will play either the rams or the cardinals next sunday and the 49ers will go to lambeau field next saturday and face the top-seeded packers. >> the worriers today announced that fremont green will be out at least two more weeks with a lower back injury and he had that place since injuring his
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calf last saturday and he is currently running in minnesota and moving pictures on the late show, game day. >> how about utah with 13 point lead and in the fourth quarter and he whipped past inside lexi hall and the post scores 21 and under three minutes left and stanford up and he knocked it down and shed 24 points and they came back to get it 83-73 and unbeaten impact 12 play >> a lot of moving pictures here in sports and with the top dog today, the 49ers and we have a whole other week to talk about the next big game. >> thank you very much. up next the creature pulled from the rubble of a burning building and an unusual rescue pulled off by local fire
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tennis superstar novak djokovic flew out of australia late sunday night hours after a court upheld the government's decision to cancel his visa over the country's covid-19 entry rules and his unvaccinated status. his supporters protested in the streets of melbourne, where it is now monday. the australian open is just getting underway. he had hoped to chase a record
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21st grand slam win there. in a statement, 34-year-old said he was extremely disappointed in the courts ruling, but he does respected. he added that he hopes the focus cannot return to the tournament and the game itself. this is the aftermath of a fatal head on crash in sonoma county today. a silver sedan was left completely mangled after a four car crash close to stretch of highway, highway 116, for hours today near downtown sonoma. they did say silver sedan was driving westbound recklessly when it passed over the double yellow lines and collided with another car driving eastbound and that set off a domino effect causing two other cars to crash. secca can't give you an estimate on the speed, you can assume based upon that damage that it was significant. >> we don't have specific information yet on whether any parties involved were impaired
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but we are investigating that possibility. >> a passenger in the silver sedan died well two other sustained major injuries and one of them was a juvenile flown to the hospital. there is new video tonight of wild weather in florida that get hit with multiple twisters this morning and one ripped through the dimarco island area. a patrol car caught this twister crossing the highway in naples and it flipped over a tractor-trailer but the driver only sustained minor injuries. tornadoes did cause damage in different parts in the state tearing through neighborhoods and damaging trees and homes and flipping boats in marinas. crews in fremont pulled an unusual survivor from the rubble of an apartment fire and they saved his bearded dragon from unit that caught fire last night on san pedro drive and luckily nobody was injured and not even the lizard. up news at 6:00 and we have
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updates always on our website but we will be back after this break.


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