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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 17, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we remember and honor a civil rights leader. the events happening across the bay to honor dr. martin luther king, jr. the 49ers coming out on top after a nail biting fourth quarter. how it all came down to the wire. some oakland students are ready to take demands on the next level if the district does not listen. we are live with what they are promising to do this morning. first the long covid testing lines. now it's long delays in getting results. hear from the bay area doctor weighing in on the growing
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problem. good morning. it is monday january 17. i am len kiese. >> happy monday to you. i am amanda starrantino. let's start with weather and traffic and kick it off with darren peck with ouforecast for this monday. good morning guys. no surprise, no news when i say we haven't gotten rain in a while. but we also haven't had a beautiful blue sky sunny day in a while. today will not be one of those either. happy mlk day. you will also not get rain. but it will be cloudy, overcast, hazy. thankfully there is not a lot of fog out there. it's a cold 36 in santa rosa. everybody else is pretty warm. it's 48 in oakland, 47 san jose. clouds act like a blanket so the temperatures stay warm. daytime highs will go to low 60s and we will have that layer cake. plenty clouds above.
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that pattern is going to change tomorrow. i will show you blue sky for tuesday and we'll see how long we can keep that around. there are your daytime highs for the rest of monday, low 60s most locations. fremont 62, san rafael 60. we'll have more on that in a bit. how does the drive look this morning? for the most part, it's not doing too bad. if you are taking bay bridge early this morning, this is what is in store for you. things are pretty quiet on most bay area bridges. we do have one item we are keeping our eye on in the sunol grade. it's causing a few brake lights. there is a crash clearing south 680 to the 84 ramp, really not affecting a 680. you are really seeing delays on 84 and they're minor. not far from there, a closure on pleasanton sunol road both directions due to fallen tree
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and fallen power cables. today we honor and celebrate life of dr. martin luther king, jr. yet again celebrations will look different because of covid. justin andrews is live in san francisco sorting through which events have turned virtual. good morning. though covid and the latest wave is kind of throwing everything off that is not stopping many churches, organizations across the area to honor the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. in oakland at 11:00, there is an event called hope in the hour of homicide that will be taking place with community members where they'll be honoring dr. king and addressing the issue of violence and then posing some solutions. it will be at the outer courtyard of oakland city church. at the same time in oakland, a caravan and drive thru give away for eighth annual day of action. this will be at the port of
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oakland. a distribution of necessities to help the homeless is set to honor dr. king as well. at 1:30 in san francisco, northern california dr. martin luther king, jr community foundation will have a series of events centered around justice. there are many other events that churches and other organizations are putting on. we'll try to put some of those on our website later this morning. that's >> a lot going on today. a live look at san jose where later this morning the city parks and recreation department will hold a public mlk day clean up. it gets underway at 8:45 at mary jane hammond park on west field avenue. quarterback jimmy g celebrated as he walked off the field after a 49ers playoff victory over cowboys at att
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stadium in texas. 49ers will prepare to take on the packers. samuel ran for a touchdown in the third quarter putting 49ers up 23-7. dallas back within six points and in the closing seconds the cowboys quarterback ran with the ball and slid but did not spike the ball before time ran out. niners win 23-7 and play green bay this coming saturday. that's 23-17. 49er faithful in the bay area are celebrating the big victory. there was a packed house inside and out at this pub in san francisco. fans say watching with other like minded people adds to the drama and excitement. >> it's playoffs. gotta be around the people that are just as invested. >> the game provides a distraction for the pandemic but also being outside here you can be semi safe and still interact with people and enjoy
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the game. >> some say the long post season history between niners and cowboys made yesterday's win even more thrilling. oakland unified students threatening to go on strike if their demands are not met by today. joycelyn moran joins us with this. where do all the threats stem from? >> reporter: we have been following this and today is the last day students gave the district to meet their demands. they say they don't feel comfortable going to school with the rise in cases and want increased safety measures. they want oakland unified to go back to remote learning unless kn95 or n95 masks are provided for every student. they want twice a week pcr and rapid tests for everyone on campus and want more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. more than 1200 students have signed. if demands are not met by today, they say they will strike starting tomorrow by not going to school and friday they
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will strike outside oakland unified district building and they say it will last until demands are met. oakland unified last week said they were in the process of meeting the demands. when it came to kn95 masks, the district said the masks were on the way. it's been only two weeks since students returned after winter break. the surge in cases has been impacting communities throughout the area and of course we will be staying on top of this. back to you guys. for the third day new covid infections nationwide topped 800,000 with more than 21,000 patients admitted to hospitals every day. nearly every american now lives in a high risk area. in some parts of the northeast, cases plateaued or even declined. cdc says the country is averaging more than 780,000 new cases a day despite issues with testing access. as infections keep spiking hospitals are strained. some medical staff are getting
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covid and others are getting burnt out and leaving. >> the omicron wave started later in other parts of the country. we shouldn't expect a national peak in the next days. the next few weeks will be tough. on a positive night starting wednesday you will be able to request free rapid antigen tests at, four per household. over the last weeks we have seen long lines filled with people waiting to get covid tests. now many are frustrated about long delays in getting results. it's becoming a real problem. >> the delay in testing is really a fundamental problem in terms of trying to make sure that those people who can spread the virus are removed from society. they stay home. that will flatten the number of cases we have. it will free our hospitals to
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take care of patients more effectively and frees society to work better. >> the doctor also says if you have any symptoms you should isolate yourself at least five days as a precaution. if you are looking for a covid test, vaccine, booster visit our resource guide on click the red banner at the top of the page. authorities are investigating armed robbery of two women in castro valley where suspects stole a french bulldog. this is tito, a 15 month old french bulldog. he was stolen at gun point saturday evening. police say suspects in a black 2019 kia pulled over in front of the two women as they were walking, stole the dog, and took off. after investigators left the scene the suspects returned to the victim's home and stole her mercedes. >> i parked my car in front of both cars that were in the driveway thinking that would
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keep it safe. they just drove right off the curb like it didn't even matter. >> i just want my dog back. i want my dog back safely. >> these incidents come two weeks after a french bulldog was violently snatched from her owner in the marina district and recovered two days later in sacramento. still to come, mystery surrounding aftermath of volcanic eruption leaving bay area families very worried what's being done to help tonga. 80 million in the path of a winter storm moving up the northeast. the impact it is already having this morning. we are going to take a look at this martin luther king, jr day forecast. it's going to be cloudy. but if you have outdoor plans, you can keep them. we'll talk about when we will clear out the clouds and when we might ever expect some rain to come back. a live look at the bay
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bridge toll plaza, pretty easy commute for the most part if you are
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welcome back. oakland police officers chased a string of side shows last night with dozens of vehicles and spectators. >> cameras were there for one of them before the police arrived. drivers staged this side show along harbor road at the port of oakland. they left tracks as they spun doughnuts. one only had three wheels. police showed up to shut it down. another side show, police responded, group took off.
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a major clean up operation in los angeles. a train derailment involving 17 cars of packages of all shapes and sizes across the tracks there. they're filled with items from amazon, ups, and others. looters have been trying to collect them. there is no word on what caused the derailment. an image from space shows a cloud of ash reaching australia from saturday's under water volcanic eruption in south pacific. satellite photo shows ash over queens land. local meteorologists say it produced stunning colors at sunrise. new zealand and australia sending military jets to tonga to assess the damage. communications were roughly cut off and most are unable to use the internet or make phone calls, single fiber optic cable that connects them to the rest of the world was apparently badly damaged. the bay area's community in
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california is waiting for word on friends and family back home. when the volcano blew saturday it created the biggest tsunami threat to the bay area in years and caused coastal flooding from santa cruz to the north bay. winter storm warnings and advisories up and down the east coast. some areas are bracing for nearly a foot of snow. it is expected to impact an estimated 80 million americans. hundreds of crashes have been reported due to freezing rain and snow. officials from new jersey to massachusetts also expect wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour. 6:16. let's check our local weather and also traffic this morning. >> we will start with darren peck. i am liking these temperatures. there is usually a theme when one-half of the country is going through an extreme like you were showing with the severe weather, the other half is going through the other
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extreme where nothing is happening. that's the pattern we've got. it will be cloudy but we will see daytime highs that climb to the low 60s again without even the hint of a threat of rain. i will show you why high def doppler is picking up on a little bit of rain off the coast. your live look from the top of the mark hopkins hotel towards the east. clear skies. i don't have any major issues with fog. for a time the oakland airport was reporting mildly reduced visibility but it is not widespread or an issue. at this point it is almost down right warm. it is 49 in hayward, 47 in san jose, 48 oakland. these temperatures are pretty warm for this time of day. santa rosa you are down to 36 and petaluma. livermore and concord are in the low 40s. in the immediate bay it feels pretty good. air quality will stay moderate. we've got the clouds and we've also got the haze, like that
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layer cake of stuff. daytime highs will go to the low 60s. we can track the progression of the clouds. little bit of rain off the coast, that's the 10:00 hour. it does not really pose a threat of getting to the mainland. it doesn't get to the bay area. what we do notice are the clouds. those reverse direction tonight. tuesday we will have blue sky. we'll wake up to a little bit fog but in general we will have blue sky. you see the rain right there. let's put it on a wider view. the reason there is rain, you have to look at this in a unique way when you put it into water vapor, now you see it. an area of low pressure lurking off of the coast. that's why we've had clouds consistently. it's mainly from that one. that one leaves tomorrow. so we clear it out. the sky will look different. it will look better. we'll start to warm up a bit by the end of the week. it's not like storm track in
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the pacific comes back. as that cut off low leaves it leaves us with more uneventful weather. relatively sunny and a subtle warm up into the end of the week. gianna, hour does the drive look this morning? it actually looks pretty good if you have to get up early and you are getting ready to head out, you don't have major issues or brake lights. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off and we are not seeing a lot of cars. it's moving nicely into san francisco. a couple things to keep in mind. there are changes to public transit, saturday schedule for bart and also cal train will be on a modified schedule. ace rail will be on a modified schedule due to observance of martin luther king jr day which means less people are on the roadways because they may have
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the day off for work and schools have the day off as well. you can see 880 there, nice speeds both directions. 101 along the peninsula, no major brake lights or issues. i will zoom in on an area in the sunol grade. 680 south bound from 84 south bound, a few brake lights off of 84valecitos road. a closure on pleasanton sunol road due to a fallen tree and fallen power cables. they are still working to clear that and open everything through there. check this out. super commuters you are in luck if you are making the drive into the altamont pass with no delays all the way to the dublin interchange. back to you guys. taking a look at san
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francisco where chinatown is getting ready for lunar new year. public works will be doing a few projects to spruce up the area including power washing dragon gate, performing pot hole repairs and covering graffiti. events kick off february 1 leading to the parade on february 19. it's very spaced out. it's very safe in my opinion. >> the new bay area gym built for social distancing, next. be sure to check out our new kpix5 evening anchor ryan yamamoto. catch him with elizabeth cook in our 5:00, 7:00, 11:00 p.m. newscasts. fference.
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let's look ahead to the
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middle of this day and get you caught up for that crucial noon to 2:00 window. you probably haven't had breakfast yet but we are going to get you ready for lunch. 60 from noon to 2:00 but it will be cloudy. but you won't be rained on. if you want to do something outdoors in the window, you are a good. we'll be in the low 60s for just about everybody. it's a cloudy day on futurecast. by late morning there might be a shower well off the coast but we will not worry about that. we'll see you with the rest of the forecast in a bit. >> see you then. thank you. many people may be avoiding gyms for fear of getting covid. >> a new san francisco gym called the yard helps reduce that risk by keeping clients socially distanced. the yard has eight individual work out pod. each contains a bench, rack, free weights rented out by reservation only. the owner says he came up with
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the idea two years ago or actually two years before the pandemic. >> it feels like you have your own area even if there was someone kind of close. you still have your own equipment, your own section. >> i am not going to big box gyms where it is hundreds of people. it's very spaced out and very safe, in my opinion. >> the two story pacific heights gym holds only 16 people at a time so everyone can feel comfortable working out. len and i both work out at home but it is hard to get motivated at home. it seems like a great option. >> it is, especially with our shift. 6:26. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. whether online or in person, bay area honoring life of dr. martin luther king, jr. we are live with how the
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because when you're on a real vacation with princess where you don't have to think about anything you can enjoy everything. book a princess cruise today and get even more during our best sale ever. visit or call 1-800-princess. if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. oakland students threatening to go on strike if demands are not met by today. students are calling for the district to go back to remote
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learning sskn95 or n95 masks are provided in schools. they're calling for rapid tests twice and week and more outdoor spaces to eat. today marks dr. martin luther king, jr's 90th birthday. 49ers sets to take on the packers after a big playoff win against cowboys in dallas. the 23-17 win, niners became the first under dogs and road team to win this post season. good morning. it is monday january 17. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. let's start things with weather and traffic beginning with darren peck, some nice weather on this holiday monday. this makes it easy for martin luther king jr day if you are making plans. it's going to look and feel the way it has for the last seven days. it's going to be cloudy and we'll keep the haze.
6:31 am
other than that there are no issues to keep you from getting outside and doing whatever you have planned. current temperatures are cold at 36 but everybody else is in the mid to upper 40s. it's down right warm right now, 48 degrees. today the daytime highs go back to the low 60s with plenty clouds. that's the thing about today. it's going to stay cloudy, stay hazy. that layer cake of stuff in the sky is still going to be there today. i've got better news for tomorrow. i will show you how the pattern changes and we will see blue sky again in the middle of the day tomorrow. more on that coming up in a bit. how does the drive look out there? blue skies tomorrow sounds good. the drive is okay for the most part. a live look at one of our traffic cameras at the dublin interchange. you see things are moving pretty nicely. we do have a few cars making that ride west bound.
6:32 am
this is our super commuter route this morning. it's not bad at all. this time of the morning we typically see times about 25, 40 minutes. most of our freeways are pretty quiet with no major delays. bay area bridges look good as well. no metering lights and a smooth ride into san francisco. that was the scene across many bay area bars and pubs last night when the final whistle secured a niners' victory. joycelyn moran joins us with reaction from some die hard fans who made that road trip to dallas. it was worth it. >> reporter: a worthwhile trip, two back to back weekends filled with excitement and for me and i am sure many fans, a bit of anxiety. yesterday's game was another nail biter. with the 23-17 win the niners
6:33 am
became first under dogs to win this post season. samuel, a 26-yard touchdown run and 49ers went up 23-7. nerves kicked in in the fourth and dallas got back within six points of the niners. in closing seconds, cowboys had a final chance. prescott took off intending to slide and spike but didn't do so before time ran out. fans watched throughout bars in the bay area. other fans traveled to texas hoping to blanket the stadium in arlington with red and gold. >> we are seeing family everywhere we go, all the people from san francisco, san jose, santa clara. we've got the d.j. over here. it's a good time. the atmosphere is really uplifting and fun right now. >> reporter: it sure looked fun. 49ers set to take on green bay packers saturday night so the
6:34 am
excitement and anxiety continues. back to you guys. >> thanks. today a leader in the civil rights movement and american history will be honored throughout the bay area. life of dr. martin luther king jr will be celebrated. justin andrews is live. how can people honor him today in tharea? >> reporter: today is a day we reflect and honor this icon, this trail blazer, this leader in american history and in black history. let's look at the events going on across the bay area. at 11:00 in oakland, hope in the hour of homicide, that's an event where community members will honor dr. king and address issue of violence and pose solutions. it will be at the outer courtyard of oakland city church. at the same time there is caravan and drive through give away for eighth annual day of action at the port of oakland.
6:35 am
columbus park encampment in san jose. at 1:30, northern california dr. martin luther king jr community foundation will have a series of events centered around justice. now, there are several events churches and organizations are putting on. we'll try to put some on our website later this morning. that's >> justin, thank you. to commemorate the martin luther king, jr day of service president biden and first lady volunteered to help those in need. they helped fill food boxes today at a hunger relief organization in philadelphia. in southern california vendors will be celebrating in los angeles with live music and food. however due to rising cases organizers have postponed the annual mlk parade to june 19. we are learning people are flooding santa clara county emergency rooms in search of
6:36 am
covid tests and hospitals are struggling to keep up. according to recent county data over 7800 people visited santa clara ers in december. that's a jump from 7300 in november. it's unclear how many of the patients paid a visit for covid tests alone but health officials say hospitals are struggling to meet demand. hospitals can't turn away patients seeking covid tests if they have been exposed or are showing symptoms. california's covid positivity is at 22.9%. the daily case average is just under 87,000. some medical experts believe the omicron surge should prompt public health officials to change the approach from containment to harm reduction. this can eventually lead to a so called endemic phase where the virus would be treated more like influenza. >> what omicron did is caused incredible wall of immunity. it means unvaccinated people
6:37 am
got it. people who are vaccinated even got it. >> in an endemic phase, there would be no reporting of daily infections and no asymptomatic testing. vaccinations would continue plus treatment with oral antivirals for people at risk of severe disease. developing, nypd arrested the suspect who allegedly pushed a woman in front of a subway train. the attack happened at the times square station saturday morning. police allege simon marshall shoved the woman on the tracks where she was hit. before that, officials say the suspect taunted another woman who managed to escape unharmed. after the incident the suspect turned himself in. sources say he is homeless and has a previous record of three emotionally disturbed incidents. in los angeles, a nurse who was attacked by a homeless man has died. shells worked at -- 70-year-old
6:38 am
was waiting for a bus. investigators say she fell and hit her head on the concrete and later died from injuries. lapd quickly found the suspect sleeping nearby identifying him as cary bell. he has a criminal record here and in other states. we are learning north korea fired two suspected ballistic missiles into the sea yesterday. it was north korea's fourth weapons launch this month alone. u.s.endo pacific command say missiles do not pose immediate threat to u.s. and allies. this is after the country fired two ballistic missiles from train cars friday. hours earlier north korea warned of stronger certain reaction if u.s. helped impose more sanctions. tony dokoupil joins us now from new york. good morning to you. good morning.
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first, rabbi who survived harrowing hostage standoff at his synagogue in texas talks about how he and his congregation got to safety and how they're doing now. an essay on the hidden legacy of dr. king's mother. we will talk about her influence on him and by extension the whole country. see what is called the tesla of strawberries and why there is a wait list for strawberries that go back months even though they cost about $6 per berry. they're grown in a vertical farm in new jersey. do they compare to california variety? i don't know. pretty good though. >> you got my attention there. good to see you on this monday. see you at 7:00. 6:39. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> heads up if you are planning on taking a cruise.
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the guidance just changed by cdc. it's really a great feeling. >> high school students stepping up to help feed the hungry. why volunteers are needed now more than ever, next. a pretty view from our camera on top of salesforce. you can see some early lights starting to fill the sky. sunrise is happening at 7:24. it's going to be cloudy. you can already tell. we'll talk about all these clouds and when
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welcome back. in your money watch report, cdc updates guidance for crew ships plus venmo rolls out a new feature. wendy gillette reports. wall street is closed today in observance of the dr. martin
6:44 am
luther king, jr holiday. the longer weekend is after investors digested batch of economic data which showed slow down in consumer spending and rising inflation. millions of families starting the week without a monthly deposit from child tax credit program after it expired. a bill that includes provision to extend the credit is stalled in senate. it started as part of the $1.09 coronavirus relief package. companies can now decide if they will participate. if they don't, they'll be designated as gray on the agency cruise ship color status web page which means cdc has not confirmed or reviewed safety protocols. if they opt this cdc will work with ships to monitor the preventative measures and track on board cases. venmo has a new gift
6:45 am
wrapping feature. when users hit payer request button and add recipient they can choose gift wrap icon and pick one of the designs. the recipient can unwrap their gift and claim their money. for more head to china announcing tickets for winter olympics won't be sold on the general public. it is due to covid-19 concerns. tickets will be distributed by authorities in international olympics spokesperson says everyone in attendance will be residents of china's mainland who are fully vaccinated. novak djokovic arrived back home in serbia after being deported from australia. the unvaccinated tennis super star left the country after a court ruled he posed risk to public health and order. in a statement the 20 time grand slam winner said he was extremely disappointed by the
6:46 am
ruling but would respect it. saga surrounding the star tennis player has sparked a lot of debate. >> if everyone else can't follow the rules, why can't he? obviously he thought he was above it all. >> deportations typically come with a three year ban. that means he could be barred from the australian open for quite sometime. this morning dozens are filling food boxes for the hungry. many organizations are facing a critical shortage of volunteers. one high school student says it is easy and rewarding. >> it's really a great feeling. it's just the feeling of being productive. you feel like you did something and you actually contributed to something. a lot of the times as opposed to doing nothing on the weekend. >> bay area food banks serve 12
6:47 am
northern california counties and feed about 1 million people each month. if you are itching to go outdoors today is your lucky day. martin luther king jr day is the first of the year's free entrance day for all national parks. you have plenty options in the bay area. 6:47. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. >> let's start with darren peck. bring on the sunshine. we'll have to wait until tomorrow for that. if you have plans to take advantage of free national parks, just go knowing it's going to be a nice day. it will be a bit cloudy. let me show you what it looks like from our vantage point. that's the scene past the trans america pyramid. you can see a little bit light filling the sky. we are not looking at widespread fog. that's a good thing about today. you don't have to worry about battling that on the roads. we did have fog reported
6:48 am
earlier but now it's just a cloudy sky. santa rosa is 36 degrees but everywhere else is relatively warm. san jose is 47. you really see the warmer numbers when you get to the heart of the bay. concord and livermore, low 40s so it's going to feel kind of cold for inland valleys. today, daytime highs climb to low 60s. let's talk about all the clouds. there is going to be one blip of green. that's good representation that there is some light rain in all the clouds. it's just not enough to have a threat that we would see in the bay area. watch what happens. you see how the clouds finally reverse direction and got blown out of here. that's tomorrow. that's tuesday when we will actually get a break from the constant cloud cover that we've had. it will look a bit different. that rain off the coast is
6:49 am
interesting. high def doppler sees it now. there are showers off the coast west of monterey and the reason for that, you don't see it when you look at the regular satellite but when you look at the water vapor, it becomes apparent. there is an area of low pressure. one of the pesky cut off lows not connected to the rest of the storm track. no jet stream tie in. there is nothing to move it along. that's been sitting off the coast of southern california for the last week. that's why it's been so cloud eye. that has been throwing clouds pretty consistently. now that it's drifted further north off the coast of monterey, we get one more day of clouds, maybe even a sprinkle in the water. tomorrow it gets pushed out. that's why we are finally going to get blue sky. we stay that way for the rest of the seven-day forecast. there is nothing else significant that looks like it would do anything other than keep us out of the main storm track in the pacific and sunny skies. we'll see daytime highs that will climb to the mid and upper
6:50 am
60s by the end of this week. we can see that play out across the micro climates as well. inland east bay, north bay valleys, just as warm there. it will be near 70 by friday. let's check on the drive now. gianna, over to you. taking a look at the roadways, overall things are fairly quiet. if you are taking public transit, we have schedule changes due to martin luther king jr day. heads up, bart will be on a saturday schedule today. cal train will be running on a modified schedule. muni is on a saturday schedule and ace rail will be on a modified schedule. if you are taking public transit, check that schedule before you head out the door. also taking a look at traffic as you head out towards dublin interchange west bound 580, 680 connector. extra volume west bound along 580 but it's been a quiet morning with not a lot of cars
6:51 am
on the road way. if you are headed from the dublin interchange from the 205, 580 connector, 24 minutes. west bound east shore freeway has been nice, 14 minutes highway 4 over to the maze and highway 4 it says is quiet, no issues, 27 minutes antioch towards 80. no delays through san jose. we are not seeing major brake lights or issues as you get into the altamont pass. we have a couple things to look for but not causing major delays. crash in the clearing stages, it is looking better. we saw a few brake lights about ten minutes ago but it is improved quite a bit within the last ten minutes. hopefully things are moving at the limit there. a closure on pleasant ton sunol road the, both directions. that's a look at traffic. >> thank you.
6:52 am
check this out, incredible find by archeologists in saudi arabia. they discovered a 4500-year-old highway lined with nearly 18,000 ancient tombs. researchers found it through aerial flights and satellite images. the highway stretches for hundreds or maybe thousands of miles. still ahead, students threatening to go on strike. we are live with the latest fall out over covid safety in the classroom. be like betty. honor the legacy of betty white on what would have been her 100th birthday. we talk to c net, a scam involving qr codes. that's at 8:15 on our medical monday segment. a doctor explains why we are seeing fewer hospitalizations with omicron. that's coming up at 8:30. watch on the or the kpix app. we are on the
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i am joycelyn moran live with how oakland unified students are trying to get their demands across. they're threatening to go on strike if demands are not met by today. they want oakland unified back to remote learning unless kn95 or n95 masks are provided for every student. they want twice a week pcr and rapid tests for everyone on campus and want more outdoor spaces to eat when it rains. they will strike starting tomorrow by not going to school. they say this will last until demands are met. oakland unified said they were in the process of meeting this
6:57 am
and when it came to kn95 masks the district said the masks were on their way. of course we'll be staying on top of this. i am justin andrews live in san francisco. on this day we remember and reflect on a resilient leader whose face is still resounding today. we are talking about dr. martin luther king jr. there are several events to honor him. some are virtual and others are in person. hope in the hour of homicide is the name of an event set to honor dr. king and address issues of violence and pose solutions. at the same time in oakland, a caravan and drive through for the eighth annual day of action at the port of oakland. in san jose at the columbus park encampment necessities dropped to help the homeless as a way to honor dr. king. this afternoon in san francisco there will be a series of
6:58 am
events focused around justice, something dr. king continued to preach while on this earth. celebration train we typically see year after year will not happen today because of covid-19. let's take a look at the ride if you are headed into san francisco. a live look at the golden gate bridge, a beautiful shot, not seeing a lot of traffic which is good news if you are up early getting out the door. heads up, there are changes to public transit. bart is on saturday schedule, cal train modified and muni and ace will be on a modified schedule. another cloudy start. i saw it in your camera. we see it looking east over mount diablo, east bay hills, port of oakland. cloudy skies will be the theme today. right now the temperatures are relative warm, most of us well
6:59 am
into the upper 40s. it's a cold 37 in santa rosa. low 60s today with clouds. then we get more sunshine after today. tuesday through the remainder of the seven-day forecast, not only more sun but also a warming trend. we'll see daytime highs go from the low 60s to the upper 60s. >> i like it. today betty white would have been 100. the legendary actress passed away on december 31. >> many are celebrating her life today including in the bay area. balboa theater in san francisco will be screening episodes of the golden girls from 1:00 until 7:00. in honor of her life and legacy, consider this. betty white challenge is asking people to donate $5 to animal rescue organization in betty white's name. her positive presence is definitely missed. >> absolutely. we can all be a little more like betty. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings is next.
7:00 am
have a great monday, everyone. ♪ ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you, our viewers on the west coast as we begin a new week, i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm dana jacobson. >> nate has been covering the weekend's nfl games, he will join us in just a minute, but first, here is today's eye opener, it's your world in 90 seconds. >> a massive winter storm snarls travel across half of the country. >> we was out before the snow started and we was hurrying up trying to go home. now it is moving to the northeastern quadrant, bringing more snow, ice, rain and powerful wind. in florida a different kind of storm,


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