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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 17, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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bay area trying to break through. >> reporter: the tsunami that hit tonga wiped out key infrastructure and they are now scrambling to reestablish some kind of medication links. there is some hopeful news received by someone right here in the bay area. >> reporter: the first pictures of the tsunami rolling in were posted on the internet, a short time later, everything went dark as normal communication systems failed. that is when ham radio officers likewade are prepared for. the antenna above his walnut creek home is pointed toward tonga. so far, he has not been able to pick up anything recognizable. >> this part of the area is difficult for the world to reach. nations are hearing lots of stuff. emergency authorities in that part of the world through ham radio, should be able to get some context. >> though the ash clouds from the volcano are weakening radio
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signals. wade expects networks of amateur radio operators will soon be established to get word out to worried friends and family around the world. this afternoon, the tongan consulate general told kpix 5 that while direct medication has not been made, several recon flights over the island nation show damage described as substantial. toledo lives in san mateo, now, but the rest of her family is in tonga. she was worried, like everyone else, but yesterday got a precious gift. >> one minute to talk to your sister? >> one minute, and that was just the best. that was the best. >> reporter: her sister taught someone at the local phone company into a one minute call on a satellite phone. it was just enough time to say that everyone was okay and to pass on information which may come as a relief to others, as well. >> our home is less than a mile from the waterfront. she said the water made it to our homes. that says something, and, some
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of the families that live nearby us were messaging us, like okay. does that mean our home is okay? i am really optimistic about that. >> there are other islands in tonga where the news may be different but any news, especially positive news is being received gratefully by friends and family whose, so far, have been left to imagine the worst. in san mateo, john ramos, kpix 5. covid-19 will make any relief efforts difficult. so far, tonga has only had one case of the virus. emergency workers into the country are now being carefully screened to prevent any spread of the disease. this weekend's eruption brought strong ways and a tsunami warning to the santa cruz harbor . drone video from saturday shows a boat being dragged around by the current. kpix 5's kiet do was in santa cruz, and will take a look at damage and cleanup tonight at 6:00. >> oh my gosh.
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>> in the way. >> oh my gosh. >> the game is over. >> that last drive had fans nervous but jimmy g and the niners got it done last night in dallas. the niners will head to green bay next were they face a tough matchup against the packers. >> so fun seeing everybody celebrate. for now, 49er faithful are still on cloud nine after a nailbiting when. len ramirez caught up with fans still reveling in the big win. niners fans who went to dallas for the game are still on a victory hi monday, though some of them do not have their voices anymore because of all the yelling and screaming going on. they say they want to dallas to try to bring some of the atmosphere of levi stadium over to at&t stadium in dallas, and to take away the cowboys home- viy,thingsneage. >> reporter: dallas was hoping for a wideout and win but they did not get either. at&t stadium was a candy cane
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of color. after the game, niners fans seems to take the place over. >> we did it. we beat them. it was a game, but we beat them. >> reporter: jesse mendez, of the 408 empire led a group of diehards to dallas to cheer on the red and gold. some can hardly speak. >> i sound like kermit the frog right now but it's well worth it. >> just maybe they gave the team on the field enough of a spark to get the win. >> we showed presence at the stadium and you can hear will that our team was doing what they were doing, you can hear us being loud for them and they knew we were there. >> fans say there was teasing and taunting in person and on social media, such as this, from the dfw airport says there gift shops stocked up on tissues for the faithful to what their eson the way home. as cameras show at the end of
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the game it was the cowboys crying. >> they were so heartbroken. they thought they had the win, but no way. >> now it is on to green bay where these fans say it will be tough to get a ticket, but plans for a tailgate antitakeover at lambeau field are already underway. >> it is harder to take that one over, but we've done it wherever we go. >> reporter: in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. if you still our file fired up like those fans and want to follow the team to green bay, >> we crunched the numbers, you have to get there. we found a round-trip ticket for $1100. we found a hotel room for 260 per night. >> tickets right now not so bad. upper-level seats for as low as $180 each. add it all up, the grand total is a little over $1500, not counting meals, of course. 49ers whenever the cowboys has been trending on social media. a lot of smiling 49ers fans showing off their pride. and their are some fun said cowboy means going viral. you can share your 49er fan photos using the #tran05.
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coming up in 15 minutes, vern glenn will have what coach shanahan is saying about injuries to three key players. a developing story out of berkeley in the past, chopper five over the scene of the shooting, it happened on stanton and second mento streets. we are checking reports that a victim made it to the hospital. no word yet on the suspect or a motive for that shooting. now to california's covid- 19 surge, the state reporting 319,000 new cases as of sunday. that is an increase of 5% and artest positivity is at 21.5%. for thficovid-19 cases in the united states have hit 800,000 per day. the biden administrations health experts acknowledge, the battle against the virus is far from over. >> we should not expect a national peak in the next coming days. the next few weeks will be
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tough. take a will will live look at the white house now, the omicron surge has brought about a loss of faith for some americans in president biden's ability to handle the pandemic. reporter natalie brand has the new poll numbers. president biden is not only still battling a pandemic, but now also public opinion of his administrations covid-19 response. a new cbs news poll shows the presidents rating on handling the pandemic down to the lowest point of his presidency, with just 36% of those surveyed saying the covid- 19 response is going well. americans also pointed to confusing guidance from the cdc. >> frankly they are falling short in a number of ways. >> reporter: maryland governor larry hogan says he is frustrated with the lag time on promises. >> the president announced, before christmas, that he was going to distribute these 500,000 rapid tests across the country. so far, we have not seen any. >> reporter: others, like nearly
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elected virginia governor glenn young can are dissatisfied with the school mask mandates. >> we are providing parents and opt out. >> reporter: most school districts say they are following cdc guidance. several in virginia are vowing to fight that order, as more of the youngest among us are now suffering. >> reporter: a growing number of children are ending up in the hospital, with pediatric cases on the rise. >> we have matched our worse dealt away with hospitalizations and more than that, clinic visits, for what might be considered mild cases. the biden ministration is now making it easier for americans to stay on top of their covid-19 status beginning this wednesday the white house will mail out nearly half 1 million rapid test to citizens who register online. it will take 7 to 12 days to ship. also this evening a top u.s.
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military official is testing positive for covid-19. joint chiefs of staff general mark millie experience in very minor symptoms and currently isolating at home. the concern, the general came into contact with the president during a funeral, five days ago. moderna is working on a shot that combines a flu and covid- 19 booster into a single dose. the company's ceo made that announcement at the world economic forum this morning. the drugmaker hopes it will address concerns that people have about getting separate covid-19 and flu shots. best case scenario, it would be introduced to the public by the fall of 2023. if you are looking for a covid-19 test vaccine or booster, visit our county by county resource guide on kpix 5. just click on the red banner at the top of the screen. throughout the bay area, marking martin luther king jr. day with various community events. in oakland, the higher ground neighborhood developed agency held a day of service involving volunteers and ministries in san jose handed out boxes of much-needed items to the homeless. governor newsom released a
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video on social media commending dr. king for his work, and honoring his legacy. >> i have said it before and i will say it again. moral leadership does not require a title. martin luther king jr. never held a day in office. yet, he had the will to do the right thing through his moral authority, his moral leadership. still ahead on this mlk day, democrats putting pressure on congress to pass voting rights reform. where things stand ahead of tomorrow's key debate. we hear from a rabbi held hostage for 11 hours in a texas synagogue. what he did to escape. healthcare employees are asked to return to work immediately, even if infected. we will explain the conditions and new state guidelines to address staff shortages. a beautiful sunset on this martin luther king day holiday evening. we would like to see, in addition to beautiful sunsets, eventually some rain return to the bay area.
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take a look at the seven day forecast and see if we can find any, coming up.
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a chp chopper assisted with a rescue in pacifica this afternoon. still waiting for word on exactly what happened. we did spot first responders loading a person into an ambulance. the call for help came from maury point, as an area popular with hikers. in the past, more than a few have had to be helped from the rugged clip above the beach. senate democrats are protecting voting rights with a bill they say set for tomorrow. as skyler henry reports, the bill is almost certain to fail. >> reporter: on this holiday market, martin luther king the third let a piece walk across frederick douglass ridge:
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congress to pass stricter protections for voting rights. >> you can deliver and structure bill for bridges, you can deliver voting rights for americans. if you do not, there is no bridge in this nation that can hold the weight of that failure. >> reporter: the bill wood remover fictions republicans say enhance election security. with its passage, advocates say the nation is at a critical point. >> we need to have protections at the polls to make sure that we can get there safely. >> reporter: the king family wants changes now, putting pressure on congress to pass sweeping voting rights reform to give more americans access to the ballot. and went to lesson it will to stand in their way. >> the unmitigated gall to hide behind cloture and the filibuster, procedural hurdles when black people turn the tide to get joe biden elected, it puts me beside myself. >> reporter: last thursday, to moderate senate democrats, joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, through support behind the legislation, but they do not approve of changing senate rules in order for it to pass.
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failure would be a stinging blow to the president, he says it is not enough to praise dr. king on this holiday, it is time for action. >> we must commit to his unfinished work, to deliver jobs and justice, to protect the sacred right to vote. >> reporter: the senate plans to debate the voting rights bill on tuesday and the president says whatever happens, he will continue the fight. republicans say the democratic bill will federalize elections, and, they have taken issues with the president's speech last week, likening them to segregationists of the past. police in the uk arrested the two teenage sons of the man who took hostages at a texas synagogue over the weekend. officials are working to learn more about the 44-year-old british citizen who was responsible for the standoff. the gunmen held for people hostage at convocation beth israel on saturday for nearly 11 hours. 44-year-old malik acre asked negotiators to release a woman currently in a texas federal
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prison. she is being held for the attempted murder of u.s. forces in afghanistan and is suspected of having ties to al qaeda. rabbi citron walker was one of the hostages. >> we are still processing. it has been a lot. it is completely overwhelming, right before he revealed himself, but this is plenty of time. i heard a click and it could have been anything. and it turned out that it was his gun. >> acre released one of the hostages, but after four more hours of negotiations, and fbi hostage rescue team moved in. >> i threw a chair at the gunmen, and i headed for the door. and all three of us were able to get out, without even a shot being fired. >> reporter: after a loud bang and the sound of gunshots, malik was dead and the hostages were alive. storm watch in the
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northeast they are pounded by a combo of heavy snowfall and wild thunderstorms. parts of ohio and york, pennsylvania, hit hard by snow that fell into this morning. the weather is so bad, those planning mlk solutions were forced to change plans after the city issued a travel ban. some parts of the city sought more than 10 inches of snow in an hour. the storm created chaos for drivers on the freeways. freezing rain coated reds with ice. two people were killed after their car drove off the road interim. crews worked into the night removing this tractor-trailer that flipped above and overpass. there it is, there. the driver was taken to the hospital and then, in virginia, the weather got so bad, truck drivers were forced to abandon their vehicles. florida experienced a wild weekend of their own. a tornado in south florida, according to officials, 27 homes have been destroyed, more than 2000 customers are still without power. we bring you paul heggen with a look at our forecast. is more mild, here. >> el, usually one half of the
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country or the other is in an active weather pattern. right now we are very calm in the eastern half of the country is getting storm after storm. back in december, when we were getting rain event after rain event they were getting record- setting warmth. so it is this weather seesaw that goes back and forth. close to home, patchy and dense fog as we had three tonight and into early tomorrow morning. mild conditions continue and we will warm up even more by the end of the work week. there is no rain in sight for the next several days. there is a storm system that has been swirling away off the coast of southern california trying to send showers up toward us, but you can see toward the bottom of the screen falling apart as it makes its way into santa cruz and santa clara counties. that will remain the case as we had through the rest of tonight. asked keeps us dry, showers off the screen, just unable to make it up north to give us needed rainfall. maybe far down the line in the extended data we are looking at the return of an extended weather pattern but it will be
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a while. the latest 6 to 10 day outlook from the crime climate protection center which brings us through the last full week of january shows a significant chance of below average rainfall through the most in u.s. there are signs of hope in the 8 to 14 day outlook which takes us right up to the end of january, two weeks from today. it is not showing above average rainfall but it is showing equal chances of above or below average rainfall. in the long-range outlook that we have seen in quite a while. we hope that by the end of the month we will transition back into a more active pattern. seems like it has been going every other month with october raining, january now mostly dry, you can keep it going in february maybe we will get some needed rain. for now it has been a spectacular sunset as a look through the top of the salesforce tower, temperatures up to 60 degrees for downtown sentences go. nice out this evening, it will be tough to shake the haze over the next few days. the fog will develop in locally by early tomorrow morning. it will start to diminish as we
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headed toward midmorning and by the time minerals around fog should be long gone. a few fairweather clouds through the rest of the day. temperature tonight are dropping down to the low and mid 40s for most of us. a little more chilly for the northbay. a bit more mild around the bay. mid to upper 40s along the coast. high temperatures tomorrow are going to end up near or slightly above average for the middle of january. a mix of upper 50s and low 60s right along the coast you will be in the middle portion of the 50s. right around 60 degrees at the south end of the bay with mid and low 60s inland in the santa clara valley. right around 60 degrees for most inland parts of the east bay. once the fog dissipates, temperatures should warm up to two or 3 degrees above normal. mostly upper 50s around the bay with temperatures near 60 degrees for most of the northbay until you have further north where temperatures will climb just a little bit further into the 60s for northern sonoma and napa counties inland in mendocino and lake counties. temperatures are warming up with offshore wind kicking and by the end of the work week.
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low to mid 60s around the bay friday and saturday. mid-60s for san jose and it is even possible that they saw santa clara valley will be in the upper 60s by the end of the work week. we gradually cooldown into early next week but one thing remains the same in the extended forecast, no chances of rain in the long-range data. we will take a look at the air quality forecast up at 530.a wi but jimmy garoppolo could be limited in practice this week. betty white would have turned 100 today. the simple way that fans can honor her through a giving challenge. streaming tonight on a cbsn bay area, a new study shows the omicron variant is causing fewer hospitalizations and shorter stays in california hospitals and other variance. we will talk with a stanford doctor about those findings that 8:15. you can find a cbsn bay area on . i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four--
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the 49ers are ground for bound for green bay. the big concern is whether key players will be healthy enough in time for saturday's matchup against the packers. >> first it was the thumb, now it is another body part for jimmy. >> i want to play interactive, raise your right arm and just pretend to throw a football. just do it with me. as you do that, imagine doing that with a sprained shoulder. jimmy garoppolo played the last part of the second quarter and all of the second half with a sprained throwing should grappl -quarter throw, here. a poorly timed overthrow and interception in a half where he
5:25 pm
only threw for 39 yards. he will likely be limited in practice this week but he is expected to play. i don't know how much throwing will be involved in green bay. check with paul hagan and the line of scrimmage. it could be less than 20 degrees at kickoff. now, for linebacker fred warner, the news is good. the defensive captain had an ankle injury, mid fourth quarter is did not return period he tweeted today sorry for the scare, will be good to go watched closely here, this is nick posada. watch the collision. post that remains in the league's concussion protocol because he collided with teammate dj jones. he missed the second half. the team is optimistic he will play saturday night. the 49ers defense play to their winning formula yesterday. got after the quarterback, they sacked dach prescott five times. on offense they ran the football. 38 rushes for 169 yards and two touchdowns. our kpix analyst lorenzo
5:26 pm
o'neill expects the same saturday on green bay. >> green bay is not happy. they were pulling for the cowboys. the whole nfc is pulling for the dallas cowboys because i'm telling you, the 49ers, in my opinion, is the most physical team in the nfc. >> this is a rematch of that late september game at levi's. one of the last 30 seconds by eryn rogers. the packers? 5.5 point favorites lambeau field. cowboys were favored at home, too, and look what happened? did you see all those fans crying at the stadium? >> said cowboy mod's are hilarious. you feel bad. not that bad. what you think is going to happen, vern? what is your take? >> i expect the 49ers to be physical as lorenzo said. i think defensively, no problem. they are going to try and win
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the line of scrimmage, but i do believe that the weather will be a factor as far as the footing, the field, it could be slippery. so, if the niners can run the football, i think the niners will be okay. if that happens, i don't expect jimmy garoppolo to have to throw the ball much. >> let's hope so. >> thanks. coming up, nous at 5:30, keeping healthcare workers out on the front lines even if they are positive for covid-19. bay area hospitals saying about controversial guidelines. travel rules for tourists, what to know before you book a trip. ♪♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30. we dig into the archives to share one of martin luther king jr.'s major speeches made in the bay area. the poignant message that resonates, today. a disturbing burglary and shooting. a suspect breaks into a gun safe and then turns the weapon on a homeowner. first your top story at 5:30, healthcare workers across the state are being cleared to work, even though they tested positive for covid-19. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. kenny choi has more on what is fueling this last resort move and the pushback it is getting from unions.


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