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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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absolutely senseless act of violence. >> reporter: michelle alyssa goes life cut short when she was standing on a train platform and was shoved by a stranger into an oncoming train inside the times greater subway, saturday morning. maria weber witnessed the attack and said she will never be able to erase it from her memory. >> the impact in front of it, it's a recipe for the tracks. >> reporter: the suspect took off but later turned himself in. police say he is 61-year-old simon marshall, now charged with murder. police say there is a current warrant out for his arrest for allegedly violating his parole. friends say go spend the last decade advocating for the homeless and was trying to help those like her alleged killer. >> it is a tragic loss of life, of someone who was giving back in new york city. >> reporter: go had just traveled to the maldives with
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friends to celebrate her 40th birthday and the new year. the ucla graduate later contended attended the stern school of business at nyu and worked for consulting group deloitte. her family asked for privacy during this time about released a statement today. quote, we are in a state of shock and grieving the loss of our daughter, sister, and friend. we hope michelle will be remembered for how she lived and not just how she died. she was a beautiful, brilliant, kind, and intelligent woman who loved her family and friends, loved to travel the world and to help others. her life was taken too soon in a senseless act of violence and we pray that she gets the justice she deserves. family and friends will hold a candlelight vigil in her honor tomorrow in times square, in new york. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. developing out of berkeley, two hours ago chopper five hovered over the scene of a shooting at stanton and
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sacramento streets. we are checking reports that a victim made it to the hospital. no word yet on any suspect or a motive for that shooting. new video of a rescue out of pacifica. a chp helicopter called to help with someone in trouble on more!. chopper five spotted someone being transported to an ambulance. still waiting for official word on what exactly happened. this area is popular with hikers and is known for the occasional cliff rescue. to the weather, parts of the bay area saw a light drizzle this morning. the wet weather did not stick around too long. it did leave behind this beautiful rainbow. >> paul heggen joins us now and it looks like it is going to stay dry for the rest of the week. >> dry weather. we are in the same weather pattern we have been in for the past couple weeks. we have another week, closer to 10 or 12 days to go in this tranquil, almost stagnant weather pattern. this assistant trying to send moisture toward us, but really, the northward extent of these showers ran out of steam was
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around monterey bay. through the rest of tonight, the forecast will remain dry. even those few showers will remain off to ourselves before the quiet entirely. we will see some locally dense fog developing as we head toward early tomorrow morning but that should dissipate by the time we get to 10:00 or 11:00 at the latest leaving us with plenty of sunshine tomorrow afternoon and a warming trend will kick in later this week. we will look at the long-range precipitation outlook in just a few minutes. a global effort is underway to help the south pacific island of tonga after a massive underwater volcanic eruption this weekend. a british woman listed as missing has been found dead. meanwhile, australia, new zealand, launching surveillance flights to assess the damage. that volcano triggered a tsunami alert in the bay area. flooding and some damage. that disrupted all can mitigation to and from the island. here in the bay area, ham radio operators prepared the antenna above this walnut creek home pointing toward tonga. so far he has not been able to
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pick up anything recognizable. >> as a part of the world it is difficult to reach. australia and new zealand should start hearing lots of stuff and emergency authorities in that part of the world should be able to make some contact, there. it took several hours but a tsunami from that volcanic eruption triggered flooding and damage along the northern california coast. kiet do whthocn waose >> reporter: talk about dc vu. we are back here in the santa cruz small craft harbor damaged by the tsunami over the weekend. this is the exact same harbor that also got hit by a tsunami 11 years ago. >> reporter: this drone footage captured the drama as it began to unfold a saturday morning. a surge of water coming into the mouth of the harbor, tossing the dredging vessel around like a toy boat. a strong current entangled the
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pipeline and multiple anchors as the smaller vessel tried to minimize the damage. >> reporter: in no time, the water came up to the edge of the parking lot and another surge hit, sending evacuees running for high ground. the vehicles themselves are floating around like boats. the harbor patrol got the tsunami advisory at about 4:00 a.m. on saturday and went boat to boat waking people up to evacuate. jason steinberg got out just in time. he says the surge came within two feet of the top of the piling. >> it is. it happened within five minutes. it jumped 9 feet in five minutes. >> reporter: saturday, the tsunami damaged three pilings and the saltwater flooded half a dozen electoral transformers, knocking out power to 500 boat slips. about half of them. construction after the previous tsunami fortified the harbor. >> i think having the better docs, that saved us, to. >> reporter: the reach with this is impressive. >> david snyder, at noaa,
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explains how the waves caused damage after traveling from tonga to california, 5400 miles away. >> as the waves build up against each other or break the other waves apart, the level that will change in that immediate area, perhaps that is what is happening in the harbor and that enclosed space acting like a funnel shaping that wave into something greater than it was initially. >> reporter: michael pullman is a geophysicist and has relatively good news about the volcanic eruption. >> have a good sense now of how much sulfur dioxide came out as a part of this eruption, based on satellite data and it is not quite as much as might have been originally thought, so, it is not the sort of volume of material and gas that would have a noticeable impact on climates. >> reporter:, mclarens boat was tied to that piling but it was not damaged. >> i've been in the ocean my whole life. you never know what is going to happen. respect mother nature.
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>> reporter: in santa cruz, kiet do, kpix 5. new numbers on the coronavirus show the states positivity rate continues to fall. the seven-day rate is at 21.5%. that is a 1.3% decrease from last week. but, hospitalizations are up with the state saying 284 new covenant in patients are in the hospital. we are learning nearly 4000 patients at the kaiser medical center may have been given a low dose of vaccine between october 25th and december 10th. kaiser says this was an isolated incident resulting from some staff misunderstanding instructions and drawing slightly less than the recommended vaccine dose. the hospital also said the dosing should not significantly reduce immunity but is now offering those who received less than a full dose of the new vaccine appointments for a repeat dose if they do want one.
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here's a look at your other headlines. moderna says it is working on a single shot that covers both the flu and covid-19. the ceo hopes it will address concerns some people may have about getting separate coronavirus and flu shots. the vaccine may not be ready until fall of 2023, and even then, it will only be in some countries. the cdc is being criticized over new covid-19 safety recommendations for schools. the agency released guidance advising schools to cancel high- risk sports and extracurricular activities or hold them virtually. they include football, wrestling, and band. health experts are calling the guidance unlikely, unreasonable, and unrealistic. >> tomorrow, students of the hayward unified school district expected a return to class after a work of the virtual learning. officials were forced to shut down schools after staffing at covid-19 testing shortages. there will be new safety
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measures in place including testing and 95 masks and surgical masks available for all students. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, a suspected killer in oregon on the run. why investigators believe he might be headed here to the bay area. dozens of car windows smashed, the brazen breaking of one bay area community. >> i did not understand the intensity that i saw. 30 cars. fans going wild after a thrilling victory against the cowboys. the team now gearing up to take on the green bay packers. will jimmy garoppolo's injury keep him from playing? vern will have the latest coming up in
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. new at 6:00, thieves had a field day in fremont. one apartment complex had 30 break-ins. as andria borba reports, it all happened right across the street from a police station. >> reporter: brazen car burglaries are not new in the bay area, but the burglary of so many cars at once, glancing distance from a police department, just might be. >> reporter: it is one thing to be productive on a holiday and clouyourcar. it is quite another when the
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task is forced upon you. more than 30 people woke up to shattered safety glass at the mission peak apartments this morning after several someone or several people rampaged through the parking lot. that lot is just across stevenson boulevard from fremont pd headquarters. >> i saw my car and i said, that looks like my window is down. and then i was like no way did i car just get broken into. the closer i got, it definitely felt like in the pit of my stomach like oh god, another thing i have to pay for. >> reporter: the scene was the same all over the parking lot. glasses smashed, personal items spread across the pavement. sammy woke up to a knock on his door from fremont pd and then walked outside. >> i did not quite understand the intensity of the event until i reached here, and i saw straight up, 30 cars. >> reporter: he lost a few hundred dollars in gadgets from his car including a fitness
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watch. by mid afternoon, auto glass replacement trucks had started to feel the lot. katie is worried about her neighbors who might also be waking up to notes from fremont police on their windshield, and the future. >> it makes me a little anxious. very curious about what the city or this neighborhood will do, now. >> reporter: there are no hammers -- cameras in the area to reveal who might be behind the spray. fremont police are investigating. andria borba, kpix 5. a man wanted for murder in oregon can be on his way to the bay area. police in medford are looking for christian barbosa valerio. so far, no other details on the case have been released. investigators assay he has ties to pittsburgh and yuma city and might be headed in that direction. the suspect vehicle was found near i-5 near the california and oregon border. it is a white, 2007, chevy silverado. license plate 296-8082.
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martin luther king jr. date marked with community events in oakland. members of the anti-police terror project held their annual mlk day of action with a car caravan. another caravan and parade was also held in el cerrito. 49er fans celebrating a huge wildcard win against the cardinals. probably have sore throats this morning, to. >> we saw on social media, they were great, i can't talk. despite a scare on the last drive, the crew got it done in dallas, just as time was running out. next week, they will be facing the top-seeded green bay packer, but now, fans are in celebration mode. >> i did not think it was dicey, i think the niners did a good job. they cleaned up early. a lot of for stance.
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>> some drama toward the end but the niners came out with the win, so that is all i care about. >> niners and packers set to kick off this saturday at 5:15. we will have more on the injury report, unfortunately, coming up next in sports. a lot of sad cowboys fans this morning. we feel bad for them. >> not that bad. >> you're better than me. i don't. kickoff temperatures against green bay, probably around 18 degrees. >> how do you even move in that kind of weather? i don't know how they run. >> the buffalo game on saturday night was brutal. >> i saw that. some people were wearing their little undershirt, like how are you doing this? >> they've got some stuff they smear on to stay warm. some kind of petroleum jelly apparently works better than heat gear, whatever they call it. but you. science. even when it is 0 degrees outside. i would be layered up. what is happening in our
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weather? we will not get that cold. a little area of disturbed weather off the coast in southern california trying to send a few showers toward us, but they have all been falling apart. basically before they even get to monterey bay. we will stay dry for the rest of tonight. the latest 6 to 10 day outlook from the climate prediction center continues to show a significant chance of below average rainfall for most of the western u.s. but, it is not all bad news because we also have an 8 to 14 day outlook from the climate production center tilting in a neutral direction. so, there is no strong signal toward either below average or above average, or near average rainfall as we get toward the end of the month, just a sign that the overall weather pattern will be shifting a bit a couple of weeks from now. we have to get through the next 10 to 12 days of dry weather but eventually it a more active weather pattern should shape backup and send rain showers toward the bay area. we will have to be patient. looking outside, the last hints of light on the horizon from salesforce tower. temperatures in the 50s. everyone is between 53 degrees in san jose and santa rosa to
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57 degrees right now in san francisco. temperatures tonight will drop off. we will see locally dense fog developing by early tomorrow morning. while that will be out there to begin the day it should dissipate quickly. improving visibility by at 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning. at noon that fog should be long gone and we should see plenty of sunshine with a few passing fairweather clouds overhead. temperatures tonight dropping mostly into the low and mid ify the north but mostly close to normal for this time of year. good dog walking weather, with plenty of sunshine breaking through the early morning fog. i love these pictures where people send it off to have a portrait made of their dogs and cats. in this case dressed as john c riley and will ferrell from stepbrothers. thank you for sending in the picture. temperature in san ramon should wake up to around 60 degrees which is where most of us talk about tomorrow. a couple of degrees on either side of 60. across-the-board rate along the coast but even there temperatures will climb into
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the mid-50s. temperatures do warm as offshore wind kicks in wednesday thursday and friday. inland especially into the mid- 60s at least for san jose by the end of the work weekend weekend. we are being conservative on that estimate. close to 70 degrees later on this week in parts of the east bay and north bay also up into the middle portion of the 60s and along the coast, temperatures are likely to top 60 degrees with an offshore breeze pushing marine air further off the coast. at 7:00 we will zoom in for a closer look at tomorrow's high temperatures. cbs evening news is coming up. >> norah o'donnell has a preview. >> good evening. we have a lot of news to cover tonight including the shocking details about the texas hostage standoff, from inside the synagogue. our interview with one of the hostages. the cbs evening news is just minutes away. straightahead in sports, sad cowboys fans and the 49ers on a victory monday, addressing another injury for jimmy garoppolo? what?
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>> say it isn't so. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, a new study shows the omicron variant is causing fewer hospitalizations and shorter stays than previous strains. you can find cbsn bay area on or the kpix at. we are also on the cbs news app
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nfl up top. ready for this one? the 49ers with sobering news. jimmy garoppolo played the last of the second quarter in the entire second half at dallas with a sprained throwing shoulder. that explains this fourt -quarter overthrow, a poorly timed interception had the time we completed 39 passes. he will likely be limited in practice this week but is expected to play saturday in green bay, where it could be less than 20 degrees at kickoff. for linebacker fred warner, the news is good. the defensive captain had an ankle injury mid fourth quarter and did not return. he tweeted today, sorry for the scare, i will be good to go. warner is also expected back at practice tomorrow. watch closely. this is nick beres a. watch the
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collision. bosak remains in the league's concussion protocol, because he collided with teammate tj jones, there. he missed the second half. the team is optimistic that he will play saturday night. then, there is the raiders. after three seasons, the team's general manager is stepping away. there is no decision on the future of interim head coach rich. nhl, sharks and kings in san jose. 14 mal meyer, a dr. martin is a king jr. holiday he will never forget. three minutes into the game, this happened. meyer right by the goalie and open to scoring. end of the first. meyer tracked it down and scored again. 2-0 san jose. 25 seconds later, meyer denied, that he tried again and put the biscuit in the basket. a hat trick with three goals in one period . he did not stop
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there. he was on fire, second-period. his third goal of the game. wow. end of the second period ? oh, no. again? yes. t mal meyer became the first player in franchise history to score 5 goals in one game. san jose beat l.a. 6-2. >> definitely remember this day especially on a holiday. pretty cool. but, i hope there will be another game like that. i want more of that. >> you know something? i was really torn. either watch liz cook's cute cats, or sad cowboys fans. >> how about them cowboys? >> mike mccarthy and the cowboy fans could not hide their frustration from the cameras. the league's highest scoring team with 17 points committed 14 penalties. another failure for dallas. only for wins in the past 25 years.
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i tell you something, that is why i could not be an nfl owner. i could not sign those game checks. it would make me sick if i had to sign, based on performance? oh my gosh. >> the tears and the stand. some of those people were just devastated. i don't want to laugh, but -- >> it was priceless and folks have been having fun with it all day. >> yes. >> thanks. up next, we're all ready for a real vacation. one where you can sip tropical drinks with fruity garnishes, without having to get up. a vacation where you don't have to sweat the small stuff, like rummaging for room keys. and a vacation where drinks and wi-fi that's fast and reliable, are all included. because when you're on a real vacation with princess where you don't have to think about anything you can enjoy everything. book a princess cruise today and get even more during our best sale ever.
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food banks across the bay area are working hard to help families in need. >> right now, food banks are in dire need of volunteers. second harvest of silicon valley had a special mlk day sorting today. on a normal day there has not been enough help to get things done. volunteers usually make up a quarter of their workforce, but lately, omicron has kept many people away. >> it's been tough. what has been happening is, we normally fill up our volunteer shifts. volunteer shifts are not filling up at all right now. it feels a little bit like march of 2020. so, we are in desperate need of volunteers. we cannot do this work without them. >> a lot of organizations need help. if you want more information on helping bay area food banks, just check out . >> they do such amazing work in
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our communities. needed more than ever right now. thank you for watching tonight at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 captio pons cb ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, as the east coast digs out from a monster snowstorm, we're track ago new weather system that could hit later this week. plus details from the f.b.i. in a terror attacks in a texas synagogue. strong wind knocks out power to thousands and causes travel nightmares on the road and in the air. terror in texas, hearing from a hostage of the terrifying moment of a nearly eleven-hour standoff. >> he was going to kill each of us. >> o'donnell: and the rabbi is hailed as a hero. >> i threw a chair at the gun man and i headed for the door. >> o'donnell: what we're learning tonight about how the attacker got into the united states. on this martin luther king jr


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