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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 18, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live outside from the sales force tower camera. good morning. it's tuesday, january 18th. >> let's get a check on what it's looking like outside. >> little more fog out there this morning than what we have had the last couple of days or than what we had yesterday. that's in a way much more typical. it's back in the north bay. everybody else is doing okay. santa rosa has fog. that's the sensor reporting. it's 37 degrees. we are a little cooler for every other location than yesterday. it's only a couple of degrees. it does say a lot about how we cleared out a lost the clouds. we had clear skies overnight. we have been able to develop more fog. visibility down to less than a mile. napa we will watch you. air quality will stay moderate.
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it'll be hazy but less cloudy and the forecast todabrings us back up in to the low and mid- 60s's for daytime highs. a prettier looking day because of more blue sky. i will be back with the complete forecast in just a few minutes. let's get over to gianna. drive is doing really good if you are getting up early, getting ready to head out. have you a free flowing freeways. live look at the dublin. you can see things moving nicely here with no delays. westbound, heading 580 toward that 680 connector. that pass commute right now so far so good for super commuters. we know that changes and gets busy. right now 27 minutes, 205 toward 680. east shore freeway, highway 4 to the maze. no delays on highway 4. in the south bay there are reports of a trouble spot on 2 # 7. not causing a lot of brake lights. golden gate bridge looking good
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good. a quiet ride. the bay bridge off to a great start. no delays out of the east bay into the city. under ten minutes to make that ride. and looking live in oakland where hundreds of students are planning a school wide boycott to show frustration with the handling of the omicron spread. they say their demands to safely return to school haven't been met. there has been progress. boycott organizers say that the district has stepped up to proside kn95 masks and outside dining. they contend it now comes down to providing weekly testing. >> i am going to stay out in support of the students strike. >> she is one of many students expected to stay home as the oakland school district returns from the holiday weekend on tuesday. boycott organizers say they will not budge on their demand for covid testing. >> weekly testing is important
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to me because that means we can slow the spread of omicron around our -- not only the schools but also our community. >> we reached out to the school district. a spokesperson said that we have a robust testing system in place and we were able to open our testing hubs last friday and today. we are conducting on site tests as frequently as possible with some schools getting on site testing twice a week and some getting it once a week. some stey haven't been offered testing yet and they want it available to all students at every school. >> every day there are parents making the decision to send them to school because they want them to have an education. right now i want those parents to be able to send their kids to school knowing they can return safe. >> if the demand is not met the students want the district to move to online learning. the district though has support
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at the state and federal level to keep kids in school during this surge. in oakland. and we are learned some teachers plan to call out sick today as well in support with their students. heyward students head back to the classroom today after a week of online learning. they were forced to stay home after a covid caused staff and testing shortages. they have included more staff at testing sites and upgraded masks for everybody on campus. and the light at the end of the tunnel is seemingly brighter. this latest surge of the pan democrat elk. the positive rate has just hit a two week low. that's not the only sign the outbreak may be on the decline. maria has more from palo alto where the proof is in the wastewater. >> health experts say we could be at the peakst surge or close to it and they base that on what we are finding or not
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finding in the sewers. health experts say our sewer water may hold answers to the questions we have about when the surge will end. right now our wastewater in santa clara shows traces of covid have been on the decline for several days after peaking earlier this month. >> not infrequent that roughly after about 10 days when you see the drop in wastewater, you see the cases start to drop. >> three days after the virus's rna started to drop in the wastewater california's positive rate also dropped and has continued a downward slope. berkeley professor believes we could already be past the worst of the surge. >> i think there's a good chance we are either at its crestor very near the crest of. >> california is not alone. new york saw a 47% drop in
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cases last friday and states in the northeast are also seeing a decline or leveling off. the doctor warns it could be a while before hospitalizations and deaths follow. >> the hospitals will have another two weeks before we see those counts start to drop this virus has a lot of tricks left up its sleeve. we have a lot of good science now to help us deal with it much better than we did even six months ago. >> our death count could take several weeks to decline according to the doctor. he said the virus could still mutatn to a serious variant but now we have vaccines and pills to prevent hospitalizations and deaths. this morning kaiser in walnut creek telling nearly 4,000 patients that they may have gotten a low dose of the pfizer vaccine. the shots were given between
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october 25th and december 10th. this was isolated resulting from some staff misunderstandings instructions and potentially drawing slightly less than the recommended vaccine dose. the hospital said that the mistake should not significantly reduce immunity but anyone who received less than the full dose can sign up for a repeat dose if they want one. let's look at capitol hill where we are talking about voting rights today. the senate is set to take up a couple of measure that the house passed last week. one of them the freedom to vote act that sets minimum federal requirements for early and mail in voting then the john lewis voting rights act that restores the justice department's oversight of election laws in states that have a history of discrimination. the president and vice president have been repeating how important they believe this vote to be. >> our freedom to vote is
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under assault. >> the attack on our democracy is real. >> the bill appears doomed to fail at this point. two democrats have said they will not vote for a rule change, a filibuster change that would enable democrats to pass the reform bill without republican support. now over the past year 19 states have passed more restrictive voting laws, many of them after the crazy 2020 election. we will be following the senate vote today. a san francisco woman is launching her own investigation after someone stole her license plate and started wracking up parking tickets. betty yu has more on how she used some clever detective work to help solve the crime and potentially many others. >> i noticed that the plates were gone and the screws. >> katy first noticed her plate had gone missing. next she found that someone tacked it onto another white
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audi and wracked up a number of parking tickets online. today after searching the area where the driver had been ticketed she came across her stolen plate on busy california street. >> they stole a white audi, they found another white audi, stole the license plate, put it on and who knows what they have been doing with that. >> that's what she said sfpd is now investigating. detectives found tools including this long screw driver inside what turned out to be a stolen car. >> i was not expecting to see the car recovered. i'm really grateful to the sfpd and to katy. >> the stolen car belongs to joe. someone took his car at ocean beach in november. the long time surfer said he is always careful about hiding his keys in the sand but on that day someone found them. on the left is katy's car, on the right is joe's car with her
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front plate screwed on the back. >> it's indicating the scale of the operation. it sounds like -- i suppose that my car is the one with the mother load of tools to go rob other cars and they can catch the people that did this, more power to them. >> today the supervisor met katy, at the scene of the recovered plate. >> i think that there is a lack of responsibility in this city and i think that the criminals know it. this is organized crime and the fact there are no consequences is why they continue. >> detectives just found what looked like a fresh orange juice drink in this stolen car and plan to check it for dna. it's now 4:41. still ahead, family and friends remembering a bay area native who is the victim of a shocking crime. what we have learned about the
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man accused of shoving her in to the path of a train. and a looming disaster in the skies. the warning to the biden administration.
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this morning a bay area community warning of a shocking subway attack in new york city. a 40-year-old was pushed in front of a train over the weekend. she grew up in fremont and went to american high school and then graduated from ucla. >> this is wrong. this doesn't add up that you have the wrong person. >> when the police came knocking on her upper westside apartment saturday, asking about her neighbor she refused to believe something bad could happen to someone so good. >> any time we passed in the
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hall we would chat and often, my husband would say where have you been for an hour? it was like we got to talking. >> the 40-year-old enjoyed traveling but loved volunteering even more. spending the last ten years with a new york jr. league, helping at risk individuals get back on their feet. >> it's a tragic loss of life of someone who was giving back to the new york city community. >> police say that the 61-year- old marshall simon shoved her into the path of a train at the time square subway station. prior to targeting her he allegedly tried to shove another woman on the same platform. >> it could be me. >> the attack drew renew add newed attention to crime in the subway and how to tackle mental illness among the homeless who live underground. >> it is not humane to put
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mentally ill people in jail. you know letting them back out on the street to reoffend, to cause more violence is also not acceptable. >> family and friends will hold a vigil in her honor tonight in time square. that is also planned in san francisco's portsmith square tonight at six. time for your money watch report. airlines warning of the effects of 5g interference and netflix is raising its prices. diane king hall from the cbs broadcast center. trading resumes on wall street this morning following the martin luther kings jr. holiday weekend. markets were mixed on friday. the dow slid 201 points. the nasdaq gained 86 and the s&p500 added three. united states airlines said the introduction of a new wireless technology could lead
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to flight delays and cancellations. the 5g is expected to be activated wednesday. the faa said it can interfere with air craft instruments. they want it banned with in two miles of airport runways. netflix is raising its prices. new customers will now pay $15.50 a month for the standard streaming plan. that's up from $14 a month. existing subscribers will see the same increase but the hike also be rolled out slowly. netflix said it'll tell users 30 days ahead of a price change. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money i'm diane king hall. it is 4:47. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> good morning. it's a little colder this morning. only talking about a couple of degrees.
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it's enough you may notice it and the fog is back in the north bay valley. let's start out by looking at currents. the temperatures are in the mid- 40s's for redwood city and heyward, not bad. that's a good general take away for what it's like for most of the bay proper. you see the temperatures in the mid-30s's. there's 36 for the daytime high for santa rosa and 36 for napa. those are your current numbers. visibility is down to a half mile. let me go back to that to show you where the trouble spots are on the map. napa you are now down to 0.3. when we started at 4:30 are you about two miles in visibility. now you are down to 0.3. plan on some patchy fog on the roadway out there. as far as the clouds go today we are not dealing with much. we will watch the future cast and see the clouds clear out
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today. that gets us ahead into the late morning and here is the afternoon. plenty of sun. by the time we get to two we will probably see higher clouds from the north. the north bay will notice that and then the clouds filter down across the rest of the bay area from there. at least up until then we will get blue sky. with daytime highs today that will climb back in to the low 60's. south bay numbers, 62 for campbell. we will go 60 in fremont. redwood city will hit 61. we will see the inland east bay numbers to around 60. temperatures right back in the heard of the bay will come back into the midand upper 50's for daytime highs and will warm back up into the low and mid- 60s's for lake county. then we just keep doing this on auto pilot. the bottom line showing you san jose's numbers. we will warm up into the upper 60's. near 67 for the daytime high by the time we get to saturday.
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climate will show you the same story for the inland valleys of the north bay. napa possibly 68. close to 70 by friday. how is the drive? good morning. it's looking a little busy already for that ride as you head into the pass. things are starting to bog down just a bit. we are feeing more cars. if you are going westbound -- past that point it looks better the rest the way toward the dublin. no delays on 680 both directions. if you are going north or southbound you should be good to go. checking travel times. 8 minutes, 205 toward 680. that really is the only hot spot so far. westbound east shore freeway. highway 4 looking good. 101 out of san jose if you have an early flight to catch near sfo and you are traveling out
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of the south bay. northbound to sfo is only about a 36 minute ride. a pretty nice ride this morning. let's check some of the bay area bridges. so far so good. no major delays or issues. traffic pretty light heading in to san francisco and once are you on the west end this is a live look coming off the skyway. that's the area heading in to san francisco from the bay bridge near the fremont street exit. everything is moving at a nice clip. so far so good in the bolden gate. no issues out of marin. things moving nicely south 101 into the city and a live look at the san mafeo bridge. if your commute goes from heyward into foster city that will take you just about 1 minutes to make that ride as you head over toward 101 and right now no delays on 880. the freeway all clear both directions in oakland. that's a look at traffic. let get your sports. good morning. straight ahead in sports is was a record night on the ice last
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night. nfc west showed well throughout the wild card weekend and a 49ers have some medical issues to address before a divisional playoff
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morning everybody. nfl up top. we will talk about these guys. the 49ers. the dallas cowboys, test, passed. now for the green bay packers and what kind of a shape are they going to be in for that game? they go in as 5.5 under dogs. jimmy, why the over throw? disclosed yesterday, he had a sprain of his throwing shoulder. second shoulder he will be limited in practice but is expected to play saturday. fred warner after leaving the game with the ankle injury said he is good to go. he is expected to practice tomorrow. and a pass rush certify in the concussion protocol after this collision with dj jones. the team is optimistic he will play on saturday. last night. they host murray and the
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cardinals. first quarter, stafford jump ball to beckham jr. that opened the scoring and the rams were on fire. nfc foe was not. 14-0 second quarter. look at this. murray under pressure. threw it in to the hands of david long. easy pick six. murray two interceptions in his playoff debut it. the opening drive of the second half, stafford to his top target. cup has done it all year and all proseason. the rams roll last night. 34-11 after 13 seasons. stafford's first playoff win as they punch their ticket to tampa this weekend sunday at noon. despite reaching the playoffs the raiders today parted ways with general manager after three seasons. there's been no decision on the future of the interim head coach. nhl yesterday.
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what a day for sharkso meier against the kings. three minutes in to the game. that happened. a goal to open the scoring. into the first. meier tracked down and scared again. 3-0 san jose and 25 seconds later, meier denied, tried it again and again and a hat trick, three goals in one period. he was on fire in the second. his 4th goal of the game. wow into the second period. not again. yes. he became the first player in franchise history to scour five goals in a game as san jose beat la6-2. >> did you ever think a game like this was possible? you would have a game like this in the nhl? >> no. pretty cool. yeah. i hope there is going to be another game like that. you want more of that. >> that is the best feeling in the world. having a day like that when all
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cyl ind ers are firing. here is hoping all yours are firing and are on point today. that's enough. we will see you later. still ahead,. >> students voicing frustration. a school wide boycott planned for today and theirdemands. and just a few hours heyward students head back to school in person. the district's measures in place to keep them safe.
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students skipping school today. what they are demanding. and the new plan from cal state east bay to go virtual
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amid the surge. and the bay area community is remembering a 40-year-old who died in a horrible act of violence. a vigil being held today. and the new bail plea for los gatos women accused of holding drunk party for teenagers. good morning. it's tuesday, january 18th. >> good morning to you. let's get to your weather first along with traffic, start things off with darren peck. if feels slightly cooler than it did yesterday. we lost some of the higher clouds overnight. the temperatures have dropped a little more than where they were yesterday at this time. it's not too dramatic but it's colder. it's 41 in livermore. you are more closer to 43, 44 yesterday. it's 43 in oakland and fog. that's about five degrees colder than yesterday. san jose at 44. santa rosa mo


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