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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 19, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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oakland building. investigators cleared the scene about 90 minutes ago. while the device turned out to be a clever fake, katie nielsen told us it did contain something disturbing. >> the bomb squad determined that the suspicious package they had been looking out all afternoon turned out to be a hoax. when they actually did the x- rays on that, they figured out it was not in fact an explosive device. the bomb squad team went over and picked it up and when they opened it, they found a note inside. >> the individual left this, wanting this type of response and attention. they had a
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message for law enforcement. i will not go into work that was. this was all by design. >> the area has reopened. that perimeter has been in place all afternoon, clearing out much of downtown oakland and has been collapsed. we are starting to see some people that live in the area and business owners come back. the bomb squad thing all clear. a very tense afternoon until they were able to figure out what it was they were dealing with. whomever left this could be facing serious charges. we first brought you this story live as it was breaking. we are streaming 24/7 on covid hospitalizations approaching all-time highs. the headline can be misleading.
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>> a lot of patients come in for something that isn't omicron but they test positive. >> that still counts as a covid hospitalization. 165 covid death in january but so far, there have been only five. that is despite a fourfold increase in cases. it is causing less severe illness. hospitalizations tend to lag behind the case, but continues to trend downward. sucker stanford student has gathered 2000 signatures in an online petition, asking the university to reverse the booster mandate for the campus community. the requirements set on january 31 a week after undergrads return to palo alto. the booster itself comes
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with some risk associated. >> the idea that this is an optional booster to booster immunity. >> stanford help from t -- think they will help the school continue in person activities and puts it in a better position to deal with any future variant. -- requested exemptions for the vaccine and booster mandate for first responders days before the deadline. struck the attorney general launching a civil rights probe into the office of lori smith. smith already facing public corruption accusations from a grand jury as well as a no- confidence vote from the board
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of supervisors. that had to pay large settlements to mentally ill people severely injured in custody. cement therapy to truly and equitably, it increases trust. the investigation will seek to determine whether the sheriff's office engaged in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful conduct. >> regarding concealed carry permits. in a statement, the sheriff said she welcomed the review adding, i have great confidence in the attorney general's office and i believe they will provide the expertise for the fair and impartial investigation. we remain focused on the mission to provide the highest level of public safety services. two people are dead and the third recovering after a deadly crash on a san jose street. it happened as the group was crossing the expressway tonight.
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they may have all been killed if not for the final action of one of the victims. >> reporter: the two people that were killed became the sixth and seventh fatalities so far this year. that puts the city at a pace far ahead of last year when it was only one at the same time. last year ended up being one of the most deadly in san jose in two decades. poli cemarked the spot where tragedy struck. this white car had a green light and was traveling northbound on the expressway. it ran over and killed two men and injured a woman trying to cross the street. the driver was also injured by a broken windshield and airbag. it happened before 8:30 pm. >> all three were not utilizing
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the crosswalk. we are not doing victim blaming. it is just the fact that happened in the collision. >> kids were left without their dad and wives without their husbands. >> the corners office is not identified the victims. one of them was her 38-year-old cousin that was walking with friends to the store and may have helped save the life of the final act. >> the female and another friend, tried to push her out of the way. always looking out for the people he cares about. >> the department of transportation, which has been trying to reduce fatal collisions said it is a corridor concern because of the way it cuts through neighborhoods and shopping centers. >> that will help people get around by car. they also make it easy to go fast. >> the speed limit is 45 miles
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per hour. drivers often go faster. police a speeding, alcohol and drugs do not appear to be factors in the case at this time. the driver is cooperating with investigators. >> good people were taken away. we are digging deeper into the street safety issues. look for continuing coverage tonight 11:00. the man accused of pushing michelle go in front of a subway train is being held without bail after making his first court appearance on a first-degree murder charge. simon marshall confessed over the weekend. the prosecutor's office is trying to determine if there were racial motivations. in the meantime, -- have been held on both coasts. we are looking at a centerpiece of london breed's plan to turn the tenderloin around. the newly opened lincoln center is meant to meet immediate needs on-site like food, clothing and showers. visitors can then get referrals for longer-term help with things like housing and substance abuse. >> that helps build the
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relationship, even over the last day where folks have been returning. also looking for more services and how we can best help them. >> it is hard to take anyone seriously they are not sincere. >> the city has a six month lease on the six-story building. the city is reporting encouraging news on overdose death. they declined by 7% from 2020 to 2021. still to come, the changes coming to castro theatre. it is a marquee moment with a cultural icon. it has been a favorite for decades. even this brewery couldn't compete with covid-19. thinking of traveling north to green bay, make sure your wallet and suitcase are full. >> full of many layers.
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temperatures warmed up nicely. upper 50s and low to mid 60s. warmer and breeze your conditions are in store. coming up, the amazing race resumes its 33rd trip around the world after the longest pitstop in history. the world is dealing with coronavirus. in order to keep you safe, we believe the best choice for all of us is to suspend the race. >> nearly 2 years after the pandemic pause, teams are in switzerland for a restart. we spoke with the host about what to expect. >> a lot can happen in 19 months. >> it is the same group. some teams were unable to come back for one reason or another. we had to come up with a unique way of restarting.
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that will all be revealed on the next episode.
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flight delays and cancellations at sfo as verizon and at&t delayed their 5g rollout near busy airports. the faa is concerned that wireless technology could interfere with flight control systems, especially at airports prone to low visibility like sfo. more than 1000 passengers and cargo flights per day could be delayed, diverted or canceled. >> it could have a disproportionate effect on people that live in smaller towns where they are dependent on smaller airplanes not on the
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list. >> only 45% of airliners have been approved to operate in all conditions where 5g is active. another wall street selloff landed the nasdaq and correction territory. the indexes slid more than 10% from the record close in november. on the eve of the one-year anniversary, president biden -- a volatile state of the economy. >> we have seen record job creation and record economic growth. even with all the progress, there is a lot of frustration. >>'s first major news conference in months comes amid low approval ratings over his handling of the pandemic and record inflation. two of his major priorities have stalled in the senate, held up in part by members of his own party. just over one hour ago, republicans blocked the voting rights legislation after moderates refused to budge on changing the filibuster rule.
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>> the radicals on the other side, in order to get their own way, are prepared to break the u.s. senate. >> we should all support the right to vote. >> the president is opening up the strategic stockpile of n95 masks. 400 million are set to begin shipping later this week. they will be available free of charge, along with the at-home test. the supreme court has dealt a legal blow to former president trump. the justices rejected the bid to withhold documents from the house committee, investigating last year's seeds. that includes things like presidential diaries and guest logs. a big step forward for the waterfront ballpark plans. in the past hour, the planning commission sent the environmental impact report to the city council with a
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recommendation to approve it. that is a key step in getting the park built at howard terminal, along with residential, commercial and open spaces that would surround it. if you were looking to follow the 49ers, make sure your wallet is full of cash and your suitcase full of clothing. stub hub so you will pay a minimum of $200 to get in the gate. the game time windchill could be near zero. that is the weather that hurts. >> how do you dress for that? >> you have to be efficient. you find stuff built for cold- weather and stack it up. it is air that hurts your case. game time is 7:15 central time. 15 degrees for air temperature.
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light snow in green bay. it will be over by game time. the windchill is going to be 4 degrees it came time. it will just get colder through the evening. let's take a look at the big picture pattern. high pressure in the pacific is basically setting up a blocking pattern. blocking everything to the north sending the track up north. even further than it has been. dry weather will prevail. as this builds closer to the coast, it will squeeze the atmosphere and produce gusty wind. the wind will be more noticeable tomorrow afternoon but not that strong. we are talking 10 to 15 miles per hour gusting. the wind picks up on friday. than 20 to 30 mile-per-hour gusting widespread across the area. the strongest in the 35 mile per hour range.
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going up in elevation over 2000 feet, 40 or 50 mile per hour gusts on friday afternoon. some of them could go down as we head toward saturday morning. the data is not perfect but it gives an idea of the overall pattern. it is indicating the potential for d+ mile-per-hour gusts. that will prompt a wind advisory but it is a few days off. we will keep you updated. that will help to stir the atmosphere and dispersed pollutants. we should see good air quality across the board on friday. as the wind dies down saturday afternoon, hayes will settle in and back to moderate air- quality. here is the almost full moon. we are just a couple of days past that. temperatures dropping to the lower half of the 50s. down to 49 in livermore. not seeing too much fog, just a stripe on the horizon. more fog developing by tomorrow morning.
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the fog should dissipate more quickly than today. plenty of sunshine by mid-day, continuing through thursday. temperature starting in the low to mid 40s. the chili spots in the upper 30s north of the golden gate. tomorrow, temperatures warming up to the low 60s, even along the coast. the south end of the bay low to mid 60s and even further in the santa clara valley. temperatures will reach the low 60s inland. low 60s around the bay. it gets warmer as we had further inland. mid-60s for most locations. the warmest spot even further north. the warmest day will be friday and saturday. just a degree or two warmer. the offshore wind relaxed. even the cool days above average high temperatures. absolutely no rain in sight through the middle of next week and likely through the end of
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next week. we will keep looking. maybe february will be more kind. i will miss everybody. it has been a long run and a lot of fun. the neighborhood favorite that fell victim to the pandemic. you cfs health economics professor weizen on a medicare proposal for coverage on an altheimer struck. the combined cbsn bay area
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at his last call for a popular brewery. >> you can blame the pandemic. marin brewing company announced after 33 years it will be the last month in business. the owner blames a combination of staffing shortage and past closers. >> it is more than family or friends. it is the place that you come. >> i will miss everybody. it has been a long run and a lot of fun. it is over.
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>> they will close for good on january 31. new entry rules for symphony hall starting tomorrow, all patrons will be required to wear high-grade masklike and and-95 and starting next month, anyone eligible will have to show proof that they have been boosted. the big changes in store for a san francisco icon. why some say it could bring the final curtain down on a
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. san francisco's castro theater is about to get a major makeover. a look at the icon isn't expected to change much. the offerings will. >> the berkeley-based another planet has secured a contract
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to convert it to a live event venue featuring music and comedy performances. >> current film festivals are still a go. some patrons see it as a sign that the curtain is closing on the repertory cinema that made it famous. a lot of history there. thank you for watching. the news continue streaming on cbsn bay area.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: hey, everybody. welcome to the show, folks. thank y'all. how y'all? all right, everybody. i appreciate it. all right now. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got a good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 40,670 bucks from austin, texas, it's the champs, it's the barrera family. [cheering and applause] and from avon, new york, it's the levendusky family. [cheering and applause] >> yeah! steve: evedy


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