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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 20, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, police shoot and kill a man armed with two guns near entrance to sfo bart. what led to the deadly incident. good afternoon. i am amanda starrantino. len is off. we begin with that airport shooting. in addition to the suspect we are told a bystander was also hit. justin andrews is at sfo with how all this unfolded. >> reporter: yellow crime tape inside international terminal at sfo, a rare sight. >> i wondered why it was partitioned. i did see a lot of camera crews. >> reporter: she's traveling to germany and says what she saw wasn't your typical thursday. >> i am shocked. >> reporter: she's among several travelers at sfo wondering what happened, kpix
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learning a tsa noticed someone acting suspicious. >> officers responded and the individual brandished two firearms at which time the officers attempted to deescalate. this included nonlethal measures. >> reporter: officers were forced to open fire after the individual advanced in a threatening way according to officers and airport officials. someone nearby was hit in the leg by a bullet but is expected to survive, all this as travelers were inside the terminal. >> in terms of airport operational impact bart service to sfo was briefly suspended and we routed passengers away from the affected area. >> that was justin andrews reporting. this afternoon the tsa employee is being praised for their quick reaction potentially saving lives today. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we just got new numbers from san francisco talking about covid and the number of
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hospitalizations people with covid in the hospital is nearing all time high but otherwise a lot of good news. taking a live look at the city where numbers are starting to drop when it comes to new cases. head of the department of health said we're at the beginning of the downward trajectory and said our goal is simply not to prevent every case of covid. omicron has proven that's not possible. he said our goal is to prevent the worst outcome, severe disease, hospitalizations, and death. >> even though we are still seeing additional cases, even though our hospitalizations are very high, we have the capacity to handle what is coming our way. >> california's statewide positivity rate is almost 21%. statewide daily case rate nearing numbers just over a year ago when vaccines were beginning to roll out, 257 new cases per 100,000 people per day. almost 7 million californians
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have been infected about coronavirus in the past two years. since the pandemic began more than 1 million of the cases were actually logged just this month. in addition to the positive news we have been following new samples from bay area waste water treatment plants showing there are fewer indications of the virus in that. we will continue to follow it all for you. back to you. >> thank you. a lot of parents are watching and waiting to see when kids under age 5 could be eligible for a covid vaccine. now the white house chief medical adviser dr. anthony fauci says he hopes it will happen within the next month. joycelyn moran is live in the newsroom for us with what bay area experts say this can mean for the overall covid fight. a lot of parents are concerned here. >> reporter: that's right, amanda. hopefully this can be some good news. we did speak with ucf specialist, of course there is protection this can offer kids but there are indications for
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us as a community. unvaccinated children have remained vulnerable during this omicron surge. the infectious disease specialist says this means protection from covid and longterm effects. >> cases of longterm cronic symptoms, misc, in these kids. >> reporter: dr. fauci said in an interview his hope is the vaccine for kids under five will be authorized within the next month or so but he couldn't guarantee. he added younger children will likely need three doses. >> their dose is actually much smaller even than the 5 to 11- year-olds. it's about three micrograms verses ten micrograms and adult dose is 30. because of that smaller dose they've had to space it over a period of time with three shots. >> reporter: he says having younger kids eligible for the vaccine would create a bigger force field against the virus
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or new variants and would help limit disruptions in schools. >> the fact that your child is able to get vaccinated will go a long way in getting to the sense of normalcy including keeping preschools open. >> dr. fauci says the hope is that this happens within the next month. in december, pfizer said if the three dose study was successful they expected to submit data to fda in the first half of 2022. we'll keep you updated. >> joycelyn, thanks. happening today, governor newsom will visit the site of the big rail theft in los angeles. crews have been cleaning the section of union pacific train tracks where thieves raided cargo containers and left shredded boxes and packages. this afternoon the governor will highlight multi agency effort to fight thefts and clean the railway. today marks one year since president biden and vice president kamala harris took office.
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the two are still facing challenges from the pandemic as well as congressional gridlock. last night lawmakers delivered a blow to one of the white house's top priorities of voting rights. two senate democrats stopped the legislation in its track when they refused to agree to rural changes that would side step the 60 vote filibuster rule. final vote 52-48. but democrats say they'll continue to push for voting rights in other methods. vice president harris spoke about it on cbs mornings. >> what we will do is we will keep fighting to get the legislation passed because that is critical. we are not giving up on that. then it is a matter of continuing to do work of executive orders, doing work through department of justice which has been litigating these cases in the various states because we believe they are a violation of the spirit of the constitution of the united states. >> as for the future of the
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administration, president biden said yesterday harris will be on the ticket with him in 2024 if he decides to run again. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, self driving cars are closer than ever before. how one auto maker will soon have nearly full time hands free driving. it's getting more expensive to do laundry. how much more you will be paying for some staple items. quite the morning with fog. we had a dense fog advisory that was allowed to expire. we have cleared most of it out, not all of it. i will show you where there is some left. we will look to tomorrow morning. are we going to get another fog show
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checking wall street, dow is in the green about 46 points. this comes after steep losses the past two days. today the labor department says weekly unemployment filings surged to their highest level since october, rising to 286,000. net flix will report earnings after closing bell. the los gatos company will be firsjor streaming service to report this week. wall street is watching to see if streaming wars are paying off as companies add high
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profile expensive shows. net flix saw steep growth early in the pandemic but it slowed as lock downs eased up and as covid slowed some productions. uncle sam getting ready to start using facial recognition technology for online tax filers. starting this summer users with account will no longer be able to log in with just user name and password. instead they will need government issued id and selfie among other verification to confirm their identity. we know cars are more high tech than ever and race is heating up to bring self driving cars to the road. laura podesta looks at the latest innovations. >> reporter: this recent race featured indy style cars but there were no race car drivers. the vehicles make their own decisions like when to pass. auto makers are trying to bring technology on display on this track to the road.
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>> we are finally getting closer to having self driving cars. >> reporter: c knelt's road show says many new cars have level two autonomous functions. >> when you step to level three, things start to get interesting. >> reporter: last year honda introduced a vehicle that changes lane on its own. in a traffic jam the driver can take their eyes off the road. super cruise lets drivers go hands free. waymo taking the technology further. the company is offering driver less cab rides in phoenix but the cars can't operate alone in inclement weather that may interfere with censors. auto makers envision a future where vehicles won't need human involvement but first it will require better censors. >> that gives the cars the
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ability to detect every obstacle around them and find a safe path. >> reporter: companies are testing advanced systems with the capability racing to bring self driving cars a step closer to reality. >> i wonder what those indy car drivers are thinking about that race. mercedes and volvo expected to release vehicles with level three technology later this year. get ready to pay more again to do your laundry. proctor and gamble says it is raising prices by roughly 8% on products like tide and gain detergent, fabric softeners, dryer sheets. then in april it is raising prices on personal healthcare products. executives say money will offset costs like transportation and labor. time for a check of weather with meteorologist darren peck. give us some good news. we've got a beautiful day
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with a lot more blue sky but there is a stubborn patch of stratus in the bay. we have a great overview it this morning. this is our camera on black mountain in the hills above palo alto. you can see stanford right there. beyond that, there is a good batch of marine stratus still socked in for much of the bay. we don't have a fog advisory. most of this is just surviving over the water. we can look in a different way. we'll switch to the high resolution satellite. as we come for a closer look, it's the south bay over the water. you see how much it is filling in the bay. the camera we were looking at was in the hills from over there and looking over stanford to the extent of the clouds. give this another hour before it is gone. visibility readings are fine. none of these are reporting anything even close to a mile or below which is usually the threshold. we leave that behind. there is a possibility we can see more tomorrow. daytime highs today, i will show you why we may not get as
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much fog in a second. daytime highs, mid 60s with more blue sky than anything else for the south bay, low 60s for communities of the east bay, temperatures in heart of the bay coming into the low 60s, few upper 50s fending how close you are to that stubborn deck of clouds hanging over head and numbers show a nice warming trend as we get further north. here is why we will probably have some fog but it won't be as widespread. you will see a tell tale sign much offshore winds. northerly winds down the sacramento valley. streamlines are showing it is offshore. by tomorrow morning we get enough of an influence from that, you don't notice it is windy but it is enough offshore flow and down slope wind off the hills that it should clear out more of the fog. maybe not all of it tomorrow but it shouldn't be as foggy. then on friday in the afternoon, it does start to get noticeably breezy. it will be windy in the
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mountains. this would be fire weather concern if we were in fire season but landscape can handle offshore winds like this now because there is plenty moisture. maybe 20 a 25-mile an hour gusts friday afternoon and evening down where we live. this has been an evolving situation in the forecast. it doesn't look like a major wind event but should help with the fog certainly for the weekend. it might start too late to help out friday morning. other than that, a bit of a breeze. allergy sufferers will feel it more. it will blow the pollen around more. that's really it. there is nothing else that shows up in the seven-day forecast, just sunny skies. temperatures don't even budge a lot. we've done the warm up for the most part. now we just sit here for the next seven days. no chance of rain, not through the end of the seven-day forecast and at this point now we are already looking into early february, amanda, to see if we can spot the next chance of rain in the distance.
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it looks dry. >> we need it but that sunshine is pretty nice. thanks. >> sure. putting medical care within reach. how a north bay doctor made it her mission to help people in rural villages. streaming on cbsn bay area, 49ers team reporter kiana martin gives the low down on the playoff match up verses the packers. that's at 1:15. find us on or the kpix app. we are on the cbs news
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if you have asthma or an earache you probably don't have to go far to see the doctor. but in other countries there is no clinic nearby. a north bay physician is changing that for remote areas of guatemala. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. the doctor from windsor travels to northern guatemala two to three times a year to improve healthcare in remote villages. >> the roads are in poor condition so people can live as much as four hours away from a clinic and eight hours away
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from a hospital. it's a grueling volunteer experience. >> reporter: kate practices family medicine at kaiser permanent in santa rosa but the single mom of two also founded in 2017. the nonprofit trains community health workers in guatemala so they can provide affordable emergency care to neighbors in their villages. they treat dental and asthma to diabetes and fractures. >> it's a rural farming area so there are lots of injuries. they sew up lacerations all the time. >> they built a new clinic with a quarter million dollars kate raised in bay area donations. it served 6,000 people last year. the center also includes dormitories to house visiting professionals who teach and students who train for three years to become community health workers. >> training exercises. >> reporter: a retired physical therapist volunteered to give orthopedics instruction for a week. >> it was a phenomenal
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experience with these highly motivated students that really want to learn how to help people. >> reporter: kate says so far they've trained about 40 community health workers like miguel who is skilled and proved to save lives. he said sometimes we never thought we were going to have the ability but with time we are becoming more experienced. this health worker says appreciative parents have told her "you are an angel." covid surge has postponed travel for volunteer teachers. when it is safe to go, her family medicine residents can't wait to experience the joy of giving through kate's training program. >> it's really such a testament to who kate is. she is so focused on caring for others. >> it is the most rewarding thing i have done in my life which is why i keep doing it. >> for empowering neighbors to care for health of neighbors in
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rural northern guatemala villages, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ... we are celebrating all of last year's jefferson award winners in a special virtual ceremony next thursday evening january 27. you are all invited but you have to save your seat. to do that go to to register. that's where you can nominate someone for a bay area jefferson award. coming up, a teen
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within the hour, the 49ers will hold final practice at home before heading to green bay. then they'll board buses for the airport and take off. we'll have more on the team's final preps on the news at 3:00. let's get a last check on the weather with darren. continuing to watch this one final stubborn patch of marine stratus melt away but it is over water so we are not looking at issues with fog on the road. i think a bit of an offshore wind event in the over night hours in the mountains will be enough to transport drier air and limit the fog at least tomorrow. certainly by the weekend. as we look at the rest of the seven-day forecast it's sunny and mid to upper 60s with no
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rain. that is the pattern. amanda. >> thanks. at noon, a british belgian teen just became youngest woman to fly solo around the globe and first to do so in a micro light plane. 19-year-old rutherford flew 32,000 miles over 52 nations since august and touched two points opposite each other on the globe in indonesia and columbia. she wants to study engineering and has dreams of becoming an astronaut. are you even close? i am not. >> not even
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♪♪ >> hope: you saw grandma kissing santa claus. >> liam: and so-- so, you keep saying that this is about brooke, but-- >> douglas: it's true. i saw them. >> hope: well, you have been watching a lot of movies lately. are you sure you're not mixing up your holiday films? >> liam: yeah. or just that, or the song, even? >> douglas: no! santa was there and he was kissing grandma. ♪♪ >> ridge: you were alone on new year's because of me. you weren't expecting that. >> brooke: there's no excuse to have done what i did. >> ridge: what did you do? you made a mistake and you regret it. >> [brooke sighs] yes, i do. i regret it more than you know. >> ridge: tell me what i can do. i'll do anything
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