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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 21, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix, streaming on cbsn bay area, taking a live look outside. we are both so excited about this. it is much clearer this morning than at this time yesterday. this is the view looking at the bay bridge from the city. good morning. it is friday january 21. i am anne makovec ready to get a jump on it here. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will get to mary lee. welcome back. we are happy to have you back. >> thank you so much, missed you guys so much. it is so great to be back. happy friday to you. we are looking at big changes ahead. one of the biggest differences, not as much fog out there. fog free on our golden gate bridge camera this morning. we will be tracking the winds though as we head through the day. we have wind advisories for the entire bay area highlighted in
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gold and high wind warnings in red for north bay mountains. this all starts at 7:00 a.m. today and that continues into tomorrow morning, possibility of downed trees and power outages with the strong gusty winds. already this morning up in the mountains tracking gusty conditions for all of us. we will see the winds pick up this afternoon. here we are on futurecast, winds by noon, you can see as the winds kick up through the day. this afternoon and tonight. we will see sunshine and warm above average daytime highs today. we'll talk about with a you can expect and the weekend ahead coming up. to the coronavirus, encouraging news for families with young children. kids under 5 could start getting the vaccine as soon as next month. >> reporter: as joseph sanchez watches his son going down the slide he tries not to think about ever present risk of
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covid especially since his son is only 15 months old, too young for a vaccine. >> it's been a juggle but we have been able to manage. >> reporter: pfizer is working on a vaccine for kids from six months to four years old, now three shots instead of two. the third isn't a booster but a different dosing interval than adults. during an interview yesterday with blue star families dr. fauci says he hopes to see fda approval for a vaccine for kids under age 5 as soon as next month. >> these kids need that vaccine protection. >> reporter: this could be a game changer for families. >> for mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, it's going to be something they've been waiting for. you have to be so cautious around these children because they don't have that protection. >> reporter: the fda should approve quickly since they've already had a chance to review
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safety data. plus children's vaccines contain only a fraction of the amount of vaccine as what adults receive. looking live at the chase center where you will soon need a booster to get in. andria borba explains how it will all work. >> reporter: klay thompson is back on the court for golden state warriors. if you want to watch in person starting next month, you will have to update your vaccination status. in the era of omicron you already need your vaccination card and id to get inside to see steph curry shimy after hitting the shot from downtown. starting february 1 you will need to show proof of a booster as well. for pfizer and moderna recipients that means three doses. for johnson & johnson that means two shots. the booster mandate from san francisco department of public
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health is for mega events of over 500 people. president of the golden state warriors says chase will be the only venue in the country to require boosters. >> a lot of venues, you can walk in, no mask, no vaccine, no test. here you know walking in that everyone is vaccinated and as of february 1, everyone is boosted which is really important for fans to feel safe coming to events. >> reporter: dr. rutherford from ucsf says it is the right move. >> i think it is absolutely, positively something that you have to have to be protected. >> reporter: warriors are marking their 400th sell out in a row and fans packing in say a booster mandate brings some peace of mind. >> they're all around you coughing and breathing, there has to be germs in the air. >> it's a sense of feeling protected and feeling like we're going to stop the spread of this virus. >> reporter: you will need your
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booster at least one week before your event at chase center. to help folks get booster shots, warriors are holding two booster shot clinics january 25 and 29 at thrive city. breaking news, meat loaf, the iconic singer known for hits like i'll do anything for love has died. according to his official facebook page he died with his wife by his side. his 1977 record "bat out of hell" was one of the best selling records of all time. he also did acting in the classic rocky horror picture show. no word on how he died. he was 74. a body of a missing nurse has been found near fremont. the 27-year-old was found dead yesterday near highway 84 in the san francisco bay national wildlife refuge. he was last seen tuesday
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morning at stanford hospital where he worked the overnight shift. his car was found by the dumbarton bridge. a north bay woman has been missing for a year. tara true nick disappeared without a trace and her loved ones are desperately searching for answers. andrea nakano with more on the effort to bring tara home. >> reporter: tara was last seen in this parking lot january 11 of last year. hope of finding her alive is fading. family members are more determined to find answers to her disappearance. >> the biggest issue for me personally is just the unknown. what's going on? where is she? >> reporter: chris has spent a year desperately searching for his former fiance. he shared a son with her and says there is no way she would have missed some of the most important moments of their
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boy's life. >> i knew after his birthday in october and thanksgiving and especially with christmastime, it kind of sealed the deal for me unfortunately. it's a pit in my stomach that i can't really describe. >> reporter: he admits the couple lost a child to child protective services because they couldn't stay clean. they had limited visiting rights but after their son was adopted, life spiraled out of control. >> we want to keep her name alive. we don't want people to forget how serious this is and how much her loved ones miss her and want to bring her home. whether it's a vibe or we can have closure. >> reporter: the family has hired a private investigator to help the santa rosa police department search for tara in hopes of finding the closure. >> everybody is here to accomplish the goal, to find tara or bring tara home. >> reporter: family members will hold a vigil saturday
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night at finally park. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. california attorney general's office investigating yesterday morning's deadly police shooting at sfo. a tsa employee reported a man acting suspiciously around 7:30 near the bart station entrance. the man was armed with two guns when police arrived. sources tell kcbs radio those were pellet guns. officers tried to deescalate but when the man advanced toward them they opened fire. >> at this point, there is no indication of the incident being involved with terrorism like the individual came to commit some type of terrorism. >> a bystander was also injured when police opened fire but is expected to be okay. 20 minutes before 5:00. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area.
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>> peloton hitting brakes on production. the fitness company's rough week on wall street. a new push to crackdown on a massive rail theft problem in california. what we have learned. here is a live look outside looking at the bay bridge. traffic is moving to speed, smooth sailing for drivers right now. we
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4:42. more trouble for peloton. amazon is getting ready to > ottough day on wall t. street, dow dropped 313 points. nasdaq skidded 186. s&p 500 lost 50. shares of net flix fell 20% in after hours trading. the streaming giant missed
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fourth quarter expectations for new subscribers and gave a grim view of future growth. revenue did jump to $17.7 billion. shares of peloton tanked yesterday. the fitness company is planning to temporarily halt production of the bike and tread as demand wanes. the company had skyrocketed as gyms were closed early in the pandemic. clicks to bricks. amazon opening its first brick and mortar clothing store. amazon style, a 30,000 square foot space, opens later this year in a mall near los angeles. it will use algorithms to offer realtime recommendations and customers in the fitting room can use a have more delivered them. for more head to we are learning about what
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might be adding to the problem to a massive spike in thefts from california cargo trains. l.a. times spoke to former union pacific employees who say the company reduced private police force by more than half, problem worse by bottleneck at urban rail yards forcing trains to sit idle. the governor got a first hand look at the problem. >> reporter: since the visit, a lot of the trash has been cleaned up. you can see there are piles that need to be picked up, the governor bringing a promise of more patrols and prosecution from those who take from the trains. a stark difference at the tracks in link on heights thursday hours after a massive clean up. governor newsom picked up discarded boxes with cal trans and other crews. >> there is nothing acceptable about this behavior. >> reporter: this is a week after we showed the giant mess along the tracks, thousands of
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packages stolen off union pacific cargo trains, top dollar item from his tvs and designer clothes, medical equipment, even family portraits stolen or trashed. >> i am seeing what everybody is seeing and asking what the hell is going on? looked like a third world country. >> reporter: he promised more support for patrols, investigations, prosecution of train thieves. >> it's not just arrest and walk away. do the work, present the case, see folks prosecuted. >> we are going to have a special task force assigned with our local partners. we will be patrolling, working closely with the aspect of it on patrol. >> reporter: the problem has been growing 350% year to year. u.p. blamed la da's office policy of no cash bail for allowing crooks to be released and head back to the tracks.. at least 18 members of congress are asking for federal
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help to secure rail lines because they say they are having a broader impact on the supply chain. today vice president kamala harris will make a stop in southern california, set to announce that the state will receive $600 million in federal funds to recover from and help protect against wildfires. last year's season was among the worst scorching 2.6 million acres. czu fires devastated much of the santa cruz mountains. that includes thousands of acres of red tensous ofseed lis e bethre ed ge% thtr t areayear half the forest has begun to bounce back but mother nature needs a little help. save the red woods league is embarking on a modern day johnny apple seed mission. seed links will grow and return to mostly red woods which are
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more naturally fire resistant compared to other trees. it is just about 4:47. it is friday. we are happy to have mary back. how is it going? all right. thanks so much anne and amanda. so great to be back. we are looking at the winds picking up. we have wind advisories that will be in effect, high wind warnings. let's get right to it. we are going to see advisories and warnings go into effect starting at 7:00 a.m. the entire bay area is under a wind advisory highlighted in gold. we are looking at a high wind warning, and that will be in effect also starting at 7:00 for the areas in red. north bay mountains under the high wind warning. we will see winds really kick up, possibility of downed trees and power outages with the gusty conditions. that will be in effect until tomorrow morning. right now for many of us, the
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winds are light. not a problem. we are watching winds though in the higher elevations in the mountains gust 30 to 40 miles per hour. as we head through the day, winds will kick up for all of us by this afternoon. showing you a live look at san francisco with mark hopkins hotel camera, we are down to the 30s in santa rosa in the north bay, 40s for concord, oakland, san jose, livermore, low 50s for san francisco. a big difference with our weather, we are not as foggy this morning compared to the last few mornings. some locations still dealing with that dense fog. patchy dense fog near zero in petaluma, a quarter mile in napa and about a half mile in santa rosa, other locations looking good. satellite and radar view, that strong pressure gradient with this low pressure system over great basin, high pressure over the pacific, that creates that tight pressure gradient and
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strong winds. so especially again as we head through the afternoon and tonight, we are going to see those winds pick up. increasing strong winds as we head through today and tomorrow in the afternoon, winds should ease. temperature wise it will be a warm one, plenty sunshine, highs for many of us into the 60s. let's get to the seven-day forecast and what you can expect. it looks like a great weekend, san francisco, oakland, san jose, temperatures will be in the 60s. we are looking at rain free conditions over the next several days into next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, after a windy day, the winds will ease for our weekend, looking great if you have outdoor plans for saturday and sunday. back to you. >> thanks. a new series features characters on the autism spectrum. the wait is over for owes arc fans as well. those stories and more in your
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eye on entertainment. the singer made the announcement in a tearful video on social media. >> i am so upset and really embarrassed and so sorry to everyone that traveled. >> the residency at cesar's palace was supposed to start tonight through april 16. all dates will be rescheduled. highly anticipated final season of owes arc is finally here. the family is summoned by a drug king pen who wants to cut a deal with the fbi. season 4 part 1 debuts today on net flix. new amazon prime series as we see it follows three roommates in their 20s on autism spectrum as they navigate jobs, family, relationships. the actors, writers, crew members are all on the spectrum. >> this show is about autism on
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surface and involves both in cast, crew, story. but by episode two it didn't feel like that. it was just obstacles that are typical through these not normal type of of characters. >> as we see it debuts today on prime video. the vitamin shop ceo disguised as a store associate to experience new changes on tonight's episode of undercover boss. >> you will have to be answering phones, placing people on hold. >> reporter: undercover boss airs tonight on cbs and streams live and on demand on paramount plus. that's your eye on entertainment. good morning everybody. straight ahead in sports, sharks on ice, plenty shot making except what went down at
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>>hall of fame defensive back darrell green. >>hi, i'm here with a winning play for your home team. keep your playing field safe by removing any old, unwanted, and unneeded opioid medication. the best defensive strategy is to remove the risk. >>learn more at good morning everybody. i've got nba and golden state warriors to talk about, how to
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process this one. dubs shot 42 three pointers, made nine. steph curry had six. a struggling visiting team hit the jackpot. curry 44 minutes and 39 points should have been enough, there were explosive plays. peyton ii jammed it home and the big fellow didn't like him, head butt got him ejected. the rookie was relentless, 27 points, pacers by five late. later curry saved a turn over and went in and tied it at 106. ten seconds left, warriors by three, all justin holiday needed was a look, got it. the former warrior forced over time. in extra play warriors five point lead disappeared. a deep shot nobody saw coming. indiana scored ten straight
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points for the lead. dubs down three, 20 seconds left. a few good looks at it but no, no, no. indiana, record of 17-29 came in and handed the warriors perhaps its worst loss of the season. host rockets tonight. gonzaga welcome the dons. how long do they hang? as long as he can do this. usf hung in, trailed by three at the half. bulldogs took the tempo and then the game. bucket and foul, all part of a 12-0 run that gave a 16 point lead, won 78-62. dons record fell to 15-4 after a second loss. give me a menacing st. mary's
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gale in moraga. a rainbow game tying three from parker brawn, tight second half thriller. a tough one and got it to dropscored on three straight possessions to ice it st. mary's won 73-65. 14-4. stanford men, third ranked arizona last night, pac- 12 battle. poked it away and scored. cardinal turned it over 17 times and dropped 85-57 loss. arizona's record is 15-1. nfl and 49ers who fly to green bay yesterday, only player of note on the injury report is bosa because he remains in concussion protocol. that could change later today. walk through practice is scheduled later on, divisional game of the packers, 5:15 saturday.
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hockey, turn on the lights. seattle kracken all over the place. a great start for san jose near the beginning of the game, a turn over and goal and like that it was 1-0. second, after seattle tied it, untied with a second goal. last play seattle rose up and won 3-2. sharks lost three of the last four but the stunner everybody is talking about is the warriors and how they can let indiana pacers come in and do that. well, no time to dwell on it. it's the rockets at chase center tonight. that's enough. we'll see you later. we are moving on. 4:57. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, major strategy shift at the oakland police department starting tomorrow. remember we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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a bill brewing that could let a 12-year-old get a covid shot without their parents' consent. i am sorting through the legislation. teachers in the east bay threatening strike. what they are demanding this morning. new rules for large events about to kick in at chase center. what you need to know if you are planning to catch a warriors game. emotional plea for answers one year after a north bay woman suddenly vanished. good morning. it is friday january 20. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am anne makovec in for len kiese. let's get to mary lee for a check on our weekend weat


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