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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 21, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the wind will get even stronger between now and midnight tonight. high wind warnings posted at the bay area. we have the details coming up in just minutes. am super excited for the weekend. >> excitement grows, fans gearing up to see the 49ers face-off against the packers. that evening. i'm allen martin. of juliette goodrich and for elizabeth. a new california bill would allow children to get a covid vaccine without parent permission. >> kpix 5's andria borba is live in san francisco with more on this proposal that is getting a lot of people talking. >> reporter: well, state senator scott weiner says this will empower the nearly 1 million california teens who have yet to be vaccinated against covid-19 to take their health into their own hands. parents on the other hand are skeptical. >> it makes our schools less
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safe. >> reporter: on the steps of everett middle school in san francisco, state senator scott weiner introduced a bill that would allow kids aged 12 to 17 to get the covid-19 vaccine without parent consent. >> many of them want to be vaccinated, but sometimes their parents don't let them be vaccinated, and sometimes parents are not prioritizing taking them to be vaccinated. for mac it wouldn't be a first in california. kids in that age group can already choose without parental consent to get vaccinated against hpv and hepatitis b. assembly member james gallagher from yuba city says the proposed legislation removes parental rights. >> these are conversations that should happen between parents and their kids. and not to sort of isolate them and make this sort of the conversation that happens with the school nurse. >> reporter: even in the bay area where vaccinations are high, the proposal was met with skepticism. oakland mother of two says parents have always made
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medical decisions for their children. >> this does feel like removing the parents from that equation, i don't think it sits well with a lot of parents. >> reporter: in san francisco, this mother says 12 is awfully young to be making medical decisions. >> i think this is a pretty tough decision, because that is a fairly young age to be making that type of choice without a parent being present. also, in this particular case, i am a huge advocate of vaccines, so i don't understand why a parent wouldn't want their child to be vaccinated. >> reporter: the same with her. >> they are still very young, not even a teenager when you are 12. i am actually against it. i think they should ask their parents before they do something like that. >> reporter: california would
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not be alone in this. in washington, d.c., kids as young as 11 can make medical decisions like this on their own. in alabama, that age is 14. in oregon, the ages 15. reporting live, andria borba, kpix 5. >> it's an interesting debate. i'm trying to think about that myself having three children in that age group. i don't know where i stand on that. thank you. we first brought you this announcement live on cbsn bay area. you can tune in 24/7 on, or the kpix 5 news app. this evening, some top area health experts want to stop calling covid-19 a pandemic. instead, they want to recommend recognize the virus as anthemic. here's a live look at the state capital. an online petition started by four ucsf doctors was sent to governor newsom. all public school superintendents in every county public health officer in the state, they say they are calling for the language pivot to emphasize california should work towards an end to all remaining restrictions, especially the ones that apply to children. so far more than 3000 people have signed that petition. this comes as the state continues to see a drop in
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positivity rate. this graph shows just how much it has dipped. the 7 day average is now 21.2%. it's a 1.1% decrease from last week. under the weather, strong wind hitting parts of the bay area. look at this. the costs so powerful a large tree on top of several cars in san jose, and knocked down power to the area. >> i was outside cooking and i heard a thump, this really loud thump. i thought it was a car crash, because i heard a longhorn after, and then i came outside and i see the tree on top of my truck. is not all. we saw wind swaying street signs and traffic lights in san ramon. brian hackney is tracking the strong gusts for us. it will be more than that as we had to been night when the wind gusts peak. mount diablo, 64 mile-per-hour gusts. oakwood hills, 21 miles per hour. half moon bay, gusts up to 40 to 50 miles per hour by the
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time all is said and done. so far, wendy. it will get windier by midnight tonight. you see this painted in red. elsewhere, we have high wind advisory is. still the threat of trees down and power lines down with 15 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts, all the way up to 70. we explain the mechanics and how long it will last, and if it will ever meet again. this is my headline for the weekend, but is not the only one. onto the other big story this weekend, the 49ers making their playoff run. >> today was a travel day for niner fans. max darrow caught up with some of them at sfo making their way back to green bay. >> reporter: niners fans are making their way to green bay, sporting their best wet and cold along the way. the 49er faithful just got some great news. star defensive end nick bosa was just cleared to play. >> i'm super excited for the
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weekend. >> reporter: the niners are the underdogs and it will be called it lambeau field. check this out. but many think the niners will bring the heat and history will repeat. >> the 49ers are the hottest team in the nfl right now. >> we have a really good record against the packers. hopefully it stays that way. >> aaron rodgers has not been the 49ers in the playoffs and his nfl career. his 0-3. that says something. if you play sports, you always know there is that one team you can't get over. >> have faith. >> go niners. >> reporter: in santa clara, max darrow, kpix 5. >> less than a day away, this is going to be fun. nick bosa is coming back definitely originally walters have more on his status a little later in sports. a bizarre and scary story out of oakland. police arrested a man accused of shooting at firefighters,
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minute after allegedly killing another man. it happened last night on center street. it all started when the suspect armed with a gun confronted a man and killed him. authorities do not believe they knew one another. authorities say a firefighter was driving around and spotted the suspect. the firefighter was about to call in for help, but saw a fellow firefighter outside the fire station taking out the garbage. that is when police say he rushed to save his colleague, and the suspect started firing. >> he drove to pick up his fellow firefighter and remove him from danger when they both heard the suspect yelling at them. >> police say witnesses heard the suspect screaming out, i am going to kill someone, before the shooting. the victim killed has been identified as ronald sanders of oakland. new details this evening. in a police shooting is and is a bell of the carjacking suspect dead, officer shot and killed 32-year-old robert seth carter after what police describe as a series of crimes
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in wednesday night. sin is a police helicopter images show the fatal confrontation with officers. they apparently show carter pointing a handgun and approaching drivers and officers. the muzzle flashes from him pulling the trigger. officers fired at carter am a striking him at least once. >> this was traumatic for everyone involved, for the surviving family of mr. carter, and for the involved officers of the families to get home to, and for community. >> four officers fired at carter who later died at the hospital. the handgun recovered from the suspect at the scene, a privately made firearm without serial numbers, also known as a ghost gun. less than 1 hour from now, people in fremont will gather to remember a woman killed in a subway attack in new york city. 40-year-old michelle go grew up in fremont and was a graduate of ucla. on saturday, she was shoved in front of a subway train at the
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times square station. a candlelight vigil begins tonight at 7:00 at the fremont downtown event center plaza on capitol avenue. still ahead on kpix 5 and on cbsn bay area , the bay area school district in need of substitute teachers. the desperate call for people to staff classrooms. is bay area highway is at risk of flooding. push to protect a vital roadway. the search for this little guy's owner. the effort in the east bay to bring home bacon. yes, that is his name.
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get another bay area school district is putting out a call for substitute teachers. it is a plea we have been hearing a lot during the omicron surge. as kpix 5's wilson walker reports , the need won't end with the pandemic. >> reporter: fremont unified is hardly alone. school districts far and wide are now desperate for help in the classroom. we ask, who exactly are they looking for when they are looking for substitute teachers? >> we are looking for someone who has in their core a compassionate heart for kids. >> reporter: the superintendent has the most important thing is
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being able to connect with students, and that does not necessarily take experience. >> is not a prerequisite to have classroom teaching experience first. as a matter of fact, substitute teaching is often the first place that teachers start. her back and he will be teaching from scratch. he will be helping students along with work they have already started. >> our classroom teachers generally leave great lesson plans for our substitute teachers to utilize. >> reporter: if this sounds like something you might be interested in, ask yourself a couple of questions. >> do they have an interest with working with children? if they do, what age group? maybe some individuals are really interested in elementary students? maybe some are more interested in secondary subject matters, such as math or science. there's an opportunity out there for all of those individuals. >> reporter: the district has been fortunate enough to find 40 new substitutes this year which has helped to keep classrooms open. >> we've been hearing reports from a lot of the alameda
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county schools that they have had trouble with substitute teachers, and staffing. >> reporter: the shortage actually predates the pandemic by several years. covid, and now omicron, have only exacerbated the problem. >> certainly the need for subsidies will continue. it's been a need for over 6 years in schools. it will be a need after we are done with covid-19. >> reporter: substitutes can accept or decline a job on any given day. there is a lot of flexibility, and that is one of the reasons to need a lot more people on standby. here in fremont, wilson walker, kpix 5. santa clara county is giving out free at home covid tests starting tomorrow, but sign-ups for appointments have already started, and timeslots are going really fast. the county but 60,000 tests to streamline attribution. the county has designated four pickup locations. foothill college, hellyer county park, lake county park, and cuddle county park.
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they are limiting and pick up appointment per household. >> through this system, 15,000 appointment slots will be available, at each individual will receive four tests per appointment. >> for more information on how you can get an at-home test, vaccine, or booster, you can visit our resource guide on water levels around the bay area expected to rise to to five feet by the end of the century. experts are saying that highway 37 will likely be underwater by midcentury, if not earlier. highway 37 is a 21 mile stretch of road along the northern shore of the san pablo bay. it is a vital transit link between marin, sonoma, and solano counties. caltrans says this particular stretch of highway is already extremely vulnerable to flood related closures due to sea level rise. the agency is now in the process of trying to come up with a long-term solution.
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it is preparing a conference of study to identify what the best options are. caltrans says the ultimate answer will likely cost billions of dollars. the agency is asking for public input. >> this money will be spent in a way that should be congruent with what the public wants, and we need their feedbacks owego in the right direction. there are bumper stickers out there that's a 37 sucks. those are the people that we want to come to these meetings, because they are driving it every day. >> got some ideas? for information hadaway n, head to . we have been talking about the windy conditions throughout the bay area. brian is here to fill us in. it is looking windy especially towards midnight tonight. up to 50 miles per hour down at the surface. north bay, more of a north bay thing than south bay, but everyone will get windy. you will notice that the camera is shuddering a bit. the cameras have the shakes.
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earlier in the day, mostly clear out around many locations. concord, 57 degrees. 68 in oakland. livermore, 59 degrees. in the headlines, we expected to be a mostly clear and windy night, with the moon a few days past fall. the wind will slowly ease up as we head into saturday. north bay will still be windy tomorrow, but everyone will be down by the time i get to sunday. dry and mild all the way through next week. there is no rain in sight yet anyway. high pressure offshore is powering all of this. a pretty powerful high complaining with this low over the baja peninsula is giving us an onshore push over the bay area. in the automated gives us warm temperatures, but now, because we are transporting fairly cool air, also from him and where it is colder than the bay area,
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it's bringing it towards the coast. it's mixing things up and keeping it balmy muppet we don't get into the 70s. in terms of the wind, much calmer by the time i get to sunday. futurecast shows that by midnight tonight, napa will be up to 50 mile-per-hour wind. north bay gets hit a little harder than san jose. you think it's not so strong in the south bay, but the south bay did have the victory that came down today, so it depends on where it is, and how weekend some of the trees are. by tomorrow morning, it eases up in the south bay. it continues to blow in the north bay. tomorrow afternoon, still windy north of the golden gate, but it subsides by sunday. if somebody tells you to go fly a kite, tomorrow would be a good day. tonight, #into the mid-40s. tomorrow, mostly into the 60s. that is about 4 to 8 degrees
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above average for this time of year. mid-60s will do it. beautiful weekend on tap. wendy tonight, and in the look ahead, no rain as far as the eye can see. temperatures will be in the mid 60s tomorrow for san francisco, oakland, and san jose. in the extended forecast, partly cloudy all week. that will hold true for the east bay, north bay, and the coast all the way through next friday, almost and beyond. no rain on the way. the first hint that things fundamentally begin to change and we end this high-pressure regime offshore and replace it with a trough looks to be early february. if that holds up my that means early february, we could turn wet again. between now and then, 10 days, not a drop of rain in sight. the "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with the preview. coming up after kpix 5
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news at 6:00, the good news tonight about how effective the booster shot is in keeping you out of the emergency room. we have that and more news tonight right here on the "cbs evening news" coming up . storm experts is coming up next. it should've been a cakewalk last night at chase come up but instead it took a lost against the pacers. in pressure against aaron rodgers is going to be crucial tomorrow. some good news on the health front that should help the game plan against the green and gold. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, the first half of a two-part episode of "ntis hawaii" is set to air this sunday. we hear from one of the stars on what viewers can expect. that's at 8:30. you can find cbsn bay area on, or on the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app, and you can
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welcome in 49ers-packers at lambo tomorrow. the san francisco 49ers wouldn't mind running against a week packers run defense taking on the finance of the green bay packers who like to reach the ends under the air, and rarely turn the ball over. if you can't take it away from rogers, at least get some pressure on him. having nick bosa back should
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help in that regard. he has 15.5 sacks , and has cleared concussion program calls, and will play tomorrow against the green packers. expect single digit temps in the home of the cheeseheads. not an easy place to play. the good news, the 49ers are hot, winning 8 of the last 10, six of those coming on the road. san francisco had a better record on the look road than at levi's this season. >> you don't mind the traveling. you get to sit in a hotel room a lot more, you get a long plane ride. you rest when you are at home as well, but people do have family and stuff that it is harder to sit there and zone out when you are about your whole family, instead of in a hotel room. >> the tubs are back in action tonight at chase hosting the houston rockets. owners of the western conference's worst record.
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andrew wiggins is considered a gametime decision. houston should provide no problems, but neither should have indiana last night. it was the pacers jv squad, missing their four best players, and finding a way to be golden state 121-117 in overtime. they forced the overtime. the tubs are now 3 and 6 in their last 9. how do you lose to the pacers team last night? >> i play myself, number one. i don't think i did a good job preparing the team to be ready to play. the three-point shot that tied it up, i am normally a fowler, and, you know, i take the hit on that one as well. this was my night to stick it up. >> tennis earlier today at the australian open. american amanda any sum of upset defending champ naomi osaka in three sets. she was ranked 60th in the world. i know what you're thinking, what is up with the green tie
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with the game before grant day? when it's a different shade and two it's going into the gutter after the show. three, it was a sunny day and i was wearing a vibrant color and did not realize it until after. >> take it off. >> i decided to ditch the tie altogether. up next, this adorable piglet found wandering around and east ba
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pleasanton police want to know if anyone is missing an adorable piglet. they say this little piggy was found wandering the city yesterday. >> police could not find the owner, so the piglet they named bacon was turned over to the east county animal shelter, and police are hoping someone will bring bacon home. >> bring home the bacon? >> you know what, my son and i were driving on vineyard avenue in pleasanton late at night, and traffic backed up, and we were like, what is going on. it was little bacon in the middle of the street. these good samaritans were trying to get him into the car. >> i'm amazed he didn't end up at your house.
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>> i was thinking the same thing. >> i'm getting text messages from the kids going can we have bacon? >> maybe tomo ow morning for ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, states of emergency declared in the south as an ice storm put more than 60 million americans in the path of bitter cold temperatures. but first, some news about the russian demands as the u.s. supplies new arms to ukraine. russian missile systems head to ukraine's neighbor, belarus, as thousands of more troops stage thousands of more troops stage at the country's border. but the uss "harry s. truman" aircraft carrier and nato allies preparing for a major military exercise. tonight, the high-stakes meeting. meeting. >> this is not negotiation but a >> this is not negotiation but a candid exchange of concerns and ideas. >> o'donnell: preventing hospitalization: the good news tonight about how effective the booster shot is in keeping you out of the emergency room.


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