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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 22, 2022 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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the niners turn on the heat in green bay and send the home team packing. what is next for the team. >> that is what we expect out of the game. >> a rare january wildfire burning. we will have the blaze -- why it has a would worry. covid testing sites struggle to keep up with the high demand. we start with the 49ers when when away going to the super bowl. >> who would have thought it?
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the niners beat the packers. trial easy to break out the big game. >> this past month has been an emotional roller coaster ride but just when you think heartbreak is coming we are creeping up the tracks. the 49ers they just find a way to get the job done. tonight they do so without offense of touchdown. lambeau far from narnia the the did have some code. jordan willis blocks the pond. how about those 49ers moving on to next weekend nfc championship game 13-10 the final tally.
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this is a greedy team and a salty team and we keep bouncing back. >> we just find a way. every week is different. we have done it multiple ways but the fight in this team is ridiculous. no giving up. you can feel it on the sideline even when things aren't going well. the defense with the ball. >> to me looking dapper in the playoff record. those guys look cold out there. they will not have to worry about layers next weekend. it is either los angeles or tampa. one when away from a super bowl appearance postgame reaction from the team coming up in just a bit in sports. and exciting that all around. happening right now, the mission district san francisco police monitoring huge crowds
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out celebrating the big win. officer say some crowds are blocking traffic. the have also been reports of sideshow activity in the area. clark city hall and sfo lighting up in 49ers colors to celebrate the big win. the people were represented well in green bay. those that didn't make the trip were able to celebrate in the bay area. betty yu joins us with the fan reaction from the big win. this entire block was bursting with emotion all night long. take these two bars in north beach when the niners pulled out the big three, the crowd erupted with cheers. >> fans exploded with joy. a last second field goal ended the season for green bay. >> that was real but that is what we expect out of the niners game.
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"is a legend. every time we see him kick the ball we were ready. they are having a great time. >> there was standing room only and north cafc street. >> i get here and they punted it . they tied it. we got really excited and we crowded by the tv. it was awesome. it is a pretty big deal. i have been a fan of the 49ers since 84 here is exhilarating all that was incredible.
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>> the niners fourth-quarter rally was not with this packers fan wanted to see. >> we have that game at hand. you lose the game but you move on. what are you going to do? submit the niners will face the winner of sunday's bucs/rams game. niners fans have taken to social media to continue the celebration online. twitter is buzzing about the game showing its support for the 49ers. favorable weather conditions are helping firefighters just north of big sur battled a wildfire near the famous bixby bridge. minogue has grown to more than 1000 acres. cal fire says it is about 20% contained. no new evacuation orders tonight. yesterday deputies asked about 500 people to leave their homes. donlon spoke with expert to say what is alarming about this fire is the fact it started about all.
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it is are coming to fight of by of this size in the woods here. this is a reminder california's fire season is year-round. intense flames burning in the steep terrain north of scenic big sur. the colorado fire reached the bixby bridge. firefighters didn't see any damage to the bridge. the fire broke out after 5:00 friday night. the liens absolutely played a huge part in what happened. we had wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour. everything is so dry it quickly allowed the fire to spread rapidly fixed the national weather service asked while monterey county had a good amount of rain from mid october to december there was no measurable rain in january. the at this area has little or no prior history. timing is quite unique because generally we don't have a lot of fires. >> dr. clements is the director
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san jose state. >> had an offshore wind event. these are the conditions that lead to wildfires typically in the fall not in january. it is something that is quite surprising. >> even though there was a lot of rain late last year dr. clements said several years of extreme drought means there is a lot of drive fuel out there. >> we make it back to normal. because of the constant threat people should be vigilant and be ready to evacuate at all times.
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cal fire says they don't know how the colorado fire started and they don't have an estimate on when it will be fully contained. nobody has been hurt in the fire. taking a look at oakland following a very windy day across the bay area. meteorologist darren peck joins us now. for most of us we are done. we are not everywhere. when you look at the map that helps us visualize where it is windy tonight, look for the bright colors and then the bigger numbers. we are not done in the northbay mountains. everywhere else we are doing fine but if we're coming for a close-up look at the northbay data the communities we are fine. it is reporting calm winds for santa rosa and petaluma. it is still a 34 mile an hour wind gust on mount st. helena. which what happens between now and tomorrow. it is we can but it takes his sweet time for the winds turn off in the northbay mountains but they will. in the complete forecast where going to lend a little more contest to that
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fire. we will put it onto the google earth map and show you where those flames are. i will be back with that and the rest of the forecast in just a few minutes. cleanup beginning in several oakland neighborhoods after a high wind events toppled trees and power lines overnight. check this out. fortunately no one was hurt when these large trees were blown over pushing cars and damaging homes. california's positivity rate is decreasing. when we to further reduce the spread is by testing at home. who live, work, and go to school in the county had to make appointment online. up to four kits were given to each household. >> with the kids back in school
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we are getting a lot of close contacts notices. it is difficult to make it during the day. >> i want to be sure have a test available for me and my kids. >> we can verify the county is working to get more kids and can make this. for permission about vaccinations we provided a complete dueling protest taking on reproductive rights. peninsula business owners facing a tough decision. the city heading down parkland
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hundreds of san franciscan protesters commemorated today's 49th anniversary of roe versus wade with marches through city streets. the landmark decision established a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. both sides anticipate the possibility the supreme court will overturn roe v wade.
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investment a majority signaled their inclined to uphold the law. >> i think we will and roe v wade very soon. that is our prayer and our hope . this mississippi case should fall. >> where going to have a lot of victories as the supreme court reconsiders whether or not people should decide instead of unelected. >> if it is overturned it would be a major shift from the court's decision. a local sports team and health organization are teaming up to keep the blood banks from
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running dry. the shortage has reached a critical level. to the distemper blood center in the shot teamed up to offer an incentive defense. those who donate blood are entered into a raffle for free hockey tickets. >> they are offering to raffle off 70 pairs of tickets to a hockey game. i am kind of excited about that. >> you are pretty proud of the sweatshirt aren't you? >> i am very proud of it. this is my blood donating switcher. >> over 200 people donated blood. it will be shared locally by hospitals affiliated with stanford medicine. moving forward with a plan to put these in place for restaurants to have park let's. the decision is forcing some places to think about whether or not they can afford them. so many of the parkland search starting to disappear. at the same time they are moving forward with a plan to charge an annual parkland rent fee of $1500 and a monthly cleaning fee of $250.
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it would cost a business about 4500s a year for parkland small businesses are saying enough is enough. just looked at budget and not numbers where struggling. our business is soon make the piece will take effect april 1st. >> sierra at tahoe says it is one step closer to winning the man to cable for the main chairlift. spent the week the left the resort have not been able to begin the process of being burned trees because they are still waiting on federal funding.
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>> authorities are trying to figure out how a large got fire. fire crews needed a snow cat to meet the burning building in the mountainous terrain. by the time they get there they haverty killed the trees. which is checked with a resort and they will still be open. i know there will not be seeing snow anytime soon. fire continues to rethink the it does not have any recorded fire history. there are no fire. google earth map gives us a set let's able
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to do eight where there is something he teaches me are teaming. is the fire is scepters throughout the day most recent fire was when i have any reports of any major structure fires. originally was 1500 acres on the report and at the last update to come out before 7:00
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tonight it was lowered down to 10,000. 67 in redwood city. these numbers with very warm because of the offshore wind event. there were so many side effects and impacts from the offshore winds no wind and no rain.
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things quiet down and they stay dry for the next seven days. a big day in sports. let's get over to charlie. >> sunny skies and nfl playoff so we can. all positive today. became is pretty good too. a parent walkoff wins.'s
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welcome into sports. we spent an entire week running to the scouting report. talk the importance of rushing the ball and needing to rogers since my had much against the 49ers in the postseason. the eye-3 coming in. complete 180 from the start. and they marched on the field agent to success back [ indiscernible ]-zero. simply scheduled to got into fill going with a 75 yard pass plan and there is the special teams. sf down 17-0 half.'s snow starts falling out lambeau.
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first position of the third quarter elijah mitchell and nice run to pick up the. they third rogers the formwork how they are striking the alone. comes a 25 yard game. ringtown huntress looking instead looking into the turf brought to down by. the fifth sack on the quarterback green bay forced to punt. the special-teams get it again. gordon willis got his hand on it up. third and 7 one minute left. deebo samuel have run. picks up the first down.
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it's a metaphysical range. robbie gould strokes out there competently. the best field-goal kicker playoff history and he thinks it a walkoff 45 yarder. done goes the number one seed. sorry about it green bay. 13-tennis the title -- final. 49ers had to the nfc championship. >> it was so crazy. >> even when they had the lead i felt like we were in control of the game. we were waiting for that one play to spark is in jordan with the block but. just how
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getting the job done. the block of sports is straight ahead. sharks and lightning got a little one-sided. this time in the afc
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good to have you with us. the cincinnati bengals had never won a road playoff game. they were the worst team in the nfl two years ago and and they drafted their extraordinary came to a christian during war and music sitter. the titans star running back derrick henry back on the field . first time have seen him since hollowing. cincinnati leading 60 pickles drove into field-goal range.
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evan mcpherson they used to draft pick on him. 52 yarder as time expires. since . >> to the ice two-time defending stanley cup champions. tampa bay lightning and they poured on san jose. temper is up for, san jose lost 4 of their last five. the last question is it rim to we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what w will covid d bring in six mononths, a yeaear? if you're e feeling anxious s about the e future,
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you'u're not alolone. calhlhope offersrs free covid-19 e emotional s support. call 833-3-317-4673, or live chchat at calhope.ororg today.
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