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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 24, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now, taking a live look outside, this is the view from our salesforce tower camera looking at the bay bridge this monday morning. it is january 24. thanks for joining us. i am anne makovec in for len. >> i am amanda starrantino. cbsn bay area is now cbs news bay area, different name, same local streaming source for breaking news, big stories, weather. you can watch us wherever, whenever on the cbs news app and pluto tv. let's get a check on our weather and traffic starting with mary lee. good morning. happy monday. we are looking at sunshine and mild temperatures as we head through the afternoon, very similar to our weekend though of course not as windy. a live look with our mark hopkins hotel camera, clear skies. we are in the 30s and 40s.
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bundle up if you are heading out the door. san francisco 49, low 40s in san jose, patchy fog in santa rosa down to 34, definitely a cold start for you in the north bay. santa rosa, about a half mile. other locations looking good for that visibility. through the afternoon, sunshine and mild temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s, 58 pacifica, 60 vallejo, oakland, 65 in the south bay in san jose, 61 for napa. we'll talk about the rest of the work week coming up in a few minutes. how are the roadways out there? good morning, mary. looking normal, we don't have major accidents or incidents. if you are up early, here is a look at conditions through the altamont pass which is an area where we are starting to see
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brake lights. but that's pretty typical for the morning commute. busy coming out of tracy, busy onto 580 to just about grant line. travel times, 27 minutes 205 towards 680. bay area bridges are looking good, easy ride across san mateo bridge, everything clear between 880 and 101. taking the golden gate bridge, everything is quiet heading into san francisco out of marin. 4:33. more excitement about the 49ers as the team is set to play the rams in next week's nfc championship. da lin caught up with fans as they arrived at the airport after seeing saturday's big win in green bay. >> reporter: life long 49ers fan diez says this is the moment that made the trip worth every penny.
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>> i recorded it. >> reporter: a game winning ouwhene expired. s scared. one of the best experiences of my life. >> reporter: this super fan screamed so hard, he lost his voice. >> a little too hard. i will have to rest my voice. >> reporter: it was cheered on their team in the snow. >> it was legendary, niners brought home the win at lambeau in an ice bowl. >> reporter: a fan shared this tailgating video. dozens of niners fans barbecuing trying to stay warm before the game. >> i have never felt so cold in my life. honestly it was something you can't prepare for. i had multiple jackets, sweaters, two sets of socks and i was still freezing. >> that cold is real. it's next level.
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it was bone chilling. >> reporter: these niner die hards say despite the freezing temperatures, they would do it all over again. >> you experience something in person at lambeau with the snow, all the elements against us, it was awesome. >> we stayed faithful, came out, like we went to dallas and we will be in l.a. the following week. >> reporter: it's onto l.a. they want to prevent a repeat of what happened two weeks ago when niners took over so fi stadium. there is buzz around the state that the rams have posted a notice on ticket master saying ticket sales will be restricted to people who live in the greater los angeles area. we have reached out to ticket master for confirmation. meantime, vern glenn will give us a look at the reaction from the team after their big win later on in sports. we start with new calls for
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some of the state's strict health mandates to be lifted. it comes as california's positivity rate is seeing slight improvement. as of friday the state was just over 21%. that's a percent down from this time last week. kenny choi has more on why some doctors are saying it is time to lift those restrictions. >> reporter: it's unclear at this point whether state health officials will lift mask mandates on february 15. some doctors battling covid for two years are hoping they go a step further. >> i think the public is scared because of a lot of our messaging. >> reporter: calls for lifting mandates growing louder, in san rafael, protests against mask requirements and vaccine mandates. >> the fact that the mandates and emergency orders have not already been lifted is a crime. >> reporter: state laws don't allow counties to loosen mandates on public
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transportation, restaurants, or schools. >> research shows it is the number one factor that can asocial security us. >> reporter: possibility of lifting restrictions in schools is quickly changing. >> we are not there quite yet but it is my sense that it is coming sooner than later. >> masking needs to come off at some point. we need to have goal posts. we need an end game. >> reporter: director of covid response at ucsf. >> i see kids in distress and kids who are not doing well. it is not because of covid. it is because of covid policies. >> reporter: they're spearheading. >> i think this is a role for public health officials. they need to get out with firm messages that things have changed and it is time to move on. >> even areas where cases are starting to come down, we are still recommending public indoor masking. again cases are still well
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higher than the threshold to start taking off some of those measures. >> supporters of post omicron pivot for california public schools are quickly approaching 10,000 signatures demanding kids to be allowed to unmask outdoors immediately and make it optional indoors. today, all oakland schools are set to open for classes despite a possible teacher strike. teacher and student sick-outs closed a number of schools last week. students want better safety protocols. they're saying they're going to stay home if there is no improvement. a live look at capitol hill, thousands gathered at the lincoln memorial yesterday protesting vaccine mandates. >> we will not comply with your silliness. >> robert f kennedy jr is getting flak after taking the
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stage and comparing vaccine mandates to germany. the country seeing progress in the fight against the pandemic but there is also a fight to get more people vaccinated. john lawrence reports. covid-19 has been a dominant factor in every day life for two years ranging from mask wearing in public to lengthy hospital stays. some health officials say that might change in the not too distant future. >> we see fewer and fewer people who have never dealt with one form or another of the virus that causes covid before and because of that we are seeing less severe illness, fewer deaths per infection. >> reporter: the number of confirmed cases verses hospitalization in the u.s. has dropped since november according to data from johns hopkins university and department of health and human services. >> we have so many more tools compared to 2020 or 2021, and we are also dealing with, thankfully, a milder variant with the omicron variant.
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>> reporter: among those tools, booster shots which one study found are 90% effective at preventing hospitalizations. >> we are talking about between a cold and the flu is where omicron falls if you are vaccinated and boosted. >> reporter: doctors say bottom line remains, sooner more people get vaccinated, sooner the world can get the upper hand on the pandemic. >> people have chosen not to be vaccinated, and that's their choice. we will continue to provide their care. but the ones who are not vaccinated are the ones flocking to the hospitals right now. that's creating the problem. >> reporter: i am john lawrence reporting. >> for more information about covid testing and vaccination, we have a guide at sneaker waves behind unsuspecting people at ocean beach. low swells can switch to a sudden rush of water under the sand and it packs a punch. almost every year people are
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swept out to sea. one family we spoke with had a close call of their own. >> we were having a really interesting conversation and next thing you know a wave came from the side where we weren't looking. it's ocean beach. there are always warnings but i never thought it would actually be true, you know. >> bottom line, never turn your back on the ocean. swimmers are warned about rip currents. 4:41. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, why movie lovers are worried about new plans for san francisco's castro theater. a bizarre situation. why a cruise ship refused to drop off american passengers at a florida port.
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some people are worried about future of the castro
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theater. the landmark is getting new management. what locals are calling for. >> reporter: an icon and a point of pride. celebrating a century of showcase cinema. it will take on new management. a bay area based concert production company. >> i am very nervous that another planet is a live music event producer. they do not have a history of film programming. >> reporter: people who share that view left messages on paper and on the sidewalk. >> the castro is one of the most important cultural institutions remaining in san francisco. >> reporter: not just for those who love film, many agree castro is an anchor for the neighborhood that shares its name and lgbtq community. >> this is the theater that helped glue that community
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together. >> they recognize that, i think, they're taking on responsibility for a really important institution. >> reporter: the supervisor says he is cautiously optimistic about what the company will do with the property. >> they do offer tremendous resources, ability to invest in theater that now has gone for decade without the investment. >> reporter: another planet entertainment did not respond to our request for comment about these concerns but said it has a history of preserving land marks in the area. >> we love the theater. we want all kinds of entertainment. >> reporter: the organizer of the event that happened in front of the theater today says he hopes the new operator will host a town hall so the community can learn more about what they have planned for the theater. on your money watch report,
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how intel's latest investment can help avoid future supply countries. another pr hurdle for peloton. diane king hall with those stories and more from the cbs broadcast center. wall street ended lower friday capping a rough week for stocks. dow sank 450. nasdaq skidded 385. s&p 500 dropped 84. it was the worst week for s&p since march 2020 when coronavirus pandemic began. this week investors are turning to the latest batch of earnings with ibm reporting today and apple and microsoft later this week. intel is investing $20 billion to build semi production facility in ohio. the ceo joined president biden at the white house to make the announcement. biden administration hopes it will avoid future supply countries. semi connector chips are used
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in everything from cars to dish washers. catch a break. billions debuted last night showing a character having a heart attack while on the bike. this is after sex and the city killed off someone with a heart attack. peloton says cardiovascular exercise helps people live long healthy lives. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to i am diane king hall. 4:47. to a bizarre situation on a cruise ship at sea. the ship is bound for miami docked in bahamas but after an arrest warrant for the ship, it ended upcoming back to the u.s. the judge granted an order to
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seize the crystal symphony ship as part of a lawsuit over an unpaid fuel bill. passengers were pretty surprised to learn about the ship's legal issues. they had to be ferried from an offshore island to fort lauderdale. they say last minute change of plan meant confusion as many scrambled to rearrange travel plans. the lawsuit over the fuel is seeking $1.2 million in unpaid bills from crystal symphony. awkward. 12:00 minutes before 5:00, time for a check on our weather and traffic. we had a lot of sunshine this weekend. >> it was beautiful. we will continue with that sunshine not just today but through the rest of the week. dry conditions over the next several days. we are settling into this quiet weather pattern for the bay area. it's a chilly start. grab that coat if you are
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heading out. looking east at our beautiful bay bridge, check out the temperatures down to the 30s and 40s. concord you are 42, 41 san jose, 34, a cold start in santa rosa with some patchy dense fog, down to about a half mile in santa rosa. the 24 hour temperature change, we are colder compared to yesterday at this time, from a few degrees colder to as much as 14 degrees colder in napa with that 24 hour temperature change. let's walk you through the day in san francisco and what to expect so you can see all the sunshine as we head through today with highs topping out in the upper 50s for daytime highs in the city, the east bay, oakland, good morning, topping out at 60 with sunshine. in the afternoon as we look to south bay, san jose, walking you through your day, we will see daytime highs warming up to the mid 60s, well above average
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for this time of year. it's because of this strong ridge of high pressure, sunshine, mild daytime highs above average for this time of year, that strong ridge is in control all week long. let's take you hour by hour on futurecast and we are looking at sunshine, mostly sunny skies as we head through today. taking you hour by hour with our temperatures we are looking at 50s and 60s. there we go as we look to the daytime high temperatures. as we look to tomorrow morning we are going to see temperatures plummeting to the 30s and 40s again. the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, there we go with that sunshine through most of the week. a little bit cooler by the end of our work week and weekend with more clouds streaming in inland east bay, north bay, coast, we will stay with the sunshine as we head through the week. as we look to our weekend,
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looking at a mix of sun and clouds for your saturday and sunday. how are the roadways on this monday morning? good morning. no bad if you are up early. right now you are not dealing with a lot of brake lights or issues. if you are headed into altamont we are tracking a few slow spots, minor slowing, pretty typical as you work your way west bound. heading out of tracy onto 580, slow spots around mount house. on 580, brake lights start at the connector road. you can see that on our maps, down to 37 miles per hour in some spots. travel time is at 29 minutes 205 towards 680. travel times on east shore looking good, no issues or problems on 80 west bound highway 4 to the maze, 13 minutes. you are looking at about a 26 minute ride from antioch over
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towards the east shore and north bound 101 out of san jose from hellyer to sfo, that is only 36 minutes. everything is pretty quiet with no major issues or delays as you head out of san jose. all our freeways are clear. bay bridge toll plaza is looking good, metering lights off, clear heading into san francisco. a nice ride on the san mateo bridge. between 880 and 101, give yourself 13 minutes to make that ride. it is quiet out of marin. earlier trouble spot near san antonio road is in the clear stages, no delays at the golden gate. back to you. 4:00 a 2. ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, niners turning on the heat in green
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game. robbie gold, and it is good! robbie gold! >> he nearly lost his voice in green bay last night as san francisco stunned the packers and advanced to nfc title game. game day football, 49ers knocking on the door of a possible eighth conference championship victory. what a familiar foe next sunday, the rams. >> doing great, thanks. >> how about them niners! >> they don't get discouraged. they don't get frustrated. guys keep working and trying to have each other's backs. we needed everyone today. >> there is a feel to the game. even when they had a lead, i feel we were in control of the game. you could feel it on the sideline. we were waiting for one play to spark us. >> everybody was saying we're good and i had to light a fire under everybody and let them
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know they're not better than us. we needed to buckle down and dial in. they are a great offense but i know we are a great defense too. we come into lambeau against the number one seed in the nfc, snowing, mvp quarterback, one of the best receivers playing the game, high powered offense and we held them to ten points. that's incredible. >> still getting haunted by super bowl 2019. what was that, six minutes, lost the game. coach put a big emphasis on finishing. jimmy garoppolo's status not eye popping last night. but the quarterback that is constantly doubted is now the fifth in franchise history to lead the team to multiple
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conference championships. >> jimmy g, you can't say enough about that guy. consistently people try to pull him down and all he does is try and deliver. he is the sense of calm and allows us to play football at a high level. >> we buy another week of nfl talk, highlights, interviews, sound bites all building to the sunday 3:30 kick off. it's going to be some ride. everybody have a great day. i'll see you later. ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, oakland schools preparing to open for classes today despite a possible teacher strike. the status of negotiations between the union and the district. we'll be rig
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49ers are set to face the rams in the nfc championship. hear from fans just returning and planning to go to l.a. >> reporter: what they're asking the district for. big change causing headaches for travelers at the border over the weekend. why fda may place a limit on monocolonal antibody treatments for covid. good morning. thanks for starting your monday with us january 24. i am anne makovec. >> i am amanda starrantino. we have mary lee with a look at our forecast to start this week. good morning. happy monday. hopefully you had a wonderful weekend. we will continue with sunshine and mild temperatures through the afternoon. it's a chilly start, grab that coat if you ar


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