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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 25, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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night grade if they were quieter. >> reporter: the city plans to hire a company to conduct a safety analysis on four train crossings and determine if any additional safety measures like kate or warning signs need to be added before signing off on the quiet sum. they also want to figure out exactly how much all of that might cost. most neighbors, even the ones for background noise express support for the plan. >> i grew up with trey noise. as a youngster. if it were late at night, it could get overwhelming. >> reporter: the city created a quiet sewn five years ago ever since the volume of complaints and demands from residents in the city to do the same only has grown louder. the federal government ultimately has to sign off on any plan to quiet the trades. menlo park, devon healy, kpix 5 . got to the coronavirus
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pandemic. a live look at san jose with two cases of a new omicron subvariant detected in santa clara county. joining us live now, dr. peter hong. what can you tell us about the new subvariant and how does it spread? >> probably just like omicron. we do not have any information to think it acts otherwise. except in denmark they do a lot of genomic sequencing so maybe you know, faster in terms of getting the information, it spreads from you know maybe 20% of the sequences in december 2 45%, you know, the second week of january and now it is up to 65% of the cases in denmark. the uk has seen you know a bit of a rise as well, norway, india, the philippines, 40 different countries going to pieces. whether or not this is going to be a new omicron it doesn't
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have a designation of the next letter after o. we do not think it is causing more severe disease from the initial analysis from denmark and i am confident that the current vaccines will work and protect most people from getting into the hospital and definitely even going to the icu. >> the variances popular as covid cases are starting to drop, so, what i am hearing from you is we do not have to be that concerned with this? >> no, i mean you still have to be curious about what is going on and, you know, be flexible about thinking and again, you know, i do not think people for example who got omicron recently will get super infected or another infection with, you know, this be a dot to because of the omicron antibodies. >> pfizer's just started a trial for the covid vaccine
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targeting the omicron variant. do you think these vaccines need to be constantly updated depending on the variants that might be out there? >> depends what the goalpost is. if it's prevention of infection no matter what even a mild symptom or no symptoms., then you need to constantly update your vaccine to respond to the changes in the spike protein. if your goalpost is preventing people from getting really sick and going to the hospital, i argue we are there with the boosters original vaccine, so, it depends on how we evolve as a society in the upcoming months. >> thank you very much, doctor. always information, thank you for joining us. a live look at the state capital. state lawmakers and governor newsom reached a deal to reinstate as paid sick leave for covid. any is this with at least 26 employees will have to comply. the bill calls for up to two
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weeks of paid leave for full- time workers ill or caring for an ill family member . the 80 hour maximum is the same amount as existed in a previous law that expired last september. in a new addition the current bill would restore some tax credits to help companies absorb the cost. the deal would make supplemental paid sick leave retroactive january 1st and expires september 30th. fraudsters once again targeting a.d.d. but this time they go after disability claims. the departments now accused of moving too slowly while waiting out bad claims. >> reporter: today is 56 days. months without pay taking a toll on many californians on disability. >> fortunately i had some would
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of a nest egg but it is getting to the very end. i am down to pennies. >> reporter: this mother has not been cleared to go back to work but disability payments stopped suddenly in mid- december. >> it is really hard not having any income and not being able to work because i am on disability. a catch-22. >> reporter: she has not received any correspondence for a.d.d. as to why the account is now frozen. >> i have emailed them and submitted claim update requests and called at all times of the day and i can never ever get through. >> reporter: weeks ago they announced it flagged 345,000 disability claims for suspected fraud. in a news release they said the top priority was to clear any illegitimate claims as quickly as possible. >> i think the basic problem is that they can't tell the difference between a legitimate claim and a fraudster. >> reporter: this assemblyman says the bakersfield office has been flooded with calls from people who suddenly stopped giving disability.
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>> these are individuals who had claims with disability going back weeks maybe months. they were established in these people are known to the edd. >> reporter:ec tttoer sen e say accounts have been sent emails to verify their identities but pettersen says it is rarely happening and this woman called her doctor and the office said they heard nothing from edd and now they can't get edd on the phone. >> at one point i counted the attempts and it was 84 times. >> reporter: all of these women, all they can do is wait. >> i do not know how to do this. >> they make daily progress on the remaining suspended claims but doesn't believe most ever remaining are fraudulent. a program getting $1 billion in funding from the feds to provide one-time assistance up to $80,000 for homeowners with falling behind
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on mortgage payments. meeting virtually with state agencies that will take those applications.. your help spread the word. that could help upwards of 20,000, 30,000, maybe 40,000 homeowners in california. it will depend on the details and the specific circumstances of the individuals who apply. >> the housing market in the u.s. may be cooling-off across the nation with home prices were rising 1820% in november compared to a year earlier down from 90 .1% in october but the latest percentage is among the highest in more than three decades. it comes from core logic. still ahead, parents at a school accused of taking anti- mask fights to fire. how they took their rage to the principles home. a supply issue making your morning glass of orange juice a little more expensive.
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comcast business. powering possibilities. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now, to see your new lower price. enrollment ends january 31st. a group of parents accused of taking anti-masking fun too far. they targeted a school principal at his home over a mask mandate. medicine tb has the story. >> depriving a child of oxygen is illegal. >> reporter: a different kind of protest against masks because it wasn't on the sidewalk outside of the elementary school. it was outside of the home of the school principal.
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this protest was described as a peaceful, legal protest by the organizers. at pick up today other parents with children at the same school don't agree. >> they already dealt with so much here. it's hard to watch it happened. >> i think owing to the principles house was, you know, little inappropriate and i think going to submit his personal space is crossing the line. >> reporter: the elementary school principal sent a statement where he said although the protest in front of the school are permitted by law, many employees and families of elementary expressed concern about the activity. the protest organizer at the school told cbs 13 they were exercising their first amendment rights on public sidewalks when they went to the principles neighborhood. a distinguish per sector of law at uc davis expenses because there is a legal right doesn't
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mean it should be done. >> something protected by the first amendment or free speech or whatever doesn't mean it's good. threats are outside the first amendment. if you actually act in a way original person would feel like your interaction could do harm you could be arrested and put in jail. the district superintendent noted the el dorado county sheriffs office previously responded to the school on occasions were protesters did not stay on the sidewalk. a live look at the chase center right now where the first of two free vaccine and booster clinics hosted going on until 7:30 tonight. you can register online and the next clinic is saturday from 2:00 until 6:30 february 1st all eligible gas need to show proof of a booster to get into the arena. ancient redwoods return, how the native american tribes on the northern california coast are reclaiming their heritage.
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strict descendents of northern
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california native tribes are reclaiming some heritage including ancient redwoods. save the redwoods transferring more than 500 acres of the lost coast to the intertribal wilderness council. a mostly undeveloped area in mendocino county. the group of 10 tribes inhabiting the area thousands of years will be responsible for protecting the land. the league purchased the land two years ago for $3.5 million. the league first worked with the group when it transferred 124 acres of land in 2012. good morning glass of juice is getting more expensive. or just the latest project to fall victim to supply issues. harvest of crops this year, the reason? of the called citrus green when orange trees produce fruit that is small and green and less sweets. that means higher prices for oranges and orange juice
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concentrate. 90% of the crop goes into juice processing. demand of florida orange juice. we do not quite have the production we had before. spot to put things into perspective, they produce more than 244 million boxes of oranges annually. this year the state only predicted to produce about 44 million boxes. bob dylan with another deal to sell a music catalog worth millions. the entire catalog of the recorded music sold to so many people the deal took place last year but only was announced today. stony is not revealing just how much is spent to get the work but it spans everything from 1962 to 2020. estimates say it's worth $200 million. of your suffering from allergies this month you are not alone. there is a
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combination of stuff going on, pollen and haze in the air and also cold and flu season and of course if that is not enough to be concerned about we are in the pandemic. so, how can we tell the difference if you have allergy symptoms or covid symptoms? the allergy expert tells us it is good to look at signs that point to important differences. sputnik of the symptoms not typical of your usual allergy symptoms. for instance, if someone has gastrointestinal symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, those are not typical of allergy so if you see those accompanying her symptoms is sent to think about something else. >> the strong winds we had this past weekend had a dispersing of pollen like usual pencil to give us the pollen count and gave it this all too well. the wind, do you have allergies? >> i do, i do. it has been a little bit of a struggle the past couple of days. not too bad because the daily medication helps a lot but cedar and alder and judah are
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the top three, they are the medium category for the rest of the weekend the first ever the weekend but maybe tomorrow on the high-end of the medium category. if you are sensitive especially to three types of pollen, keep medication handy keep a box of tissues nearby just in case. let's take a look at what else you need to know weatherwise. apache dense fog late tonight and it will not be quite as widespread or stubborn as this morning for the offshore winds help at that. a chilly start to tomorrow morning but we warm up nicely with a mild afternoon in the store with the same thing for the rest of the workweek and get to the end of the week and into the weekend, some changes are on the way including an outside chance, i emphasize that of a couple of rain showers, let's look at two long- range forecast model side-by- side, the american forecast model here in the european model on the left. at 5:00 saturday evening we wind the clock forward and the bulk of the rain and this system falls to go the north where they disagree is later in the day on sunday, the american forecast model keeps us entirely dry throughout the day on sunday. showers may be grazing
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mendocino county and the european forecast model is much more optimistic with light rain showers making their way through the bay area and even if that is correct we are talking about probably less than a 10th of an inch of rain, we take what we can get but, an outside chance because there are plenty of the ensemble members, we run the models with different conditions to narrow down the most likely scenario and still they are edging in the drier direction but the hints are of moisture in the long-range forecast according to some model data. we would like to see conversions with the forecast models but we wanted that to the forecast yet and get your hopes up. i am telling you there is a chance. outside towards the golden gate, 20 minutes ago skies are darkening, temperatures topping up from the 50s to the low to
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mid 60s, 52 degrees in pacifica today, mid 50s a san francisco in upper 50s for fremont but into the low to mid 60s san jose, concord and santa rosa. temperatures tomorrow should be above average for pretty much everybody across the bay area without stubborn fog. right now 50 degrees at half moon bay and holding up to 60 degrees at livermore 62 degrees fairfield and those temperatures even out as we have for the rest of tonight dropping into the mid to upper 30s inland and on the chilly side even for mid-january with low to mid 40s around the bay and the coast. high temperatures tomorrow once the fog dissipates, the we will warm up into the 60s were everybody, 3-7 degrees above normal for this time of year, even above 60 degrees along the coast, offshore wind won't be that strong but bringing warmer air all the way to the coast, low to mid 60s on the south end of the bay with mid to upper 60s in the santa clara valley, the warm spots at 67 degrees for santa clara, cama, san jose in mourning hill. temperatures with a little bit 60s and lived in the east bay with fog in some of east bay valleys and slid under warm up a little bit, cooler spots antioch and brentwood because
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you are closer to the central valley and the fog it will be a bit more stubborn, low 60s for most of the central bay and maybe mid 60s on the east side of the bay with low to mid 60s as you had further north in the north bay 65 degrees around the park with temperatures in the low to mid 60s further north into sonoma and napa counties and inland and maceda county and lake county as well. temperatures don't change a lot on thursday, you see a slight cooling trend by the weekend back to normal temperatures into early next week, more cloud coverage streaming on friday and saturday with the overall weather patterns shifting around a little bit but we add more clouds to the forecast on sunday. no rain icons in the forecast there is a chance if we were going to see somebody that most likely the timeframe will be late sunday into sunday night. fingers crossed whatever other good luck charms you can think of to maybe a chance of showers to head our way to maybe watch pollutants out of the atmosphere and give parched lawns around the bay area a drink. we will have updates coming up in 6:00. coming up new at 6:00, the san francisco spike in anti- asian hate crimes. one of the victims attacked is
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demanding justice. the lawsuit filed against the city. a jewelry heist at a bay area wall, new clues police hope will lead to the suspects. we will continue to follow the newsletter santa clara county. health officials confirming a new version of the omicron variant has been detected for what we are learning about the two cases. the news at 6:00 is coming up in about five minutes. still ahead, a struggling stripmall
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a once a buzzing stripmall in san jose could soon see new life. a big tenant anchors a new revitalization project. it would transform the saratoga center near the core of lawrence expressway in saratoga avenue. plans for an outdoor urban village. >> reporter: we are here where this used to be the hip and happening place to go to the westside of san jose. if all goes as planned it will be that we once more. >> i think at the heart of the pandemic estimates were 40% of businesses not doing business at all. >> reporter: it has been a long 22 months and the worldwide pandemic ravaged help assail in
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saratoga like many other areas. it may not look like it now but what san jose seems to be having a moment. >> they are recovering and i think we are se busses start to come back. >> reporter: this section was home to the lucky supermarket and will be the site of a new whole foods. it will anchor 165,000 square feet of new commercial retail space surrounded by nearly 1000 residential units and a one acre park open to the public. the design is reminiscent of the other outdoor mall. >> everything on paper at least for now looks like it will be another santana row. do you think it is possible? >> of course it is possible. you can always have advances and additions. >> reporter: the developments comes on the heels of another announcement last fall that costco is opening a new location across the street and it will be at the site of a different project of an old orchard supply hardware.
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>> costco is a powerful driver of business in general. a hugely important partner to any kind of economic recovery for the city in general or one area in particular. >> reporter: the property company is handling el paseo and says they are looking to attract a good mix of tenants in the first phase will be open in 3-5 years. we are excited to bring forward a high-quality project achieving the city goals of growth and provide new retail spaces including a high-end grocery, vibrant park and open space and much-needed housing to the region. >> you cannot have all high-end and you cannot have all restaurants and no retail and no residential. it is the critical area. we have great hopes for this project. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area,
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and the asian hate crimes skyrocket in san francisco. now one victim fighting back. why he says the city is not doing enough to keep these attacks from happening. justice has not been served. >> if anybody thinks san francisco is an easy place to come in and terrorize an asian community you are wrong. a jewelry heist in a popular bay area mall. new clues police hope will even to the suspects. counting down to the 49ers in the nfc championship. a baywatch party with niners fans. we began with alarming new hate crime numbers in san francisco. a closer look at the spike in violence against the community. >> reporter: amazing we have been reporting extensively on the seemingly endless number of these hate crime incidents against the aapi community. more needs to be done and city officials have to be held accountable. truck with the most brutal,
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terrifying and humiliating experience of my life. >> reporter: videos of random attacks against asians proliferated during the pandemic. the 69-year-old says he was beaten with a baseball bat by a father-son duo while walking in the san francisco chinatown in november 2019. he is now suing the district attorney's office and city alleging his rights as a victim were ignored saying the defendant was given the option to plead guilty to a misdemeanor without being informed. >> i was cast aside. ignored. re-victimized by the institutions. >> reporter: hate crimes against asians catapulted from nine victims in 20 2260 last year. a 527% increase. >> we will do everything we can to make those arrests and hold perpetrators accountable. >> reporter: video last summer of a person riding a scooter shattering windows and burglarizing chinese owned


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