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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 26, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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breaking news. one of the supreme court's longest serving members is retiring. good afternoon. >> justice brier is planning to step down. >> the justice was born in san francisco. he grew up in san francisco and then he went to college at stanford university. let's look at the supreme court building. his resignation will give the president an opening to nominate a new justice. back to justice brier, he is 83, he has been a justice since 94, appointed by president clinton. progressives had been urging him to step down since president biden assumed office
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so biden could name a successor while democrats holdhas grown increasingly conservative in recent years. >> that's of course my object. i want to go through area after area and flag the kinds of difficult questions and what are my motives? >> that is him giving the key note address at an event at berkeley in 2015. he was born in san francisco in 1938. his father was a lawyer who worked with the city's board of education. he attended lowell high school. his younger brother is actually a senior judge of the united states district court in san francisco. his leaving won't change the 6- 3 advantage on the court because his replacement will be nominated by president biden and confirmed by senate democrats. there is already plenty of
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ideas of about who may replace him. the president has promised to name the first black woman to the high court. he will stay on the court until the end of his term. his term will officially end when his successor is confirmed. we will keep an eye on that. >> thank you. san jose police are investigating a triple stabbing. the suspect was later hit by a truck and died. the stabbing happened around two this morning. three victims were sent to the hospital. police say that the knife wielding suspect was later hit by a truck on andid e. kly enlives ther is residence. knewho he was. we knew what vehicle he was driving. we were able to put out be on the look out to allied agencies in the area. after five we get a call from the chp about the pedestrian death on 85. we quickly connected the dots
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and were able to confirm the pedestrian that died was our suspect for the multiple stabbings. >> and the stabbing victim's injuries range from minor to moderate. no word on a motive at this point. new, san jose police have arrested four people in a homicide from 2020. these four suspects were among seven arrested in total. the other three were booked for drug related activity. police teamed up with the federal drug enforcement administration and executed search warrants around the city and found drugs, guns and money. the homicides happened in october of 2020. five men were shot at a restaurant on south capitol avenue. two did not survive. new numbers just released by the state. california's test positive saw another decline. now 18.7%. there are 87,000 new cases, about a 1% increase. some encouraging news in the fight against the virus. many are wondering what is next
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for stiobay area. jocelyn is here with that story. >> just talking to health experts. they say it's important to talk about that we th peak of this surge we heard from health officials and experts about transitioning from a pandemic to endemic. we talked about what that means and involves. >> as the amount of virus in the community, the cases, the hospitalizations come down to a point that it no longer is the front page of the news. >> right now the chair of the ucfs department of medicine said the answer is no. hospitalizations and cases remain high but we may find ourselves there in the next few weeks. he said he thinks that the spring will look much better but whether that is short term is anyone's guess. >> if we are learned anything it's that virus has many curve balls. >> it's important to say we
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can't get rid of covid19 but we can get it under control to the point that life isn't disrupted. >> i am actually optimistic that after this surge, we aren't there yet in the united states, other countries have gotten there sooner, that after this surge we will be in the endemic sate. if there is anything that will give this degree of imunity to the population it's a highly transmissible strain that's weaker. >> if we go in though that testing would go away but we would keep using therapy and vaccines. >> life returns in general back to normal. seeing portugal and the uk have all gone toward that. >> while county health departments aren't ready to make any decisions now, they are having conversations ability what things may look like on the other side of this surge. >> i think at this point it's about using the tools in the toolbox. >> we aren't ready to make
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those decisions about lifting restrictions right now. we are still in the thick it. the case rates are still high. the trend is reliable enough for us to start to forecast, you know, better future. >> we heard some optimism from health experts as to what we say see at least immediately after this surge. all noting that right now we are still seeing the effects of omicron. the doctor said he would be surprise fire department he didn't start to see hospitalizations come down in the next few days. for now back to you. >> thank you. the new seven day average for covid deaths is approaching 2200 a day. the highest in nearly a year. the cdc said that fewer patients have been admitted to the hospital nationwide compared to previous waves. as for helping to stop the spread, the free covid test from the government have started arriving by mail and n95 mask from the national stock pile are being handed out at pharmacies and health center across the country. for information on covid vaccines and testing sites
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click the red banern at the top of the home page. on the fire watch now we are learning the cause of the wildfire burning near big sur in monterey county. investigators say winds blew hot embers from a pile burning operation onto nearby vegetation. the wildfire has burned 700 acres since it broke out on friday near big sur. while crews making progress some still can't return back home yet. >> every day i'm like can we go home today, already? i definitely, you know i miss home. i have been away for about a week now. i was up north and i came home and then i had to leave right away. it's my favorite place to be on the planet. >> and the latest update shows the fire is 55% contained. new, the governor is in santa clara highlighting the state's investments to transition to zero emission vehicles in the effort to fight climate change. >> california is on the tip of the spear in terms of the
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effects of climate change and extremes. we also are in the leading edge of innovation, leading edge of addressing with the resilent mind set the anxieties. not just for the country but for the globe more broadly. >> the governor's budget proposal includes another $6 billion toward zero emission vehicle goals. to support more affordable clean cars, trucks and buses. developing overseas now, the united states embassy in ukraine is urging citizens to consider citizens to consider leaving because of the threat of a rush man military operation. the president is warning putin he will be sanctioned if he invades ukraine. we have the latest from the white house. >> russia's defense ministry released new video of war ships laiding a port as concerns grow over an invasion of ukraine with roughly 100,000 russian
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troops already at the border. >> if he were to move in it would be the largest invasion since world war ii. it would change the world. >> the president said he may soon deploy the 8500 united states troops currently on high alert because it takes time to get them into position. the president stressed united states boots would not go beyond natt's eastern flank. >> we have no intention of putting american forces in ukraine. we -- as i said there will be serious consequences. >> the white house said consequences could include sanctions on russian president putin himself. a senior administration official said that the administration is also considering controlling exports related to semi conductors to harm russian industries if russia invades. >> he wants russia to become like the soviet union again. >> an exiled russian businessman is a public critic
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of putin. >> you need to talk with him like with criminal boss. >> amid fears that putin could cut off oil and gas that runs through ukraine a senior official said the white house is working with global suppliers to prevent an energy shortage in europe. cbs news, the white house. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area we are tracking the stock market. its been a wild ride this week. what could be driving the numbers up, today. and our new approach on bringing you the weather. mary has the details on that. we are so excited about this on our kpix5 weather team. that new approach to giving you the weather. first i want to talk about the foggy conditions we had earlier this morning. that dense fog and now you can see the clearing sun. we will talk about the potential for some
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we are following wall street. the dow is down more than 200 points right now after steep losses earlier this week. the federal reserve signaled it plans to start raising its benchmark interest rate as soon as march. that's a key stop in reversing it's pandemic era low rate policies that have escalated inflation. there is a big change to tell you about in the kpix weather department. >> we have mary with all those details for us. tell us about this. >> starting today kpix5 is launching first alert weather. it's our new approach that puts
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the focus on when and how bay area weather will impact you. >> it's climate day in action. look at this. this is wild. >> we have already seen this winter how severe weather can impact the bay area. weather conditions putting lives and property at risk. it's one of the reasons why kpix is introducing first alert weather. it's the commitment to serve our viewers, a promise to be first, to alert you to changing weather so you can better plan your life. every day we promise to be transparent about how the forecast is changing and when conditions take a turn our team will declare first alert weather days. that's our call on when bay area weather will be severe or disruptive. on first alert weather days we will help you plan, prepare,
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and stay safe. it's not just winter storms. look for first alert weather warnings for extreme temperature changes, cold, dangerous heat, poor air quality, plus. something we have come to know too well. fire weather and wildfire smoke. first alert weather is not just a slogan. it's our pledge to keep you informed across all kpix5 platforms. it's our promise to clearly communicate weather changes before they impact the bay area. >> and it's important to note first alert is not just about severe weather. >> it's a key part of this but every day the first alert weather team will be at least letting you know and putting the focus on changing weather patterns. we are looking on what's coming, when, and how it'll affect you. let's jump right into our first
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alert weather forecast and what you need to know this afternoon. so, let's talk about we had that fog, that dense fog this morning. now we are looking at clearing and catching that sunshine. let's check the current visibility. we had dense fog this morning down to about a quarter mile, even a 10th of a mile in many locations with that dense fog advisory. now we are looking at better and improving visibility. let's show you a live look and you can see a little bit of haze but catching that sun with temperatures in the upper 40's to low to mid50's at this hour. looking at that strong ridge of high pressure, bringing dry and quiet weather conditions for not just today but likely over the next several days. we are looking at plenty of sun as we head through our afternoon and looking at our daytime highs in the 60's as we go through the rest of your day. low 60's along the coast and also around the bay. we are talking low to mid-60s's
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for the peninsula and highs inland in the low to mid6s60s as well. some of the weather models are trending dryer. i will say this. on one of the newest weather model runs, it does show little bit of rain chances. unsettled weather. really the weather models just all over the place it's not very consistent and we should have a iaswe get closer to it. we are hopeful that we will get some rain in here. we definitely need it, hopefully for next week. sunset at 5:26 and the sunrise at 7:18 a.m. your now report, if you are heading up to tahoe it looks beautiful. to hit the slopes, heavenly plenty of sun. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and for san jose, you can see we are looking at dry weather over the next several days. temperatures will be cooler. we will have more clouds stream in by the end of the week and into the weekend and again we
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will be watching the potential for some rain chances for next week. inland east bay, the north bay and for the coast. we are looking at that cooldown as we head through the week with more clouds and much cooler as we look ahead to next week for the first week of february. back to you. >> just flying by. thank you. new video out of san francisco's china town, crews steam cleaning the dragon gate. this is a head of the lunar new year which starts february 1st. san francisco public works has been sprucing up the neighborhood to bring in the year of the tiger. still ahead runng for three about to mark a first. and coming up on the streaming service, cbs news bay area we will take a closer look at how much rain we have gotten so far this water year and how this dry january compares to a normal january. and you can watch the
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stream wherever, anywhere, find us on
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a historic moment in broadway's longest running show. >> starting tonight the show will have it's first black leading actor. >> back in october a 25-year- old became the first black actor to play the lead role. at time she was the alternate leading lady. now she will take over the role full time. >> i hope this will open more doors for all different kinds of christines and all different roles on broadway that they can be played by anyone. >> it's celebrating it's 34th year. tonight a new episode of the medical drama good sam airs here on cbs. it showcases sophia bush as a
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gifted heart surgeon who steps in after her father, the chief of surgery, has a health crisis. tonight sam's father played by jason isaac's offers to mentor if if he can take back his role as chief in return. on cbs news bay area, we spoke to isaacs about the tension between the father, daughter duo. >> she is my daughter. she is a very fine heart surgeon. i think i'm better. i think i'm older and people like me, or me particularly, run the hospital that i started. she is ready and maybe she does it better. it's a generational, gender conflict. >> you can watch the newest episode of good sam tonight at ten right here on kpix5. still ahead, if you are looking for love may be start in the kitchen. how some say culinary skills can play into the dating world. and later on the drew ba
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. you can use air tags to find lost keys or bags. a warning about people using them to spy on others. how you can protect yourself. finally here at noon, we know for a lot of people, food
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is their love language. a new poll found that 79% of americans say that the way to their heart comes in the form of good food. three in four said that they are more likely to go on a date with someone if they know their way around the kitchen. >> it's the way to my heart. i'm a huge food person. >> same. the way to mine too. >> i believe it. just don't ask me to cook. >> me too. >> i'm one heck of an uber eats orderer. >> especially if you pay. >> yeah. >> that's it for the ne at
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♪♪ >> ridge: you saw grandma kissing who? >> douglas: santa. >> ridge: did grandma also get run over by one of the reindeer? >> steffy: no, that's the other song. >> douglas: i'm not talking about the song. i really saw them, grandma and santa were kissing. ♪♪ >> brooke: i can't. i can't let ridge find out that i was kissing deacon on new year's eve. >> hope: well, it was one kiss! >> brooke: honey, a kiss is a betrayal. i betrayed everything that i care about, that i believe in. my family, my marriage to ridge-- my sobriety. and with a man that ridge despises more than anything. >> hope: mom, stop, please, i don't want you panicking. >> brooke: and douglas saw it, honey. douglas saw me kissingco


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