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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 27, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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mac firefighters had to rescue a man from his apartment on the second floor before he was taken to the hospital and treated for burn and smoke injuries. they say this could have been much worse, and they are grateful no one else was injured. the call came in around 1:15 in the afternoon. it started in an empty unit on the second floor. any units had to be evacuated because of the fire creating water and smoke damage and several units. >> we rescued him by lifting him, getting him down from the balcony, and he has some hair burned. the men were the bravest one. they held him and brought him down. my heart is still pounding. right time, right place. >> you could see the second floor building patio on fire, flames coming out, and just a lot of black smoke. >> we dodged a bullet here today, and that was in large part due to probably the call to bring in additional resources.
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>> reporter: when responding to fires like this one, where they know the location is at a senior living facility, firefighters tell us they have to prepare for more people needing help evacuating. they were glad that was not the case today. they were able to put out the flames about 20 minutes. there is no word yet on the cause of the fire. shawn chitnis, kpix 5 . scammers are zeroing in on this weekend's nfc championship game, and it is a warning for anyone hoping to score last- minute tickets. kpix 5's len ramirez has been speaking with 49er fans who almost took the bait. >> reporter: the date was great tickets to the nfc championship game at a bargain price, but as the fans soon realized, it was too good to be true. from the edge of her balcony at the top of her lungs, cindy sanchez outer niners of support. but when scammers found out she was searching for tickets to the nfc championship game on her fan club facebook page, the fake offers started pouring in, which i did good at first.
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>> $300 per ticket that seemed pretty cool. that i would call them and text them, go back and forth, and it kind of realized it was fake. it was very creepy. >> they are still trying to get me right now. >> reporter: jesse mendez says a lot of the same club members are being targeted. how does he know it's a scam? >> it is $300 a ticket for the section that is going for $700 right now. they won't take paypal. i asked to see a copy of their driver's license, and they did not answer that. i asked her they were located, and they would not answer it either. >> anytime we have these events that are high profile, there is tremendous effort to try to sell fraudulent tickets. mac former fbi agent and kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp says it is often the fans on social media postings that make them a mark. >> it is super easy for somebody to sort of go through that information and stock through there. >> all of a sudden they have
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you on, and they take your money and going to the next person. >> stick with reputable ticket selling outlets, and stick with using your credit card were bookable. >> they are taking advantage of us because we are such big fans that we want to go. >> reporter: cindy is still looking for legitimate tickets to the game, but think that she avoided getting scammed. len ramirez, kpix 5. our team coverage continues now with kpix 5 sports anchor vern glenn live at levi's stadium. >> reporter: hey, the 49ers got after it for the rams yesterday, and it was all hands on deck, full throttle. the same reps today, and you can bet rookie running back elijah mitchell is ready to carry some of the load, and share it with samuel. mitchell has 86 carries the last four games. nick bosa and the defensive line have combined for 10 sacks in the two playoff wins.
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everybody is ready for sunday including their london breed. the san francisco native was dressed in red from head to toe in my interview earlier today. >> it says something about the spirit of the niners that is really brings people together, and i think that having this opportunity to compete with l.a., who is usually our archenemy -- mac beat l.a.. >> after what happened with the dodgers and the giants, i am better. i need the 49ers to make this right for san francisco. >> reporter: if kyle shanahan through you a uniform and said get in there, what position would you like to play? >> i need to be the wide receiver. i need to be the one catching the ball down the field, making all of the touchdowns. i am a mini me jerry rice. i will be like, throw it to me, long past, catch, run and, and
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then my little dance on the field. >> reporter: i was going to ask you that. are you going to dance or spike and walk away? >> maybe i will break out into the cabbage patch who knows. >> reporter: google that. >> reporter: you think she is ready for this one? i bet she is. i asked are you going, and she said oh, yeah, i'm going. by the way, before i toss it back to you, i was just at the 49ers store, and it was packed. people are lining up for merchandise. back to you. >> the excitement is building. i love her spirit. i could see her if she caught that pass. >> a little cabbage patch. >> and her shoes today, her kicks, awesome. >> that's so great. thank you. we will have more of the full interview with mayor bree tonight on our streaming service, cbs news bay area. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto tv channel 1021
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, and in any platform using the free cbs news app. and look at san francisco where the city is announcing it will begin using covid masking restrictions starting february 1. office workers, gym members, and other stable cohorts will be allowed to remove masks and doors again. the city says those groups must be up-to-date on vaccinations. it includes booster shots for eligible people. >> the now you can wear masks, now you can you can't, have kind of been this teeter totter that the whole industry has been going through. hopefully this will be the last time we make this kind of announcement. >> san francisco sets peak of new covid cases in early january. health officials are confident the city is now on
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>> reporter: i live lucknow towards oakland. starting tuesday, the city will require proof of vaccination for people 12 years and older. it will be needed to enter places like restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, and concert venues. the latest numbers from the state show california's test positivity rate headed in the right direction, now 18.8%, down 2% from the 7 days prior, and there are nearly 60,000 new cases. today, the biden administrations vaccine mandate for healthcare workers went into effect. it impacts more than two dozen states that did not challenge the mandate, including california. meanwhile, moderna says it is studying a booster shot designed specifically to fight the omicron variant. a study shows that drugmakers currently authorized booster shot protection against the variant actually fades over the course of 6 months. today, supreme court justice stephen breyer made it official. he plans to retire this summer after serving nearly 3 decades on this u.s. supreme court. natalie brand is at the white house where breyer reflected on his judicial legacy.
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>> reporter: that's right. president biden and justice breyer actually have a history that goes back decades. as you may know , justice breyer has roots in the bay area. he was born in san francisco. he attended stanford. today, he was praised by the president as a model public servant. after a presidential handshake, justice stephen breyer reflected on a nearly three decades long career on the u.s. supreme court. >> it's a kind of miracle, when you sit there and see all of those people in front of you. people that are so different than what they think, and yet they have decided to help solve their major differences under law. >> reporter: president biden, who presided over breyer's confirmation as senate judiciary chair back in 1994 called the announcement that are sweet. >> i think he is a model public
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servant and a time of great division in this country. >> reporter: president biden says he will announce his choice to replace justice breyer by the end of february, and he says he will make good on his campaign promise to nominate the first black woman to the nation's high court. >> i will select a nominee worthy of justice breyer's legacy of just is and decency. >> reporter: contained g brown jackson, who once clerked for justice breyer , and judge j michelle childs, a favorite of south carolina congressman and biden allie james clyburn. >> she has what i call the kind of background and experiences that we ought to have. >> reporter: senate majority leader chuck schumer has that he wants to move quickly to confirm the president's nominee head of the midterm elections. president biden said he would consult the vice president and senators from both parties before making his decision on a nominee.
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>> another candidate on the shortlist is from california. what can you tell us about her? >> reporter: that's right, she is california supreme court justice leandra kruger. previously, she worked here in washington and the department of justice as deputy solicitor general. that means, she has experience arguing before the supreme court. then, she was named the california supreme court at a young age, 38, one of the youngest back in 2014. she actually made history as of the first california supreme court justice to give birth while serving on the bench. >> thank you very much. justice breyer's brother, charles, is a federal judge in san francisco. we spoke to him today about his brother's legacy. >> i know how much he loves
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this job, and i think it was a difficult decision for him to make, but the idea that he has a responsibility to the country, to the institution, and he thought now is the proper time to leave. >> their father was attorney for the severn san francisco unified school district for 41 years. kpix 5 d3 said he expects his brother to return to massachusetts , where he spent most of his adult life. coming up at 5:30, we share more of justice breyer's reflections on the role of law , and what he tells the students. still ahead on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbs news bay area, he's one of san francisco's most infamous cold case murderers. the new reward to catch the doodler. a man suing uber after a crash left him paralyzed. why he says the dryer driver should never have been hired.
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limited availability new developments in the case of the san francisco doodler killer. this is the 40th anniversary of the first murder that terrorized the lgbtq community in the 1970s. wilson walker has the latest information from investigators, and the new reward. >> reporter: this case has resurfaced a handful of times in just the last several years. did you get the idea that police think they are very
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close to resolving yet another notorious 70s crime spree. >> people were very worried. it was scary. at night, the city was different than, and denied there was a lot of activity. it was kind of easy prey for somebody of that bent to perform. make it was a perfect environment for a killer say those who remember san francisco in 1975. according to police, the doodler would sketch his victims at bars and nightclubs for striking up a conversation with them. ultimately, five bodies were discovered upon ocean beach and the outer edges of golden gate park. today, police announce they may have connected a six the victim to the doodler, and manned found beaten to death and lands end that very same year. >> what made investigators at the time believe that all of those victims were a result of the same suspect was that they had similar injuries, including stab wounds to the upper chest and back.
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>> reporter: the case is seen activity in recent years. in 2018 come up lease so they were looking at dna evidence, hoping to solve the case much the same way the golden state killer was found. then in 2019, they released an updated sketch of the suspect, and the 911 call that reported one of the bodies on ocean beach. >> i think there might be a dead person on the beach, right across from -- >> reporter: at the time of the killings, investigators that they were close to making an arrest, but felt witnesses were reluctant to come forward because of fears they would be outed. >> they could be fired. that wasn't over yet. you know, today, people go oh, they are gay, so what, who cares. i could get you went out of your apartment still in the 70s. mac along with officially connecting the sixth death with the investigation, police have announced they have doubled the
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reward in this case. it now stands at $200,000. wilson walker, kpix 5. in san francisco, a suspect in a 43-year-old cold case has been arraigned. marc stanley personnette pled not guilty in san francisco superior court. he was arrested on suspicion of killing 15-year-old nine in 1978. she was visiting family in san francisco, and went to golden gate park. she never returned, and her body was found the next day. the case was called for 43 years until lease reopened it to use advanced investigative technology. a teenager accused of killing four people in a michigan high school shooting is planning an insanity defense. ethan crumbly is being tried as an adult. he faces first-degree murder for the shooting that took place at oxford high. parents at that school are now suing the district after discovering that crumbly often researched guns. those parents say more could've been done. >> the two things we want to
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come out of this is accountability, and the ball was dropped. >> the insanity plea comes just days after the school reopened for the very first time since the shooting back in november. a fifth victim has been found after a boat capsized off of the florida coast. it's part of what authorities say was a human smuggling operation. as many as 40 passengers who were on the boat are still unaccounted for. only one person survived the trip from the bahamas. a wildfire burning near big sur and monterey county is now 65% contained. cal fire this favorable weather has been helping them contain the flames. fire investigators say the wildfire was sparked by embers burning near vegetation. it has torched 700 acres. now time for first alert weather. it is our commitment
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to alerting you to changing weather conditions. those changes have been positive for the fire crews trying to get better containment on the colorado fire come up to 65%. the humidity was not great today, but the wind was still less than 10 miles per hour. on the hotspots, we have seen fewer and fewer of those. they are boosting those containment levels. this fire broke out late last week, and it's unusual to have this kind of wildfire in the month of january. it's the middle of our rainy season. we got off to such a great start with the atmospheric river in october, a rainy december, top 25 wettest on record for the bay area, but now we are in the midst of 3 weeks of dry weather. that has had a real impact on the fire fuels. this chart measures the energy release component, but basically think of it as a fire fuel buildup statistic. starting the air, the blue line
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is 2022 so far, and we were near zero on that measure coming out of a wet december. but with 3 straight weeks of dry weather, you see the blue line going up very steeply. the gray line is where we should be this time of year for the average for this measure. we are already above that and getting closer to the redline, which are the historical maximums for this particular measurement. that's not good. we need rain to knock that statistic back down. we just don't have any in the forecast. the overall weather pattern is kind of stuck. it will shift slightly over the next couple of days. there will be a system approaching the california coast, but not our part of the california coast. all it will do is send high clouds over the bay area for the next couple of days. we will stay dry through the weekend. cooler weather will come again as we had to the weekend. the onshore breeze will return. it does contain some moisture to help the visitation them
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about we just need some rain. we won't see any through the weekend. the beginning of february looks dry. we can look over the next 10 days, the american forecast model, with rain for all of the united states. a good chunk of north america, in fact. the first weekend in february, and every square inch of the u.s. will get some precipitation, not as much for the upper midwest, except california and nevada. we are just in this dome where everything is getting steered around us, so there is not much hope of rain for the first third of february. maybe further down the line we will get into a active weather pattern later in the month of february, but that is speculative that far down the line. it's hard to get any long-term improvement in the air quality without any rain. it was better today, but still moderate for most of the bay area. it's going to be back to moderate with lighter winds tomorrow, over the weekend, and into early next week. outside right now from oakland
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coliseum, past alameda toward the setting sun, beautiful perspective and beautiful evening. the wind is strong enough to jitter the camera around a little bit, but that helped the air quality today. temperatures in the upper 50s right now in livermore, otherwise everybody is still in the low 60s. we are getting more and more daylight. the sun goes down at 5:30 as of saturday. we will add about 35 minutes of daily to the end of the day over the next few weeks, basically through february 20. mid to upper 30s to around 40 degrees in lent. around the bay, mid-40s with mid to upper 40s along the coast. temperatures tomorrow will warm up. chilly start inland replaced by temperatures well into the 50s, if not 60 degrees, with high temperatures tomorrow reaching at least the low 60s. the warm locations in the santa clara valley even hitting the upper 60s tomorrow afternoon. the wind continues, but not quite as strong. temperatures stay similar saturday, and then there is
5:23 pm
that cool down for the second half of the weekend. more clouds stream in, but just know ran out of those clouds, and the dry stretch will continue as we round the corner from january into february come up with temperatures remaining near or slightly above average for the first several days of the new month. you take a look at the air- quality forecast as it stands, the air-quality readings as they stand coming up at 5:30. rebuilding a house of hip. how the unity isming togetherto help a south bay synagogue. teachers in contra costa county threatening to strike over covid safety. the deadline looming, and
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the winter olympics just about a week away. athletes from team usa departed l.a.x.
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on their way to beijing. delta airlines literally rolled out the red carpet for the athletes, all smiles and photos , as athletes boarded the special charter. there has been some anxiety over covid-19 after chinese officials reported a recent increase in cases. during last year's summer olympics, over 40 athletes were forced to withdraw after testing positive for covid. after 18 seasons, ben roethlisberger is retiring, and legends from pittsburg took the chance to say their final goodbyes. >> the time is come to clean out my locker, hang up my cleats, and continue to be all i can be to my wife and children. i retire from football a truly grateful man. >> with his 165 wins, big ben retired is number five in all- time regular season victories. coming up at 5:30, more bay area counties are starting to loosen covid restrictions. we ask a ucsf dr., is this the right time.
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have more local news at 5:30. rising from the ashes, how a community is coming together to rebuild a south bay synagogue. teachers in contra costa county could be ready to strike over covid safety. what they are demanding. more bay area counties are easing up on covid restrictions as omicron cases decline. is it too soon? good evening. i'm juliette goodrich and for elizabeth. i am ryan yamamoto. san francisco announced today it will soften mask rules starting february 1. people in stable cohorts like offices and gyms won't have to wear a mask if they are up-to-date on vaccinations. marin county is also lifting restrictions. the county now says students and staff don't have to wear masks outdoors at school and endorsed at sporting events will no longer be limited to 50 people. i had a chance to speak to dr. george rutherford, an expert on infectious diseases at ucsf. he believes it's okay for cities and counties to slowly ease the mandates. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. san francisco just announced it is easing the indoor mask role


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