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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 27, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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comcast business. powering possibilities. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbs news bay area. where you will be able to go without a mask in san francisco and the other health restriction the city is easing up on. the new concerns tonight over rapid covid-19 tests and the potential for false negative results. frankly we should have been skeptical with a negative test. >> 49er fans be aware what you need to know before punching tickets to the big championship game this weekend. she is a fan of fresh figs and belly rubs, what else we are learning about the world's oldest living aquarium fish in the world and where you can visit her here in the bay area. we start with san francisco easing back on the mask mandates. good evening. people will soon be able to go without a mask while indoors again.
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the city says cases are high but still beginning to drop quickly. a health expert has been asked if this is the right move. >> it was october 15th when mask mandates were repealed for offices and gyms, provided everyone was vaccinated. then came winter and omicron. those same mask mandates were back on. starting february 1st, though, those officers and gyms can, once again, go maskless provided everyone has a booster shot. we posed the question to ucsf's doctor, is this move safe? >> these are relatively minor changes with relatively little risk. it is basically easing mask restrictions the same way we had earlier on for kind of places where we know everybody is up- to-date on their vaccines. like gyms and offices. so, i think it is okay. it is not going to, i don't see
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it causing really anything in the way of problems or real big transmission risk. >> reporter: for dave, co-owner of mx3 fitness the announcement is a welcomed one and one that might bring people back for their regular sweat sessions. >> the city is aing it is safe to go into the gyms if you are boosted without a mask. that is a big step forward. that is a real reassurance for somebody who may have been on the fence a little bit. >> reporter: he says the constant flip flopping as variants come and go. >> our gym in particular we are going to wait a little bit to allow everybody a chance to get boosted. >> reporter: with case rates falling sharply after the omicron holiday surge this could be the first of many pandemic restrictions to be peeled off. >> right now we are in the glide path down to being free and clear. >> reporter: also changing on february 1st, the criteria to get into megaevents of more than 500
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people. unvaccinated people can, once again, be allowed inside provide thad they give a negative test and wear a mask. in san francisco, back to you. meanwhile, north bay, sonoma county health officials say they will ease their health orders, the county now allowing up to 50 spectators at indoor events. take a look live at oakland starting on tuesday. the city will require people 12 years and older show proof of vaccination, needed to enter places like restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms and concert venues. >> as the search continues many of us are relying on the rapid tests to go about our normal lives, now we are discovering they may not be as reliable as we thought particular he when it comes to the omicron variant. we have more on what we learned from a local doctor tonight. >> reporter: one bay area doctor says a few weeks ago he relied on rapid tests to safely gather over the
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holidays, now there is a question about its reliability and if rapid tests can pick up the omicron variant. >> my husband passed away from the virus. >> reporter: she wishes rapid tests were more available early on in the pandemic when her husband was still alive. >> back then maybe saved more lives. >> reporter: health experts have been encouraging tests before gathering they are warning rapid tests during the omicron surge may not be as reliable as once thought, depending when take them if you are infected. >> at there point it is not clear what is going on. we have not seen this with the previous variants. >> reporter: uc berkeley professor says that the fda and the cdc is starting to gather data on what is happening with rapid testing. they are finding the tests,
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although quicker than pcr tests, are giving more false negatives during the omicron surge. >> we are seeing the rapid tests often take more than a couple of days of illness, sometimes, before it becomes positive. sometimes it is just not positive for several days. so it suggests maybe the rapid test is having more of a difficult time detecting omicron than it did with the other variants. >> reporter: he advices if you have covid-19-like symptoms but get a negative rapid result, always follow it up with a more reliable pcr test until more data is gathered by the federal government. >> frank low we should have been skeptical with a negative test. >> does it make you nervous at all? >> no. >> reporter: after the loss of her husband she says she is grateful rapid tests are now available at her fingertips. >> it is easier in the convenience of your home and not around anybody stphaoels and health experts say if the test comes back positive if you
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have symptoms or not you likely have covid-19 and don't need to get a follow up pcr test. back to you. >> for more on vaccines and testing and the latest on health restrictions across the bay area head to happening tomorrow, nearly 1500 teachers could go on strike in west contra costa county. united teachers of richmond demanding better protection for staff and students against covid-19. the group asking for high quality masks, weekly testing for all and the option for remote learning if a class has multiple positive cases. the district tells kpix5 it is taking significant action to ensure the schools and staff are safe including providing employees with multiple kn-95 masks, providing weekly testing and exploring pay raises for substitute teachers. group of east bay neighbors are called heroes tonight after helping rescue a man from a burning a apartment. it happened at a senior living
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facility in pleasant hill. something electrical may of sparked the flames that quickly spread through a second floor unit. many residents were able to escape the building but some became trapped. >> we rescued him by lifting him, getting him down from the balcony. he has some hair burned. two men were the bravest ones, they said come on, jump, jump, they helped him. they brought him down. my heart is still pounding. thank god, right time, right place. >> firefighters say only one man that was rescued needed to be treated for injuries. investigators are still working on a cause of the fire. san jose unified school district is set to a plow police officers back on campus. the school board is looking to approve 27 police officers, each will be paid up to $8,000 to provide services on campus. tomorrow, schools will have the option to submit a request for a school resource officer. they will patrol on campus,
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during class hours or special events. >> if it was my kid, i would hire 27 counselors, you know, looking at more teachers of color, more counselors of color, special studies, you know, special education. >> officers were remove friday all san jose campuses back in june of 2021 until a more permanent policy is in place the schools will have discretion to bring those officers back. he is one of san francisco's most infamous cold case murderers. coming up, the new reward to catch the doodler. why californians could benefit financially from donating blood. and 49er fans, the target of scammers. be aware if you are looking for tickets to sunday's game. the deals too good
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f . tonight marks the 48th anniversary of the first murder by san francisco's doodler killer. now there is new developments in the decades old cold case. in the 1970s, he would draw his victims before killing them. he terrorized the city's gay community. the police say he would find his victims at bars and nightclubs. they say bodies of the victims were discovered near the beach with multiple stab wounds. >> people were very worried. it was scary, you know, at night, the city was different then. at night there was a lot of activity. so, it was kind of like easy prey for somebody of that bent to perform. >> the police say they may have linked a
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sixth death to san 14's doodler killer. they increased the reward for information on the suspect. californians could be commentated for ng ood.w bi coe wants to provide a major tax break for blood donors, donating blood four times a year in return they would receive a $500 tax credit. the proposal comes as the state continues to face a critical blood supply shortage. >> with nfc championship game kicking off this sunday, 49er fans are battling a tougher opponent. days after purchasing tickets thousands of reports coming in from niner faithful claiming they were bombarded for ticket scammers looking for a quick buck. some were aware of the tactics and others were caught off by surprise. >> $300 a ticket? that seems pretty cool and then i call
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them, i text them, and then it was going back and forth and i realized if was fake. >> they will not take pay pal. i asked them for a copy of their, send me a picture of their driver's license, they did not answer that. and asked where they were located and did not answer that as well. >> stick with sights like stub hub. if the deal seems too good to be true, well, it probably is. live look on this calm thursday night. looking at the first alert weather forecast in that view there. a nice evening out there. the temperatures are dropping off quickly. some spots in the 30s. subtle changes to the forecast over the next couple of days. the high pressure in control of our weather. it is slowly shifting farther to the east. as it continues to move in that direction the winds are going to shift from off shore again tomorrow to an onshore direction heading into the weekend. it will cool down our temperatures, help us send more clouds towards the
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bay area. our rain chances will remain very, very low. passing clouds heading through tonight and tomorrow. these will be clouds way up in the atmosphere. filter the sun but they do not block it. the temperatures will warm up from another chilly start tomorrow morning. more substantial cloud cover will roll in this time tomorrow morning. 24-hours from now. increasing clouds over head. those clouds, not substantial enough to drop the showers on us. we will remain dry through the weekend. the forecast is dry and the long-range data is looking dry as l. the latest, 6-10 day out look shows us a chance of below average, nor 0 rainfall. not just for the bay area but for most of the western u.s. the eight to 14 day outlook takes us to february 10th. shows a chance of below average rainfall. tomorrow marks three weeks since we have seen measurable rain in the bay area and likely to add another week or two on to that streak. without any rain to wash the pollution off of the atmosphere, well, the
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air quality, well, occasionally improves today, good category for inland parts of the east bay. it will be stuck in the moderate category. some improvements every once in a while, going on the recollect direction, healthy for sensitive groups, moderate and that keeps us below the spare the air alert threshold. something we will keep a close eye on heading through likely another 10-14 dry days ahead of us. looking outside, clear skies over head right now. chilly temperatures, down to 39 in livermore. 39 in santa rosa. holding to to 53 degrees for downtown san francisco. upper 30s already you will not drop too much farther, middle 30s by the morning. around the bay, temperatures in the 40s, upper 40s along the coast. temperatures will bounce back. filtered sunshine over head we will end up three to eight degrees above average. similar temperatures again on saturday. we will zoom in for a closer look. off shore wind will be light. it will be there pushing the
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marine air just a little off shore. the temperatures in the middle 60s for the south end of the bay and the warm spots in the santa clara valley reaching up into the upper 60s around san jose. inland parts of the east bay. could start off with a little more fog. antioch, brentwood, some of the fog spilling in. that will slow down the warm up, keep the temperatures barely below 60. the temperatures around the bay, mostly in the middle 60s, same thing for the north bay. above normal for this time of the year and warmer spots farther north as well. heading into the mountains mild up there. mild for this time of the year, high temperatures in the 40s around north star, 14 to the 20 lifts open, i checked they have 10 three -- 103 of the 104 trails open. no snow in the forecast for them, no rain for us in the forecast either. dry forecast, temperatures remain warm, then, cool down kicks in for
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the second half of the weekend. not a major cool down. we will drop three to four degrees and then the temperatures will hover khres to what is normal for this time of the year as we finish off the month of january on monday and head into february with the same old dry forecast in place. straight ahead in sports, one more practice and it is bon voyage. it was the rhythm of the night [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. ♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing
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f nba up top, warriors first. steph curry his eighth, higgins his first, named all-star starters and them the timberwolves came to town. the ata boy congrats. picking it up second quarter, no first round advances, scoring 23 of the 31 in the first half. led by four midway. big warriors third quarter, they are up two, watch this. oh. steph curry.
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missed it. warriors up by five, man, warriors by the way had 21 made threes. corner pocket three. increased the lead to 14. they out score the timberwolves, under five minutes left, they are up five, curry, 6-3 of the night. scored 29. next possession, clay thompson hit one of his five threes, thompson scored a season high 23. warriors added 29 assists, one at 1:24-1:15. they are 5-1 and brooklyn is next on saturday. nfl and the warriors. afternoon practice on friday and then, to l.a. on that plain samuel. the rams will, again, see one of the most bruising, punishing runners in the league. not beast mode. unheard of for a receiver but appreciated and respected by teammates and
11:23 pm
coaches. >> who? >> d-bo. >> who? >> usually they are primadonnas. guys without a lot of contact. >> he had nowhere to go he would look for someone to impose his will on before he finished h. senot doing it because he was asked he is doing it because he has been doing it when he was five when his dad gave him a nickname watching him doing it in the backyard against everybody. college basketball, saint mary's big match up tonight, leading by as many as 23 in the first. look how the half ended. the buzzer. they scratched and clawed, grinded. tommy, inside the three minute mark. the lead was 6. later tied at 63. until it wasn't. a shot at the minute mark. scoring twaefpb. saint mary's storm back and won it 72-70. they are 16-4, they lost three
11:24 pm
of the last four. no time to waste for santa clara here. trailed by 1. williams b to be the big plan on campus. length of the court runner. we are done here. williams scored 26. the broncos upset the cougars 77-76. first win over pyu since 2017 and woe, 15th ranked ufc. welcoming stanford tonight, tied at 60, 30 seconds left. ingram go, to the rack, they pulled off the upset. 64-61. the trojans are 17-3 this season. two of the losses have come against the cardinal. now, cal men's moving, i short changed you, bears dropped 81-57 loss it number 7ucla. back to the 49ers, wheels up tomorrow night. destination los angeles and the
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nfc championship game you. >> will be right behind them too,. >> that is right. >> vern, i need to back this up. did you drop a debarg reference? >> there are young people going what? >> "the rhythm of the night". >> i love it. i feel it. >> all right, vern, thank you. still ahead, she may hold the record for the oldest living fish in captiveity and she calls the bay area home. details next. f
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f this next story might get
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you to say wow. we took a trip to the aquarium to find out her secrets to a long life. >> reporter: just beyond the jellyfish at the aquarium inside of the california academy of sciences sits, swims, mathuzala. she, possibly he, they are not sure, is believed to be the oldest australian lung fish in captivia. arriving in 1938 in san francisco when it is believed she was five years old. a little math says she might be 90 and lives a mellow life and low- moving 90 degree water, a lazy river. >> she needs a little bit of space. calm water and a really nice diet. >> reporter: as for that diet, a fish of her age has preferences. >> earth warms, romaine lettuce, figs when they near season. she will not ease frozen ones.
11:30 pm
>> reporter: for the record she likes belly rubs, if you are thinking that her tank is small, rest assured that is just the way she likes it. a few years ago biologist tried to move her into a larger tank with two other australian lung fish named small and medium and she was not a fan. >> when she was moved into there she did not display good behaviors. we decided at her age it is better not to move her. >> reporter: researchers in australia are trying to define her exact age through dna testing. >> we actually take a small cutting, maybe less than one square millimeter of the fin, painless, preserve it in alcohol and it gets shipped to australia for testing. >> reporter: at her age, a lady, or gentleman, never tells. in golden gate park, kpix5. >> how dare we ask her age. >> yes. and she or he, absolutely adorable. >> yes. >> and i thought at first they
11:31 pm
said pigs, figs, how did they know he or she would like a fig? >> when she gets the belly rubs i am guessing she did not rollover? >> there must be something in the water that keeps her young. >> got to love that. we'll be right back. this tiny tacos big box is perfect- [speaking in unison] to share... jinx... tiny tacos big box... triceratops... get out of my head! my new $6 tiny tacos big box with three delicious dipping sauces.
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>> oh. >> if he goes on the couch, how do you get him off? >> tug hard. >> you allowed him on the co captioning sponsored by cbs >> all right, i'm about to break the first rule of "fight club" by talking about "fight club," but i have to here because china has released a different ending for the film where, spoiler alert in case you intend to see the chinese version, instead of fireworks and taking down consumerism, you only see this caption explaining how police saved the day, captured the criminals and send tyler durden >> i see dead people.


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