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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 28, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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for more news, download our cbs news app on your cell phone or connected tv. i am tom hanson, cbs news, new york. it's friday, january 28th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." bearing down. a powerful winter storm is targeting the northeast, as millions of people brace for heavy snow, strong winds and freezing temperatures. dramatic shootout. a suspect wounds three houston police officers and steals a car. how a tense standoff ended overnight. ukraine's pushback. the country's president tells the u.s. to dial down the rhetoric, even as russia carries out more drills ahead of a possible invasion. good morning and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning, tens of millions of americans along the east
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coast are bracing for a massive nor'easter that could develop into a bomb cyclone packed with hurricane-force winds. winter storm warnings and watches are in place from north carolina to maine. we could see blizzard conditions, coastal flooding and heavy snow with close to 2 feet falling in new england. windchill temperatures could fall below zero. the cold is also being felt in the midwest, in chicago, authorities lit small fires on train tracks in order to prevent them from freezing. and back in the east, on new york's long island, people are getting ready for the storm, stocking up on groceries, pulling boats out of the water in case there is flooding and prepping snow removal equipment. >> i'm just waiting for the snow. i think it is exciting for the kids, not for the adults as much. it should be fun. >> it has been real cold though. it has been cold, a cold winter, yes. >> are you looking forward to snow? >> no, no. i don't like snow. i want to go to miami to be honest. >> the governor of virginia declared a state of emergency
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ahead of the storm. and new york's governor is urging residents to get ready for potentially dangerous conditions. and breaking overnight, a suspect accused of wounding three houston police officers in a wild shootout is in custody. authorities say he surrendered last night after barricading himself inside a home for hours. he was taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound to his neck. the incident unfolded hours earlier, when officers arrived at a different home after a report of a family disturbance. the suspect fled in a vehicle, he led police on a chase for several miles before he crashed. investigators say he then shot at police and they returned fire. three officers were shot, the suspect could be seen running away. police say he then carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint and drove several miles to a home where he barricaded himself inside. the three injured officers are in stable condition after being taken to the hospital.
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>> i had a chance to visit with each one of them. and even with some of the family members. all three officers are in good spirits. >> one officer was shot in the arm, another in the leg, and the third officer was hit in the foot. president biden is giving himself one month to nominate the next supreme court justice. he's already vowed to select the first black woman to the high court. yesterday, justice stephen breyer announced his plans to retire. he'll step down at the end of the current term this summer, but it is anyone's guess if his replacement will have bipartisan support. bradley blackburn is in new york with more on this. good morning, bradley. >> good morning. certainly don't count on broad bipartisan support. you know, when justice breyer was confirmed, 87 senators voted yes. but times are different now. in this 50/50 senate, democrats should have the votes they need to approve president biden's pick for the supreme court. >> i will select a nominee, worthy of justice breyer's legacy, excellence, and decency.
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>> reporter: president biden says he will choose a supreme court nominee to replace justice stephen breyer by the end of february. >> the person i will nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity, and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. >> reporter: at the white house yesterday, justice breyer spoke about the american experiment. >> my grandchildren and their children, they'll determine whether the experiment still works and, of course, i'm an optimist, and i'm pretty sure it will. >> reporter: the front-runner to replace justice breyer is federal appeals court judge ketanji brown jackson, who once clerked for breyer and spoke about the experience in 2017. >> it was an incredible experience, just to be in the room while the justice grappled with some of the most difficult and consequential legal issues of the day. >> reporter: another candidate is judge j. michelle childs, a favorite of south carolina congressman james clyburn. >> she has what i call the kind
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of background and experiences that we ought to have. >> reporter: it is unclear if republicans will support any nominee, though they are powerless to block the confirmation if all 50 democrats vote yes. >> i'm going to give the president's nominee, whoever that may be, a fair r look. >> reporter: breyer says he'll stay on the bench until the end of the court's current term this summer. and if the next supreme court justice is in fact a black woman, she'll join justices sonia sotomayor and elena kagan, meaning all the liberal justices on the court will be women. anne-marie? >> that's interesting. bradley blackburn in new york, thank you. now to the latest on the standoff between russia and ukraine. president biden talked with ukraine's president yesterday. mr. biden warned that russia could take military action against ukraine next month. but ukraine is telling the u.s. to tone down the rhetoric. holly williams reports from kyiv.
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>> reporter: the u.s. says the ball is now in russia's court. moscow continued its buildup near ukraine's northern border in belarus. for what it says are military drills. russia's demanding security guarantees, including the rolling back of nato forces from eastern europe, and a ban on ukraine joining the alliance. the u.s. and its nato allies say they cannot agree to either. the american ambassador to russia hand delivered a written response. the kremlin says the u.s. had not addressed its main concerns, and likened the current situation to the cold war. ukraine has lived with russian aggression for years. these essential services employees are getting military training. and these schoolchildren in the capital kyiv are learning about bomb threats. at saint michael's golden domed monastery, the faithful have been worshipping for over 900 years.
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at this early morning service, some ukrainians told us they were praying for peace. i hope god talks some sense into russia, said this woman. and this 60-year-old man told us he'd willingly take up arms to defend his country. president biden spoke on the phphone on thursday with the ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky. a source tells cbs news that zelensky asked the u.s. to dial back its rhetoric on an imminent invasion because he doesn't want panic here in ukraine. holly williams, cbs news, kyiv, ukraine. president biden is heading to pittsburgh today. it is part of a plan to get him out of washington and promote his accomplishments during his first year in office. the white house says mr. biden will focus on what he's done to get the country's economy moving again. last week the president said that he would look to leave washington more in his second year. his approval numbers have dropped amid the pandemic and high inflation. and coming up, caught on
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on either side of me. and it has this cam, so i can see if there's any funny business going on. you see any funny business going on? no, sir. let's have a great day! the chevy silverado offers eight cameras with up to 15 different views. find new views. find new roads. chevrolet. the coast guard says it has suspended the search for dozens of migrants who were on a suspected human smuggling ship. it capsized last weekend off the coast of florida. authorities found five bodies, but 34 people are unaccounted for. one man was rescued on tuesday after he was found clinging to the overturned boat. the coast guard says the boat capsized in a storm after it left the bahamas. toyota wants to put some wheels on the moon. and a school shooting suspect plans his defense. those are some of the headlines on "the morning newsstand." "the detroit free press" reports that the teenager accused of killing four students at a michigan high school will pursue an insanity defense.
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that's according to a court filing. 15-year-old ethan crumbley is charged as an adult with murder in connection with the shooting at oxford high school in november. six other students and a teacher were hurt. the court filing clears the way for crumbley to receive a psychiatric evaluation. his parents have been charged with involuntary manslaughter for buying him the gun and ignoring red flags with his behavior. "arizona central" says two phoenix police officers pulled a man out of a burning car. >> come on, sir! come on! one, two, three! >> police body cam video shows officers rachel fernandez and jessica hunting rescuing the trapped man wednesday, with the help of good samaritans. he apparently lost control of his car, hit a pole and then the vehicle flipped over. officers found him passed out inside the burning car. >> when i was told somebody didn't exit the vehicle, i was just, like, i need to get them out now because the flames that were on the vehicle kept getting
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bigger and we had one little fire extinguisher. >> the driver suffered minor injuries. the officers burned their arms and hands getting him out of the car. "the associated press" says toyota is working with japan's space agency on a vehicle to explore the moon. it is called the lunar cruiser. the name pays homage to the toyota land cruiser suv. toyota says the vehicle is based on the idea that people eat, work, sleep and communicate with others safely in cars. and the same can be done in outer space. it says that it can help people live on the moon. there is also a robotic arm in development for the lunar cruiser. still to come, a fashion makeover at disney. minnie mouse getting a new pantsuit to mark a special anniversary at the magic kingdom.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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on "the cbs moneywatch," scams on social media have exploded. and minnie mouse will soon be wearing a pantsuit. diane king hall is in new york with those stories. >> stock futures are indicating a mixed open this morning. yesterday the markets started strong as new data showed the u.s. economy expanded 6.9% quarter over quarter and 5.7% for the full year. that's the strongest calendar year growth since 1984. but the rally faded. the dow fell 7 points, the nasdaq dropped 189, and the s&p 500 lost 23. social media platforms appear to be a gold mine for scammers. according to to the federal trade commission, consumers reported losing about $770 million last year to fraud initiated on social media, that's an 18fold increase
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compared to five years ago. some of the top ruses included investment, romance, and online shopping scams. gas stoves may be worse for the climate than previously thought. researchers in california said more than 2 million tons of methane leaks into the air each year even when the stoves aren't running. the study also found potentially harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from gas stoves when they are in use. researchers say switching to electric stoves could cut emissions and indoor air pollution. and minnie mouse is apparently ditching her signature polka dot dress for a new look. disney and paris unveiled minnie's new pantsuit with black polka dots. the wardrobe update is in honor of women's history month in march. designer stella mccartney says the change reflects a symbol of progress for a new generation. the outfit will debut in march when disneyland paris celebrates its 30th anniversary. anne-marie? >> i don't mind her getting a suit. the lady needs options. >> yes. she needs choices.
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>> i'm finding this a little too matchy matchy. >> i know. i agree. >> it may be a disney thing. but the bow is exactly matching the rest of the outfit. it is an artist rendering. i'll wait until we see it in real life. >> right. i like the bow. we'll see the whole thing in person when they, you know, do the full reveal. >> right, exactly. >> jury's out. >> diane king hall in new york. diane, have a great weekend. >> thank you, you too. big ben is cleaning out his locker. the message from ben roethlisberger to steeler nation as he announces his retirement. i ignored them. but when the twitching and jerking in my face and hands affected my day to day... i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. she said that austedo helps reduce td movements in adults... while i continue with most of my mental health medications. (vo) austedo can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, or actions in patients with huntington's disease.
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makes life a bite better. we are missing the sounds of a busy morning,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. long time pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger is hanging up the jersey. after 18 years, all with the steeliers, the 39-year-old two-time super bowl champion announced his retirement yesterday in a video message. >> the journey has been exhilarating, defined by relationships and fueled by a spirit of competition. yet the time has come to clean out my locker, hang up my cleats, and inue to be all i can be to my wife and children. i retire from football a truly grateful man. >> roethlisberger, likely future hall of famer, played his last
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game earlier this month in the steelers lopsided playoff loss to the kansas city chiefs. it was the 12th time in his career he led the steelers to the playoffs. and it was a fond farewell for team usa as more than 100 athletes headed to the winter olympics in beijing. a delta charter flight took off from los angeles international airport yesterday, carrying the american olympians. other team members will leave from different destinations outside the u.s. over the next few days. the athletes faced rigid pandemic rules when they arrived in beijing to comply with china's zero covid policy. >> super excited. we have been through a lot of covid testing and a lot of fear in the past couple of weeks trying to steer clear of that. so we're excited to finally get on this plane. >> the winter olympics get under way next week. and country star keith urban is filling some of the las vegas void left by singer adele. urban is adding five shows to his vegas residency on days that
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were previously slated for adele. the shows take place between march 25th apr last week adele apologized and made an emotional announcement that she was delaying her las vegas residency, which was set to start last friday. she said half her crew had covid. coming up on "cbs mornings," oscar winning actress nicole kidman talks to gayle king about her new movie "being the ricardos." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." the ricardos ." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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our top stories this morning, millions of americans along the east coast are bracing for a massive nor'easter. it could develop into a bomb cyclone, packed with hurricane-force winds. winter storm warnings and watches are in place all the way from north carolina to maine. we could see blizzard conditions, coastal flooding and heavy snow, with close to 2 feet falling in new england. and president biden says he will choose a nominee to replace retiring supreme court justice stephen breyer by the end of next month. yesterday, justice breyer announced his plans to step down at the end of the current term this summer. mr. biden renewed his campaign promise to nominate the first black woman to the high court. well, for almost 30 years, deaths from car crashes steadily dropped in this country.
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but recently that number has been on the rise. now the federal government has a new plan to keep americans safe. michael george reports. >> this is a national crisis. >> reporter: transportation secretary pete buttigieg says u.s. roads are becoming deadlier. preliminary data shows more than 20,000 people died in car crashes during the first six months of 2021. that would be the largest number since 2006. the number of pedestrians killed is also on the rise. >> as people drove at higher speeds, more recklessly, more distracted, it is disproportionately impacting some americans more than others. people of color, native americans, low income communities. >> reporter: in an effort to lower deaths, buttigieg is releasing a new national roadway safety strategy. it includes rethinking speed limits, and studying greater use of speed cameras. there is also $6 billion in grants for safer road designs,
4:27 am
including bike lanes, better hoboken, new jersey. >> we have increased the time during which pedestrians can cross the street. >> reporter: the mayor says there are also dedicated lanes to protect bikers and curb extensions that protect pedestrians and allow traffic to flow better. >> in the last four consecutive years, we're one of the only few cities in the country to have zero traffic-related deaths. >> our goal is zero deaths. >> reporter: buttigieg says getting there will also require automakers to make safety features like auto braking available in more cars. one part of a comprehensive plan designed to make u.s. roads safer. michael george, cbs news, hoboken, new jersey. well, coming up on "cbs mornings," training the next generation of pilots. errol barnett shows us a special program at united airlines to fill the shortage of pilots in the industry.
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plus, jim nantz and tony romo of cbs sports will preview this sunday's afc championship game between the kansas city chiefs and the cincinnati bengals. and oscar winning actress nicole kidman talks with gayle king about her new movie "being the ricardos." that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great weekend.
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