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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 30, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

5:00 pm hundreds of voices calling for justice for the asian- american community a year after the senseless killing of a san francisco grandfather. >> he is our grandfather and it is personal. this is not a statistic this is who we all see in our lives and it breaks everybody's heart. what police say may have caused an early-morning crash that injured eight people in contra costa county.
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the big game may be in la but the 49ers pride is strong in the bay area and a look at how fans are cheering the team on. we start with hundreds calling for justice in the bay area asian community today. thank you for joining us. >> the rally today was one of many across major you is cities, but san francisco's rally hit home. a year ago today and 84-year- old grandfather died days after he was attacked while walking down the street. we have more on that rally. >> reporter: leaders from across san francisco and the asian community came together here a year later to reflect on the progress they have made and the work that still needs to be done. they acknowledge that anti- asian hate has been here for years and only getting worse. >> reporter: hundreds gathered where he was shoved to the ground and later died. in a year since his family's lost their grandfather runs and
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supporters came together to marched on the same path that heated calling on justice for him and other victims. they are so showing support and comes less than a week after city leaders announce take crimes against this community are up more than 500% from 2020 through 2021. >> he was like a friend to me and would like to talk about everything. we are here today to mourn his passing. i know that my father is looking down on us today. >> we come together knowing that there have been other victims, sadly, in this city and this country. we come together to remember them. this is to make sure they are not forgotten. >> is our grandpa and it is personal. this is not like a statistic. this is who we all see in our lives. it breaks everyone's heart. >> reporter: those in the crowd say their inspired to keep fighting for justice and protect victims in that community and they are not discouraged and they say now
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they are organized and raising awareness and they will be in a better place to stop these crimes in the future. a court appearance tomorrow for a man suspected of being responsible for more than half the hate crimes against the community in san francisco. he had already pleaded not guilty to several charges including felony vandalism and second-degree burglary and investigators say they caught him on surveillance video last summer smashing women -- windows and stealing from asian owned businesses. many of the crimes happened in that neighborhood but he is not in jail and a judge placed him in a mental health diversion program in september. we have new video. crews responding to a deadly house fire in king drive yesterday evening and video shows heavy smoke billowing out from the second floor of the home and you can see that crews
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are trying to gain access inside through the roof. search and rescue crews say they found one person dead on the second floor police say one person was able to escape. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in the east bay, a people are injured after a three car crash in oakley and the crash happened along east cypress road near summer lake drive. you can see the aftermath of the crash. you can see how smashed the cars are from the impact. the three cars crashed and heavy morning fog causing a white car to burst into flames and a red suv to overturn. emergency crews say one victim was critically injured and flown to a hospital. a man arrested after two people found in and antioch home and police of the victims are his girlfriend and teenage son. police say the two bodies were found inside the house on lemon tree way last night. neighbor
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had not seen them in a while and asked police to check on the house. when they got there, they found a 15-year-old boy in a 30-year- old woman dead. the suspect was later arrested at a redwood city train station. a live look at san francisco now where in a few days, on tuesday, the city will drop its indoor mask mandate. that order applies to offices, gyms, and other places where groups of vaccinated people gather. tuesday is also a deadline for santa clara county workers in high risk settings to get vaccinated and boosted but that move has them bracing for more overtime demands and challenges. they will have to cover shifts for workers who defy the order and are not allowed to show up to work. starting tuesday anybody 12 and up entering restaurants and bars and other indoor facilities must show proof that
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they are vaccinated. the ordinance passed in december. it also applies to senior adult care facilities and entertainment venues. right now the niners and the rams are battling to secure a spot in the super bowl and a lot of fans could be seen going inside just before the game. back here da lin shows how one sports bar is cheering on the niners. >> reporter: every television here is tuned into the 49ers game as fans cheer on the team. now there is a red wave and you can call this here in the south bay. >> reporter: fans in red and gold chanting in support of the 49ers 400 miles away from the stadium. >> we are all a family and we like to all represent with their team and scream as loud as we can we score. >> reporter: if not the biggest, this may be the loudest watch party with the dj
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pumping music. >> it is a feeling like no other. when you score a touchdown and you look over at the next person and you don't even know the guy, and you are both cheering and high-fiving or fist pumping. >> reporter: the crowd goes wild after every big play. >> it is about complete strangers coming together and we all have the same mission. >> reporter: what is good for the 49ers is good for sports bars like metro city. >> i am a raiders fan but i am thankful they made. truck she said this brought customers they would otherwise not get in they have been struggling during the pandemic so this is a welcome sight. >> it is good for us. it can be stressful but it is good for you buddy here and it means you will have a good time. >> it will be the better time for our business of the 49ers move on to the super bowl.
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>> if the 49ers win the game, dick's sporting goods will stay open late tonight and tomorrow so that fans can buy 49er gear. the game is causing a rivalry between the vice president and her husband. they took the selfie of the two routing for separate teams. the bay area native is rooting for the niners and her husband rooting for the rams. the captions as hopefully we can agree on what to eat tonight. they posted a similar picture when the giants and dodgers played against each other in the playoff games last year. a major crash these nine people dead and several more hurt. coming up where this dramatic scene unfolded and what police say happened moments before. how spotify is now responding after two big artists remove their music from that streaming service. a warning tonight and why experts are telling residents in one region to watch out for falling iguanas. in our first alert forecast
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there is an offshore wind event that will make the headlines in the forecast for the first half of this week and we will spotlight how strong that wind will be in the mountains by the time we get to wednesday. that is coming up.
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at least nine people are dead and seven others hurt after a chaotic car crash in las vegas. north las vegas believe say dodge challenger was speeding down a major roadway yesterday and they say the driver lasted through a red light and slammed into several other cars.
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that driver was among those victims who died as well as several minors and those who frequent the area said something like this was bound to happen eventually. >> i walked across this crosswalk every day and i pay attention to see people drive 70 to 80 miles per hour on this road and it is totally insane. we have talked to numerous general managers about it but they need to do something about this because more people are dying every day on this road. >> police have not said whether they believe anything other than speed may have been a factor. kia is recalling more than 400,000 of its vehicles because of a possible airbag defect. the control unit covers may damage electrical circuits, and that could result in airbags not been able to activate during the crash. they said the recall includes a number of soul and sport and sedona models.
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spotify responding to outrage of misinformation by adding new advisories to its platform coming after several musicians pulled their entire catalogs from the streaming service in direct response to the spread of misleading information about vaccines from podcast host joe rogan. many in the northeast are digging themselves out from a heavy snow fall and winter storm and others are dealing with conditions worse. this video from nantucket shows strong wind fueling the coastal flooding across the area and some of the wind gusts topped 70 miles per hour. north of their, some homes are encased in ice after huge waves crashed against nearby seawalls. in new york several deaths have been linked with people attempting to shovel paths to the snow and in long island it is the first blizzard they have have in four years a lot of folks were getting the shovels out. >> i dug my house out and went to my father-in-law's and got him out and doing now in front
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of his house. you have heard of raining cats and dogs, but what about reptiles? parts of florida are warning residents of the possibility of getting hit by falling iguanas. wildlife and wildfire life experts say the reptiles are becoming cold and stunned from dropping temperatures and they are falling out of tall trees and then a lot of people actually bring them into their homes and then they come alive again. phyllis in on all of that. heolisgood emso much it is quitthe trick. if we take a look at the top of black mountain looking of the south bay that is a mountain view so we are looking across the south bay and you can kind of see the bridge in mount diablo in the distance with a beautiful evening and clear skies, hazy, and we will fill in some clouds with this view overnight and in
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fact you can see the poultry and from the camera on top of sales force tower looking toward the rest. and this comes in the night and keep the temperatures warmer so north bay temperatures and san jose now you may only go down to 37 instead of 29 but this is what happens and watch the clouds filter and overnight and just enough that we get a bit of a blanket and maybe less fog tomorrow but you should still plan on those. so there the morning lows and most of us go back down into the mid-40s and san jose we have 39 and concord in livermore and here is redwood city going to 44. the high tomorrow will go back into the low 60s and a few clouds, hazy and that is it. tomorrow is not that different. we will spotlight that. let's watch the screen light up with the deep shades of purple. that is the offshore wind
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event. you see the brighter colors showing you the stronger wind, but it is giving you the big picture of how the wind will be going offshore and that is the direction it will be going. when we come in for a close-up look, tomorrow there is no wind and this is monday in the afternoon. we are looking ahead 24 hours and nothing has happened and it turns monday night into tuesday and first in the north bay mountains and then all the way through wednesday and then through the east bay hills and this is kind of the peak right here from late tuesday and wednesday with 50 mile-per-hour gusts in the mountains and plan on a 15 mile-per-hour breeze for the most of us. this is a bit of a breeze in the lower elevations but it will be gusty in the mountains where it will dry up those hills a little more and with no rain in the forecast, let's look at where it will rain. we will take this system here and you can see the accumulated rainfall. anywhere it rains between now and february 9 that is how long
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we take the model can see nothing here and that dominant ridge of high pressure with deep shades of red, watch what happens by the time we get toward february 9 and we know it won't rain until then but as we get toward that period it is almost like the atmosphere doubles down on this idea of this blocking ridge of high pressure. so for the next seven days we know nothing happens rainfall wise and we do get a few offshore wind events in the mountains and we really have to wait for the second half of february before we start thinking realistically about the possibility of rain coming back because at least from now until then it is not. the moment you have been waiting for, sports fans. no place he would rather be cut inside the stadium and believe it or not there was more going on today than here
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in inglewood. for that, check back with me on the line of scrimmage.
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greetings. we are inside the 49ers press conference rooms and the niners and rams doing business and one half of the super bowl dance
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card was filled and filled with kansas city and that was a big one there. four straight championships and the seven point underdog and patrick homes opening up the scoring with a sidearm bullet and 7-0 chiefs and the second quarter and this is vintage and they ran around in circles and look at this. somehow they avoided the rash and bought a touchdown pass with 14-3 chiefs and it looked like it was on and he made it 21-3 and the third touchdown. cincinnati seized the momentum in the third and patrick mahomes hit by henderson and the bengals took over inside the 30 and then to the rookie for the touchdown.
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and he was looking for some magic in the 4th quarter and didn't have anybody open and still didn't get a scramble and picked up the first back down and this was not to get a 52 yarder with the 24-21 lead and they got into the red zone and they scramble around the backfield to buy time again. mbleand lostthe ball and that is a loss of 15 yards. kansas city recovered and the game was tied at 24 with a 25 yard field goal and sent the game into overtime. he dialed up the default but intercepted. and it was after halftime. the rookie from florida made the game winning score and the
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bengals are headed to the first bowl since 1989 when they had their hearts broken by joe montana. >> the raiders are closing in on a deal to make josh mcdaniels the new head coach in a long time patriots offensive coordinator was last a head coach with denver in 2010 and it is a package deal. las vegas is getting dave zigler to be their general manager. >> second ranked arizona women with the title game in the sophomore had 18 points all season and she matched that with six threes and they said no answers inside. 25 points and 15 rebounds and stanford beat arizona 75-69 for the eighth straight win. >> in carolina a second night of it back to back and down 1-0
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and they stayed with it and scored on the put back and here is how it came down. >> they scored. the hurricanes be the sharks and they have lost six of their last eight. and here he is trying to win the 21st g slam title in the australian open and it blew down the line to take the second set 7-6 and the 25-year- old was a set away from winning the second major and he flipped the switch in the 3rd and down the line and he scored back to win the 3rd and 4th and 5th. this ended the 5 1/2 hour match and it was his 21st career grand slam and he got most all-
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time. >> we will north of the border. canada hosting the cup qualifying and the 95th minute canada and on the break-away and scored to put the game away in canada got it 2-0 in the u.s. is 2nd with four qualifying matches left in the top three teams advanced to the world cup. he looked to win for the second straight week and they were tied with four holes to play and he rolled in the long birdie effort to take the outright lead and it had a $300,000 payday. >> it all went down on a sunday afternoon and it is still not over. that will do it from here. back to you in san francisco.
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thank you. still ahead the year of the tiger being welcomed in a big way and we take you to one of manny -- many bay area celebrations when we come back.
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these dancers entertain crowds today in san francisco gathering at the crossing to celebrate the lunar new year of the tiger and organizers say the outdoor event allowed people to enjoy and avoid feeling isolated during the pandemic. the festival also included food booths, entertainment, and cooking demonstrations. you know, it is lovely to see all of the sunshine, which, if memory serves, these are supposed to be the rainiest months of the year. they are and i am mesmerized by how well they are doing that dance. you are right, january and february are the two biggest rainfall months of the year and
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at this point it looks like we will move out and miss out on that. >> captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> duncan: tonight digging out, at least ten states hit by an icy nor'easter, hurricane force winds and waves batter hems on the coast and swamp nantucket, tens of thousands without power and now the dangerous big chill. >> i'm mola lenghi in boston where nearly two feet of snow have made this one for the history books. >> duncan: also tonight rapid retreat. covid infections fall as deaths add up... many preventable. >> i'm lilia luciano in loss-- los angeles. >> plus the u.s. and europe sound the alarm on russia's military moves as ukraine plays down the threat, donald trump donald trump consider considers pardon for january 6th rioters


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