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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  February 1, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. this is kpix5 news. > right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, taking a live look from the sales force tower camera. looking at the cool transamerica pyramid tower. the 1st of february. thank you for joining us. >> let's check on weather and traffic starting with mary lee. >> good morning to you. happy lunar new year. happy year of the tiger. i'm tracking the off shore winds. they are starting to develop in the hills and the mountains. i want to get to the high wind warnings in effect. highlighted in red. that's for the north bay mountains. we have wind advisories for the entire north bay. the east bay hills and valleys. the santa cruz mountains and san francisco and the san francisco peninsula coast under wind advisories due to the off shore winds. this is a moderate off shore wind event. winds about 20 to 30 miles an
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hour, up to 40 and 50 and the highest mountain peaks 50 to 60. as we go through our day today, we are going to see the winds kick up. it's the peak winds tonight into tomorrow morning. wind advisories and the high wind warnings in effect through tomorrow morning. we are looking at off shore winds as we head through the next few days. no rain and site and elevated fire threat due to low relative humidity. about 10 to 15%. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. >> good morning. we will start with a look at traffic conditions. a big rig that caught fire. the good news is that the fire is out. there is still a lot of activity there on scene. two right lanes are shut down.
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westbound 80 in fairfield not far from red top off ramp. big rig where the trailer caught fire. they are working on mopping up that mess there. that could take a few minutes. the rest of the way on 80 is clear. no delays working in to san francisco. in fact most the bay area bridges are off to a good start. a live look at the golden gate. nice conditions in to the city. if you are taking the san mateo bridge, all clear in both directions. a live look at san francisco where starting this morning the city will ease it's indoor mask mandate. you can go without a mask in offices, gyms and other places where groups of vaccinated people gather but masks are still required at school, retail stores, bars and restaurants. anyone 12 and up entering restaurants, bars and other indoor facilities must show proof that they are vaccinated. and starting today in santa clara firefighters must show proof that they are fully
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vaccinated and boosted or they cannot show up for work. the order applies to all high risk workers in close contact with people including medical workers. 634 firefighters are fully vaccinated but 42 are not. if they can't report to work the city will fill the gaps with overtime. santa clara said it'll make firefighters's employers responsible for complying. with the mandate. a marathon school district meeting stretched in to early this morning. district officials and school community members discussed the possibility of closing several campuses, sharing their opinions and concerns for hours on end. andrea explains that parents and teachers are turning out in force to oppose the closures. >> the school community just found out about the closure last friday and it has organized quickly to try to
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save the school. >> every student has access. >> the school held a viewing party as parents, teachers and students united to fight the possible closure. on zoom roughly 1600 raised their hand for a chance to speak. >> you will not close these schools. you will not continue to assault black and brown communities. > teachers have really helped me learning how to get my children to the right path in education. >> you are looking for family involvement. when you have a smaller school you have a more personal touch and ability to reach the students. >> the district said it has too many small schools which makes it hard to up keep facilities and drives down salaries. >> part of that is we can't give our teachers unless we close schools which is offensive to pit us and our
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future salaries against our schools. >> district 5 director alerted the community about the six schools on the closure list. >> we have no financial crisis. we have a crisis in mismanagement. >> is he there's been no process, they gave a ten daytime line to permanently close schools and we don't have an emergency right now that says we have to make these decisions in the next few days. >> that was andrea reporting. the vote will be taken a week from today. this morning we are learning more about the suspect killed by police at sfo. the new video at a heated town hall last night. >> for the first time we are seeing various video angles of
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that police shooting. sfpd said the man said he had a loaded gun. >> no, no, no, nelson ; nelson, don't do this. >> stop walking forward. >> officers can be seen giving commands to the resident of san francisco's market street. last thursday sfpd responded to reports of a suspicious armed individual in the international terminal near the bart entrance. the man had a knife and two guns. >> at one point he told officers to shoot him center mass, adding, make sure you aim. officers repeated to him that they did not want to shoot him and only wanted to get him help. he stated thank you for your service, i respect you guys. he then apologized and stated several times, i'm sorry. >> nelson, move back to your
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right or i will hit you. >> officers first deployed less deadly weapons as they pleaded with him to drop his. he didn't comply. four officers eventually fired live rounds. his guns were later confirmed to be airsoft weapons which shoot plastic. a bystander was also hit in the leg. during tonight's public comment a friend called into humanize him. >> i had no idea he had this mental break and needed to -- for his friends and family. if one of us had been contacted somehow i believe the situation would have turned out differently. >> many were critical of the police's actions saying they didn't deescalate the situation. >> the officers could have gotten a mental health professional on the phone. >> others supported them. >> i want to show my
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displeasure with the community for acting like h ind sight is 2020 and they know how they would act. this attitude of people blaming the police is just disgusting. >> the chief said that the case was under review in multiple independent investigations including the state attorney general. at sfo. betty yu. kpix5. happening today san francisco supervisors are expected to pass a formal resolution apologizing to the chinese community for past atrociti es against them. the chamber of commerce will hold a ceremony today. a live look at the state capitol where a bay area lawmakers plan to provide health coverage to all california residents has hit a
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roadblock. the bill was shelved without enough support to pass. it would have raised taxes and even if it had cleared the legislature voter who have needed to approved the tax increase to pay for it. 20 minutes now before five. still ahead and streaming on cbs news bay area. a new monument is bringing up painful memories for local native americans and they are accusing city council of ignoring their concerns. and how a ballot measure to
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local native americans accusing councilmembers of ignoring comments about the installation of a memorial in
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town. >> the mission bell behind me is meant to celebrate the 150th birthday of gilroy but a tribe it symbolizes a history of murder. >> they will tell history the way they want it to be told. >> the chairman for the tribal band vows to keep fighting to have gilroy's mission bell taken down. >> they represent the destruction and domination of natiicanpeople, slavery, they represent brutality, rape, breaking up families. >> when he learned the bell was set to go up in downtown he and other groups including the aclu wrote to city leaders not to move forward. >> we got no response back. >> even urging them during a meeting to discuss it. he wasn't the only one.
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>> if you do erect this bell the city of gilroy is saying we don't care about the natives. >> then this happened. >> tonight we have the opportunity. >> the mayor and councilmember briefly clashed when she proposed to postpone the installation. >> the people deserve at least. >> i'm sorry. this is supposed to be asking the council to. >> i'm. >> no. >> my request is that we recognize their voices. we request what they have asked from us. >> i see three thumbs up. that motion fails. >> last year the santa cruz city council voted to get rid of all its mission bells. uc santa cruz removed the campus bell a few years ago and lopez said they stopped heyward from considering it all together. yet lopez said gilroy put in a mission bell without even listening to the pain it brings native americans.
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>> they want to erase the history, you know. they want to continue their domination over native people. >> and he said tribes in california are starting to discuss a statewide campaign to remove all mission bells from government properties. tonight councilmember zach hilton said he wants this back on the agenda. he said in a statement we should not be approving any installation of pieces of art work, statues and symbols of oppression without vetting them through an equity policy. >> and another councilmember issued this statement. our new road marker has never been in a mission and to refer to them all as mission bells is incorrect and shows a false understanding of what they are, road markers. they didn't respond to a request for interview. at san quentin the largest
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death row in the country is being dismantled. a voter backed initiative aimed to speed up executions requires death row inmates to work. that is allowing the governor to transfer them to other maximum security facilities featuring programs. it has been 16 years since the state last carried out an execution. most death sentences get turned to life or less. happening today the second snow pack survey of the season, conditions were looking promising after a wet december. then there was the bone dry january. it's expected to fall shy of the average for this time of year. time to loop in our weather and traffic this morning. >> let's start with mary lee. >> good morning. tracking off shore winds. in fact up in the sierra they have wind advisories. also for us here in the bay
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area. we were talking about the off shore winds yesterday and now they are here. i'm watching the northerly winds kick in for the north bay mountains and the east bay hills. the higher elevations starting to see those northerly winds gusting up to 20 to 40 miles an hour. let's get to the wind advisories and high wind warning that are in effect due to this moderate off shore wind event. in red that is a high wind warning for the north bay mountains. we are looking at in gold, that is a wind advisory for the entire north bay, the east bay hills and valleys, san francisco, san francisco peninsula, coast, and the santa cruz mountains. we are looking at northerly winds. gusts up to 55. the highest peaks 55 to 65. let's walk you through this. we are going to see the winds continuing to pick up as we go
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through the day today. here we are in the afternoon with a lot of red and purple lighting up our future cast winds. that really indicates those winds that will be getting going for us. the strongest winds will be tonight into tomorrow morning. here we go tomorrow in the afternoon. still looking at the strong winds and then finally the winds will let up as we look ahead to thursday. your first alert weather forecast, looking at sunshine and breezy conditions today. peak winds will be tonight into tomorrow morning. the strongest winds in the north bay mountains under that high wind warning. currently we are looking at calm to light conditions for many of us. fairfield you are be log at northerly winds at 13 and the north bay mountains and watching the winds starting to pick up already this morning. it's a cold start to the day. 30s and 40s as we kick off tuesday. concord 37, 49 in oakland. livermore 39. downtown san francisco 47. 40 in san jose and 39 for santa
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rose a. the skies clear and that's the reason why it's such a cold start to the day. we have this inside slider, this low pressure system east of the sierra and with it bringing those off shore winds. this moderate off shore wind event today and for tomorrow. our temperatures are going to be in the membershipper 50s along the coast, low 60s along the bay. and highs inland upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon. as we go hour by hour, with the northerly winds bringing in that dry air for the bay area. humidity down to 10 to 15%. first alert seven day forecast, as we head through the rest of the week we will see temperatures warming up just a bit as we look to the end of the week. for the inland east bay and the coast and you can see that warm up as we look ahead to the weekend into early next week. no rain in sight.
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let's check in with gianna. good morning. we have a couple hot spots this morning. if you are getting ready to head out the door and take 80, thoroughfare field we have a car fire. the good news is a big -- the big rig caught fire. the fire is out. all the activity is out so just some activity to clear up the mess there. two lanes are blocked until further notice on the right hand side of the roadway. you have crews mopping up this mess. doesn't look like any injuries reported in the trouble spot. as far as traffic a little slow as you approach the area. other than that it's free flowing the rest of the way down 80 with no delays. live look at the pass. we are seeing the brake lights out of tracy, westbound 205. as you work from tracy onto 580 a little sluggish. you will see busy conditions in to the pass itself. we are getting first reports of a new crash. this is westbound 580 right at isabel each and the left lane
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is blocked for a car facing the wrong way in lanes. once are you past you that don't have too many problems. things clear in both directions. checking travel times, 28 minutes, 205 to 680. east shore freeway, 13 minutes, highway 4 clear and right now in delays or issues out of san jose. bay bridge toll plaza quiet. no delays, golden gate bridge looks good. 20 minutes to go south 101 from 37 downto the golden gate bridge. richmond, san rafael bridge off to a good start and a quick live look at the san mateo bridge. no brake lights or delays. a 13 minute ride between 880 and 101. morning. straight ahead, something you may have never seen before in a boxing ring and the warriors, seth curry, thought it was like old times last night. deep in the heart of texa
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the warriors. what's better than five in a
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row? how about six? warriors and curry moving last night and what a 4th period show to break the rockets spirit. clay thompson. how did he get this shot off? top two of his 14 points and the man knows the angles. if you like that you will love this. curry got hot and his teammates responded. now the rockets did not go quietly. kevin porter jr. got dog in it. came sharp shooting after curry. rocket was in four, five minutes left but curry was the closer last night. 40 points, 21 in the 4th quart year. curry got his grove back and they won it. hot shooting? it was just a matter of time. >> there's no secret how i have been shooting recently. the confidence is always like it just takes one to start a night like that in the 4th
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quarter. >> what do you think when the opponent starts trash talking seth the way that porter started tonight? >> i didn't know that. i didn't notice that at all. i encourage it. nfl and the 49ers. teammates have samuel. it's most inspirational player yesterday.. jimmy a punching bag of sorts by fans this season and for this last play against the rams, we will get his take on his season and future when he speaks later on today. despite what you see, his record is 35-16 as a starter. niners have won 69% of his starts. plenty of teammates spoke glowing of him. >> jimmy is the man. you heard it from everybody. it's nobody is lying about it. he superiors so many guys in this room. everything he played through this year.
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everything he taught me. how he handled our situation. everybody put us against each other and everything like that. he has been a big brother to me and he will be one of my best friends for my life. >> why is raiders owner smiling? he made his new head coach official yesterday. josh mcdaniels. zigler came over as gm. now, professional sports has come to this. pillow fighting championships. wait for it. boom. first ever pillow fighting title bought. the other match, holly tillman in all red. in from miami florida just in case you missed this over the weekend. each won $5,000. they tabbed it from the bedroom
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to the ring. i will let you chew on that. we will see you later. >> yeah. it's a sport i could actually maybe participate in. one of very few. three minutes before five and still ahead, san francisco taking a big step toward easing pandemic restrictions. the new mask rules. and the new requirement if you want to see the warriors play at chase center. we will be right
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>> woman: what's my safelite story? i'm a photographer. and when i'm driving, i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, it had to be fixed right. i scheduled with safelite autoglass. their experts replaced my windshield and recalibrated my car's advanced safety system. ♪ acoustic rock music ♪ >> woman: safelite is the one i trust. they focus on safety so i can focus on this view. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ right now, san francisco leading the way in letting up mask rules. where and when you can go mask free indoors.
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>> and it's deadline day for some emergency workers in santa claire to vax up or stay home. the plan to fill gaps in positions coming up next. and the new requirements for fans looking to go to chase center in the near future. and the new option for people wanting to get tested on the peninsula. good morning. it's tuesday, the first day of february. thank you for joining us. >> let's get a check on weather and traffic. a wind advisory is in effect for parts of the bay area. here is first alert weather. we were talking about the off shore winds yesterday and now they are here. i'm watching them push in for the higher elevations, the hills and mountains and we will continue to see the northerly winds as they push into the rest of the bay area. we have high wind warnings in red and that's for the north bay mountains. we have wind advisories in gold for the east bay. san francisco, san francisco peninsula coast as well as the santa cruz


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