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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  February 1, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news at 3:00. high winds in san jose. the fire department said two
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juveniles were transported with minor injuries. we do have a crew on the way. gusty winds are going to continue tomorrow. the winds should relax later this week. i am tracking it all. also ahead, new information just in on the shooting near oakland in lake merritt. is a message of thanksgiving from the 49ers' jimmy garoppolo. i am ellen martin. our top kpix and bay . wnwith lo >> high elevations is where we have seen the strongest gusts. santa rosa has had 45 miles per hour. close that area the oakland hills. up in elevation, winds are stronger. of the lower elevations, 30 miles per hour. around san jose, 29 there.
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the wind chill advisory does continue tomorrow. it does include the in the valleys of the east bay in the north bay along with higher elevations there were already under the advisory. the red shaded areas are under a high wind warning for the north bay through tomorrow morning. excuse me thursday morning. wind gusts with the highest peak getting 70 more. power outages are going to remain possible. we will trap the winds of our coming up. looking live, wendy. with a lack of storms in january for the entire state, state -- water officials say the snowpack dipped below average. that is according to the snow survey done earlier today. we will have an update on the outlook for februa coming upfuu an update out of oakland. one person has died, and other
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injured, in a shooting not far from lake merritt. happened early morning, january 23, in alameda. the pedestrian was hit and taken to the hospital and later died. kpix 5's kiet do looked at the city's growing number of deadly crashes. >> reporter: we are here at the corner of alameda and newhall street where the city of san jose had its ninth fatal collision of the year. coming to the month of january, somebody was dying in a fatal crash once every three or four days. the city is on an alarming pace to beat last year's historic high. >> we don't know what the traffic signal situation was like. i can confirm that the pedestrian was in the crosswalk.
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this van hit them and fled. >> reporter: it happened on january 23 at 4:40 am at the quarter of alameda and newhall street. a possible transit van was involved. in the first month of the year, san jose has had 10 traffic fatalities, seven of which were pedestrians. >> obviously, we are way ahead of the pace in terms of traffic fatalities for this time last year. i believe we were into april when we have this money traffic fatalities. here we are just ending january. >> this has been a surprising and disturbing rashness fatalities. >> reporter: he says in the last several years, a disproportionately high number of pedestrian fatalities have been homeless. the d.o.t. has done outreach to some of the camps, handing out safety vests and flashlights. the department is also spending millions of dollars on so-called quick build infrastructure projects. >> we want to make a quarter
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safer, it requires a lot of funding, environmental review, at least a five-year process. but with quick build designs, like what recently did, use paint, plastic posts, signage. we can make pedestrian crossings better. we can do that in a timeline for 18 months to 2 years. the number one thing we can do to fight this russia fatalities is just slow down. >> in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. video, a walkout. a week of action that includes a teacher hunger strike. justin andrews reports. many are upset that the district is considering a plan to close or merge more than a dozen campuses. >> [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: teachers across oakland are furious. >> they are targeting black and brown schools. as of the only schools that are on the list. >> reporter: this third-grade
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teacher in a handful of others were protesting outside schools tuesday morning. this follows the district's plan to close at least eight schools and emerge another five by the end of 2023. this will force some kids to be at other schools. >> our students while our schools. they rely on the relationship they have with the adults on the schools. >> reporter: school leaders say it is necessary to respond to the district's mounting budget shortfalls from declining enrollment. it's bad enough schools are closing, but organizers for reparations for black students in oakland say there hasn't been any community engagement. >> principals didn't know. staff were informed. the only communication and engagement that school sites had had the appearance have had with this district has been a letter. >> reporter: 1800 people from the public had a lot to say monday night during the board meeting. school board embers and teachers say the planet justly affects and disrupts education for students of color.
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they say this is not the answer. every day this week, teachers are planning actions. next tuesday, teachers and families will know if their school will officially shut its doors. >> what the campaign is going to do is to what we've always done, encourage black pants, black students, like educators to stand up, protect their schools, and demand democracy. >> reporter: we are told the final vote will take place a week from today. next week, the meeting will be pretty interesting. in oakland, justin andrews, kpix 5. encouraging signs on the covid front. statewide, our test positive be the under 14% continuing its recent decline. there are 37,000 new cases. starting today, you can go to the gym in san francisco again without a mask. the city dropped its indoor mandate following the recent drop in omicron cases. but in order to drop your mask, you need to prove that you are fully vaccinated and boosted. the exception also applies to offices and other so-called
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stable cohorts of people who have been vaccinated. >> we are going to the mountain right now. we are not quite at sea level yet. it's a really good way to start beginning to ease restrictions. >> as for indoor mega-events of 500 people or more, masking will still be required. a new walk up testing site opens today. it is set to offer 2003 tips per day. opened tuesday through thursday from 8:00 to 4:00. a game changer for the health of young children in the pandemic. that could be just around the corner. today, frazier asked the u.s. to authorize extra low doses of its vaccine. that's for kids 6 months to 5 years old. dr. maldonado leads the research . >> since the beginning of the pandemic, if you look at hospitalizations for covid, we
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are seeing that the under 5s seem to have a highest hospitalization rates. i think that is a group that is especially vulnerable. >> reporter: pfizer's dose could become available within days. the drugmaker found it is safe and produce an immune response, but it still testing a three- dose regimen. for more covid tasting of latest on health instructions across the bay area, take to new at 3:00, we are hearing from 49ers ' quarterback jimmy garoppolo. charlie walter is here. a big thank you from number 10. >> looks like it's number 5's form. a tale of two interviews. jimmy garoppolo said, see you, san francisco. kyle shanahan a john lynch talked before jimmy. they didn't tipped her hand whatsoever. >> when you have a quarterback that played like you did last year and a young player waiting for his opportunity, there are a lot of options.
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>> about 20 minutes later, jimmy garoppolo met with the media, and it was about as much a farewell address as a federal address gets. he made it clear, he will be moving on. >> i want to leave the place better than when i got here. it's always something i have tried to live through. one of those things you look back on it and how far the organization has come in four years. is pretty well. i wouldn't change anything. i have a long career ahead of me. i am excited about it. i just want to go to a place where they want to win. >> jimmy garoppolo has a no- trade clause. it will be interesting to see if the 49ers can make a deal with one suitor that is a favorite, tampa bay. >> is official, san mateo native quarterback tom brady calling it quits. comes after more than two decades in the nfl playing for
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new england and tampa bay brady announced his retirement this morning on social media. during 22 seasons, he became the all-time nfl leader for touchdown passes and passing yards. he won seven super bowl team won five super bowl mvp awards. >> not a lot of us get to do it our way. we don't get to leave the game the way we want to but i doubt if we see another like tom brady. >> tom brady attended high school in san mateo. we will hear from one of his former coaches at 5:00. coming up, highlighting an oakland congresswoman at the start of black history month. we hear from representative barbara lee on her documentary. plus welcoming the year of th
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as we begin black history month, oakland congresswoman, boboli, is a syndicate of a new document. she has been pulled both a traitor and the conscience of the congress. >> i was a student at mills college as a young mother on welfare with two kids, he was working in the community with the black panther party, making sure people had something to eat. social justice has always been who i am.
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>> reporter: barbara lee looks at the life and career of the congresswoman from the east bay. >> this is an essential step in correcting the failed war on drugs. >> reporter: a host of current and former colleagues, eagerly spoke with the director for the film. but lee was more reluctant. >> abby ginsberg approached me many times. she is a wonderful filmmaker, first of all. but also, she's very persistent. 98% of my life was public. i have to accept that because this is what i want to do. in terms of public service. that little 2% that is personal is personal and private. >> reporter: lee found herself under the microscope after 9/11 when she cast the only congressional vote against the authorization of military that she thought was too broad.
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>> central to democracy was the right to dissent. >> she was right. it was important that her community understood. >> reporter: the film shows lee and her community. >> we intersect our policies in a way that all of our people understand. >> people see her as their friends. they see harassment with her advocate, someone who stands up for them. >> continue to speak out. don't back down. >> reporter: in hollywood, i am david daniel. >> "barbara lee:speaking truth to power." today marks the year of the tiger. in san francisco, the chinese chamber of commerce held a celebration today. the crowd, performers, and speakers, agencies and groups
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sharing their liver new year greetings online today. you can, too. use the hashtag kpix. a look at the stock. all in the green. the dell up. the s&p up 31. let's get back to the forecast. >> the big story is the wind. gusty winds across the bay area. the strongest started these 30 to 35 miles per hour range. that is what we expected. the higher gusts are further up in elevation from above 1000 or 2000 feet. those are the most sparsely populated parts of the bay area. we will be watching for downstream to power outages. it is breezy. wind will move you around on the road a little bit. both hands on the wheel. pay attention to what you are doing. gusty winds will continue tomorrow. debbie lesko should relax. the fire threat stays elevated. we are in the midst of a four-
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week stretch of dry weather. the offshore winds, not what we want to see at this point with no rain in sight. future cast, wind gusts do like as we head for this evening, but there will be gusty winds as we head tonight, especially for napa and solano county and higher elevations of the diablo range in santa cruz mountains. the winds are going to start to diminish tomorrow afternoon. it's to want to be breezy day. wind gusts are going to be in the 20 to 30 miles per hour range, but we lose the 20 to 30 miles per hour gusts. call winds after the sun goes down on wednesday. technically, the wind advisory goes through 9:00 a.m. on thursday. a wind advisory continues through 9:00 i am with a high wind warning with highest elevations of the north bay. in general, as you are heading out the door and most of the bay area, you will notice it is breezy and the wind is trying
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to moving around on the road. you will also notice higher air- quality. good air-quality again tomorrow. as he winds start to diminish, the air-quality will deteriorate. back in the moderate category by the weekend. what we need is rain. it has been all or nothing. this is statistics for downtown san francisco. october with the second wettest on record. december was the 21st on record. november was middle of the pack. last month with the driest, and february is not looking good. we will keep hunting for any hint of rain in long-range data. right now, temperatures mostly in the 60s. 55 degrees in livermore, but everyone else in the low to mid 60s. with winds story the atmosphere around, only a couple spots dropping to the upper 30s tonight. everyone else in the low to mid 40s. high temperatures tomorrow, about where they were today. low 60s along the coast and long
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the south into the bay. low 60s in the santa clara valley. 63 degrees for santa clara. mid-60s for richmond and berkeley. low to mid 60s for the north bay . imagers farther north mostly reaching into the 60s as well. mid-50s for lake norden, clear lake. temperatures don't change much around the bay. a modest warm up for san francisco and no one. more of a warm up for san jose. upper 60s sticking around for next week and part of the east bay in north bay. a noticeable warm up. r evy, st new mo ain in sight. . a lot getting ready to file. coming up, a look at what might be different on your 2021 return. coming up on streaming service, cbs news bay area, we will have more about jimmy g. inches thank you method to the
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the paged way you earn. iec area about what that meanthatit is gotten into bitcoin and
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cryptocurrency. how does that translate onto your taxes? make the rs is going to be curious about your crypto transactions. it is important that you disclose any sort of purchases, transactions. here's the thing. if you just bought a cryptocurrency on an app and sat with it, but it with u.s. dollars, you don't have a texan it really. you don't have to pay taxes. but if you did sell the cryptocurrency, traded it, that is a transaction the irs doesn't know about. there may be tax implications. >> reporter: the pandemic has led to a lot of people to have site hustles. how is the irs handling that? >> there is a new reporting change that is happening. is not going to really affect how we file our taxes this year. it's important to know as we go forward, next year, we will want to report to the irs if we did receive any money from venmo , paypal, and the like, where a business or side hustle.
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the irs is requiring third-party payment mpanieto l them know, to issue se irs about our activities. whether we like it or not, the irs is going to find out. it's really important we keep good bookkeeping and we are also up front when we file our taxes. it may not be we owe taxes if we aren't less than $600. it is not a taxable event. it if it is more than that, then it is going to do the numbers. coming up, three words, chilly, cheese, and keg. coming up on the cbs evening news, the good news for paris. a covid vaccine for kids number
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we are continuing to follow breaking news. this is a new video just in from chopper 5 after a huge section of at large tree came down and high winds. this is a park in san jose. the fire department is telling kpix that two juveniles were transported with minor injuries from this. we will have an update with all the information for you coming up at 5:00. also, a san rafael woman
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got a big surprise in her front yard. not happy. she says comcast installed a huge backup battery without any warning. we are digging into that. we will have more for you this evening. 5:00 with ryan and elizabeth. before we go, we know that a lot of super bowl parties involved beer. in some cases, it is a keg. this other kind of keg. this one is full of chili cheese. or mel just unveiled a functioning keg. it has a tap handle shaped like a chili can. an adjustable heating element to keep it from getting cold. by the way, this thing is refillable. or mel has a sweepstakes page where you can enter to win. the company will deliver the keg on super bowl sunday. better deliver an ambulance, too. >> with a defender later?
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you're going to need it. that's it for news at 3:00. we are back at 5:00, 6: , and captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the news that many parents have been waiting for, a covid vaccine for kids youngir than five could be ready by the end of the month. we've got the new details that are just coming in. the breaking news: pfizer asks the f.d.a. to authorize a mini-dose for about 19 minute children, earlier than expected. hazardous weather. the major travel danger as a new winter storm could impact more than 90 million americans. the breaking news after two students are shot outside a minnesota school. the latest on the manhunt. plus the new details in a college campus shooting, a gunman killing two officers. it's official: tom brady retires. a look back at the remarkable career of the greatest quarterback of all time.


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