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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 1, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the branch splinter and break off. >> i see the kids standing and i hear the cracking, and i look up and the tree falls on them. it was horrible. everything was silent. it was just, like, something out of a movie. >> first reports indicate the branch came down in high wind. the city taped off the area for cleanup. the wind was wrestling the trees in san ramon this afternoon. paul heggen is tracking the wind advisory for the bay area, and when we see the strongest gusts. we will see the strongest gusts through tomorrow morning. this time tomorrow the wind will relax. this is the highest gust we have seen so far, out at mount diablo at 55 miles per hour, almost 60 miles per hour. mid-40s for the bid went gusts for fairfield. 30 miles per hour in san jose. san jose is not technically
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included within the wind advisory, but that is the single damage report we have seen so far. this is the wind advisory that continues through 9:00 a.m. on thursday, but the strongest wind will occur over the next 24 hours. this time tomorrow, the wind won't be as strong. the highest elevations of the north bay is where there is a warning. 20 to 30 mile-per-hour winds with gusts in the 45 to 60 mile- per-hour range, but the highest gusts will be in the highest elevations in the inland valley of the east bay and north bay. downed trees are a possibility. power outages possible. to this point, we have only one damage report of that tree falling in san jose. if you have any damage in your neighborhood and can take a
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picture, take us on social media so we can get that information out. i will come back for the hour by hour in a few minutes. it is windy up in tahoe as well, and the latest snow survey today shows a dramatic change in the snowpack after a very dry january. state water officials say the snowpack dipped below average to 92%, quite a turnaround considering it was 160% of average in late december. the forecast for brain is not looking good in the near future. kpix 5's wilson walker with what they dry spell means for the water supply. >> reporter: at the end of december, we stopped and took stock of the glorious month of rainfall and the october storms, and asked the question, what if it just stops raining? here we are on the first of february, one month closer to another year of drought. >> this year has been a great example of how we can go from went to drive very quickly from month-to-month. >> reporter: with the storm door slam shut for a month, october and december rains no amount to more of the same. >> so far, precipitation this year is almost come a it's just slightly less than total precipitation for the first year of the drought, 2020. >> reporter: while some places
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like marin were able to restock relatively well with what has fallen, other places are struggling. >> for some near sacramento is doing fairly well, but shasta is below where it ought to be. >> we want to see more snow fact feeding to fill the hole that multiple years of drought have left in lake shasta. >> reporter: with shasta still low and snowpack dwindling, districts like contra costa water are still very much in drought mode. >> we are calling on customers to conserve, and they are doing a great job. they are conserving quite a bit over there 2020 numbers. >> reporter: the water year could still break either way. there was a miracle marchan 1991 which delivered three times that month's average rainfall, but that was an anomaly, and the clock is ticking. >> somethings going to happen, for sure. it will either be wet or dry,
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or somewhere in between. >> reporter: forecasts get hazy about 2 weeks out. if the first 2 weeks of february are dry, that leaves 1.5 months of potential wet season remaining. wilson walker, kpix 5. a state ballot measure to build more dams and reservoirs has died due to lack of signatures. it would have required about $4 billion from california's general fund to be set aside every year to expand water supplies. supporters say they will try to make it to the 2024 state ballot. an unpleasant surprise for a san rafael woman. she came home to find a comcast utility box installed right in front of her home. it's all perfectly legal, but as kpix 5's john ramos reports, the woman is asking why homeowners don't deserve more respect. >> reporter: when you do something beneficial, having the law behind you can be a good thing, but sometimes it can also lead to an arrogance of power. there hallenbeck is proud of her san rafael home, but admits
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amid the neat landscaping, there is a new addition to her garden. >> i was gone for 2 hours, and when i came back it was there. >> reporter: this contains a backup battery for the comcast hub hanging from the utility pole at the corner of her lot. it's appearance in claire's front yard on friday came as a complete surprise. >> there is a huge truck in front of my house, and the guy tells me we are doing an installation for comcast, and i said you have to be kidding me. what is going on here. nobody told me about this, and he said governor newsome wants these installed. >> reporter: a 72 hour backup supply has been ordered by the state to maintain key infrastructure in case of a disaster or power outage, so companies have a legal right to place him on private property, and comcast had a city permit to do it, but that is not what is bothering claire. >> there was no notice. the city signed off on drawings, but we weren't notified.
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they really should have told us. i mean him as someone should be notified. someone should have at least a conversation. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought my goodness what is that, and it's huge. >> reporter: claire and her neighbors understand the purpose of the installations, but they are disturbed that they are being done without even the courtesy of a postcard or phone call. >> we aren't against any of this, but just to be included in the process or the plan. >> reporter: the city may be listening. a sign on the box says the insulation has been halted, and claire has learned the city and comcast will be coming tomorrow for a meeting. she would like it relocated to a less obtrusive place, but no matter what, she is hoping they get the message that the public deserves respect. while they may have the power to do something, there is no reason they can't be nice about it. in san rafael, john ramos ,
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kpix 5. >> comcast is not returned our request for comment. claire has learned that comcast has numerous permits filed with the city and is warning other residents to look out for comcast tubs on their utility poles, because each one will soon have a backup battery installed right next to them. a wild scene in fremont this afternoon. police are looking for four robbery suspects who bailed out this stolen car that led to a foot chase through neighborhoods near castillejo way . it started in san ramon. police chased the vehicle until it stopped on 680 near washington boulevard. officers were able to catch three of the suspects and are looking for one more. students and teachers protesting proposed school closures in oakland. we were overhead this afternoon as students and teachers staged a walkout. their school is on the list to be merged with another. in all, the district plans to close eight elementary schools.
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four others will be consolidated. two westlake teachers say they will go on a hunger strike because of the cuts. the district says a budget crisis is to blame, but parents and teachers say the move will negatively impact thousands of families and students of color. >> principles didn't know. staff weren't informed. the only communication and engagement that school sites have had the parents have had with this site and district has been a letter. >> our students rely on our schools come up they rely on the relationships with adults that they have at these schools, it is not okay for them to do this to us. >> reporter: a final vote will be held next week. a live look at san francisco. starting today, you can go to the gym again without wearing a mask. the city dropped the indoor mandate following the recent drop in omicron cases, but in order to drop your mask, you must prove you are fully vaccinated and boosted. >> i've been staying away from really crowded situations, doing my exercise outside, but now i am at a point i feel
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pretty safe with the booster. >> the exemption also applies to offices and other so-called stable cohorts of people who have been vaccinated. as for indoor mega-events of 500 people or more, masking will still be required. taking a live look at chase center. starting today, you have to show proof of a booster shot to enter. all eligible guests need to show they have been boosted at least 1 week before an event. encouraging new numbers from the state on the covid front. the test positivity rate is now just under 14%, and a game changer for young children could be just around the corner. pfizer has applied for emergency authorization for a two dose regiment of its covid vaccine for children under 5. if the fda agrees, shots containing just one 10th of the dose given to adults could be given to kids as young as 6 months old by the end of the month. the football world will
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never be the same. future hall of fame quarterback tom brady has officially decided to retire. the bay area neighborhood native is undoubtedly the best quarterback of all time, as fans and players are back on his legendary career. >> reporter: tom brady announced his retirement on tuesday morning on social media , capping a spectacular career. during 22 seasons, he literally reroute the nfl record book with personal and team accomplishment. >> is the greatest quarterback in nfl history. he is a g.o.a.t.. >> reporter: he said this is difficult for me to write, but here it goes. i'm not going to make the competitive commitment anymore. i have left my nfl career, and now it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention. news of brady's impending retirement leaked over the weekend, and as recently as monday night, brady said on hi podcast that he wasn't ready to make any announcements. >> when i know i will now, and when i don't know i won't know. i want race to a conclusion. 4 but k cbs former director jim hill said brady did it his way.
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>> not a lot of us get to do it our way. we don't get to leave the game the way that we want to. i doubt if we see another like tom brady. >> reporter: his accomplishments fill the record book, including leading the nfl in all-time touchdown passes and passing yards. he earned five super bowl mvp awards. the nfl commissioner roger goodell called brady an incredible competitor and leader missing his career is remarkable for its longevity, and the sustained excellence he displayed year after year. brady told his fans he has always believed the sport of football is an all in proposition, saying i have tried my very best over these past 22 years. there are no shortcuts to success on the field or in life. >> tom brady grew up in san mateo as the pride of serra high school. coming up, we talked to some of his former coaches about the career that took root here in
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the bay area. still ahead here on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbs news bay area , jimmy garoppolo speaks out about his future with the 49ers. his message to fans. hikers on edge in the south pay. the warning after two separate attacks involving a man with a knife. tesla recalling thousands of cars that may disobey st vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children. ruthann and i like to hike. we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be.
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in oakland, one person is dead and another injured after a shooting near lake merritt. it happened at kume spa on grand avenue just before 10:00 this morning. video from chopper 5 shows heavy police presence outside of the business. the victims have not been identified. police are saying there is no threat to public safety as they continue to investigate.
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los gatos police are looking for a suspect accused of two assaults along a popular hiking trail. they say the assaults happened at the st. joseph's hill open space preserve in los gatos last month. the first assault happened on january 1, and the second on sunday. police say in the first assault, two hikers were threatened by a man with a knife. the victims were able to safely escape. police say in the second assault, the suspect attacked a hacker from behind while holding a knife. the victim was able to escape. both assaults happened in the evening. >> i'm really surprised. most people here are really friendly, hikers and bikers. we get along pretty well and have never had conflict appear. >> police have posted warning signs. the suspect is a man wearing dark clothing and possibly a bandanna face covering. police urging hikers to stay vigilant, and avoid the area at night. in minnesota, a deadly school shooting in suburban minneapolis. one student said him another in critical condition. it took place at noon in front of the south education center in richfield. school buildings
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and surrounding areas were put on lockdown as police searched for the suspect. so far no arrests have been made. russian president vladimir putin says the u.s. and its allies have ignored his demands. he made his first public comments on the ukraine crisis in weeks. he said his countries security concerns have gone ignored by the west, including his demand that nato won't expand to ukraine, or deploy weapons near the russian border. even as 100,000 russian troops remain at the ukrainian border, vladimir putin says he hopes dialogue will continue. >> there is no trade space co a invaon of ukraineulbe a political dier. my, would also be, for russia, for the world am i a military disaster.
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>> meanwhile, ukraine is engaging with european allies trying to avoid armed conflict with the 100,000 troops at its border. in washington, congress is now working on a bipartisan bill to put new sanctions on russia. an unusual recall involving tesla vehicles. 54,000 cars needed an update for not stopping at stop signs. tesla is a full self driving software is programmed to roll through stop signs when no other cars or people are near, but the national highway traffic safety administration says that feature is a risk to safety. tesla will disable the rolling stop function this month with a software update. drivers will not need to take their vehicles to be serviced. many parts around the world are celebrating the start of lunar new year, including right here in the bay area. this is the year of the tiger. the chinese chamber of commerce held a celebration in chinatown. a big crowd showed up to hear guest speakers. some praised the asian community or their strength during the pandemic, and the
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rise of aapi hate. >> we are here because the sun is shining, the tiger is going to roar. chinatown is coming back, and the chinese community is going to continued to drive. >> the tiger represents strength and courage. the celebration comes to san francisco is a to make an official apology to the chinese- american community. kpix 5's any toy will have more on that coming up at 6:00. our big weather story is the wind. earlier today, the trees were blowing around on mount diablo. check in with first alert chief meteorologist paul heggen with more on that. the wind is starting to calm down a bit, but it will be another breezy day tomorrow. the strongest gusts we had today for most of the bay area were in the 30 to 40 mile-per- hour range. those are relaxing. really of a handful of spots reporting over 15 miles per hour. that doesn't mean we are going to completely calm down as we had there the rest of tonight. it's still the same pattern locked in place, a strong pressure gradient, high
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pressure over the pacific and a storm system working through the rocky mountains, and the atmosphere is getting squeezed of her head. it won't last forever. the wind will relax towards thursday and friday. the ripple will die down the coast him about the big impact will be lighter wind. already, by late wednesday night, and continuing into thursday and friday. let us talk about the wind gusts we expect tonight. they won't be as strong as they were this afternoon, but noticeable to the nighttime hours. early tomorrow morning, they pick up already. 35 to 40 mile-per-hour gusts for napa county and solano county. for most of us, the strongest gusts will be 20 to 25 my maybe 30 mile-per-hour range, where to the north, occasionally over 30 miles per hour. tomorrow afternoon mother went won't be quite as strong. that diminishing trend will continue tomorrow night. we will largely be out of the woods in terms of the potential
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for any additional wind damage, and at this point we only have that one damage report on that section of the tree that fell on the kids in san jose. if you do see pictures of damage, share with us. safely take a picture and take us on social media. when conditions continue through 9:00 a.m. on thursday, but the real window will only last about another 24 hours. it's a high wind warning for the highest elevations of the north bay. that's where the potential of the over 60 mile-per-hour gusts exist. that elevates the fire threat as well. those numbers will go down as we head through tonight, as the temperatures drop, the relative humidity levels go up, and that helps us out. it will climb again tomorrow. once again, we will be about halfway up the scale because of the moisture we received in october, and december especially. it's a 4 week stretch of dry weather my but we still feel
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the benefit of the wet start to the water year that we had. this would be a different map if we had the dry conditions we had for so much of last winter. the dry conditions have been up and down over the last several months. the top 10 driest january on record, and the outlook on february isn't looking good. this is the latest outlook for rainfall, and it shows a significant chance of below average rainfall for most of california. we hope march is a different story. looking across the bay, temperatures dropping down into the 50s, a few spots holding onto the low 60s. 60 degrees in san francisco. 62 in santa rosa. temperatures tonight, mostly low to mid 40s. the winds during the atmosphere around will keep the temperatures from dropping too far.
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mostly low 60s tomorrow. the coolest spots in lent will only be in the upper 50s, but that is normal for early february. the warming trend will be noticeable when the wind dies down. low to mid 60s around the bay, with upper 60s further inland. san jose will stay in the upper 60s on monday and tuesday. inland parts will see a similar warm-up, and along the coast him a temperatures should exceed 60 degreeswell wivisoryagain comiup:3 coming up, 2 ter losing in nfc tie game, jimmy garoppolo says farewell to the 49ers. whoopi goldberg doing damage control. her on-air apology for comments she made about the holocaust. coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, tax day is less than 2 months away. we have everything you need to know about filing. that will happen at 8:15. you ca
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the 49ers will be making at least one significant change to the roster next season. >> tray lance is expected to start over as starting quarterback. charlie walter joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: it was the old tale of two very different answers in the media today. jimmy garoppolo didn't hold back on his future in san francisco. as for kyle shanahan and john lynch, they talk before jimmy and they took the we don't know yet approach. >> when you have a quarterback who played like jimmy did last year, and a young guy waiting to get an opportunity, there are a lot of good options. that is why the cards are on the table. >> reporter: 20 minutes later, jimmy garoppolo had with the media, and it was a farewell address, plain and simple.
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he made it clear he will be moving on this off-season. >> i want to leave the place better than when i got here. it's always something i try to live through. you look back on it, and how far this team and organization has, in 4 years, it is pretty wild. i would not change anything for the world. i have a long career ahead of me. i'm excited about it. i just want to go to a place where they want to win. >> reporter: jimmy garoppolo has a no trade clause, so will be interesting to see the 49ers can work out a deal with. one potential suitor that is considered an early favorite, tampa bay. could he replace tom brady? >> charlie, congratulation to the bengals, and made a beat the rams. >> reporter: thank you, ryan. coming up all new at 5:30, what the return of the tech bust says about life after the omicron surge in silicon valley. will more companies require
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workers to return to the office? i'm devin fehely in mountain view, and i will have details coming up. she has been called the conscience of congress. the new documentary on the life of east bay representative barbara lee, and the risks she took to stand up for justice. i am max darrow in san mateo. one of
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30 . right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area , more local news at 5:30. before tom brady was an nfl legend, he was a standout at serra high school. his former coaches shared their memories of his bay area beginnings. wildfire survivors are speaking out against a decision by the governor. why they say it gives pg&e a license to burn. a new sign the omicron surge is beginning to fade, the return of the tech bust. they were everywhere before the pandemic, shuttle buses whisking techies around the bay area. >> devin fehely reports it may never be like it was before , as work from home may stick in silicon valley.
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