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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  February 7, 2022 5:00am-5:58am PST

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and another vaccine mandate here at home. the new requirement starting today in berkeley. deciding when to get another booster shot. the new guidance from the cdc for certain americans this morning. children may soon be allowed to ditch masks and classrooms. the message from a former fda commissioner on when that could happen. ti outside oakland schools. white teachers, students and parent lines this time. good morning. monday, february 7th and i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese and let's check the weather and traffic beginning with first alert mary- ologists, mary lee. >> happy monday and so good to have you back. a chilly start to the day with patchy fog. we are down to 30s and 40s as we kick off our monday with concord a 38 and 47 in oakland and livermore 37.
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patchy fog and we are looking into dense fog, one-quarter mile in santa rosa and near zero in petaluma with areas of fog over the bay bridge. get ready for another warm one. a little bit warmer compared to yesterday and continuing to warm up through the week. a big warm up in store and we are looking at 65 in pacifica, 66 in san francisco and 70 in san jose. 70 for santa rosa and through the week, we are talking about tying or breaking record highs for the day and i will have more coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at the traffic. a little foggy at the bay bridge and with a live look at the toll plaza, the fog is rolling in right around the area where you pass the pay
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gate into san francisco and patchy the rest of the way. be careful into the city. you might be dealing with limited visibility working through the bay bridge area. the earlier broken down vehicle on the lower deck does not seem to be causing issues. most of the bridges are quiet with everything off to a good start into san francisco. super commuters, we are tracking brake lights well beyond mountain house with west palm 205 on to 580, itself. developing this morning, protesting in oakland as a final vote draws near to close or merge 16 schools in the district. >> kpix5 has more. >> reporter: the protests will happen every morning beginning at 8:00 with parents intending to fight the school district's plan. lastly, teache
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studts and parot wanting the district to close several schools. 16 could close or be consolidated in the plan and director mike hutchinson revealed the plan to the public with the final list posted days before the final vote in the district said it must decrease the number of campuses to prevent budget deficits. in a statement, the district said it supports the right to protest and says, quote, we know our students, staff and families all agree we need a district of thriving schools. not everyone agrees on how best to get there. parents are outraged and they say the only chance to respond was doing one zoom meeting last week. >> they recently came back from the pandemic and they have been out for a year. if they merge schools and close them, it will be worsfo we th school district down and send a message
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that we won't take it anymore and we will fight and shut down the district. >> reporter: the district plans to vote on that proposal at a special meeting tomorrow with a full list of schools within the district that wants to close or consolidate. you can find that on our website at today, the city of berkeley vaccine mandate goes into effect with anyone five years or older entering a public facility must show proof of vaccination with restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. as well, adult and child care centers must show proof they are boosted. >> i tried to limit how much i go to restaurants but i sometimes don't like eating outside. i'm more likely to go inside if they have the vaccine requirement. i actually like it. >> employees with religious or medical exemptions must show proof that they also have a
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negative covid test result each week. with cases and hospitalizations falling, sonoma county has decided to let their restrictions expire. that goes into effect when the clock strikes midnight on thursday. a new insight on when mask mandates may be loosened. on face the nation, former fda commissioner scott gottlieb way adn. >> we are at a point where we could safely contemplate that and it doesn't mean it won't spread. when prevalence is low, a lot of people have been affected and there is a level of immunity and high vaccination rates may move forward with more risk and try to make sure students and schools have a semblance of normalcy for this spring term. it's not clear how sad california would follow suit when they drop the mask mandates.
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the cdc reports that 212 million americans are now fully vaccinated against covid-19 and that amounts to 64% of americans. that was as of yesterday and more than 89 million have been boosted, amounting to 27% of the total u.s. population. one in five eligible americans above the age of five have not received any dose of the covid vaccine. a new recommendation from the cdc that if you are immunocompromised and received pfizer or moderna, you could look to get a fourth shot three months after the previous booster. the revised guidance comes after pharmacies turned away immunocompromised people looking for a fourth dose. for more on the covid vaccine and health restrictions across the bay area, go to the san francisco police officer charged in a beating once the judge to toss the case. the officer claimed evidence
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with us with held that justified the use-of-force during the 2019 incident at fisherman's wharf. tarrant stango was responding to a domestic assault call and broke a wrist and leg of the suspect. in san jose, police are investigating another deadly crash with 12 people killed in traffic accidents in this city with the latest accident at the intersection of suncrest avenue and piedmont road saturday night with the driver of an audi running a red light and crashing into a car. it crashed into two trees, killing the driver and injuring the passenger. >> the intersection was a total of seven reported crashes and just one had an injury. this is not an intersection concern, typically. police said the driver of
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the other car is expected to be okay and there will be traffic engineers sent to inspect the intersection and they plan to double check to see if there are design flaws. san francisco business owners call on the city to step in after they said a graffiti mob is targeting their neighborhood th near nci waid with more than 100 showing up to tag the block including an abandoned building, a parklet and several storefronts. >> we bune strglinto ey'v nc pandemic and a second and third wave. on top of that, they deal with what i think is clearly an uptick in vandalism. >> several people in that area tell kpix5 that a store on the block not only sells spray paint and art supplies to the vandals but promotes such gatherings. in san mateo county, the
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town of woodside begins to accept sb 9 housing applications. the new state law allows homeowners to build up to four residential units on a single- family lot. for the new legislation to go into effect, it was a reversal after the attorney general told woodside officials that the town would be a mountain lions action area and that does not exempt it from new housing laws. >> the mountain lion habitat generally does not include roadways and lighted areas and homes. it's a rather remarkable thing. >> it's down to this space where we just keep going, where with the mountain lions go? >> it was declared that the entire town would be a habitat for the big cats. ahea5 dtron y , the nepush . the amazing work of
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emergency crews to rescue a man stuck on the side of a steep cliff. here is your first alert weather forecast with a cold start through the afternoon and even warmer compared to yesterday. with our morning lows, 30s and 40s with patchy fog and a strong ridge of high pressure continues to build. we are talking about a big warm up and store and heading through the week, record highs and i will have that seven-day forecast coming up. does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty.
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welcome back. 5:13 with a renewed push to add more cameras and license plate readers on bay area freeways after yet another deadly shooting on 880 in oakland with at least five killed on oakland freeways in the last nine months. in the latest case, chp made a quick arrest but four previous cases, including the shooting death of a toddler, remain unsolved. the family of another victim calls for freeway safety. >> having surveillance on the highways will deter criminals. >> even if stolen license plates, having the make and model of the vehicle, maybe we
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could get these vehicles identified. >> we need people to hear us. i don't want anyone to stop until we get change. oakland city leaders will last the governor and state lawmakers to support putting more cameras on the oakland freeways. it's only february but oakland police are investigating hundreds of robberies this year, alone with 252 robberies, to be exact. to reduce coming a vict gdistracted byyo vinod yto carr on illegal sideshows this weekend with them saying they have more officers and tow trucks on standby. there were multiple sideshows saturday night. an emotional vigil in march for a missing oakland woman. >> bring her home, lord jesus. >> family and friends marched
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and rallied for alexis gave to return home and their message is to keep holding on to hope. 24-year-old has been missing more than a week. they said worries about her and friends are hopeful and not giving up their search. >> no matter what this seems like, don't forget this. god can do the impossible. >> oakley police said her car was found abandoned with the keys in the ignition and the police department said her disappearance is a top priority. rescuers in the sierra worked over the weekend to try to save a group of skaters that fell into an icy lake in the sierra. five survived but one man went under. rescuers had dive units canvassing the water and his body was found.
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it was at a depth of 37 feet and at another nearby reservoir, fishermen and skaters enjoyed the ice with a sense of caution. >> my heart goes out to him. >> ghrod the water. >> rescuers said with the recent warm up, it's impossible to know how safe it is on the ice and the urge visitors to look for ice with cracks or near any moving water. check out this video showing a man rescued from a cliff in daly city that played out just after 4:00 at palisades park. they said a man was hiking and got stuck on the side of a steep cliff. rescuers used a rope and helicopter to get the hiker back to safety. no one was hurt. we hope for a beautiful day in the bay area but each day of gorgeous sunshine means a missed opportunity for rainfall
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in the winter. many are enjoying the nice weather, perfect for hiking on trails and walking on the water and others went to catch some sun. some people don't even bother with the forecast. >> i have given up on checking the weather. i just address for any kind of weather and walk out. >> it's a perfect combination of what i want, open space and my dog loves it here. i can talk to people. >> as we are seeing, a dry start this year with communities asked to go back to conserving water. we love our forecast, mary, regardless of what anybody says. we have a warm-up to prepare for? we are looking at a big warm up as we go through the week and we could see record tying or record-breaking highs. for this morning, it's a cold start. grab that jacket first thing and patchy fog and then looking
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east, there is patchy fog. right now, 30s and 40s. 38 in concord and oakland with patchy fog and downtown san francisco, 37 in livermore and santa rosa, 38 with foggy conditions. check out the visibility, near zero in petaluma and one-quarter mile in santa rosa. dense fog for you and the bay bridge has foggy conditions, as well. we will talk about this big warm up. as we head through the week in san jose, check this out. by thursday, temperatures in the upper 70s and well above average with the average high in san jose 62. san fro,an througthe week, thursday, low t with the normal high for this time of year 60 degrees in san francisco. it shows you how high those
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temperatures will soar because of a strong ridge of high pressure, a building high over us now and it will be the dominant weather feature as we had through the week. with light offshore winds, the temperatures will climb. on futurecast, plenty of sunshine with the daytime highs a little bit warmer aryestanll trenrough the week and highs inland in the upper 60s to low 70s. 71 in san jose and 68 in the napa valley and 71 for santa rosa. your first alert seven-day forecast, check out those temperatures climbing as we had through the week. especially wednesday and thursday, in the 70s and in the north bay and the coast, you can see that warm up through the next few days.
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through wednesday and thursday and friday, we will check with gianna with patchy fog in spots this morning. the bay bridge toll camera, things are moving okay with no major delays and i start with a live look on 580 toward the dublin interchange. in dublin and pleasanton, this is courtesy of our photojournalist with some slower speeds on that right hand side. overall, things are not bad, not as bad as east of there with brake lights heading into the altamont pass. super commuters, getting crowded westbound but still bearable. on the maps, going out of tracy on 2580, we are seeing brake lights down to 21 miles per hour in some spots.
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travel time, already 38 minutes on 205 toward 680. no fog or issues in that era and westbound 82 the maze, a 14 minute commute taking highway 4 from antioch toward a.d. , a 26 minute ride with no troubles out of san jose and everything clear. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, better than 15 minutes ago but foggy spots this morning. be extra careful working your way across the delays and under 10 minutes from the maze to san francisco. the rest of the bay area bridges, no delays or issues. back to you. breaking right now, frontier airlines is announcing it is buying spirit airlines. the deal was struck in a $2.9 billcaanoc deal. the boards approved and over the weekend with the merger creating the fifth largest airline in the rurof the sausa
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free local transportation for the senior community returns. it's a free program founded in 2015 to help seniors get around. drivers will be available from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. monday, wednesday and friday. to get on the schedule, call the program when you need a ride and they are provided by volunteers who drive their own cars. today, the one-month anniversary of the first distribution at alameda county where officials said there was a new drive through on 66th avenue serving over 1000 households. mayor libby schaaf and representatives from bank of america will visit today and donate funding to encourage vaccinations. in san francisco, the a p.a. heritage foundation hosts the unveiling of the year of the tiger commemorative stamp at the usps. mayor london breed will join and it marks 30th nar new year san francisco.
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5:22 and still ahead and streaming on cbs news bay area -- >> running and cold weather is brave but jumping into freezing cold water? a daring move by thousands. a new team brings the kpix5 news at 5:00 and we are excit
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all right. welcome back. almost 5:26 and time for your lunch time forecast. already thinking about lunch? salad, avocados? loving to hear what you have for lunch and share that. going through the day, as you head outside, it will be a great afternoon to take your lunch outside. ast come around the bay and inland, plenty of sunshine and mild. by lunch time, 59 in san francisco with light sunshine and wind out there and oakland at noon, 61 with that sunshine and for the south bay, warming up for your lunch time forecast. 63 degrees. in new york, thousands of folks did something daring for a good cause. >> we are talking about jumping into freezing cold waters. this was the scene sunday where people ran into lake ontario
5:27 am
for the rochester polar plunge to raise money for olympics programs. if they hoodies, sweats and even just swimsuits. read the they said the short term chill was well worth it. adrenaline to warm you up. >> this guy was slowly creeping in. he didn't know about this. >> take your time or jump right in. 5:27 and still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> tensions rising between russia and ukraine with the timeline for the invasion that could happen. holding a gr
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streaming on cbs news bay area, staying up-to-date on vaccinations with the new requirement for people in berkeley starting today. the town ofdsto mountain lions. the state steps in and they reverse course and i will explain what's happening. cracking down on unruly passengers. the new push from the delta ceo for a no-fly list. new meal options and better options across the country. it's monday, february 7th and i'm len kiese. >> antrwieogist mary l i'm tracking a big warm up through the week. the daytime highs will soar to possibly record-tying or record- breaking highs. get ready. your first alert weather forecast, it is a cold start. 30s and 40s and dealing with
5:31 am
patchy fog. especially for the north bay with dense fog at petaluma, near zero and one-quarter mile and down to one-half mile in the east bay, in oakland. at the bay bridge, some patchy fog and through the afternoon, plenty of sunshine with daytime highs a little bit warmer compared to yesterday and this is just the start of the warm up with mid-60s around the bay and mid-60s to low 70s and inland, sunshine. we will talk about when we see those highs through our week and with some record highs in store. let's check with gianna for a look at that bay bridge commute. a live look at the bay bridge with things moving pretty seamlessly over to san francisco. we haven't had any major issues or problems. a little bit more crowded, but a nice pace into the city with
5:32 am
fog and things clearing a bit. we will keep a close eye on that end other than that, slow to the altamont pass and we have a new crash westbound on 588 grant line with two cars on the right lane and traffic is backing up. if you are coming off 205, it's back beyond mountain house. happening today, be ready to show you are fully vaccinated in the city of berkeley with new requirements in place to get into certain public and indoor facilities. >> our jocelyn moran is there with the breakdown. >> reporter: there are two key parts to the order and you and your kids, five and older must show you are fully vaccinated to get into restaurants or gyms and it applies to indoor events of 500 or more. any establishment, event with
5:33 am
food indoors, like bars, theaters and entertainment venues. the second part applies to employees at these businesses. they have to show they are up- to-date with vaccines, boosted if eligible and it applies to employees at adult and child care centers. employees with religious or medical exemptions must show proof, as well as a negative covid test weekly with this order being revised as the bay area saw a rise in cases due to omicron. many residents are onboard with this. >> i limit how much i go to restaurants, but i don't always like eating outside and i' re kely tgo inside if they have the vaccine requirement. i actually like it. >> reporter: if you are looking to go to the gym or looking to dine in at a restaurant, be ready to show proof that you are fully vaccinated and that starts today. jocelyn moran, kpix5 in
5:34 am
berkeley. the tone of woodside will begin accepting applications for sb 9 projects per. >> woodside tried declaring itself a mountain lion sanctuary to stop homes under certain conditions to be billed. kpix5 has justin andrews to explain. >> reporter: pretty interesting with the town accepting applications for sb 9 projects after fish and wildlife officials advised them, the entire town cannot be declared a habitat for mountain lions. we have seen those mountain lions captured on home surveillance cameras and wandering into backyards in bay area neighborhoods. late last month, the planning director declare the entire town as a habitat for these big cats and the attorney general rob bonta calls the declaration a, quote, deliberate and transparent attempt to avoid complying with sb 9. that is a new state law that went to into effect this year allowing homeowners to build up to four residential units afalysing
5:35 am
advocates say some wealthy cities have tried skirt laws like these four years. now, the town reversed course. >> we know the mountain lion habitat does not include roadways and lighted areas and homes. so, it's a rather remarkable claim. >> reporter: the affluent towns like woodside, you know, hillsboro, they have gotten away with this for so long. >> they have not put up their fair share of housing. >> reporter: attorney general rob bonta notified woodside that the memorandum violates state law and must be amended. we now see that woodside is complying. protesters took to the streets over the weekend in minneapolis after police executed a no-knock warrant and killed 22-year-old amir locke. he was killed by a s.w.a.t. team last wednesday with body camera footage showing officers entering the apartment without knocking and the couch he was
5:36 am
sleeping on was kicked. he was wrapped in a comforter and had a pistol in his hand before the officer fired his weapon. >> we believe that he executed him. we believe that. we definitely want him prosecuted to the fullest. >> i should be able to tell my son i love you and he says, i love you, too. >> the officer who fired the shots is on administrative leave but has not been charged with a crime and minneapolis mayor jacob frey has imposed a moratorium on no-knock warrants unless there is imminent threat of harm. u.s. officials warned a russian invasion of ukraine could happen any day and in response, the u.s. has troops in position to defend nato countries in the region with military officials hoping it is enough to deter russia from an invasion with military estimates that the invasion
5:37 am
could cause as many as 100,000 civilian casualties. >> is the single greatest threat europe has faced since the 1940s. if war breaks out, it will be at an enormous human cost to ukraine. we believe that based on our preparations in response, it will be a strategic cost to iaian ambassador said it was scaremongering in a tweet. french president emmanuel macron meets with russian president vladimir putin today. president biden plans to travel to israel before the end of the year and made a pledge as he spoke by phone with prime minister naftali bennett and they talked about the challenges of dealing with iran. they say mr. biden underscored his commitment to expanding stability and partnerships across the middle east region. on capitol hill, house speaker nancy pelosi and other members of congress will hold a
5:38 am
moment of silence on the east front steps tonight with the bipartisan gathering recognizing the more than 900,000 american lives lost to covid-19. california joins one dozen states tobacco lawsuit against a group of makers. the suit was filed by the mexican government to accuse gun manufacturers including smith & wesson, cold and block of being responsible for crimes committed with weapons in mexico. the suit takes aim at a law protecting gun companies from being held liable if their products are used in a crime. a live look where the biden administration is working to make school lunches healthier. the u.s. department of agriculture is putting out new nutrition standards for milk, whole grains and sodium. starting next year, schools can offer flavored 1% low-fat milk and 80% of grains must be whole grains. amazon stock is setting a new record and they say that government action needs to keep
5:39 am
unruly passengers off airplanes. we have more from diane king hall in new york. >> reporter: good morning. delta wants to crack down on unruly passengers and they want people on a no-fly list if convicted of disrupting a flight. they called for zero tolerance of any behavior affecting flight safety. members of amazon prime may be grumbling about the price increase but shareholders are complaining with amazon stock going 13% higher after a blowout quarter with roughly $190 billion beating the apple record for a single day gain and amazon is now valued at $1.6 trillion. apple is reportedly gearing up to offer a lower cost 5g iphone with the unveiled date around march 8th. would be the first update to the se model, the budget model, in two years. >> the ranking is out and which
5:40 am
airline should we look for? >> reporter: according to the wall street journal, alaska airlines and southwest -- but a free-for-all when flying frugal with jetblue at the lowest spot. they have extreme delays complaints with them stuck on the tarmac and spirit came near the bottom. i have flown spirit before and let me tell you, one-and-done. >> i have some others that i would put at the bottom of the list, too. there we have it. thank you and we will see when the stock market opens at 6:30. >> you travel a lot, too, len? >> i have a credit with us. i have not used and that tells
5:41 am
you a lot. >>oucharev re hh and what records are pointing to for the reason. a possible peloton takeover with companies reportedly interested in making bids. your first alert weather forecast on this monday morning, a cold start with and 40s with clear skies and patchy fog. through the day and the rest of the week, a big warming trend in store and i will have that seven-day forecast and when we could see record highs.
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welcome back. it's 5:44 and we have amazing video of a bridge demolition in western germany. explosives brought down the 55- year-old, 230-foot tall structure. it's the first time that a bridge this high has been demolished. 18 were trapped on a huge sheet of ice near ojai with the coast guard saying the ice broke away while people were snowmobiling on lake erie. the national weather service says wind could cause ice to break away from the shore. authorities used a coast guard air boat and helicopter to
5:45 am
rescue the group. a good samaritan with an airboat also helped out. a new study shows how dangerous woodsmoke can be even if healthy, putting people at risk of developing lung disease. researchers at uc davis health said they collected blood during and after wildfires season and found changes in the system. they said participants did not show symptoms but the exposure >>sms heavyt thma ord. iteachedhe east coast. this study is aimed to honor those who could potentially have the power to do something. >> the research was reportedly done during the worst wildfires season on record and they hope the scientific findings will prompt better mitigation efforts. let's get a check on the weathean traffic. we begin with first alert
5:46 am
meteorologist mary lee. a beautiful weekend and the sun is shining. >> we will see plenty of sunshine. in fact, those daytime highs will soar looking to the rest of the week and we could see record high temperatures later this week. we will watch those temperatures climb. a cold sty and as you go out the door, a live look at the salesforce camera looking north of san francisco and downtown san francisco at 47. 47 in oakland with fog in the east bay. concord, 38 and 37 in livermore. clear skies and santa rosa with areas of fog, 38 and santa rosa has dense fog at one-quarter mile for visibility and near zero in petaluma and oakland with foggy conditions down to one-quarter mile and three- quarters of a mile in half moon
5:47 am
bay. sunrise at 7:09 and sunset at 5:37. tha air quality, we have y skies and a strong ridge of high pressure with sinking
5:48 am
5:49 am
15 minutes from highway 4, 30 minutes from antioch toward
5:50 am
a.d.a. northbound 101 at the 280/680 connector but then things open up nicely. into mountain view, no major brake lights or issues and the traffic times are still in the green, what we like to see. back to you. you might want to hold the super bowl. >> prices at a record high with a 20-pound box of avocados costing $6 more than this time last year. the record-breaking price tag is caused by increased production cost and a supply chain backlog. experts say we don't have to worry about a shortage any time soon. peloton might be rolling to a new area with reports that outsiders might be interested in taking over the fitness
5:51 am
company. amazon reportedly made contact about a possible deal and the financial times reports nike is considering a potential bid. no official comment about the situation from any participants. the original cells for $1700 including shipping. 5:51 and still ahead on cbs news bay area. >> a chance to brush up on all things taylor swift with a new college course devoted entirely to the pop star. on the drew barrymore show, we have a chat at all today at 2:00 on kpix5. ahead on cbs mornings, julian lennon is auctioning off digital copies of personal beatles memorabilia including gifts from his father, john lennon. he will keep the physical items but the non-fungible tokens, nfts are collectibles that someone can own.
5:52 am
anthony mason meets with julian lennon, coming up. >> i reached out to make sure that wouldn't be
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welcome back. 5:55 and your first alert weather, it will be a warm one. if you thought this weekend was warm, wait until the afternoon with a cold start and grab that jacket heading out the door with er down to the 30s and 40s and mainly clear skies with patchy fog, patchy dense fog and parts of the east bay and the north bay. through the afternoon, mid-60s along coast with sunshine, upper 60s to low 70s inland this afternoon. time for a look at the entertainment headlines. a dream come true for taylor swift fans with college credit for studying their favorite pop star. i think i'm going back to college. new york university is offering the course about taylor swift. it is done by a rolling stones writer and the course explores
5:56 am
the appeal and aversion to her music and lyrics, copyright and ownership and the impact of social media on the pop music industry. you will get an a plus. interactive exhibits with bob marley are opening in london. it has his music and artwork and photos and runs through mid- april. 5:56 and still ahead, an alameda county city cracking down on vaccinations. we break down the mandate going into effect right now. oakland schools on the chopping block and a vote to save them 24 hours away. we are live with rt students and tchers. beefingity along demaor safy to pvent adly courtesy of mark hopkins, we have your forecast and the day ahead after the break.
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. new rules in place to get into certain indoor places in berkeley. what you need to show for gyms, restaurants and bars, coming up another week and another round of protesting outside oakland schools but by teachers, students and parents plan to pack the picket lines. many small businesses are struggling to recover. one punch after the other with the pandemic. >> the so-called graffiti mob making a mess outside san francisco businesses and the push for the city to step up. putting cameras on mar


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