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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 8, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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stories. first, san jose police are investigating an stabbing that happened at a fast food restaurant on tully road. the victim got into their car and made it a short difference to a gas station, and then was transported to a hospital. >> maybe he did not know how seriously he was hurt, but he drove a short distance over to the shell gas station where officers located him with that stab wound. >> he had a life-threatening injury, a stab wound. no word on a motive for suspect yet. a second breaking story, this one getting new information that a person died following a house fire. crews were called to the home on the 3600 block after a mail carrier reported the fire. one person located inside of that home was rushed to the hospital, but we are told they later died. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. a heated debate happening right now over school closures in oakland. let's get right to kpix 5's ryan yamamoto with the latest developments. >> oakland school board members
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are meeting right now to vote whether or not they will have to shut down or merge 16 school sites. whose schools? >> our schools. >> the proposal has resulted in protests, petitions, and even an hunger strike. some teachers have refused to eat for 8 days now. some of the staffers had health complications that are being checked out by medical teams. the district meeting got underway about an hour ago. comments from the public are being tied, and it's already getting heated. >> i'm really disappointed, and on a personal level, i am curious that you would choose to do this for the community when there is no justification, and you see the community response. you know that we can afford to not make any of these changes, so how dare you inflict this on my community. you have a choice, and everyone is going to hold you accountable for those choices.
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>> some parents and teachers argue the closures and mergers would disproportionately affect black and brown students in low income neighborhoods. here is what one 11th grader had to say. >> i am in opposition of school closures and consolidations, because of the numerous negative impact it will have not only on students, but everyone in each of the students lives. their families, the people who have to take them to further schools, the teachers with too many students to give them the attention we need to thrive. >> district leaders cite declining enrollments in a budget deficit. they say they have too many small schools with very few students. as a veteran's resources resulting in lower salaries for teachers, and poor upkeep for facilities. the school board meeting is expected to last well into the meeting evening. we will continue to monitor it for you and bring you the latest developments. the roots of the crisis at the oakland school district stretch back years.
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kpix 5's john ramos gives us a look back. >> reporter: for the number of students it has, oakland does have a lot of public schools, and the district has been trying for years to close some of them, but it may help to know the history that put them in this position. oakland unified has more than 80 schools to serve 33,000 students. fremont has only 42 schools for about the same number of kids. how did oakland end up with so many schools? it started with people who said manzanita elementary was so crowded that they went year- round with 28 day breaks to allow two shifts of students to go there. >> the overcrowding was one of the bigger issues that we were facing, and the fact that the schools were overcrowded and it was really hard for the teachers to pay enough attention to the students. >> reporter: parents in the lower income flatlands schools began demanding change, and the small school movement was born. studies showed kids did better in smaller classes, and into
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thousands, the activists lobbied the district to begin building smaller specialized campuses, and the district agreed, and formed a partnership with the community, including a $15 million grant from the bill and melinda gates foundation. >> that was really powerful, but that came from people on the ground, not top-down. this is something that we have to keep in mind. top-down decisions don't work for any family. >> reporter: they built schools, more than 40 of them, some with only a few hundred kids. even she admits she didn't see that coming. >> i don't think we talk about it enough. we really, you know, we didn't know that it would get that large. >> reporter: is got better in the classroom, but the financial problems began to mount. now gary yee, a principal at the time, says the district
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can't afford the small school model anymore. >> i am not saying if it is right or wrong. it is just fiscally not sustainable right now. >> reporter: the small schools weren't built to be financially efficient. they were created because parents believed black and brown kids in the flatlands were owed the same level of attention as those and other areas. >> it came with so many ups and downs. it was not perfect. it wasn't ever perfect, but i still believe right now that it is the way to go. >> reporter: john ramos , kpix 5. oakland billed 49 small schools and all, each with its own separate administration and staff. some were phased out, but most are still open today. the three men accused of shooting a former oakland police captain faced the judge today. they are facing several charges, including attempted murder. all three suspects pled not
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guilty today. back in october, former police captain ersie joyner was pumping gas in oakland when a group of robbery suspects confronted him. he pulled out a gun and opened fire, hitting and killing a fourth suspect. another fired back, hitting joyner multiple times. westfield valley fair mall parking fees went into effect today. employees are upset that they could be charged as much as $40 per month to park there. kpix 5's kiet do has more on the fight for free parking. >> reporter: is scheduled, parking fees went into effect today at valley fair mall. they are the first mall in the south bay to do so. everybody pays, customers and the employees. as promised , the worker backlash is in full effect. for antonio garcia, strolling through one of the most affluent malls in america, this has become ground zero in the fight against income inequality. >> reporter: what you think
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charging employees for parking is all about? >> money and greedy business. >> reporter: antonio and a restaurant owner marched into the office to hand-deliver a petition with nearly 1200 digital and physical signatures. >> we have a couple of different parts for you guys. >> reporter: titled worker petition against paid parking for employees, it is filled with comments. the workers keep us all alive, why penalize them for it. we matter more than profits. charging employees to park at their place of employment is no better than wage theft. this is a thinly veiled attempt to increase profits at the expense of those they know have no choice. >> i really hope it sparks everybody to read it and understand where the mall employees are coming from. >> i will pass it on right away. >> it's not fair that we are getting pushed this burden. >> reporter: for customers, the first 2 hours are free, and for employees, three dollars per day
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mall or a monthly pass for $40. >> that $40 or three dollars per day, that is groceries for a week for some people. a lot of people at the mall work off of minimum wage, and it adds up very quickly. >> reporter: the workers are demanding free parking. if not, beginning february 15, they will down vote the mall on sites like yelp and google reviews. on february 16, they will protest in front of the mall, and if needed, they will begin talks with local unions to organize the workers. >> we mean business and will continue to take the steps to make sure it is free for all of us. >> reporter: mall management says parking fees are meant to discourage people from leaving vehicles overnight by people who work elsewhere. they also say that owners ditch their cars at the mall and head off to the airport. the mall released a statement, we are aware of concerns by some employees who work at the center. by creating a more controlled parking environment, the hope
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is that the already popular center brings more customers to support retailers, allowing them to flourish. >> reporter: why should the corporation listen to the workers? >> we are the workers. without us, the stores are gone, and without the stores, that is what makes them billions. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area -- i am max darrow at the nasa ames research center in mountain view, where nasa is said to embark on a mission years in the making. >> it is certainly not the usual nasa story. >> wherever they relocate them to, i think they may end up coming back. with no rain in sight, water officials are sounding the alarm. the dire warning in the south bay. no pain in the forecast, but more warmth. 10 to 12 degrees above average, and warmer weather in-store the rest of the week. details coming up in the first
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making. they are about to send numerous wild turkeys to a new home. a group of a dozen or two wild turkeys have lived on the nasa ames research center grounds in mountain view for several years. this video was taken in 2018 on campus. >> they are very charming. i had not heard anything about them causing issues when i was there. >> reporter: over the last few months, the turkeys have ruffled feathers as scientists conduct research. they have caused damage to cars and landscaping, make a mess, and have even gotten close to moffett field. so, nasa, with help from state and federal agencies, is sending the turkey on a mission to a new home. >> i hope if they relocate the turkeys, they bring them to a good home. >> nasa is working with the u.s. department of agriculture to relocate the turkeys, and fish and wildlife is providing the release sector. >> reporter: california's
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department of fish and wildlife. >> the plan is to relocate them to the san antonio valley ecological reserve, south of livermore and santa clara county. they will be in county, and it is a suitable habitat. >> i like the turkeys. i'm sad after relocate them. >> reporter: claire took this video in 2019 when she worked on the grounds. >> they didn't seem to mind people, and people liked them. and that's a part of the problem according to the u.s. department of agriculture spokesperson. despite signage asking people not to feed the turkeys, people continued to do so, and that interferes with the trapping and relocation process. a spokesperson for nasa says the process is humane and will
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allow the turkeys to roam free. >> it's not the usual nasa story. >> reporter: according to a spokesperson for the u.s. department of agriculture, they plan to have most of the turkeys trapped to be relocated in a week or two. in mountain view, max darrow, kpix 5. blood banks across the bay area made a plea for people to roll up their sleeves and donate blood in the middle of the first-ever national blood crisis. the pandemic caused a steep decline in blood donation, but if people answer the call to help out? one of the oldest blood banks in the nation told kpix that there is still a lot of work to do to boost the blood supply. >> the omicron surge has a major impact than what we are doing. a lot of people are testing positive still. they can't go to work. they are taking precautions. they don't want to donate. on top of that, we have businesses and schools that bring in a majority of the blood, and they are not holding blood drives. >> the bottom line is there is a huge plea for anyone who can donate to do it regularly. an unusually dry start to the new year has the water district in the south bay increasingly concerned about what the situation might be
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like this summer. the reservoirs in the santa clara valley water district are just over a quarter full, and conservation efforts have stalled. water use actually went up 3% in december. a spokesperson says the long- term solution is building or storage capacity. >> we believe in climate change, and one of the things that is happening more is there is more precipitation, but not as many places to store all the precipitation. less is stored in the snowpack, so it runs off to the ocean. >> the problem, building a new reservoir and retrofitting anderson reservoir, will take more than a decade. we need the rain now. we are starting to look down the wishing well hoping there is some water. >> even that is dry because there is no rain in the 7 day forecast. it is the same reason, this big area of high pressure over the pacific, steering the storm checkup to the north. this will build closer to the west coast for which mean temperatures warm up or than they did today. it is still going to be plenty
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warm as we head into the weekend. the wind was noticeable today. they will be noticeable again tomorrow. not nearly what we had last week with the blustery conditions. 15 to 25 mile per hour gusts possible anytime wednesday, especially further to the north. along the coast am a stronger gusts as well, offshore wind. it will be breezy and dry, combined with the warm temperatures and low humidity levels. we have very dry vegetation, near record dry vegetation. the fire threat remains elevated until we get some rain around here. air quality will be an intermittent concerned. it was better today. still moderate for the central bay and santa clara valley. similar conditions tomorrow before the wind dies down, and we are back into the moderate category for everybody. from the top of mount diablo,
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catching the last rays of light on the horizon, temperatures are still in the 60s. the sun has been down for an hour, and it is still over 60 degrees. concord 65 degrees. the temperatures will back down into the 40s tonight, but then we back down tomorrow. bo here seems to have caught himself a grumble from rudolph the red nosed reindeer. temperatures are going to reach up into the low to mid 70s in saratoga. other parts into the mid-70s. not quite record-setting tomorrow. 40s to begin the day, 50s along the coast. then by noon, temperatures are well into the 60s, some spots already near 70 degrees. it's just a matter of how far into the 70s. the warm spots further inland and north bay reach the upper 70s wednesday afternoon, with more warmth and store
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thursday, friday, and even into the weekend. over the weekend, they gradually cool down. at the coolest, still above average. the passing clouds in the forecast for sunday, monday, tuesday, those are not rain clouds, maybe giving a bit of a filtering effect of the sunshine. the dry weather will continue for the foreseeable future. >> shorts and t-shirts it is. the "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with the preview. we have a packed broadcast tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00. the amazing story of an oncology nurse who continued to treat patients even after her own cancer diagnosis. we have that and the rest of the days headlines coming up on the "cbs evening news" tonight. straightahead in sports,
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and beer up top. i want to talk about these guys, the golden state warriors. not even at full strength, and they are the hottest team in the league. they go for their 10th straight win tomorrow night in utah. secret to the recent success? >> we have good vibes and mojo going. >> mojo. >> mojo. >> mojo. >> i love the "austin powers" movie reference. at oklahoma city last night, and klay thompson, how about a knockout blow here. he scored 21 points and a season-high 29 minutes. by the way, happy 32nd birthday
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number 11. the portland trail blazers, c.j. mccollum to new orleans, the end of an era in portland. damian lillard were one of the best in the league for the past nine seasons. nba, the impact of the game him of the leak has him on the list of the top 15 head coaches in history. roped in with pat riley failed jackson, chuck daly, and don nelson. the cincinnati quarterback touched down in los angeles earlier today. it's a return to california for running back joe mixon. he has been cincinnati's leading rusher for 5 straight seasons. what would he like to do the the rams? this. channeling another barrier products he always looked up to. >> i was fortunate enough to be around a guy named marshawn lynch. he was a big role model to all of the guys in the bay area
6:25 pm
growing up, and to me, i have been dreaming about this moment since the first time i played football at 10 years old. >> the rams were a 4.5 point favorite to win, and the quarterback matthew stafford wants to make good in his first super bowl in the rams home stadium. what happened when his four young daughters went around to brag about it? >> i think they went to school the other day and told the teacher my dad is going to the super bowl, and the teacher said i know, we will be cheering for him, and that through them off. they don't understand the magnitude of it. >> and liz, you will love this, 11-year-old audrey soaps surprised by the eagles safety anthony harris, her school dance date. her dad and grandfather passed away last year. the mom reached out to harris, who was her favorite player. he flew to texas for the dance, paid for the new dress, shoes, hair, and makeup. yeah.
6:26 pm
when i looked up his college, i was not surprised, a virginia gentleman. >> of course he is. all of the gentlemen come from virginia, i heard. >> we are raised right. >> she will remember it for the rest of her life. >> he said he wanted to make her feel like a princess, and i say job well done. >> that smile is priceless. a new
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finally, we had van gogh, but now a new immersive art exhibit comes in san francisco. >> for giving february 9, severance is good residents and visitors can dive into the work of legendary artist pablo picasso. exhibit goers will experience a new modern perspective on his extort work. >> an artist of the 19th century, and you can't forget that, because it was so revolutionary. i would say that in art history, he is probably one of the most important geniuses of
6:30 pm
art history. >> the exhibit will open tomorrow at the armory. it will be on display for it back weeks, just in case your life wasn't feeling disjointed enough from the pandemic. >> it is spectacu r. if you ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, as we come on the air we're following a number of major headlines. the government prepares 10 million mini-doses for kids under the age of five. when your children's dose might arrive at the doctor's office or pharmacy. as pandemic fatigue sets in, the chaos at school board meetings over masks, like this one in illinois. and in hospitals, healthcare workers who not only have to fight covid but are now facing aggressive and sometimes abusive patients and families. truckers shut down vital bridge. the so-called "freedom convoy" protesting vaccine mandates in canada, closes america's busiest


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