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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 14, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00, the bay area police department accused of violating the trust and privacy of rape victims. the allegations. some restrictions will remain in place. we will break down what you need to know. in oakland tonight, a star- studded tribute to john madden. how raider nation said good-bye to the legendary coach. >> tried to open the door? >> some frightening moments on board a flight out of southern california until a flight attendant armed with a coffeepot comes to the rescue. good evening. now at 11:00 on kpix5 and
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streaming on cbsnewsbayarea. a live look tonight. district attorney and local policies are denouncing the alleged use of dna from rape victims to implicate them in other crimes. >> betty yu joins us with more on that story. >> reporter: this is a case where they say law enforcement misused a sexual assault dna evidence that the practice of using the dna to incriminate that same person must end. the police chief, bill scott, agrees this issue needs to be addressed. saide ay, district ey disced a case where the sexual assault victim's dna was used against her after the fact. law enforcement data base with such evidence is currently being used. the suspects in crimes. he called it legally and ethically wrong. he said in a statement in part,
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i am disturbed that victims have the courage to undergo an examation to identify their perpetrations treated lime criminals. >> there are so mary barriers for sexual assault survivors coming forward and the idea that we would also signal to survivors if you provide a dna sample that it might be used against you in the future. that is just horrific. >> reporter: san francisco police chief, bill scott, said if it is true that dna was used by sfpd to identify and later apprehend that person as a suspect in another crime he is committed to ending that practice. he added the department's existing dna collection policies had been legally vetted and conform with state and national standards. although i am informed of the possibility that the suspect in this case may have been identified through a dna hit in a nonvictim dna data
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base i think the questions raised by our district attorney today are sufficiently concerning. >> if that is allowed under current california law then we are definitely going to look at potentially doing legislation to outlaw it. chief scott said that the department will immediately begin to review dna practices and policies. he is also reached out to the district attorney. he said he will hold a press conference to address his concerns tomorrow morning. ryan? >> a little more than 24 hours fully vaccinated californians will be allowed to step indoors without a mask. don't throw away your face covering just yet. the places you will still have to wear a mask and why a health expert believes mask mandates may return. although the state is easing up on the mask mandate it comes with a lot of conditions and also confusion. and tonight, we are learning masks are here to stay for schoolchildren
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at least until the end of the month. >> do you think that is the right move for now? >> yeah. i think it is the right move for now. >> reporter: today, the state health and human agencies confirmed masks for schoolchildren, k-12, would not be part of wednesday's easing of masking requirements. >> trying to prevent transmission to families and grandparents especially. we are trying not to have disruption of classroom closures, schools are not being singled out here. >> reporter: after wednesday, masks, regardless of vaccination status are required on public transit, shelters, health care centers, skwrals, long- term care facilities, businesses, counties or workplace that requires it. >> this bill is about workplace safety and making sure workers are safe. >> reporter: this assembly member believes her bill could be our path out of
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the pandemic. >> ab1993 would require all employees and contractors in california to be vaccinated. >> requiring all workers that come into contact with others to be fully vaccinated. business owner who's don't comply would face a penalty. >> right now we have a lot of patchwork, vaccine mandates across the state. we heard from a lot of business groups who are supportive of the idea of one statewide framework. indo mask mandates. w, they is n >> mark my words, winter is when it will surge. don't throw away your masks. a live look from the oakland coliseum where raider nation came out in full force today to say a final good-bye to the legend, john madden. >> vern glen was at that ceremony. he joins us now to look at some of the most memorable moments.
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>> reporter: how do you shorten it. john earl madden, oakland raiders coach, broadcaster, businessman, you can't. but we gave it the old college try. >> how in the heck could you not celebrate the life of john madden anywhere else back to you. the oakland coliseum. >> reporter: john madden, that name comes up, you smile. >> i did. >> play the 49ers in san francisco. and we beat them 13-9. i knew you would like that, raider nation. [cheers and applause] >> he called me and he was so excited. i like the fact that you kicked their -- >> you just have no idea how much your husband means to so many people. the letters that i have been getting are just overwhelming.
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i can't believe that he can't pop up. he is everywhere. >> from the outside and boom, two up the middle. >> according to great john by just saying boom. boom. >> yep. [ laughter ] >> what did they eat after the event was over? one of madden's favorite dishes, a turduken. that is the bone chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, further stuffed into a deboned turkey and there it is. a turducken. >> did you try it? >> i did not. i heard that it is quite tasty. >> it makes a statement which only john madden can. there you go. [ laughter ] >> all right, thank you, vern. well, happening tomorrow, san francisco voters will decide three of the future of three -- the future of three of the school
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district members. >> reporter: tomorrow marks the day the votes will be tallied in this closely watched school board recall election. tonight, some of the trustees at the center of it are responding in their own words. >> three school board member's jobs are on the line and for the groups pushing t is if they are doing what is best for students. >> they failed at their job and focused on renaming schools instead of reopening them. this put a lot of stress on our students. they had to suffer through zoom school longer than necessary. we need a school board that is going to put families first. >> not all agree there is the right approach. some parents like sfusd mom of three insists the recall is a waste of precious time and money. that the focus should, instead, be on underserved students. >> people should know it is a waste of our city resources. i think our city could be focused on its finances in other areas other than a recall. especially when we have a november ballot. i think our city has done a
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great job of supporting families and students during the pandemic. >> reporter: three board members are the only board members on the ballot. they are the only ones due to time served. the commissioner said he still feels confident about his accomplishments and keeping his job. >> feel good. we have to be. we were able to show up for this recall fight. put it out. >> reporter: allison collin who's lost a role over controversy of comments she made on twitter casted it as an outside effort with political motivation. >> i think we need to really listen to the messaging. and we also need to follow the money. this recall campaign has raised roughly $2 million and one billionaire investor has invested $500,000. >> reporter: the recall itself comes with a hefty price tag, $3.2 million.
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political analysts point out the timing also has drawn criticism. >> one of the reasons that some folks believe that this was unnecessary exercise is that the school board members are, their terms are ending at the end of the year any ways. there is an election where they can be replaced. >> if they are removed the mayor will be tasked with appointing their successors n san francisco, kpix5. happening tomorrow, the san jose city council is expected to vote on to allow digital billboards near san jose airport. the measure would allow two double sided digital billboards along highway 101. residents residents residents and astronomers are against it. the council still could decide to push it through. still ahead tonight. >> then we realized there was something going on.
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this man was trying to get into the cockpit and go out the exit door. >> a passenger gets more than he bargained for. the dangerous midair incident that ended thanks to a coffeepot. >> the university says they may have to turn down thousands of qualified applicants thanks to a new court order. a south bay neighborhood has been overrun with wild pigs. why residents say a reservoir is to blame. gusty offshore winds will kick in on tuesday. we will track the hour by hour wind gusts and show you what it will do to the wildfire threat
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we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. limited availability new details on a unruly passenger. he tried to open the exit door of the
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plane and then forced his way into the cockpit. the flight attendant had to hit him in the head with a coffeepot several times just to subdue him. the flight ended up making an emergency landing in kansas city and the man was taken away. one detailed the fear coming from the flight attendant's voice over the speaker. >> the flight attendant in the back, the lady go on the intercom was almost crying. new at 11:00, a community is in mourning tonight after the tragic death of a teenager killed in a skiing accident in tahoe. the authorities say two skiers collided on a trail yesterday. one of them, scottie lapp was killed. he was a sophomore at north tahoe high school and a member of the local ski team. the other teen involved in the accident is recovering at the hospital. tonight, a judge is ruling
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to force uc berkeley to slash the incoming freshman class by a third. a judge ordered the university to freeze enrollment at 2021 levels until the suit is resolved. the school says they will be forced to deny admission to 3,000 qualified students and lose $57 million in tuition. across the bay area and the country today a call for immigrant workers to take the day off. advocates, supporters, immigrants gathered for a day without immigrants. >> they told us we are going to have immigration reform within 100 days, we know politicians say things but we are here to keep them accountable. >> it is meant to put pressure on the president and congress to pass immigration reform. activists took the measure to the federal building in san francisco. a day without imgrants was created to shed light on the work of immigrants
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in our society. avocados are poplar but priciest pieces of produce. due to a suspension of import south of the border the prices can jump higher. the move comes after a usda health inspection employee received a threatening voice mail on their work phone. as a country 80% of our avocados come from mexico leaving the u.s. with a week's worth of avocados, now, hopes are that the suspension will be lifted within the next couple of weeks. in one morgan hill neighborhood wild pigs are wreaking havoc on residents lawns. and some are blaming a recent reservoir project for the damage. landscaping in the area being destroyed on a regular bases all by the wild pigs. residents say the problem got worse in 2020 when nearby anderson reservoir was drained. the reservoir served as a barrier between the neighborhood and the remote area where the pigs are migrating from. >> at lite three to four pigs
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dug it up one night. his lawn but not as bad, okay. they come out here and dig up our gardens. there is nothing that we can do. >> neighbors approached the valley water district about paying for the damage to their property. the water district declines saying the reservoir is not to be to blame. >> i wonder if they are searching for water. maybe thirsty outside? >> they could be. animals migrating all over the place in all sorts of new directions thanks to impacts of climate change and we will see where they go from here. i am sure. >> wherever the food is. >> they just want to go away whatever direction that is. let's take a look at the same old story terms of rainfall. cooler weather today, high temperatures were a good 15-20 degrees below the weekend levels. just put us down to what is tphorpal for this time of the year. gusty winds throughout the day. and, the storm system squeezed the atmosphere enough to pro dus
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some very trace amounts of moisture. a little bit to the south of san francisco. blink and miss it. had some drizzle reported for half-moon bay, pacifica and nothing in san francisco. same thing for downtown san jose and this is pretty much it in terms of moisture. the system will be squeezing the atmosphere. gusty winds. heading through tuesday. tonight, the winds are not going to be too strong in the early hours of tuesday morning. heading towards late morning, the winds will shift and become northerly. the gusts in the 25-30-mile-per- hour range. that is where he is going to peak. that is not as strong as the winds a couple weeks ago. the dry off shore winds that elevates the fire threat. the winds e fire danger index combining the wind and speed and humidity levels.
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0-10 we want to be as close to 0 as possible. we will be halfway up the scale tomorrow afternoon. it is not great for the month of february. it has been five weeks since we saw rain. this map, it is not great to be halfway up the fire scale in the month of february could be worse. if we had the record temperatures in the 70s if not up to 80 degrees in conjunction with the off shore winds the numbers will be at the top of the scale. something we have to watch. the wind advisory thresholds. the skies cleared out, a few skrageling clouds. the temperatures around 50 degrees. everybody within a couple degrees of each other, upper 40s and 50s will drop down to the middle to upper 30s and 40s. inland by tomorrow morning, not too much of a drop around the bay. middle 40s, upper 40s along the coast and the temperatures bounce back. slightly below average for the high temperatures today. tomorrow, back two to four
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degrees above average. upper 50s along the coast. thankfully we are close to normal temperatures with those off shore winds. we should be able to keep the fire threat at least in check with those higher relative humidity levels. we will keep an eye on the situation just in case. temperatures warming up through wednesday, thursday, friday. especially inland. close to 70 degrees in san jose by thursday and friday. inland by the north bay will be closer to 70 by wednesday and thursday. by that point, the winds die down. the storm system brings us clouds. cooler temperatures for president's day. once again, no moisture expected to fall out of the clouds as the dry stretch of weather continues. vern? straight ahead in sports. a huge good-bye to a sports heavyweight. sharks limped along without a cane. and
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♪ we get together, together ♪ ♪ i've been, i've been ♪ ♪ doing just fine ♪ ♪ and you've been, you've been doing alright ♪ ♪ let's get together, ♪ ♪ together ♪ ♪ so come on ♪ nba up top, the warriors, the third quarter is when the doves rise, not tonight. curry at the clippers was a spark. eight of 13, deep. the rest of the team -- curry
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made his first six shots in the first quarter. steph had 16 in the first and golden state led 37-34. mag 95 tent. despite the curry flurry the clippers played like it was their house. mann got a very friendly bounce in. scoring 13 points in a row and led by 5. late second quarter in the half, why not. scored 26 in the first half. third quarter, jackson, the clippers, ran away. 69 shot 57%. blowing up to 25. one more time. making it 96-76. back up the bus this was over. clippers won it 119-194. they host denver on wednesday. big picture before the all-star break. the record is 42 and 16. nhl and the sharks.
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for whatever reason. can not catch him. let's take him to san jose. former sharks, cane returned. released by san jose last month following a number of issues. and nicholas, welcomed him back. clean body check. sharks had a first good few minutes and chased it the rest of the game. 3rd period, going for david, last season's mvp entered the scoring. sharks lost this one, 3-0. they lost 4 straight. power lineup of some of john madden's friends, family, coaches, a celebration of the oakland raider's coach's life tonight at the coliseum where he was a head coach for the raiders for 10 winning seasons at a stadium, the silver and black left in 2019. >> john believes in the town of oakland. he believed in the coliseum. most of all, he believed in the raiders. i believe in the raiders.
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the oakland raiders. [ laughter ] you see. this is how the coach might have died in the last few minutes, you see, talent talking here, into the microphone here and boom, that is how the sports comes out. >> well done. >> that is how you draw the play. >> i think madden would be very, very proud. >> he definitely. you did him proud right there, vern. [ laughter ] >> all right, thanks, vern. >> i love his wife, she is pretty special this evening. on this valentine's day, dozens of doggie couples are saying i do as part of this compet
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in new york city, ♪ ♪
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there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at finally tonight, mass weddings are common during valentine's. >> now, a twist to the wedding tradition. >> these two pups pranced down the aisle
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in a dog wedding. they were the winners of the city's valentine's day competition. >> they dress up their dogs as if they are going to get married. many couples say "i do." once they arrive they put their paw print on a certificate to make it official. so sweet: this looked made for each other. the perfect couple. >> my chewy is a single man, still. >> living the bachelor. >> i guess george clooney is married. >> he is living the bachelor life. >> lots of girlfriends. we'll be right back.
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the late show with stephen
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colbert is next. thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsnewsbayarea. good night captioning sponsored by cbs >> build-a-bear just launched an after dark series of stuffed bears for adults. build-a-bear after dark features bears clearly targeting the adult crowd. they do include several holding wine glasses and bottles and others distinctly made for valentine's day. on its facebook page, build-a-bear says -- wink, wink -- our gift shop is full of gifts for adults, too. >> this valentine's day, get your special someone the gift that will defile the innocent memories of their childhood. new from ty, it's bone me babies. all your favorite bean filled creatures now with realistic genitalia. choose from the --


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