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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  February 17, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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governor newsom set to outline the next phase in the covid fight. what he could layout today, coming up next. oakland city council has an important vote to help keep the a 's in the city. an ousted member now calling it quits. >> it taught me a lot discovering my passion and what i want to do. >> bay area leaders giving some the tools to be successful.
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good morning. it is thursday february 17. >> sunny temperatures on tap. let's go to first alert meteorologist mary lee with your forecast on this thursday. good morning. we are looking at sunshine and mild temperatures once again this afternoon. breezy and light offshore winds, that dry air really helping to warm us up through our afternoon. you see clear skies as we start our day in the 40s and 50s. walking you through your day in san francisco we are looking at the mid 60s. oakland good morning, topping out at 67 with plenty sun. concord inland east bay, you will warm up to about 67 degrees this afternoon. south bay, santa clara valley, san jose, upper 60s close to 70 with all that sunshine. it is because of the offshore winds light to breezy as we head through the day, that dry air bringing those clear skies. we'll talk about a big cool down. i am tracking that with a
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weather system and onshore flow returning for us. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. it's getting slow at the big bridge. >> it is. we are in the 6:00 hour so you know what that means. those metering lice are on and brake lights now building. it's already a busy ride for the drive into san francisco. we had a broken down vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge that added to the sluggish conditions. travel time now is 20 minutes from the maze into san francisco. plan for that this morning if you are making that drive into the city. our other slow spot is the ride towards dublin interchange. west bound 580 crowded as you head towards 680, brake lights building out of the altamont pass. governor newsom set to detail pandemic recovery plan outlining next phase in california's covid response. justin andrews is live in san
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francisco. any indication yet of just what might be announced today? >> reporter: the governor's office sent a press release and it basically says this could be centered around readiness, flexibility, and a few other things when it comes to the fight against covid-19. just yesterday many of us were able to walk around without masks across the bay area when it comes to indoor public spaces, one of many many reasons the office says california has led the fight against covid-19 with what they call robust public health measure. he may look at lessons learned and preparations over the last years as part of the covid-19 emergency response package. he did sign a $1.9 billion early action measure to supplement vaccination and testing, to combat misinformation and strengthen our healthcare system. with the recent lifting of the mask mandate though we wanted to know how people are adjusting to it. >> i think it's a little bit too soon for masks to go off. >> i kind of read the room a
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little bit, see what everyone else is doing and kind of go with the flow. >> for me, it's kind of like a spiritual thing, freedom, no more lock downs. >> reporter: newsom will be talking to cameras this afternoon at 3:15. today oakland city council members have important vote to keep a's in their city. >> they will decide whether to certify environmental impact report for the proposed ballpark. joycelyn moran joins us with why today's vote is so critical. we have seen a lot of steps in this process. >> reporter: this isn't the only step. there are going to be more votes that can happen in order to keep the team in oakland. this could be a first step in a series of them to help the team move forward in reaching an agreement with the city. let's take a live look at
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oakland where city council is set to decide whether to certify environmental impact report for the a's $12 billion howard terminal development. this comes nearly a month after the planning commission voted to recommend city council certify the report which analyzes environmental impact of the project. the proposed project would build a 35,000 seat ballpark, 3,000 units for housing space, hotel rooms, offices. here is what's key. city council votes and would still need future votes on the development itself and the community benefits package. the meeting is set to go underway at 3:30. >> of course we have support for the project and there is also opposition as well. >> we have seen that throughout this process. today those in opposition plan to hold a rally. we'll have to see how this pans out. >> we'll be watching that vote. thank you. i am anne makovec taking a
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live look at san francisco where the mayor is searching for replacements for the three school board members who were recalled in the recent election. we just heard from one of them. he is stepping down early. he has submitted his resignation effective immediately. he will not wait for the election to be certified which was going to take a few weeks because he wants his replacement to be named as soon as possible so the board can try to get on with things and pick up where they left off. the other two, we have not heard from the women as to the future plans, if they are going to go through the process which again will take several weeks for board of supervisors to certify the election results and for the mayor to name and swear in new school board members. we're going to keep our eye on the process. it's time to face a judge again for three smash and grab
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suspects. miller, white, speed are accused of stealing from the louis vuitton store late last year. a judge ruled two could not be released because of extensive criminal history. nine people have been charged in the crime stream. a new wildfire prompting evacuations in central california's remote owens valley. it started yesterday outside the town of bishop. this is from a pge wildfire camera. you can see all the snow on the ground amid billowing smoke, 20 mile-per-hour winds are driving flames south toward the town of big pine. the fire is now 1800 acres still with no containment. the cause is under investigation. in contra costa this morning, a $5 million proposal to build a line of fire breaks, com fire is asking for a state grant to surround the area with safety buffers to help slow
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down fires. >> we look down there often and wonder what would happen when and if one of the fires will occur. >> areas to our south though is wilderness that has a lot of vegetation which has become a threat especially now that california has entered into this new mega fire time. >> com fire says the fire break can also provide protection for nearby moraga, danville, walnut creek. still ahead, a python on the loose in the east bay. why authorities are more concerned for the snake. a california university and a company founded by elon musk accused of conducting rule experiments on primates. the legal action just taken. happy thursday to you. we are looking at clear skies as we start our day. your first alert weather forecast, we are looking at
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temperatures in the 40s and 50s. through the afternoon, daytime highs above average with that sunshine. we are looking at four to six degrees above average for this time of year. 67 oakland, upper 60s in san jose and 67 for concord. if you are getting ready to head out, you might want to grab that coffee to go. look at the brake li
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that c can deliverer gig spes to t the most bubusinesses. and geget access t to overer 20 millioion wifi h hotspots frfrom cocoast to coaoast. so no o matter whahat bibig event cocomes up, your teaeam can be ready fofor what's next. geget started d with fast td reliable i internet anand voe for justst $64.99 a a month. or, asask how to g get a visa prepapaid card wiwith a qualilifying bundn. welcome back. uc davis and the world's richest man are in hot war after it was discovered a company founded by elon musk is working with the school to test on primates. they've been working with uc davis to test the brain implant that can control motor function. a lawsuit has been filed demanding documents about the research be released and a complaint has been filed with
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feds. opponents say monkeys are subjected to abusive experiments that sometimes end in death. >> they gave uc davis $1.4 million over two and a half years to cut open skulls of monkeys and implant devices. >> i am angry. >> uc davis has responded saying animal research is strictly regulated and follow all guidelines in place. a python on the loose. >> authorities say they're worried more for its health than public safety. though pythons have sharp teeth, they are not venomous but because the snake is cold blooded it is accustomed to tropical temperatures, not the bay area winter weather. it was spotted over the weekend. apparently it was dumped there
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by someone. where that person is, we don't know. >> find the python. put him away. >> i have held a python before. i actually am afraid of snakes. i did it for a story. >> i thought you were going to say you did it for the gram. >> for the gram too. >> of course. >> i don't care about poisonous. but teeth. >> at least this python will have sunshine and milder temperatures. temperatures will be in the 60s and hopefully they can find that guy. a live look with our east bay salesforce tower camera. we have seen that camera shake a lot more earlier in the morning. things are starting to wind down especially in higher elevations. temperatures are in the 40s and
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50s with clear skies and 13 mile-per-hour winds out of the northwest in hayward, 10 mile- per-hour winds in san jose. sunrise at 6:56 and sun set at 5:51 p.m. we are looking at plenty sunshine and mild temperatures. we have the beach hazard statement in effect. if you are planning to head to beaches, please use extra caution because we are talking about dangerous sneaker waves and strong rip currents. through our afternoon, low 60s at the coast, mid 60s around the bay and mid to upper 60s inland with that sunshine. it's because of this strong ridge of high pressure, this blocking high. you can see that drawing in the northerly to northwesterly winds and that's dry air helping warm us up. you see light to breezy conditions through the afternoon out of the north and northwest this afternoon and that's why we will see plenty sunshine as we go through today. let's check our daytime high
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temperatures for the peninsula. mid 60s in san mateo. santa clara, close to 70 degrees this afternoon. inland east bay, concord, pleasant hill, 67 and also the tri valley, around the bay, 65 in san francisco and also in daly city, 67 oakland and san leandro. north bay, mid to upper 60s. upper 60s in santa rosa and also for windsor, 70 st. helena. the seven-day forecast, staying above average friday and saturday, much cooler sunday and for president's day as i am tracking a weather system that will bring a stronger ocean breeze next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast staying on the mild side over the next days and there we go with the cool down as we look to president's day with a weather system that will bring clouds, cooler temperatures with that stronger sea breeze
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kicking in. at this point, still looking dry as we look to the next several days. let's go to gianna for a look at traffic. i know it is starting to get busy. how are things shaping up? >> it's the 6:00 hour. that means we are seeing more cars on the road way. a live look at conditions highway 24 west bound. this is live from mobile 5. this is one of our bright spots this morning, an easy freeway to take now because traffic is moving pretty nicely and at the limit. it's not the case though at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's get a live look. you see it is bumper to bumper traffic, lots of company, lots of people making the drive into san francisco. you are backed up well beyond the 880 over pass, not quite to the maze yet but that will change and we'll see approaches to get busy including 80, 580. travel time has improved a little bit.
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they have that stalled vehicle near treasure island. that's now cleared out of lanes, 14 minutes last check from the maze into the city. you can use public transit. bart is on time. there is a crash east bound 80 involving an overturned vehicle. the street ramp to 80 is shut down. it may be hard to access the freeway in that area. do track for that. we are tracking slow speeds west bound 80. 18 minutes if you are headed towards the bay bridge. a live look at the dublin interchange and things are crowded on the west bound side. it is pretty typical and of course you have the brake lights getting into the altamont pass. 6:18. today vta is planning to shut down a segment of light rail tracks in san jose so crews can replace old tracks in need of
6:19 am
maintenance. the segment is along north first street between east heading street and highway 880. a bus bridge will be replacing light rail service between civic center and gish so you will have that option. construction is scheduled to last through march 4. the high speed rail board of directors will layout their business plans. they estimate the cost to finish from san francisco to l.a. can go up to $105 billion. that's $5 billion higher than two years ago. when voters initially approved in 2008, the total cost was projected to be 40 billion. still to come, bay area leaders making a difference. the nonprofit in the spotlight this morning for black history month. don't forget to check our new team bringing you the kpix5 news
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welcome back. it is 6:23 and time for your lunchtime forecast. we are looking at plenty sunshine, a beautiful afternoon, low 60s along the coast and around the bay and low to mid 60s inland noon to 2:00, another great afternoon to take that lunch outside. in san francisco 61 with sunshine. in oakland for your lunchtime forecast 62 with plenty sunshine. back to you. >> thanks. kpix is highlighting bay area leaders making a difference in their communities. >> joycelyn moran tells us how one nonprofit in east palo alto is giving young people of color the tools to become leaders of tomorrow. >> reporter: east palo alto also known as epa, a city full of culture, history, and young people with ambitious goals. only highway 101 physically divides east palo alto from wealthy affluent palo alto. in some neighborhoods of epa, you can be blocks away from a
6:24 am
tech company and may not have the access to technology or resources to be successful. nonprofit, street code aims to change that. >> we offer free technology training to communities of color. we offer closes in coding and entrepreneurship and design. >> street code marked five years as an organization providing classes for free to students as young as four years old. he started to see while tech was emerging some communities were being left behind. >> we talk about divides and it's an easy representation about divide and technology. we are in silicon valley. there is an abundance of resource not just financially but technologically. embedded in the heart of that, still doesn't have access to
6:25 am
the technology. >> the majority of students are african american, latin x poly, but everyone is welcome. >> reporter: taking classes for the last five years, it's not just about the classes. it's also about the community. >> having people to look up to that look like me, talk like me, and live in the same place as me is powerful because not everybody has access to that. >> we've got exposure ships and internships at different companies with different people. >> the goal is for every field, particularly tech as it cuts across every aspect of our life to have voices represented at the table. >> when covid hit they turned classes virtual. since they've provided more than 1,000 laptops for families in the area. classes are virtual but that's allowed them to reach more
6:26 am
students. >> there are so many other communities that are very much like east palo alto that we want to reach like richmond, oakland, stockton. >> reporter: when they started, there were 20 students and two classrooms. last year alone they were serving 3,000 providing classes in hack, hustle, and design to help equip young people with the tools to become successful and leaders of tomorrow. >> let's get you to that dream job, whatever will help you stay here. straight ahead, progress in the pandemic but what comes next? we are live with governor newsom's plan today. a live look outside from our treasure island camera looking at san francisco. 6:26. we'll be right back.
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6:30 am
centered around readiness, awareness, flexibility in dealing with covid. san francisco department of elections will be resuming preliminary results of the recall election. this is as a school board commissioner has turned in his resignation one day after he and two other members were recalled. we have a critical vote in oakland on a's water front ballpark proposal. the city council is set to vote on certifying the environmental impact report the commission unanimously approved last month. good morning. it is thursday february 17. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. it's going to be the perfect day to get outside. let's go to meteorologist mary lee, miss sunshine herself, with your sunny forecast. >> love you. mom's nickname was mary sunshine. check out that golden glow with
6:31 am
the sun about to rise, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. walking you through the day in san francisco, 65 with sunshine. concord, inland east bay, good morning, 67 later today and warming up for the south bay, santa clara in san jose, upper 60s close to 70 this afternoon. daytime highs running about five degrees above average for this time of year. above average temperatures over the next days and then tracking our next weather system. that will bring return of onshore flow so that ocean breeze will kick in and that will cool us down. we'll have more on the seven- day forecast coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. good morning. we are getting word of a new problem along 880, nimitz freeway. there is around a street south
6:32 am
bound 880 out of san lorenzo. there are a few brake lights and it may affect your drive if you are headed towards the san mateo bridge. the rest of 880 is good. here is a live look north of there in oakland, traffic is moving at the limit. bay bridge, metering lights are on. it's busy west bound 80 as you approach the maze. we are seeing a 13 minute travel time heading over to the city. i am anne makovec at the live news desk keeping an eye on the situation in ukraine. things have been escalating. we have word that the secretary of state is about to announce to the nato security council that a russian invasion of ukraine is imminent and president biden just said he expects that to happen within the next couple days. we also just heard from the defense secretary lloyd austin who warned of the consequences if russia does not back down.
6:33 am
>> it will be clear to the entire world that he started a war with diplomatic options left on the table. it will be mr. putin who will bear the responsibility for the suffering and immense sacrifice that ensues. >> russia just released this video as well of rocket launchers and what they call joint military exercises with belarus. that is as we had reports earlier this morning of shell fire adding further concern saying president putin's military appears to be bolstering troop numbers not reducing them as he said earlier this week. president biden said at this point he has no plans to speak with president putin. it will be an important day in this conflict. we'll keep an eye on it.
6:34 am
department of water resources. >> joycelyn moran is joining us. this comes as researchers tell us the state is in the grips of a mega drought. pretty bad. >> it is. they say it's the worst in 1200 years and say we may need to change the way we think about rainfall. most of california is in severe drought. researchers say there is no end in sight to the current drought. department of water resources will highlight how they're planning to use and develop new data and forecasting tools to better manage available water supplies. researchers say the elephant in the room is global warming. the planet they say is getting hotter and drier and according to calculations global warming has made this mega drought 42% more severe than it would have been otherwise. >> it's a good thing to understand how activities are influencing things and we know climate change through human influence is changing a lot in
6:35 am
the world now. my pitch is that we have agency in this. we can do something about it. the future isn't written. >> we know the meeting today will be important as we continue to face this drought. that media briefing today is set to start at 11:00. >> thank you. the marin water board is lifting its ban on outdoor irrigation. customers will be allowed to use sprinklers and drip systems up to twice a week filling swimming pools and washing cars is still forbidden. to stay up to date, head to it is 6:36. happening today, governor newsom is expected to detail his next phase in california's covid response. justin andrews is live in san francisco looking at what newsom could be talking about today. >> reporter: there is a lot of things governor newsom could be talking about including keeping schools and businesses open and safe to even possibly reflecting back on how the
6:36 am
state's made progress over the last two years. progress though was very visible yesterday because many were able to unmask in indoor public spaces. we were in contra costa and noticed some people still wearing face coverings and others were not. newsom can boast about the strides in the covid fight and may look at the state's readiness, awareness, flexibility going forward. lessons learned can also be in the notes. he signed a $1.9 billion early action measure to combat misinformation and strengthen the healthcare system. he is saying today's plan will be a first of its kind. he is expected to make the announcement with this press conference later this afternoon at 3:15. >> i think it's safe to say everyone is ready to take any steps to move forward from
6:37 am
here. thanks so much. cdc says it is working on updating covid guidelines including guidance for wearing masks. this is as the agency reports new cases have declined almost 92% from the peak of the omicron variant in mid january. >> we want to give people a break from things like mask wearing, when the metrics are better, have the ability to reach for them again should things worsen. >> the cdc says before giving its blessing to start lowering masks it has to be sure hospitals aren't overwhelmed. former president trump's white house visitor logs from january 6 will be released in 14 days to the committee investigating the capitol riot. that's after president biden waved executive privilege over the documents. that will help the committee piece together a minute by minute account of the events leading to the siege. a new poll finds roughly seven in ten americans agree with former vice president mike
6:38 am
pence's assertion that he had no authority to overturn the 2020 election. that the includes a slight majority of republicans surveyed. he will be in the bay area to speak at stanford college. republicans invited him as part of the young americas foundation advancing freedom lecture series. time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs mornings. tony dokoupil joins us from new york. good morning. good morning. ahead, cancer is the leading cause of death among firefighters. i spoke to several firefighters concerned that the gear designed to keep them safe, their turn out gear, may also be making them sick. see one state's innovative solution to the teacher shortage, allows teaching candidates to work full time in the classroom and draw a salary by the way while also pursuing degrees. are you one of the millions
6:39 am
of americans still working from home? new smart technology may help you save time and money. among the items, a $400 toaster. i brought some bread from home, pulled it out of my pocket, and we tested it. >> you got my attention there especially with that $400 price tag. i can't wait to see how that thing works. >> fancy toaster. more and more workers being called back to the office. do staffers actually want to go? if they have that toaster, probably not. the new study is out. when you thought you had every subscription, there is a new way to save big on west coast flights. here is your first alert weather forecast. if you are taking to the skies, clear skies right now looking at 40s and 50s this morning. through the afternoon, get ready for more sunshine and mild temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, four to six degrees
6:40 am
above average. your seven-day forecast is coming up. the market just opened about ten minutes ago. dow is in the red about 229. diane king hall will join us after the break to talk about these numbers. we'll be right back. my asthma felt anything but normal.
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a look at the stock market this morning plus mortgage costs sky rocketing. diane king hall is joining us live from new york. good morning. good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes and stocks are under pressure in early action as investors again start to worry about rising geopolitical tensions, dow dropping 315. in the tech sector, you are seeing losses there. nasdaq is down 108. s&p 500 is also under pressure. housing costs are soaring
6:44 am
to new records. according to mortgage bankers association the average is at $453,000. as home buyers face off with one of the most expensive housing markets in years demand for loans is falling. mortgage applications declined 1% last week. >> that hurts. we just closed on a house this week and it hits too close to home. >> i know. i'm sorry. >> it is what it is. thanks. >> the glory of homeownership. there are some pluses though. twitter is rolling out expanded down vote option to more users in a worldwide test. down votes are a way for users to give feedback on online content. the social media giant first started testing last year. the company will expand down vote button to ios and android users soon. on twitter the total number of
6:45 am
up votes and down votes an item gets isn't made public. instead the platform using it to tweak which replies users get to see. construction on a massive tech campus in downtown san jose is picking back up. announcement of construction restarting on west julian street ends a two year pause on the development brought on by the pandemic. campus totals 1.1 million square feet with three office buildings and a parking garage. there is no word on estimated finish date but the developers are hoping for tenant customization in 2024. more businesses reopening offices as many workers say they don't want to go back. according to a new survey around 60% want to keep working from home all or most of the time. >> some said they still fear being exposed to covid but three out of four just prefer
6:46 am
working from home with 64% saying remote work has improved work life balance. i don't blame them. >> i don't either. the two weeks i got to work from home, it was nice. >> i love having you here though. >> i love being here with you. if you want to get away, alaska airlines launched a new subscription service. >> you can fly from the bay area to places like las vegas, reno, phoenix, l.a., san diego for a monthly fixed rate. the cheapest is $49 a month good for one round trip every two months to 16 cities. you can fly out of san francisco or san jose. i was saying this sounds a little too good to be true but i am going to check it out. seems like a good deal. >> it does. we'll have to read the fine details. >> anything to get out of having to drive from here to
6:47 am
l.a. or san diego. >> 49 bucks, not bad. >> we can all take a trip together somewhere. >> we need to. group trip. let's talk about what you can expect if you are taking to the skies. it is a gorgeous start once again with that sunrise. isn't that a pretty view with our salesforce tower camera as we look southeast across the bay with the golden colors in the sky. we are in the 40s and 50s with mainly clear skies. this afternoon, plenty sunshine and low 60s along the coast. we are looking at mid 60s around the bay, mid to upper 60s inland with plenty sun. with mild conditions and of course with all that sunshine, a lot of people might want to hit the beach. please be careful because we are looking at dangerous sneaker waves and strong rip currents. beach hazard statement until 7:00 p.m. use extra caution at beaches.
6:48 am
we want to be sure you are safe out there with the sneaker waves and rip currents. here is the satellite and radar view. we have this blocking high still in place. you can see the clockwise flow around the ridge drawing in northerly to northwesterly winds. that is that offshore flow, tracking dry northerly northwesterly air. we will see plenty sunshine this afternoon. as we look to daytime high temperatures, upper 60s close to 70 for santa clara, san jose, campbell. inland east bay, 67 to have concord and pleasant hill, mid 60s for the tri valley. 67 east bay shoreline in oakland and san leandro. north bay, mid to upper 60s, 68 santa rosa, 70 st. helena. it was great to see a little
6:49 am
bit snow at least earlier this week in kirkland though looking at sunshine as we look to our afternoon. some spots in tahoe did see a little bit snow. the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose we are looking at above average temperatures through saturday and then much cooler sunday and especially for president's day. inland east bay, north bay, coast, there we go with the cool down especially for president's day. let's check with gianna for our thursday morning commute. how are things shaping up? good morning. let's start with a live look at conditions along highway 24 where things are getting busy. west bound 24 towards 580, mobile 5, our photo journalist is giving a great perspective. right lanes are sluggish as folks possibly head to 580. a little slow here. keep that in mind if taking 580 towards the maze, the bay bridge. at the bay bridge here is a
6:50 am
live look at conditions, metering lights are on at the toll plaza and it is a busy ride, sluggish conditions west bound over into san francisco. we will show you a live look at the bay bridge. things are starting to stack up there, lots of people making the ride into san francisco. about a 20 minute commute so far to go from the area into the city. we've got brake lights along 880. south bound 880 into hayward it is a slow ride. an earlier crash was reported around a street. it looks like it is in the clearing stages. busy off the 580 castro area y area towards the nimitz freeway. the good news is if you are taking nimitz freeway in the oakland area, a live look near the colosseum. this portion looks good. we haven't had issues through the oakland area on 880 but still busy for the ride into the altamont pass, sluggish conditions, 52 minute drive time. the masks are off in much
6:51 am
of the state. now what? we are live with the plan to recover from the pandemic. warriors fans, forget a normal seat. how about a suite. the new online platform giving that chance but it is not coming cheap. join us after this on cbs news bay area. we are live at company a.m. with the latest local news headlines and your first alert weather forecast. watch whenever,
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ththere are sosome days thtt nonothing can n prepare yoyou. but being ready— it's s about how you rereact. soso when neww chalallenges comome up, you u find a newew way y forward. whwhen you meeeet other pepee fafacing what t you faced,, yoyou start a a business dedicacated to helelping the. and afafter you've acachieved allll that, you takeke on what''s next..
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i am anne makovec at the live news desk continuing to follow breaking news on the escalating situation in ukraine. we are hearing that a russian attack in ukraine is actually imminent.
6:55 am
that is, despite what we heard from russian president vladimir putin earlier this week that he was pulling back troops. president biden commented saying he expects a russian attack within the next couple days. we are also hearing from our secretary of state that a russian invasion is imminent. he is about to speak in front of un security council within the next few minutes. russia released this video of rocket launchers and what they call joint military exercises with belarus after we got reports of shell fire in eastern ukraine. this is adding further concern for united states and nato partners. also president biden saying at this point he has no plans to have a further conversation with russian president putin about this. we are going to keep an eye on it. >> reporter: we are hours away from governor newsom outlining his covid recovery plan going forward. he is set to detail the next
6:56 am
phase in the covid fight. this is a lot of things he can talk about including keeping schools and businesses open to reflecting back on the progress the state has made over the last two years. the readiness, awareness, flexibility going forward is something administration told us, he signed a $1.9 billion early action measure to supplement vaccination and testing and also combating misinformation and strengthen our healthcare system. he will be laying out what he calls a first of its kind plan at 3:15 this afternoon. good morning. i am joycelyn moran live in the studio with details on important city council vote in oakland that could keep the a's in their city. they're set to vote on whether to certify environmental impact report for a's $12 billion howard terminal development. today's expected vote comes nearly a month after the city planning commission voted to
6:57 am
recommend city council certify the report which analyzes environmental impact of the project. the proposed project would build a 35,000 seat ballpark, 3,000 units of housing and space for hotel rooms, retail, offices. if city council votes to certify the impact report today, they would need to hold future votes on the development itself and the community benefits package. that meeting is set to start at 3:30. we have seen support for this but also opposition. those in opposition are expected to hold a rally urging city council not to support this. i am gianna franco in the traffic center as we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, one of the busiest ride for the ride into san francisco. speaking of travel times if taking highway 4 to the maze, 30 minutes and still busy
6:58 am
through the altamont pass. highway 4, 52 minutes from antioch towards 80. out of the south bay, good morning to commuters. they'll have a few brake lights as you head through mountain view. we have first reports of a crash north of the golden gate bridge involving a motorcycle. we are looking at plenty sunshine and mild daytime highs about five degrees above average for this time of year. a live look with our sunrise, temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. through the afternoon, low 60s along the coast. there is a beach hazard statement due to dangerous sneaker waves. 66 in san francisco, 67 oakland, 69 in san jose, 67 concord, 68 santa rosa, going 41 days in a row without any
6:59 am
measurable rainfall in downtown san francisco and dry streak in salvatore breaking a record. have you ever wanted to watch a warriors game from a luxury suite? >> i just want to watch a warriors game in person. very cool. this is your chance. there is a new online platform where suite owners can rent their spaces. it's called suite exchange. chase is the first pro sports venue in the u.s. to offer such a service. fans can choose from court side lounges, club suites on the website. >> i think it's cool. if you have any people, friends, booking it for your group would be really dope. >> for an upcoming warriors verses clippers game, four theater box seats are going for $8,000 and another one is up for 3500. >> that sounds better than
7:00 am
8,000. but still, i don't know. just let us go to do a test ride. >> the news continues all day on cbs news bay area. we are live at the top of the 7:00 ♪ welcome, welcome to "cbs mornings," and hello to our viewers on the west coast. i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson. >> and i'm michelle miller. >> gayle is off. we're in good hands. here's today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. states ease mandates as covid cases drop, but schools remain a flash point in the mask fight. why the cdc says keep them on for now. >> we want to give people a break from things like mask wearing when these metrics are better and have the ability to reach for them again. the biden administration says russia is l


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