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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 21, 2022 3:30am-4:00am PST

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♪ ♪ news." good evening. thanks for watching. tonight, americans and russia are being urged to have an e evacuation plan out of the country. the u.s. embassy warns of the threat of attacks in public places, including moscow and along russia's border with ukraine. that's where the kremlin has amassed a massive military force in advance of an expected invasion of its former soviet neighbor. cbs news has learned that russian commanders have received their orders to attack, and they are getting ready for battle. today, russian military exercises in belarus near ukraine's northern border were scheduled to end, but they have been extended.
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and late today, joe biden held an emergency meeting with his national security council at the white house. at the lincoln memorial, ukrainian americans rallied in solidarity with family and friends back home, many of them demanding vladamir putin face punishing sanctions now for his aggression. nicole killian is at the white house tonight. and with europe on the brink of its worst war in decades. nicole, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jericka. joe biden spoke with french president emmanuel macron following a meeting with his national security team. the administration is still hoping for a diplomatic off ramp, warning russia could pay a steep price if it chooses war. joe biden convened his national security team at the white house to discuss the escalating crisis between ukraine and russia. >> everything we're seeing tells us that the decision we believe president putin has made to invade is moving forward. >> reporter: secretary of state
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antony blinken on "face the nation," not ruling out a last-ditch effort at diplomacy. >> joe biden has made very clear that he's prepared to meet vladamir putin at any time and any format. if that can help prevent a war. >> reporter: while russia denies it will attack ukraine -- >> there is no invasion and no such plans. >> reporter: it continues a buildup along the ukrainian border, amassing as many as 190,000 troops and extending military drills with neighboring belarus. a u.s. official also confirms to cbs news intelligence shows russian units have received orders to proceed with an invasion. >> i think he's assembled the right kinds of things that you would need to conduct a successful invasion. >> what are you waiting for? >> reporter: ukrainian president vod mere -- volodymyr zelensky
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wants sanctions imposed now. >> the purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence. >> reporter: and nicole, this new warning to american citizens from the u.s. embassy in moscow about the threat of potential attacks, what more are we learning? >> reporter: jericka, this alert cites possible threats to shopping centers, metro stations and other public places in russian cities as well as the heightened tensions along the ukrainian border. it stopped short of telling americans to leave, but urges them to have an evacuation plan. >> nicole killian at the white house, thank you. now to ukraine where russia's military drills in neighboring belarus are raising tensions. tonight, cbs' charlie d'agata is the capital of kyiv with the very latest. >> reporter: the announcement that russia and belarus are extending those joint drills comes at a time when moscow's military machine has been on display like never before in this crisis.
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by land, sea, and air. from the black sea, to belarus, holding drills dangerously close to the border with ukraine. the elaborate and choreographed show of power comes amid two days of intense and sustained shelling from russian-backed separatists in eastern ukraine. for ukrainian forces here on the frontlines, they have been locked in a battle with russia for years, but they have seen a huge up-tempo in shelling in recent days, like nothing they have seen for years. the low-intensity fighting has now become a flashpoint, setting the stage for wider conflict. russian separatists have claimed that ukraine is planning a large military offensive in the area
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and have ordered the evacuation of women, children and the elderly to russian territory, they say for their own safety. residents, turned as refugees, now used as weapons in a prop -- propaganda war. now the extension of these military drills in belarus add to the anxiety that an invasion might be looming. >> charlie d'agata in kyiv for us. thank you. to britain now where tonight 895-year-old queen elizabeth is in isolation after testing positive for covid-19. c cbs ian lee is outside windsor castle. good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening. queen elizabeth is in isolation tonight after palace officials come firmed she tested positive for covid. a statement from buckingham palace says the 95-year-old monarch is experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms and is currently receiving medical attention. and in the spirit of her nation,
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she's carrying on with light duties. >> i'm here. >> reporter: last week, the queen met members of the military, while keeping her walking stick close by. >> how are you? >> reporter: her diagnosis comes just weeks after prince charles and his wife, camilla, both caught the virus. although it's uncertain how she contracted it, the queen is believed to be triple vaccinated. she's been a beacon of strength for the nation during the pandemic, rallying her people in its darkest days. >> we will meet again. >> reporter: now it's her turn to receive support. british prime minister boris johnson wished the queen a rapid trourn vibrant good health. queen elizabeth is celebrating her platinum jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne, but it hasn't been all cake, as her covid diagnosis caps off a stressful week for the royal family. prince andrew settled a sexual assault lawsuit with virginia giuffre for an undisclosed amount.
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and now british police are investigating prince charles' charity for allegedly offering favors in exchange for donations. there's also been speculation about the queen's health. last october, she spent a night at a hospital in london for an undisclosed condition. her doctors told her to rest and slow down. even today's diagnosis couldn't keep the queen down. she sent her congratulations to the british curling teams after the women won gold and the men silver in the beijing winter olympics. jericka? >> ian lee, thank you. today, both australia and israel announced their countries will reopen again to foreign visitors after being closed by covid nearly two years ago. 56 flights are scheduled to touch down across australia tomorrow alone. visitors must be fully vaccinated. u.s. travel is also taking off. last week, the tsa recorded the highest number of screened passengers traveling through airports since the thanksgiving weekend.
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this is the cbs "overnight news." i'm jericka duncan in new york. thanks for staying with us. there's another ominous sign this morning that russia could be within days of launching an invasion of ukraine. moscow has been conducted military exercises in neighboring belarus with planes, tanks and artillery. those exercises wrapped up this weekend, but instead of heading home as originally planned, those russian troops have been ordered to stay in belarus indefinitely. moscow says they will continue to test their capabilities. cbs news national security correspondent david martin says new intelligence shows russian commanders have already been
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given orders to proceed with the invasion. we have two reports beginning with holly williams in ukraine. >> reporter: with up to 190,000 russian troops massed near ukraine's borders, the u.s. and allies are now bracing for a land war in europe. joe biden says he's convinced vladamir putin decided to invade. >> if russia pursues its plans, it will be responsible for a troughic and needless war of choice. >> reporter: ukraine's military is already fighting russian backed separatists. there's been an escalation in violence. ukraine says the separatists are targeting civilian areas, including this kimndergarten. when you look at the damage here, it must have been terrifying for the children inside this building. led into the area, where many
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are ethnically russian, they claim they're the ones threatened by ukraine's military. local leaders have begun a mass evacuation to russia. videos purportedly show acts of sabotage by ukrainian forces the u.s. says russia may have launched a false flag operation. >> these are consistent with the playbook russia has used before, to set up a false flag to act against ukraine. >> we want to be free. we want to be democratic country. we want to return back to the european family, and for putin, that would be a suicide. >> reporter: yesterday, ukraine's current president, volodymyr zelensky, asked the u.s. and allies to impose sanctions on russia now, not after an invasion. some say he's playing a high
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stakes game of cold war style brinksmanship, trying to extract concessions from the west. if that's true, it's a dangerous game. ukraine and its people are in the firing line. this is david martin at the pentagon. russia showcased its biggest guns this weekend, test firing nuclear capable weapons. intercontinental and submarine launched missiles. vladamir putin looked on in a photo-op that said "don't mess with me" all while russian forces moved in to attack ukraine. >> we have reason to believe the russian forces intend to attack ukraine in the coming week. in the coming days. >> reporter: commercial satellite photos show a russian battle group made up of tanks, armored personnel carriers and helicopters just ten miles from the order. roughly half the more than
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150,000 troops arrayed around ukraine are now in attack positions. defense secretary austin visiting nato allies, described what is happening. >> they are uncoiling and are now poised to strike. >> reporter: a former general and combat veteran, austin said the satellite photos leave only one interpretation. >> it's aparpparent he has made decision and they're moving into position to conduct an attack. >> we believe they will target kyiv, a city of over 2 million innocent people. >> reporter: it could look like the shock and awe bombing the u.s. unleashed on baghdad with its invasion of iraq. although more than 5,000 troops have been sent to reinforce nato, joe biden has ruled out sending them into ukraine.
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>> make no mistake, the imposition of these sweeping and coordinated measures will inflict great damage on those who must be held accountable. >> reporter: secretary of state blinken is scheduled to meet with russia's foreign minister on thursday, leaving at least a glimmer of a diplomatic solution. but u.s. officials fear by then, russia will will be have invaded ukraine. cbs' david martin was the first to report that russian commanders have already been given ord toers proceed with the invasion. we discussed this intelligence with margaret brennan on "face the nation." >> the president was very clear that he can convinced by u.s. intelligence that this invasion will happen, that president putin decided to do it. hw is he that certain? >> because the intelligence says that russian troops have actually received orders now to
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proceed with the invasion. so not only are they moving up closer and closer to the border and to these attack positions, but the commanders on the ground are making specific plans nor how they would maneuver in their sector of the battlefield. they're doing everything that american commanders would do once they got the order to proceed. >> we know vladamir putin gives himself many options. from what you know, what is the option he seems to be setting himself up for. how does this play out? >> he's definitely giving himself the option for a full-scale invasion of the country, which would begin with an attack on the capital of kyiv. >> it would begin there with an aerial assault? >> well, a cyber assault to begin with. but it will look much like the shock and awe campaign that the u.s. unleashed on the city of baghdad in 2003, when it invaded iraq.
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cyber weapons didn't exist then, so that is a new ingredient. you would think cyber would come first to knock out commu communications and power, followed by missile and air strikes. and special operations raids to seize key parts of the city, radio and tv stations, and then you could see the units rolling from the border north of kyiv down on either side of the city to isolate the city and prevent the government from escaping into a government in exile. >> that, again, was margaret brennan with cbs news national security correspondent david martin. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.
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been receiving treatment for prostate cancer while avoiding covid-19. what has it been like dealing with covid and a pandemic and being a cancer patient? >> well, if you have cancer, you have a compromised immune system. so i was very happy to get the vaccine. >> reporter: some cancer patients have had certains about possible reactions to the vaccine, especially while having treatment including chemo therapy, radiation and immunotherapy. now the largest study is providing more reassurance. >> cancer patients are no different than noncancer patients how they react to the vaccines. >> reporter: dr. eric horowicz looked at more than 1700 people who received the pfizer vaccine. people undergoing active cancer treatment or who had completed treatment experienced common
3:52 am
short term side effects such as pain at the injection site, fever,fatigue. >> if you need extra information to help in your decision to be vaccinated, hopefully this will help. >> reporter: he got a covid booster in september. >> in addition to the vaccine, we practiced the measures of masking in public places, we do keep our social bubble, so to speak, relatively small. >> reporter: he's been in a clinical trial for two years, and right now his cancer is undetectible. stephanie staal, cbs news, philadelphia. there is a szero percent chance of show in orlando, but 100% chance it will bring a smile. steve hartman now on the road.
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>> reporter: it started here outside tampa, when robin hughes opened a book about snow and got a frosty reception. >> they just had this perplexed look on their face. >> whats, peop?shot , in o tvnw >> reporter: ob had tapped into a desperate yearning, that she wanted to satisfy. unfortunately, it hasn't snowed in central florida in 45 years. still, robin wasn't about to let a little thing like meteorology get in her way. so she reached out to her sister in kentucky. >> she asked me if i wanted to build a snowman. i said if she makes it to tampa, his name is going to be lucky. >> he made it.
3:54 am
>> reporter: meet lucky. >> i was so excited when i opened the box. i could not wait to go in the classroom with him. >> reporter: so for more than a month now, lucky has been leaving the cafeteria freezer, ever so briefly, to grant these poor snow deprived children their first-ever opportunity to see, feel, and gush over the mini miracle that is a snowman. >> it's real snow! >> as a teacher, that's what you want, just that joy. >> this is the first time i've ever saw a snowman. >> i was like, the first time i met lucky, i said he's handsome like a boy. >> reporter: perhaps no one is more smitten than 5-year-old momo. >> i knew i would kiss him, i knew it. >> is that the first boy you wanted to kiss? >> yes. and the second boy i'm going to kiss is my dad. >> okay, sorry. bubbling joy, wide-eyed wonder.
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only a teacher could take a pile of snow, sticks, and a vegetable and somehow melt your heart.
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what better way to end this half hour than on a sweet note. and a mother's love for her daughter. >> reporter: denise woodard knows rejection in business. you were rejected by not one, not two, but how many investors? >> at least 86. >> 86. that must have hurt. >> you know, i took it pretty personal. >> reporter: but her mission was personal, too. years ago, her baby, vivian, ate a snack and ended up in the e.r. >> that's how we learned she's allergic to corn. >> what went through your mind at that point? >> life threatening allergies are just that, life threatening and i needed a solution to make her life a little easier. >> reporter: vivian is one of an estimated 5.6 million children
3:58 am
in the u.s. with a food allergy. in 2016, woodard launched partake foods, a line of allergy friendly cookies so kids wouldn't feel left out. but the company struggled, until she connected with black investors, singer rihanna. today, 8,000 retailers nationwide carry her products. what do you hope viv yap learns from watching you? >> the fact that she thinks that's normal and it's okay and can be celebrated is what i hope for her. >> reporter: tackling challenges baked into the industry, and finding new ingredients for success. that is the "overnight news" for this monday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back later for cbs mornings and follow us
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online at krns cbs i'm jericka duncan. >> this is cbsflash. i'm elise preston in new york. joe biden could soon meet with vladamir putin over the crisis at the ukrainian border. the white house says biden and putin have agreed in principle to a summit, but biden will only meet if an invasion has not happened. if white house says it's prepared to impose severe consequences if ruas started a war. rentalental home prices hav soared 19% in the last year according to experts believe it will continue this year but at a slower rate. "uncharted" topped the box office in its debut weekend. it's expected to bring in more than $51 million through the holiday weekend. for more news, download the cbs
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news an on your cell phone. i'm elise presson, cbs news, new york. it's monday, february 21st, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." brenk of war? time could be running out to prevent a possible russian invasion of ukraine. why u.s. officials believe moscow is not bluffing. queen elizabeth in isolation. the 95-year-old monarch tests positive for covid. how she's doing following a chaotic week for the royal family. helicopter crashes. two choppers go down just hours apart on two different u.s. beaches. the investigations now under way. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this could be a pivotal week in the desperate efforts to prevent russ


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