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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  February 21, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, looking my from our exclusive salesforce tower camera with a live look east over the bridge. it's monday, february 21 and i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino and let's check your weather and traffic with first alert meteorologist, mary lee. >> happy monday and presidents' day. we will cool down significantly as we head through the next couple of days and it will feel more like winter. i'm sure you felt it yesterday and we will watch temperatures tumbled through the next couple of days. we are in the 40s with mainly clear skies and walking through the day, plenty of sunshine but breezy conditions and temps below average for this time of year. we will be in the 50s for san francisco and oakland in the 50s and with breezy conditions, it will feel even colder outside.
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today is the day you will need your coat pretty much all day and in san jose, temps into the 50s. breezy and chillier. our chance to see a few showers and maybe some hail and snow in the sierra, coming up in just a few minutes. let's check with gianna for the roadways on this presidents' day. we don't have many cars on the roadways and traffic is pretty light, overall. windy conditions and chp has issued advisories for the bay bridge right now and a live look at the toll plaza shows no delays. an easy ride into the city but be careful with a wind advisory in effect for benicia bridge with no brake lights or issues across the 680 area and along 880 there's a crash southbound at the davis street exit ramp, blocked and they are clearing
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the lanes. not affecting the main lines of eight to 80 and 880 overall moving well with no delays. near the coliseum, traffic is moving nicely in both directions and the san mateo bridge looks good in both directions, as well with a heads-up that there is a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo and dunbarton bridge and we will keep you updated with no brake lights or issues. good news. back to you. i'm anne makovec with a close eye on what is going on in ukraine today with things escalating over the weekend. it appears as if a russian attack could be imminent. some video from the border shows shelling continuing in eastern ukraine along that line of contact between ukrainian forces and russian-backed separatists. about a week ago, it started ramping up and u.s. officials think russia could be staging a
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false flag operation with an incident blamed on ukrainian forces to give moscow a pretext to invade. it looks like that could be imminent with u.s. officials telling cbs news that they have intelligence that russian commanders have received orders to proceed with an invasion. we don't know exactly the plan. but, western europe and others working with the u.s. and what the worldwide reaction would be. we heard from president biden and russian president vladimir putin yesterday that they may agree to have a chat about this. we will keep an eye on this. here in san francisco, ukrainian families and supporters rallied at the ferry building saying they believe there is more the u.s. can do to stop a russian invasion. many sent letters to congress outlining steps they say could help avoid a war. >> i would like to see more
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americans stand up and say down with putin and we support ukraine and peace. we cannot let them start a war. >> it's not correct to stand by and let a smaller country be bullied by a larger country, irrespective of challenges in ukraine. >> leaders of the rally called for sanctions against russia now before the attack begins. an update with an all clear called at the sap center in san jose after a bomb sniffing dog alerted san jose police to a locker outside the area. it happened after the conclusion to the sharks came with the bomb squad called in to investigate but did not find anything suspicious. after a difficult winter season dealing with e covi surge, restaurants and the east bay hope for a big boost in business this holiday weekend.
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kpix5 has betty yu checking out the meals at the second annual taste tri-valley restaurant week. >> reporter: this year, taste tri-valley restaurant week is happening at a time when covid restrictions are much more relaxed. so far, things have been pretty busy in downtown danville. the dining room at bridges restaurant was bustling, one of 30 restaurants in the tri-valley participating in the 10 day event featuring unique menu items and special meals. bridges offers a three-course dinner for $50. >> i hope it promotes people to come out and enjoy the night and to discover bridges for the first time or rediscovering our restaurant. last year was challenging, during covid and it did not take off. >> reporter: already, the assistant gm said turnout is better than this time last year. this is the first weekend the indoor mask mandate has been dropped in most bay area accountings and settings. >> i forget to and i feel a little bit naked without it.
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>> i forget my mask and now if i forget it, it doesn't matter so ch reporter: restaurants in danville, pleasanton, livermore and dublin take care in this taste tri-valley. it was a tough start with the omicron surge. >> we had a lot of sick staff. a lot of people are coming out now. >> reporter: nearby, these ladies celebrate a birthday and are trying a burger featured on the restaurant week menu. >> it's great and the promotion is positive. >> reporter: pauline is ready to leave masks at home. >> i'm a teacher and wear one all day long with my students and i love to come indoors somewhere and not wear it. >> reporter: taste tri-valley runs through february, february 27. a live look at san francisco with more school board controversy after an
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ousted board member claims that recall is are lined with white supremacy. kenny five -- kenny choi has more on why they are not getting the message. >> reporter: parents see the results are the reflection of the board's incompetence and not a political message on the politicians on both side of the aisle make interpretations loud and clear, as well. >> we are in a democracy. people have said something loud and clear and take note of it. >> reporter: parent organizers feel that the recalled board president, gabriel lopez tweeted, don't be mistaken. white supremacists enjoy that and the support is aligned with this, prompting a response from the mayor. >> this person is making it about them and it should be about the kids, who have suffered. >> parents recall threeoke board members who more about renaming schools and reopening.
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>> reporter: alexion data shows fewer than 34,000 are republican, 6% of registered voters but 72% chose to recall lopez. >> if she believes the reflection is not for san francisco she can run again in the fall but i don't think she will. >> it speaks to the power of parents. >> reporter: lenny chan believes the voices louder than ever and a force to be reckoned with. >> we saw it in virginia in november and we've now seen it here in california and it shows there is no jurisdiction or place immune from the power of accountability. >> there is a reason so many have been in the recall and perhaps i didn't do my job right, as well. >> that was kenny choi reporting and the recall campaign will accept applications today to narrow its list of candidates before submitting it to e mayor. the president of oakland unified board speaks out after
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his home was vandalized. it happened not long after the school board meeting friday where they called to merge schools and close some. they went to dr. gary yee's home and when they came back, the light sensor over the garage was damaged and a window was broken. >> it made me feel vulnerable. somebody may be fired up about something that was said and might do something rash. >> he said the district faces a structural deficit of about $40 million in opponents say that the district is mismanaging the budget and should not cut schools. were hearing from the daughter of a nap a man shot in the head while driving to work on highway 29. 58-year-old robert brew pulled over and called for help and doctors say it's a miracle he was alive. the bullet hit him in the
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temple and detached his retina. he was rushed to the hospital and doctors saved his eye and his life. >> he looked in the mirror and could see he was losing a lot of blood and it was pooling. he has no medical coverage. with all the medical expenses, it's very hard for our family and himself and during his recovery, we want to have him fully focuses energy on his recovery. >> deputies have arrested a 42- year-old for the shooting and a separate carjacking a short time later. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbs bay area -- >> workers are protesting an employer. not a record we
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welcome back.
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4:43 and time for the moneywatch report to show the housing market is heating up again with moneywatch having diane king hall reporting from the broadcast center in new york. >> reporter: wall street is closed in honor of presidents' day and in the week ahead, investors will monitor the latest geopolitical developments and on the economic calendar, it's all about the consumer with new data on consumer sentiment and spending. des ceck in january and according to the association of realtors, existing home sales rose 6.7% last month and the amount of homes on the market fell, pushing up prices and the median price of a previously owned home rose above $350,000. many americans are just one hospital visit or car problem away from onerous credit card debt, according to bankrate.
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only 53% have more money and emergency savings, reportedly, than on a credit card and what's more, 22% of households have more credit card debt that rainy day savings. the figures are an improvement over a year ago. coca-cola invites people to drink the stars. they unveiled a new soda called starlight, an offshoot of the original coca-cola with the reddish color drink coming in regular and zero sugar and is the first beverage from coca- cola creations with the new innovation arm and the limited- edition drink goes on sales today. that's or cbs moneywatch report. for more, go to cbs i'm diane king hall. san francisco's sir drake hotel has a new name, beacon grande and the reopening will be this spring. the 94-year-old hotel has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic and subject to a rebranding process since april 2021 when it was sold for $150 million.
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began ind ouch as a slave trader. workers in san jose's valley fair mall have taken to the streets again to demand free employee parking. they now require employees and customers to pay for parking, having to pay $3 a day or a monthly pass for $40 to park at work and they say, do the math. >> $40 a month, rounding that up to 12, that's a lot in a year. we don't make that much to begin with. that's a lot of money. >> the mall management said they need the fees to deal with cars left overnight and management said although they support employee rights for opinions, they are committed to keeping the parking fees. a live look at the bay area bridges. when you thought gas prices could not get higher, they do that with a gallon of regular
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reaching the highest it has ever been. some of the highest prices in california are in the bay area and in san francisco, $4.89 per gallon of regular and in san jose and oakland, $4.80 and in nampa, a whopping $4.95 per gallon. >> not good. new video of water being released into the american river. the bureau of reclamation began making small releases to allow future storm runoff and the move comes despite the lake at 112% of historical average for this time of year. we have plenty of space. we just need that. >> yeah, and we need rain, as well. we are in a new week. >> we could see a few sprinkles or some drizzle with this next weather system. nothing to best this drought.
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we need a lot of rain and over several days. this is just a little thing, but it's concerning because we are now going 54 days in a row in san jose without measurable rainfall. that's the longest a dries streak on record in winter for san jose, breaking that old winter record with downtown san francisco going 45 days without measurable rainfall. that is now second place for the longest dry streak on record in downtown san francisco in winter. the record was 46 days set in 1876 through 1877. a live look of the salesforce tower camera east across the bay, temps in the 40s and a chilly start. tracking wind along the coast. sfo at 10 miles per hour and we are looking at 18 miles per hour at half moon bay. the first alert forecast is sunny, chilly and breezy and
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that breeze will make it feel even colder. today, you likely would need your coat all day long and looking through the night, an isolated shower with some drizzle or sprinkle is possible tonight and more showers tuesday could even have enough instability with small hail and snow on the mountain peaks in the bay area. our cool down, for record highs saturday in oakland and then down significantly sunday and even colder for today and even colder still tuesday. there we go with the downward progression with temperatures and in the afternoon, 56 in san francisco, 58 in san jose and 58 for concord. with that low pressure system, we could get a few showers back
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to the bay area tonight into tomorrow. hour-by-hour looking through the evening, showers possible for the north bay and looking ahead to your tuesday, very isolated showers tuesday and not expecting a lot of rain with this weather system. snow in the sierra and in the seven-day forecast, it is a chilly one this week. definitely feeling more like winter. we are back to winter weather with those chilly conditions. let's check with gianna for the traffic. not a lot of cars on the roadways and we should have lighter than usual conditions on this monday morning, due to presidents' day holiday. right now, things are quiet with an easy ride into san francisco and with that said, chp has issued wind advisories overnight. some were early this morning. be careful if you are traveling
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bay area bridges and in a high- profile vehicle. bay bridge, no delays and san mateo, 12 minutes between 880 and 101 with a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge good, no delays out of marin county into san francisco, pretty quiet. if you are taking the benicia bridge, no brake lights or delays but a wind advisory and that has been issued by chp and we will keep an eye on that. a troubled spot on southbound 880 at the davis on-ramp and getting onto 880, the ramp is blocked as they clear a crash involving injuries. apparently, the vehicle caught fire. it looks like everybody got out but there is a mass. onto 880, davis street, the ramp may be blocked and the main lines look good in both directions with no delays. 4:51 and still ahead on kpix5 and streaming at cbs news bay area. >> a big night for warrior fans
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and how steph curry made
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america by design is a series about american innovation, ingenuity and design excellence. it's about inspiration disruption and changing the game, l jues select to win the series? saturdays at 7 pm on cbs channel 5. good morning.
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i'm at the chase center. one day after the all-star game, 2500 miles away from here, in cleveland to put you in the mood for the warriors second half of the season. sure they will boost steph curry. a warrior in cleveland and they cheered him at the finish, i guarantee you that. the warriors had andrew wiggins for the first time with draymond green not playing but working the telecast for turner sports. look at this play. lebron to curry, 30 feet and eight, three is in the first half with andrew wiggins in red playing for team durand. playing down on the alley-oop from trae young. cool at halftime with michael jordan and the local and jerry west. the 75th anniversary team was on her, including curry, one of the top 75 players. he took off a cool jacket and
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did this, another three. they set him up. here is another one. you bet! he jumped up and down and that looks like it came from akron. when the ball left his hand, it, it was going in. he made 16 three-pointers. oh my gosh. curry, look how smooth. yes, sir! dazzled dwayne wade, reggie miller and even oscar robertson. how about this one? he was magnificent with 50 points, 2 shy of the all-star record and with the game on the line, lebron james, the cleveland area native, drilled it to win it. we are done hair. 163-160 and team lebron wins. curry the most valuable player. >> somebody tell me what the record is? >> two shy of the all-time record. >> that's right.
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>> an mvp! >> this guy is from a different planet. he literally has automatic snipers on his arms and when he lets it go, it's going and every time in nine times out of 10 or sometimes 10 times out of 10 it goes in. >> reporter: what was it like to make all those threes in cleveland and hear the fans cheering so loudly for you? >> i didn't hear the cheers. [ laughter ] i tried to channel it to the performance tonight and just have fun with it. i got hot early and kept it going and tried to put on a little bit of a show and the joy started coming out and hopefully, everyone appreciated it. >> reporter: if you like that, wait until you see what we have later in the day on the early shows. that will do it. see you later.
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4:56 and coming up, a new milestone in the fight for coro
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. tensions are rising in ukraine as the world watches to see when and if russia might invade. the two presidents, vladimir putin and president joe biden may speak. the latest on that situation. california is breaking records and not the good ones with gas prices going up. hear from experts, coming up. recall followed in san francisco and how white
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supremacy is blamed for two school board members losing their jobs. in-state businesses look to bounce back as the bay area eases health restrictions. a live look with our dry street coming to an end? we are tracking rain moving to the bay area. good morning. it's monday, forever 21 and i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese in good morning. let's get a check of weather and traffic. this weather system could bring showers and not everyone will see this wet weather looking through the night and into tomorrow. it's something for us, a long time for sure and the first alert weather forecast has a chilly start, 30s and 40s with mainly clear skies and breezy.


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