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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 21, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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public transportation, how the 3g shutdown could impact you. >> once the service is out, it is actually more difficult to get customer service. it is a dangerous road, a deadly read for wildlife. the massive multimillion dollar effort to keep animals safe while crossing a bay area highway. we start with our first alert weather. let's take a live look across the bay area this evening. it has been a chilly start to the week, and temperatures are going to drop even more. we could even see some showers, even snow on a sunday area peaks. team coverage on the return of winter weather. let's begin with first alert chief meteorologist paul hagan. >> we want to take a look at why tomorrow is a first alert weather day and rank the different threats we are looking at. it is the possibility of cloud to ground lightning and small hail which will be with us tonight and especially during the daylight hours on tuesday. it is a guarantee that temperatures are going to be cold, especially further inland, a freeze watch goes into effect on tuesday night.
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what we will not see out of this entire progression, is heavy rain. this is going to be a light rainmaker for us. we will take it, it is the best range as we have seen around the bay area over the last six weeks. for the moment, showing up in the north bay we will zoom in for a closer look on first alert doppler ensure you have the showers are going to evolves with a look at future cast coming up. >> thank you. people around the bay area will be bundling up to keep warm during this blast of chilly weather. kenny choi is live in san francisco, with more on that part of the story. kenny? >> reporter: i am bundled up it is windy and chilly up here in san francisco. i will be heading inside in a few minutes, but for those who do not have that option tonight, it will be cold for the next few nights. >> reporter: sunlight giving much needed warmth for steve and his friend. that will quickly change overnight. >> it's chilly, but there are ways you can get by anything. >> reporter: cars fly by as a
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danger he lives with. frigid temperatures as well. >> i have attended put inside of another tent. in a, it's insulated and it keeps me dry and warm. >> if someone is looking for shelter, especially in bad weather, it can be really tough to find out where. >> housing advocates say finding overnight shelter is not as easy as some think especially with distancing requirements still in place. >> right now, i don't know where it is. and i follow it closely. >> reporter: in a snap, sunny and mild, surfers turned frosty this part of the bay. that did not stop this crew from hitting the road. >> it's a chill in the air, for sure. but, it is still enjoyable. still nice. nothing like california. >> reporter: even in the golden state, temperatures are dropping precipitously overnight
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and in the mornings, watch out for plants and pets who need extra care. >> plants are another one. if they are very sensitive to cold temperatures, you might want to cover them up if you can, or if they are mobile enough, maybe you can bring them inside. >> reporter: for steve, he tells me he has been on the streets for seven years. cold-weather is not his biggest problem, it is just one of many. >> we have to make the best of what we can do. that is all we can do. just a part of life. >> you mentioned it is difficult to figure out resources available to folks who need the help. does the city run a site where people can go when the weather terms cold like this to warm up? >> reporter: there is a city affiliated program called interfaith winter shelter and that is providing a site tonight but they are open starting at 6:30. the problem is, some of these sites only have 20 beds available per night. so, you can see where that could be a problem for some people looking for shelter tonight, they just might simply not have the room for some people out today. >> capacity is pretty low.
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kenny, thank you. that is not all, this system is also dumping fresh snow in the sierra. a winter storm warning is in effect, and drivers traveling in and out of tahoe could see dangerous conditions as well. earlier today, chain controls were in effect. >> reporter: five years after one of the worst floods in san jose history, flood victims are still trying to put the ordeal behind them. victims of the february 2017 flooding on coyote creek filed a suit against the santa clara valley water district. several feet of water inundated their homes. water from anderson dam spilled over. attempts to settle the case have dragged on and a trial date has been set for may. >> it is our position that we think it was made worse by policy choices and inaction on their part. everything from maintenance and care for anderson dam, to the creeks cluttered with debris and trash. >> valley water district says
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it will continue good-faith settlement discussions with victims as they prepare for trial. the water district says it wants to end the process quickly and fairly. authorities are investigating a suspicious death after the body of 18 was found in a san francisco alley. the 16-year-old girl's body was discovered friday morning in the cities soma neighborhood. police say they were called to the area to assist paramedics with a possible overdose. so far, no word on official cause of death. the victim's identity has not yet been released. petaluma police say a good samaritan was robbed at gunpoint after he stopped for somebody yelling for help. police say it happened last night at casagrande high school. the victim told police he was flagged down by someone at the entrance to that school. when he stopped and rolled down his passenger window, the suspect pulled a gun, demanding his money and phone. police described the suspect as a man in his 20s, dark hair, wearing a flannel shirt. we are told he had a semi
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automatic handgun. new at 6:00, the end of an era for at&t 3g service. the provider is shutting down service for good. andria borba explains how this can affect you and your devices. >> reporter: remember when 3g service was all the rage for your mobile phone? beginning tomorrow it will start to go extinct as carriers start to discontinue the service. it will leave some, like many, in the lurch. >> it was rough, but 3g first brought web surfing to your phone. beyond the standard phone calls and text messages. starting tomorrow, at&t will be ending their 3g service. >> spectrum is a finite resource. the radio airwaves are finite. they needed to repurpose some of them to bolster the existing services in 4g and 5g. >> reporter: it is not just your phone. ankle monitors, school buses, alarm systems at companies like lifeline all use 3g service to provide constant low level monitoring services. the plan was for all of those
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services to upgrade to 4g and then the pandemic hit. john brady is the coo of connect america and lifeline. >> all of our companies were well on their way to working on it in march of 2020. we basically were shut down but we were unable to go into businesses, homes, to get to the old 3g system and put the new 4g system in. we lost 15 to 18 months, because of the pandemic. >> reporter: they are not the only ones. the next systems that give waiting time for the next bus and many shelters are also affected by the switch. this is what jeffrey had to say at a recent meeting. >> we had originally planned to have a perfect synchronization with the replacement of all of our wayfinding equipment in our best shelters bus shelters. but, because it is 2021 and 2022, the materials were not available on time. so, we are rearranging our existing services in order to make sure
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that we can continue to have real-time predictions at locations where we have the most riders. >> muni is installing kits to the extent that supply-chain issues allow and adding qr codes at shelters so that riders can get accurate data about bus arrivals. best advice, if you have an iphone five or older, or use any of the services, call your vendor tonight. >> once the service is out, it is actually more difficult to get in touch with customer service, right? because your phone is dead. there's no way for them to connect it and you have to physically go to a store and sort this mess out. >> reporter: at&t is the first but other carriers have plans to end 3g service this year as well. sprint will and there is at the end of march. verizon and t-mobile, in july. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area . >> wildlife is being killed by
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the dozens, if not hundreds along this dangerous stretch of highway 17. i am devon fehely in the santa cruz mountains. coming up, we take a look at an engineering fix to minimize the risk, significantly. gas prices reached new highs. how the crisis between russia and ukraine could impact how much it will cost you to fill up your tank. >> i filled up my tank the other day and it was a $65. $65. are you kidding me? i was shocked. i was in shock.
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new at 6:00, conservation groups are pitching in to make highway 17 less dangerous for animals. kpix 5 reporter devon fehely explains how a $12 million tunnel under the highway will help. >> reporter: research in a row killed data shows us this is a well-traveled and deadly crossing for wildlife, mountain lions and countless other animals. now several conservation groups with caltrans are trying to change that. >> reporter: imagine being a mountain lion, or any other animal, for that matter, trying to cross this busy stretch of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. the sad reality is that many simply do not make it across alive. >> the volume of cars makes it incredibly perilous. the median barriers which are quite high nowadays, make it even more perilous because animals have to jump over
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without being able to see what is happening on the other side. >> reporter: caltrans and conservation groups are trying to give the animals a safer way to cross. they broke ground last week on a $12 million project. they will tunnel beneath the busy highway, creating an animal underpass. >> once we knew that this was the critical location, that this effectively formed, you know, a wildlife superhighway which was being bisected by 17, we started to look into what it would take to create a wildlife crossing, here. >> reporter: the land trust of santa cruz county has spent the better part of a decade buying land on both sides of the highway to make the underpass possible. researchers say roughly 350 animals, including four mountain lions are killed in collisions with cars in the area between 2012 and 2017. the underpass, they say, will make it safer for animals and drivers alike. >> it is dangerous, not just for wildlife, it is dangerous for people, to.
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and you are driving along the road and something is about to try to cross in front of you, it is terrifying and you swerve to try to not hit the animal. >> reporter: construction crews broke ground on this project last week and construction is expected to last approximately six months. in the santa cruz mountains, devon fehely, kpix 5. bay area drivers are paying some of the highest gas prices in the nation. here is the bad news, san francisco drivers pay an average of $4.90 per gallon. in both san jose and oakland are at $4.81. the crisis between russia and ukraine could put even more pressure on crude oil prices. >> we are hoping that will not happen. we are hoping to see some downward pressure on these crude oil prices. we do know that the demand for gasoline, though, is only going to get higher as we get closer to the spring months and then of course, the summer. >> aaa says that while you cannot control the gas prices, you can maximize fuel efficiency by keeping your car well-maintained. we have a live look at as a
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further season. presidents' day we travel we are told has hit things giving holiday levels. nationwide, tsa says it has screened more than 2.2 million people friday. that is the most since sunday after things giving last year. nearly twice the number of travelers from this time last year, as well, but we are still not back at pre-pandemic numbers. avocado shipments from mexico are once again entering the u.s. after the government lifted an unusual band the band was put into place after usta safety inspector received a death threat on february the 11th. while the recent hall was brief, the impact could still be felt in the next two weeks. experts say consumers could have trouble finding avocados and could pay more for those that they do find at the store. >> going forward we will see avocados supply declining, and temporarily we will see even higher prices. a piece of good news is that avocado production from up 15%
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year compared to the production last year. nearly 90% of the avocados imported to the u.s. come from mexico. picture from the uc berkeley central snow lab, they got three inches of fresh snow overnight. >> gorgeous. check out the snow and wind loading in reno, right now. looks cold. this video was taken early outside the national weather service office. you can really see it coming down. it is a real lizard. >> looks like a hockey game will break out there. >> it looks brisk. we definitely are happy to see the rain returned to the bay area. even scattered and light showers. what we do not need is the hail and lightning threats. let us take a look at the big picture perspective, what is causing all of this? it is a storm system in the pacific northwest. the parent storm system will drift south over the next couple of days, with little waves coming around it think of it like spokes on a wheel rotating through and squeezing
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the atmosphere, sending showers into the bay area. light rain showers but also cold air. that cold air in the upper levels of the atmosphere means the atmosphere will become unstable and some of those showers could become thundershowers. threat of cloud to ground lightning and some hail, we don't want to be caught out in the opening, those are with us tomorrow, especially because tomorrow is a first alert weather day. we are starting to see showers already beginning to approach the northbay coast. the bulk of the moisture is further, but it is the first time in a while doppler has shower activity on it. the first wave, a lot of that will evaporate on the way down but that adds moisture to the atmosphere and makes it more likely that the next waves of rain will actually reach the ground. it is going to be intermittent activity. about a 5050 chance in any one particular spot around the bay area adding up some measurable rain over the next 24 to 36 hours. plenty of gaps in between scattered showers, but the possibility of some showers as the sun comes up tomorrow morning, so the morning commute can be impacted by what rats.
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the best chance of showers becoming thunder storms will be in the afternoon and early evening hours tomorrow, as one more squeeze of the atmosphere produces this broken line of thundershowers right as the sun is going down tomorrow evening. that is when our cloud to ground lightning threat will be the greatest and our small hail threat will be the greatest as well. then things calm down as we get into the rest of tomorrow night. the bulk of that moisture will slide further down to our south. how much rain we talking? not a lot. barely more than a trace in some spots. asked is trying to add more than a 10th of an inch of rain in some locations but on the other end less than a quarter inch. another will be some spots that miss out on the rain because it will be scattered activity. once the rain moves out cold air moves in. we have a freeze watch in effect already for most of the northbay. this goes into effect late tomorrow night and continues through friday morning. temperatures will be coldest in the northbay as we get a frost advisory through parts of the east bay at least. your temperatures will get down to near freezing as well. cloud cover lurking in the
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distance. you can see the camera on mt. diablo shaking around. temperatures around 50 degrees at the moment because temperatures inland to drop down into the 30s by early tomorrow morning. low and mid-40s around the bay and cold spots below freezing in santa rosa. temperatures tomorrow will only warm into the low 50s. so, there may be a hard time dodging showers tomorrow but there will be gaps in between if you want to get out for a walk or have stuff you need to get done outside. download the kpix 5 app, you can check for stellar doppler to make sure showers are not in your neighborhood whenever you want to be outside. we want to keep you away from the hail and cloud to ground lightning threat. in between scattered showers, temperatures reach the low and mid 50s, below normal for high temperatures tomorrow but despite cold temperatures in the morning, every day we will get a bit warmer in the afternoon but near-normal temperatures friday and saturday, back to above normal temperatures by sunday and monday. there is another chance -- an outside chance right now to put shower icons in the forecast for the second half of the weekend late sunday into sunday night. could bring another chance for very light rainfall. after 6 1/2 drier weeks, we
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will take what we can get. >> thanks. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is jericka duncan with a preview. >> reporter: good evening, allen and liz, the world watches as putin declares parts of the ukraine that belonged to him. will the newest threat of sections have any impact on russia's plans to invade? that is tonight on the cbs evening news. straightahead in sports, a local men's festival team has reappeared in the top 25, and consequences were handed down today in the wake
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nba up top. before the second half of the season begins, all-star game aftermath, warriors stephon curry started off sunday moved by the cleveland crowded during player introductions. >> what was it like as the game went on and you kept making those threes and you heard the crowds cheering? >> i didn't hear the cheers. [ laughter ] >> curry put on a show last night. look at this. on fire. he's set a new record, with 16 three-pointers. finished with 50 points, two shy of the most ever in an all- star game. curry took home the mvp trophy for the first timein eight tries. we appreciated seeing oakland native bill russell, what a halftime show the league put
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on, honoring the top 75 players . damien lillard, gary pitt, jason kidd, all oakland products. warriors center nate thurman, rick perry, and of course, stephon curry, who could not believe he was sharing the stage with so many legends. >> i couldn't stop smiling. i don't the guy will for a while. you saw the names on the list. you understand and appreciate when the announcement came out, you made the team and all that but when you see them in person, and you feel like, the are a of what they were and are in terms of the history of the game, it's a whole different experience. that was special. out in front, medina spirit, last may won the kentucky derby, today stripped of the crown after a lengthy appeals process. the horse tested positive for a steroid after the race, that steroid is legal in kentucky, but his band on race day. this is only the second time in the races history that the
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winner was disqualified for taking a banned substance. so, runner-up was declared a new winner and its owners will get the $1.8 million prize men's college basketball, guess who is back in the top 25? hello. st. mary's gail coming in at number 23, record of 22-6. michigan head coach juwan howard will be suspended five games without pay and find a total of $170,000 for his actions yesterday during the supposed game dustup against wisconsin's coaching staff. badgers head coach greg gard was fined $10,000. stanfords women's basketball team remains number two in the country for the ninth straight week. oregon tried to ruin this one on sunday in eugene. to the final minute, this is the shot that put him ahead for good. haley jones, from the floor. and, she was fouled on the play.
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cardinal came from 10 points down and won the game 66-62. the athleticism of haley jones. they remain unbeaten in the pac- 12 14-0, 23 and 3 overall. i am baffled by how the head coach does it. as hard as it is to get into that school, she reloads. yes, they have great talent, but that coaching system is up there. amy tucker, kate bay, britney anderson, that whole staff, just sterling, year after year. >> it is amazing. they never lose. it's phenomenal. >> it's crazy. >> thanks, vern. up next, and
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finally, this evening, a man in southern california is lucky to be alive. >> this is amazing. the fisherman fell from his boat and swam for five hours in freezing water. he was wearing just shorts and a t-shirt. it happened last month off the coast of santa barbara. officials say the man hit rough waters when he lost his balance and fell overboard. his boat drifted away and he could not catch up. he eventually made it to an oil platform and was later rescued. he was treated for hypothermia but if you think about the waters out there it is not just
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the cold. it's sharks. >> people there did not like the oil platforms but there is one example of someone grateful for one. >> incredible. thank you for watching at 6:00. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight, the world watches as vladimir putin declares parts of ukraine belong to him in a televised tirade, and he orders russian military into the region in what putin calls "peacekeeping operations." russia's president defiant recognizing the independence of two rebel regions in ukraine, why some fear that's the first step toward a bloody war. two rebel regions in ukraine, why some fear that's the first step toward a bloody war. we're on the ground tonight fro we're on the ground tonight from the donbas region. >> they say it's recently been targeted with artillery by the russian-backed separatists.y ben targeted with artillery by >> duncan: jury deliberations begin in the federal hate crimes trial of the three men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery. why prosecutors call the defendants vigilantes motivated by racial anger. back-to-back winter storms. we're tracking two weather


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