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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  February 23, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. right now, looking live from our treasure island is mn a live look at the bay bridge. it is wednesday, february 23rd. let's get a check on the weather and traffic. a live look outside this morning. that rain has moved through and now comes the big freeze. we will turn it over to mary, just how cold is it going to get? > >> we are looking at freezing conditions and even subfreezing conditions for this morning. that's why there is another first alert weather day for the morning. we have freeze warnings under the freeze warnings this morning. sunny and cool conditions this afternoon. we can see as we look to the north coast, looking at frost advisories and purple those are freeze warnings in effect for the north bay, east bay hills and valleys and the santa cruz
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mountains until 9:00 a.m. due to very cold temperatures, freezing and subfreezing. looking at 32, freezing in concord and santa rose a.29, cold conditions in livermore, below freezing for you, 41 oakland. 42 san francisco and 37 for san jose. as we head through the afternoon sunshine with highs in the low to mid-50s. we will talk more about the cold mornings ahead over the next few days. good morning. we are already starting to see a few of the brake lights for the drive getting onto 580 into the pass. the super commuters. if you are up early grab the jacket. you have brake lights down about 34 miles an hour around grant line off that westbound 580, 205 area. 27 minutes for your travel time. not bad. 13 minutes, highway 4 so far so good. if you are going early out of the south bay, out of san jose we are not seeing any brake
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lights or issues. our bay area bridges are pretty quiet right now. no delays heading into san francisco but there is a wind advisory that was issued overnight by chp. so just be careful as you work across the span. it was a wild day of weather around the bay area yesterday. this video showing hail in dublin and we ve seensir acroth we toerlookat ndns napa wherd f >> itwas a little quieter than usual. the outdoor wining were nearly gone as people opted for the indoor spaces. >> i would expect sun. >> it's too cold.
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i miss summer. >> it was a chilly day but brought about a mix of snow and sleet. this was the scene as hail came down on the mountain. it also hit the lower elevations. >> as we approached the mountains some clouds on the horizon and then hail or like slush, more like a sleet was just slapping our windshield and we drive an auv, a jeep and we were nervous on the way up. >> visitors to the napa valley experienced wine and wild weather. there's a freeze warning for the early morning hours from now until friday, something many didn't expect after experiencing summer like temperatures a week ago. >> on the super bowl we were on the deck like -- like baking in like shorts and t-shirts. it's quite a swing we have been experiencing. >> we went from margarita during the super bowl to hot chocolate this weekend. thankfully here in napa there's plenty of red wine to keep us warm. >> wineries say this freeze is
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expected overnight shouldn't damage the crops since it's still early in the season. it's the pattern that many are concernedw. the early hot streak and then the freezing temperatures. >> we live in a world of extremes now with all this climate change. i don't know. maybe this is the new normal that people are just like this is so wild. i don't know. a couple years it may be super normal. >> while it's expected to drop down to 32 degrees overnight it's going to be even colder the next few days going down into the high 20s. in napa. kpix5. and the crisis in ukraine continues to deepen and the president of russia is not retreating. >> we have the latest from the live news desk. >> he is not retreating. good morning and we are continuing to watch that disputed eastern territory of ukraine. let's look at the capitol right now of kiev. that is where there have been some developments.
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the government of ukraine calling up military reservists and the national security council asking lawmakers for a national state of emergency in ukraine which would give them more powers to strengthen security of public places. a live look at the white house where the president has said that russia has started the invasion of ukraine and that planned meeting between the secretary of state and his russian counterpart which had been planned for tomorrow is not going to happen. that was intended to lay the ground work for a summit between putin and mr. biden. that is also off the table. taking a look at the latest video from eastern ukraine. russia's government gave the kremlin to send troops into foreign territory. that could mean the territory of separatist republics which putin has recognized as independent. it could also mean the possibility of permission for a wider invasion of ukraine.
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watching more potential sanctions being announced today as things progress. we will watch it. back to you. in san jose police say they have tracked down and arrested three dozen sexual predators. maria is details on the weeks long operation. >> 35 sexual assault suspects. >> these are the faces of the suspects who san jose police say committed who horrible sex crimes between 2016 and as recent as this month. >> we knew who the suspects were. we could get arrest warrants and knew where to find them and take them into custody. >> it took a massive effort to arrest each of the suspects in the first six weeks of this year. all 35 with warrants facing allegations of sexual assaults of a minor all the way to rape. >> the detectives got together and said let's concentrate all our resources and get these arrest warrants.
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>> there's some justice through the criminal justice system. >> but a sexual assault victim activist for the ywca said many have no idea that the number of predators who walk among us is staggering. >> the number is even larger of how many people are out without serving jail time and there are so many reasons. >> he said that many times victims live in fear and wait to step forward. >> see that so many suspects were arrested and some of the dates were pretty old made me happy in the sense that finally there's some justice on that side for survivors. >> police say some of the suspects are already out of jail and two others believed to have left san jose were never caught during the operation. >> we want them behind bars and we will get them back to our county however we can. >> in san jose. kpix5. and coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. after more than two years
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of delays a family's new restaurant holds it's grand opening. why it could be a sign of good things to come. and wild weather means back ups in the searchy. the mess cal trans had to deal with over night.
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time for the money watch report. gas prices still rising due to the situation in ukraine. plus a big change for covid rules at apple stores. diane king hall reports from the new york stock exchange. >> a holiday short trading week started a thud on wall street. the dow well 482 points yesterday. the nasdaq skidded 166 and the s&p500 was down 44. it's fallen more than 10% from its january 3rd high. the situation in ukraine is
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pushing fuel prices higher around the world. oil futures approached $100 a barrel on mona midfears of disruptions to russian oil and gas exports. germany halted work on the nordstream2. customers will no longer have to wear a mask in an apple store. employees will still be required to wear them however. apple said that it'll continue to encourage shoppers to do so as well. and that's your cbs money watch report. a live look at downtown san francisco this morning where people are slowly returning to the office with the peak of the omicron surge behind us. one small business just opened
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its doors in the heart of the financial district. >> after two years of delays modern mexican eatery is officially open inside sales force east. it's happening at a time when the city is encouraging more workers to return to the office. this is the first permanent home for the restaurant known for its slow steamed meats and bowls. out of a nonprofit kitchen incubator. >> it's our first week here at the new location. we like just getting the feel of how it is. >> and how is it so far? >> i mean its been great. we thought it would be slower than it is. >> after experiencing success doing catering they were ready to open their first restaurant in 2019 but then the pandemic hit. right now this is the only eatery open in this office space. >> we are proud of being like a family owned business and i
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think that's what we relied on. we knew there would be a lot of hurdles. >> they provide another option for those turning to the office including quinn. >> i like them. they are different from what i have been having around. >> the pandemic hit the financial district particularly hard. many small businesses remain shuttered and office buildings are largely empty. the mayor said last week she is working with business leaders to push employers to bring more remote workers back, sometime in march. >> just like the warriors there is strength in numbers. if one company is coming back this day, that day, what is that going to do for the feeling of downtown? >> many of the member companies of the chamber of commerce have called their workers back to the office. whether that's full time or part time. >> they said it signed a one year lease and hopes to extend it if business goes well. in san francisco, betty yu.
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kpix5. cal trans had its hands full overnight in the sierra. both highway 50 and i-80 were closed at times and the i-80 saw the biggest back ups with several spin outs and crashes in the snow and ice. it's still slow going this morning. it's difficult conditions last night left some drivers stuck and caused a number of crashes. the snow even fell at lower elevations, surprising some drivers. >> it's not a light fluffy. it's more like a corn snow right now. > a corn snow? >> a corn kernal instead of a flake of snow. >> this is just crazy. it's so cool. >> are you safe? >> i don't feel safe. my tire is just spinning. quite the mess. >> for sure. they did pick up more than a foot of snow up in the sierra. hopefully you can hold off a bit on the travel over the mountain passes with all of that snow that they had.
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now we are looking at quiet conditions, cold air is is settling in. if you are getting ready to hit the roadways you may come across icy wind chills. we had the rain. i had that on my wind shield. we had that and then it froze. you may want to give yourself time as you get ready and head out the door. you have freeze warnings in effect. that's highlighted in purple and that is for the north bay hills and valleys, east bay hills and valleys and at least the santa clara valley. in turquoise we have frost advisories for the north bay coast and for the santa cruz area and santa cruz mountains there. looking at temperatures down to the 20s and low 30s. freezing to subfreezing. it's a cold start to the day. frosty conditions. be careful and be aware about
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that. freeze warnings in effect until 9:00 a.m. today. then freeze warnings kick back into effect for tomorrow morning and friday morning due to the cold temperatures. as we head through the afternoon, we are looking at sunshine and cool conditions in the low to mid-50s. at least the daytime highs still below average for this time of year. as we look to our morning lows, check it out. down to 32, freezing in concord and also for santa rose a. down to a cold, bitterly cold conditions in livermore, down to 29. oakland 41. 42 in san francisco. san jose at 37 degrees with clear skies. the rain, the hail, gone and now cold air settling in. 24 hour temperature change and we are anywhere from two to 12 degrees colder compared to yesterday at this time. let's go through the day in san francisco. we are looking at sun and temperatures will be in to the mid-50s in the afternoon. for the east bayshore line, oakland and you can see topping out at 56 with the sunshine.
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it's the mornings where we are feeling those very cold conditions but we are going to see the temperatures on the rise in concord, into the mid- 50s and for san jose, santa contraria valley looking at temperatures around 57 for this afternoon. there we go with that low pressure system that brought the rain and the hail. that is moving out and cold air is settling in for us. plenty of sun. check out the daytime highs, 52 in pacifica this afternoon. 56 for the peninsula and redwood city, 55 in mountain view and the east bay, looking at 53 for a high in pleasanton, 53 in livermore for the tri valley and for the north bay in the mid-50s for the napa valley. seven day forecast and first alert weather as we are looking at san francisco, oakland and we are looking at temperatures a little warmer as we head through the rest of the week. especially in to the weekend. san jose you are under that
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freeze warning this morning. tomorrow morning and friday morning. you are also under freeze warnings and even frost advisories for the north bay coast this morning, tomorrow morning and friday morning. you can see the temperatures warming up a little more as we look ahead to our weekend and the afternoon. let's check in with gianna. it sounds like it'll be a cold day today. grab that jacket. we are starting to track the brake lights, westbound 580 out of tracy. some red and yellow popping up on our seven source. sensors. not bad. maybe a little slower as you get toward the red portion will. keep that in minda if are you going toward the dublin. travel time 30 minutes. 205 toward 680. that's the only spot we are seeing any brake lights at this early hour. things will get a lot busy
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america that 6:00 hour. if are you out early now is a good time to be on the roadways. chp issued a few wind advisories for most of the bay area bridges. if are you taking the bay bridge or the dunbarton. be careful if you are traveling in a high profile vehicle. it's a quiet commute under ten minutes out of the east bay, out of oakland into san francisco. live look here at the san mateo bridge looking at a 12 minute ride between 880 and 101. southbound 101 from highway 37 as you head into san francisco. that is just about a 19 minute commute. no delays on 101. you can see in that live shot of the golden gate bridge not a lot of cars out there on the roadway. a quick look at conditions in the south bay. no delays as you come away from the 2 # 0, 680 connector. nice ride so far out of san
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jose. 280, 87, all checking in problem free. there are still chain restrictions on parts of 80. here is sports. let's have some fun. come on. we have dollar bills and you have heard of ducks on a bond. how about the ice? feeding fresh is
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snooks nhl up top of the sharks. what happened last smythe? they played three periods of hockey and it wasn't enough. they got there are licks in at the ducks. physical game between the two. tied at one. brett untied at a blast for his 5th goal of the season. san jose took the lead. give me that costume. two all second period.
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sharks a man advantage. he struck in the rebounded shot. second goal of the night. they retook the lead for about three minutes off faceoff. raquel scored his second goal of the period. tied at three. went to a shoot out and flipped the biscuit in the basket. sharks lost seven in a row but it hasn't been boring. anaheim got the two points in the 4-3 shoot out. soccer, payday for the united states women's national team yesterday. they won a settlement after years of litigation against the united states soccer federation over equal pay. four time cup champs, four time olympic gold medal champs. got $24 million in back pay. >> it's a huge win for us, for women sports, for women in general. >> alex morgan and her team will split that back pay and
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will receive equal pay to the men's national team going forward. a proud day for the entire national team family including former santa clara star and five year national team player, daniel slaten. >> soccer is a global game. the women in the united states are the face of this global game when it comes to women sports. i think that -- when you look at their ability to change soccer but also to have influence across other sports and other industries i think it's massive and i think again today is a really positive day in taking steps toward making that happen in our sport and around the world. high school basketball this is clayton valley last night in white. they had to figure out bishop. amos hudson drove t tied it at 25 first half. he forked 22. clinton valley. they call the ugly eagles but
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brought the house down foyer in double figures. would be it 58-48. shout out to the girl's basketball team. last night you advanced to your first n cs championship game since 2002. coach, just, just a suggestion, practice today. go easy. no suicide. bring a ladder out. put it under the goal and have the girls climb up and practice cutting down the nets. thinking about what they would do by winning the championship this weekend. that's enough. we will see you later. sounds like a good plan. it's 4:56.
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coming up on kpix5. >> another cold start to our morning. the freezing temperatures across the bay area on this first alert weather day. and ditching masks this morning. the bay area
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ri cold is here to stay. a closer look at what you can expect on this first alert weather day. and saying good-bye to the mask mandate. the end of one bay area city's requirements. and the new proposal that could bring covid testing to classrooms in california. >> and a push to get ghost guns off the streets in santa clara. a look at the latest push coming up next.
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good morning. it's wednesday, february 23rd. wild weather around the bay area. this video showing hail coming down in dublin. we have seen similar scenes play out across the region. >> and taking a live look from oakland this morning. you may want to grab that jacket and now you just want to grab it, not might. with the frigid temperatures we have a first alert weather day. we have live team coverage with everything you need to know. >> jocelyn is live in the east bay. we will have a check of the roads and we start with mary leon the conditions out there. >> it is a cold start to our day. it is a first alert weather day due to the bitterly cold temperatures and subfreezing. we have freeze warnings. we have frost advisories in effect. bundle up. put on that big winter coat as you head out the door. let's talk about those cold temperatures. the rain, the


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