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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 25, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PST

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[ sound of gunfire ] now at 11:00. explosions reported in kyiv tonight as russian forces fight their way towards the ukranian capital. we will have all of the
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reaction from the international community. the impact of the war in ukraine expected to reach the bay area. not just higher gas prices. friday, another first alert weather day. tracking the freezing temperatures that you will wake up to tomorrow morning. the bay area's biggest county is getting ready to lift the mask mandate with the biden administration poised to do the same. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> we begin with the latest on the russian attack on ukraine. [ sound of gunfire ] tonight, intense fighting across ukraine as russian forces continue their advance. in the last 24 hours 134 ukranians have been killed that number is expected to rise shortly. >> we have the latest developments tonight. skyler? >> liz ryan, good evening to you. just in the last few hours or
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so ukranians's tporpb minister and country's president confirmed air strikes in kyiv. there are air sirens sounded off that just went off maybe an hour or so ago. just going to show the intensity of the situation in ukraine right now. earlier today we heard from president biden who slammed russia with severe sanctions for continuing to advance throughout the country. >> reporter: blasts lit up the night sky after sunset in eastern ukraine. the tanks are evidence of the fear fighting from the night before as russia sent in troops from three sides and launched more than 100 air strikes. this video was captured when a russian fighter jet flew over head. >> it is terrible. it is 5:00 and i listen to a lot of bomb. >> reporter: he will spend the night under the ground with hundreds of others in a subway station. >> it will be scary to stay at
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home at night it will be dark. >> reporter: also in eastern ukraine this apartment building was bombed killing one and injuring 15 others. >> reporter: in an early morning address the ukraine president ordered evacuation and urged his people to stay calm. he has information that he is the number one target for russian forces puvowed to remain in kyiv. ukraine talk about losing control of the chernobyl nuclear plant after a tough battle. they are outraged that russian tropes are holding the staff there hostage. president biden announced more sanctions against banks and high-tech exports. >> putin is the aggressor. putin chose this war. now he and his country will bear the consequences. >> reporter: the president also sent 7,000 additional troops to germany here on capitol hill members of congress were given an
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unkhratszified unclassified briefings. >> meanwhile people are desperate to escape. >> reporter: we are seeing the developments come out in the last few minute fist not hours or so. also video showing what it is like to be on the ground in kyiv for example. scary stuff out there, guys. we know ukranian president zelensky said men over the age of 18 should stay in the country to fight back against russian forces. >> all right. reporting live from the u.s. capitol, thank you very much. a big show of support for ukraine in san francisco tonight. hundreds of people gathered at civic center plaza to denounce the invasion,, ukranians are worry about relatives at home. >> sad, worried, troubled. we still have family out there. >> nobody expect it to happen
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something like this between russia and ukraine. to all of us being neighbored. >> reporter: some russians were among the crowd saying they felt compelled to speak up. >> obviously the wrong thing to do. i don't believe that many russians support it. wig big question why russia is doing this. we have insight. >> reporter: the big question everyone is asking about russia's military action is, why now? and as the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine explained to us tonight there is no easy answer. >> what the russians are doing, this is the largest or potentially the largest land war europe since world war ii. >> reporter: he is a professor at stanford but was the ambassador for ukraine from 1988-2000. it goes back to the soviet union when ukraine was a separate country
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from russia. >> they are succeeding, democratic traditions now. if it gets the economy right russia will start ask why can't we have what the people of ukraine have. >> reporter: that is why putin could be replacing the young government in ukraine to closely align with the current russian government that operates like a dictatorship. >> unprovoked. russia going after a small neighbor whose policy is disagrees with. the question we have to ask ourselves s that the kind of world we want to live? >> reporter: the u.s. is not sending troops to ukraine but beefing up military in neighboring countries part of nato, formed after world war ii between 28 countries and the u.s. and canada. >> they are going to the baltic states and poland to assure those countries because they are nervous looking at russia use against ukraine but to send a signal to moscow that
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they will defiend the territory. >> reporter: the u.s. military is sending supplies to help the military in ukraine and put sanctions to russia to show disapproval of this military action. >> the invasion sending gas prices surging even higher tonight. prices hit an all-time high once again today in the bay area. creeping up towards the $5 mark. russia supplies about 10% ever the world's oil. >> anytime you have disruptions in one part of the marketplace there are price impacts that can be felt by consumers at a time when gas prices are already much too high for many california families. >> food prices also on the rise, corn and wheat are both top exports for russia and ukraine. and higher fuel prices means it will cost more to transport the food as well. for up-to-the-minute updates on the attack on ukraine and its impact around the world head to
1:45 am or watch cbsnewsbay area on the kpix5 app. switching gears, turning to weather right now, another night for freezing temperatures on tap for the bay area. >> first alert meteorologist is looking at how cold it will get. >> down to or below freezing for portions of the bay area. let's look at where the temperatures stand. approaching freezing. now, these temperatures are not quite as chilly as they were at this point last night but they are dropping quickly and we are going to end up with more upper 20s and 30s on the map by early tomorrow morning, a freeze warning in effect for inland portions of the bay area, including the santa clara valley. it is a frost advisory for the north bay coast down to the peninsula and the mountains and around the bay but for the city of san francisco temperatures dropping to 40. that is the record territory. farther inland, coldest spots to the middle 20s. widespread basis we will see
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upper 20s and 30s. this is the last cold morning one more first alert weather day tomorrow. we will look at a warm up kicking in for the weekend in just a few minutes. >> thank you. tonight the bay area's biggest county is announcing the end of its mask mandate as the for government does the same. kpix5 has details on both decisions. >> reporter: as we enter a new chapter in the pandemic, many are looking forward to the relaxing of rules and restrictions. it might be about to happen across the country but in one bay area county in particular. >> i actually have very good and encouraging news to share. >> reporter: those are words many have longed to hear in this pandemic and santa clara county the last hold out in the bay area for indoor mask mandates seems to be turning a corner on vaccination and hospitalizations. >> and those data are very encouraging and very solid and that is actually a leading indicator. that remains, it continues to decline. and looks very encouraging. >> reporter: santa clara's
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indoor mask mandate will begin on march 2nd, and you will still have to wear a mask in schools, childcare and shelters and jails. >> there are a lot of travel back and forth it only can go so far. it is more of a symbol rather than actually having any real effect on the community at large. however it may make individuals take more precautions when they may not have done so otherwise. >> reporter: the rest of the country is turning the corner in its approach also. the biden administration will loosen the federal mask mandates on friday that could mean most americans will no longer be required to wear masks inside of public places. >> how we look at it is we are preparing ahead of the virus, protecting the most vulnerable, keeping our country open and that is going to look at everything from the cdc obviously reviewing mask guidance and how we are going
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to ensure that vaccines, boosters, tests, treatments and other important components of our medicine cabinet are available to the american people. >> reporter: the cdc will announce a new approach shifting the focus from case counts to hospitalizations and hospital capacity instead. >> reporter: one major question is how the new cdc guidelines will effect federal mask rules when it comes to public transportation like on buses and at airports. in san francisco, kpix5. still ahead. serious violations at a bay area refinery were kept secret for years. even though regulators were fully aware. now they face the public. scott peterson could be on the brink of getting a new trial. tonight, legal experts explain what factors the judge will weigh
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new at 11:00. residents are fuming after they just learned about environmental hazards posed by their next door neighbor. the refinery plant. and regulators knew it for years. we have that story. >> not only has this goning on for more than 15 years residents here are wondering why they didn't know about this any earlier. this after the bay area air quality management district discovered these problems and started investigating in 2018. >> tonight, the bay area air
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quality management district held a community workshop to provide details of the emissions violation by the refining company. an investigation by baaqmd revealed emissions on average were hundreds times higher than allowed by the agency. benzene causing a risk of canser and chronic health issues. many residents were furious nothing we are never told about it in a timely manner where we can protect ourselves. that is not work for people living next to refinery when they are waking up with black powder on all of their cars and the kids are going to school, the pets are out there breathing this black stuff that is accumulating everywhere. >> for the community, those monitoring systems were meant to give us a sense that we can trust. >> reporter: they provided a statement saying the refinery
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discovered its hydrogen vent had contaminants they addressed the issue and working together with the bay area air quality management district. they filed an order to bring the facility in compliance with the regulations. >> this addresses the violation. it covers additional reporting and permitting issues. >> the bay area air quail district says the reason why it was not able to alert residents earlier was to protect the integrity of the investigation and to make sure that they are held accountable. ? just a scott peterson gets a trial. several people from the original case will
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take the stand including niece, failing to disclose she was abusive. she did so to get selected as a juror and give peterson the harshest punishment possible. >> her it is critical. she has been granted immunity. she is required now to answer all of the questions. she can not take the fifth. >> a judge will have to decide if there was juror misconduct and if it warrants grants peterson a new trial. new at 11:00. a 500 pound black bear breaking into homes in south tahoe made of had a few accomplices. two other bears were linked to the break ins, the bear named the tank was going to be euthanized now they are backtracking they plan to trap all three bears, tag them and then release them back into suitable habitat. bay area habitat is turning increasingly chilly as we look live towards san jose from the top of black mountain.
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the temperatures are dropping off, not as quickly as last night. tomorrow morning's temperatures will be less cold than this morning. down in the middle to upper 30s. otherwise temperatures are in the lower to middle 30s. tomorrow morning, in the 30s widespread basis. coldest spot dropping down to the 20s. north bay valleys at or below freezing for land parts of the bay area. around the bay, the temperatures close enough to freezing to prompt a continuation of a frost advisory. low temperatures compared to the records tomorrow morning. two degrees lower. i don't think we will get as widespread of records as we did this morning and yesterday morning but it will be still be cold out there. the frost advisory in light blue and freeze warning in purple continue from 2:00 until 9:00 a.m. on friday. then, the temperatures are going to warm up. return to the upper 50s and lower 60s by tomorrow afternoon.
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close to slightly below average for this time of the year. middle 50s along the coast. 60 degrees around the bay. the temperatures mix of upper 50s and 60s farther inland. the warming trend will continue. gh will pressure takes over in the upper levels of the atmosphere. a storm system is going to try to send moisture towards us. it will miss us to the north. more clouds heading into the weekend. the rain chances will remain low. 10% or lower. saturday night into sunday. that is it. nothing to be excited about. there is a better chance not much to get excited about either. talking 20-30% chance mainly north of the golden gate and along the coast. hopefully it is a sign heading into march the weather pattern will be active and the storm door will open. the high sierra will be dry for the next several days as well. stretching into a long weekend. looks like ideal conditions, picking up 20 inches of snow earlier this week. they have a good base, 17 of
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the 20 lifts are open. abundant sunshine with passing clouds heading through the weekend. the temperatures will continue warming up into the middle 60s saturday and sunday. middle to upper 60s for san jose in the santa clara valley. 70 degrees on monday, tuesday, wednesday. more clouds in the forecast, especially on sunday. again, the odds of anything falling out of the clouds is very, very low until we get toed with. we will leave a shower icon in the forecast for the north bay and areas along the coast. once the system moves through it will be close to normal. no return to the deep freeze in the seven-day forecast. vern? straight ahead in sports, up-tempo, bay area to the great northwest. that is where the warriors offense ignited. the team had eight, eight players score double figures. and could third quarter was like old times in rip city
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nba up top, remember the team that lost four of five heading into the all-star break? they were nowhere to be found tonight. steph curry hung on to his all- star game moxie.
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got others involved. took awhile. turnover bug got them here. blazers lead by 10. you know what? it was false hope, they owned the second and third quarter. steph curry had 14 assists, jordan pulled the bucket. curry, late in the half, drove with conviction, he scored 18. scoring eight players in double figures. third quarter, a pass, catch, thompson from deep. that made it 84-65. we are done here. they crushed portland. 132-95. at 43-17 that is the second best record in the game. they host dallas on sunday. how the night ended for usf backcourt left bleed. taking more punches than they landed. end to end for the thunderous
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dunk. number one in the nation, 8- point first half lead. expanded to 17. now, 15 rebounds, six blocks. off of the steal. scored two of his 21. usf played well, just not well enough tonight. 89-73 the final. they are going to be all right. they are 22-8. they won 14 in a row. 24-2 overall. still in the west coast. number 23, saint mary's, broke the huddle at san diego. drew up the play here inside, making all five the the shots. scored 12. 23-6 they host conzaga on saturday. now, let's check red shirt at santa clara at pepperdine. look how he sees the floor. dribble, drive, score. tallied 25. they won it 89-73. the broncos are 19-10. the pac-12 stanford women in white.
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worked over visiting washington state. cameron, big night, 15 rebounds, 16 points, number two team in the country won it. 64-54, unbeaten in the conference, 15-0 with one conference game remaining, cal lost to washington 61-60. on to the islanders. a moment here setting the nhl record for most games by a defense man. got the love there at home. then, visiting sharks took the ice. tied second period. firing one off, scored. gave the sharks a 3-2 lead for 20 seconds. adam scored. it was tied again. uh-oh. shootout. but this time the captain scored. then the goalie needed to be the man here. when he stopped it, it ended a seven game losing streak. sharks won this game, 4-3 the final. so, they tried. sharks tried again and again
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and again and again and again. finally. cashed in. >> it pays off. >> if at first you don't success, try, try again. >> yeah. >> what did i say in the movie? just keep swimming. >> yes. >> keep going, going, going. thank you, vern. we will introduce you to the bay area swimmer who's are not letting freezing weather get in the way of their daily dip
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extreme cold was not enough to keep swimmers out of the water. >> showing no hesitation before diving into the bay. they were at the park just before sunrise to begin their morning dip. the group played a lap around alcatraz. who swims around alcatraz?
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>> it is dark. >> yes. >> it is dark, it is cold, this i do not understand. frigid temperatures the past couple of days, obvious question is, why? and without a wet suit. >> we go out every day regardless how cold it is or how warm it is. the water is 52. the air is 40. add that up it is less than 100. when it is less than 100 we suffer. >> that beard has to help a little bit, right? >> they are not wearing wet suits. >> i know. >> they admit it is not easy when it is cold but it is the most wonderful feeling when you get to warm up again. >> yeah, of course it is. >> when you are on the cusp of hypothermia it feels great when you warm up. >> one person had a really thin
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